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John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneurs On Fire has featured Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuck, and other top entrepreneurs on his show and he recently decided to interview Clay Clark about the 8 steps to super success and the 400% EPIC GROWTH of PMHOKC.com.

Clay, what is the first step to achieving super success?

  • Step 1 – Define with great clarity your goals for your faith, family, finances, fitness, friendship and fun.
  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “A goal is a dream with a deadline.” – Napoleon Hill (The legendary best-selling self-help author of Think and Grow Rich and the personal apprentice of the late great Andrew Carnegie)

Clay, after you define your goals, what is the next step?

  • Step 2 – Determine what the achievement of your goals costs financially.

After you have determined what the achievement of your goals costs, how do you actually begin implementing?

  • Step 3 – Find a Person Who Knows the Proven Path to Success and Who Has Personally Followed It to the Top:
    1. “A Carnegie or a Rockefeller or a James J. Hill or a Marshall Field accumulates a fortune through the applications of the same principles available to all of us, but we envy them and their wealth without ever thinking of studying their philosophy and applying it to ourselves. We look at a successful person in the hour of their triumph and wonder how they did it, but we overlook the importance of analyzing their methods. And we forget the price they had to pay in the careful, well-organized preparation that had to be made before they could reap the fruits of their efforts.” – Napoleon Hill
    2. Watch their testimonials and stories at https://www.thrivetimeshow.com/eofire/  

I’ve heard you say that you want to make sure that your goals, your values and the plan of your coach / mentor all align…what do you mean by this?

  • Step 4 – Do a free consultation with them to see if your goals, your values and their plan align 
  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “No one lives long enough to learn everything they need to learn starting from scratch. To be successful, we absolutely, positively have to find people who have already paid the price to learn the things that we need to learn to achieve our goals.” – Brian Tracy (Legendary best-selling author, business speaker and trainer)
  2. CALL TO ACTION – I only work with 160 clients because I become very good friends with them as I help them achieve their goals.
  3. See their stories at – https://www.thrivetimeshow.com/eofire/  

Clay, why do you believe that is important to trust, but verify?

  • Step 5 – Look for testimonials, references, case studies and a trail of success
  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Only the paranoid survive.” – Andy Grove (The co-founder of Intel who escaped from Communist-controlled Hungary at the age of 20 and moved to the United States, where he finished his education.)
  2. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Clay, you have one of your clients with you on today’s show. Randy, how did you first meet Clay and what is the name of your company?
    Randy Antrikan of PMHOKC.com has grown his business from doing $50,000 – $100,000 per month doing $800,000 per month in just 18 short months as a result of relentlessly implementing the proven plan.

Clay, where do most people get it wrong when it comes to actually achieving success?

  • Step 6 – Aggressively and diligently implement
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Vision without execution is hallucination.” – Thomas Edison
    2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The missing ingredient for nearly all of the 1,000-plus clients I have worked with directly to improve their businesses is pigheaded discipline and determination. We all get good ideas at seminars and from books, radio talk shows, and business-building gurus. The problem is that most companies do not know how to identify and adapt the best ideas to their businesses. Implementation, not ideas, is the key to real success.” – Chet Holmes (Best-selling author of The Ultimate Sales Machine)
    3. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Randy, what kind of success and results have you seen since working with Clay Clark and his one-on-one coaching program?

Clay, why do you recommend putting on the blinders and just focusing on implementing after you have found your coach, and a proven plan?

  1. Step 7 – We are in the misinformation age and nefarious or just incorrect people can be very deceptive using celebrities, “as seen on” and various endorsements to pretend to be something that they are not.
  2. FUN FACT – “96 Percent of Businesses Fail Within 10 Years.” – https://www.inc.com/bill-carmody/why-96-of-businesses-fail-within-10-years.html 
  3. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Randy, Clay’s been bragging on you. How would you describe what it has been to implement his business coaching plan and path on a weekly basis?

Clay, why do you always say that you must surround yourself with a competent team if you want to fulfill the dream?

  1. Step 8 – We live in a world where you need great photography, videography, web development, online advertisement management, content writers, sales script writers and more. And if your plan consists of you trying to become great all of these skills, your success will take too long.
  2. CALL TO ACTION – Schedule your FREE 13 point assessment today at: https://www.thrivetimeshow.com/eofire/ 
    1. Testimonials
    2. Case Studies
    3. Our average client grew by 104% last year and many are growing even faster during this COVID-19 CHAOS.
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