Do Hard Things and Stay Focused | Discovering the Proven Path to Financial Freedom (Part 3)

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When you do hard things life gets easier. Clay Clark teaches the importance of focusing on doing the difficult tasks instead of always focusing on the easiest tasks in front of us.

Do Hard Things (Page 34)

    1. “If you are willing to do only what’s easy, life will be hard. But if you’re willing to do what’s hard, life will be easy.” -T. Harv Eker (Bestselling author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind)

Stay Focused (Page 35)

    1. “Most people are sitting on their own diamond mines. The surest ways to lose your diamond mine are to get bored, become overambitious, or start thinking that the grass is greener on the other side. Find your core focus, stick to it, and devote your time and resources to excelling at it.” – Gino Wickman (The bestselling author of the book Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business)
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Attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coaching expert for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t and your contact information to cancel at drivetime, show.Com, hello, fresh, nation. Welcome back to the addition of thrive timeshare. We talk about the things you need to know to grow a successful company and on today show were talking about the proven path to creating both time, freedom and financial freedom and its next next move. The next tip I’m going to give you the light-hearted things, to do and I’m going to take it to a really dark, negative terrible place and then somehow we’re going to recover with a+ a+ a twist on this year. So is do hard things for page 34 of the start here book what you can download the e-book version of the of my business coaching amazon bestseller for free right, now., going to thrive time show.Com. We are reasonable, quotable from t harv eker, the best-selling author of the secrets of the millionaire mind yeah. He says that if you are willing to do only what easy life will be hard, but if you’re willing to do what’s hard life will be easy riddle again. Please don’t think so. I think there’s somebody out.

There needs to get this deep into your cranium. If you are willing to do only what’s easy, life will be hard, but if you’re willing to do what’s hard, life will be easy to. Let me give you just make them. Take it down to go down to a really huge basement light. Here we go every week we’ve been married, 18 years and 5 kids that just what we do every want to date going to date and she says I would like to see the apostle paul I cannot but I don’t have the business coaching emotional capacity to watch like schindler’s list, like I watched a rough one in about 4 minutes and I’m going maybe get some popcorn and so then I leave and you feel bad. You come back you’re eating popcorn, while you’re watching the genocide of the entire jewish population in a journal so I go there. I try to strike up a conversation. Never goes well in the bathroom and then I’m going to go and you just cuz I can eating popcorn, while watching schindler’s list watching schindler’s list handle deep terrible things so like when my dad was struggling with als and he lost his battle to als about 2 years ago. I’m, always the guy who’s like well dad. Why you laying around you know what he’s like well, because it we just had kind of the gallows humor, is how we got through it all the business coaching movie theaters right now, it’s the apostle paul. What type of doing hard things jesus had 12 apostles, 12 apostles of the followers of christ, except for one died, a terribly violent death, like horribly terribly says movie paul, watching the scenes of paul talking to somebody somebody’s talking to paul. In the background you see what is going on up on that post cuz, there’s posts that, like the street in rome right, there called roman candles.

You know you’ve heard the phrase I literally, don’t even want to shoot up, roman candles ever again now and now I’m now, knowing what he decides, he hates chris did you want to kill them all. So he’s sets half of the city on fire and he says, look I know it was set by a christian. We have evidence that proves the christians. The apostles were doing that and so take me to the near. Who can argue with him so happens is. Is he rounds of all the christians and every day they round up about 60, christians and what they do is they strap onto a post? They have drink, basically oil, and then they set them on fire and burn them to death. And that’s what lights the streets at night every single day then the romans for fun. They rounded up business coaching small kids and they had them see how long they could invade being eaten by a lion. Small kids in the arena. They say:1, 2, 3, let’s go and then they would run around and then we kill him. That’s unbearable. I could I wish. I could not watch this movie. Cuz, I and I understand that’s hard fix. My faith is being tested or like hey. If you’re christian, you know we’re going to let the line chase you around or set you on fire I would go really into that whole polytheistic thing you’re into cedar, point I’d like to learn more about hero tattoo on the forehead. Just yeah I mean whatever do.

I need to sign something:cuz I’m in I’m, ready to switch teams right now, i, don’t know but paul in these people that we still read about today because of their sacrifices. Paul I mean talk about today. If it’s raining, I work with so many churches, I help churches grow i, do a lot of systems and workflows and search engine optimization. These churches are growing rapidly. It is awesome, but honestly one of my favorite things to do, but we have found if it rains at all. Church attendance typically goes down by 20%. If it snows. Usually nobody goes to business coaching church nobody, because that would be that we heart baby heart and I would be dangerous if it’s spring break, attended salon churchville cut in half. If it is like the week of thanksgiving, so thanks, it was on a thursday friday after we’re doing black how to use that saturday instead of shopping to do some people just don’t go to church with her key, buyer’s remorse. Supporting this whole christian thinks I was with christ and he changed my life I told him.

I would so I’m going to stay the course and soap. All this, this crazy, loyal guy they decide. Nero, says here’s the deal I wanted to capital you if you don’t bring out your faith and paul’s like so that’s like removing my head and he says I’m willing to die for my face. So I don’t like that deal, and he says what cuz that’s too easy, so eventually every single day he takes them out in beats the man and beats the guy to exposes his spinal column hits and with these cord, with glass put in it and then send them back down, and then he lets it heal and then does it again. So it’s always in a state of business coaching  injury and infection. So his good buddy luke who’s, also a sick freak luke, whose paul’s friend says I want to go, hang out with paul, but you can’t deposit prison. So luke pays a roman guard and he says here’s the deal. I will pay you. If you let me, go down there each night to talk to my buddy and encourage him that he’s not dying for nothing. So luke risks his life and he goes down into the dungeon into the pit into the sewage into the smell and hangs out with paul and helps paul dictate portion to the bible, while he’s still there but dude all the infection and all the disease. That paul has. He starts going blind and losing his wit cuz. He needs to know, imagine being beaten every single day and solucoes down there and they’re, trying to finish up the bible right. This thing, they’re trying to get the wisdom that the jesus and parted depaul and they’re trying to get it all written down, and it’s the craziest thing ever so I decided because I’m not doing hard things in america

doing hard things in capitalism. Emotional undertone of that movie got to be too too deep for me next to me who I don’t know, he’s kind of weeping a lot crying a lot. You know my wife who I do know is crying so chapped I did I did the man movie I did want to do I said I’m going to get up right now and I’m going to eat. Babe I need to go to the lobby, shows that means right, I’m not coming back, so that I can just go across the street and I just go and I try to find a restaurant or something and I try to like watch espn and mentally block out the fact that she’s watching the movie I can’t handle baseball baseball. So you talked about doing hard things. This is what I would say to you as it relates to business coaching work like an immigrant y’all of the clients that I worked with that are from japan china. They moved here from another country. They are always very successful. Real fast, thank the ones who moved here, because they don’t know anybody which is a huge sacrifice. A lot of years ago. At the restaurant and I asked owner I said hey:what’s your break-even point, he said:i really have a loved one and I see what you mean. I live at the restaurant, you physically. So if you’re out there saying well gosh what kind of hard things do I need to do to be successful, it’s really easy by comparison to live in such a great business coaching country.

That’s why, to me, I think it’s almost defensive! If you’re in this country were you have the ability to pursue happiness in the ability to pursue life. Liberty and happiness is a result of the people who died on the beaches fighting for your freedom. We have such an unbelievable opti. This is the best time in the history of the planet to start a business, and if you say this, you say this. This will think I know none of our listeners haim to write a script. Just can’t i, just I just don’t have the will to start a bit, so that is so weak sauce that you need to go see. I have yourself with a dumb stick, because if you do I’m not willing to put in the risk what are the risk of paul fighting at normandy, what about the risk of the people who died for a fighting for a country? That’s risks of doing hard things. I almost went I’m not going to change. It was going to change it to say. Do the 2018 version of hard things to do easy, easy by comparison, I just want to ask you doctor silly:it’s you built your chiropractic clinic over the years. What are some of the hard things that you’ve had to do? The other people? Probably wouldn’t do it because now you’re self-employed, your company is known for being one of the top chiropractic clinics in oklahoma. You built that reputation over a period of decades. What are some of the quote on quote hard Things:i’m, not talk about fight on the beaches or sacrificing your life for your for your faith. What are some of the hard things that you had to? Do that simply a lot of other you know, chiropractors are other business coaching entrepreneurs just haven’t been willing to do? What are those hard things? The biggest thing is time you’ve got to put the time in you got to be there for your patience, go early, stay late. Do a good job go early stay late, do a good job! How early is early, my friend I’ll 776-637-2611, 12-hour day at least you’re at the doctor, john silva chiropractic 5 days a week this week, so it might be not abnormal for you, if needed, to put in 55 60 hours a week, let’s average average. What is result of that? You have the time. Freedom and financial on the weekends are good for you on travel.

When you wanted me to be learned that, yes, and as a result, by doing the hard thing working 60-plus hours a week, if you do work, a 40, hour week, pretty easy right and that’s what we like to have guys like dr. Sibley on our show and that’s why, without reservation, we can recommend that if you have chronic pain, chronic allergies, you find yourself being consistently song lower back pain, neck pain. You really got to go check out dr. Sibley chip. What’s his website and where is army or made man located dr. John sibley,, that’s dr, j, o h, n s, I b l e y.Com as located over at 51st and harvard on the southeast corner right there by chili’s and sushi train, so check them out dr. John, sibley. Com 918-749-5741. Now, if you find yourself today saying okay I’m willing to do hard things, I’m willing to do it, I just need to know what those hard things are. I would encourage you to do. Two things are super easy one go to drivetime.Com and download the start here book an amazon, bestseller I’ve written the book myself about 5 years ago, and you can get the books. You can download the business coaching book today to 550 page book. You can download it for free simply by going to thrive time. Show.Com! That’s that’s the first thing about how hard that is. Not very you have to click with your finger. Just my carpal tunnel is acting up. They literally wants you to submit the form it shows up in your inbox, so I can get it to me yes and then go to thrive. Time show on itunes itunes subscribe to the podcast, leave us an objective review and we’re going to send you two free conference tickets. If you email your contact information to us at info at thrive time, show.Com so give us an objective review and itunes download the start here book. Do it today do hard things in life?

Get these today too, and no back to the thrive time show on talk. Radio 1170. Welcome back to the business coaching conversation is the drive time show on your radio, we’re going through georgia and here today, with dr. John, siblings, going to chiropractor serving northeast oklahoma for decades and a he’s providing for us some words of wisdom and some anecdotal advice based upon the things were teaching today. It’s one thing to hear the theory of starting a business or growing a business work to pontificate on doing this. It’s another to actually execute in this is the one thing about our program. That I think is really fun is that we had some folks that attended our last in person. Workshop and I talked to them during lunch and are they flew in on wednesday and i, said what you been doing and I said? Well, we went into elephant in the room, I get a haircut and we got denied service yeah, we worked. We were told that you’re all booked out and they said we heard you say this. We thought that was like hyperbole. Radio spend with my location, you’re booked out so went to south tulsa in your booked out, and we ask when we get in. They said in two weeks or you go to broken out doing whatever dr. Robert, zoellner and associates went into his place cuz. We know you guys work together and all your marketing in your system. We know you guys on these company that we want to kind of troll on a little and they said that place was busy with that was really busy. And so then we came to your office without their glasses, thursday.

They came in and they just wanted to get to the work get to our office and just sort of hang out and that’s where I discovered them hanging out there. In the lobby on the green chairs, you and mike, have you guys been helped and I know we’re just here wherever the conference on friday but there’s so many business coaching programs we’ve been to where they teach systems that aren’t practically a big old who’s, never run a business whose red one-third of some book about growing the company and now they’re, giving you like start with. Why what you got to do what you got to do this leon to the show who’s actually been running a company for quite a while, and so I want to ask you this this year. Gino wickman is the best selling author of a book called traction, and he talks about the importance of staying focused until he says most people are sitting on their own dymond mines. He says the surest way to lose. Your diamond to mind is to get bored. You come over ambitious where to start thinking, the grass is greener in a different profession or different idea, find your core focus, stick to it and devote your time and resources to excelling at it. Talk to the entrepreneur out there who has a new idea every week, a new business idea, a new profession, a new talk to them about the insanity of believing that the grass, is, always, greener and industry hopping talk talk to him about the insanity. That idea in my particular practice. You got to stay focused. You got to stay focused on what you love, and that is the secret I love to practice. I love my business coaching patience. It’s not work! It’s not work for me! I like to just get in there and see my friends on a daily basis and all of that patient’s sooner or later, or my friend I would like for you repeat that again because of this cause, you’re saying it to you:it’s not work. It’s not work! It’s fun to this is how it happened. At north workshop, we had I’m not kidding chap it’s at the workshop.

I probably had 20 clients, 20 friends, give us a gift. Hug, hey man, I’ll see you here in a couple months: hey I’m going to get them to get to one more of these. Next did this year right, hey man. Will see you when I get back to austin I’m, going to try to convince my family to come out here next time or people go ahead when I head up to michigan I’m telling you I’m bringing friends back next time, I don’t ever want to do anything else, my entire life, because it’s rewarding the 3 p’s are happening right. We have great business coaching people who work with us as well as great clients. We have a product, I’m, proud to show my mom. My mom wants to come in the office and see what’s going on, i, never am saying you don’t want to see well, I’m, actually working with vanessa’s mom. Oh yes, the law is an esthetician and she said trying to grow. My business and I keep hearing from everybody that you guys could help me I said:are you working with a spa and it in the in here was a dialogue we used to work with one years ago and the company did very very well and ended up selling and so I don’t work with two in the same industry unless that client is given the ability to do so. So only chiropractor that we work with in tulsa the only chiropractic work with in tulsa is dr. Sibling. Talk to me about i, don’t know if he under. If he knows this whole vetting process, we do what we do. Is we try to go to like page 6 on google and work forward and define scam alerts, fraud alert frankly our business coaching marketing systems work.

They don’t work unless the actual entrepreneur works, and so we found the doctor doctor said:how long have you been a chiropractor 30 years and I still can’t I know he’s going to chiropractor for more than 20 years and it’s impossible to run a business of any kind where you don’t eventually have a complaint? If you know my company will have somebody who can’t believe you make a pack, I can’t believe you, you would actually charge them if they don’t show up for an eye appointment in the haircut business where they. They can’t believe that you were actually so book that you might have to turn something down or they can’t believe you had the builder insurance or whatever, maybe they’re, going to complain. But this guy has a really really rich history of doing things. The right way and I just think that that’s it were talking about finding financial freedom in time. For them you got to find the three-piece. You got to find an industry where you love the people. You work with. You have a product that you’re proud to tell your mom about, and you have to be sustainably profitable. You have to find a way to operate in a profitable way. Now, doctors, he would tell you, don’t be a hog. Cuz hogs will get butchered and pigs get fat. Never ever ever ever ever build a business coaching model where you take advantage of people, but so dr. Said what you been doing this this job. Where you you love it, it doesn’t feel like work to you what I think there’s somebody out there who can’t even relate to that i. Didn’t somebody out there that who can’t even relate to the idea that their work that your work doesn’t feel like we’re. What is it feel like? Are you excited to go to work everyday?

My favorite day of the week is monday to my practice and help people get sick people well. I am so glad that we share this. This is exactly how I feel I literally I go to bed sunday night and I lay in bed waiting to go back the other day that he walked into. He was like man, I woke up too early and I walked into my parents. Room in my dad is just sitting up in bed waiting to get up. That’s true, but sounds like my alarm for 3 in the morning, but I’m not kidding. You know how people wait for santa yeah, it’s the anticipation of vaccine is coming to the morning. A little kids are ready for santa claus comes to come down the chimney, that’s how I am every sunday night and I will wake up at like 1 in the morning on psychology today says, if you don’t sleep 7 hours, why can’t I really got to go to sleep and I’ve? Tried I’ve tried all different kinds of each other’s melatonin and different thing. I literally, like you, have to go to sleep well and i, feel the static I feel the same way. Just like a couple. Months ago, we had to get up at like 2:30 or 3 and do a pre-recorded radio show before I think that started that we had to be there at 6 i, don’t care, let’s go. Let’s go to business coaching favorite, radio shack who’s, better guy out there who’d cpas. Com is hood cpas. Com. A hood has been a a show sponsor this abyss radio show for about a year now. So what year he’s been sowing seed into the lives were listening. I want to listen to get this. This show is sponsored by great entrepreneurs who believed in you and the education that we provide in sao. Paulo hood just was doing that as an investment he’s been growing dramatically because people love the work in service he’s been providing northeast oklahoma for over 25 years. He’s also wanted to give you a free copy of warren buffett’s book snowball get the book schedule free consultation with a proactive cpa, hood


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