Gain Your Credibility as a Financial Advisor | Building a Successful Retirement Planning Business (Part 2)

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Becoming a credible person is at the bedrock of any entrepreneur’s success. Clay teaches financial planners how to gain traction by building a solid online and offline reputation.

Step 5 – Register Google Map

Step 6 – Gather 100 Google Reviews

Step 7 – Gather 25 Video Reviews

Step 8 – Make a Dream 300 List of referral sources

      1. Get 10 to refer you
      2. Nurture those relationships forever
      3. The Big 3 Referral Sources
        1. Accountants
        2. Lawyers
        3. Bankers
          1. If you meet someone for the first time and they immediately starts referring you then they will probably leave quickly as well.
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Audio Transcription

Welcome back to this business coaching company Thrivetime radio show the place where the business world finance all of their business, coaching and marketing solutions for less than 8:25, for our learning more and more about what are the earth is flat and not past professional athletes. Right nation. Welcome back to the conversation is the drive time show on your radio in today’s podcast 6 broadcast is going to feel negative for somebody out there, but you emailed us the questions. Okay, like dr. Laura I’m, trying to give you the real truth, but I’m not going to the bulbs, the name of your company i, never do or who you are I’m, just trying to help you and I’m just saying you’re, a financial planner and you are wanting to know the proven path to become successful as a financial planner, so I’m giving you the truth and part of this might be a little difficult but see I’m pulling up the business coaching company on the map. Right now and currently we see there are no google reviews. Now, if you again we’re at somebody called you, but they got through the secretary of the assistant, the labyrinth of people. They have a meeting with you what you have not done just a big bit basic google search into your financial planner before deciding to move over 50 grand into an account or a hundred thousand.

Would you not at least kind of do a little basic, google search back in the day back in the day when someone says hey, have you googled yourself and I was like I was going to call, but now it’s so,, it’s like you’re, talking to someone I mean you’re like put on your phone and get the data on it, since it is a move, and you have to google yourself and make sure that you have all the check marks check all about you. You got to do it now, the next step, the next step. You got to gather a hundred google reviews if you want to go to the next level. Now you’ve been doing this for 4 years, since you got out of the united states military. Thank you for serving. Thank you, love. You been doing that i! Think it’s reasonable. You probably have a hundred business coaching company clients. You need to get all these people to give you a google review and z you’re, not as much in the trenches of getting google reviews. As let’s say, steve is because you have a big team working with you there at the doctor so sheets with you. First then I want to go to shopping and go to use e. Why is it so hard steve currington? It was a total lending concept to get people to give you a business coaching company google review, even after you have done a mortgage for the meeting after they told you I’m so happy and don’t say, is anything else. I could do for you and you say yeah give me a google review it. Why is it so hard to actually get a google review well for a lot of people, it’s because of technology, because they try to go, give you a review, then they can’t find your listing, and most people are only going to look for about 30, so I tried for like 7 seconds and I couldn’t find it. So we just what’s your name again sean. So what we do is we get that direct link?

That goes to our actual review and we send it to people. They still don’t give us a review. I don’t have a freaking gmail account right, I use, yahoo I mean that’s how it people just hate that they can’t figure it out. They don’t know how to do it, so you got to get him to do oxy fresh, who discovered, if you don’t get a business coaching company review when you’re in their physical presence, it’s not going to happen. Yeah they’re, just not incentivised to do it. When they’re out of your present, like steve, just said they met, then it sounds like they’re, bad people. You just go on with your life love giving people google country does I miss here in the guy. We’re having dinner with this is how we talks I’m, not mocking.

This is just exactly how we talk to guys how’s the food tonight and i, so it’s good you’re doing like they provided by the speaking event, sponsor really nice, like a filet mignon, really nice supper at caesars palace, and it’s really nice. It’s really good I will tell you this I’m, a helper and I’m going to give it i. Think you’ll does five star I’m, giving this a 3.7 cuz I can tell you this that boulanger over there, you see that you said attitude he’s not even at our table. Okay and I’m, like so you’re the I’m not saying this from taking this guy literally spend spend the time needed to write a 3.8 about the best dinner I’ve ever had in my life, then I’m. How do you make creme brulee I have a question:do you see that you see at sears right there and i? Guess they do like the lighter help, court the entire business coaching company meal convincing other people? That is a yelper. They owe it to the yelp community to document for from up high I’m, not kidding the entire meal was spent with him talking about this I’m going. This is what I’m talking about him. He’s got a lot of time on his hands. He’s got a lot of people who are the sponsors being gracious, but yet he’s on that high I mean really the internet’s giving everybody a platform to just complains:ok google reviews for happy people. You got to do it. It’s next move z. This is the power move. This is the move, see that we’ve been able to do I call this.

The super bowl halftime. Show shop reviews is that, okay with you please put on the big screen, how many video reviews we have conference cuz you’re, not into workshop. So if you just got out of conference conference guy myself over 600 video wow guam to attend our in-person workshop, if you had their do what you want to verify that the reviews aren’t fraudulent would be hard to fake that many, wouldn’t it I mean, do you think about using hologram technology in the newest, star wars cgi some people, but currently are technologies, just not that hard budget? Is it that high budget for making cgi’s to make a cgi officially has to review when rz? How comforting would it be if you had a hundred business coaching company video reviews? Well, what do you want to believe it or not? Yes, keep going up I mean every month it goes up. Doesn’t it 88% of people are googling and lou reading your reviews, before the coming in doing business with you before they giving you a hard on cashola, 88% notice. Next move you need to do is you need to create when I called a dream, 300 list, chet holmes wrote in his book:the ultimate, sales machine writes about the dream. 100 list I want you do this during the break, make a list of a hundred ideal and likely business coaching company buyers? No, no! No! No! No! No cuz you’re, a financial planner make a list of a hundred ideal and likely referral sources.

Z the people that could refer you, the accountant’s people that can bona fide you’re the bankers, the bone of the beautification pd attorneys that do trust accountants. These are the kind of people you want to build those relationships and see this just in it takes time to go to relationships. We come back from the break. I want to see the breakdown how much time it takes to build a relationship in toronto with a u. Car buyer, but before we do that, I want a better company to be taking time to build a relationship with his company’s been around since 1960 to jeff roofing mexico. To tell us about messick roofing, guys, don’t mess around the rains come down and the floods, that’s right, you’re not going to make a business coaching company mess and you’re not going to get sick. Roofing.Com, messick, roofing.Com, 918-747-7141, 918-747-7141, messick, roofing.Com roofing is everything is so good, so people believe you might call it well.

I prefer to meet sick roofing attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t, and your contact information to info at drivetime show.Com, alright trap, nation! Welcome back to the conversation in big shout-out to our thriver, who reached out to us to have us, make a business plan or a proven path for them and their financial planning business coaching company business. Now this path, we’re going through today, is going to seem like a very tough love path because of this next step, but the first steps:if you’re not there, trying to build a financial planning business, you have to take one. You got to register a google map and my friend currently you have no google reviews, which is like a scarlet letter. It’s like the kiss of death.

It’s like going out to dinner with somebody with just like you stepped on some dog stuff. You don’t see how something like you’re mowing the lawn stuff is, but it’s definitely their definition of nice steakhouse. In your saying something smells like like the butt of a dog like like like stuff like i, don’t know what it is and I don’t know what was said. You can’t take it anymore as a business coaching company and you look down you. That’s what it’s like to not be on the google map. You just cannot have zero review. You got to get a hundred reviews. You been doing things the right way for 4 years, so you have to get a hundred reviews and marsha. Will it be easy to get a hundred reviews?

It’s not going to be easy because you got a factor in all the reviews that you’re going to get in there going to take him away and yep you’re going to get into this cycle where you take like 5 steps forward and two steps back the best search experience possible on its platform in so if you could create an account and then go immediately, leave a review for yourself, then google’s going to say all that scamming, so google’s going to take them away because it may look skinny, even though it’s for real and authentic, my wife and I will frequent their restaurant or their business. I want to see if they’re good people and I go in there and I leave a review will google. We have a guy who’s, a search engine more on out there floating on the business coaching company internet. Who says if you look at clay, clarks reviews, he only reviews his clients, that’s right, because that’s who I buy from cuz I’m called a loyal human. But then google takes my reviews down it’s just it’s a thing and then today then the next movies you wait or nothing on that too, is if you’re having your client do it and it’s her first for you or they’ve ever done to resign as long as it looks can be. So you not looks gay me in the last week i. Would you leave a few others out there that want to gather video reviews? We talked about it, but you want to get reviews of your real client on camera, testifying to the business coaching company services you provided them, because if you have real people testifying towards the results that you I provided them that it seems more believable than these week, reviews get their first name and your last name get it on camera.

Stone cold lead pipe lock that works every single time. Now. The next step, you got a credit dream, 100 list of ideal and likely referral relationships in chippewa. To put this on, the show notes for a specific the big three that you need to tackle. Do you need to go after that? You need to obsess about in your industry. Are accountants, lawyers and accountants, lawyers and bankers? And let me tell you what if the banker was born yesterday or the fight or the account was born yesterday they won’t have any clients. Therefore they cannot refer you there for anybody who you meet for the first time you meet lee says:oh yeah I’ll, send you all my business, that’s typically a bunch of crap, so in doctors elders business, he has an auto auction and they will sell. You know some weekends, a thousand cars 800 car, 7 or car lot of cars and you’re trying to convince a used car dealer to buy his pipeline of inventory. But it’s risky is whole business by betting. On your inventory, I mean literally he’s coming in there. His inventory his pipeline his product is the used cars been going to try to convince him that you have clear title you clear the title work you maintain the business coaching company vehicles. Are there well done, you’ve done the research for him and so see. How long does it typically take from the time that you first meet a used car dealer? We are your guys.

How long does it take? The time of the year did they first meet the used car before they actually start visiting your auto auction in a previous segments, and, of course, if you miss any of the show, you can always go to podcast drive time should I come over and over again playoff to do to the truck stop to get you in like a coffee or something when you come back at your card. Is this something shower I took this long to take a shower. I, think I’ve done if I send one of my sales guys out to a dealership. If there’s two there’s two things were trying to smooth cuz I brought were trying to smooth the guy to come in and buy cars right right, but also the guy trying to sell car to get back to you got to go out there and they first time they meet him, get their business. It’s almost a red flag. It is it’s a red flag, because that means they’re that easily swayed what they’re doing, because this is the thing somebody needs to hear. You’re saying that if somebody you meet them for the first time in the immediately start. Doesn’t matter, life you’re, my new best business coaching company friend scary, it’s scary, i, guess it’s like going out on your first date and all of a sudden the guy gets down on his knee and propose it to you and karen like it’s, heaven see us. If you see this seinfeld, where the lady always invite george upstairs and they’re talking about just a very light. I, don’t know what to do. Coffee coffee at 2 in the morning car. Is it free to come by because every week cars are different, so you may have something for them when we not something for them, the other.

We write those guys to come in and give us a try that that could be pretty money. Is there any media thing is kind of? Why not? What are you in this friday at free lunch, free going to come on and check out the hard check it out online and then obviously he’s going to come home? That’s right, but the guys are selling cars that you know:credit unions in the early complete the fleet and lease and the bank repos all those kind of things they’re doing business right now. How long does it take to get to the business coaching company cars with? How long does it take to get there? What time it took me 2 years to land the big tuna, the whale, the tuna, the big the tuna was so rewarding, i, finally landed them. I want to I want to one-up. You hear john kelly works in her office and should I make sure that it’s okay I gave him a list of all these vendors that have never refurbished us all. The all wedding venues have never referred us any wedding. Photography brides are going to book their wedding and they say, hey event. Planners should say:hey. Are you still in need of a photographer or a caterer company for your cake and the bride?

Was it will yeah, and then the venue would refer us another venues. Typically, don’t do that because they don’t want to risk their reputation, but they have nothing to gain. They don’t make a commission, so you have nothing to gain by referring. So typically the bride will say. Do you guys recommend a photographer there like here are two police eyes cards, all of which are equal. I. Do not have a preference john got it to where we had been used, referring us every single day, and it took him about 4 to 5 months to get that avalanche going. Everybody else in the history of the company previous to john had quit before the referrals came in. It was a dj business. When people came to work for me at dj, connection.Com I already had the business coaching company referral sources established, but those all took me to three years to get people. What was jfk secret, moody tell you. Did you ever find that out? He said he was very consistent, just knowing what they want right and then you just every week you put them on your milk route because her milk route just go by and you and you touch them appropriately. Hello. Jersey said to touch. You were out there and you’re trying to get accountants to refer you.

These people manage people’s taxes and I’m not going to want to refer you simply because you’re motivated to get a referral. You want to know a sneaky moves by either dealing with people with you dealing with your accountant with people that have the most guys. You say is this:you don’t want to say:hey, listen, I want to come in and and pick all the business coaching company apples off your tree. You sent you and vet you cuz I got some clients that need to do some trustworthy. Speaking of the golden rule, the law of reciprocity sowing seeds before what you want to be treated all these things when books I’m just telling you mr. Financial planner. This is how it works. There’s one account I recommend that you just call this guy over and over and over relentlessly cuz he’s one of the top accountant in oklahoma he’s one of our show sponsors, and this guy will probably never refer you until he does so I’ll just wear them out and if he tells you tell you to wear me out, just deny it tonight at clay. Clark said you:don’t you say where am I going to be pretty hard? Ep a.Com is when the top accounting firms in tulsa and this guy absolutely has thousands of clients and I’m telling you he can refer you a boatload of business, probably won’t until he likes you. He won’t get a chance to like you and trust you until you go by there over and over and over again visit.Com. Today,


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