Higher Learning for Higher Earning (Part 1)

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Want to earn more money? Want to earn skills that actually help pay the bills. Clay Clark and Doctor Z break down what you actually need to know to make your wallet grow.

MYSTIC STATISTIC –  Majority of Americans Want to Start Own Business

  1. Among people who are actually employed, the margin in favor of being their own boss is even greater — 61%”
    1. http://news.gallup.com/poll/15832/majority-americans-want-start-own-business.aspx

MYSTIC STATISTIC – Only 27 percent of college grads have a job related to their major

  1. In 2010, only 62 percent of U.S. college graduates had a job that required a college degree.
    1. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2013/05/20/only-27-percent-of-college-grads-have-a-job-related-to-their-major/?utm_term=.582e44706557
  • Teach the student the life skills they need to have a successful life
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Arithmetic
  • Communication
  • Work Ethic
  • Fundamental values, and virtues so that people will have a moral compass.
      1. The 10 Commandments
      2. Commandment #1 – Do not have any other god before God
      3. Commandment #2 – Do not make yourself an idol
      4. Commandment #3 – Do not take the Lord’s name in vain
      5. Commandment #4 – Remember the Sabbath Day and keep it holy
      6. Commandment #5 – Honor your mother and father
      7. Commandment #6 – Do not murder
      8. Commandment #7 – Do not commit adultery
      9. Commandment #8 – Do not steal
      10. Commandment #9 – Do not testify or fear false witness against your neighbor
      11. Commandment #10 – Do not covet

Thrivetime Show Podcast:

  • What Are 5 Biggest Recommendations for Reading?
  • Think and Grow Rich by – Napoleon Hill
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie
  • The Ultimate Sales Machine – Chet Holmes
  • Titan – The Biography of John D. Rockefeller – Ron Chernov
  • Winning – Jack Welch
  • BONUS – The Art of War – Sun TzuThe Purpose of Higher Education


  • Learn basic skills that will help you pay the bills
  • Learn skills that will help you to achieve both time and financial freedom


  1. Branding
  2. Advertising / Marketing
  3. Sales
  4. Customer Service
  5. Systems / Workflow Creation
  6. Accounting
  7. Human Resources
  8. Public Relations
  9. Laws of Leadership
Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

Want to attend the legendary drive time show business coach workshop for free, subscribe on itunes leave. It objected review and send his confirmation at info at drivetime show.Com to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see us at our riverwalk offices and will be able to make your dreams come true. True, welcome back to another joyous conversation today on the thrive time show were talking about higher learning for higher learning. Oh my, that kind of rides they think about this for a second. This is this. Is this something that I want to put into the heads of the listeners out there? There is a business owner who listens to our show, frequently and there’s two actions in the past two weeks. They call me they said heywe have a business and we would like to franchise it and I said. Okay, not a problem. I said tell me about your business and they told me some details and I said:what do you want to franchise? Your business? First, three steps. You got him, take three steps, step number one. You have to have what’s called an item 19 on your franchise disclosure document, their 23 business coach items on the ftd and you have to have night did that the number 19 is all that matters. That’s what’s not know it was number 19 sewn. Is you have to be operating after? You pay your franchise fees at a 15% profit, which means your company has to be to 28.5%, profit margin the franchise, and they said you have to have a turnkey model as document on item number 7. That shows that you generate all your customers and it can’t be from networking. It can’t be from passing out cards. It can’t be from being a leader in the community cast it be scalable working every market and they said so.

We have to make it scaleworking. Every market item number 7. We have to get the financials item number 19 up to 25% and then what happens I said then your what was called sba compliant a basically it that the person wants to buy your franchise can go into any bank and say hey. I want to get an sba loan, which is how 90% of people buy, franchises and you’ll get approved, and then brokers who pitched 90% of deals in the franchise world they’re going to recommend you, because you have a 19% because you have a healthy out of 19 and then how do you know all this message? Won’t my friend I’ve invested over 10 years, 12 or 13 years down and helping companies do the whole franchise thing, and so I know these things and they said well. Are models really exciting but and I spent it and I love you so much. But if your item night teen is not a 25%, then we had. The conversation is over. So are you out of 25% I said no I said well, that’s all you need as a business coach to do it was higher learning, which is now while we can make higher learning use it as an optometrist in to you, you probably had a fascination with the human eye, you’re probably into it. You know, but I mean you study, mathematics what you had to go back to school for it for additional years to become an optometrist correct. 8 years of college total, so there’s a lot of people. I want to be self-employed, but they really aren’t investing the time needed a lot of people out there at 67% when I start my own business as a business coach, the forbes, it’s it’s an business coach object. Put on the show knows it’s in between two people:it’s it’s and in you your two of the three are thinking this may may not say it, but they’re thinking it, but it’s a little intimidating through overwhelming to me.

Where do you start? What do you do? How do you doprocess just like that? Guy called you up and said he want a franchise and, and then you get that education and where do you find out where we are humbly rumbly tumbly, giving ourselves up as your higher learning institution of somebody out there who is a listener, who’s a do or who it’s exciting story, but I put it up here on the big screen, so you can see it so tip top k-9, who I worked with now for a couple years, these guys tip, top k-9 they launched a new location, mean there’s a new business owner. Aaa business owner franchise owner out there in owassothis guy named adam. You tell me if this is pretty cool care at adams, been in business for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 weeks and he’s brought in $39,798.12 and not for aids operates z at a 55% profit margin, 239. What’s a 39000 * .55, that means homeboy just made $21,450 and less 7 weeks. That’s awesome, higher learning earnings, so he actually had to humble himself and he went to 5 weeks of dog training skills because I really don’t know how to tame any kind of dog and people don’t want to spend $1,000 credit or dog. If you don’t know how to train a dog, that’s true, but that will backfire on you a little bit. So what all the listeners here I want you to I want to go through. The audit of the basic fundevery listener needs to be good at it. From my experience to run a successful business, are you ready reading? No, that’s! That’s that’s! Apparently we get most of that. In you know, timer is cool because a lot of people listening go. What do you mean? What are you reading where to buy a franchise? I’ll make sure you get this they’re going to mail? You a franchise, disclosure document as I discussed earlier, and that document will be over 300 pages long and you required by federal law to have initial it and read it 13 days previous to buying one when I say read, I mean they really want to make sure you understand it.

Cuz you’re, committing to like a 7-year relationship. It’s like long-term move until seven years, seven year itch or something to document a lot of stuff coming at you, you can hire somebody else to do the reading, for you, yeah I mean i. Have a i, usually read everything. I have said returnees, it’s always read stuff before I sign it so that it’s fair, but if you don’t have a set of skills just to pay the bills, you probably can’t afford to pay. So that’s where you at bro listing right now and you’re going i, don’t know where to start at all I’m, just telling you that it’s a very basic level you’ve got to read business books to get your kind of knowledge up or listen to this podcast reduce core with wisdom. Z I mean that cord knowledge. I q. U have at u of a knowledge of hiring firing. Marketing result in you can learn it through reading. You can learn it through audio, but do you got to get your core business coach knowledge of a little bit? You can’t just be a complete ignoramus to run a successful company you’re going to learn my mistakes and the mistakes are expensive, no fun and can lead to business. Closing writing advertisements your ads, alright homie I mean baby better. Just look credible, dress like a business coach youtube, billboard and see how many times have you seen a small business owner where you see there a dark side of the show you the ad and it spelled wrong or is he was like dude you right now you say:okay, I hear some things are business coaching program we are weak. We could do a lot of things for you, but got to learn. Arithmetic communication. Work ethic is a basic things that you got out of school with reading, writing, arithmetic communication and work ethic. That would be pretty awesome. That would be pretty awesome. I wish more people didn’t graduate with those kill all of our listeners have, but the other people other people. What you want to do is you have got to learn a skill. That’s the purpose of higher education. Is it you got to learn a skill that will help you pay the bills now working on that you could go to baylor college of a friend of mine went to baylor university of fine institution, waco texas the baylor bears philosophy, study philosophy:this is the deal.

There’s not a huge demand out there for that store. Philosopher, philosopher, I’ve got a question:i mean I got a philosophical question. I need a philosopher for now. Here’s the deal, those are degrees, but it doesn’t mean it’s going to help. You learn to make any more money, and this shows all about learning how to earn more. You see what I’m saying yes, I’m I’m picking up what you’re sending down you as an entrepreneur, be blunt would be blunt with listeners about this. I have a degree and I feel like I should at least be able to make a hundred thousand a year, because I’ve invested $100,000 cash and when they discover that life doesn’t work that way, edit your degrees, don’t necessarily matter talk to me about our belief that someone to listen to shut it did there’s a believe it’s being sold if you’re not making any money, you need to go back to get an mba. What’s the what’s the mystic to statistic that we used on other shows about how many people do not use their degree of their job is to please put on the show notes, because I can say at least 6 out of 10 people I’ve met over the years. You are not using your degree. Washington post percent of college grads have a job-related have a job-related their majors. How incredible is that? So? If you listen out there and you’re kind of wondering for some what business coach major to get you got a one-in-four chance of picking the right one apparently couch number to i, don’t know how many kids have reverted back living with their parents, because I can’t find a job and it feel that they think they want to go into or that they studied for or they are feeling like they need to get a job in it.

So that’s why I think this kind of education is so powerful play. I! Think that’s why we had the passion, starter online, business, school i! Think that’s why we do it in person, workshops i! Think it’s what we do. This radio show that I eat a podcast. Guess it’s because we want to give you the practical steps to actually go out and make some money to make an example. There is a listener out there and he’s also a sponsor call classic janitorial workshop, coming up here on april, 13th and 14th, and it’s a two-day workshop. If you haven’t booked the tickets, you got just a couple of days here by your tickets today, at thrive time. Show.Com I want to make sure that the office is clean and I am not being ridiculous and I’m not trying to be heavy-handed or patronizing as a business coach. But these guys trent is his name. Trent looked around and said you know what there’s a lot of dirty places:a lot dirty spaces. What I’m going to do is I’m going to offer entrepreneurs I’m to say to them. Hey I’ll, clean your space, I’ll clean your place in exchange for money, you see, I will charge you a fee to make your office germ-free and so google has signed up with the classic clean google give her to google google news star has signed up with classic janitorial janitorial quote from them, and if there’s two and you think about this, army dupont is using the classic car to them. They are actually solving a problem when I met this. Just in any concepts, is now using the classic clean for his janitorial services.

So you don’t have to solve one of the earth’s deepest secret. You don’t have to be a cosmetologist who studies the origin of humanity, like mr. Stephen knowledge of black holes. You have to solve a problem that real people have and you can make over a hundred thousand bucks a year. You mr. Listen to everybody out there. If you say play I want to know for sure you tell me today. How can I make over $100,000 this year and I only have fifteen thousand fifteen thousand to invest. I would I’ll give you 3 right now you can open a full package media in your city. You could open up a tip top k-9 in your inner city. You could do that. These are things you could do or or you get out to our workshop and will show you busy. You have to work the practical business coach skills. My man, dude i, don’t want under sell it, but the guy up in owasso, just open up to tip top k-9 he’s he’s knocking down. I mean this first 7 weeks grand and his average is only spent right now, $1,400 on ads, tweak, prophet, sick I’m at 250,000 for the year, so I know he’s not going to take any time off. 156 make you never know you never know. You never know. I’ll tell you this. If you want to reach out to a real entrepreneur to have them clean your real bathrooms and get it looking good go to the classic clean.Com, it’s the classic clean.Com 918-671-2046 918-671-2046 about this, but our journals are urinals, are now so clean that I found myself wanting to use them as a drinking fountain and I’ve had to I had to say no self, that’s not good, but i. Don’t do. I have to use, are urinals as a drinking fountain attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review.

Claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t and your contact information to cancel at thrivetime show.Com, all right right to the business coach conversations they were talking about is higher learning for higher, learning and specifically I’m trying to teach every single listener listening here today how to join the $100,000 club you make over $100,000 a year. That is six figures out there. If you have the ability to read to write, check check, you can do basic math, you can communicate verbally and you have a work ethic and fundamental values, meaning that you believe, and not stealing wine scamming. That kind of thing you can absolutely make over hundred thousand bucks in your butt. But before we get into a few more pieces of knowledge, you cannot get in college chubby on a super move. Your way to share with the tribe nation when it comes to reading and reading this business books. I know that some people have a hard time, just kind of staying, concentrated so I move that works really well for me is to buy the book and the book on tape and put it on three times speed and follow along with the business coach highlighter and i, highlight all the good spots, then they go back and reread all the way through it, and it just seems to help me a lot have a problem falling asleep while I read and so listening to it fast. While reading with it really helps me just absorb the whole that you moved three times as fast and I can still follow along and release it on audible workout shorts at work, I did what I do like right. Now: i’m reading chip gaines his book called capital gains and I just finished. Td jakes book called the elect soaring with the eagles or something and my thing is i-take forever to read a book but I take notes in it and I’ve never done reading books, and so my whole thing is like I want to absorb it, and I heard a person agrees what chuck said with the audio book, because a lot of people learn better by audio then they do by actual reading, so I don’t really care how you take the information in i, just care that you’re aware of how you best take information in because now we’re going to get into the practical skills eat. Everyone has to know. I have a super move for the reading. Also, we did a show it’s been a few months ago to wall or show go on the website and come out as a podcast.

You can go and download them. What’s the name of the show where we we broke down the top 6 business book and then I get a little bonus. Number 7 I want to get a couple. You put that on the show, notes, cleaning and maybe show number or something like that. But there’s a lot of people ask me where the books and we broke it down. We talked about the books and he was a great, a great resource if they’re on the website and go check it out and and start with those. You tell me what it. Where do, I start, what book do I start with? Well, we have business coach money for you. So here are the skills that you’re going to need to learn to achieve financial freedom, there’s only 9 of these skills and I’m going to get into the skills. Okay, so I’m over this I’m, going to tee up the skill and I want to see to break down. Why you have to know the skillet to the first ones, eating a branding making sure you have a good logo good website? Good first impression, why is brandon such an under known under the most entrepreneurs aren’t even aware of it, but yet it really matters. It’s so huge.

It’s without a great brand. It’s hard to build a great business. You know, and everything about it is what’s so fun about when you get a great brand, so you know you got to work on the actual name of it. You got it in your back in the day, I remember like 25, because I’m starting a lot I mean the phone number for such a big part of the brand new 2020 right and so it so there was different that prefixes at the numbers in different down to the city. Now they can, you do call forwarding, but back then you, if you were in a location, so hot you may had a bad day, so I would just call the 23 number to try to buy it from people and freak him out to know so. I, cough and I have a little pitch down. You know, I’m a little metal saying I try to buy it, I bought you and your color contact lenses about some cash but another one. That’s what I call this guy and it’s your 20 20 answer the phone. You want to go. I go through my business coach pitch and quiet and son I’d love to show you this number but I’m here at st. Francis, hospital and room number, 2020 and i. Don’t think I can don’t know that story ended up. Buying that number to think about it is. Is that you can you get? Can you get the website? You know when your when your branding, and so the other thing to encourage you, it doesn’t cost a lot of money to get a professional logo, and that is so huge I mean is i, know your aunt matilda, maybe a great artist, beautiful too beautiful to make a pineapple pie at you mix pineapple pie, but that’s why you should have her, make your website and be unapologetic and there’s? No, you exactly. Did you do the branding right you can have? You can be very small business and people look at you and think wow. You got it going on going on a big deal and you may not be yes. I have a really funny story about a scam that it ended terribly, but for somehow it’s a bit far enough in the past, that’s funny.

Okay, I was working with a major commercial, real estate company. Back in the day from a guy from the uk, he said, hello, I’m, calling on behalf of such and such enterprises and I wanted to call because I have a global security company and was thinking about bringing our jobs to the united states in this person works. The front desk is super, gullible, I know this because I was managing this real estate portfolio marketing in real estate, and we have a team meeting to go to this guy he’s wanting to move here from the uk and bring over 200 jobs with global security outfit and I said he called you personally, absolutely absolutely I looked at his website and they seem huge now I’m not going to mention the name of the company. I will pull it up here, so you guys can see it because this company and actually I ended up being a a scam. But this was the site. Oh wow, oh man. This must be a huge thing yeah, and so what ends up happening? as a business coach is they end up coming out that wasn’t real and there’s $140,000 settlement that had to happen? But this person signed buddy space zebra decade, downtown tulsa contracted paid the same amount of money based off of the website and all bogus referrals, the branding about you yeah. Let me get your bread. What should your takeaway here’s? Your brandy dry? You can scam people i, don’t just say this. If your branding is right now, people are open to the truth of what you do. Your brain is wrong. Even if you’re a good business, no one’s even listening, correct. They don’t cover that, has some unknown, unbelievable, unbelievable swag undelete. These guys deliver to up its onyx printing. Those are the guys football onyx works for me to do. You guys have office supplies same and next day delivery. They do printer service, repair and printer sales. They’ll come pick up. Your printer and take it to their office and give you a loaner for free-that’s all you got to do is just get ahold of those business coach guys and if you want to take advantage of their offer, I got to do is get a hold of him and ask for a printer, supply or office supply quote and I’ll give you a free print cartridge for whatever printer you have, because wild sponsor. I’m going to try to really sell the listeners on this based upon a true cannon. If you want a business and you think it’s your highest and best use to run to staples to buy print cartridges, and you actually are passionate about paying three times more two times more than what you could be paying, then you don’t need to listen. But if you have to buy paper and print supplies-and you don’t think it’s your highest and best use in your tired of paying a ton of money for that toner just pick up the phone and give our folks onyx a call at 918-627-6611, that’s 918-627-6611! Their website again is tulsa printer repair., comets, tulsa pain, repair.Com or you going to onyx imaging.Com at ony, x imaging.Com. We come back we’re talking more about the education, the skills you need to learn to learn to pay the bills


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