How to Deal with People That Are Not a Good Fit – Ask Clay Anything

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What do you do when someone is not a good fit in your business or in your personal life? Entrepreneurs and the rest of the world operate very differently which has the potential to create friction. Clay Clark and Dr. Z break down the specific steps that you need to take to deal with people that are not a good fit in your life and business.

  1. MYSTIC STATISTIC – 85 Percent of Job Applicants Lie on Resumes. Here’s How to Spot a Dishonest Candidate
  1. MYSTIC STATISTIC – The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75% of employees steal from the workplace and that most do so repeatedly.
  1. MYSTIC STATISTIC – “A new Gallup survey show that 71% of workers are “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” from their work.”

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The answer for Nathaniel –

You are giraffe, not a turtle

  1. Giraffes look forward to the future and have goals they are striving to reach.
  2. Turtles look at everything that is right in front of them and have no vision beyond what is right in front of them (Their emotions, etc.)

MYSTIC STATISTIC – Forty-four percent of adults say they either could not cover an emergency expense costing $400, or would cover it by selling something or borrowing money.


MYSTIC STATISTIC – 90% Of Startups Fail: Here’s What You Need To Know About The 10%



  1. Do not give people feedback or coaching if they do not ask for it.
    1. Only debate things that are up for debate – otherwise make the decision and move on.
  2. Go to an attorney to write a letter to the people to put a fire under them to get something moving on the lein.
Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

321 boom, you are now entering the dojo of business conferences mojo and the thrive time show have time show on the top of the charts in the category of business. Dentist that you might get motion sickness patch of the bab. It’s convenient 3-2-1 here come the business ninjascall jesse’s. Are you ready for some business school without the bs? Absolutely we don’t give it to greet me when I do is we have two questions. One show so today show is titled how to deal with people that are not a good fit how to deal with people that are not a good fit. Okay. So here is a question number one that comes in this example that came into a member of the thrive nation marshals clients, and why does group interviews tomorrow doesn’t know what a group interview is? This is a a coaching client of yours who has a termite company and give away their the all the all the details. I’ll just say, their company z starts with platinum pest & lawn.

That’s what it starts with the owner’s name starts with jared johnson intuit.Com complaints about platinum pest & lawn and jared johnson’s name is wife’s name is jennifer marshall first, first, first tee up. Why we why we recommend, for all of our clients, to do a group business conferences interview and then I will read the email that came in from someone who’s, not a good fit I’m going to start with fact. Okay inc.Com says that 85% of people that are looking for a job will lie on their resume magazine, says 85% of people looking for a job will lie on their resume. Statistics can be skewed, i, don’t believe in magazine. What’s another statistic that shows an employee’s might or might not be the best sometime? Okay. So let’s go to cbs news room, the us chamber of commerce states that 75% of employees will steal from you in both do so repeat and then see when you start to have to cite two facts in a row, this show could get negative continue. The 2014 employee engagement statistics say that at least 70% of employees are either actively or passively disengage. Do their job right. This out, this is anna, gets worse every year by the way, I understand is that your business conferences time spent looking for a player’s can’t be spent reading, resumes in planning for appointments or interviews with employees that don’t show up. He just said your time cannot be spent filling our calendar with reading resumes, but should we read the resumes well, what’s 20% of 85% of her lying on them? I would at some point:what is it? What is it really matters, except what time to do that name, this podcast? What’s it like?

You didn’t give a name like that when I tell you what martial, why don’t you I continue to take us into a d marshall-green throat punch you podcast I got this when I want to take us into the dark side, so it’s like darth vader pot here to cumberland obituaries, for this is probably not your business, but the businesses that I have seen of all of the people that say that they are coming to your interview. Whatever kind of interview weather the one on one or a group interview only about 30% will actually show up for that interview 1010. So what that means is, if you schedule, if you have 10 employee 10:10 interview, set up you’ve, blocked off 10 hours and I would just like to say if you want to lighten the business conferences mood a little bit you go. Legacy.Com, when you could read the obituaries of various people, you know I could have all been to out to the reservation, to 7 and didn’t show up when was really good. If you weren’t hiring many of you know it’s really awkward and continue before we get into the basketball overseas of the right-wing and take over there. You go with 7 hours of unplanned unused time setting very cryptic night, and then you got in facebook, though 7 hours.

What are you talking about? The collapse of the currency on tomorrow show and then now it lets say. 3 of the 10 show up now. That’s 3 hours of your week spent interviewing people. One-on-one one-on-one I tried to bring united states i, try to talk about things, and then everyone is, you just say things to distract him to screw off. Everybody is, as you scheduled, those three hours. They show up your interview, and now you got to decide better off scheduling a group interview. Were you scheduled all 10 to show up at the same place, only 30% will show up the three that do show up show up, and only one of them is going to be saying in so this brings us to where we’re at with this current situation ever date line ted koppel, topless, hair in hairspray broken tooth in his bag of ice. He says your interview:guy is an effing, a hobie right sit out. This is the type of guy who shut up a way to the interview, love it. He says, I’m going to read it like a bostonian. Would I go in every word by word for works if I do have to edit it up. Your interview is your interview. Guy is an effing, a hole for one and, like I said in the voicemail, you should put an f in sign up for business conferences people to see who run the business and don’t have signs where there are located for two and I’ll be sure to post it everywhere everywhere. He says w e apostrophe re, where I can about the edited st, so we can make the lord the words s & n t e s t experience I had from your company work on your people, skills, prick and less on work out.

Cuss your personality is s hate to see your wife girlfriend boyfriend husband whatever be with a sorry a whole like yourself, and this is well worth my time, gas and miles spent. Then you wasted to say that this is I’ll still see you later uefa nut. This is the email. What the hell. Stop job that’s hot sauce! This was awesome until I spoke of lying I’m reading it right everything, play, marshall and i. Get these emails every week for happens all the time. It’s like an interview and he just sent a personal attack, even understand how that could you read it please and a hole for one and, like I said in the voicemail, you should put up a fn sign up for people to see you the business and and don’t have signed with allocated for two post everywhere. As you said, w you’re, probably on one of the business conferences blankets. So i, had to go to work on your people, skills prick and less on working out cuz your personality. Is s I hate to see you why I’ve got to get first of all, first of all, I mean the spelling in that email. Is your time to interview a guy like that one on onesies he hasn’t. What would your day be at? Would your day have been well spending interview date? People like that? No, it would not have been, and-and you that’s, why that’s why, when you would you do interviews like that, the one-on-one stuff? That’s why you walk away going.

You can’t find good people scheduled in the first 7 nunchuck, be like screw it i. Don’t I mean to do that and what’s really fun is what another move is to get several businesses doing a group interview to get. How do you have like two or three up there? You know trying to find good people in there, so you have a bigger pool of people showing up. You know you’re doing xyz a businesses, and so you can kind of team team because you might take yourself well i, don’t need someone this week, but I want to always keep the pipeline loaded. I want to always try to find good people hey. You all have listened to me out there. If you own, a business, you have the worst employee are so I had to say that I know, I went there in time and a nuclear nuclear bombs. Then the business conferences gutter show that you can always. If you think you can upgrade a position, I mean bill belichick’s, prove it I mean i, don’t care how good the position is. Heel upgrade does deposition, take it out of the gun. What’s that we need to do a group interview every week interview all the candidates at one time but marshall and it doesn’t set expectations. Okay, every wednesday at 5. How many candidates apply for the positions were hiring for marketing graphic design, photography, haircuts whatever? How many people, on average respond to the invite and say I will be there at the interview among all of the clients and businesses that were interviewing for i, would say somewhere between 120 and 150 of all the businesses better supposed to show up at that wednesday at 5 or hundred fifty?

How many actually show up I would say last week we had 15. Is it the air going out of the balloon? We had 15 people to ask about how many candidates, so we had about. Probably a hundred and twenty $150 ply. 75 said they would be there and only about 15 more there 10%. You know what I would rather do I’d rather get to know everybody one-on-one, so I read all the resumes and then, when I’m done with that, because I want to manage my time most effectively a lot of times I go into my lawn and I get out the z. The queen and I pull the business conferences weeds. Dubai was a good I mean you can catch up, I fly with a chopstick right son and you can you can pull freaking weed with the thought you know you can get with weed wacker. You could use our miracle grow. These are things you could use you could you know I told him what squeezes you know. Why? Because I am passionate about wasting all my freaking time there you go. You know what I bet. Did you write this email this one here you know I had speaking of this thing if you’re out their own a business, your managers, some of them, are going to push back on this.

We could simply because it’s change actually good, so I had to working within one of their managers that you introduce this grouping of your system in one of them, they’re pushed back was I really think this is going to take much longer than how we do it right now and I was like. Please explain, and obviously, if you’re out there and you’re saying you’re going to push back I want you to check. Will you put on the show notes the dvd, salt and pepper lyrics to push it that way to memorize all these lyrics and and just memorize these lyrics, because that memorizing, the lyrics to the salt and pepper song push it would be a better use of your time and interview people did the interview, people individually. We have another little shout out to the business conferences tribe nation. We have a question that came from nathaniel . Can you read this check real, quick on the password to hear? Could you read this email? I’ve, not I’ve, not read this email. So I met this man today, okay, great business conferences guy, and that we we put the podcast up there make sure you take out the word downs spoken about the 1345 mark on the podcast, so just whatever, but nathaniel whoever he is.

We please read the question:okay got it, so he emailed in I’m, listening to the podcast and I noticed again that you had mentioned that you don’t care what people think I have the exact same sentiment but as I’m preparing to start a new business venture I have a small group of people that I’ve worked with before that did terribly crappy business and I started to call him out on it. I still haven’t made things right. As far as a c, he says he still hasn’t made things right. As far as there’s a lien that’s been put on one of the customers properties, they still haven’t paid their bills etc. He goes on to say, I’m, not hearing from some of my friends that I’m going to read now hearing sees me from some of my friends I’m, going to reap what I sow and that because I’m critical of their terrible business conferences practices. Somehow this is going to impact me almost like they’re trying to bully me around about telling the truth got some real, real, real great advice for you, 1 nathaniel who I met today you are what I would call a giraffe. Giraffe puts its neck out there everyday for the green call. Tom animal can see. The clouds can see the blue sky puts its neck out there everyday for the foliage for the greene. Turtle spends its time in the shell around the insects around the giraffe tongue around the ground mud underground groveling around looking for the leftovers from whatever might have fallen to the ground. I would just say this. I personally believe that the morals, the values in the mindsets needed to become a successful entrepreneur are 100, /, 180 degrees opposite from what everyone else thinks. So let me give an example:nathaniel about the terrible, terrible things that I believe that most most most people in the world find hard to deal with.

What I believe that, when people are chronically late, it’s a character, flaw and i? Don’t hate them, christ, loves them and god knows I need grace, cuz I make mistakes all the time, but people that are chronically late, i, just don’t associate with him very much because I know you can’t get anything done with somebody who’s, crazy late. All the time. I also know that people that don’t pay their bills on time and it by the way after, if you come up against a financial hardship who hasn’t, but you don’t reach out to someone and say hey, let me let me make a business conferences payment. Let me try to make it right. Let me try to do something to correct the situation. It’s a character flaw in her, so many people out there that did it will get in that it did the excuse brigade. It was like an army of people that are willing and waiting to race. But to give you an endorsement in to say you don’t need to pay that bill. I mean come on you’re wrong, you’re falling on hard times, who are who are they to judge you and i, see it all the time I would just say society as a general overview is an excuse me excuse making group and most people are not successful. According to the federal reserve, the average american has less than $400 saved. 90% of small businesses fail according to forbes and I’m, just saying, there’s a lot of people and z i.

Don’t know if you agree with this there’s a lot of people. That say. Not only are you telling me you’re right man that you can pay your bills but, like you actually are mean as an owner, if you dare file a lien on a customer that doesn’t pay their bill, you’re a mean guy. If you collect from your renter you’re a horrible person, people have told me to my face you’re a bad person for firing. My sister look me in the face since you’re a bad person for firing. My sister and I said your sister is perpetually late to every single business conferences thing. We’ve ever done. Is that about being your sister she’s late? All the time, all the time, I don’t know what I did and I tell you that the energy that give the excuse, but what you have to say when that happens, you have to look at them and say you have to go back and change. My meta got to do this afternoon in a deep breath. It’s nothing personal, it’s just business and and as you know, why do you have a horse head in your hand, i? Why? Why do you always carry a led pipe diesel seems like a lot of shoveling. Your trunk always seems like as fresh dirt on it. What’s going on with that I think about it, I mean to me it wasn’t. It wasn’t a good fit?, the bagel guy right there take me home to bring back the channel to channel my call, no caesar, you cuz you, you were up when my wife worked, we were for you when she was 18 19. You were known as a fireball who was also you were like give me end zone and let’s celebrate but I’m, really intense dude in overtime, i, don’t know what year that was, but over time it took a gradual. You become more meta. Yes, how old were you when you did that business conferences transition I mean you start probably from 35, you probably end up in 45 or your drama of 1990 go to summary. So you know, I was on the levee. I was getting 47 years. Old I was thinking about your help, it’s time to,, but I guess this is yorkshire about the gutter gutter you’re. Now you won’t even have that conversation again respond to you. I was a good fit walk-off till I meet. Let me tell you my sister and she’s.

Looking for a job and she’s been loyal to the company for 2 years and I just see you fired my sister dude I give a personal problem with her or what’s the deal, and you would say you know bro, just wasn’t a good fit, have a nice day and walk off. So repeat the email again one more time with the evil one more time or make sure no. This is big because somebody out there this is a huge thing. If you’re going to take the time to email info at drivetime show.Com, you have I’m just joking I know this as a business owner. These are the hardest part. It’s not about the linear steps. You need to learn that you need a team to help you executed. What’s a emotional abyss, you have to cross over it again. Shop can I pair if I’m, going to paraphrase I’m listening to the podcast and I noticed again that you had mentioned that you don’t care what people think I have the exact same sentiment but as I’m preparing to start a new business venture I have a small group of people that I’ve worked with before that did terrible crappy business and I started to call him out on it, because I still haven’t made things right because they still haven’t made things right time out right. There read the last line started to call them out because they still have a good morning. I’m preparing to start a new business by sure I have a small group of people that I’ve worked with before got it, that I did terrible, crappy business and I started to call them out on it. That right, there is an issue. I have don’t give people feedback or coaching unless they’re asking for it. But I know a man I see a man i, don’t men! Many many men I went to oral roberts university with jay-z very jacked business conferences people at super, physically fit hans and franz like to talk to you out by about 5 years ago, lifetime fitness and this guy wins studied schwartz coached. He was a trainer he’s. Okay, we’re at the gym working out in in in a both of us are in pretty decent shape, he’s in great shape, I mean in the he walks up to a guy about your age.

Late 40s early 50s got headphones on. He pulls the guy side taps. In order to improve what you want to do, bro she want to. Let me tell you what you don’t give a guy who has headphones on in his late forties who’s by the way. The guy he’s getting feedback to is already in great shape. You don’t give someone feedback unless they want it. So my first piece of feedback to see, if you disagree with that I wanted advice, is unheated advice. So it’s like at this point. If you have. Let me ask this question:if you have this ethical dilemma, this disagreement instead of bringing it up, is that where you just cut ties yeah, what I do is I built a wall and I live behind it earlier i, just I have a hard time. I I just have a very very hard time with life example, pastor brian gibson, the pastor that I can I call my pastor. The guy I work with his wife, jessie i, agree with their morality and I agree with them and I absolutely am so excited to help them grow their church, so I can be very authentic with them, and they ask for feedback about things that they want to get better and I asked for business conferences feedback about things. I want to get better at it’s, not a level of insincerity who were both seeking advice. So it’s not unheated advice, but man, the doctors, the same thing i, ask him questions i, remember one time you had a speaking event z and you said hey:what’s that kind of outline you do for speaking of it cuz you wanted to know I want to know it’s a shirt if we’re asking since you’re going to hear when the best public speakers I know but I’m, just saying, if you’re around people that don’t want mentorship for, the love of all that is holy marshall, you want to give it to him.

Keep him his so check this out. I’ve seen this move and I’ve seen dr. Z use this move in over to shaker in meetings and I were talking about just leave the conversation and said this. Yes, this is what I found strap elated from the situation, only debate, things that are up for debate, otherwise make the decision to move on so I have been made in a meeting. The meeting is over get back to work. You leave the meeting or, let’s all get back to work. So many times will I see, continue to have a meeting for hours on end hillary about things after you’ve already made a decision, god bless and it’s so unnecessary, and so, if you were the final decision maker, whether it’s hiring somebody firing somebody or a strategic decision within the bin change our price change or a link to just move on from that situation. That decision or that that situation is that you you want to look like you care and there’s this thing about. When someone wants to talk that and they’re on your business conferences team that it would look rude, it would look inappropriate. These are things we think it would look mean mean antisocial. Do not let them ramble on about whatever they want to ramble on. My favorite I’ve got a question right and then 10 minutes later you’re like and what is your question question question the question is will say president trump I’m question question question here:i noticed it recently is come across that you hate, america and I just want to know.

Why do you hate america? So much? And it’s not it’s a statement right. They just go on and on and on, and then you finally go in your butt. Is your question? So what happened? Is it prevent up meeting? You know your employees and so it’s kind of like what the purpose of the meeting. Why are we meeting where we need to get to? Let’s get to it? Let’s get her down and get back to work, I’m paying you guys, i, don’t want you sitting in here, sneaking on your phone, while I’m kind of a meeting number one number two. You know when we when we got it done and finished we’re done and I don’t want to hear what a random things that don’t matter continue. Reading the email and I noticed a detonator. It’s roswell, that’s a bagel! Do you leftover from lunch? I was in the red button. Haha podcast continue place before I have to end it all. When is the red button? Okay, he said sorry to call him out on it, because I still haven’t made things right. As far as there’s a lien, that’s been put on one of my customers properties that I still that still has not been paid from their Bills-i’m, not hearing i. He says I’m now hearing from some of my business conferences friends and I’m going to reap what I sow and that, because I’m, a critical. Because I am critical of their terrible business practices. Somehow this is going to impact me almost like they’re, trying to bully me around about telling the truth and being upset that they’re terrible business acumen well, I got that book like water off a duck’s back. Don’t don’t reply to talk about that water off a duck’s back important part about this email in the serious part about this email is that there are liens that should be on property that should put it on. That is why you go to an attorney, and you have said attorney for few hundred bucks write a letter to put a fire underneath these people to do the right thing.

You don’t step beyond, you don’t try to do it. You there is a legal process to get a fire underneath these guys, because if they’ve got to lean that they should have paid off it shouldn’t be there any longer than that is that is that is a bad deal. That’s a bad deal. Do you going around spreading that put that in the apps for talking about it, the people that gossiping about it? That’s not your position, talk into the individuals, that’s not your position, you go! You go to attorneys, hey! Listen! We need to get this thing cleaned up. These are my clients. These business conferences people didn’t do what they’re supposed to do and I’ve told them to get her to get it right there supposed to get it right, and so now I need to make sure and put a little bit of heat current opinion. What if you know what I mean take it off your plate, put it on a professional place that does that for a living, just hey, listen, personal! Please you don’t have this done by said and said date, then we’re going to take legal actions against you get her done and your boom boom. You know someone is a professional. Do take care of that. You don’t talk about it. His friends shouldn’t know that he’s even having a problem with it. I, don’t gossip about that.

I have a great learning moment. I want to share with the listeners, wrap it up with this I want to, but there’s probably about 12 months ago. That’s why I said you could say that, but that would be my guest, but we had somebody that we know a mutual acquaintance who won story short. This guy comes to me and one of my coaches meetings and he says hey such as I heard such and such said such and such about dr. Z. Okay, what’s the person’s name, three hesitant so weird you were about to do a radio show I told you I said z, hey this person said such and such about you and me, and you said well cool. Let’s call I love that yeah, because you went right to the source of it right away. They now I know you hear the probably stop right to the source of it and you’re really good at that I’m. Just going to wreck to the point you’re going to have to understand an entrepreneurship you get paid based on what you do not based on what you intend on doing and the rest of the world kind of operates based on intentions like you could be a really crappy human and really not study at all and graduate from oral roberts university with a be minus. You could I know people that actually forget to study. At all, I mean you went to osu i, didn’t study, study it just wasn’t the book. I got two degrees. You can pick your way through. Some jobs to I’m in the company has such great system that member at target would have before I figured out how life worked. I worked at target and I would literally see try to find a way to eat. As many pretzels I could piraino two crates trial of mind. My criminal mind was thinking about per day per day. I noticed some like amanda. How many did you eat today and she said i, don’t need those pretzels or bad fun ways. This reactions right, I’m, looking around there’s like 12 of us, 15 of us and I’m like i, know what I need to do a scam all day waiting for my boss to leave the department before i, read, think and grow rich before I do have is working as soon as he would leave and go home.

I would say:i would smash. All the pretzels I also actually watched him. Z I watched like a hawk when he hit the all call paige. The all call paige is a button we go and you can hang out tuesday. We have some. You left your wallet at the frontier. If you go to hell 32, while 32 someone left their wallet. That kind of thing i, apparently trying to find her mother can I buy turbo fast. Could the phone goes over all the speakers. I thought, criminal mind again, I didn’t know how life worked and I’m all about his memories. Wife, you can just be at your way through life and get abby so I guess. What is this is my favorite what time it is consistently about once every week and a half or so and I loved every time and then finally, my new, my boss, got fired and tara came into my boss got fired and tara came in short, lady, like a short napoleon lady. She came in and told me what was up, but that’s what I said frontier if you have a 4-door vehicle, your vehicle has been, has been devastated and I waited for everyone to leave they’re all like guys, are leaving and I liked it. This is the podcast to talk about it. I’m going to see if the gutter to pizza cutters business conferences podcast first me have a security has been breached. The cards being used currently right now, large tv large vcr make an announcement that you’re just kind of like saying things to get people like a mastercard report to the front desk customer service immediately customer service immediately it so everybody who has a credit card is like I’ll head up there and I’m. Just like this is awesome and all I’m saying is you:can act I actually kept that job, because target needed somebody to stand by the alphabetically sort of the cds that are organized by this massive plastic bottles. Plastic cases guard them with their life. It’s like that’s. What being an employee?

Isn’t some big companies? You can? You can really be a jackass, but I need somebody with a pulse to stand by those cds. Nobody like khaki, pants, spoiled or not to show up, I earned, not ironed slept in for 3 days. It’s yes or no pass or fail, and it sounds like our listener. Here is a yes or no black or white pass or fail kind of person in your around people that are kind of murky grey kind of grey. You you, man, you’re, got you’re the kind of guy who says look gary. You are currently urinating in my pool and cares to filter your anger, be yes or no pastor feel kind of guy, which is good, but you can’t broadcast that’s the world. You can’t talk about it. Talk about it, take care of the proper channels, listen to call them and they’re not going to get rid of that. Lean. Go take care of the bill like they’re supposed to. Then you hit it off your turns and say you know what okay next and you move on, but you sit there and rail about it, because if people sit there listening to you rail about how bad business conferences did you how bad they have done, then you are doing the wrong thing. Your gossiping. That number one handed off to the right authority to take care of it, and you know what countach little bit, but in the long run you did the right thing. Marshall told me right before I wrap it up here, hot sauce in your feedback for a listener out there to make sure if you have the courage to email us to info at thrive time should I come I want to make sure that you always get the answers to the questions that you are asking him or any other hot takes. The hot take is, is that you got to be willing to have the uncomfortable conversation, whether that’s with a future client or future employee or future person that you need to hold accountable. You got to be willing to have that uncomfortable conversation in the person. That’s willing to have those uncomfortable uncomfortable conversations is the one that’s going to be the most successful it’s time to end of the show



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