Discipline Is the Bridge Between Goals and Accomplishments

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Clay Clark explains how discipline is the necessary bridge between dreams and the achievement of your dreams.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments. – Jim Rohn (Best-selling Author and legendary business trainer.)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The majority of people begin to drift as soon as they meet with opposition, and not one out of ten thousand (people) will keep on trying after failing two or three times” (Napoleon Hill’s Outwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success – Napoleon Hill – p. 104)

  1. https://www.amazon.com/Napoleon-Hills-Outwitting-Devil-Freedom/dp/1469259036

You have to have a mindset that is “No Excuses”.

When something has to be done then GO AND DO IT

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Zumba fitness is always dominate. Cuz I got five. Kids I will not lose. It is the truth. Thought I’d make that excuse, I’ll be up going to go to school, but the truth is my mentor. Like my yoda thing, I wasn’t all right trap nation! We have got an action-packed segment here, for you were talking today about the big abyss that separates you from doing what you know you need to do so. I am going to pick on myself here first, so that everybody can kind of see how not to do it. Okay, when I first started business coaching dj connection, I knew that if I made a hundred outbound calls when I started, dj connection.Comdid I would book two appointments typically and if I booked two appointments, I would typically get one deal so steve. What I would do? Steve kerr age of a total lending, concepts steve is what I would do. I would make about 3, and then I wouldn’t go it a go. Go go to the bathroom three calls from the bathroom washing my hands really thoroughly, though I mean really I’m, talking like really like it down and I’m. In my condo i, remember, I miss it yesterday and it was like to be a loser.

It was just unbelievable, so then I pick up the phone I make a call, and then it goes to voicemail and I’m going to work on my logo. You know my logos, the issue I’m not kidding, so I can go back to that logo at work on that logo and bevel. That logo look like a bird or something would like to fly by the window and hit the window and likethe freaking bird I can’t work in these conditions at bird freaking bird. So then my wife would come home after working in the office depot. No, she went to walk to work with one car profusely sweating. After working the entire day at office, depot cuz, she walked home and she’d, say said you close anything and I got a water lines in a water. Bottle. I’m working on the business coaching talk to a guy got a lot of stuff, I’m I’m right on the edge precipice and she would say:okay. If she came home one day, she’s, hey babe, I’m, going to head off to go, work out and then I’ll come back or something, and she like forgot something if she comes back in and she walks in on me doing nothing. What are you doing? I thought you’re, making calls I’m like I want I want something to eat. Cuz I was me what the rain did behind you for at least a half-hour and I’ve watched. You do nothing and I was just curious. If that’s what you’re doing all the time, because it seems logical to me if you don’t do anything that anything can happen. If you do, if you do nothing, it’s unlikely that something is going to happen. You’re mentally putting yourself in the face. Nothing! Napoleon, hill I got this book. Outwitting the, devil, I love.

That book helped me a lot. We get the book open the book and read them. He said he says he says, he’s just what I’m doing places clay, you’re, you’re, you’re, you’re drifting, us about me drifting, and he says the majority of people begin to drift as soon as they meet with opposition and not one out of ten thousand people keep trying after they fail two or three times and that’s me, but most people will quit the first time I run into adversity. Summit start with you, business coaching client steve currington, with total lending concepts, the mortgage wizard of tulsa oklahoma, colorado, springs, missouri prius other places to go to eric chop the same the same idea:drifting steve. How do you fight drifting? How do you make cold calls? How do you get it done? How do you built total lending concepts when so many people get their mortgage license if their mortgage bankers license, and then they never get deals done? They just never actually get any traction. What we put a lot of systems in place to prevent, even if someone does drift, we had a drifter about a week ago. It was drifting for about 2 weeks, and now they don’t work there anymore.

So the way you said a lot of metrics where we measure stuff, we hold people accountable. So we know how many calls they make a day. We know how many calls are supposed to make it are. They have a daily goal on calls. Appointments live transfers all of that stuff in there. So we know what they need to do. Are you saying that you keep people from drifting and have discipline by having a scoreboard that you can reference? That’s what exactly and if you haven’t, listened to that business coaching book, napoleon hill’s off at winning the devil by napoleon hill. If you get the audio version, when he’s it’s like a conversation with the devil, so it’s actually kind of powerful, because it’ll it’ll flip over to the devil talking and it’s like a deep cryptic take on this napoleon hill believe the devil is here to kill and destroy in the devil. Wants you to not be successful? The devil wants you to not be successful. He believes that god wants you to be successful, so he believes whenever you decide not to do something that you know you need to do and you begin drifting. That is the devil’s way of tricking you of manipulating you and getting you to become a pathetic loser who ends up living in a van down by the river. So simply talk to me, how do you fight the habit of dripping? Have you been able to do that is a chiropractor in tulsa successfully, the last 20 something years well, you have to have a mindset, and mine is faith confidence and belief in my products, service and ideas.

So you have a mindset that says I’m just going to knock it out, I’m just going to do it. That’s right! There’s no excuse except i, want to I want to really want to just hammer this home here. How have you learned to fight the habit of procrastination and has ever been a struggle for you procrastinating? So if my father was here to talk to you know that was his biggest issue with me. Growing up was hey, I’ll, get to it and no worries. I’ll put it on to it, I’ll get to it and growing up and turning a little older and more wise I realized. We talked about this earlier today. We record a podcast like something always comes up. Something always happens, something always it always puts off what you were going to do until that business coaching thing, just push it farther and farther and farther away. So that’s what helps me really stop doing. The old procrastination game was realizing that some crap is going to break. Something is going to have an emergency, this going to be a burning fire. That’s going to stop me from doing what I was going to do so I might as well touch it once and get it done right now. I want to get marshall morris on your bike there for 2nd chapter of mice, marshall wars, is very good.

Marshall morris is very good at this, and he and I have the same psychological problem that we share and we we share the same exact psychological problem and it really freaks people out, but it’s really good for business. Someone I get marshalls take on this marshall makes you want watch out for that lamp there, my friend, so this is what you this is what you do, mars’s. What’s crazy, if you ask me, you say clay:what do I need to do? We we’ve known each other, were together for 9 years. Okay, so marshall say what do I need to do and I’ll tell marsha what to do and with no emotion, very much dha tim duncan ask mindset is stoic. Look in your eye. This goes quiet, resolve, you’ll, just go okay and then you’ll go. Do it weird, the big fundamental? Do you actually will say? Okay, what you want to do and I’ll say:do that soon you’ll say:okay and then you do it. But when you have to manage people-and you say, go do it, they won’t do it. This is what blows my business coaching mind. The big thing is to understand that, even though you don’t have to be micromanaged, and even though you don’t have to be told multiple times, and even though you tell somebody to somebody, tells you to do something, you just do it. That doesn’t mean everybody else. Is that way? Yeah it’s that broke my brain and I just it was so hard for me to wrap my mind around that, but you literally have to have a manager there, just riding every single one of your team, everything all the time. I was working with a client. Earlier this weekend he was working through and trying to decide what to do with a particular employee.

He said:i am paying this person so much money every single month. You would think that he would just do his job. Know it’s about pride and not about my, and they had a person doesn’t have any pride in their job cannot be successful lot of pride in what they do. They did it. They take a lot of pride. What to do japanese guys they make sure the are urinal are urinals on monday morning. Chump could be substituted as a drinking from their soaked business coaching lender maniacally clean the shark, almost eerily cleaner, so clean. It’s almost defensive animals, classically kleen, clean.Com, v, classic clean.Com, or call him at 918-671-2046. If you’re a new customer they’re actually going to. Did you say if you are a nude?

Yes, cussed me out? Yes, that’s the preferred best.  customers click here, they’re, going to clean your high traffic flooring areas for free most of the companies charge, an extra $1,000 on top of your fee and I can do it for free for new customers. Tell him that I have time show sent you 918-671-2046 v, classic clean.Com. We come back from the business coaching break waiting on the wrist it could have been. His next segment were going to have kind of a romantic slow, down slow down until successful, face masks until 6 since you’re going to produce so many wins it’s going to be sexy and confidence is very old. Spice commercial me walking around town doing so confident you looking so swagalicious a horse for getting stuff done and should have chest hair like you. Just don’t care about sex


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