How to Determine Winnable Keywords to Optimize for in Google Search Engines

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Have you ever wanted to dominate Google search engine results, but you don’t even know where to start. Clay Clark breaks down how to determine the winnable keywords to optimize for in the Google search engine.

  1. Write down the names websites of your top 3 competitors.
  2. Go to the actual website and right click in the browser and select view source code.
  3. rk with your coach to use to determine what keywords the competition is winning.
    1. Another free option is (not as good as SEMrush)
  4. Ask yourself how many keyword searches are available?
    1. How many are you missing out on due to not being top in Google.4
  5. Determine the keywords being dominated by your competition
  6. 4 Part Google Domination Equation:
    1. Most Google Reviews
    2. Most Canonical Compliance
    3. Most Mobile Compliant
    4. Most Original Content
  7. Determine the winnable keywords
    1. Do simple Google searches
    2. Search for “site:” and then the website so that you can see the total number of indexed web pages that your competition has.
    3. You must have 2 times more indexed 1,000 word web pages that your competition.
  8. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “A business owner must find a way to get in front of their ideal and likely buyers in a compelling way or they will fail. If search engine optimization is one of your strategies you must play by Google’s rules, not by the rules of the person who designed your website.” – Clay Clark (Forbes Contributor and former U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year)
  9. Commit to a long-term and sustainable search engine strategy:
    1. Record 10 minute podcasts to produce 1,000 words of original content.
      1. Add in the keywords to the 1,000 word transcript.
      2. Add in the correct metadata into every transcription.
      3. Upload the content to the website.
      4. Transcribe the content via
    2. Having our team write content for you (articles)
      1. It takes our team approximately 40 minutes to write the content.
      2. It takes our team approximately 10 minutes to upload keywords into the content.
      3. It takes our team approximately 10 minutes to upload the content to the website.
      4. It takes our team approximately 3 minutes to quality control the content for search engine friendliness.
  10. See overview of the “How Google Works” print piece / infographic
    1. Most people want to get rich quick which is not how Google works, so you will actually win and become top of Google by default if you just remain consistent.
    2. Consistency is key.
    3. He or she who has the most original content will win.
      1. EXAMPLE –
      2. EXAMPLE –
      3. EXAMPLE –
  11. ACTION ITEM – Create a list of winnable keyword phrases
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Audio Transcription

Attend the world’s best business coach workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review senior tickets by emailing, his group that you didn’t and your contact information to cancel at drivetime show.Com not yet attended. A in-person drivetime show workshop it’s a two-day 15 hours of power, workshop that I personally conduct for all the members of the thrive, nation I’d, say 60% of the people who attend the workshop are former clients, current clients, people that have done business with us or who or who, who are doing business with us, and they come on a routine basis. How many of them have actually referred to as, like business church, where they go to reset every month? We’re currently word hosting those conferences every other month. Soon they will become monthly and I would just encourage you to join the conversation, because we answer every single business. Coaching question you could possibly have a chump. What are we talking about today? My back right today we’re talking about an action step, and it goes like this. You got to determine business coach winnable keywords to optimize for in the google search engine, so let’s make sure we’re getting this. You have to determine you, as the entrepreneur have to think about what are the winnable keywords that you how to optimize for in the google search engines. So this is the process that you would want to start with ok step one. You wanted to turn the key words that are being dominated by your competition, so I’m going to tell you how to do that will sew step one chip. You have to write down your top three competitors to write down the websites of your top.

Three competitors write down the top three websites of your competition at what who is your competition? Who are these people write down there right now? Their web addresses step 2? Is you go to their website so go to the competition’s website will put this on the show. Note so don’t get overwhelmed, but you want to go to the competition’s website and then right click on their source code. So you can see the actual words that they are focused on again write down the names write down the names of your top three competitors website to write down the names right on the names right off. Your top three competitors web website so important to do that then go to their actual website and right click, right click on the actual website, right click with the mouse. You click on the right part of their website when you do that, once you’ve done that you’re going to be able to view source code, so you right click here, right click and you view source and then there you can tell your business coach can help. You find the key word, so you can see and that’s how that works. Now we have a tool that we use called sem rush.Com coach to use sem rush.Com to determine what keywords your competition is currently winning. So again, step 1 write down the names of the website of your top three competitors, step to go to the actual website of the competitors and right click on their website. Right click on their website on their source code, so that you and your coach, know. Just right click on the website and there you can see the source code and you can see what words are focused on. Then you work with your coach to use a tool called scm rush.Com to determine what the keywords are there, competition as wings as an example? What just do it right now, I’ll?

Do it with the listeners? Are the program you can you use it sits up free to kind of sneak. 3 is a sneak preview of a try it before you buy it. I program called spyfu. It doesn’t work in my opinion, as well as sem rush, but it’s a very good tool, so we’ll go ahead and put in the web address what to put in the web address for when we do this I’m going to do I’m going to do a search for tulsa, muffler shop, so I’m looking up that muffler shop, i, look up the word. business coach or Tulsa muffler shop looks like mike’s muffler and exhaust and custom exhaust comes up top, so mike’s comes up top, so I’m going to go ahead and copy mike web address and paste it into spyfu.Com spyfu, that’s spy fu.Com, not you! That was weird taste it there in the search on spyfly.Com & s, p y f. U s! P y y y. Have me what we sometimes have a maturity problem. You’re going to see this guy, this mike’s mufflers tulsa.Com, probably are a great listener. This guy is topping google for 7 organic key words right here and they’re, saying that if you work pay for a paperclip in about $2 a click, it shows he’s top for tulsa, mufflers, muffler shop, tulsa, custom, exhaust shops, custom, exhaust tulsa, tulsa, muffler installation. You can see all the term. It also shows you that he had that the estimated amount of traffic he gets per month as a result of being top, which is cool. You can see last november. He obviously did something that he had 52 clicks. He gets a month approximately as result of being top for those keywords and you’d. Ask yourself-and this is the next step here to the next step-is you ask yourself how many clicks per month are out there ask yourself how many clicks per month are out? There are available, but you’re missing out on like how many clicks per month are of a turkey. Tom just walked in the studio. So don’t want to ask yourself how many keyword, searches per month am I missing out on as a result of not being top and google and i.

Don’t know that number, but your coach can help you so is example:if you’re missing out on 52 clicks a month in your muffler shop, I could be a game-changer search up, I think about barbie cookies with one of the clients we worked with for a long long time, barbie cookies, great client, i, think about elephant in the room. The men’s grooming lounge I think about the key stone harbor to right now that are both kind of just in the last month or so hitting the top page and first aid in the top of the first page and google one is:is a chiropractor thrive, chiropractic group, dr. Tyler per tree in oklahoma city yeah, and it was the reason I bring. This up is because these are kind of two different paths and you never really know it. It’s just a path you have to work through but took him about 4 months right at the top of google, but another guy mechanic shop in columbus, city guy sheppard, sheperd automotive. He is now top in google for oklahoma city, auto repair, but it took him about 11 months. You just got to keep the grind going down once you figure out how much how many clicks are missing out on. Do the math to figure out how much money you could be losing as a result of not being topping google? How much money is out there, because, according to forbes or 8 out of 10 people, to a google search to try to find the products and services they want to do business with right? So you can be missing out on 8 out of 10 new leads. She wouldn’t ask yourself how many leads am I missing out on and it after you have done that, then your coach is going to work with you to figure out what you need to do to beat them in a google search and the way that you beat somebody in google. Shop is there is a four-part equation. I want to make sure we put this on the show. Search for things you need to do to win a google, it’s whoever has the most reviews in your coach will show you how to gather those reviews, the most google reviews, the second is webber-has the most canonical compliant. So whoever has their site built. The right way in your coach will help you do that if they just build your site and wordpress have one of my business coach coaches help you out the third is you want to have the most mobile compliance your site has to work in mobile? Alright, your site has to work in mobile. It doesn’t work in mobile, doesn’t look good on a mobile phone.

The google rank it lower in the fourth. Is it to whoever has the most content gets to win? No google doesn’t even count a webpage as having continent does even index. It doesn’t even start. It doesn’t even list a web page unless that webpage has approximately more than 450 words of content. So internally at thrive, we make sure that every single page of content that we produce for you has at least a thousand words of content. So if you want to see how many pages of content that mike would like to search your for tulsa muffler shop again-oh my do you want to see how many pages of content he has mike’s mufflers has 9 reviews, and why would your listing out? Their name is mike and you on a muffler shop. Congratulations if you’re out there and you want to beat mike’s muffler shop I can help you beat mike’s muffler shop in 90 days guaranteed. You get all the leads. So mike currently has five pages of content that are index from google and he currently has 9 reviews. I literally, could beat mike’s muffler shop in 90 days and if you don’t own, a muffler shop right now, you’re listening and you want to double the size of your business right now. Right now, you could easily double the size, your business and 90 days. Just by doing that, it’s a very non competitive, google search. His competition can have like thousands of pages of content. So as a business owner, you must find a way to get in front of your ideal unlikely buyers in a compelling way or you’ll fail all right to it. Search engine optimization is one of the allergies that you’re going to compete on. You gotta know how to win. She got to commit to a long-term and sustainable strategies. You got to commit to a strategy that you can sustain over the long haul. Now your business coach coach can show you there’s a print piece. We have any offices called how google works. It’s an infographic and your coach can show you and explain to you how google works, but I just want to get this idea and your hat most people want to get rich quick, which is actually not how google works. So what happens is if you wanted to be top of google tomorrow as a result of hearing this podcast implementing the system, google would not allow you to be top and google tomorrow, because if they allow a business to beat fill out the google search to be volatile and to allow people to get to the top of google the bottom to help you out, but people would quit trusting google because they’re so many fly-by-night, roofers muffler shops contractors photographers every industry has so many flighty flaky people right anybody that you can get a deposit from if they were able to just pay or scam their way to the top of google. They could easily take a bunch of deposits and then skip town and people would not trust google any further. So it comes down to this. You have a big event.

You need to make your website google canonical compliant. We can do that for you. You have a big event. You got to get your mobile look improved, that’s a that’s a one-time event. Now now make sure you get this google’s always updating, so we always need to make sure we’re always updating, or once a month or small little tweaks to google want you to do to improve to stay relevant in the circuits, and if you don’t know how your website is being ranked by google right now, we will do a free report. A free diagnostic on your website and all you have to do-is email your website and your contact information to info at thrive time, show.Com info at drivetime show.Com, and will show you what’s wrong with the site to the big event. You got your mobile compliance, correct and you’ve got to get your google canonical compliance correct, but the ongoing processes, the pros big things-that you must be consistent about, producing a thousand words of content and getting reviews from real custom can I just go to the competition’s website and just copy thousand word chunks and put them on mine know. Every single word of content must be original, so you can create original content by either a doing a wreck. She riding the content yourself or by doing a podcast yourself, and when you do the content, we’ve developed a technology called in quote. Net I said we, as in a person, have teamed up with a challenge. Her invention, her product she’s, invented a product called end. Quote. Net mit graduate transcribe your audio into text through using artificial intelligence. It’s pretty wild, so we can do that for you or you have to our team to write the content for you and we write the content for you. We have to pay actual humans.

She write the content and typically they’ll knock it out. He’ll be topping google very very quickly. In the only times you can get there quickly do a muffler shop if you win right away, but if you’re competing like for chiropractic like friend out there in oklahoma city right, how long did it take him to get to the top of google, took him 4 months, but another chiropractor that work without in tennessee? It took him about 10 months notice. Is tyler tyler tyler invested in paying our team to write a lot more contact believe right, so I mean again. If you we can get you the top of google, what you got to eat or invest in yourself by taking the time in your schedule to do it or paying our team to do it. If i, don’t we haven’t seen toe at business coach work shop since the one we saw him at what 4 months ago out some like that yeah you better get down here tyler. This is for you, man, I’ve got to get out to our workshop. My man, if you have not yet attended and in-person drive time, show workshop. It is the highest reviewed business workshop on the planet that has lifetime show.Com today and book. Your tickets, we want to absolutely help. You take your business to the neck level. All winter. We cannot begin without self discipline


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