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Get unstuck from your current paradigm in life and business and start seeing huge gains in your F6 goals (Faith, Family, Finances, Friendships, Fitness, and Fun). Listen, laugh, and learn from our business coach team.

This is your year to took that you will find today is your day and now is your time, but diligent hands bring wealth Proverbs 10:4. I’M here as a business coach to tell you you can do it if you can just motivate yourself to the masses Deja Vu with. I could rendezvous misshapen tree that I had to prune. I had to make us to be here at noon and you will use an Xbox one up to you, how I remember my days back in the drawer room at try to consume from The Mountaintop. Now I can conclude that too. Alright transmission won’t go back to the conversation, is a five-time show on your radio and the entire reason why we have the show. The entire reason why we get together each week and do this show each day is because we believe that you have the power to change. We believe you have the power to to change, to actually begin to craft your thoughts to begin to think new thoughts. Do we get to take new actions and to produce new results? I’M teaching this this pattern that Napoleon Hill teaches the first thing you have to do to become successful, as you have to begin thinking. New thoughts to before you can take me to talk to the change the inputs to go in your head so step one.

You have got to be intentional about what you put in your head, cuz garbage in garbage out garbage in garbage out. You know a lot of people. Studies have shown that people play a lot of violent video games become more violent people that watch a lot of adult content, come more violent people that listen to positive music become more positive. People that attended church more often tend to have a more positive people that watch motivational movies tend to be more motivated people to listen to upbeat music, while working out tend to be more upbeat while working out. So you have to do control.. What goes into your head, you are, you are in charge of that you are in control of your mind, your mental environment. What are you putting in your head step to step to after you decide we’re going to put in your head, then what you have to do is your going to think you thought just subconsciously. You know your business coach mind starts to think positive. Because you have been feeding it. The proper fixed then step 3 you’ll, be here to take me to actions you once taken actions, because you will know that evil on the bus achieve success. The same way you and I can fix it – you’ll know how Walt Disney achieve success. You will understand how Russell Simmons achieve success. You’Ll begin, instead of just looking at successful people and their hour of triumphant saying, why must be nice instead of looking at a successful person when they cross the finish line and say: oh, it must be lucky looking at somebody who’s physically in shape and saying what I must be nice, you begin to ask yourself: how did they do that and then the next step is you begin to model your behavior after successful people, you can get to do what to tell people do and then you begin to receive the results. The fruit from doing what it says we will do, it’s not that complicated. It really is a think about. Are you if your? If your sewing seeds on concrete on on non fertile ground, you’re, probably going to have less fruit and if you sowed the seeds on fertile ground right.

But if you haven’t studied a successful farmer before your kind of new to the planet that you don’t know how farming works, you might just be working super hard sowing seeds in the wrong time around on the wrong crowd, and so with my DJ business. It took me years because I was marketing my disc jockey service to exclusively the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce, turns out very few brides-to-be, go to the chamber, shopping, the chamber, meeting, sign and ship right, and they were convinced that I needed a membership in order to Market Myself, I bought a big, Better Business Bureau membership, the Better Business Bureau DJ. I was networking with the Bixby Chamber of Commerce and it turns out to Brides people running into one lady, Miss Michelle Burns Michelle. If you’re listening, I met Michelle at the Bixby Chamber of Commerce event and I had the opportunity DJ for her daughter, Ashley and I did get a lot of the Bixby events for their school. But it turns out there’s not a lot of weddings at those chamber of the chamber events so once I finally figured out this combination of how to do the marketing the sales, the customer service, the accounting, I thought you all use the same systems for different businesses Until one by one, I begin to grow, one of the largest business coach marketing companies in Oklahoma make your life epic. I begin to grow elephant in the room, Men’s Grooming, Lounge. I begin to grow DJ connection, navigate to grow epic photography, a group party Pro or two times call Party Perfect rentals. I grew the wedding show. I grew a lot of things and then took off and succeeded because it was a proven system until this. The third phase of my career chop is my final is at once. You learn that step 1 Step 2 that you can get to earn, but then, if you have a soul, your goal baby to want to return right cuz. She want to learn which aren’t going to Mentor the masses now that I’ve got it figured out, I’m 27 years old, 28 years old, that I’m almost you getting into almost 30. I really don’t need to work very much anymore, so I’m going to spend my time.

Mentoring, the masses, and so I basically like I was kind of like living in San Diego and Las Vegas. I would go there all the time, but personally know the event United in in New York. First business coach step: is you fly out there white shop pretty much a whole day, then you set up your the first step. Is you got to make sure you got everything to write? The speech first takes about 5 to 10 hours to write. It was you have to edit make the slideshow. Then you have to talk to the event planner to book the event to get the deposit and secure the payment. Then you got to travel to laptops in case one crashes and multiple thumb drives and post up stands and there’s a bit in the books are heavy books. The tubs of books turns out those are super heavy. In the end, it big do they charge you based on the way to ship the bus. So now you travel with the books and you go there and you get about an hour to speak to the people who are there because they want to be I’m going to go to at 90 %.

Don’T want to be there at all somebody’s making them be there most. They have to be there because someone has made them, and so now, you’re speaking to an audience of people that aren’t Seekers they don’t want to get better. They just are forced to be there. So you meet people in your like high. It will put your name and I member at the New York event, in particular one lady. She says: oh I’m actually with the bank or one of the sponsors thanks for being here is our speaker. I still great. So I’m going to talking today about moving beyond surviving to start your own business. What kind of business do you want to start? Oh, I would never want to start a business. I just have to be here. Cuz. We have a sponsor table right. So the entire time I’m talking she’s texting because she don’t have to be forcing someone to go to church with you. They don’t want to be there. It’S like forcing somebody to go golfing with you do despises golf until I spoke for UPS. You know and guess what I spoke to UPS in in Denver as a business coach and turn ouch up about 10 % of the people. Guess what wanted to be one of those people they hired turns out. It’S a HR talk, talk about how to treat your cut your employees, your fellow teammates, with respect and let such a passionate subject that they all wanted to be there.

Okay, so you find out that okay, I know what I got to do. I got to improve my speaking skills, so you have Carlton Pearson. You know how I had that. Had him help me advise me on how to become a better speaker. I got all the books that I had become a better speaker and see how many people today here remember when you were a kid and then like 10 % of people here have a kid. How do people hear people put the hands me see how many people are here? Is this thing on and then people can you use get to pick up? The Joker becomes a comedy routines like business comedy. Then you find the need to say how many, if you hear, want to become the best HR manager possible. How many view of you can triple your income to improve your HR skills if you, if you could get a cheap, complete time, Freedom as a result of Simply learning 3 Secrets? How many? If you would want to know that the secrets – and now they find me to build rapport, you found the need to put the phone down now he’s getting benefits of supported by facts, but still at work. And then you have an hour to speak. So I discovered that long form speaking is my way. Short form speak, like a hawk on how to achieve success. In my mind, is a stupid premise that possible, but I can say during a two-day conference or two-day workshop, you me phones off your spouse. You can ask questions, there’s no business coach upselling it just you, your your your business team me, you want to be there. This is something you want to go to chosen you’ve chosen to fly here from all over the world. We are going to take 2 days out of our life when I block it off cell phones off smart phones, off brains on where it’s all at either no questions are at about. You can ask me any question possible:

I’m going to lead you through the proven 13 step path, the doctors out and I’ve used to build 13 multimillion-dollar companies right and we’re going to teach you and then chop you up into these workshops. All of them and it’s it’s – do we not get from results? It’S so awesome like a lot of people. If you listen to previous podcast or shows you know, my parents had a commercial, concrete company growing up and it so awesome to see all of these people come together in one spot and have the exact same problems. My parents have the exact same problems: every client, that we were that everybody has the same issues and when everybody shows up, we say a lot like iron sharpens iron. So you see these other business coach Grinders. You see these other entrepreneurs and you guys talk there and you come up with new questions or somebody else asked a question that makes you think I never even thought about it from that way and it just awesome New Orleans who apparently is getting far more leads And never receiving his life when I result of like Schwartz Schwartz Schwartz for like 3 weeks and his lead just to transform, he had no online leave.

If I remember correctly and now he’s just getting like dozens – and it’s just I know, Tip Top K-9 is up with like 70 % full package media startup doing great they’re on the process of franchising right now, so amazing. So it’s just it’s awesome will and if you want to come to the conference, if we’re giving away two free tickets to the free ticket to free tickets, all you got to do is get on iTunes or stitchers. Look for the Thrive time show iTunes or Stitcher. Step 1 subscribe, subscribe to the podcast on iTunes District drive to the Pod correct on Stitcher or I to step to leave a review, leave a review of hidden object of review. Let us know we want to get better, we want to hear what you have to say. Let us have it and then prove it prove to say you got that would be so screenshot and email it to info at 3:15. Com you get to 399 dollar tickets of worth of tickets and you’re going to get Dida book thrive, thrive, book late at work. So it’s actually more philosophy of it all, and so it’s actually to value. So if you do that February 16th 17 business coach conference send that review screenshot to that info at 3:15.. I will get you 2 tickets and the Thrive book know we come back.

We’Ll talk about chapter 5 or Phase 5 of my career as we’re talking about how you can find significant swim before we get back from the break. I encourage you to get a piece of paper and write down and what areas of your career. Are you not satisfied and what areas of your career do you feel stuck and we come back and see if we can get unstuck it’s a new year, it’s a new you, let’s make it happen. Radio get ready to answer is that thrive time show on talk. Radio 1170: I had to make cuts to be your day, be at noon, so I can change the rules. It’S up to you, how I remember my days back in the drawer room, the Temple of Doom well with the shops at try to consume for the future. That I can pursue what from The Mountaintop now I can conclude that you have what it takes if you wanted your success, you will today is your day and now is your time today is your day and Captain Hook their Martin hop on the chorus there. Unbelievable now, thrive nation were talking today about specifically how you can find significance with this new year and this new you. It specifically were just kind of walking you through the chapters of my business career. So maybe you could say yep I’ve been stuck there for a decade. After my business career was just trying to earn Financial Freedom, and so I read the hundred-thousand-dollar club, a great business coach book read that book and Chihuahua mix.

You put a link to the video how to make a six-figure income of the top 5 % of your industry. You have to be better than almost everybody else. It’S over me. I had to read a different book than what you’re going to have to wait, because I had to learn how to get good at my particular industry, and so I’d like to put an a link there to the book. I read the DJ book. Do you have a DJ book with you because you’re not going to have to read this book unless you want to come and eat the mobile DJ handbook how to start and run a profitable mobile disc jockey is such a good book feels like it would be? A good read that just sent of your industry, you got to make a list of all the problems that you can solve for your ideal unlikely buyers. He can go. Do that now. Step to step to this is business coach chapter 2. For me, is your competition.? Hey you? It’S going to happen if you eat there is never been a business. I’Ve ever worked with him ever been around ever seen, was ever achieved success without having a big competitor. It’S going to happen. I mean Southwest Airlines ran into a world of trouble from their competition. That she tried to make it illegal illegally, try to pass laws to keep them from being in business. I could go on and on just spending the entire shows, and maybe at some point I will talk about the absolute hell does. Southwest Airlines went through to get started Sam Walton, when he was, he finally got his Variety Store to be Prophet was Ben Franklin store and his landlord became his competitor say just chose to not renew his lease. Just kick him out on the street and the guy. Just took over his business, I mean that it happened and he been in business for years.

He’S kind of things happen all of the time Walt Disney. He finally created a mouse. The people like yesterday was Mickey wasn’t making. You was Mortimer. Give me the name of Mortimer Mortimer was his first mouse that he made that the people liked and turns out. He didn’t have the rights to use it because his client became his competitor. You know what does he lost it all seven times before he? Finally, teamed up with his brother wife wanted to make it illegal for him to even make an automobile saying that they had the patent on the concept of the automobile to begin with too many years of my life fighting them. So I wish, if I could go back at it again, I would have just had a pep talk. I would hurt the show and would have heard hey. You know what, if your competition’s talking about you they’re just scared, that’s what my mentor Lori Montague right.

She was built a multimillion-dollar companies and I was so worked up about always trying to write every wrong to call them meeting them for lunch, trying to lunch my competitors trying to see if we can get on the same page, and now I think about him going This time we have possibly got on the same page about I’m, I’m a Palestinian and I want to kill all the juice and you’re Jewish, and you believe that you is it. Israel had your own right to exist and I is a member of the Iranian. You know milimilitia on Military government. I believe the doll the infidels so you know, should be pushed into the deceit you don’t have to. I mean seriously the extreme radical members of the of the Muslim being a friend to group in Iran that don’t have a whole lot of common ground. What’S the Israelis they did their goal is to destroy them. I understand you got to quit spending time with way too long. On that Chapter 3 of my life, I had to design a sustainable schedule, 2007 related even determined. I had a black problem until I actually wrote down the business coach F6 life goals for Faith, Family finances, Fitness friendship, fun and I realize I wasn’t having any fun. I wasn’t at Albany friendships. I was staying in shape. I was making money, but I wasn’t spending any time with my family and I wasn’t pursuit of my fate. You had your F2 goals on lockdown, I did. I have my phone or mid. This is this is serious. No, I mean Donald J Trump has been divorced. Couple times, Elon Musk divorced, Steve Jobs divorced a lot of times our marriage don’t work cuz if they sacrificed everything for the almighty dollar and have a successful life and family. I know it’s possible, you can do you can do it chapter 4. All the time in Las Vegas speaking to UPS O’Reilly’s, you know National Community Bankers, Association, exp, Realty, Maytag, University Farmers, Insurance, realizing that it the end of the day, did the format of doing a one-hour motivational talk. Is it going to teach people to technical skills, they need to learn to build a sales script for optimize their website or to fix their account until we start creating the workshops we have in Tulsa and now they’re Delicious Orchards are two days long there for 15 Hours a power, but it took me 3 years of travel around speaking all the time. I never want you – and I had like 8 events to realize, know what these 30-minute oxy 40 minute talk, I’m getting paid well, but I’m not able to answer any detailed questions and you’re gone for 3 or 4 days.

I’M gone, always prepping for the next event. Travel around my books, while putting on my print pieces up everywhere, and I decided to just be trying to find the pants that you didn’t bring with you and that’s why we have those workshops so much better, chapter 5. This is where I have been stuck until, like the last like, like last 6 months, yeah pruning the tree of mine, Drapers and Frenemies. So we come back we’re to talk about pruning the tree. I’M excited to get in mine, Drapers and friend, Amy’s friends of my enemies are my enemies. Enemies are my enemies. It’S about time show on your radio broadcasting live from the center of the universe school without the BS. Before you sell there with us SBA entrepreneur of the Year business coach clay Clark, what you got to be started from the bottom, I was being present that you got to get it done today and self-discipline to fall on your face. Cut yourself up again at yourself and ask yourself what you would be apply, what you learned increase, which Carter increase? What you burn in indu tell me again when it’s what you learn increase, what you earn in due time: you’ll have money to burn. That is my prayer. That’S my passion, that is my entire focus is to help you achieve both time. Freedom and Financial Freedom and on Today Show we’re talking about finding significance, and specifically one of the issues that I had is Gone chapter 5 of my business career.

The time now, 6 months into this is my the last two chapters are really kind of. Like my my I don’t know why it is always evolving you’re, always evolving right. Everybody was always getting better or worse prancing the same though, and so what are the things? I start to be very intentional about about 6 months ago was pruning the tree of Mind rapers and friends and Frenemies. Now I want to make sure the word rape is. It is a bad word, but it’s it’s where you are forcibly you’re, forcibly doing something to somebody right, your ear and where I’ve been and it’s it’s awful and one of the things I discovered was because I know how to build a successful company and because that’s Not hard for me anymore, a lot of people that are not I’m not giving permission to enter into my life will. What will reach out job there and they’re, not clients, I don’t mind helping clients right, but the client they’re. Just somebody in my life who says hey, I have a question, and so I feel bad or felt bad but guilty that I wasn’t able to help them. Not a problem is you think about elephant in the room or whatever? Okay. So what you take elephant? The room is example: employees in each one of them has a 30-minute question per month, but just one 30 minutes 1990 employees. So 91 30 minute question. Then that would equal for me. That would be 2700 minutes. That’S 45 hours right, just lost 45 hours of time with my kids, so I’ve started to say increasingly, as our companies have scaled, I’m not available, but stick to the orchard.

Secret Show talk to your manager and when you do that it upsets people chop that used to have access to you did you just doesn’t make sense. That’S true, so let me give example that. It’s it’s. It is what it is and I think that Ryan handle it fine, but my friend Ryan Tedder, he was the guy who started the group. One Republic and I used to get wood call Ryan he’d answer the phone. You call me, I answer the phone I saw. He performed at my wedding, I was on the floor in college. If I wanted to borrow toothpaste, I can walk down the hall. If you wanted to borrow a mic, he walked down the hall and we got to be off.. You know from college and Ryan wrote that little ditty called Too Late to Apologize after working for like 6 years in the business coach music industry. Snow traction writing songs for artists, that you know, people knew their name, but he wasn’t getting a lot of credit. No, that’s not true clay he’s an overnight success. He was riding for a Bubba Sparxxx in route to his overnight. Okay, he was riding for Jaci Velasquez AJ from the Backstreet Boys, OK Lance from NSYNC, but never like the NSYNC or never like the big that it was like the guy who worked for the big hit. You and so Ryan, though, when he got a ton of Success I mean One Republic is, is massive now and it’s massive and so guess what started to have one? I would call right, you know what happened when I tried to call Ryan you even answer he wouldn’t answer., Not turn. It was a passport to go to home in Colorado and spend time with him, but I would call he would no longer answer the phone because he had to have somebody who’s entire job was to get the hanger honors out of the picture. Filter yeah because I mean if, if Jay Z, calling him or Beyonce’s calling him and Austin said he wrote the song halo, so it could be Jay-Z or Beyonce or Bono from U2 and he’s written songs for you to he’s to work with him. If they’re calling to get ahold of him about a song he’s working on briana’s trying to reach him or Kelly Clarkson or Adele on Ernie’s artist, that he’s worked with. If they’re trying to get ahold of Paul McCartney, I mean, if they’re, trying to get ahold of him for real. If they’re trying to get ahold of him, he can have his phone line be filled with everybody. He’S ever met you a lot of people in the reality is my relationship with him was a very positive relationship. I wasn’t his best friend and I know it was hard for him, but he probably had to make a list and go. You know what I can be accessible moving forward to these people, but not to everybody. It was buddy.

Dave went to college with Dave. His friend became kind of like his assistant nuggets filter, so you couldn’t call right anymore. You call Dave, and now I don’t even know who you have to call, because I can reach you if I wanted to, but there was a time in my life where I could reach him, and I can just tell you that I’m not mad at him. It’S just if you’re going that you can’t create more time, and I would make more money and so 1 Constable learned along the way and I’d like for you to maybe talk about this, because this is something you need to make a list right now of the People who are friends of your enemies, because the friends of your enemies are your enemies, the friends of your enemies. Are your enemies or friends of my enemies are my enemies, because passive aggressive people are worse than aggressive people. Can you please explain what it means to be a friend of the enemy yeah? So let’s say you have it a common acquaintance and then you find out that your friends with somebody you’ve been in a business battle with or you were Partners at one point and you guys had a bad breakup. Well, is it going to make sense for you to invest that we’re talking about time, Freedom right? Are you going to invest time and somebody that you know is loyal to your opposition right if you know that they’re going to be loyal to them? Why spend that? I’M developing that related to the deep thought I got. You develop a relationship, that’s not going to produce anything for you.

Now, I’m not saying be selfish in only develop relationships with people. You can take advantage of that’s not what we’re getting at, but everything you know what it’s one of the business pig rules. If you got to make everything a win-win right, pigs get fat, fat and Hogs get butcher’s, broom haircut business. I don’t care where you go, who intentionally we had an employee on our team, who was busted from spur stealing clients and doing some stuff was really shady, so I fired the guy it when I as a business coach fired the guy, a guy who I thought was my friend from Oral Roberts University started getting his haircut at that guy’s business. Furthermore, he started encouraging other people to get their hair cut at the. He was actually a friend of mine. We so I called him I said: hey. Are you aware of why he was fired? He said. Well, yeah – and I said so, how could you still be friends with the guy who screwed us like that? I’M an understanding, hey, look, buddy, you know, God going to forgive him and you’re a friend of my enemy right. You are my enemy. We come back. We’Ll talk more about the difficulty of pruning the tree of mine, Drapers and Frenemies, presenting the world’s only business school without the BS with optometrist can’t entrepreneur, dr.

Robert zoellner, and he ussba entrepreneur of the Year clay Clark. Colour-Pop jump like a horse show me the help. You score puts, and I could not be more excited, if possible, for me to be more excited to be here with you, because I know that this is what the Lord wants me to do. I know that I am specifically is sitting in the right seat at the right time talking to right listeners about the right subjects. I know somebody today needs to hear this message. We’Re talking about finding significance in specifically, were what can I walk through my career? My history, chapter 5 or part 5 of my my career – and this is this – is the part – that’s difficult to swim in the last 6 months of my life actually, but it’s pruning the tree of mine, Drapers and Frenemies, a Mine Draper. My mind is so who forcibly tries to get knowledge out of my head and they are not a customer and they are not somebody in the org chart who should have access to me right, and so I just give example. I get a lot of text messages from people that email, but will text me a message that is like at least a page-long text or talk to text messages, and it’s like a series of questions, so they can still say hey. My permalink on my website is: is off um. Is there anyway, you could tell me how to adjust it, but they’re, not a paying customer. Is there not a business coach paying client they’re, not somebody who’s, really, a friend of mine, there’s somebody. I know it’s an acquaintance. 4 years ago, where those say hey real quick, I wanted to see this is how could you speak at an event in Oklahoma City, and I have no problem I’m on it would want to put up with me and have me come speak there and they said We heard you speak a different event years ago would like you to speak, and so I was I thought of tactful, but I cannot speak so. I have 5 kids and I’m trying to speak to them. You know a lot this year going to try to invest time with my kids and she says yeah, but it’s it’s a thing where, like we were really counting on it, and I said I appreciate that and I’m sorry, if I let you guys down in some Capacity, but I’m not going to do any events, nor did I commit to doing the event event. Planner told me that you did it last year. The charity event raise money for this, where I should have an honorarium of ,000 and my goal this year is to be the best dad in the world. So I’m going to be going to Colorado every 4 weeks, if possible, book a trip to Colorado because I have business there and I can write it off because I will do business one there and I love the mountains and I love my kids and I want To do that, and I also want to have a workshop for our listeners every month, because people love those things, and I want to do it once a month, and I really, I am also going to be working for a dollar a year for a church in Owensboro helping them build their system since I want to do that and in the night I just wish you wouldn’t get off the subject, so I finally had to just so. You know what it’s not going to happen. We’Re done. She said some negative things. So Matthew 5:10 is the verse that I would it says blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness for theirs is the kingdom of heaven? I am a business coach not saying I’m right this all the time just I was right to stand up for my kids and my family. Can certainly no one else is in your goals. That’S the whole thing like she’s put something else on you. That’S not what this out your gold. She was attacking the idea that I wasn’t available and so Peter you know Peter is he worked with Jesus? You know, and then he denied him three times. Peter denied Jesus three times before the rooster crowed at as was prophesied. He denied him Judas betrayed Jesus, and so I just find that whether you’re Jesus Christ or you’re a fairly good manager, business owner you’re, going to be betrayed. Persecuted, turned in for a few coins in judices case. He turned it over for money. This introduces the concept of the Justice bus and that the phrase I’ve been working on all your eyes. That’S it that’s all time., My wife is a babe. There is no justice, there is just us and I couldn’t handle the Traders with an abacus, so the gossiping betray, like the name who does right so coattail, riding maggots, coattail, riding maggots they’ll, each and fuss that their Fame hadn’t happened yet right. So that’s when I send a picture to Springs, I got hot, and so I would just say: is that lazy and make her property but diligent hands, bring wealth Proverbs 10:4 Proverbs 13:11 dishonest money dwindled away to people that are wanted to get rich, quick. Won’T. Like me, people that aren’t sowing the seeds always want money from me, people that don’t get to work with our business coach program because we’re already booked out in their Category 5 chiropractors in the same city. It’S a business owner of each Niche unless there’s a specific, unique circumstance, and you have to identify this year right now on the listeners. If you want to improve your happiness, who your enemies are that that’s one right, but now you got to identify the friends of yours that our friend it’s kind of like their, that the middle Link in the chain of still holding you to those enemies.


You got a break that chain. You got to break that into truck every time I broke in the last 6 months. It’S been awesome. I can tell him like a difference as like you’ve been pruning. The tree. Have you not been around for a few years now? Seen seen some of the pruning being done, and now that you had the chance to duplicate and scale and start creating more time, freedom in prune that tree, it’s just makes life a lot better, doesn’t not it.. This is so much better when you’re having a New Year’s Eve party and happy, will you sincerely like over people like you? Can you can actually be yourself for a minute? I thought you were great epic, Christmas, unbelievable, but you’re not invited to the party, and so I had to make that call, but did they have a difficult conversation you can have time, for you can have difficult conversations. You can’t no chapter 6. In my life, this is kind of my final part is his kind of where I’m at right. Now I don’t know how long I’ll stay here. I think it’s going to be 10 years, though, but it’s pulpits tenures process principles in life, design, principles in life. I want to spend a disproportionate of time with my wife like we’re dating and my kids like their newborn, exciting news, kids, new wife – I want it. I want it Refresh on hit the refresh button with my wife and my kids, my music. I love doing music. Seven people like the music, but I like the music mentoring Millions. I want to focus on that. I don’t want to focus on mentoring, a particular clients, so you’ll see less of me working one-on-one with a client, so I can make all of the business coach. Pat. I’M now making the business plan for every one of our clients, which is why I’m not actually meeting with the actual clients anymore, the man cave. I want to spend more time up lights. I love the mountaintops. I want to spend more time on. The mountain tops. Yes – and I really want to commit this year to seeing less of doing seamless, so I can be heard more because we have thousands of people a hoe, download the podcast and with an email specials every day and so far we can keep up with all the Questions overwhelmed, and so I’m going to be seeing less of people, so they can hear more of the business with wisdom that I’ve learned over the years we wake up with the business coach lyrics mean to you heading there, somebody out there who you’re, having continual problems with having Wrong people in your life, no matter how much money you have. If you have the wrong people in your life, they will always ruin every part every event. Every office atmosphere that might be a year for you to prune. That tree also invite you to subscribe to thrive. Time show podcast on iTunes subscribe. Leave us a review, Send a proof that you did it by email you his info at 3:15. Com. We will send you free conference ticket to up next in person drive time work. Should I still take a job 2 tickets. Again, don’t you listen to these lyrics? You supposed to do lyrics. Take some notes and I’ll see you tomorrow. What’S the business coach thrive time to show radio drive your high heel in my heart, I don’t even care no more than your Astilbe little love anywhere that you said you some bouncing around in my head. All my decisions are graduating in the Badgers she’ll, be there pointing and laughing to prove. You were wiser than falling get out to one of our comp protein. What is the most populous for 24 hours in a row will be back tomorrow from 12 to 2. Is the DriveTime show radio 3


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