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Get ready to enter the Thrivetime Show! We started from the bottom, now we’re here. We started from the bottom and we’ll show you how to get here. We started from the bottom, now we’re here. We started from the bottom, now we’re here. We started from the bottom, now we’re on the top. Teaching you the systems to hear what we got. Cullen Dixon’s on the hooks, I’ve written the books. He’s bringing some wisdom and the good looks. As a father of five, that’s where I’mma dive. So if you see my wife and kids, please tell them hi. It’s C and Z up on your radio. And now, three, two, one, here we go! We started from the bottom, now we’re here. Started from the bottom, and that’s what we’re about to do. All right, Thrive Nation, welcome back to the Thrive Time show on your radio. Today is an interesting day, because I am surrounded by Patriots gear. The Thrive Nation, I’m telling you what, the Thrive Nation, it’s kind of a deal where, you know how sometimes you go, I wish there was a genie and if I asked for something, they would give it to me. Well, one thing I talked about on one of our radio shows, I was talking about the Patriots and I say one of them, every one of the shows, I’m talking about the Patriots and one of our incredible Thrivers sent me all the Super Bowl, the Patriots Super Bowl swag I could possibly get. We have a Super Bowl commemorative scarf over there. We’ve got a commemorative towel. I’ve got a hat they sent me. If you’re on Facebook Live, you can see the swag. It’s truly incredible. And we have pinion wood, the smell of pinion wood that’s burning in here. And then now I have matches on my desk. I mean, Z, we could say that today, if you’re in Facebook Live, we’re on fire my friend. Stop, drop, and roll. It’s Friday, we survived another week. I’ll be glad when we get this post-Super Bowl week off the calendar. You have just, I don’t know, you may have like a Tom Brady mannequin in your house that you hang out with. You probably prop it up and sit it around your chimney and you just hang out. You’re like, Tom, you need another cold one? I haven’t even drank the first cold one. I have an unverifiable notable quotable from Bill Belichick. My resources, we’ll call them our, you know, a lot of times in news media, we’re not news, but a lot of times the news will say, my sources. They’ll say my sources have this information, they have that information. Well, Z, my sources are telling me that this is what Bill Belichick was thinking as they’re handing him the Super Bowl trophy. He was thinking, could you hurry up and finish this celebration so I can get back to my preparation? That’s what he was thinking, could you hurry up and finish this celebration so I can get back to my preparation. I will tip my hat. I think that hopefully this will be the last show we have to bask in your gloryness of victory. Well, probably not, because until this time next year we won’t have another champion. But I will give it to you and I will say that Tom Brady is probably the GOAT. The greatest of all time in his position. And Belichick, I mean he’s like a master puppeteer. It doesn’t matter what puppet you give him, he just performs a little puppet show. Well the listeners of this show, the loyal listeners, one they know this show is faithfully on from 12 to 2 every day. Every day. And they know when we finish it. We don’t mind it through Friday. Well, we don’t mind it through Friday, yeah. We don’t do Saturday and Sunday. But the thing is that they know that when we finish the show at 2, there’s still time in the day for you to take me to Oklahoma Joe’s. I’m an honorable guy, and I want you to be. I’m just saying I encourage you. I’m OK if you want to take me to Oklahoma Joe’s. I’m the kind of guy who would say, sure, I understand. I know you’re busy, and it’s hard for you to find the free time to buy me the baked beans and bring them to me per the agreement. I understand. Per the wager. I will go with you if that’s what it takes. I will honor my wager, number one. Number two, I thought the Thrivers would probably enjoy watching you devour a thing of baked beans online. Because who likes, I mean, that’s exciting TV if you think about it, watching someone eat baked beans. I mean, that’s just, that’s just. The show never goes south when you watch food go into his mouth. No, no, never, ever, ever south. Now, we have a guy on the show here, and I’ll tell you what, this guy, he’s too high quality, he’s too what we call professional, he’s too in the know to enjoy watching a Facebook live or listen to a radio show where a guy’s eating baked beans. This guy’s kind of above it. He’s like meta, man. He’s above. We should have put him on a different day than Friday, because Friday’s kind of a crazy day around here. I mean, the box gets a little cray cray. He’s like Goodell. You’re Belichick, I’m Brady, we’re breaking all the rules. This is like Goodell. This is a guy who’s holding us accountable. He’s like, listen, I am the jury, the judge, you’re suspended, you’re suspended. He’s got the suit on like Goodell would have. Now this is Kevin Jacobs. Now he is the founder. Are you the founder of Step by Step? Yes, I am. And for anyone who’s listening right now, one of the things we talked about off the air is you said your official theme song has nothing at all to do with new kids on the block. Oh, do it. Wear this out. Wear it out. I queued up the song that I thought would show the Thrivers out there. This is a special dedication to all the Thrivers out there. Step by step. This is to you, Kevin. Ooh, baby. From all the Thrivers. Now check it out, this is back in the early 90’s deal. Where were you when New Kids on the Block was huge? NKIV baby. Oh man, I’ll play more of it later, you have to stay tuned. How many weddings did you play, you personally play that at a wedding, that’s the thing Clay. How many did you play that? What would happen is, I called it the intoxication line. So you’ve got to work on this. So what happened is, at like 7 o’clock, the Father of the Bride dance is going on. People have not had a lot of beverages. And what’s the most popular song for that? Typically, What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. Or The Way You Look Tonight, the Father of the Bride version. Well, do you want to guess what I did with my daughter? What song did you do? Well, we always danced to this song, and she was always my brown-eyed girl. Oh, I remember that! And you danced like you would believe! Brown-eyed girl, yes, by Van Morrison, my daughter and I. Golf Club of Oklahoma. Yes, it was. And Bridget, by the way, is the newest member of the optometry team. You can see her over there, Dr. Robert Zahn, an associate. You can meet her. She’s killing it over there. She’s making it happen. She’s killing it like she’s not part of PETA. Yeah, but she’s Dr. Anderson. She’s married, of course, because she was at that wedding. You get the point I’m talking about. Sorry, this is it. So it’s Dr. Anderson. It was funny because a buddy of mine who’s an ophthalmologist in town said, man, all your doctors are referring a lot of patients to me. I appreciate it, Z. I’m like, oh, thanks, man. You’re our number one referral thing. And he said, but is your daughter, does she not like me or does she not like us? And I go, I haven’t got any referrals from Dr. Zellner. And I’m like, you know, aka my daughter, I’m like, dude, she’s Dr. Anderson now. Dr. Anderson. Oh, she sends us, yeah, a bunch. Never mind. Okay. So the thing is, though, what happens is about 7 o’clock, people have realized, okay, it’s the Fatherless Bride Dance. About 8 o’clock, people have walked up to the bar at the Gulf Club of Oklahoma, and they’ve had a couple beers, you know. And about like 11 o’clock, people no longer care. And they want to do songs you can’t dance to. So at weddings in America right now, this is what you do. Like Journey, you know? Don’t stop, believe it. And you can’t dance to it, but people are just holding up their hands. And then you play songs like Billy Joel, and then you cue up Nukes on the Block, step by step and you’re like, I don’t even know how to dance to this, but let’s do it. So that’s what happens. Nukes on the Block, you never want to dust that off before about midnight. So I’ve broken several rules today by playing this before midnight. Well there you go. So I asked you a question, and so how many, in your best opinion, weddings have you played that song at? Probably five times, six times. Under ten. It was like a deal where the party had to be at a certain level. Oh really? That wasn’t one of the go-tos? Now Usher, yeah. Usher, yeah. Boop boop. Boop boop. Oh yeah, that gets the stalker moms on the floor. That song is played at every wedding. I’ve probably played that a thousand times. I have DJed over a thousand weddings personally. That’s a true story. So that’s something to think about. But now, so Kevin, we were listening right now, they’re going, how did you end up on this show? What is your business all about, my friend? I want to know, what do you do at step-by-step financial planning? Sure, at step-by-step financial. Contrary to what y’all are saying, it was not named after the new kids on the block song. That’s a story for a different day. Okay. So I work predominantly with couples that are approaching retirement, and I work with small business owners that want to be financially successful. Now the thing that’s different about what I do is I’m not the typical financial planner who is going to be pitching products, pitching annuities, pitching insurance, all that. I work off on a retainer agreement with my clients. I work on an annual basis. Someone had mentioned before, is it subscription based? And I said, like, roughly, as far as the work that I do. I have three questions for you. Yes. Broadcasting live from the center of the universe. You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show. When you say retainer based, what do you mean? Are you giving people orthodontic appliances? Yeah. What do you mean by retainer based? Well, it’s similar to pulling out your teeth, but not quite. Okay. Sign me up. Yes. So retainer based, what I mean by that is it’s agreed upon fee. So I work with clients on an annual basis. So at the beginning of that working relationship, they know what the fee is going to be. I quote it to them. It’s based off of their assets, their income, their tax situation. I incorporate tax planning, tax preparation into that. So I do a lot more than what an average financial person does. So it’s an agreed upon fee. Wow. Move number two, question number two, is how much is the retainer? Well, I don’t mean to give the typical financial planning answer, but I’m going to. It depends. But hold on here. I’m going to give you more than that. I’m going to give you more than that. So in that case, if I’m working with someone, now let me actually back up for just a second. I work predominantly with couples that are approaching retirement. So I have clients. They’re not poor and indigent, and I like the uber wealthy clients, but they don’t always come through my door. I serve that middle America market. Those people, I don’t know, income, I mean net worth somewhere between 500,000 to a million. Not super wealthy, not poor and indigent. So with that, I have a starter subscription fee or annual fee, $5,000 for the first year. Now, that is a starting fee. If I mention that to prospects, that’s the number that they’re going to remember. But I always tell them, it’s based off of income assets. Am I doing your taxes? What’s going on? Do you have a business? Is it more complicated? If I’m going to be managing assets, I don’t charge a separate management fee like a lot of people do. I don’t charge 1%. It’s just an agreed upon fee. I want to be the guy who piles on real quick to show the value of what you do. There’s a New York Times article that came out. I encourage everybody to Google this. I’ve been New York Times and then Millionaire Next Door. There’s a book called The Millionaire Next Door written by a PhD. Stanley’s the author. Danko’s the co-author. Long story short, this is the portrait of the person who will become a millionaire. This is the portrait. So one, as I said, I’m 57 years old. I am married with three children. About 70 to 80% of us, basically about 70 to 80% of us, we have kids. One in five of us are retired. About half of us are in a situation where our spouse doesn’t have to work outside of the home. 97% of us are homeowners. And if you’re listening right now, I’m a first-generation millionaire, someone getting close to being a millionaire. If I do become a millionaire, I’m the first person in my family. I think a lot of people listening right now in Tulsa are saying, hey, you know what? I fit that criteria. I’m somebody in that category. I want to be retired as a millionaire. I want to have a million dollars in the bank. I don’t have the time to sit there and analyze stocks and my tax liability and how much I owe and how much I should save and know of all the new laws and the best stocks to buy and the best mutual funds and the best. They don’t know all those things. And so if they sit down with you, that’s what you help them do, right? You help them figure it all out. Yeah, I help them figure it out. It’s interesting. People think that I spend more time on the quantitative part of it, the numbers, all the 401ks, IRAs, 529s, but what I actually spend time doing is building relationships with people and helping them to not only achieve their goals, but actually to articulate the goals. I had a 70-year-old client who was getting ready to retire, and I asked him, what do you want to be when you grow up? He didn’t know. He’s like, can you help me figure it out? My third question I have for you, my third question, and I hate to put you on the spot here, but I have to know. Yes or no, have you been to Oklahoma Joe’s? Yes. Oh, he’s a winner. He’s in. Yes, Gretzky. Okay, now what we’re talking about today, Thrivers, is we’re talking about the three most important marketing guardrails that are out there. We’re talking about marketing guardrails. What do you say? Marketing guardrails. There’s things you have to be doing on an ongoing basis to market your business successfully. And I see so many business owners that finally have enough customers to pay the bills. They finally are getting ahead, and the first thing they do is they say, you know what, I’ve got my foot on the gas, I’m going 60 miles an hour, I’m getting to where I want to go, and things are going well. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to go ahead and take my foot completely off the gas pedal, and I’m just going to see if I can coast all the way from Tulsa to Des Moines on just momentum. And then about what? You’ve got to be going really fast to coast that far. I mean I’m not a physicist. I mean just maybe after like what, two miles or a mile you’re out of gas. Right? I mean don’t you see business owners do this? Well you’re slowing down. You’re right. I mean hey, if you ain’t growing, you’re going to be uh… You’re going slowin’. Oh, you’re going slowin’. Wow. You see, you rhyme all the time because you my friend, you’re a future rapper. I’m trying to get on your DJ company. Thrivetimeshow.com. Stay tuned. All right, Thrive Nation, welcome back to the Thrive Time Show on your radio. Three, two, one, your time to grow has begun. We are here inside the box that rocks on the left coast of the beautiful Arkansas River. What we’re doing here, the reason why we have this show is there’s no, and I mean, if you’re listening right now and you’re going, oh, this is not, this isn’t going to feel good, just brace yourself. Please brace yourself. I want to tell you something that is, it’s mean, but I say it because I care. Nobody in the world gives a crap about your success more than whoever your significant other is and us. Because I’m telling you what, there are people out there who go, Oh, I’ll be praying for you. I’m not ripping on you if you say that, but I’m telling you what, there was a time in my life where I used to say that. You’d see someone at church and they’d say, I’m going through an ailment. And you’d go, I’ll be praying for you. But I didn’t put them on the fridge. And I mean, honestly, I didn’t pray. If you’re listening right now and you’ve never said that, then, okay, fine, judge me. But I would go, I’ll be praying for you, but I never prayed. No judging. And then one time I realized, I’m not actually going to pray for them unless I put it on my calendar or on my fridge. So I put it on the fridge, I put it on the calendar, this is what I do. I go, okay, I’m going to pray for Kevin. So I put it on there, pray for Kevin, I pray for Barry, I’m going to pray for them. As soon as I finished praying for them, I take it off the fridge because I completed the task. But I never prayed without ceasing. I never thought, oh my gosh, Kevin, I hope Kevin’s successful. I want him to be successful. And Kevin wouldn’t wake up every morning going, I have this feeling like Goliath’s been praying ceasingly. No, because I’m focused on my own business. And so the reality is, if you are in that spot in life where you’re like, man, I am just struggling to get ahead. I don’t know what I need to do to grow a business. There is no other show in the world that has hosts that care anywhere close to as much as you do about your success. I mean, we are obsessed with this stuff. I know. I mean, everybody out there, they’re headed to lunch, they go to Oklahoma Joe’s, they get those burn-ins and barbecue, I mean the baked beans. And they’re saying to themselves, I thought this was a business show. It sounds like it’s a religious show. Is this the Home and Garden Network? What’s going on? This is a business show. But I’m telling you, the thing is you have to be committed to your goals and your dreams and we’re here to help you. And one of the questions we’re getting asked all the time right now. People are emailing info at thrive15.com. Right now, if you have a question, by the way, just go ahead and take a second. Just email info at thrive15.com. Any business question you have, info at thrive15.com. Any, any business question. And that’s what we talk about every day. So this one we’re getting asked is, how do you make sure your marketing doesn’t drift? I talked to a guy the other day, and hey, if you’re the guy listening right now, and you’re up there in somewhere in upstate New York and you stopped marketing last month, I’m not going to mention the name of your company, but you know who you are. You had a bunch of wins. You had a lot of successes. And so what you did is you took your foot off the marketing. We talked yesterday and you said, I don’t have any business this week. So Z, let’s talk about it. Move number one, guardrail number one, you must create a marketing calendar for the next 90 days and stick to it. So many people come up to me and say, man, I hear your radio ads, I see your marketing, talk to me about it. I’m like, yeah, bro, you got to stick with it. It’s all about continuity. You can’t just dip your toe in the water and pretend like you went swimming, you know what I mean? Kind of like your kids when they would take their toothbrush and run it under the water and then they’d sit at the side and say, hey, dad, I brushed my teeth. Your kids probably never did that clay as an example Z I mean you can’t just sort of get into New kids on the block. I mean if you’re listening, and you’re a 40 year old man. You’re 50 old man You’re listening right now, and you’re sort of like I’m I think I’m on the science I’m I sign up with a fan club. I hear they’re coming to be okay for a reunion tour I’m going to that by the way. I’m going to see you are sold out Maybe you’re probably backstage with the guys hanging out. And a lot of people, they go, you know, I kind of like New Kids on the Block, but very few people will name their company after their hit song, step by step. We have a guy inside the box that rocks. He claims he didn’t name it after the New Kids on the Block song. Let me first cue up the song, and then we’ll tell you who we have inside the box. Just watch it. It’s on Facebook Live. Just watch it. Once you cue it up, he just, he lights up like a Christmas tree. It’s a borderline spiritual event that took place. If you’re somebody who’s wanting to plan your financial future and you want all the new kids on the block albums, do you still do that deal where if somebody schedules an appointment you’ll give them the box set of every new kids on the block album or is that something I just made up in my dream there, Kevin? You know, that might be a good new marketing strategy for the marketing calendar. Broadcasting live from the center of the universe, you’re listening to the Thrive Time Show. No, but as far as financial planning goes, why do people have to just automate it, schedule a time to meet with you, let’s say once a month or every couple months? Why can’t they just meet with you whenever, keep it random? Why do they have to make a plan, my friend? It sounds like so much work. Because if they don’t, it doesn’t happen. It’s interesting. When I don’t meet with clients for a while, maybe it’s been six months, five months, then I touch base with them or they haven’t scheduled a meeting, I find out that those items that we were planning on getting done didn’t get done. I have live audio of one of your former clients. She didn’t do the work. They didn’t see her for about a year. She came in, she did a free consultation and she just said, I’ll see you in a year. She talks to her husband, Billy. She says, Billy, Billy. She says, Billy, what happened to all the money? And Billy turns and it’s kind of a weird deal because Billy’s meeting with his wife but he also brought his stepbrother with him. And his stepbrother looks at him and goes, Billy, what did you do with all the money? And he said, I think I spent it. And he said, oh, Billy. That’s what happens if you don’t meet with your financial advisor, right? I mean, that’s what happens. And what you’re saying is people plan to, they don’t plan for failure, they fail to plan. Plan, oh. Right, right? I mean, that’s the thing. I mean, so you have to be purposeful in it, just like in marketing, just like in the things we’re going to talk about today. So here’s the deal. I’m going to give you a marketing calendar right now. You can steal it, Thrivers. It’s awesome. February the 18th, the elephant in the room is opening up our newest location. It’s downtown. We’ve expanded to serve you. We’re fully booked out. We have over 3,000 members, and we’re on pace to hit 6,000 members by the end of the year. We’re just rocking, and so we’ve expanded. So February 18th, we’re having a grand opening event from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. You can bring your kids. There’s Chick-fil-A. There’s live music. It’s fun. 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. 17th in Boston. And you know what? It’s not random. We’ve been planning that, Z. It’s on the 90-day calendar. It’s on the 90 day calendar. And what I was saying earlier is that people say, hey, I see you advertise, I see your radio, I’m going to try that. I’m like, good. Well, I help them, I coach them up, I mentor them. And then I get back with them, I’m like, hey, how’s it going? Well, I tried it for a month and it didn’t work. Not good. I tried it. I tried it for, you know, I mean, I did what you said. I mean, I got in there and I got the endorsement, I did the thing, I talked about the thing, I did a really bold offer and I did a little call to action and I ran it the number of times you told me to run it and after a month it didn’t work. So I’m done. I’m done with marketing. Done with marketing. I’m done. It doesn’t work. And that’s why you end up living in a van down by the river if that’s your mindset. You’ve got to be consistent, so I’m gonna give you an example again. Just as example We’re doing the grand opening event, but thrivers. This is what we’re doing for elephant in the room This is what we’re doing okay, and I’m telling you this because you can’t compete if you couldn’t make the experience that we do okay? But every month we commit to a certain number of articles Which is how we get to the top of Google we commit to the regimen that’s that’s three-legged marketing stool Yes from Z’s book, okay, The Business Pig, this is what you do. One is we do, every month we write those articles. Two, every single month we do those Facebook ads. We never stop the Facebook ads. And move number three, we do mailers. We do mailers. But the event we have, the grand opening event we’re having on February 18th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., that’s an event. But the ongoing marketing cannot stop, can’t stop, won’t stop. Learn about marketing, Thrive Time Show, stay tuned. All right, Thrive Nation, welcome back into the inspiration conversation where we teach you how to change the amount of compensation that you’re earning. You see, this is the thing, I just want to say it so nicely, I want to be a nice guy, Z, I want to say nice things, but for some reason I’m feeling froggy on this fabulous Friday. I’m just feeling a little bit of a little froggies it you are you know what you are peering Lee froggy and this week I’m a little I’m a little jealous because you and Sam apparently have been meeting secretly and you’ve been loading up a lot of sound clips quite frankly that I don’t have and and I’m a little Sam I’m a little I’m a little upset by it all well here’s something that I’m gonna say to you thrivers that I want you to hear and I want you to get it, I want you to marinate on it, I want you to question it. There’s a guy I’m meeting with today and he’s over there in that room. When I walked to get ready for the show, Z gets here, you watch me walk over, I’m wrapping up a coaching meeting talking to a guy. He’s in his 60s and he generated about 45 leads on his website this week. Wow, I don’t know what he sells, I don’t know what he’s doing, but 45 leads is hot sauce. 45 leads and he builds buildings. And by the way, his profit per building is never less than $1,000 per building. So let’s do the math. Okay, from odd to odd. Let’s say he closes 10% of them. That’s 5,000 bucks. Yeah, and the thing is, he’s not closing, his lowest deal he closed this week was $20,000 of profit. He built buildings. Can we do a show early next week? Thrivers, I know this is a huge thing. The last 5 to 10% of the deal is the toughest part to do and nobody’s getting it done. You get up to 90% just like that. You’re not closing. We need to do a show next week, Clay, on closing. Let’s make a note of that. Let’s do one on closing. Let’s do one all day long. Let’s just close. Well, here’s the deal. I’m working with the guy. The deal is that we made a script tonight. So we made a script tonight, we actually scripted out what he says on the phone because he’s a closing machine but he can’t keep up with all the leads because he’s got 45 inbound leads just from his website. So we built a script today and I’m telling you what, when the guy first came in he had no deals and now he’s going, Clay I made about $60,000 this week of profit because he closed like 20 some odd deals over the last week and they’re all funding at the same time and he’s going I can’t I couldn’t call the leads this week because I Wait a second time out time out time out time out time out on the play flag on the play Sexy are you getting back to that thing called capitalism and profit? This is crazy. This is a business a radio show about Making yourself here’s where the story gets weird. He previously to meeting, he’s referred to us from another Thriver, he was doing about $60,000 a year of income because it was all word of mouth. Wait a second. This guy’s going to end up with financial freedom and then that’s going to lead to time freedom. What’s he going to do with all his time and all his money? I bet you on his current trajectory, if we average it out, he’ll make about $300,000 this year, roughly, because he had one big week. They all funded at the same time, because the way he does his billing and stuff. But anyway, he will probably make $300,000 this year as a result not of being smarter, not of having a better product, but because he knows how to get to the top of Google and how to sell things. And so at our workshop, our two-day workshop on February 24 and 25, we will teach you that. We have a Thriver Day that came in today, great people, and they come in today and they said, Clay, we profited over, I’m not exaggerating, over $8,000 this week. We used to make, they’re a couple, they work together, they used to make that usually like every two to three months. They’re making $8,000 a week. This is real talk, and I’m telling you what, Thrivers, it’s not because they got better at their skill. You’ve got to learn marketing. You’ve got to learn the marketing. My brain’s going to explode. You have to do it. I want you to learn how to do it. I don’t know how to articulate it. How do I help? I don’t know. I mean, your words are confusing me right now. But what I know is this, is that Clay and I have a heart to see you succeed in your business because Forbes says 57% of you out there listening right now, you’re at lunch, you’re at your desk, you’re driving somewhere, you’re maybe pulling over to a truck stop now Who knows where you could be going into a quick trip to get some kind of you know lunch thing kind of a taquito? Sort of a deal, you know But here’s the deal that 57% of you want to start and grow a business and then you say yourself Where do I I’ve got this idea? I’ve got this love of something in my heart I think I can make money on it. And and now what’s step one? Where do I go? And that’s why we’ve started this in-person workshops. What does that mean? That means you actually physically come here to the building that we’re in right now, all right, and the 24th and 25th of February, and you say to yourself, well, it’s probably I can’t afford it. They’re probably going to upsell me. It’s probably going to be just a lot of scammachery. Talk to a lady today who’s literally who sat on the phone to one of our representatives, one of our ticket salespeople. She said, I can only afford $120. That’s all I could do for a two day. If you look up Tony Robbins, his workshops are like three grand, and they upsell you the whole time. They’re like $1,500, and they upsell you the whole time. If you go to Maui Mastermind, it’s $30,000. You go to the Rich Dad Poor Dad, it’s $600. Like a new Hyundai. Stop it. There is no upselling. So she bought a ticket. She’s going to be here bringing her family. And you know what’s fun is because the way we set it up, it’s intimate. We only have 39 tickets left. We get a chance to meet you, talk to you one on one. And Z, you get to go to a place where everybody, everybody knows your name, Z. That’s a big thing. Everybody gets to know your name. I don’t know why I have so much static coming through right now, but I’m just going to go with it, Z. Z, remember this? Remember this sound clip? It’s not like it’s raining on the sound clip. It’s raining in the moonlight. It’s raining outside. It’s snowing. It’s snowing kind of rain. It’s sleeting. Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name. And it’s sleeting. And they’re always back to game. I’ll tell you where you can go. You can go to the Thrive Time show where it’s going to be sleeting and it’s going to be the best in person. And this just in, I promise you this if you show up to the in-person workshop Clay Clark will personally give you a fist bump fist bump boom now, okay, so we’re talking about marketing You’ve got to hold yourself accountable to a marketing calendar Z. What’s the marketing counter? What are you doing at? Dr. Robert Zellner and Associates, what’s your three-legged marketing stool? What are you doing all the time? I told you about elephant the room. I gave it the secrets. What’s what are your secrets? What are you doing? well number one radio radio radio is is where I built my business and Radio. Radio is where I built my business and my move on radio is you find a parade and get in front of it, kind of like Kevin did with Step by Step. I mean he would know that he would name his business and then new kids on the block would write a very famous song after his business. I’m sure that was their inspiration. Number one for me is radio, okay? So I’m purposeful on it. I get an on-air personality. They endorse me. They come into the office. They’re a patient of mine. and that’s number one. Ah, quick question here. Oh, okay. Are you paid by big radio to talk about radio? It seems as though this is kind of a, I would say, a conflict of interest, Dr. Zona. Oh, that’s a, you got me red-handed here. Boom, absolutely. There’s Finn out ice fishing in our little hut and you got me a pig. I totally busted you trying to pitch radio. What was your next move now, huh, wise guy? You totally got me on that. What’s your next move? What do you do? What’s your move? Boom. Give me the move. Boom. Well, I mean, I’ve done pretty much all the moves, but currently right now, today, are you talking about today? Yeah, what’s your next move in your marketing calendar? Just give it to me. I’m going to get a lead pipe out. Just what is the move? You do radio. What’s your second move? We do online. We do Facebook. We do what chase Brown’s the man is some face Look you do some Facebook. Okay, we chase we go we creep on people you search us and shirts of my stuff I happen to notice that you might be sponsored by Monsanto the black helicopters the Illuminati They all are part of the Facebook. What’s your third move? It’s obvious. Yeah, it was a TV right now on television That would be yes Want you to say? It would be on television. Is that what they want you to do? Yeah, they control me. I’m a puppet to the puppeteer. Okay, you are a complete puppet by the Illuminati. Dr. Zellner is sponsored here today live by the International Monetary Fund and Putin. Big media owns me. All right, now when we come back, we have our financial planning guru, okay, our guy Kevin Jacobs. He’s going to give you three ongoing financial planning tips that you can’t live without. You’ve got to do these three moves. If you don’t do these moves, you’re going to drift. Stay tuned to the Thrive Time Show on your radio. All right, Tulsa, welcome back to your New Kids on the Block Apologetics Tour. My name is Clay Clark. I’m the former SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, former and recovering New Kids on the Block fan. I’m joined here with the man who never succumbed to the pressures of teen. You know, what happened is when Dr. Z was in high school, New Kids on the Block wasn’t a thing. But even as an adult man, when 30-year-old men were coming up to him and going, hey, bro, we should get into that New Kids on the Block deal. We should get one of those glow stick bracelets. You know the bracelets where you break them and it makes it neon and you wear that? And they were like, bro, we should go skating at Roller City. We should get the quad skates with the neon laces. He said, no, no, no. I reject the trends. I am not going to become a New Kids fan. But I, on the other hand, was totally a victim of that peer pressure Z. I mean you- Well, I know, but see, you’re a young bull. You’re only like 36. That was right in your sweet spot. That was. So now our host, a successful Tulsa businessman, comes on and his business, his name, Step by Step, you have not been- you being the former DJ that you are, carnival, if you say, I want to be a carny. I’ve read so many good things about it. Just the nickname carny sounds so great. You’re trying to impress your girlfriend’s father. You say, I want to tell him, son, what do you do? I’m a carny. If you want that to be your dream and you get rejected, then you become a DJ. You with that in your DNA, your blood, I mean, it’s just your ever-ever-vescent personality. As soon as you heard the name of his business, Step by Step, I mean, I knew, I knew he was going to be a new kid’s… He claims that he didn’t name… Now Kevin, you claim that you named your business after a different song. What song did you claim that you named it after? I claim that I named it after Sometimes by Step by Rich Mullins. Now Rich Mullins, is that a Christian artist? Yes. Are you, with your business, is it a Christian owned business? What’s kind of your, how does that play into it there? Well, I serve people of all different walks. I’m Christian. I have a big family. I work for myself. Would you work with a super pagan client? I mean if a client came in, you know, with a, I wore a bird beak to the meeting. I don’t check their religious card out the door. Hey, excuse me. No, no, no, listen. Are you super pagan or just semi-pagan? I have a story I’ve never told you, and this is true. Oh, gosh. This is going down wrong. After I sold DJ Connection, okay, one of the deals was I had to stay on as an executive consultant for a limited period of time. Not kidding. And one of the things was… That’s one of the moves when you sell a business. I got a retainer, but basically I got $1,800 a week to be available should I be needed. One of the deals was they had a wedding where the DJ didn’t show up, and the other DJ didn’t show up. The DJs weren’t missing the event, but the new owner of the company was like, hey, I need someone to cover this event. That would happen about five or six times a year. For the years when I sold it, I had about three years I had to do this. So I get booked and I go down there to a wedding. I’m not exaggerating. It’s in Tulsa and it’s a venue downtown Tulsa. And I get there and it is a pagan wedding. Do you know what that means? I’ve never been to one. I’m not exaggerating. The groom is wearing a bird beak and he’s wearing a black robe and it’s like a satanic theme and I just straight up didn’t do it. Did you know that? That’s a true story. So you walk in. I walk in and I met homie and he’s like, you know, his name was like Thor or something crazy. My name is Thor. And I’m like, oh okay. He has a bird beak on. I’m not exaggerating. He has like a cape on. It’s like he’s like a character from Star Wars. You know, whenever a guy from Star Wars goes bad, he always starts wearing like a black cape. That’s the move. That’s the move. He was like a Star Wars guy, went black, and then went to the bad side. So I was like, I can’t do this, and so I just refunded him. I’m not kidding, I stood up. So if you’re listening right now and you were the person at the pagan wedding, I’m sorry I bailed out, but you gotta switch that deal. But anyway, so long story short. Finally, do you feel good about getting that story off your chest? I came home and told my wife, though, and I was like, I can’t do it. There’s no amount of money that would make me do that event. But here is the deal. We have a guy who has decided to name his business after a reputable song he claims. But here’s a song that I know he’s secretly named after. And here’s the best part of the song. This is the best part of Step by Step. Here we go, Thrivers. Get ready. Here we go. My hand’s high. One, one, one. We can have lots of fun. Step, two, two. There’s so much we can do. Step, three, three, three. It’s a new life. Step, two, two. We can have lots of fun. Step, three, three. There’s so much we can do. Step 3, 3, 3. It’s if you want me. Step 4, 4. I can give you more. Step 5. Don’t you know that the time is right? Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho. How did you hear that? This whole thing was insane. There were five steps. I forgot there were five. There’s five steps. That’s why he didn’t name his business after the song? That song is crazy. No, because the financial planning is probably… Kevin, there’s probably more than five steps, right? More than five moves to do your thing? Yes, absolutely. You know, it’s interesting that they talk on there about having fun and now is the right time. And most of the time, people wait, they delay, they delay the inevitable, they forget to save money. If I could tell people one thing, the most successful way to, I mean, the way you succeed financially is one easy step. Here we go, give it to us. Is to save. So step number one, you’re saying this is an ongoing move, you have to save. It’s to save. How much should we be saving? I mean, there’s a rule of thumb, an estimate, I mean, 10% of your gross income, but I tell you what, most of the clients I’m happy starting off at 5%, 6%. You know, most people are beholden to whatever their company is giving them. Oh, 3% match. I’m like, you’re going to let a company dictate your financial future? Real quick, I feel like you’re somewhat passionate about this. I’m not. If you can, because the radio is kind of fun because if the client was sitting here in the office and they were not a saver, they’re in their 40s, they haven’t saved anything at all, and you’re talking to them, and they said, please tell me whatever you need to say and I don’t care how you make me feel Just tell me what I need to do They’ve said hey tell me tell me I don’t care how it makes me feel Kevin preach it to me Kevin talk to me about the importance of saving Well, the importance of saving is the the money you save today is much much more valuable than the money you save in the future. What? Yes. It’s this magic of compound interest. Now we’re, now we’re, now we’re gone. It’s all about magic. Apparently, now this might be anecdotal, but apparently Einstein said that that was the most powerful rule in the universe, is compound interest. Now I’ve not Google searched it, not researched it. Someone once told me that. So this just in from our home office. I’m going to read it to you here because I’m always the accurate guy. I want to make sure I always bring that accuracy. You know, you get these guys on the show who are optometrists and financial planners. I just hold them accountable. This is what Albert Einstein actually said. He says, compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it earns it. He who doesn’t pays it. Oh, boom. Pays it oh Boom that was that was more intense than what I expected from our main man there Knowledge bomb let me add to that a little bit they pay it to chase that pay it to Bank of America They pay it to capital one they pay it to discover. I have a move I have a move for anybody listening right now who sells furniture Z I used to train a bunch of furniture sales people. OK, tell me the move. May I teach you the move? Yes, please. OK, the move. I would like to hear the move. Welcome to the Patriots Furniture Store. How are you? OK. I’m fine. I’m just here to get some furniture. So I want to ask you the question. One, is emphysema an issue? Not currently. OK. Just was guessing by the voice, maybe potentially. But here’s the deal. What kind of furniture are you looking for today, basically? I’m looking for, you know, like some living room furniture. So living room, so furniture for the living room. Let me ask you what kind of living room furniture is the perfect fit for you? Well I think I’m kind of a you know modern, kind of a modern kind of guy you know. Are you aware of our special financing plan we have right now? I had no idea. Well I’m going to let you peruse, all I can just say is whatever you’re looking for today, most people for about $87 a month you can go out, you can leave here today with the unbelievable furniture. Your house will be like the Taj Mahal. It will be a gorgeous thing. Let me go ahead and see what you pre-qualify for right now, and then we’ll let you shop. Now here’s the deal. Once we came back, I said, now here’s the deal, Robert. You are approved for $9,272. So you can get whatever you want today. You’re approved up to $9,272. What do you predict would happen? I would go out and spend $9,272. This is what would happen. We’d have a guy, and I’m not kidding, this was funny, I would watch, I used to go there and train the sales people, and he would be like at $8,000, the customer, and he’d be like, so how much am I at? And the rep would go, well, you’re at $8,200. Well, can I get like a lamp? I’ll get this lamp. So he’s like, doesn’t even want a lamp. I’ll get this lamp, and I’ll get this end table. And there’s a picture of a decorative shape of a body of a zebra. Can I get that too? They just start adding random things. That’s actually a horse head you won as a result of having a championship horse. They would look around for a faux horse head and go, how much is this? Can I get a flat screen? They would get exactly to the number they’re pre-approved for, unaware of the damning effects of compound interest. When you’re paying interest on interest upon interest, it’s a bad deal. Now Kevin, what is the second move? If I’m listening, what’s the second financial move I cannot stray away from? Don’t buy more house than you can afford. What does that mean? Yes. No! No! I want to buy the biggest house! What’s the move? Not necessarily what the mortgage lender will tell you. How much should I, what’s the rule of thumb so my rule of thumb is two to two and a half times gross income So if I earn six thousand a year, then I should not be buying a house worth more than 150 correct Okay, that makes sense so thrivers you’re listening. I mean this guy is like he’s sort of like the obi-wan Kenobi of financial planning It’s Kevin Jacobs, and when we come back. He’s gonna be showing us the force. There’s he he’s walking. He’s teaching us the force I’m gonna hey listen email in import thrive 15 comm if you think you know the over, under, and how many times Clay is going to play step by step. When he comes back… All right, Thrive Nation, Green Country, Oklahoma’s local homies, welcome back to the Thrive Time Show presented by Oklahoma Joes and Regent Bank. And I’m going to tell you what, I’m going to tell you one thing that I’m excited about here on this fabulous Friday. One is I will definitely, and you can quote me, you can hold me accountable. I will definitely be getting my baked beans tomorrow night at Oklahoma Joe’s right over there by the Bass Pro Shop because I do it every Saturday with my son. And I’m telling you what, it is one of the highlights of my week. I go in there the other day, we have a guy there, Z, who is a plumber in town, and he listens to the show faithfully and he goes, you’re the guy, you’re the dude. And I’m like, I am the guy. And I said, so we start talking. Long story short, I had a neat opportunity to kind of mentor him on a couple of things, give him some feedback, some updates. But I will tell you, absolutely, it’s the joy of my heart connecting with Thrivers like you. And if I don’t have a rendezvous with you at Oklahoma Joe’s, the only other place that I can really do it is, I used to be able to do it with in-person one-on-one coaching, but we’re basically booked out all the time. I don’t have any more availabilities. And so our in-person Thrive Time workshops are the only other chance that we can really meet you, sit down with you, and teach you specifically what you need to do to start and grow a business. So what you and I did is we sat down and we sort of agreed, we almost canonized, we wrote down our business moves. Because when you went into the auto auction, you have a series of moves that you do. And when you go into the optometry business, you have a certain series of moves that you do. And when you go into the DJ business, you have moves that you do. When you go into the photography business, you have moves that you do. But it’s the same moves. Every business is the same business. What? It’s the same business every time. That sounds like a scam. So we wrote this thing called the Boom Book. Oh, yeah, we did. And we’ll teach you all of the specific moves that you need to know to grow your business. I don’t care what kind of business you’re in. Once you know the moves, then it’s just on you to do your job. All you have to do is do your job. Once you know what to do it’s up to you to do it. But the only way that I know to teach you how to do this is you’ve got to get out to the Thrive Time Show. It’s thrive timeshow.com. Go up there and sign up for our two day in person business workshops. They are the best business workshops in the world. I’m going to tell you this. I’m going to give you some comparisons. If you go to the Maui Mastermind Workshop, it is an awesome workshop. Maui Mastermind, you should Google that. It’s $30,000. And it’s in Maui, by the way. That’s probably a little bonus. The second, you can go to Robert Kiyosaki. He has some great moves. They’re about $500 to go, but it’s mostly real estate focused and oh by the way, they’re gonna upsell you like a like a check a champ They’re gonna push the upsells. You can go to the t-harv ecker seminars They don’t teach you the specifics But it’s a thousand dollars or you could get out there to the Tony Robbins deal and you might have some hot coal Injuries or you could get out to our workshops. It’s unbelievably affordable. We have a scholarship We teach you everything you need to know Z It’s the only way to go if you’re an entrepreneur and you feel stuck right now, it is the world’s best workshops, period. And the good news is this. You’re sitting there going, you’re driving, you’re eating your lunch, you’re at your desk, you’re going, oh my gosh, I’m so excited, I want to go. When’s it going to be? It’s just two weeks away. Two weeks away? It’s just two weeks away. It’s February 24th and the 25th. And you know what? In two weeks, you can get anywhere in the world. You can probably get anywhere in the universe, Clay. I mean, if you’re on a different planet right now listening, you could get to Mother Earth. You could get to planet Earth and then get to the workshop in a few weeks. I have some audio that I was able to… I’ve been working with Sam, our producer here. Sam, can you hop on the camera real quick so people can see you on Facebook Live? You don’t get enough love here. This is Sam Parker, our executive producer. Great guy. Now, Sam has been working heavily on basically new technology that allows him to listen in on the conversations of aliens and the things they’re listening to. And this is the song they’re playing right now on the planet Pluto. So here we go. Bank, oh, Region Bank, oh, Region Bank. Get your money, get your loans. If you want those suckers, you’ve got to go to Region Bank. Oh, just give them money away. That’s the live audio. So again, that might be a subliminal message. Did you watch that song, Clay? Sam, did you? I mean, I know that Jason Bailey and I worked together to write that song, but how are you able to tune in to other planets? Is it through AM radio? Is that what you’re doing? It’s from CM radio. Oh, he’s not mic’d up. It’s CM radio. Nice, nice. You’re not going to get that thing on the other station. You’re only going to get that alien audio right here on the Thrive Time Show. Well, like I said, the great news is it’s in two weeks, so you can make a plan and get here. And you say to yourself, you get on ThriveTimeShow.com, you get all the facts, you get all the stuff, you see what we’re teaching, you get excited about it, and then you say to yourself, ah, I can’t afford that. You have enough time right now, Thrivers, you can find financial schemes and ways to get it done. You can do it because you know why? We have scholarships, we partner with local businessmen and women to give scholarships to everybody out there. So our heart is to see you succeed in business. Our heart is to see you start your business and get your financial and your time freedom. That’s our heart. That’s why we’re doing this. That’s why we do what we do, Clay. You absolutely can get here if you want to. We’re talking today about the marketing guardrails, but we’re also mentioning the financial guardrails. Kind of a two-for-one special here with Kevin Jacobs, a Tulsa guru. He’s the founder of the Step by Step… What’s it called? Step by Step? Step by Step Financial. I’m a certified financial planner. And I know you have denied it both publicly and privately that you named your company after the New Kids on the Block song called Step by Step, but really, I mean, honestly, as a young man, did you ever listen to this album? I would say that in the affirmative, yes. Probably about seventh or eighth grade. We are transcribing this, so we’re not going to hold you under oath. But you’re happy you had to hear this in a minute. It’s close to being under oath. Okay, so I’m going to play live audio, and I’m going to watch your face and see if this moves you emotionally at any point here. So here we go. Here we go, Z. Oh, wow, it came in hot. It came in hot. Oh, I think that’s a blow-up. I think that’s a blow-up. I think you’re doing it. I’m watching. I’m never coming back. Oh yeah. Come on, drivers. So that, you deny that you named your business after… Deniability. But I do have a question. Yes. How do you reach financial security? Ooh. Wait, wait, wait. This is located right by the largest casino in town. I know, I know. Do you go from there? I know, I know. Oh. There you go. I thought I knew. See, this is the guest turning it around the house. Oh, I know. You buy the right lottery ticket. That’s how you get it. I know. I know. I know. See, this is the guest turning it around the house. Why don’t you buy the right lottery ticket? That’s how you do it. Yeah, you want to get a Merlin because the value goes up when you buy a Merlin. Scratch the scratch and sniff. You do what a lot of people do, buy high, sell low. How about this? This ties into the theme of New Kids on the Block. How do you reach financial security? One step at a time. Oh, snap! I just had an epiphany. step at a time. Oh snap! I just had an epiphany. What is your website? If I’m listening right now and I’m going, okay, I’ve got 24 hours a day, 22 are devoted to Tom Brady research. I want to know all about Tom Brady. Where’s he going? What’s going on? How’s his kids? How’s his mom? How’s Giselle? What’s going on? Belichick. I’ve got two hours left in my day and I want to maybe do some research into your business. What’s your website? You can come over to my website at step-by-step financial calm but before you go there come over to Facebook search step-by-step financial and Engage with me talk with me. We have a call Z that just came in from a thriver So what Kevin I want to know with basically if I want to get on your website Do I have to get on the Internet’s or do I have to get on Facebook? Either way, it sounds like I have to buy a lot of fax machines, if you know what I mean. The first step is you go to AOL and you get this dial tone signal. I’m a member of AAA. Is that also a subdivision of AOL? Not quite. Not quite. Not quite. Okay. Thank you very much. I’ve got to go now. Hopefully no one knows that I just mentioned I am an active member of the AAA. Mabel, I’m sorry for mentioning that on the air. We will talk after work. This is Oswald. Bye. But before you forget, before you hang up, you can come over to stepbystepfinancial.com. Step by Step Financial. It sounds like it’s a website. I hear you get viruses from those. But what was the website again? I’m sorry. I was eating my Oklahoma Joes. Step by Step Financials, or just search the same thing online on Facebook and come dialogue with me. Alright, whatever. Sounds like you’re working with Putin. Internet espionage. Alright, so that, I’m sorry, Oswald calls in occasionally, gets a little crazy. What if I wanted to use a thing like a telephone? You guys have like phone service there? Is it all like just internet based? Do you have a phone number? Yeah, we do. We do have a phone number. It’s interesting. It’s actually 918-806-1030. Now it’s not 1040, because that would sound too much like the IRS tax forms. Yes, that would be weird. We’re none of this 1040 business. We’re 1030. 918-806-1030. Which reminds me of another boy band. You ever hear of New Edition? I heard Bobby Brown went weird. I know we had the tattoo of the army and you get that in New Edition. I know you’ve got a couple of them. Do you remember one before he went weird? Bobby, remember Bobby? He used to do voice? Just pick up that telephone and call our main man. What’s that phone number one more time? I’m sorry, this song just… Kevin, what’s that phone number, Kevin? 918-806-1030. Your connection to heaven. Call Kevin. Alright, so, Thrivers, we’re talking about marketing to the marketing calendar, how to do it, how to make your business grow. Z’s told you his secrets, I’ve told you mine. Now we’re getting into this guardrail number two and this is the part that it’s like uh Z have you ever seen a guy with a hard part you know the guy gets the part but he goes into elephant the room and he has the razor shave where it’s the hard part where they they take a razor and it’s a new cool thing it’s a new cool it’s a look this is what i would call the hard part this is the part that separates the men from the boys the little kids yeah this separates the elephants from the zebras. This is the, yeah, this is a deal where, I mean, just telling you, if you don’t do this, people will know you’re not a zebra. So here’s the deal, okay? If you want to be successful as an entrepreneur, you need to write these things down. I’m going to come at you quick. I got 25 things I’m saying in two and a half minutes. Oh, no. So I’m going to say it, and then you give me some reaction to it, okay? Here we go. This is the boys to men section. Oh, the boys to men! Oh my gosh, Kevin! You’re going to be on the show again. I know we’ve worn you out step by step. I know Clay’s tried personally to smoke you out with his pinion wood, which is now not burning, by the way, which is really upsetting. I mean, really? You know what this reminds me of? This reminds me of the eighth grade dance, where, you know the eighth grade dance where you haven’t danced with your dream woman yet? Oh yeah, it’s the last… And it’s like the last song. It’s the last song. And parents are certain you’re still up. Yeah, and they’re, ah, this will be the last song. And so with the black lights on. Palms are sweaty. Your parents, your dad’s name is Bill or Thomas, some sort of name. He’s 50 and it’s the 1990s. Yeah. And you walk up to a girl, her name has to be Amanda. Ashley. Ashley. Ashley, yeah. You know, it’s just a popular name. There was, I think a lot of, a lot of lords, a lot of lords, a lot of lords, a lot of lords, a lot of lords, a lot of lords, a lot of lords, a lot of lords, a lot of lords, a lot of lords, a lot of lords, a lot of lords, a lot of lords, a lot of lords, a lot of lords, a lot of lords, a lot of lords, a lot of lords, a lot of lords, a lot of lords, a lot of lords, a lot of lords, Ashley. Ashley. Ashley. You know, it’s a popular name. There was a lot of, a lot of Laura’s. Gotta deep breath, gotta deep breath, gotta clear your head. And you say, Laura, you dance to me? And she’s like, I don’t know what you just said. And you say, come on. And so you’re dancing and you’re just sweating like you’ve been in a sauna. I’m sweating everywhere. And you’re holding her hips, but you put your thumbs through her, her, Jean, Jean Loups. Jean Loups. And you’re just right there and it’s kind of inappropriate but not too much. Not too much. And you’re dancing and you’ve kind of got, can you kind of demonstrate what that looks like? Can you? She’s got a Facebook live. And so there’s like behind, you know what I mean, where you’ve got, oh yeah, nice, nice. And so you’re, you’re doing that and you’re singing along, and you’re singing along because when you say in her ear, she’s impressed that you know every lyric. As if a gun falls out of your mouth. And you’re like, aw, frick, aw, man. Hopefully my friend, uh, Eric, because everyone’s name was Eric at that time, or Jason, or Matt, can find that gum. But no, Thrivers, here’s the deal. We get back, we’re going to get into this thing of you’re getting to the end of the road with your marketing and you’re going, I have got to fix my marketing. I can’t just have it be this nebulous, amorphous, undescribable thing. I want to know the 25, what are the 25 specific things I need to do. Wait, I, you better get, right now, before the break, get a pad, get a pen or a pencil, because we’re going to be firing them at you. Old school, get an answer sketch, baby. Show your worth, get an answer sketch. All right, Thrive Nation, welcome back. We’re having kind of an old school conversation with the man who’s got your new financial plan. It is Kevin Jacobs of step-by-step financial planning this guy. I’m telling you what he will help you Multiply your money so many of you are working so hard for your money, but you want to get that money Working for you Z. You’ve got to get your money working for you get that money Working for you, or otherwise you’re gonna be working to have other people get the money because compound interest is happening and you can be on the receiving side of it or you can be on the giving side of it. It’s up to you. And Kevin has denied it, although he’s denied it, we have the transcript, we have him on transcript saying We have him on video and tape. Yeah, he’s saying, I definitely did not name my company after Step by Step. You named it, Kevin, who do you claim that you named your business after? After Rich Mullins. A song by the name of Sometimes By Step. Sounds a little bit too sincere, too ethical, too believable. Z, that’s what they want us to believe. Who wants to work with the ethical financial planner? That’s what he’s selling, but I’m not sure we’re buying it, Clay. So here’s an album we all bought, though. I’m going to play. This is Step By Step by New Kids on the Block. Oh yeah, come on. Come on, drivers. Get those ghost ticks out. Come on. I want you to get that slap. Remember that slap bracelet? Everyone had that slap bracelet. You’d walk up to your friend and you’d say, Hey, check this out. And you’d put that bracelet on. Remember that? You were like, You could be having a totally normal conversation with a friend. And then, big shout out to Lori Montag with, she came in with a slap watch, which brought that back to the surface. Hmm, so fun. Do you remember hologram baseball cards? Oh yeah. You get those upper decks, you’re paying like seven bucks for a pack, and you’re just looking for Ken Griffey’s rookie card in there? Oh yeah. You know I had Ken Griffey Jr.’s rookie card, I sold that. How much did you sell it for? About $400, and I got me a Kyle Ripken card in exchange for it. I bought Kyle Ripken’s rookie card. And you know what I did with Kyle Ripken’s rookie card? You sold it? Can’t find it, I’m super irritated. When I became a man, I moved out of my house, you know. I come to college, can’t find the card. Cal Ripken’s rookie card, can’t find it. What’s it worth? I’m going to Google it. You should Google it. It was Cal Ripken’s original rookie card in a glass case. Totally uncompromised. The highest quality, mint condition. I traded in my Ken Griffey Jr. card for $400-something of credit for my Cal Ripken rookie card. He goes on to break the Ironman record. I’m thinking, oh my gosh, this thing could be worth a lot. Do you find what it is? Usually there’s a website called Mint or something where it tells you the cost. Or Beckett. Oh, Beckett. I’m telling you what, Kevin Jacobs. You’re a financial planner and you know the answers to all of life’s questions. Did you collect baseball cards as a kid? I did. I did. So, Z, have you found a value? I’m getting it. I’m getting it. Okay. Why don’t we get it? This computer is so new, it’s slow. It’s the latest, greatest, and the interconnection with the internet thing. You know, in the future, the newest computers will be the slowest computers because they cause you to really think about what you’re typing. That’s the move. Now, here’s the deal. We’re talking about our next marketing guardrail, which is you’ve got to create uniform marketing materials. I’m going to list off the 25 things you need, and Zee, I would like a little commentary. I’m going to be sort of like Ernie Johnson from TNT. I’ve got to find the value. I’m going to play it straight, but I need some… I need some feedback. Oh, there it is. It’s worth $32. Are you serious? No, no, I’m pulling up right now. Oh my gosh. Here we go. Greatest Cal Ripken cards of all time. Yeah, Cal Ripken rookie card value. That’s the Cal Ripken rookie card value. $1,500. How much? $1,500. Geez, I cannot believe it. I can’t find it. It irritates me even more, but here we go. So, the logo. Why do you have to have a standard logo? You can’t be using a new logo all the time. Bro, get a professional to do it. Don’t let your Aunt Matilda do it. I know Aunt Matilda is a fine artist and she’s always done things by herself. I made that logo myself. I can’t believe you, Robert. I made it myself. Look at you. You remind me of your brother. You can get it done for a few hundred. I always liked Eric more than you. He’s more into politics and he’s nicer. He’s a better person. Why won’t you work with Mr. Bridenstine like your brother? The other thing too is if you don’t even have a couple hundred bucks, you can go to a university, go to an art class and get a kid you like. Eskimo Joe’s, they’ve cost them 50 bucks to get that logo done. I made the logo myself. Unbelievable. Okay, now the next one is brand colors. You’ve got to have your official colors. You can’t be constantly going in a hue of this and a hue of that. You’re always got, Dr. Roberts, owner and associate, you always have that red, baby. Yeah, I do. And you’re sitting there going, I have no idea what to do. I have no idea what the hot color is. Go into Home Depot. Go in the paint department and say, what’s your number one selling paint color right now? I feel like my color is periwinkle. Let that hard decision be made for you. My color is periwinkle with a little bit of yellow and sage. I like doe skin. Hey, those are really not bad combinations. Tell them that. They’re writing that down right now. They’re going to have it. Because you’ve got to have the mood. Number two, you’ve got to have your brand colors. Number three brand slogan. You got to have the same thing you say all the time. You got it. You got to have it. This has got to be your tag on everything. You got it. You got to own it. You got to be it. It’s kind of you know what it’s it’s got to be you. It’s got to be your business. You can’t be like the water park and be like you know forever dry. Now Kevin you have you had something. It seemed like you had an epiphany. I did, I got excited for a minute because I have another question for you. How do you reach financial security? Uh, oh I know, I know. Guacamole, come on, say it, say it. How much guacamole do you have to eat, I mean, bottom line. You, you just reach out and you gotta, you gotta use your arms. One step at a time. Oh, okay. What’s your website, super promoter? Step-by-stepfinancial.com. The marketing game is easy for you. I’m tired of the marketing. Many thrivers out there, listen, they can’t come up with their slogan, and I’m telling you, it’s got to be Uzi, which reminds me of a song that’s kind of similar called I Know. You know that song, It’s Gonna Be Me? You know it? It’s Friday, Friday, folks. He’d always say, it’s gonna be me. It’s gonna be me. He couldn’t say me. It’s gonna be May. Like May. Like May. Like the month of May. Unbelievable. Fourth, you gotta have branded envelopes. You gotta have branded envelopes. You gotta secure your brand through everything. You know folks, come on. You spend the money on the logo, you get your color, you get your scheme, you put that stuff everywhere you can put it. Five, uniforms. But my people don’t want to wear them. I tell you what, you can have a handbook that says what they can and can’t wear. They will still come in with open-toed shoes and short skirts and stuff like that. I am wearing… Are you wearing tops? Are you wearing tops still a thing? Today I am going to be wearing what I would call kneeless and buttless jeans. Is that okay? It’s got a version of chaps, but it’s really not. No, I’m not kidding. Because I own numerous businesses. I’m not kidding. If you don’t put on paper the standards… Z, tell me the craziest female outfit You’ve ever seen in one of your businesses where you had to say you got to get out Yeah, two top high heels a little miniskirt. You’re like, uh, this is not we’re not going to the club great prom This is not the eighth grade prom I remember one time I came into my office and this is what I heard in my mind. I was like I come in the office This person looks like they’re dressing for to go to a midnight like like one of those clubs where they, I used to DJ in clubs you know those ones where they have foam parties? There’s foam everywhere? I’ve never been to one of those but I hear there are there’s foam everywhere Kevin probably, his house, he probably has a foam room in it Kevin how long have you been married by the way? 15 years 15 years boom! In May That’s awesome man, when in May did you get married? May 25th I got married early, I got married the first weekend in May at Tarp Chapel in Broken Arrow. Where did you get married? You know, that’s where we were going to get married, but it was booked for Saturday and we need him. But somebody had to book that day. Where did you get married, buddy? At St. Anne’s Catholic Church in Broken Arrow. Beautiful. Okay, awesome. Okay, now a little fun factoid. Now brochures, Z, brochures. Why do you have to have branded brochures? Because here’s the thing about it is when people, when you get them in your door, you keep selling to them. And why do you have to have one sheets and tri-folds that are branded? Why can’t you just make them up as you go? Well because, well here’s the deal about it, you can’t make them up as you go. You have to be purposeful in making them. It’s all about marketing. It’s all about keeping your theme through all your marketing pieces. You have to have them ready to go so that when you need them, you got them. Now Thrivers, when we come back, we’re gonna be going through marketing moves number 9 through 25. It is so much content. You got to get out your sheets of paper. You got to get out your tablet, your iPad, your Etch A Sketch. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do, because you want to inscribe this stuff. You want to write this down. You want to get these marketing items knocked out before the end of this year. You’ve got to change your game. Stay tuned. Thrivetimeshow.com. All right, Thrive Nation, welcome back to the Thrive Time Show on your radio. We’re teaching you what you need to know. Specifically, we’re talking about the three most important marketing guardrails you need for your business. Marketing guardrail one is you’ve got to have a marketing calendar. Marketing guardrail two, you’ve got to have the collateral. You’ve got to have the stuff. We listed off the previous stuff. If you missed it, go to thrivetimeshow.com, download the podcast. You don’t want to miss a single item there. We’re moving on to number nine Z for marketing collateral. You’ve got to have standardized pricing. You’ve got to have some way to tell your salespeople, here’s the floor of what we can charge, the cheapest we can charge, here’s the top. If you go into like Target, they always say, today’s featured low price, or Walmart, it’s the guaranteed low price. We all know they’re always discounting everything. You go into Best Buy, everything’s on sale, but for some reason, small businesses, they’re not using pricing as a marketing move. Yeah, they’re not like Mexican flea markets for sure. I mean, you know, those things are, I mean, the price, you might as well not have a price on something. If you go into some of those flea markets, I will tell you. How much are the beads? None. They might be $4 or $45. But they’re going to try, they’re going to start high and move down low. But if I’m listening right now and I own, like, let’s say I’m a plumber, let’s say I sell electronics, why is it so important that we have a standardized way that we’re going to discount our prices and how we’re going to do our specials? So that people don’t get the different, you know, they don’t get the different price. People talk and so, I mean, I have, you know, like a Moptomtra clinic, two different locations and you’ve got to have the same price in both those locations. You’d be surprised how many times people would be like, I’m going to check with you at your store. I’m like, it’s the same price over there. It’s not going to be different. Standardized pricing matters so much. Find a way. I’m just telling you examples right now. We’re going super fast today because there’s so much to get into. But I’ll tell you what, if you go over there to Best Buy, it seems like everything is on sale. That’s one example. If you go into Hobby Lobby, have you ever noticed that everything is on sale? There’s always a special going. You ever been to Mathis Brothers? You ever notice there’s a special? There’s always like, man, this is a special. This is a February special. It’s a New Year’s special. It’s a month of love special. It’s a March special. There’s always specials. Are you having things that are special at your business? Yes, you are. You have to have a standard email signature. Z, why do you have to have a standardized email signature? It’s the same. So people get familiar with who you are, what you are, what you do, and you can express a lot about who you are and what you do by your signature. I think mine is the best email signature in the world. Why is that? Why is that? Because I have my… There’s a little link that says some people don’t need to hype man, I do. Oh yeah. It’s a funny video that Merrill and Merch made. It’s really good. And then on the have a privacy policy at the bottom of the email, like you cannot share this email without, I re-engineered it and it’s completely BS and it’s hilarious if you read it. It’s pretty funny. So it’s just those little moves. You got little Easter eggs in your signature. Yeah. Because you know why? Why? Because that’s who you are. You’re being yourself in that signature. Because that’s who you are. Now moving on to the trade show display. Why do I have to have a standardized trade show display? Why can’t I just go with what I’m feeling? Well, you spend the money, you get your trade show display, you get your, you know, a lot of guys are sitting there going, I don’t need a trade show display. This doesn’t apply to everybody out there. I mean, because like, you know, some businesses, we don’t go to trade shows, right? Kevin, you ever been to a trade show? Never been to a trade show. Really? So you don’t have a trade show display? I do not have a trade show display. Well then, okay, we’re done. Okay, I’m going back to Oklahoma Joe’s and finishing my barbecue and baked beans. See, you know, we have a Thriver that just called in and apparently he has a fever and I’ve got some audio, I want to go ahead and cue it up here. I’m not really sure who he is, but we’ll go ahead and call him. It’s Friday Funday, folks. Go ahead, caller. I got a fever! And the only prescription is more cowbell. Well, I don’t know why you would call in and say that. This is an example. I’m just telling you. I am a doctor, so maybe, you know, I mean, that could be. I’m not a real doctor, but I have doctor in my name, I guess. The thing is that skit, what made it so funny is that it was memorable. And so many people started running around going, I need a little more cowbell. Babies, babies, I need a little more cowbell. People started saying that because it was a funny thing. It was memorable. And if your marketing is not memorable, then what happens is no matter how professional it is, we move on. We move on to other things. We forget about it. So you’ve got to see it’s got to be memorable marketing. Absolutely. And I tell you what, sometimes you see TV ads, you hear radio ads, and you hear ads and you’re just like, oh, it’s horrible. It almost makes me not want to shop there. So, not only do you have to have your branding, your logos, your image, everything kind of uniform, but you know what, it has to be good. It has to be good, and so therefore, when I tell a lot of people that are starting off to go, I don’t know how to do all these things. I don’t know how to do the first half of the moves you just went through. You know what, I tell them, Clay? What do you tell them? There’s people out there that do. Hire a professional. Get into a marketing firm. Say, listen, help me help myself. I don’t know what I don’t know. Instead of doing it Mickey Mouse and make it look on the cheap and make it look like your Aunt Matilda did it on a weekend. I made this myself. Look, I made this myself. Making a Bundt cake in between mixing her Bundt cake, you want to make it professional. And so if that isn’t your thing, if that’s not your shtick, find someone who does it. You say to yourself, but I don’t have a team. I don’t have a group of guys that can do that. We have a call. This came in here. This is from Aunt Matilda. I don’t know. Sorry. Go ahead, call her. You’re calling from where? Michigan? Unbelievable. Why doesn’t Dr. Robert Sellner respect me? I made my website for my little boy. He’s a good guy. I made it myself. Although it might be made with various forms of clip art, I made a very nice quilt for him and some business cards. The whole thing is working out. Why does he have to judge us? Unbelievable! Folks, I’ll tell you what. And we would humbly submit if you can’t find anybody out there of note that will help you with all of these things. I’m still listening. Sorry, Aunt Matilda. I don’t know that that’s an actual call. That could be. If you’re looking on Facebook Live, I think you might find Aunt Matilda over there. Why do you always accuse me of being the callers? Here’s the thing though, we have a whole team here of professionals that do this. Here at Thrive50.com, we have a Thrive Time show and in-person workshops and one-on-one business coaching, four different legs for you to get in and find professionals to help you. It’s our heart to help you. There’s a lady, Lori L-O-R-I, she came to one of our recent in-person Thrive Time workshops. By the way, the next one’s February 24th and 25th, as Z mentioned. February 24th and 25th. She came up to me during one of the breaks. True story. She comes up to me and she says, hey, I really like your show. I like the show where you’re talking about giving your son a lawnmower for Christmas. If you missed that, go to thrivetimeshow.com. You can hear it. That’s a great story. She says, I want to get my branding done. I was quoted like $12,000 from another company. It was $10,000 a month for a six-month retainer. Oh my God. Pass out. And she says, you guys are doing that for $1,500, and I hear you have a startup package, kind of a quick start package for $750 a month. I don’t understand how it’s possible. Well, the thing is, Z, is that you and I, we’ve hired some great people over the years, and now they’re here full time. So the people who do the marketing for us can now do the marketing for you for less than you would spend. I’m just throwing that out there. For less money than most people are spending on a monthly car payment, we can do all of the marketing for you. It’s unbelievable. Well, you know what, Clay? Yeehaw! Drive 15. We adhere to my number one rule in business. And that is, pigs get fat, hogs get butchered. This message brought to you by PETA. FFA farm, your ag needs your home. No, what that means is we’re not greedy. We could charge a lot more than we do. You could. We could. And you know what, quite frankly, I’m just going to say this. I hope this doesn’t sound rude, doesn’t sound mean, but you know we’re worth it. But you know what, we’re pigs. In other words, we’re not greedy. We’re going to charge a fair amount. We’re going to overwork our buns off for you. And we’re going to help you take your business to the next level. Now Thriver, Steve Jobs says this, details matter. It’s worth getting it right. So my question I have for you, are you doing it right? Are you getting the details right? Steve Jobs is asking, you know, details matter. It’s worth getting it right. And when we come back, we’re going to get into marketing guardrail number three. It’s all about creating a marketing tracking wall. Stay tuned to the Thrive Time Show. All right, Thrive Nation, welcome back into the conversation. My name is Clay Clark. I’m the former SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, sent here to help you start a very successful business. And I’ll tell you something, I’m not a big fan of the word business. I’m a big fan of the word business. I’m a big fan of the word business. I’m a big fan of the word business. And I’ll tell you why. Because I have five kids, and I know what health insurance costs. Because I know what it’s like to pay for vacation. Because I know what it’s like to struggle to pay the light bill. Because I know what it’s like to subscribe to ultra-premium, you know, DirecTV, so I can watch every single Patriots game, both home and away. I understand we’re real Oklahomies. Z and I didn’t grow up rich. We’ve luckily been able to have a lot of success. But when I say luckily, Thomas Jefferson says, I am a firm believer in luck. And I find that the harder I work, the more luck I have. And I’m telling you what, we’ve had a lot of success because we work hard, but we also know the moves. moves and see what we when we when we finish teaching you these three marketing guardrails my hope my desire is that you’re going to end up emailing me from a cruise boat somewhere you’re headed out in that cruise boat oh yeah we had a driver i talked to today he says check it out not kidding he says hey i’m making twenty seven hundred dollars a week twenty seven hundred dollars a week profit maybe that’s under paying taxes i’m telling you what man, my business has never been moving faster. And you know what, if I had not come out to your Thrive Time workshops, my life would not be where it is. And I’m telling you what, Zinnia, if people want to learn how to start and grow a successful company, there’s never been anything better on this planetary system than our two-day in-person workshops. They’re awesome, and with our scholarships, I’ll tell you what folks, we do not want to say no to you getting a ticket out of here. We only have 39 tickets left. 38 now. Oh, 38, sorry. And I stand corrected, literally and figuratively. Sorry. But Clay, I want to challenge you on one thing. You said you know what it’s like to make your light bill, but that one summer that you turned off your air conditioning so that you could afford a Yellow Page ad, you beat the electricity man out of some money there. Well some people either want it or you don’t want it. And so I’ll just give you an example. My brother-in-law, when he built Elephant in the Room, obviously we now have three locations to serve you. By the way, your first haircut is always a dollar. Men of Tulsa, women of Tulsa, get the man you love, get him into Elephant in the Room. He can’t be looking like a Yeti. He cannot be looking like a Yeti, a hairy monster creature. You’ve got to get him in there. It’s a dollar for your first haircut. When he was building that, I told him, I will match you dollar for dollar. I love doing that deal, by the way. Yeah. Because it shows he has a skin in the game. Skin in the game. And he goes, okay. So he taught himself photography, and he came and humbled himself, got a job working in our call center. And I’m telling you what, the guy saved money and $700. He goes, hey, I can do like 500 a week. I can do 600 a week. And he keeps matching it. And now the elephant in the room is a very successful business because of the result of the sacrifice. But if he wouldn’t have been willing to sacrifice. So the thing about our system, it’s a hand up, not a hand out. So if you want to get out to a workshop, we’re not going to just give it to you free and go, Hey, here you go, buddy, you can be successful. And maybe you could go apply for a grant at your local community college, because that’s not how life works, homie. You’ve got to put in some sort of seeds into the soil to reap a harvest. And so we’re going to teach you how to grow a successful business at our two-day in-person Thrive Time workshops. And then we’re moving on to guardrail number three. I’ve always said, Clay, I didn’t go through all 25 of them. Where do I get the rest of those? Well, here’s the deal. We’re out of time. But if you go to the Thrive Time workshop, we will get into those. OK, so if you missed it, you’ve got to go to Thrive Time workshop so you can get it. I’ve got my big, cheap tablet and my number two pencil. And I, yeah, OK. OK, so here we go. This is the third marketing guardrail. You’ve got to create a tracking wall. Now Kevin Jacobs is in the box at Roxie’s, a financial planner. And Kevin, financially, why do people have to track where their money’s going, aka make a budget? Absolutely. So that they know where they’re going. If they’re not tracking, if they’re just kind of doing it willy-nilly, not really keeping track of anything, they don’t know what progress they’ve made, they don’t know what success they’ve had, they don’t know what short success, long-term success. Kevin, we have a caller who just called in here. Very offended. I’m not sure why Kevin would have offended him this much. Can we go ahead and take the caller? It must be the new kids in the block. Here’s the deal, Kevin. My name is Willie, and my wife’s name is Nellie. And I don’t appreciate them references, and I also don’t appreciate them fancy pants and shirts they’re wearing, all dressed up all nice. A lot of times I don’t even wear pants at all. That’s it. Thanks a lot, loyal listener. Wow, Willie. Thanks for calling in. I appreciate your call and your wife, Nellie, if she listened, too. You’re so offended. I don’t know why you would say that. But with Willie and Nellie there, I really want them to reach financial security. You know how they’re going to do that, right? How is that? One step at a time by visiting my website at Step-by-step financial because you know just because you have money just because you do a tax return just because you go down to the local turbo tax get that H&R whoever those companies doesn’t mean that you actually know anything about planning and so I want to encourage you here here is the number one bit of advice that I have a little self-serving but hey I want you to look for and to hire a tax focused financial planner now you might find a financial planner, you might find the tax person, but I want you to look specifically for a tax-focused financial planner who’s actually working for you. Now, there’s a big word in the news, big word in the news. This just in from our home office. It’s called fiduciary. Fiduciary. Man, I tell you what, man, I’m still on the phone here and she’s using all these words like fiduciary and I’m going, what? I’m just trying to find my pace. So here’s the deal. I’ve been a fiduciary financial planner since 2008. I was a fiduciary financial planner before it was required to be a fiduciary financial planner. So that is some advice. Seek out a tax-focused financial planner who is a fiduciary for you. Now my boy Raymond, he’s been living with me for several years and he’s been able to save dozens of dollars. I don’t know why we would need your services. Broadcasting live from the center of the universe, you’re listening to the Thrive Time Show. Well I tell you what Willie, thanks for calling in again or staying on the phone. No problem man. Even longer. And it’s been a real joy. You know what we try to do is try to gather up local business people that are successful that we can try to pick a little bit of their brain matter out and I think Kevin gave us even more brain matter on this show than we were bargaining for, Clay. I mean, it’s like a half a brain on the table. You could be willy-nilly about your finances or you could be milly-vanilly about your Friday dances. Either way, I’m telling you what, if you don’t want to take your financial chances, call our main man, Kevin, with Step-by-Step. What’s the website my friend step-by-step financial or 918 806 1030 you’ll remember it’s not 1040 it’s 1030 I’m gonna crank it up now I want to blame it on the rain I don’t want to do the financial planner for just a moment I just want to enjoy my Friday if I’m not succeeding financially I just want to blame it on the rain see I don’t want to get to that workshop I don’t want to come to your workshop I just want to blame it on the rain I don’t want to take responsibility. No, man. I want to blame the government. I want to blame my parents. I want to blame my neighbor, the way I was raised. I want to blame everybody. I don’t want to… Okay, no, but seriously, if you want to change your financial future, get out to a Thrivetime workshop. Check, check, check it out. Moving on to guardrail number three. You got to have a tracking wall. And Z, I don’t want to over-emphasize this, but bottom line, you got to know where every So work with me. When you’re first starting advertising, you want to ask every customer, where did you come from? How’d you hear about us? How’d you hear about us? It’s got to be on the script. You got to track it every time. And I would not only put it on the questionnaire that they’d fill out, but then I’d also re-ask them in the exam room. And then I would have them ask them again when they’re checking out. So I mean, I’ve made sure that we, that they had their story straight. But at a certain point, like right now for my consulting business, today I talked to a guy and he goes, three of my friends have worked with you. I see your ads on Facebook. I saw you on Google. I hear you on the radio show. It’s kind of like at this point, I’m not going to sit there and make a family tree, some kind of org chart to show how he heard about us. So you want to track where people heard about you until you don’t need to. Yeah, exactly. And sometimes too, they’ll tell you that they heard you at a place that you’ve never been and you’ve never done, and that happens. That’s just the thing. So it’s not, the information’s not always 100% accurate, but it does give you a feel, does give you a flow, and if people are always saying the same thing, I mean, you know that those dollars are being spent correctly there. Obviously, if your business is growing, you’re doing the right stuff, but at first, you want to focus, you want to fish in that hole that’s catching the most fish for you. So you’ve got to figure out which of those ponds that is, i.e. your marketing dollars where they’re being spent. Now see, for somebody who’s listening right now and says, okay, I’m supposed to track where all my leads come from until I don’t. Surely you can’t be serious. Surely. I am serious, and don’t call me Shirley. So what would you say to somebody who goes, what does that mean? When do I have to quit tracking? Because you’re to a point with your optometry where it’s kind of no longer worth the energy to sit there and track every single deal. When do you get to that point? Well, I’ll tell you, when you get to that point to when you when you’re asking people and they sit there and they tell you this. They say well I heard you’re on the radio. Oh okay that’s what brought you in. No my neighbor comes into you and the person that sits next to me in the cubicle told me about you. You’re like oh so that’s what brought you in. No actually it’s a coupon I cut out the newspaper that bring in. Oh so that’s what brought you in. No and I saw you on that TV program you’re like I’ve never been on a TV program. And then you’re like, you know what? At this point, you’re here. I saw you on Jerry Springer. You’re the guy who doesn’t wear shirts in public. That’s weird. That’s just weird. That’s just weird. And then you’re billboard, which I haven’t done in like five years. So I mean, it’s kind of like at some point you go, OK, you’re here. The information is not deemed reliable. And you know what? It’s OK. I saw you riding a horse in that movie called Dr. Zona Rides a Horse. No, here’s the deal, Thrivers. There are four ways we can help you right now. We have four ways to help you. Move number one, we have the in-person two-day workshops. Z, tell them about it. February 24th, 25th, we’re going to teach you the 13 principal steps in 15 hours about how to start and run your business. Move number two, you can go to thethrivetimeshow.com, hear our archived podcast. Move number three. Share them with somebody, by the way. You can go to thrive15.com, the world’s best business school, my friend. Oh, I tell you, for $19 a month, you waste more than that on Starbucks. Come on! Move number four, you can have an in-person one-on-one mentor. A one-on-one mentor who knows the way, who goes the way, who shows the way. It’s unbelievable. It’s affordable. Check it out. Thrivetimeshow.com. And as always, Z, 3, 2, 1, boom! JT, do you know what time it is? Um, 410. It’s T-Bo time in Tulsa, Roseland, baby! Tim Tebow is coming to Tulsa, Oklahoma June 27th and 28th. We’ve been doing business conferences here since 2005. I’ve been hosting business conferences since 2005. What year were you born? 1995. Dude, I’ve been hosting business conferences since you were 10 years old, but I’ve never had the two-time Heisman Award winning Tim Tebow come present. And a lot of people, you know, if they follow Tim Tebow’s football career on the field and off the field and off the field the guy’s been just as successful as he has been on the field. Now the big question is JT how does he do it? Hmm well they’re gonna have to come and find out because I don’t know. Well I’m just saying Tim Tebow is gonna teach us how he organizes his day, how he organizes his life, how he’s proactive with his faith, his family, his finances. He’s going to walk us through his mindset that he brings into the gym, into business. It is going to be a blasty blast in Tulsa, Russia. Also, this is the first Thrive Time Show event that we’ve had where we’re going to have a man who has built a $100 million net worth who will be presenting. Now, we’ve had a couple of presenters that have had a billion dollar net worth in some real estate sort of things. But this is the first time we’ve had a guy who’s built a service business and he’s built over a hundred million dollar net worth in the service business. It’s the yacht driving, multi-state living guru of franchising. Peter Taunton will be in the house. This is the founder of Snap Fitness, the guy behind 9 Round Boxing. He’s going to be here in Tulsa, Russel, Oklahoma, June 27th and 28th. JT, why should everybody want to hear what Peter Taunton has to say? Oh, because he’s incredible. He’s just a fountain of knowledge. He is awesome. He’s inspired me listening to him talk and not only that he also has, he practices what he teaches, so he’s a real teacher. He’s not a fake teacher like business school teachers, so you got to come learn from him. Also, let me tell you this, folks, I don’t get this wrong because if I get it wrong, someone’s gonna say, you screwed that up, buddy. So Michael Levine, this is Michael Levine. He’s going to be coming. You say, who’s Michael Levine? I don’t get this wrong. This is the PR consultant of choice for Michael Jackson, Prince, for Nike, for Charlton Heston, for Nancy Kerrigan. 34 Grammy Award winners, 43 New York Times bestselling authors he’s represented, including pretty much everybody you know who’s been a super celebrity. This is Michael Levine, a good friend of mine. He’s going to come and talk to you about personal branding and the mindset needed to be super successful. The lineup will continue to grow. We have hit Christian reporting artist Colton Dixon in the house. Now people say, Colton Dixon’s in the house? Yes, Colton Dixon’s in the house. So if you like top 40 Christian music, Colton Dixon’s going to be in the house performing. The lineup will continue to grow each and every day. We’re going to add more and more speakers to this all-star lineup. But I encourage everybody out there today, get those tickets today. Go to thrivetimeshow.com. Again, that’s thrivetimeshow.com. And some people might be saying, well, how do I do it? What do I do? How does it work? You just go to thrivetimeshow.com. Let’s go there now. We’re feeling the flow. We’re going to thrivetimeshow.com. Thrive is cool. Again, you just go to thrivetimeshow.com. You click on the Business Conferences button, and you click on the Request Tickets button right there. The way I do our conferences is we tell people it’s $250 to get a ticket or whatever price that you can afford. And the reason why I do that is I grew up without money. JT, you’re in the process of building a super successful company. Did you start out with a million dollars in the bank account? No, I did not. Nope, did not get any loans, nothing like that. Did not get an inheritance from parents, anything like that. I had to work for it. And I am super grateful I came to a business conference that’s actually how I met you, met Peter Taunton, I met all these people. So if you’re out there today and you want to come to our workshop again you just got to go to thrive timeshow.com you might say well when’s it gonna be June 27th and 28th you might say well who’s speaking we already covered that you might say where is it gonna be it’s gonna be in Tulsa Russell Oklahoma Tulsa Russell it’s I’m really trying to rebrand Tulsa as Tulsa Russel I’m sort of like the Jerusalem of America. But if you type in Thrive Time Show and Jinx, you can get a sneak peek or a look at our office facility. This is what it looks like. This is where you’re headed. It’s going to be a blasty blast. You can look inside, see the facility. We’re going to have hundreds of entrepreneurs here. It is going to be packed. Now, for this particular event, folks, the seating is always limited because my facility isn’t a limitless convention center. You’re coming to my actual home office and so it’s going to be packed. So when? June 27th to 28th. Who? You! You’re going to come! I’m talking to you. You can get your tickets right now at ThriveTimeShow.com and again, you can name your price. We tell people it’s $250 or whatever price you can afford. And we do have some select VIP tickets which gives you an access to meet some of the speakers and those sorts of things. And those tickets are $500. It’s a two-day interactive business workshop, over 20 hours of business training. We’re going to give you a copy of my newest book, The Millionaire’s Guide to Becoming Sustainably Rich. You’re going to leave with a workbook. You’re going to leave with everything you need to know to start and grow a super successful company. It’s practical, it’s actionable, and it’s TiVo time right here in Tulsa, Russia. Get those tickets today at Thrivetimeshow.com. Again, that’s Thrivetimeshow.com. Hello, I’m Michael Levine and I’m talking to you right now from the center of Hollywood, California Where I have represented over the last 35 years 58 Academy Award winners 34 Grammy Award winners 43 New York Times bestsellers I’ve represented a lot of major stars And I’ve worked with a lot of major companies and I think I’ve learned a few things about what makes them work and what makes them not work. Now why would a man living in Hollywood California in the beautiful sunny weather of LA come to Tulsa? Because last year I did it and it was damn exciting. Clay Clark has put together an exceptional presentation, really life-changing and I’m looking forward to seeing you then. I’m Michael Levine. I’ll see you in Tulsa. James, did I tell you my good friend John Lee Dumas is also joining us at the in-person two-day interactive Thrive Time Show business workshop. That Tim Tebow and that Michael Levine will be at the… Have I told you this? You have not told me that. He’s coming all the way from Puerto Rico. This is John Lee Dumas, the host of the chart-topping EOFire.com podcast. He’s absolutely a living legend. This guy started a podcast after wrapping up his service in the United States military, and he started recording this podcast daily in his home to the point where he started interviewing big-time folks like Gary Vaynerchuk, like Tony Robbins, and he just kept interviewing bigger and bigger names, putting out shows day after day. And now he is the legendary host of the EO Fire podcast. And he’s traveling all the way from Puerto Rico to Tulsa, Oklahoma to attend the in-person June 27th and 28th, live time show, two day interactive business workshop. If you’re out there today, folks, you’ve ever wanted to grow a podcast, a broadcast, you want to get in, you want to improve your marketing. If you’ve ever wanted to improve your marketing, your branding, if you’ve ever wanted to increase your sales, you want to come to the two-day interactive June 27th and 28th Thrive Time Show Business Workshop featuring Tim Tebow, Michael Levine, John Lee Dumas, and countless big-time, super successful entrepreneurs. It’s going to be life-changing. Get your tickets right now at thrivetimeshow.com. James, what website is that? ThriveTimeshow.com. James, one more time for more enthusiasm. TheRidesTimesShow.com Shine, everything rides on tonight Even if I got three strikes I’ma go for it, this moment We own it, ay I’m not to be played with Because it could get dangerous See, these people I ride with This moment Thrive time show two-day interactive business workshops are the world’s highest rated and most reviewed business workshops Because we teach you what you need to know to grow You can learn the proven 13-point business systems that dr. Zellner and I have used over and over to start and grow successful companies We get into the specifics the specific steps on what you need to do to optimize your website. We’re going to teach you how to fix your conversion rate. We’re going to teach you how to do a social media marketing campaign that works. How do you raise capital? How do you get a small business loan? We teach you everything you need to know here during a two day, 15 hour workshop. It’s all here for you. You work every day in your business, but for two days you can escape and work on your business and build these proven systems so now you can have a successful company that will produce both the time freedom and the financial freedom that you deserve. You’re gonna leave energized, motivated, but you’re also gonna leave empowered. The reason why I built these workshops is because as an entrepreneur, I always wish that I had this. And because there wasn’t anything like this, I would go to these motivational seminars, no money down, real estate, Ponzi scheme, get motivated seminars and they would never teach me anything like you went there and you paid for the chocolate Easter Bunny but inside of it it was a hollow nothingness and I wanted the knowledge like oh but we’ll teach you the knowledge after our next workshop and the great thing is we have nothing to upsell at every workshop we teach you what you need to know there’s no one in the back of the room trying to sell some next big get rich quick, walk on hot coals product. It’s literally, we teach you the brass tacks, the specific stuff that you need to know to learn how to start and grow a business. I encourage you to not believe what I’m saying, but I want you to Google the Z66 auto auction. I want you to Google elephant in the room. Look at Robert Zellner and Associates. Look them up and say, are they successful because they’re geniuses or are they successful because they have a proven system? When you do that research you will discover that the same systems that we use in our own business can be used in your business Come to Tulsa book a ticket and I guarantee you it’s going to be the best business workshop ever and wouldn’t give you your money back If you don’t love it We’ve built this facility for you and we’re excited to see it And now you may be thinking, what does it actually cost to attend an in-person, two-day interactive Thrive Time Show business workshop? Well, good news, the tickets are $250 or whatever price that you can afford. What? Yes, they’re $250 or whatever price you can afford. I grew up without money and I know what it’s like to live without money, so if you’re out there today and you want to attend our in-person, two-day interactive business workshop, all you’ve got to do is go to thrivetimeshow.com to request those tickets, and if you can’t afford $250, we have scholarship pricing available to make it affordable for you. I learned at the Academy in Kings Point, New York, acta non verba. Watch what a person does, not what they say. Good morning, good morning, good morning. Harvey Kiyosaki, The Rich Dad Radio Show. Today I’m broadcasting from Phoenix, Arizona, not Scottsdale, Arizona. They’re close, but they’re completely different worlds. And I have a special guest today. A definition of intelligence is if you agree with me, you’re intelligent. And so this gentleman is very intelligent. I’ve done this show before also, but very seldom do you find somebody who lines up on all counts as a Mr. Clay Clark is a friend of a good friend Eric Eric Trump but we’re also talking about money bricks and how screwed up the world can get in a few and a half hour so Clay Clark is a very intelligent man and there’s so many ways we could take this thing but I thought since you and Eric are close Trump what were you saying about what Trump can’t, what Donald, who is my age, and I can say or cannot say. What was the- Well, first of all, I have to honor you, sir. I want to show you what I did to one of your books here. There’s a guy named Jeremy Thorn, who was my boss at the time. I was 19 years old, working at Faith Highway. I had a job at Applebee’s, Target, and DirecTV. And he said, have you read this book, “‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad?” And I said, no. And my father, may he rest in peace, he didn’t know these financial principles. So I started reading all of your books and really devouring your books. And I went from being an employee to self-employed to the business owner, to the investor. And I owe a lot of that to you. And I just wanted to take a moment to tell you, thank you so much for allowing me to achieve success. And I’ll tell you all about Eric Trump. I just want to tell you, thank you, sir, for changing my life. Well, not only that, Clay, thank you, but you’ve become an influencer. More than anything else, you’ve evolved into an influencer where your word has more and more power. So that’s why I congratulate you on becoming. Because as you know, there’s a lot of fake influencers out there, or bad influencers. Yeah. So anyway, I’m glad you and I agree so much, and thanks for reading my books. Yeah. That’s the greatest thrill for me today. Not thrill, but recognition is when people, young men especially, come up and say, I read your book, changed my life, I’m doing this, I’m doing this, I’m doing this. I learned at the Academy, at King’s Point in New York, acta non verba. Watch what a person does, not what they say. Hey, I’m Ryan Wimpey. I’m originally from Tulsa, born and raised here. I went to a small private liberal arts college and got a degree in business. I didn’t learn anything like they’re teaching here. I didn’t learn linear workflows. I learned stuff that I’m not using and I haven’t been using for the last nine years. What they’re teaching here is actually way better than what I got at business school. I went what was actually ranked as a very good business goal. The linear workflow, the linear workflow for us in getting everything out on paper and documented is really important. We have workflows that are kind of all over the place. Having linear workflow and seeing that mapped out on multiple different boards is pretty awesome. That’s really helpful for me. The atmosphere here is awesome. I definitely just stared at the walls figuring out how to make my facility look like this place. This place rocks. It’s invigorating. The walls are super. It’s just very cool. The atmosphere is cool. The people are nice. It’s a pretty cool place to be. Very good learning atmosphere. I literally want to model it and steal everything that’s here at this facility and basically create it just on our business side. Once I saw what they were doing, I knew I had to get here at the conference. This is probably the best conference or seminar I’ve ever been to in over 30 years of business. You’re not bored. You’re awake, alive the whole time. It’s not pushy. They don’t try to sell you a bunch of things. I was looking to learn how to just get control of my life, my schedule, and just get control of the business. Planning your time, breaking it all down, making time for the F6 in your life, and just really implementing it and sticking with the program. It’s really lively, they’re pretty friendly, helpful, and very welcoming. I attended a conference a couple months back and it was really the best business conference I’ve ever attended. At the workshop I learned a lot about time management, really prioritizing what’s the most important. Biggest takeaways are you want to take a step-by-step approach to your business. Whether it’s marketing, what are those three marketing tools that you want to use, to human resources. Some of the most successful people and successful businesses in this town, their owners were here today because they wanted to know more from Clay and I found that to be kind of fascinating. The most valuable thing that I’ve learned is diligence. That businesses don’t change overnight. It takes time and effort, and you’ve got to go through the ups and downs of getting it to where you want to go. He actually gives you the roadmap out. I was stuck, didn’t know what to do, and he gave me the roadmap out step by step. We’ve set up systems in the business that make my life much easier, allow me some time freedom. Here you can ask any question you want, they guarantee it will be answered. This conference motivates me and also gives me a lot of knowledge and tools. It’s up to you to do this. Everybody can do these things. There’s stuff that everybody knows, but if you don’t do it, nobody else is going to do it for you. I can see the marketing working. It’s just an approach that makes sense. Probably the most notable thing is just the income increase that we’ve had. Everyone’s super fun, super motivating. I’ve been here before, but I’m back again because it motivates me. Your competition’s going to come eventually or try to pick up this tag team. So you better, if you don’t, somebody else will. I’m Rachel with Tip Top K9, and we just want to give a huge thank you to Clay and Vanessa Clark. Hey, guys. I’m Ryan with Tip Top K9. Just want to say a big thank you to Thrive15. Thank you to Make Your Life Epic. We love you guys, we appreciate you, and really just appreciate how far you’ve taken us. This is our old house, right? This is where we used to live a few years ago. This is our old neighborhood. See? It’s nice, right? So this is my old van, and our old school marketing, and this is our old team. And by team, I mean it’s me and another guy. This is our new house with our new neighborhood. This is our new van with our new marketing. And this is our new team. We went from four to 14. And I took this beautiful photo. We worked with several different business coaches in the past. And they were all about helping Ryan sell better and just teaching sales, which is awesome, but Ryan is a really great salesman. So we didn’t need that. We needed somebody to help us get everything that was in his head out into systems, into manuals and scripts, and actually build a team. So now that we have systems in place, we’ve gone from one to 10 locations in only a year. In October 2016, we grossed 13 grams for the whole month. Right now it’s 2018, the month of October. It’s only the 22nd, we’ve already grossed a little over 50 grand for the whole month, and we still have time to go. We’re just thankful for you, thankful for Thrive and your mentorship, and we’re really thankful that you guys have helped us to grow a business that we run now instead of the business running us. Just thank you, thank you, thank you, times a thousand. So we really just wanna thank you, Clay, and thank you, Vanessa, for everything you’ve done, everything you’ve helped us with. We love you guys. If you decide to not attend the Thrive Time workshop, you’re missing out on a great opportunity. The atmosphere at Clay’s office is very lively. You can feel the energy as soon as you walk through the door, and it really got me and my team very excited. I’m excited to be here. I’m excited to be here. I’m excited to be here. You can feel the energy as soon as you walk through the door. And it really got me and my team very excited. If you decide not to come, you’re missing out on an opportunity to grow your business, bottom line. Love the environment. I love the way that Clay presents and teaches. It’s a way that not only allows me to comprehend what’s going on, but he explains it in a way to where it just makes sense. The SEO optimization, branding, marketing, I’ve learned more in the last two days than I have the entire four years of college. The most valuable thing that I’ve learned, marketing is key, marketing is everything. Making sure that you’re branded accurately and clearly. How to grow a business using Google reviews and then just how to optimize our name through our website also. Helpful with a lot of marketing, search engine optimization, helping us really rank high in Google. The biggest thing I needed to learn was how to build my foundation, how to systemize everything and optimize everything, build my SEO. How to become more organized, more efficient. How to make sure the business is a success. How to make sure that the business is a success. How to make sure that the business is a success. How to make sure that the business is a success. How to become more organized, more efficient. How to make sure the business is really there to serve me, as opposed to me constantly being there for the business. New ways of advertising my business, as well as recruiting new employees. Group interviews, number one. Before, we felt like we were held hostage by our employees. Group interviews has completely eliminated that, because you’re able to really find the people that would really be the best fit. Hands-on how to hire people, how to deal with human resources, a lot about marketing, and overall just how to structure the business, how it works for me, and also then how that can translate into working better for my clients. The most valuable thing I’ve learned here is time management. I like the one hour of doing your business is real critical if I’m going to grow and change. Play really teaches you how to navigate through those things and not only find freedom, but find your purpose in your business and find the purposes for all those other people that directly affect your business as well. Everybody. Everybody. Everyone needs to attend the conference because you get an opportunity to see that it’s real. ….


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