How to Determine Who Your Ideal and Likely Buyers Are (What Is Your Target Market)

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Trying to figure how who your ideal and likely buyers are? Clay Clark breaks down the step-by-step process for determining your ideal and likely buyers.

  1. Demographics?
  2. Industry?
  3. Places where they spend their time?
  4. Men or women?
  5. Age?
  6. Location?
  7. Income level?
  8. Hobbies and interests?
  9. Do You Want to Sell on
  10. Do You Want to Sell to Dealers
  11. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Best buyers buy more, buy faster, and buy more often than other buyers. These are your ideal clients. Have a special effort dedicated to just the dream clients.” – Chet Holmes (Best-selling author of The Ultimate Machine)
  12. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Unless you own a business like Doctor Robert Zoellner and Associates optometry, you should not focus on marketing to everyone because in most cases it’s too expensive to market to an audience of people that are not ever going to buy what you are selling.” – Clay Clark
  13. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Elephant In The Room Men’s Grooming Lounge only markets to men who are married to women who wear yoga pants buy $7 smoothies at Whole Foods.
  14. AMPLE EXAMPLE – only markets to women because women make the overwhelming majority of domestic home purchases.
  15. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Z66 Auto Auction – Only markets to used car dealerships.
  16. AMPLE EXAMPLE – The Thrivetime Show only markets to business owners and aspiring business owners.
  17. AMPLE EXAMPLE – – Only markets to conservatives.
  18. AMPLE EXAMPLE – – Only markets to liberals.
  19. ACTION ITEM – Define your demographics on a spreadsheet:
    1. Men or women
    2. Zip codes
    3. Income
    4. Age
    5. Hobbies
    6. Interests
    7. Other

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Audio Transcription

I want to attend the legendary thrive time show business coach workshop for free, subscribe on itunes, leave an objective review and send his confirmation at info at drivetime show.Com, to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see it’s in our riverwatch offices and will be able to make your dreams come true. All right till I get back to the podcast download. If you have not yet subscribe to podcast cuz you’re hearing this on the radio I would highly recommend you do it that way:you’ll never miss out on it on a tool, tip technique and updated strategy. This is what I do I meet you out back. The listeners realize this, but you saw the book that has now been fully tabbuli. Tabbed I mean this point, i, don’t know we have a lot of listeners out there. That would read as many books as I do into the blazers. You get to benefit from this because we actually run real businesses or not they’re kind of like our laboratory. So we get to learnthe theories right. The midland implement them on our own businesses right and we don’t teach them to you until they yeah. This is how it works. We don’t teach it series we teach of the proven moves that you can use, so you don’t have to read all those books baby that you give me a call when you can do whatever. So this next move. If we’re going to teach you, what is the next move? It realty list? Okay. So if you’re out there, you got a business, you have to determine who the ideal in likely buyers actually are. So some of what we argue with you on behalf of somebody just basically focused on everybody. Well, that’s great now probably do have an awesome product or service that a lot of people might benefit from. But when you’re focusing on everybody you’re throwing out there a really really wide net and when resources are finite, when you don’t have unlimited money, you want to be a little more targeted with those. But my idea is so awesome, I’m, so passionate about and I went to this side.

1 million caps, meeting I went there and I went over to this, like really need entrepreneur, incubator and they just told me, you just got to be like all out and believe in it and it just i. Just my product is more all inclusive. It’s for everybody! Absolutely absolutely and I fully agree with what you’re saying about your product is great, but you still need to start off targeting these ideal unlikely by her. So you can really get some out a rush to revenue. Man I’ll tell you when it hits the market, it’s going to be like a like, a like a tornado with a business coach tsunami mixed with a little luck out like we ever got like a bacon or you wrap around that chicken and you and your shirt for sale. Some of that and you just so just like it’s going to be that good chance, your bacon wrapped, show me. But if I did have a fight back about the specifics of what how you define in their defense right when you’re excited about your product. Did you do have something that you believe in yeah? You want to get that done for everybody, it feels natural, her bike, but it’s not the way to do. It’s, not the move. Okay, so you’re, quite welcome. Holmes, the best-selling author of the ultimate, sales machine, and the former partner of charlie munger ivy, look up. Charlie munger he’s the guy worth over 3 billion dollars is the secret partner, warren buffett that no one ever talks about, and so chet holmes and work together and buy more often than other buyers. They are your ideal clients have a special effort dedicated to just these clients. Unless you own a business like dr., robert, zoellner and associates optometry, you should not focus on marketing to everybody, because in most cases it’s too expensive to market to an audience of people that are not ever going to buy what you’re selling you know so his optometry clinic, and it really does apply to everybody, because almost everybody needs vision care at some point, but even under that broad of a of a niche, he focuses extremely on just women on soccer mom see mark, it’s just the soccer moms, because that’s who makes the families buying decisions. Another example put in the room:men’s grooming lounge only focus on marketing to men and it’s the man we focus on marketing to men who are married to who are married to women who wear yoga pants and who buys $7 smoothies at whole. Foods to our niche is wee folk.

We focus on marketing to men who are married to women who wear yoga pants while buying $7 smoothies at whole foods, because there’s a certain make and model to that man and a certain make and model to that woman and I’m telling you what the women who are married to men who go to elephant the room are typically the women who wear yoga pants and go to whole foods in the kind of guy that would marry a woman who, where is lululemon pants at whole foods and who buy $7 smoothies in business coach organic whatever. That is the kind of man who cares a little bit more about his haircut and experience probably willing to pay for it. That’s typically, that’s! Okay, that’s cool! That’s cool I’m! Just giving you examples. Are we still going to take your money? Don’t worry about oxy. Fresh.Com is a company that I’m a part of it. We sell franchises, jonathan barnett is the founder owner of that business. Oxyfresh only markets, basically two women who are making the overwhelming majority of domestic home purchases.

So he runs advertisement skewed towards reaching out to women who want to keep your carpet clean, because guests are visiting auto auction only markets to used car dealerships. The thrive time show we only market to business owners and aspiring business owners ever want to run a business someday. You probably won’t like her show too much cuz. We only focus on people that want to run a successful business in the future or currently at fox news. Only markets to conservative temperature in ballots., no, fox, news I hate to break it to you, but they actually were started their founder wanted to offer the anticipation of seeing anyone to offer an alternative to cnn, so cnn.Com only markets to liberals I want to get out of here. You know that seeing an occasional put a token conservative on there just to mix it up, and you know that fox occasionally puts a token liberal on there to mix it up, but they know who they are focused on. So now the action I’d. Alright, you got to define or business coach demographics on a spreadsheet of get wakkas through the actionable items. We need to take care. Okay, so you got to think about it. Who is going like you said earlier, you know who’s making those buying decisions, who’s, actually the person that is the decision maker. Is it a man or a woman, man, woman or both okay next year, or is it a unisex, transvestite yeah you going to put a unisex bathroom in there? Are you going to? Let me check with her and if that’s who I didn’t like the buyer, you probably want to know that I don’t want to move on.

I want to dwell on things that don’t matter to me. You got to know where they are at okay. My business is going to be viral. It’s fine i, don’t need zip code. Your business is your show up or just go back to you um level. What what mitch are you marketing to as far as income level, if your walmart, your on a low price right, that’s your whole market strategies, low price. Are you doing cost me for going to walmart and buy some good high quality stuff there and then, and all I want so I’m going to lay there seeing if not business coach sperm I was in there and what was it costing you to talk about the cost? You know how walmart is a dating site. That’s a good move! Marketing! Two teenagers! Are we marketing two middle-aged people what’s going on? We know who are the typical age of your day and what are their hobbies? What are they into? What are they got going on? Are they into whittling ducks? You want to turn left, but if you want to turn left, you want to turn me on even going left. So if you right there, sir, where somebody’s I didn’t like the buyer, maybe they should market at nascar events right. That makes sense, okay and then there’s another. On the same, like there is interest. What are there interest on mentor avenue right now and me to listen to bring your offer interest and then some other ones in your mind, what are some other ones that you need me? The nascar, like i, am I’ll, see you at the at the flea market. Next tuesday


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