Embrace the Fact the Change Is a Process

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Clay Clark teaches why entrepreneurs must embrace the fact the change is a process and not a one time event. He also deep dives into the importance of positive self-talk and how negative self-talk can absolutely destroy your dreams.

The decisions to change take a split second, however it is the process that takes time. It’s like this with all things. You must embrace the process.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Transformation is a process, and as life happens there are tons of ups and downs. It’s a journey of discovery – there are moments on mountaintops and moments in deep valleys of despair.” – Rick Warren (The New York Times best-selling author, founder and senior pastor of Saddleback Church, an evangelical megachurch in Lake Forest, California, that is the eighth-largest church in the United States)

The words we speak and hear can impact us either negatively or positively. For every word taken in from the environment around you that is negative, you must counterbalance it with three positive words.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Don’t wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles, and less than perfect conditions. So what? Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident, and more and more successful.” Mark Victor Hansen (The best-selling author behind the Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books)

AMPLE EXAMPLE – Farther Along – Carlton Pearson – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-uLFgiSmrw

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Presenting the world’s only business school without the business coach bs and I’ll be the sea. Show me the help you score might be coming the elephant in the room again becoming the elephant in the room. The 57 words of wisdom, 7 mindsets that you need to become a source of wisdom. I mean this is big i, don’t know if you’re aware of how big this could be for your life, but I can tell you i, don’t dj connection.Com to 11. Before we sold the company, we were doing up to 80 weddings on a weekend events I mean a t, disc, jockeys and 80 sets of speakers lighting. That’s all the check list, all the systems, it’s all the accounting, all the hiring on the firing of the compliance. All of that and I got to a place where I want a certain win. Some awards won the us chamber, national blue ribbon quality award. That was a huge thing. I won the knot.Com award for best disc jockey service not.Com, it’s kind of like the wedding police, almost lot of bridezilla for me, not.Com account before they get married I mean some. It’s a big deal. It’s it’s a I received the entrepreneur of the year awards, the city of tulsa age of 20. The I received the award for the metro chamber. Are they pretty us small business administration entrepreneur of the year for the state of oklahoma, when I was 27 and I just I really wanted to I was by my prayer, my heart. My goal was to become a source of wisdom and not just be known as the disc jockey guy, because I was very good as a dj. Arguably the best in the region, perhaps the best in the country based upon reviews in income in revenue and he’s kind of things, but I wanted to make an impact on the planet that was beyond just playing music and getting people in the group. Now I had a great time teaching them. It was super fun. Getting people dancing to predominately all white crown. I mean those are the funnest to try to get them. Danzig’s out of there were dance before an event. Words.

Multiple cultures in people from all over the world I mean lot of cultures. Dance I mean the people that are from mexico dance. I have to get americans dance india dance, but they did caucasian sensations typically I mean it requires a little bit of work on a salesmanship, and so I was very good at that. But I wanted to make a mark beyond, just being a big being honest, a good dj, a great dj, and so what are the things I decided to do was to focus on becoming a source of wasn’t coming elephant in the room. I’ll give the guy that people would say. You got a business question to ask since I’m breaking down for you to 57 steps that you can take to become a source of wisdom and by the way, if you do the business coach research, you look it up today. Just look it up. Why do people stay at their job? Why do people stay at their job? Why are people committed and excited about their job? And why do people hate compensation is one of the variables one of the things, but people literally cannot stay at a job too long if they think their boss is an idiot I’m able to tell if your boss, isn’t source of morality of their boss is in a source of wisdom, can’t string together, multiple days in a row being on time. All the old peace out, delete they’ll go move on, and so you can argue with what I’m saying, but look at the statistics. Statistics about bad employees, but what about bad bosses I mean so I wanted to become a source of wisdom, so I could keep good people grow. My company’s and move beyond just being the owner of a slumlord owner of a dj company. 11th mindset, as we go through our series on the 57 words of wisdom is xi mindset. Is the decisions to change? Take a split second member.

The decisions decisions to change take a split second, it is the process that takes time visions to change. Take a split second. It is the process that takes the time. That’s really really good. I probably should write that down myself, but the decisions to change take a split-second. However, it is the process that takes time. It’s like this with all things you must embrace the process. If you don’t embrace the process, you’re not going to win the rick warren rick won the new york times bestselling author, the founder and senior pastor of saddleback church, the evangelical mega church in lake forest california, which is the 8th largest church in the united states. He says this is another recordable from rick warren I’m reading. Here he says, transformation is a process. In his life happens. There are tons of ups and downs. It’s a journey of discovery. There are moments on mountain tops and moments in the deep valleys of despair I’m, going to read that again, transformation is a process. In his life happens. There are tons of ups and downs. It’s a journey of discovery. There are moments on mountain tops and moments in deep valleys of business coach despair, so I had to learn to embrace stoicism. How did embrace stoicism? That means I’ve heard the words still explore that mean stewart’s ism was an ancient greek school of philosophy and where they taught the endurance of pain or hardship without a display of feelings and without a complaint stoicism is the endurance of pain or hardship without a display of feelings and without complaint, so I used to get so worked up. When we had a bad day when we had a customer complaint and used to just rob, my joy I would lose the entire weekend.

So if someone needs to hear this right now, I’m not sure who you are, but somebody needs to hear this I would lose entire weekends. I’m talking about massive weekends, entire weekends of my life would be lost because somebody because somebody would complain about the dj service i, think about that. We did 80 weddings a week, 88 0. If we’re doing 80 weddings a week, it’s not even likely that I’m not going to get a complaint. I want to sure someone gets this I had to learn the mindset of stoicism. It took me a long time to get it, but remember:i used to lose week is djing was my passion:i would lose an entire weekend. I’m, not even exaggerating I would sleep in the closet by myself all sunday the entire sunday I would spend it by my business coach self so frustrated that we ruined someone’s wedding, and you might say, will you should be listen. We 80 weddings all week. We would only usually get one complaint a week, but that one complaint would eat me. This is like this for professional athletes that have gone older, I become friends with a lot of professional athletes, and it’s interesting with the professional athletes will tell me it’s the shot. I didn’t make that haunts me all week. This means if we got one complaint a week and a dj connection. That means you only made an air 1.25% of the time, but I’m, not exaggerating i, would literally think about it, dwell about it obsess on it and that one deal I didn’t get with rob me of all my joy and all my time. I work so hard to create so I had to learn stoicism definition. Stoicism is the endurance of pain or hardship without the display of feelings or complaint and I learned that over time and we come back I’m going to teach you the 12 mindset you have to have to learn to become a source of wisdom were talking about how to become an elephant in any room. Stay 2 want to attend the legendary drive time show business workshop for free, subscribe on itunes leave. It objected review and send his confirmation at info at drivetime show.Com to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see us at our riverwalk offices and will be able to make your dreams come true, alright, truck nation.

Welcome back to the conversation, doesn’t you listening all around the world right now, i, specifically, all of you download the business coach podcast I’m consistently in south korea hello to you, it’s kind of fun to see you on the map. This morning we got a lot of people in south korea, a lot of people in australia download the podcast we have japan in the house. We got south dakota in the house, which is just off the coast of dakota bismarck to there with geography. South dakota is just off the coast of japan. Is the world are tuning in i? Just want to say thank you and welcome back to another example of audio. Excellence were talking about becoming the elephant in the room today, 57 words of wisdom and mindsets. You need to becoming a successful person, might sit number 12. The words we speak in here can impact us either negatively or positively every word taken in from the environment around you. That is negative. You must counter balance it with three positive words I’m going to try this again words, we speak. The words we speak in here can impact us either negatively or positively. So for every word that you take in from the business coach environment around you, that is negative. You must counter balance it with three positive word from mark victor hansen, who surpassed my favorite author of all time. Napoleon hill was pretty show me the world’s number one self-help author and mark vincent mark victor hansen surpassed him with the writing of his book called chicken. Soup for the soul chicken soup and I’m sure you got one as a christmas gift, I’m sure everybody was that you’ve received one of those. So that’s what he said she said:don’t wait until everything is just right:it’ll never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions get started.

Now, with each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more more confident and more and more successful out there who looks at total lending concepts of my life looking to buy a house right now the rates are going up there, you’re going up, I’m, not saying this to scare. You I’m just explain to you how inflation works, as the government continues to spend more money than it brings in the inflation rate will go up your money’s worth less money all the time as a result of government spending. So one of the ways they decrease inflation is to raise interest rates. What are the way they spike economic growth room at reception? When was the recession? The worst remember: what year the recession got to be, the worst could possibly be in your business coach profession. Is a mortgage banker or any profession. Oh 70809, with pre nasty for mortgage $8,000 credit went from 7500 to 8500. Just to buy a house. There were giving you $8,500 credit to buy a house. I mean that’s how bad it got so I wanna make sure you get this steve’s weather the storm he’s gone to the top of the best market ever I’m in the bull market. Previous to the recession, was going to have a job, no income, no job verification or like no income, no assets. Yeah. You work at mcdonald’s, you’re buying investment property. You have a terrible credit score. You can get a rental property for no money down with a low credit score and state you’re in comes don’t life knows you’ll get another investment.

Property. He burns the price after time. In a while some swings. Now they overcorrect a very intense with guidelines and so do a holt sustainable place. With the rates are going up to buy a house right now go to steve, currington. And. You can get pre-qualified right now, you can apply for the no-sleep currington was on the show today, steve or somebody out there, who’s listening, who doesn’t think they have what it takes to become a lamborghini driving mortgage professional like you. Can you walk me through a time in your life where you were at the bottom and it was a part of your life where you thought it needed at the church or something it’s like embarrassing, but I’m like man act like the absolute threshold of hell and if I can recover from that, you could recover from anyting yeah yeah two times 2005 I was you know:2425 making 150 your 24 years old, twenty five thousand $1,000 a year and I get fired from a job. You got fired as a business coach debt collector I got a wife, 2 kids house mortgage all that stuff and then I got the mortgage business, so I started. Think I made 150. My last full year is more as a debt collector $50,000 a year your last year as a debt collector in my first year in the mortgage business I made 13013 townsend the who aren’t really into math I want to make sure you get this. You take 13 *, 13000, big ones and $83 a month, but that was per month. So I was like yeah I’m. A thousand of days. I mean right, so we take 1083. I mean this is this is how math works your folks? This is exciting. Every 30 days in it so I mean to steve. Yet $36 a day. You can have a commercial like. If you want to feed. Do you want to do you want to feed a former debt collector? What was 36 hours a day and a half to go fund me back then. He shouldn’t have go fund me now, but anyway the point is so. What happens? Is I mean if you’re up there and you benefited from gofundme? Could you sincerely can’t help yourself? You can’t sincerely help yourself cuz of a actual disability, I get it, but how many people are in gofundme? Just abusing that system is ridiculous. I got one a couple months ago, or this lady said she wanted to surprise her husband with a trip to hawaii and did you want to contribute and I wanted to like i, don’t mean this like that. I like wanted to go to her house right now in a bad way in like just slap the crap out of summer, but still not her.

Not even the wall. I want to, like the light, take a mannequin and look at her going to slap him again. Warehouse mannequin, wake up now come on. I have an employee in my inner office, who used to miss deadlines, use to edit videos, I’m not kidding and I had a meeting with him. This is the descent, meaning when I said hey. When you miss deadlines, what happens? Is it kills the trust of a client? So what I need you to do is not miss a deadline or we cool. He said yeah I said now. If you, if you don’t hit deadlines-and you keep doing this I’m going to have to fire you and I interview, people got a lot of good candidates and I’m just telling you I’m going to write you a blunt. If you miss another deadline, I write you up again, the third time you’re business coach fired sleep that seem like a fair conversation. You worn once you weren’t twice. It’s like three strikes. You’re out, I am not exaggerating. He literally forms a gofundme account on facebook and says I’m worried about my job I work for a tyrant. If you would like to go fund me, go to gofundme.Com, peoplefund him, it’s crazy, cuz, I’m, a timer I mean cuz, you hold them accountable. He was crazy. I meant was so crazy that guy freaked out. That’s what happens if you feel like you’re at the bottom of the right now, I want to make sure you get.

This you’ve got to start to say positive things of yourself up to the song. I. Listen to a lot is by carlton pearson and i. Don’t care is not a christian anymore, but he wants was and when he was, he went to church go higher dimensions remember going to higher dimensions back when it was a megachurch I mean this guy was huge and the azusa conference is where they had all of the world attending those cuz,. It’s one of the things that have songs he sang often at the at the prince, is worth thousands of people all over. The world were gathered at the oral roberts university mabee center song called farther along and he would start off. You go farther along we’ll know all about it. Didn’t try hard will wear off at meant to wonder what it would be like on the other side, everybody will know, and it would be the same song over and over and over to robert sing. That did he do a really good i. Don’t know that richard roberts ever sing any business coach song well, but he believes he did so. I was at the chapel’s, where he saying and I can’t remember a time or richard roberts sing a song. Well, this would be richard roberts farther about who it was weird. The show notes of richard roberts have to speak positive things over myself and i. Listen to praise and worship is a way to get myself going. I also listen to td jakes messages, and you know what I’ve had a lot of success, but you know what every single day I have to speak positive things over myself. Here’s the deal self-audit! Are you saying positive things to yourself or negative things to yourself in person? Fix yourself? Stop it start saying positive things to yourself:we come back we’re going to talk about taking it riding it and then speak it into existence.


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