From On the Verge of Suicide to On the Path to Thrive (The Luke Owens Success Story)

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Luke Owens shares how Clay Clark’s business coaching prevented him from killing suicide and helped his business ( to thrive.

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Wins Of The Week The Luke Owens Success Story Thrivetime Show

From on the path to literal suicide. Two on the path to thrive. Today we share the Luke Owen’s success story.

Yes, yes, yes. And yes. Drz

Five minutes show. Is that positive? It’s going to blow the minds of the listeners. Is that even possible? It is possible. Let’s find it. I’m going to talk about, take the showdown and then take the show back up. So we have Luke Owens on the show who is the founder of the hub. Jim and I went to graphic design college with this guy at Oklahoma state university. Oh, but up and you and I reconnected at a business conference, I want to say three and a half years ago almost. Yeah. Almost connect it. And then you’re a lighthearted guy. I’m lighthearted, but I’d like for you to share. What were you on the verge of doing before you came to the business conference?

Well, the, the morning that I learned about your business conference I walked into a local coffee shop and I sat down to write my suicide letter to my wife and family. Oh. And there was a gentleman in, in the coffee shop that I knew and he had just been to your last business conference and he said, Hey man, I think there’s something that might help and he knew me in the business and that might help your business. And I just increasingly got more and more pissed as this guy’s talking to me because that’s not what I was there for. Sure. but he spun the computer around and I saw your face and I thought, I know that guy and I’ve done some work with him and I’m not sure why that changed my mind or sorta put that on pause. But it did and I’m grateful it did. Wow.

The thing about it is I spoke at a conference years ago where somebody else called me years after and said he was an actually a banker guy and he said, I was on the verge of suicide and I saw you speak at the community bankers association event in Vegas. And I literally was at the end, my bank was on that stress test, wasn’t doing well and I had no idea how to market that thing and the stuff I applied it fixed it. But then the philosophy about the F six life stuff you teach at the time, it was F five we didn’t teach fun. This would be 2011 or 12 I was teaching this and he said, it saved my life and I want you to know that. I go, no, I mean you’re saying that, but do you really mean that? And he said, no, I seriously was on the verge cause I couldn’t figure it out. And I didn’t know about the group interview so I couldn’t find people. Right. I didn’t know about how websites work, so I couldn’t get customers. I didn’t know why reviews were important. I didn’t know I didn’t,

Well try being a graphic designer who went through school to teach you how to properly promote a business and it’s still not working. You know, I was the, I was in business at that time for 10 years and I don’t know if you and dr Z remember that conference when I sort of like grabbed you both and spun you around and said I have to do this with you guys. I don’t advise people grabbing either clay or , but I did that. That’s where I was.

Oh good. Spinning through is not a bad thing. I mean there’s a general thumb I would like to do because I wanted Zee to hear that too. Cause that’s why we do this is we, you know, I’ve met your wife, great lady, Mitchell, father-in-law, great person. Please explain what you have implemented and I know you’ve got to go to do your rest of your life, but I have a five areas I want to hit on in three minutes. We’ll see if we can do it. The group interview. Yes. Getting to the top of Google. Yes. Firing it. It’s, let’s go there. Group interview. How’s that helped your life?

Well, I haven’t sold a membership and I don’t remember when I am no longer working as much in the day to day of the business. Instead, now I’m working on the business and we’re seeing growth. So we’re a hundred members away from our, our goal number that we’ve set together. So and also have time freedom, which was the first thing, you know, you guys asked the question what is your financial goal? I didn’t have one at the time. I just wanted to be happy and be alive and have time freedom to be with my family and I’ve achieved all of those things.

You’re a graphic designer. You went to school for graphic design, so you know how to design things. But they were unfindable because you were not anywhere near the top of Google [inaudible] so talk to me about adding content to your website, crappy content or good content and getting reviews because you’re now beating billion dollar fitness companies in the search engine results. When people type in broken arrow gyms. How has adding crappy consistent content to your website and getting reviews changed your life?

Well, it’s funny, this morning I was looking for an old ad and I w I came through this folder that was just every week I was PR producing multiple different ads, multiple different offers, trying to get this thing to go. And you know, when you started asking us to write content, I’m like, man, I’m going to have to make this really great or whatever. It’s just a matter of building that content so that Google can find you. And that’s happening. And we’re, we’re now at the top

Firing idiots doctors. He talks about this a lot. Unless you’re a life coach not a business coach, Zee, you shouldn’t save toward. Yeah. So as he talks about this, which might seem mean on the outset to have to fire people, but he’s always told him, Hey, listen, if somebody people chain seldom, and if people need a life coach, then tell them they should go hire a life coach. But don’t be a life coach unless you are a life coach. Talk to me about firing idiots.

Well, I ran my business as a life coach, hiring people who needed help, period. Right? And also I wanted to feel good about how crappy I was being in my life. So I would hire people who I felt like were in a worse off shape than me and felt like maybe I could help them. But what I’ve learned is that you cannot get advice or take direction from people who do not have what you want, period. And so now I surround myself with people who have what I want in life period. And if that’s not you, you can go work at McDonald’s until you are and then maybe come work with us. I don’t know.

Yeah. Wisdom is hiring people that are smarter and better at you than what they’re doing. And because fear keeps most people from doing that fear of are they going to take the business? Are they going to be, are they going to, how are they going to, are they going to like them more than me? I mean all the things that fear comes over here. Forget about that. The wisdom is the higher people that are smarter and better, more clever than you. Correct. And gather them up on your team, it makes your team much, much stronger. And more people would do that. It, they would have better, better success rates.

Yeah. I’ve worked with so many fitness companies, so many in the, I mean, literally dozens. And when I’ve worked with fitness companies, they always are told these, these fitness conferences, you should change your offer every week, freshen it up. Every week there’s a new offer, there’s a click funnel, there’s a new offers, there’s a click funnel, there’s a click funnel, there is a new offer. There is a new, so these marketing companies pitch it because that makes the money, cause there’s always something new to design. It doesn’t work as a new special seven. So seven days per seven days and $77. You too could get lose seven pounds on Sunday. Right. So he just goes on. I mean, seriously, there’s constantly to make sure all your pricing ends in a seven. Sure. And to boost social media posts with you and celebrities, and it’s just, you’re spending a whole day on Facebook engaging with the men and women. Talk to me about creating a no brainer and just sticking with that freaking thing for three years,

You know, we have never changed our no-brainer ever. Don’t, we don’t turn it off. It’s been $1 for your first month since the beginning and it will not change. Is that possible? Going back to what [inaudible] just said about hiring people who kind of push you to be better or, or you know, make you a bit uncomfortable. You’ve met my manager, right? Right. the guys like Sheldon from third rock. I could not stand this guy when I interviewed him because I saw so much. He just was not like me at all. And so, but now, clay, you, he comes to our meetings and he has what I don’t have naturally and he makes me uncomfortable all the time. And that’s why our business is growing.

Yeah. The final, you have grown from about 700 members when we first started tracking. We didn’t know how many members we weren’t tracking. And so you’re going from around 700 members ish to on the verge of 1900 members now. Correct. And three years almost tripled the guy’s business here. Great things are happening. Let’s talk about creating a purposeful schedule because you’ve met people, you’ve met people, you’ve met a guy even recently who said, he doesn’t like me and I’d never met this guy. You’ve met a guy who said he doesn’t like me. I’ve never met the guy, but he’s got an opinion to me. He didn’t like me. I’ve met people that don’t like Z and it’s they use get down to a watt and it’s because they hate cause they ain’t correct. So here’s the deal. Z told me and other people, I will not meet you for lunch. I appreciate you, but I will not because I have other plans with my son or daughter or with whatever I’m doing. You’re now purposeful with your schedule, which means you, you’re saying no to grow. Talk to us about that.

I say no to anything that is not on my task list or does not involve my family.


No. Wow. That sounds good now. Well actually I’m, I’m pursuing my masters in psychology. So one day I will be a counselor and I will say yes if you decide to pay me to say yes.

So there you go. Now see maybe the monies we have time for you to ask Luke, any question that you would like to ask because he is the fruits of our efforts. He’s why we do it. I mean this I only know of two people who are on the verge of suicide, but I met a guy at a church. I did not want to speak at a church. I do not like speaking, especially at churches cause I oftentimes curse. And so the show’s great because I can edit it. You know what I mean? I’m in a church, you’re like, Oh. So I, a certain pastor asked me to speak and the rules were don’t curse. I’m like, you can say air muffs. Okay, I’m speaking. And there’s a guy in the audience who, a, I kept referring to him as the Brown guy and I’m the white guy.

Geez. Now wait a second. No, this is good. And he said, and Andrew can vouch for this, he has said that that interaction at his church changed his life and he’s almost doubled the size of his company as a result of implementing this stuff. But I went into this church and I was speaking and I just said, I referred to myself as the pale male and him as the Brown guy. And we had a lot of fun right there. And but anyway, it’s like I got his attention by messing with them a little bit, making fun of myself, changed his life. You’re, you’re YZ and I do this. We have a lot of fun doing this, but you’re why we do this and see what question would you have for Luke or what feedback do you have for Lou, for

Luke, Luke? How many, how many men have, have looked at you with a seriousness in their eyes and a voice like this and said that they were your father. Yeah. Okay. Okay. You got to play a little star Wars. We’re right across from each other. Yeah. I was expecting play. I was expecting a little star Wars. Like, you know, you are my shot. Sorry. It’s got a slow on the trigger today. You kind of missed that and you kind of missed that one. Sorry about that. Do editing. I can come back and catch it. So Luke, Luke, you were you were in a desperate time in your life. Absolutely. And you were getting ready to make decisions that you thought at the time where you’re only out. Yup. Yup. And this occurrence happened. And at what point and what happened specifically during the course of the next however many hours or days were you tore up that piece of paper and your mindset shifted.

Is there anything that you can look at that, that one thing that happens is a series of events. I mean, that’s a pretty dramatic point to be at in someone’s life. And there’s someone listening right now that’s at that point, I promise you. And it’s a, it’s a horrible thing that’s going on in culture these days. I mean you know, people out there, you know, on the, we all look at this Instagram and Facebook and think everybody’s having these perfect lives and then they take their lives cause they’re not. And that’s the reality of what really what’s going on. This fake life. Everybody post on social media is not reality. But that aside, we know there’s people out there right now that juncture or close to that juncture in their life, what turned it around for you specifically. And, and, and can you speak into someone who may be getting ready to go to a Starbucks and write that letter out?

Yeah. So I mean, I don’t know what exactly to say to a person that, that’s maybe going to do that now other than reach out to somebody because there, there are people there for you, even when it seems super dark. I’m a not a religious person, but I’m very spiritual and I, I truly chalk up that transition to a God thing. I truly do because it makes no other sense to me whatsoever. That, and I picked on you a lot of the conference because I felt that God thing. Yup. I told Vanessa, I don’t know what it is, but this guy kept doing it. The whole conference. I think I’ve Chi called on you more than I’ve ever called in some at a conference. Did you remember that? I’m being like Luke. Yeah. Luke, you wear red shoes. Yeah, absolutely.

And and so I’m grateful I can say that. You know, I have three beautiful kids and an amazing wife. Yup. And I could not imagine having put them through something like that. I am extremely grateful. Well, look, we’re grateful that you would have the courage to come on and share your story. A lot of people wouldn’t do that. So on behalf of the thrive nation and the half-million people listening, thank you for being you, man. And we’re going to go interview somebody else with a story that’s less Epic, but still great. I appreciate you so much. Thank you. So good. Thank you, buddy. Thank you. Z. And now without any further ed too.


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