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Are you trying to find your path in life and business? On this Thrivetime Show podcast, Dr. Zoellner and Clay Clark deconstruct how entrepreneurs like you have been able to achieve success.

AMPLE EXAMPLE – Book – START HERE – Page 3 – SBA Entrepreneur of the Year certificate issued to Clay Clark.


  1. “Our experience working with Clay Clark and his team has been nothing short of amazing. When our team first met Clay, I expressed that if we were able to move the needle and get results, we would be working together for a very long time. Clay and his team listened to our problems and custom built a program specifically for us. So far this season, we have experienced a 42% increase in corporate sponsorship sales, a 10% increase in season ticket sales and over a 103% increase in group tickets sales! We have also had a 21% increase in people actually attending the games thus resulting in a 27% increase in concession and novelty sales. Our program focused on search engine optimization, an increased social media presence, targeted online ads, digital retargeting ads, and the implementation of the Dream 100 system. Beyond that, Clay’s team redesigned our website making it more visually appealing and user friendly for our online visitors by creating a dynamic visual experience. Our slogan for Tulsa Oilers hockey is ‘Feel The Boom’, thanks Clay for giving us that BOOM!”
    1. Taylor Hall Tulsa Oilers | General Manager | Proud ECHL affiliate of the National Hockey League’s Winnipeg Jets


  1. “You certainly were the on-site leader that we needed for this calling campaign. By watching you work with these students and seeing the result, I became reassured that hiring you to do exactly what you did was the right thing to do. Your team brought in over $120K in gifts and pledges, which may be an all-time ORU phonathon record! But I’ll have more for you later. I smile to think how funny you were and what a GREAT job you did for us. Again, thanks for everything….and don’t drink too much Red Bull!”
    1. Jesse D. Pisors, B.A. (1996) M.A. (2005) Director of Alumni & Ministerial Relations and Annual Fund Oral Roberts University
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Audio Transcription

Broadcasting live from the center of the universe. It’s top business coach school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert, zoellner ussba entrepreneur of the year clay clark. It is the pop time show that you’re pooping steps to make joe and sophie is hot and I still see the sea and the sea that was teaching mrs. Fields trucks like to know more, alright, do I make smoked it back to the conversation, doesn’t want time show on your radio now today, from page 3 of the start here, book the start here book is absolutely free for you to download right now. So we listen to the show right now, just go to drivetime show.Com and there you can download the start here book for free and it’s an amazon bestseller. You can get there, there’s no trick to it. There’s no top business coach catching on to buy anything and or doing is rigin deconstructing success and when I say deconstructing I mean a lot of people love to talk about. Oh my gosh, it’s so cool! You got that award but see I got it’s like the number of fingers. How do people say? What were the specific things that you did to get the award? Are you get off? Music I have a successful I’m, not that nice porsche. What are the specific things you’re doing on a daily basis that allowed you to buy that portion and so we’re going to just want to just deconstruct some wins one by one trying to go to page 3 of the start here buck and then this on a february 21st 2007 I got to let her buy. For my lady by the name of dorothy overall, the oklahoma district director for the small business administration, she says:congratulations.

You’ve been selected as a2007 oklahoma sb, a young entrepreneur of the year on behalf of the top business coach us small business administration. Sba I wish to express our appreciation for your support of small business and for your contribution to the economy of this state. In recognition of your achievement, awards luncheon will be held on may 22nd 2007 at rose state college in midwest city oklahoma to lunch in a small business development center new company luncheon tickets have been reserved for you and a guest. It’s really interesting because when you get up there to give your speech-and you talk about-and they want to know how you do it, what you do now, they don’t want people in and say hello to everybody and how you doing, and in kind of be thank you for everybody who helped specifically. What did you do to build a dj company and make it successful? So I was talking to ryan on the way here to the to the show. Today, ryan is thinking about maybe moving to tulsa to come work with the team, and you were asking me you you looked up with the average income was of a dog trainer write. The average top business coach income of a dog trainer was a thousand a year or 50000 years. A that’s, that’s the top business coach average right. That’s the act of the average dog trainers making across the country now and I and I applaud him for doing the research on I was going to get it. He did the research on it. I want to doozy’s I want to pull up the stats here today for tip top k-9 owasso movies are so fun and the first week he opened up he brought in $1,166 if he did that for 52 weeks a year that would be more than the national average. That’s week, one week, one for the first training session.

Remember so he got he brought in $2 at the end of what is one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine now he is $15,472 in, but according to my last meeting, is punching in the show and in the notes tonight he should be a $57,000 of the of booked business in the way it works, a dog training issue, a great you do a $1 training session, which is a dollar in. If they like the training session, then what you do is you say which package do you want? They decide and the air ticket z is about $1,500. So if you see her on his top business coach conversion percentage here he’s closing on some weeks a hundred percent some week 63 some weeks 80%. But the thing is this:guy, after paying the franchise fee. So make sure you see this year he’s going to bring in relief. 58000 * .85 is what he gets to keep he’s going to keep $49,300 in his first 11 weeks and visit. That happens to be more than the average. That’s what that is. That’s the year, 11 weeks you beat the average of the year i, don’t think a lot of people, except for our listeners are curious about how they do it. Why is that? Why are some people to see our listeners are curious, but why you think the average person is not curious? Don’t even think that way. They don’t even that. That’s not even in their bandwidth and thought they don’t think that way.

They don’t think my feelings are curious. Why people don’t look at a car and go I’m wondering why it runs i, wonder what’s happening any that hood I wonder what’s going on with this? This is what I missed today. As we talked about deacon leave the number one character attribute. You have to have to tip to begin the path of entrepreneurship, not saying that the only character trait to have, but you have to have a disproportionately high amount of curiosity, agree with them. If you have to agree with that completely and I think it’s a top business coach curious mind and want to know one another. No, so this is what happened in 2007 i. Remember this. My wife looks at me and she was very curious about how I could be a good husband.

Cuz I currently was not being one was being a good dad, I would say, and a good husband I was like i. Don’t need some serious epidemic of of injuries that would have occurred to your team for you to get any playing time at all. To that talk, and you schedule a lot of time to write that speech. Do you think you could schedule like 30 minutes with your daughter and I’m like there is a choice, your cat’s in the cradle and the silver spoon? Little boy will be together. That was painful, but it’s so true name of carrie fisher. If you’re listening, if you don’t carrie, fisher, cinnamon email say to clark and doctors here bragging on you, mr. Terry fisher fisher and I waited till my son to go blind for my son was born blind, so I had to get the award get the ridicule, didn’t have no type of improvement. All the optometrist dr. Groves he’s the one who really laid into meeting and then I swear he’s like so how he calls he said you need to go here, you’d, be here at work and I said:i can I’m in a meeting you at son I’m, going to tell your wife that your son is blind and I’m not going to do it without you top business coach being here so i. Don’t care what you having schedule! I need to be careful.

I hate their met with dr. Grows like a total jerk, he’s really kind of person, very nice guy, but he’s just being truthful with me, I’m, going to tell your wife your son’s blind by yourself by yourself with terry and terry, says mr clark for you to have a good relationship with your kids. It requires some scheduling purposeful time with it distracted time. Not you doing sales calls, while you’re with them and actually being with them and I thought. Well what a baby and I looked like his great daughters, brace, accessible guy and I thought. You know that makes sense, he’s a schedule time for the business. Why am I not scheduled time for the number one business which is the family? You know why am I not doing that and so begins, the curiosity that wasn’t there for the first seven years of my marriage at all, not curious, but how could it all be a decent but I never even asked the question. Terry was a top business coach supernatural, the awesome, father, yeah i, think so too. I think we just take it for granted. It’s natural! It’s it’s over that person. Obviously! Well you look at good dna i, like what you said about the workout guy. Yes, 7 days a week days a week, so what I’m going to do is I’m going to read you some success stories and I’m going to tell you that the up to the thrive nation, how it happened? Okay, so here we go, this is from taylor hall with the tulsa oilers. He writes by the way to thank you for writing this for today show. He says from page 4 of the start here book what you can download for free experience, working with clay clark and his team has been nothing short of amazing when our team first met clay express. If we were able to move the needle and get results will be working together for a very long time. Clan is team, listen to her problems and custom built to program specifically for us. So far, this season we’ve experienced a 42% increase in corporate sponsorship sales, a 10% increase in season ticket sales and over a hundred and three increase group sales.

We also had an in a 21% increase in people actually attending the games does resulting a 27% increase in concession and novelty sales are program focused on search engine. Optimization here comes and increase social media presence targeted online ads digital retargeting, ads and implementation of the dream. 100 beyond that plays team redesigned our website, making it more visually, appealing and user-friendly for online visitors by creating a dynamic visual experience, our slogan for tulsa hockey is feel the boom thanks clay for giving out happened to get you to do in tulsa, tulsa family activities. Tulsa recreational I haven’t worked at those guys for about 12 months now, cuz once you get to capacity and they have different issues, and so I was kind of a deal where they don’t need it they’re kind of an orbit. I would say you know right and they’re not going to open up another stadium or something so they’re in a good spot. But when I get them to the top of google and see, we created a no-brainer that the city of tulsa could not reject. John, kelly and I did not do it. He says this taylor underwood top business coach videos. Tell taylor that no one likes hockey john he’s the general manager about hockey, but in tulsa people are looking for something to eat. That’s so true people are looking for something to eat soon as he hears their brain. Are you tell me what was it you tell me if this is not a feeling for chelsea? He said no brainers this you get 4 tickets for $10 and a $1 beer won $1 beer per person in a dollar per beer for the first beer, love it cold on hockey fans to a game. Why do you suspect well, because I forgot there’s going to be a lot of people there and they’re going to be cold beer? And that’s hey? It’s a magical,! It’s a magical! Combo! A lot of businesses made a lot of money with that combination, a lot of people don’t have a no-brainer for their business. They don’t know to have one. You know I love that in there, when we were in person workshops because there’s 13 years that we go over and it’s amazing to see someone to light up in that go.

That’s the area that I’m not for feeling everything I need to do. You know, example of a good no-brainer imaging. Whatever show sponsors it’s. Their website is ony x, imaging.Com, onyx imaging.Com. These guys have an office supply business and a prince of. Why does susie? What they do is they say we realize that no one, it’s no one wants to go to office depot. Nobody wants to buy printing supplies, sold. Those were going to deliver it to you for less money than it would cost you to just go by yourself to know bright. Everything about you save time you save money, I mean if your deduct to things. If you want to create time, freedom and financial freedom spend less money, spend less time doing things that don’t need to be done it so so you can visit their website right now today at sonic’s imaging.Com, that sonics imaging.Com, the phone number 918-627-6611 its 918-627-6611 again, 918-627-6611 tom, clancy, central station, and no back to the tri time she’ll on top radio 1170. Welcome back to the top business coach conversation is the prime time show on your radio in today’s topic is deconstructing success. Did they do that i? Think a lot of people I think he’s not our listeners. Other people listen to the other, shows what they do. Is they look at life and they say beer that be nice? Be nice, be nice, be nice and I had my own radio show?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be a dj bother and then what? If you ask a question, how could I be yeah in my entire time running, dj connection? How many people ask me how to grow a dj business hold on hold on I’m, going to guess. 5-1 actually spoke at the wedding mba conference in las. Vegas guy puts his hand up. This is the this is a scenario, but he’s a gentleman are over 4000 per year, he’s going to teach you how you can systemize your business and I get up there and do my talk at the end open up for questions. I’ll, never forget this. Guy puts his hand up true story. Yeah I was just going to say you know it’s like do you focus on quality or quantity, I remembered, oh yeah, that’s the question. I heard what you doing this like quality or quantity. You know cuz I personally, dj ever show myself and I’m like I ain’t. No way man I’m not going to make a call I’m not going to do that until like you look married, these people like he was some sort of like a jihadi, multi, wife, move, materion and I’m going understand it next question:i can’t remember the exact words, but there was a person puts her hand out. She says:sweet lady I just want to know like at $600 per wedding. How do you make any money? Nice? Well, what you do is you make about $150 per show you $4,000 that we charge wait. Wait we don’t do a wedding license 3000. What of the non top business coach question question? This is the thing I see in business all the time. Success story. This is from oral roberts university, the school that kicked me out of the college there in the school to hire me back to fix their alumni marketing program good store. Here we go jesse peyser. This is the guy in charge of the alumni’s director of alumni and ministerial relations and annual fund. He writes play.

You are certainly the on-site leader that we needed to this calling campaign by watching you work with the students and seeing the results. I became reassured that hiring you to do exactly what you did was the right thing to do. Your team brought in over $120,000 and gifts and pledges which may be an all-time oru phonathon record, turned out. It was, but I’ll have more for you later I smile to think how funny you were and what a great job you did for us again. Thanks for everything and don’t drink too much red bull, so yeah sure they would need to be call center, and we made a script that everyone had to follow. Okay, then I said who here? Who here, though, in the call center currently is closed in the most deals, get the most donations. They tell me the person I said okay I want to hear their recorded. So I heard their calls, and my script was what they say:i just took the top color, whatever this top business coach person be like 5 times more than anybody else, but no one was curious about how they did it. Yes, I literally copied it then I said how many calls does this person make this person was making like a hundred calls today. So what’s the move? Average, it’s like 12 entire day pulling in 40k a year and you guys are making at 12 calls and I go again. I want college freshmen and we cool will do is, will pay them the least amount possible, and if they get a donation, we can give them scholarship dollars. What can we do? We can’t do that, but we could do is one story short. They got college credit for working in marketing top business coach internship or something and I had people from coast from kosovo people from jamaica freshman who would never made cold calls in their life. Making an average of 200 calls a day a day today come on and we were literally raising more money in a day they were raising previously in weeks, but see very few people’s crazy. Nobody in the existing call center whiskey about. Why is one person in the call center bringing in five times more than me, and you I heard the destroyer hilariously? Well, it’s cuz. You know they did really well connected. They’ve been around a long time been around a long time.

Works. No, marks. They, know what to say exactly they’re more like a natural communicator, actually sing right help. Somebody out there that our listeners have together they’re curious but not curious. As a friend of one of her listeners is a friend of a listener. What would you what would you say what you can and you should, and if you do exactly what I said to do it? If you don’t know where to start, you find somebody doing it. Fabulously well, I mean you could do. Is you could call your number one competitor and listen to how they answer the phone come on now, let’s go to tape record that conversations been called the second best of your in your area at what whatever you want to do for john such a thing. Yes, all the time you got a top business coach mystery shopper. Do you dissect you find a break and get rid of it. There’s a parade out there. I want to be a part of pirate, never been one on the topic that nobody cares about. One thing I thought to myself:oh google uses for their janitorial services, google google dupont, get there. Yeah, probably have the same janitorial service that the big guys ever use it, and so we reached out to the classic clean.Com seats, the classic clean.Com. Recently you reached out to classic I sure. Did you make it to the cleaners and I said? I know the one that called classic clean the closet, cleaned up. Com, you don’t want to get your top business coach service, it’s sketchy coming in there doing a half-done job.

Still in your stop now janitorial service, it doesn’t do a good job, is a great website for you to check out, and their phone number is 918-671-2046 its 918-671-2046 and see I’m going to give him we’re going to give him a free copy of my book thrive. If they call in the next 5 minutes free quote:i mean what about nothing? Nothing! You know. We can’t do it again soon. If we can’t throw in a shredder a dinosaur, hood hydrators beef, jerky maker I tried no i, never got one it’s hard to have one like I want to throw in that kind of thing, but we can’t do it, but you know we can’t trust king.Com, winters and king. These guys represent craig rochelle life church brother td, jakes joyce meyer they’ve done work with the joel osteen’s camp. These guys are the real top business coach deal want to talk about the lack of curiosity deconstructing success, and why do the big companies have an attorney before they need one of nyc? Why would you go out there and take your hard work, money and schedule? An attorney I mean something bad going to happen. Why would I even imply that something bad would happen me when it small business owner ever actually get sued, i, don’t know what it radio


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