Developing the Habit of Doing More Than Paid For | Waging War on the Poverty Mindset (Part 2)

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When you develop the habit of doing more than you are paid to do you will win. However, the world has the habit of asking, “Am I getting paid for this?” Clay Clark and Aaron Antis (The real estate sales trainer who has sold over $800 million of real estate) the importance of embracing the mindset of over-delivering.

  1. Go above and beyond in both work and business. –

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You can’t connect the dots looking forward. You can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.” -Steve Jobs (Co-founder of Apple, the founder of NeXT and the former CEO of Pixar)

  1. Set goals, not wishes.
    1. Create daily “to-do” lists. These are your daily goals. You want to complete 70 percent or more of your “to-do” items every day. –
    2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Set your goals in concrete and your plans in sand”
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Attend the world’s best business workshop, led by the worlds best business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review, claim your tickets by emailing as proof that you did it and your contact information to info at drivetime show.Com, all right, thrivenation. Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio. I am super excited to walk, walk you through this concept of waging war on the poverty mindset. You know that the poverty mindset is a worlds best business coachmindset that says I am where I am today, because of randomness and i:don’t have the ability to control my own destiny. I am where I am because of how I was born. I was raised my hereditary, my race, my genealogy, my i, just i. Don’t have the ability to move beyond just surviving and that’s why I wanted to bring on a guy on the today show. It was literally this guy was literally delivering pizzas when not in an alcohol induced coma. The guy was drinking 22, 24 beers a day delivering pizzas when sober, maybe delivering pizzas would not sober but delivering pizzas, and this guy now has gone on to sell over eight hundred million dollars of real estate. I want to make sure I voice of choice. Could you say eight hundred million dollars just so that we could really marinate on this country’s 800 million dollars. Hundred million dollars? Think about that 800 million dollar? How would justin timberlake voice of choice? A 800 800 million dollars like last week, but lord of the rings smeagol say $800 is $800? How would he voice of $200 $10 of real estate, so they’re walking you through these changes? You have to make these worlds best business coach action steps that you can take I want to make sure you’re hearing somebody who’s chosen to live a different life in the life he was living so this next. This next move that the ultra-wealthy are doing. According to the research you can find in the millionaire next door. It’s a book of case study on millionaires and how they did it and a book called the habits of the rich by tom, corley, i, love. Reading these books and book number 7 is a move.

I can say that I had I started doing when I worked at target after being yelled at i, kept hitting all the pretzels at target my boss kept saying. Could you guys tell me who’s eating? All the pretzels and I’m going on I was very close to the action, but I did not protect you. That kind of thing. Over time, when my new boss, my boss, was my boss, got fired, my new boss came in there and tara very quickly got serious about how you’re not going to eat pretzels you’re fired. You will be at work on time. You will tuck your shirt and exedra exedra. All of a sudden I got serious about life. I read napoleon hill’s book think and grow rich. It teaches that those who have the habit, who those who have developed the worlds best business coach intentional habit of doing more than their paid to do always get paid for more than they do so. Moon ever set go above and beyond in both work and business with shaw homes talk about going above and beyond in both working business, and when did you, when did you first start doing that I mean when, when did because obviously know you stole $800 real estate? When did you first start going over and above in both working business? Good question? Actually it started while I was still at domino’s, pizza, so interesting ly at domino’s pizza, you just get paid a very low hourly wage. We are delivering pizzas and then I had an iranian manager who screamed at me and languages. I didn’t understand, and so I was always doing something wrong, but I made a decision back then that I was going to be the best domino’s pizza delivery driver that anybody’s ever seen on the face of the planet.

I was going to have the most efficient x delivering pizzas obey every single law, as I was driving, which I hadn’t done previously and I was also going to make as many pieces as I could help out when I wasn’t driving I was just going to go above and beyond. I was the first guy who offered to clean up the dishes at the end of the night or the clothes when somebody else wanted to go home early now. Listen to this listen or mrs. Listener. I know that you have your crap together. I know that you are a person’s ability to wear. This is for your friend, but anybody whoever asks the question am I going to get paid, for that will always be a pathetic loser. Anybody, whoever ass, even one time the question am I going to get paid for that immediately has jumped into a category called a pathetic loser, and you will continue to lose your entire life. Not anybody who asks what else can I do and how can I improve? They will make more money now. You might think. That’s a clever question to ask:am I getting paid for that? Let me tell you what I have hundreds of employees that I directly manage with the worlds best business coach company that I coached and I’m a part owner of equity partner? There is about 500 employees between the whole network of all the things I’m involved in and I think. This is phenomenal because aaron, antis and shaw homes, you guys have a team of builders framers. You have flooring people, you pride yourself, I’m in the top reviewed home for the top reviewed the home building companies in oklahoma bible. If you have a kind of shaw, homes.Com, shaw homes.Com right now, it could be cheaper to build a new home. Then it could be to rent with the current in traits that are on the way up go to shaw homes.Com.

When somebody asks you am I going to get paid for this, why are they almost immediately dead to every business owner because they’re looking to do the minimum amount they want to? Literally what’s the least amount I can do without you firing me today, I literally had somebody who died in my mind 90 days ago and I’m about 45 days away. It was 45 days away from hunting, so I’m just telling you this person keeps asking that question am I getting paid for this am I getting paid for this, and we have a very, very great team to one of the businesses. There’s a person who asks that and they’re dead they’re dead, they’re driving I can be successful. So if you ask that question replace it with a new question, how can I get better? What else can I do with a huge question? I’m not at all trying to brag on myself at all, but I have people in the office. I have other clients, they ask me:how did you get to where you are you’re doing radio show with clay what you asked all the time you always do. You say how can i? Do it better right? What else can I do? I can I’ve never even asked you what I’m getting paid I trust that I’m getting into it from you I’m learning every day and we’re both building to weir road in the same direction and I know that when we get there, I will get paid until not even worry about it, and that and it’s so it’s so true that if you ask the question, how can I get better you so those seeds if you’re working for somebody that has their stuff together? It will always come back to this one,. It’s been sewing good seeds for a long long time until sets platinum past these guys at platinum past what they do. You say about no brainer out there check, but it’s a dollar.

The first service is a dollar in the first service, because it’s a dollar they sell that seed of doing a great job, believing that the law of reciprocity will come back and that’s why they have thousands of customers. They work with. Tell listeners about platinum pest that you get to choose actually have three worlds best business coach services. You can choose for a dollar, so pissed service, termites, ants spiders, at cetera. How you can get a lawn service where they do weed controller fertilization? Do they actually have a third wheel? I can pull out of snake out of a lake. They can, if you have it in my mojito service, you have to choose from the mosquito control treatment, heals the mosquito. What do I have a bee on my knee. You want to call a beekeeper. What’s the phone number 209-376-0857 again, that’s 918-376-0857 platinum pest & lawn., com and now back to the tri time, show on top radio 1170. My time show on your radio, where we’re eating out of a start here book the amazon best-selling book that you can download for free. As always at drivetime, show. Com. You can download the e-book version of the worlds best business coach start here to amazon best-seller for free today by going to drivetime show.Com in the voice of choice for reading a notable quotable on page 20 from the start of your book from man by the name of steve jobs, the co-founder of apple, the founder of next in the former ceo of pixar. What does he have to say? You can’t connect the dots looking forward. You can only connect them looking backward, so you have to trust that the dots will somehow connected in your future. You have to trust in something your gut destiny, life, karma whatever and summer break it down these the success principles of ultra successful people and steve jobs says he says you can’t connect the dots looking for it was. That means you have to take action against a an action.

Keep that motion going keep that motion, but you can’t pick your part ii by usher moving you’re moving next thing. You know, there’s like an exit ramp, you didn’t anticipate you take that you fill up the bus with gas. You meet somebody at the gas station, they might know somebody who knows somebody and you just keep moving, but the people who don’t ever have success. They don’t keep moving talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, it’s a very wealthy people. Have you talked about waging war on the poverty mindset is people that are setting wishes, which requires no action. Setting goals which require action. You see, discipline is the connection point between dreams and results. Discipline is the connection between discipline. Discipline. Is the worlds best busienss coach connection between the goal and the results? I see a lot of people that say:gosh I have that big goals truck goals and that you’re taking daily action upon them so I’m, going to give me example of a goal:i had my life I like aaron antis, a man who sold, the eight hundred million dollars a real estate to share his his goal. How much I’mma start with shared mine here so I had a goal, and this girl was probably I’d, say 2007 when it first happened. I wanted to mentor millions and I wanted to have a business opportunity for every single person. I came in contact, it said I would like to make $100,000 a year, but didn’t have a business idea or chasing around ideas that don’t work. So when do the find a way, what is a way where I could honestly, without an mlm scam without a pyramid scheme? What is a way that I could say to every single person I’ll ever meet ever at any situation ever if you want to make $100,000 a year, I have a way for you to do it.

If you are a diligent door, that was a member talking about that, I want to have a how to do that right now in about 90 days. All of those are happening at one time because I’ve been working on it for a long time. So let me just walk you through the opportunity. So now, if you’re listening and you said, I wanted $100,000 a year, I would say:okay, you want to work at your home or at your own officemates, okay cool. You can buy a tip top k-9 location, a business up, a franchise where you can actually go out there and train dogs and I’m no exaggeration. You can literally make over $100,000 a year and if you’re markets available training seen the numbers in english. What that’s a real thing, I mean the first dog training session is a dollar. After that the client gets to see the different options, half of them convert and the average tickets over $1,500, and so you do $180 a year bam. You did it pretty crazy at 85% profit margin. If you train the dog yourself, i, really don’t like my name, i, don’t like dogs, you take person, you just said it. You just heard your own radio show you sick freak. Okay, that’s that you would pay me if you can make for millionaire train dogs to train a dog gets too much you’re asking too much not going to do it. So you could say carpet.

Cleaning oxy, fresh.Com check them out. They have over 50 individual franchisees with 500 some odd locations and territories, hundred twenty-nine thousand reviews at the thing which of these guys, really deep, deep phone repair, smartphone repair experts, maybe less than a hundred grand band you own your own business you’re pulling in a hundred grand a year phone doctors are like cheers by don’t serve alcohol. I go you know what? If you want to create that mojo worlds best business coach atmosphere, you wouldn’t be the place with a lot of high energy. You can buy an elephant in the room, men’s grooming franchise that are already getting across the finish line to franchise and I’ve been working on for over 4 years. So the question I’d have from your sister and aunt. This is when you were drinking literally north of 20 beers a day while delivering pizza for domino’s. How did you go from there to selling eight hundred million dollars of real estate? What goals did you said or how did you get out of that cycle of poverty, so I met a man like I was talking about earlier one of my first mentors who is making a six-figure income per month and what he told me is he said aaron you have to stop doing what you’re doing right now and do something different. He said:i noticed that the worlds best business coach successful people they set their goals in concrete and their plans in sand, and so people who aren’t going to get successful there, the opposite of that it’s like they say they have a goal and I’m going to sell a whole bunch of home this month or whatever, and then somebody calls them on friday evening and they’re like hey. Do you guys want to go, do something tomorrow and he’s like yeah? Let me call in sick tomorrow on a weekend:cuz we never sell real estate on the weekend. I mean that’s a during the week thing, but so you know they changed their plans and give up on their goals too easy.

So when I was still delivering, domino’s pizza I knew that I wanted to be successful and I knew that I had big worlds best business coach goals. So my friend, who is my mentors name, was jim jim told me aaron setting goals and going after them is going to be painful and he used to wear a rubber band around his wrist and he would take that rubber band all the time and pull it and snap it on himself for life, and he was doing that to remind himself that you’re going to go through pains when you stretch towards your goals. Are you serious? He would do this. He really did this all the time it’s so he just was like chasing after your goals is sometimes going to be painful right. But if you set aside the fun stuff in life once in awhile to chase after those goals, you’ll eventually get there. That’s worth talking about waging war on the poverty mindset and slapping your wrist with rubber band, if needed, to to pull yourself accountable. This next move is absolutely something I see all successful people do it’s date. They have found a way to eliminate procrastination entirely out of their lies. It’s not even quite grasp anymore, so this is what I do. This is how I do it. This is what I do is i, say no to everything that is ever presented to me unless it is a heck, yeah, absolutely I’m going to do it. Let’s go dominate i, just say no and there’s so many opportunities that are coming everyday, like buses like cars like birds flying over his opportunities. So people always pitching me. Ideas like a man if you want invest in 50,000, is 20000 – 10000 in this i, just I literally start off by saying no, and then it’s like prove me otherwise, and then, when the deal make sense, I meet with my wife and my wife is like:is this your highest and best use? Do you like the people you would be working with cuz? We have unity takes three years to get something like being the worlds best business coachinto orbit. Do you want to work on the same quest for 3 years, and if you say yes, it was do it, but it’s it’s like. We have that discussion as a family and i. Think a lot of people say yes to a lot of things.

They don’t actually want to do and then they procrastinate so give example. Recently I was at invited by worlds best business coach client pastor brian to go on a trip to israel that you will see the holy land and there’s nothing in the world that I want to do less than to go to the holy. Land I have no interest to travel to go to see what I look across the tailor. Does my wife really wants to go so I’m probably going to end up on that and then that played in november just cuz. My wife is a great lady and she puts with me and i. Tell you make those trade-offs. You say for her benefit. Maybe I could I could do it. Maybe they have enough vodka to keep me inebriated. What we fly, I just makes me so I’m afraid of flights, I’m afraid of speed in for the height and weight of motion, sickness, I’m, afraid the whole experience but I procrastinated on giving her an answer. Right, no I said no I’m, not going if I change my mind. That could be a thing but i, say immediate know you make decisions, yo the fact that you decide what happens a lot of times. You don’t want to do something. You can’t be honest with yourself about us, you’re saying yes, yeah I’ll get back with you on a whole bunch of things, and then you end up getting overwhelmed by all the decisions you have to make. So I would encourage you to have the worlds best busienss coach mindset of saying no to almost everybody unless you’re sincerely passionate about it, and one thing that we see if I’ll be able to reach out to us when to advertise, for the show in my immediate response is no but prove me wrong. When one guy said you have been in business for 25 years, I help people prepare their taxes and I go how many years 25 plus years.

What you do for her taxes. Myself seems like he’s emotionally stable can I get a list of references, I called those references seems like it makes sense. I start asking my clients. Do you, like your account? Everyone universally would say? No, no, no, no! No! No! No! No! So I thought you know what let’s go ahead and meet this guy. That’s why we recommend that’s what we allowed paul hood to sponsor our show, its hood cpas., to hood cpas. Comcom today at 918-747-7907 for 7 7000, no help you become proactive about your personal accounting state


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