How to Create a WOW Seminar Experience | Building a Successful Retirement Planning Business (Part 4)

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Financial planners and entrepreneurs often seek to gain new clients by creating powerful seminars and workshops, Clay and Z teach how to do it and how much time it realistically takes to building something that guests will love.

Step 14 – Create a Workbook

Step 15 – Create Seminar Agenda

  1. Make sure that the agenda covers what the people AT the seminar want to hear and not what you want to talk about.

Step 16 – Create Mailers to Promote

Step 17 – Create Evaluation Form


The 50 Point Proven Path

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Attend the world’s best business conferences, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review, claim your tickets by emailing as proof that you did it and your contact information to an for drivetime, show.Com, alright, tribe, nation. Welcome back to the conversation is the drive time show on your radio, and today we have a a person reached out to us and wanted to know how can I build and grow a successful, financial workshop step the question:how do I build a successful, financial best business conferences? This next step will take you a minimum of 100 hours, but you can’t do a workshop without this next step, so I keep giving these steps are like all step. One 15 hours. Step to this is you have to create a workbook I’ll, never forget this story on there, I was in las vegas for speaking event and I got hired to speak from a company that was reported to be a big entrepreneurial. They help entrepreneurs grow, fly on out what you speak, I noticed that my name was on there and then people that were semi-famous former pro athletes.

That kind of thing I get up there to speak and-and you know behind the stage-and you talk about what you’re going to cover and they’re reviewing-and you do this today before you need to review everything in the guy says:here’s the deal. I need you to really focus on our system and how our system has been proven to make millions for people. Boo, boo, boom, boom and I said, but I’ve never met you guys. I, don’t know this to be true, to have examples, listen, buddy, you’re, getting paid, you’re going to say and I’m like I can’t do it I would be happy to refund if I need to, but that wasn’t what I was asked. You asked me to come in and teach the millionaire mindset the time management and they hire quality best business conferences advisors, which is us know, what’s funny what happened? He has the until I get up there and you might talk on time, management and I think the people for hiring me to speak and I said as with anybody. Whenever you invest in anything by something. What do your research? Don’t trust me today or anybody whoever speaks at any event ever because you need to verify who they aren’t paying for a real love, no problem with us any of it. Planner gave me the stink-eye, but I had to be up there watching him next, because we getting a used to be weird to speaker, storms off this relationship, it was fun, the, speaker gets up and I’m telling you.

This is what he did was to see you. You would have loved this because you are the kind of guy that would detect the bs real fast. He gets up when he’s like everybody. I want to tell you the key to success in the world of business, and he has a little clever acronym is, it is, is a while, but he do you know, he’s making it up cuz. He can’t mentally, like he’s, not clever enough to lie I quickly, cuz it in the system the proven system I’ve used is it is wow. The w stands for wow 1 800 is fort for owning it. You got to own the best business conferences vision right in the w. Is you got to have that will to take action and I’m going this guy’s, making this crap up and start telling stories? You know where true people are attending these workshops and in the vast majority, 90% of americans are finding themselves in a spot where they don’t have quality mentorship in in and so I need just making up stats he’s making things that mean nothing. He said I’m sitting there clean my laptop and i. Every single quote he says is not. He knows. You know back of steve jobs once said focus on me and it is making stuff. It is continuous and always be like oh yeah, people that have the actual money.

Who are there during the break that come up and visit? Do you know this guy and I said no I said he’s like making crap up this guy’s a freaking scammer I mean you see. Is he not aware that he’s showing up on page one ripoff report for like numerous complaints like this week, either shameless them and he’s praying on those people you having a workshop and not having a workbook, is a lot like being a pastor of a church and not wearing pants and at the sermon you watch the pastor. Marshall, don’t mention his name could not find the bite was on facebook live or something he couldn’t even find the bible verse or the part of the bible or even the book at the book of the bible refer to he just as awesome here somewhere and you can see him. March was not awkward watching on facebook live first, baptist church of the pantless in being obese jabba, the hutt. You can’t have a workshop without a workbook, but yet every single time I’ve ever gone to a financial best business conferences or workshop. It’s taught by the charlatans scammers. They don’t have any source material. Nothing is cited, but the few times I’ve gone to a real when I went to one in long island, where I was at a speaker and they brought in a financial planner that guy had a workbook. He had a google trail a mile long. He had reviews for days. He gave out cited resources of references. He showed his credentials where he went to school and he said:hey I’ll, be here tomorrow, I’ll be here for a decade from now I’d love to serve. You guys, the best time to invest as yesterday. There’s no pressure to do it today hear my references.

Call him:do your research and I’d love to be your financial planner he came across, is calm and confident but see. Why would somebody want to have a workshop? Have the ambition to do it, but not have the discipline needed to make a workbook what cuz you’re doing it wrong and, like you said they probably had something to hide I mean how many that’s that’s the big thing that overcometh are in person. Carpenters was getting reviews. What that and people going is it is. It is a scam or stop selling or they trying to sell me something or what’s what’s really happening in his best business conferences belt. They like me to room that you pay to get out of and what’s happening. You know it wouldn’t send you been in business for 52 years old, right 3353, you been denied, tryst for 25 or 26 years, correct I started my first business I was 16, our successes are well-documented with whatever businesses and still we had to make a workbook and a worksheet marshall.

How many edits did we have we done to the boom book boom, works workbook, and how many did you make just in the last 60 days in the last 60 days, we’ve done probably 5 at its and total, probably like 53, in the reason why we said we know this, because we always same as a version. 2 version 3 version for can go back to it. That came up to us and said he has a great point. You know. Where did you cite that and if you can’t answer right there, we would pull the side during the break and say well. This is where we got. It would like to know what how many people were thinking that but didn’t say it right, so you’re always making it better, but you got to be consistent if you’re going to be just obsessed with putting in the work needed to diligence needed to make it effective workbook if you’re going to host an actual worship it right.

But if you got a different kind of some kind of construction project, a work site instead of a workshop, we’ve got somebody need to get hold on. Maybe you need to build a new annex for your jail. Yeah I mean addition to your restaurant of your church or here’s. One Thing:i’ve discovered with her with her new twitter show sponsors artist coming up, will I am’s contracting good guys? Will I am okay, so um contract these guys built an annex to the okmulgee jail? You can find on the web site all about the new jail and xz that some people have actually gone to okmulgee to go into the annex and they don’t come out refused to leave jumpsuit that on to your office, your church, whatever you need to build a building check out, will – khan.Com william contracting. It will – khan.Com 918-682-5511 to paint you into the corner. What is the name of this company 2 more times, williams contracting williams contracting 918-682-5511 as a fax show up at their office. Annex on to your jail, make it happen today with williams contracting attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review senior tickets by emailing, his group that you didn’t, and your contact information to info at drivetime, show.Com, alright, tribe, nation, welcome back to the best business conferences miracle grow for small, medium and massive businesses. It is a drivetime show on your radio when we focus on the things that nobody else cares about unless they are self-employed or want to be entirely focus on practical action, steps that can help. You grow. Your business will thriver the reached out to us who is an aspiring the art of financial planner, but they want to be a big time when it’s your planner they’re asking us.

What are the proven? What was the proven path needed to become a successful financial planner in vegas would like to market primarily through seminars in so we’re walking you through how to build a seminar of any kind pretty lips around there. This is step 15. You have to create a seminar agenda that is filled with what people want. This is different from what you want it’s what people want. This is the old. What people want? Not what you want. Conversation example would tell you if you’re going to market, find a parade and get out of it with topics that nobody’s interested in, because we on the show, we know that you’re the listener wooden, no practical skills needed to grow. Your business. We talked about that. But if you’re somebody who wants to talk incessantly about politics, you wouldn’t like her so very much because that’s not our niche, we could visit the show if you want to laugh and learn. How to grow up this is the shop so see. What’s the kind of stuff cuz, you have a lot of ongoing education. You had to go to an optometrist every year, my friend, what’s the kind of stuff that you look at on that agenda, when you have to go to ongoing best business conferences education and you’re out there in vegas or tucson or florida, can have to go tan, going application to be an optometrist. Where you look at that agenda and everybody around you looks at it goes holy crap. This is where you look at it go. This is going to be awful. I like to I like this new products coming out. You know you don’t have like barcelona guy will be up there. Talk about the new contact lenses ever come out later, what year or new drugs that are just got approved for eyes that you can prescribe and what their you know. What, therefore, over-and you said, I cannot bear this, because you know there’s I’m just telling you we’ve all been two seminars where they have it at the gym.

Then you look at it right away and you’re going all my gosh. Are things going? You know, you know like double your practice in revenue and then it’s you know you was going. There was a financial planning event that I spoke at not about financial planning, but about time, management and i. Remember that the guy got up to speak and he in in heat. Not only did he not have a topic that people wanted to hear, but he didn’t say it in a way that would make anybody want to hear it, no matter what it was, he could have got up and said what is a gentleman I’m going to be giving everyone a million dollars in the way he delivered? That statement made people not care. It was like this, ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to be talking about how to get a business conference  million dollars and you’re welcome. Oh, my gosh I mean whatever you’re with your agenda. You got to bring the sizzle that makes the people want to be engaged for shizzle. You need to best business conferences practice that I need to practice that practice, because nobody is born a great public speaker. We talk about. You can tell like wherever I go to an optometry convention and I want to go to an agenda. I will have to go just buy. The speakers come on and I know that they’re good speakers are fighting either because they’re, just cool people turns out humans like to be entertained, while they’re being educated, turns in to make sure we’re getting this idea. You got to have that seminar agenda looking good, but you have to practice the agenda, so you can become great at something marshall.

Are you not a lot better now at presenting than you were a year ago? A lot better like by maybe three times as much for you and I must watch it all watch all the video reviews from this year versus last was just watching this week in the new ones. The video reviews from our past workshop we had in april and one guy goes cash jerry, jerry jerry. What’s going on, I went to the last one and I really enjoyed it, but this one was next level cuz we had the band, we had bigger screens more seating. We got a fun atmosphere and marshall. It’s just he’s smashing the presentations. Now it’s not even fair. Now I mean it’s almost like. It’s drops the mic 3 minutes, and do it just so tall that job. So it’s chiseled. It’s cute, though smiley on the I was going to seriously it’s it’s time management see. If you can watch this. Do you want this year’s state of the union address I know you would love this every time that trump end of the statement republicans are like yeah, hot and a pan, the camera to the republicans and no matter what he said would not move when I move. So it’s hilarious. He says this year we have historically low unemployment for african, americans hispanics and minorities and the republic wizard a panda, democrats and they’re all like that. You would think that he announced that america was going to give me this morning.

He turns to the people, he turns the democrat so funny he starts putting his hands up like this trying to get his story. Receiver people are laughing at jokes or landon man to get better as a person do a couple things the same:the same bitch or the same presentation enough time so that you get good at it right. That’s the first best business conferences thing. The second thing is you got to you got to follow and see what the great’s do so I watch a lot of tea dj come on now and how he is it such a dynamic speaker on his timing in his pacing and what jokes hit for steve martin masterclass class in architecting humor into your presentation, ross, moses, no studying and that’s what you have to do. If you want to have a successful seminar, cuz people are going to tell people step. 16 owner of joe montana get those mailers go, get those mail-order box, mail, those things to your ideal and likely buyers, and your coach will help you design mailers. With an effective no-brainer step. 17, you got to create a valuation forms. Some people leave the conference. They leave the evaluation form at the conference, and now you have leads to call and follow up with an inch up.

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