Determine a No-Brainer That Will Appeal to Your Ideal and Likely Buyers

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Clay Clark breaks down the specific steps needed to write an effective call to action that will cause your advertisements to generate leads for your business.

  1. Podcast – Creating a No-Brainer 101
  2. You must have an advertisement that is so compelling that people cannot say no to it because people decide to buy and not buy for the following 5 reasons:
    1. Note – Nothing hurts your brand more than going out of business.
    2. 5 Reasons People Buy
      1. Reason #1 – They trust the organization, the product or the service.
      2. Reason #2 – Everybody else is buying the product or service.
      3. Reason #3 – Celebrities are endorsing the product or service.
      4. Reason #4 – To eliminate their fear of loss buyers buy now when they believe a limited time special is going to expire soon.
      5. Reason #5 – The deal itself is so good, it doesn’t make sense to not at least give it a try.
    1. Elephant In The Room – $1 first haircut
    2. Mercedes of Tulsa – Jackie Cooper – Drive this car for $299 per month
    3. – $35 per line
    4. Tip Top K9 – $1 first lesson
    5. Score Basketball – Free first lesson
    6. We will be any competitor’s price by 10%.
  4. ACTION ITEM – Determine 3 no-brainers and measure the results.

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Audio Transcription

Want to attend the legendary thrive time show business workshop for free, subscribe on itunes, leave an objective review and send his confirmation at info at drivetime show.Com to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see us at our riverwalk offices and will be able to make your dreams come true. Yes, check, 1 check, 2 check through your on the microphone with me. My name is clay clark former ussba entrepreneur of the year since you’re on a mission to help you get into a great financial position, and one of the biggest challenges that we have is a business coach chop is helping clients to develop an effective advertising. Yes, that we affectionately call the no-brainer that no I’m going to give the listeners out there example of some no-brainers and then chip I’d like for you to help us to create a note in our coaches meetings, and we will you be with your business coach. We have a poster on the wall that explains to you how to buy why people buy things right. It’s like the scales so I’m going to do. I’m going to teach the principles in chap I like for you to make an actionable I was driving my car. This was about an old enough where he was the other day, but it was top 5 years ago, your day, 5 years ago and I’m driving over there at like 96th and memorial and i, see on the east side of the road. Does the jackie cooper’s right there at the intersection, where 169 hooks up there and mercedes? It’s $299 drive this for 299 driver by 269, that’s even better and so I know. If it i, that’s not a thing. You can’t do that, but yet at the same time, cuz I’ve worked with car dealerships same time. I say to myself:that’s an incredible deal, all my gosh, because it makes you quit your brain.

Give you that beautiful car for 260, so what I did is a friend of mine was giving away a fee at a fitness challenge in a woman who got in the best shape and give her a car. So I said:perhaps you should do a lease with like limited miles to the person, can only have the car for 3 years and it’s very nice, but they can only drive it like it’s a fire thousand miles a year, 2011 good condition, you know, and so it was so good, though, that it cost me to inquire. We found out that it’s like $5,000 down you get to use this many miles and that’s how it works right. They get you and show you how nice of car is right now 85th and no brainer, where your first cookies free. So you drive down the road to see free signs and free gourmet cookies for you, free gourmet, cookies as free gourmet, cookies for first time, customers. Free cookies, are flags everywhere, they’re 14 feet tall, and so you must say I’m on a diet, but I don’t know it’s true. You know when you go in there and you discover it’s free in your brain. It’s a no-brainer for tickets, for $10 was the move. What jonathan kelly help me create with the tulsa oilers right and it’s dollar beer night same turns out. People are looking for something to eat and they’re, looking for beer, cheap beer, free beer and 4 tickets for $10 and i, don’t even like hockey but very effective business coach no-brainers one more example:there’s a bank I worked with back of the day. We’ve had a lot of people aren’t passionate about their bank, but it’s too big of a pain to switch. So we made the move of if you switch, will put $100 in your account and will pick up all your deposits for free forever yeah, and we will send you a message every week with your account balance on your email on monday. So it’s like this bike because they trust something. So that’s what that everybody buys that I trust the company I buy because I trust the,, that’s that’s reason ever won deal is so good. I can’t say, know the deal so good I can’t say.

No again, they say:i trust the source and the deal is so good that I can’t say no. Alright, it’s a no-brainer is so hot. The furbies of your body, because most people by they buy because most people are buying is michael jordan. Looking at michael jordan die, people are buying that underwear I should buy it too, and it kind of ties into that boom boom number for celebrity most people by cuz, it’s celebrities doing it look at this is the cologne that bieber talks about beaver I’m, a believer he says to wear this cologne I should wear this cologne I’m going to wear this cologne and the final reason why most people buy is word-of-mouth. Someone referred him said:hey. You should buy this search up. How do you do work on the business, coaching client right now and they’re struggling to create a no-brainer that works? What start with the trusting the source? How can you get the trust factor up higher for the brand the business coach deal, even though it’s a good deal? No one will take you up on it unless they trust you how to get that trust up that you got to get google reviews come on now and you got to get testimonial videos of real people, real clients. Talking about you for real video reviews, video testimonial reviews on video on a camera that makes a video of customers of customers. You put that right on your side and put on your landing page from the advertisement. You email the link in your follow-up email, it’s the move. It makes you gain. Trust almost instantly will help you.

The most people are buying. This most people are buying reason for me, how do you show your consumers that other people are buying your product? How can you show that? Well, you could take the tulsa oilers, for example, right we had an awesome deal with them where we had a blowout event, we’re going to fill up the bok center right and where we sell out ever when we did it. What else did we do? We are planning where proactively, send it video and drone crew out there, and we made a video of the line wrapping all the way around we got video inside. That thing was huge. It was using so that let everybody know as soon as I see that video that man, this is happened. What is going on at those other games? Celebrity george foreman can’t sell the grill he’s trying to sell the girls. He can’t sell any want to so bad he’s. Trying to sell grills what does he calls up by bankrupt, celebrity or two and turn them down? George foreman was ben bulls facing bankruptcy again, and his wife is like you should endorse this. So with no money up front working for a free quote, on quote, they didn’t understand, i, didn’t pay, george, foreman, anything upfront and he said I’ll. Do it for a part for a percentage of sales, and now my main man george pulled in 600 million dollars by andersen fx. How do you get your clients to refer other business coach clients to have you do the most selfish thing you can do and you wow of the crap out of them at every turn? The most selfish thing you can do is wow your customers. They will become apostles at that stage and what are the apostles do clay? What a bit we! We know some apostles in history yet, but what did they do before that? They spread? The word spread the word and that’s what you want.

So you wow your current customers and they will it’s a cathartic release. They feel like they have to go about it now. The final is:how do you create that no branch of charles cola charles your? What’s your? What’s your no-brainer at colaw fitness? Well, it’s kind of hard because we have about six or seven. The first no-brainer is $1 down to get a your first month is $1 dollar’s, location, joplin location, all the locations of topeka kansas. We have a $1 down to get your whole month for free and you have a 30 day, money back guarantee. So if you don’t like it for some reason, no strings attached to get your money back and I cannot come up with an effective addis. What’s awesome about a business coach, we’re going to sit in the room for hours, so yeah focus on just helping you that’s what we do. Our favorite topic is you? That’s all we do is so cute. Nobody else wants to help you, but we do and what you don’t do, so you don’t lose, and that is how you create an effective. No greater! It’s awesome. You should do it


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