Focusing by Blocking Out Distractions (With Legendary PR Guru Michael Levine)

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Learn how to get 10 x more done by focusing on what matters in this exclusive interview with the PR expert of the stars, Michael Levine. He has handled the public relations for Michael Jackson, Prince, Nike, the Clintons and the Bush political families.

That I have the business coaching opportunity to sit down with a new york times bestselling author and the pr consultant for michael jackson michael jackson michael jackson, all the pr consulting for prince for nike pizza hut for nancy kerrigan for I’m, just listing celebrities at this point, I guess no cameron, diaz I thought the clintons cast the bushes in the bushes charlton heston, charlton heston movies, with michael levine. The pr consultant for the stars and her big, big brands he’s also guy who is dyslexic so reading is very hard for him and he’s also a guy who grew up without a silver spoon who started from nothing and I’m. Asking you the question:how do you say no to distractions, levine’s tips for saying no to distractions? What in your book, you talked about this obstetrician in dallas, I was walter evans and basically, what they did was a ride home from the hospital. Can you explain a little bit about that or what that was all like? What the I can’t explain it anymore with any more clarity than to say if you had to obstetricians and one said, get watching, hitchhike home and the other one said will drive you home, which one do you think would create a relationship with you. That’s more caring and more limo service i. Believe, that’s amazing. Think of how can you exceed the customer’s expectation? How can you do I agree with you and that’s cool? We both agree. How do you exceed customers expectations? Think about how you feel that’s what you said. Think about and I say yes, yes, yes, but brother, clay and thinking takes time. Thinking takes time what your facebook off put your cell phone down. Put your candy crush down. Think work:do you know what percentage do you know? What percentage of americans currently have a library card? I would say it had to be less than 2%. It would be a good idea not to have a library card and by the way you know the cost of a library card. Clay people have big libraries, poor people have big tvs, and so he was telling me he says:you’ve got to get up. I said well, I’m, not an early guy early morning i. So here’s the deal and I said yes ambitious and you either I going to get divorced guy or you’re going to be a guy who’s a getting up early. So you need to figure out a way cuz.

You can’t do both simultaneously. You’ve got to get up to tell you a good professor. Welcome just says you can have good grades. Good friends are good. Sleeping only have two pickle. You know, but I think about this. Let’s just take this. Let’s just pause for a minute. Let’s think about this. In a circle we say hello, hello, how are you my good and valuable friends? How many of you have library cards, 3 razor in 97, say? No, we don’t that’s 97 people walking around america thinking. This is a cool good idea. Okay, it’s free facebook, see what they’re up to what’s going on in the soul, for words of marvin gaye. What’s going on what’s going on and we look at it, you didn’t have time to live right, but I see i, see, i, see. What’s going on kitty cat picture, candy crush, i, see i, see, I got confused, I thought you were trying to get ahead there you have it. Your smartphone is making you dumb according to psychology today, if you guys ever read the business coaching article called psycho by psychology today called. Is your smartphone making you dumb? Is your smartphone, making you dumb if you’re listening right? Now? If you seen this article, you got to read it, but if you haven’t seen, it looks like to be a proactive here and I’m going to go to redo an excerpt from this, but the psychologist have been studying this for years and the original excerpt from the article it says imagine that, after a routine medical exam, your doctor deliver some devastating news. Since your last check-up, your cognitive performance has plummeted. Your ability to connect with others has a wrote it in your memory. From every day events is no longer operating at once did as it turns out. There is a cure. It won’t cost you a penny. The treatment is simple. If you put away your smartphone, few of us will have this console conversation with a doctor, but perhaps you should, over the last few years, scientists have begun studying the the way cell phones affect the human experience human experience and the early results are alarming. Do you i? Don’t know people are aware of this, but having a smartphone that you’re looking at while going to church causes you to not remember what they talked about at church at all, having a smartphone with you during thanksgiving, we are taking selfies. All the time cause you to not remember the event having a smartphone with you, while you’re trying to read a business coaching book cause you to not be able to read a book having a smartphone at work makes you mildly retarded. So, if you want to be successful, you got to focus only way to focus. Is you want to focus on core right on core tasks until success books on the core tasks until success and roll? All that is good and holy and sanctimonious as relate to you growing your business put down distractions and join the business coaching program.


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