Ding Dong the “She Demon” is Dead | The Joy and Benefits of Firing Idiots | Wins of the Week

Show Notes

Do you have a toxic member of your team that is holding you back? Do you have a passive-aggressive team member that is pushing back about implementing the proven systems and strategies that are proven to make businesses grow? Today, we celebrate the firing of “The She Demon.”

The Benefits Firing the “She Demon”:

  1. She was telling the staff to say no that they were not full.
  2. She refused to use video recording (www.Nest.com
  3. She refused to use call scripting 
  4. She refused to use recording (www.ClarityVoice.com
  5. She was changing company policies without the owner’s approval
  6. She was promising team members time and a half for working regular hours
  7. She was asking for the approval of the whole team when anything new was introduced
  8. The owner now likes going to his own office again! 
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