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Are you looking for low cost tools you can buy today to help your business or how to deal with passive aggressive people? If so, listen in to today’s segment of the Thrivetime Show as business coach Clay Clark gets into the details.

What is a product or service that you have recently purchased for under $100 that has improved your personal life the most?
1. A Account
2. Adobe Creative Suite
3. Call Recording System
a. 8×
4. Elephant In The Room First Haircut = $1.00
5. ThriveTime Show Workshop Ticket = $240 Value for Free
6.. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill = $10
7. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie = $10
a. Warren Buffett’s Life was changed by Dale Carnegie
8. Start Here by Clay Clark and Marshall Morris = Free
9. Boom Book by Clay Clark = Free

How do you deal with passive aggressive and gossipping people.

Step 1 – Plan all the way to the end
Step 2 – Candid addressing of the issue
Step 3 – Fire when ready

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I have come to the conclusion that there is only one way under high heaven to get the best of an argument— and that is to avoid it. Avoid it as you would avoid rattlesnakes and earthquakes.” – Dale Carnegie

This is the thrive time show on your radio right now we have a total of 8 days until our big super business conferences thrive time show conference right now we have 8 tickets left. If you would like to claim your tickets I definitely recommend that you get them during the break or get them now. I’ll go to thrive time, show.Com click on the conference’s button, and you can get your tickets right there that you could be covered. Zoo me february, 16th and 17th, and to accommodate everybody. We had to purchase a lot of chairs in quite a bit adjust the floor plate of the room and it is going to be action-packed from 7 a.M. To 3 p.M. We’re going to teach you everything you’ve ever needed to know to grow a successful company. Now, on today’s our show, we got a lot a lot of fun stuff here for you, we have. Our first question was emailed to us by a thriver who asks the question. They said:click. What is a product or service that you’ve recently purchased for under $100? That is improved your life, the most what’s a product or service that you have recently purchased for under $100. That has improved my life, the most. That is a great question and I love it, because it has some specific and it’s something that I think a lot of people can relate to, and I can say this when I built my first company dj connection, I struggled mightily with getting the money that I needed to start my business until I had multiple jobs at work. At target, I worked at applebee’s, I work, the directv and, let me know when you’re back in, like you know, six text an hour after taxes got like 5:50, it takes me 20 hours to earn $100, and so even today, as an adult i, still view every dollar with the same mindset and the same i, don’t know I just I know how hard it is to earn money and so I love. This question, cuz i, think the kind of person to ask this question. It’s probably a resourceful person, so I’m going to list off the items that I have purchased for under a dollar that is metal, made the biggest impact in my life. What and I mean this sincerely purchasing? This is big. Purchasing a dropbox account a dropbox account. It’s like you know:i paid thousands of dollars per year, but a dropbox account is absolutely powerful for a business owner, because what happens is most business owners lose their critical files, so you have a sales script and I are business conferences, will teach you about universal file nomenclature and the importance of everyone on your team naming things properly but harley? You work for the redmond growth organization.

I think that you work with robert a lot over there at did read in the growth. Is that correct, I sure do he just got back from the skiing trip really gives you a sales script. The fact that you can find it easily is is, is big absolutely wear their sales. Reps literally, cannot find the sales script cuz their bosses on a ski trip. Where is the one essential thing? I need to do my job, so the dropbox is absolutely a powerful tool. That’s a monthly tool recommended dropbox account because it offers you the ability to backup and save files and offers you would access all your files from your smartphone you’ll never lose a file again. Dropbox.Com ii is an adobe in adobe account. Now they have the adobe suite account where you can get all of the adobe products like premier audition, photoshop lightroom. The adobe account to right now. I want to pull this up here and I’m. Sorry that I am not super in tune with the the price of some of these things, because we have a lot of accounts of the company and it’s called the adobe creative suite is what the the product is called her back in the day, I mean i. Don’t think people realize how expensive it was I used to try to buy a copy of photoshop and I bought the a educational version from the oral roberts university bookstore for like 500 pounds. Now you can get the whole suite of products right now we can do a free trial, but let’s look at the the full package here. Let me see if I can find it yeah. So the full package I mean to get the every software item that you would need your not going to be spending more than like 50 bucks a month, and you get everything so again, I mean that’s a powerful thing, I mean so again. What could you buy for under $100? That’s absolutely a powerful tool to keep going until they can change the game for business that are under $100. The next one I feel very passionate about this one, because this one will actually change the game. If you have a call team, if you have one employee or more, you need to have a call recording system. I would recommend that you use either 8 by 8. That’s a great program and 8×8.Com. It is a great pork, clarity voice, clarity voice, askew harley. Could you imagine what it would be like if our teammates didn’t have access to the adobe suite of products? I mean we? Could you imagine what it’s like to be to help our clients sites to shoot their videos? If we didn’t have the adobe suite of products, you know, i, don’t think we could do any of those things livius to working with redmond grow that graduate from oral, roberts, university and add with a degree in business ever made cold calls or any sales calls before. Don’t forget to rsvp to our business conferences.

I did not know your dad’s, a well-to-do, your mom’s, probably great lady, you see become a good home. You got good hair, yes, absolutely making cold calls for the first time. Well, you know I was lucky to grow up, not getting insulted. A lot or not getting mean things told to me and sell and get a ghost calls where people are always denying you right:yeah I had to build a tough skin. So as far as call recording are you guys, using 8 by 8 over there are using solarity credit rating to able to hear your own calls? Yes, have you heard a call yet where you called probably early on, and you thought that call was terrible. Well, you know the calls we usually look at all the ones I win at you know get a point. Okay, if you heard a call, though, if you’ve done, where was a bad call, I do know that there were calls that I just made it where I hung up and I was like. Oh, that could have gone better I’m just telling you I could not run or call center at elephant in the room or thrive any of the businesses I’m involved in without having voice, recording that’s a huge tool. Now, what question was what is the best product or to leave recently purchased for under $100 now another another product or service that I have purchased for under a dollar and I mystery shop, my own company from time to time is the elephant in the room. First haircut, cuz I do own elephant the room for the elephant. The room first haircut is only a dollar, so it’s only a dollar, so I don’t know how to get it. You get high quality high in haircut experience for a dollar. So if you go out there and you don’t become a member, it’s still just to tell her so I didn’t heard you check it out for a dollar another another thing:i, don’t think a lot of people realize your things for under $100 on other hundred dollars that you can purchase that can change your life is a thrive time show workshop ticket I thrive time show workshop ticket. You know that our workshops, those are typically $99 a piece, so it would fit that criteria of $100 or less right. However, how to take a turn. Only 250 but paul hood with hood cpa sponsors as currently sponsoring the workshops to make them more affordable, but now, for a limited time between now and february, 87 more days were doing this. If you’ll write, an objective review about the thrive time show time show on itunes. Just look it up on itunes time show when you find the right time show on itunes. You click the subscribe button and you write us an objective review. Tell us how we do it in email as proof that you did it and we’re going to give you two free business conferences tickets for free copies of a tangible book called the boombox you’re, getting $240 of value for free, nothing right!

So that’s right there, another another investment! That’s absolutely changed! My life for under $100 is the book think and grow rich. That book by napoleon hill I bought my original copy of that book for under $10 he’s one of your favorites on I named my son after napoleon hill, because the book think and grow rich absolutely changed. My life wow absolutely unlock gates of financial freedom. You’ve got to read that book. Now we have, you know he bought the book for 9 bucks in your on a buying spree. I also recommend that you buy how to win friends how to win friends and influence people. Mr. Carnegie, he is the book that warren buffett said absolutely changed his life. He said that that that single book how to win, friends and influence people absolutely changed his life. If you don’t believe me, go find the youtube interview, but I will put the youtube interview with warren buffett worth explains that on today’s show notes that you can find at thrive time show.Com hundred dollars. Please start here book. It’s an amazon best-selling book that I actually wrote pretty good when I just finished it this weekend. I did that go for you 100 pages in a weekend. Until then, what did you or your takeaways from the? What was the part of the book where you thought I did not know that or what were some of the parts I didn’t know how much fraud and how much screwing happens with employees and with working with other companies. Did you know why you didn’t know that, because I haven’t gone through it yet because you’re also a diabetic person so because you’re high I fix, you won’t assume that and what’s unfortunate when people buy a business or that they start one immediately, they run into the depravity of the human race and in the book start here we pull the research to support it, but the us chamber show that 75% of employees steal from the workplace and then most do so repeatedly. The majority of adult content is viewed during the workday. Did the amount of lying on resumes is almost like one out of two resumes is absolutely bogus and just nodding my head here. This is ridiculous. The start here book is is free to download, so it did. That book is free downloads, i, just wanna make sure you understand that. Also the boom book by myself I wrote that book called the boom book it. It distills r-13 point system that we, the doctors, don’t have used to go 13 multimillion-dollar company. That book is also free to download and going to our business conferences is as well. So you got right now that dropbox account. That thing is powerful. Never lose a file again. The adobe creative suite learn photoshop graphic design.

You learn the videoography, the photographers all there, for you light room for me or I mean it’s less than 40 bucks a month also call recording 8 by 8 oil change your life elephant in the room men’s haircut. It’s a dollar thrive time show business conferences ticket you can get it free now by just leaving a review on itunes subscribe to. The podcast leave is an objective review. It as proof eat it to info at drive. Time should I come I’ll. Take care of you with a free ticket. Will email it to you just email. Your contact info to info at thrive time should I come the book. Think and grow rich by napoleon. Hill could be yours for under $20 i, buy used copy for $10 how to win, friends and influence people. You get the book for $10 and change the life of warren buffett start here by myself and marshall morris. You can get it free to download at thrive time, show. Com and the boom book. That is 9 things that you can get for under $100. That will improve your life by potentially 2% exaggerator, maybe improve your life by 3%, but we come back from the break room answer the next question, remember of the thrive nation and they write us how to deal with passive, aggressive and gossiping people. I remember my days back in the drawer room to try to consume for the future that I can pursue. What I can conclude that you have what it takes if you want youtube get ready to enter the thrive time show on talk. Radio 1170 broadcasting live from the center of the universe. It’s business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert zoellner with us sba entrepreneur of the year clay clark, all prognation. Welcome back to the bob time show on your radio and i. My name is clay clark on the former ussba entrepreneur of the year and I am absolutely positively excited to be here with me, because we get to answer the questions that I wish. Somebody would have been able to answer for me many many years ago, I started my first business dj connection. I didn’t realize how much there was to know, thankfully, because I went in there with a reckless belief that I could do it and I held true to my belief in myself, but one of the things I ran into very very quickly was employing people was so much more destructive on my soul than I thought it would be like it was. If you took like a church girl picture at a girl, you know from church who’s, never kissed a boy and she’s 20 right, she’s, never kissed a boy. She’s 20 picture her in your mind by quite a few of those who ever that is she’s gone she’s, a good person.

She rolls and rhema, and imagine that she walks onto the campus at night. It rain, but let’s say another school okay, so go to some state school in imagine that in her first class, her professor endorses the use of pot smoke and is smoking pot outside of the class, because she would like to go to a school in colorado. So girl has never been around drugs or that culture all of a sudden is having a professor in dorset and is actively smoking pot in front of the school. That is what happened to me with hiring people. What happened why so I remember the first guy that I hired wasn’t aware you, student, okay and I’d, be a good person, I booked him to dj at the german-american festival, because I was already booked an event for the defit event, planner call and say:i like to book you guys for a bit and I said I’m already booked one of my guys available, I train the guy. He chatted me get dj shows by himself while I was there watching I’ve gone through countless training, I knew the guy from college. So it’s about 20 minutes before the show, maybe a half hour before the show, and he sends me a text message on a voicemail, because I was on the phone back in the day when your phone would sound like, but it is very little roaming and I couldn’t get the message. So I was djing. I got the message and he’s like: hey man, sorry i, don’t know how to break this to you bro, but I can’t do the show today branham like what I got to head out. Man I got it I got it. I got some stuff. I got caught up in something a half hour before my mom. My first big events and I had to been call my friend’s father rich, who had almost no dj experience to go dj for this guy, and the guy told me that he had got caught up and i. Don’t know what that means. So I get back to unload the equipment. I talk to I’m, worried about him and it’s not like he was. He got caught up and maybe use concerning a problem. If there’s an issue but the we sounded on the voicemail very, very worried and I talked to him. He said man. Here’s the deal. I had this date that came up and I was like a deal where I was. You know trying to get her to date me for a long time. She said yes, I can’t turn down something like that, and so he bailed and I thought. That’s weird. You know so that I do know. We tried ej20 other events or so, and then another guy went to college with at oral roberts university talk to someone wedding, like straight-up. Didn’t didn’t go at all, so I got sued by misty, because our misty was the rides name. Lol and I ended up missing her wedding but make sure you do not miss our business workshops.

It was at the moose lodge 11th and garnett mister dj, but you’re helping me find it because it’s still source of of agony but then i, remember, I hired a guy named brent and brent was supposed to dj and show and i. Remember that he told me he had cancer and he couldn’t dj because he had to get treatment and I found out that he didn’t have cancer at all and, like somebody was our member of another disc jockey, whose name I shall not mention, but there’s so many of them. This is like the first like 6 months of building a team, chaos and I realized that the one thing that was going to be consistent with managing a team was that the humans were going to be predictably unpredictable, so I had to factor into my cost of doing business to over step over staff, I had to schedule backups into my schedule, so that if we never called in sick, if someone called in sick I would always have somebody ready to go, and it wasn’t just cuz, you were so popular, but because the people were so bad and so I had to keep doing this, and one of the moves I discovered that was disturbing to me was a passive, aggressive behavior. If you are not familiar with what passive aggressiveness means, I might think it be important to kind of break down the definition for you, so I’m going to give it to you. These are just you know. It needs to be maybe signs that you’re dealing with a passive aggressive person. These are baby ways you could figure. This is from psychology today, so won’t they give you the silent treatment. They just don’t return your call. They sort of act as though they’re unaware there they’re, ignoring the other person, refuses to answer any question and fell off a cliff right. The second idea of passive aggressiveness is subtle, insults where they basically pretend to give you a compliment.

Yet when you get an opportunity actually think about it, you realize it was an insult in disguise and it’s it’s a it’s a backhanded compliment, stolen behavior, where somebody is very gloomy, grumpy kind of sour kind of moody another one is stubbornness. Is there the person I basically decided they’re going to kind of take a stand about someone that doesn’t matter just to show that you can’t control him and a failure to finish a task. They just always say:i didn’t know, I needed more information, I wasn’t aware and I didn’t know how to deal with this, and so I now have a three-step move for dealing with passive, aggressive people. That I will teach to you, and but it’s all can be wrapped up with this notable quotable from dale, carnegie and rights. I have come to the conclusion that there is only one way under high heaven to get the best of an argument, and that is to avoid it as you would rattlesnakes and earthquakes so step. One plan all the way to the end. So if I see somebody being passive, aggressive, I’m going to have a backup employee ready to go before i, even have a tough talk to I’m going to be candid, why do address the issue I’m going to say this is the issue and we need to stop doing this drake I’m, going to fire when ready, I’m not going to sit there and try to convince them of my values. I’m just going to I’m just going to pull the trigger. So I spent all of my energy when dealing with a passive aggressive person not dealing with their behavior, but on finding a replacement because to me a passive aggressive person and speaking out of the mouth and issue of their heart, and we come back I’m going to answer another question from the thrive nation, which is how to deal with so many different responsibilities. How do you remember everything that you need to do on your to-do list of the owner of several businesses stages of thrive time show on your radio. It’s joy youtube today is your day


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