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Do you feel like your schedule is out of control? Do you feel like you are just going from one burning fire to another all day without achieving your goals or having the time to proactively tackle anything? Clay Clark breaks down the secrets and the systems needed for you to optimize your life by taking command over your schedule.

Design Your Ideal Schedule for Your Ideal Lifestyle (The F6 Life)

See – Boom – 13 Proven Steps to Business Success – Page 172-178

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You either pay now or pay later with just about every decision you make about where and how you spend your time.” – Lee Cockerell (Partner and the former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Resorts who once managed 40,000 employees, 1 million customers per week while being an incredible father and husband)
    1. F6 Lifestyle
      1. Faith
      2. Family
      3. Finances
      4. Friendship
      5. Fitness
      6. Fun
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The quality of your life is directly affected by how and where you spend your time.” – Lee Cockerell (Partner and the former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Resorts who once managed 40,000 employees, 1 million customers per week while being an incredible father and husband)
  3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully. I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things.” – Steve Jobs (Co-founder of Apple and the former CEO of PIXAR)
  4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Cognitive capacity and overall brainpower are significantly reduced when your smartphone is within glancing distance—even if it’s turned off and face down—according to a recent study.” – Are Smartphones Making Us Stupid? – Psychology Today –
  5. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “In June 2016, another study reported that the typical smartphone owner typically gets interrupted / interacts with his or her phone an average of 85 times per day.” – Are Smartphones Making Us Stupid? – Psychology Today
  6. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You must set digital boundaries to win. The smartphone is the biggest distraction, productivity killer, intelligence reducer and stresser standing in the way of success for 90% of the clients that I have worked with in route to helping them achieve success. It’s hard to write a business plan, to update your proforma or to make sales calls when you are on Facebook or Twitter responding to a push notification or reactively responding to the text messages of everyone who has ever been in your life. Set digital boundaries and you will win.” – Clay Clark
  7. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “We need to re-create boundaries. When you carry a digital gadget that creates a virtual link to the office, you need to create a virtual boundary that didn’t exist before.” – Daniel Goleman (The psychologist and New York Times best-selling author of Emotional Intelligence)
  8. ACTION ITEM – Write down specific times in your schedule for the achievement of the following items (this would mean that your phone would be off while you mentally and physically engaged in these activities)
    1. FAITH goals
    2. FAMILY goals
    3. FINANCES goals
    4. FITNESS goals
    5. FRIENDSHIP goals
    6. FUN goals
  9. ACTION ITEM – Make a list of the things you will now begin saying no to.
  10. ACTION ITEM – Turn your phone off when you are not intentionally using your phone to call people (80% of the day).
  11. Podcast –
    1. How to Design a Sustainable Schedule –  
  12. Downloadable –
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Audio Transcription

3 2 1 broadcasting live from the center of the universe, presenting the world’s only business school without the bs, with optometrist can’t entrepreneur, dr. Robert zoellner, and he ussba entrepreneur of the year clay clark get ready to enter the thrive time show on talk, radio 1170 back to the conversation, every buddy just tuning in here from for the first time from business coach land portland, oregon, hello and greetings on freeway tuning in here for the 50th time for the hundredth time from guam guam from south korea hello. We have so many people internationally in nashua. Listen to the show I always will make sure that I mention this and if I forget to do it enough, my apologies. If you ever have any questions at all, you can always email us to info at thrive time, show.Com info at thrive time. Show.Com any other day. We did the show about your ideal lifestyle you’re in in so any of you that are actual clients have actually reached out to your coaches, and if so, could you kind of get into more detail on that’s what I’m going to do today we’re going to talk about how to design your ideal schedule and your ideal lifestyle. Imagine that if you imagine waking up today, knowing that whatever’s on your schedule is what you put on your schedule. Imagine knowing that you are living a life style where you have both e financial freedom in the time, freedom to do what it is that you want to do so in order to do this chapter first, you need to get out of a sheet of paper to allow some time for all the listener to get out a sheet of paper, or perhaps maybe we get out some kind of writing device. I mean you’re. There might be a listener out there who has an etch-a-sketch, or we might be very, very good with with us spray paint. We want to go ahead and get out the artists out.

There were talking to you too we’re going to get out a writing business coach device running device out I’m going to go ahead and do this with you. Okay, so we’re going to go ahead and say monday all right, towing brighton down monday on monday. If you have the time to do whatever it is that you want to do on monday, what would it be? I want to tell you what I would do if I had the time for them to do so and then just work the one day at a time sober meet, monday I would have a meeting with our coaches at 8 a.M. No. Currently, that meeting is at 6 a.M. I’ll. Tell you what it’s, because we have a daily radio show broadcast from from 12 to 2 everyday, so a trade-off. A trade-off that I had to make in order to make that happen is to have a meeting at 6 a.M. With our team, which I would prefer to have a date night. So I prefer to have the meeting at 8. But the meeting is at 6 that doesn’t mean that I’m settling it doesn’t mean I’ve. Given up on my goals. It doesn’t mean that I no longer care what it means is that I have the maturity of thought and you have the maturity of thought as well to write down what you’re doing right now and then contrast to get versus where you want to be so, as we grow, our showing two different markets and weird, we just got picked up button up or in portland oregon. That’s right. We did as we get added more more markets in, as we begin, the syndicated radio show my schedule begin to move into more and more of a reality that I looked at that I want. So in order to produce the the show that we do everyday. What time do you think I have to get up in order to produce a show? That’s on from 12 to 2, but for me, I set my alarm at 3, okay, so it’s three know some days. It’s 2:30 some days. It’s 3:30, but typically it’s at 3 to 3 a.M. I. Get up I make sure that I clarify all of my ideas, for this show and every radio show here or is like a lion. Roar like a lion. It’s, really more about slimming coffee as fast as possible, and then I do after I prepare for the show. Then we go with getting the car I drive about 15 minutes to the riverwalk offices, where we have our 6 a.M. Meeting on that point. At 7 we have another client meeting at 8, another client meeting its back to back to back until the radio show. Then the radio shows the last event I do of the day and then my day is done, and that is my ideal schedule know that schedule is monday through thursday. Don’t your business coach listeners get this friday night time show team is off, they don’t work on friday i. Do we have it where the thrive time show team doesn’t work on fridays? In your mind, we do that it’s a sustainability thing. We grind. We do that. We got a lot done if you want to be on. Our team have to be a special ops type person. It’s like the marines app is not exactly the green berets even are right. Sorry, if that’s not the leather green berets, whatever that is, and so kunis that big kahuna’s and then so. Basically, we want to give the team a three-day weekend because we’re putting in town 2 hours monday through thursday. Furthermore, we have a workshop that we do better be too much. That’s true as well, and that workshop is also on a friday and saturday. Now that workshop, you haven’t booked your tickets, yet you still have some time go to thrive time.

Show.Com. Today, click on the conference button and buy your tickets. There I’m going to score some free tickets to the world’s best workshop. All you have to do is subscribe to the thrive time show on itunes and leave us an objective review, so just subscribed just google search. The word thrive time show I’ll find this wrapped up to an itune subscribe. Leave us an objective review, email us, your contact, information to info at drivetime, shut, up,, we’re going to give you two free tickets, but against the team works monday through thursday. But my might personal schedules get up at 3 prepare for the show, go to the office at 6 a.M. The first meeting and then record already owe show, and then that’s the last thing I do have that other the 12 to 2 radio shows the last thing. I do everyday and someone says so you’re done work at 2, but you get up at 3. That’s weird I know another entrepreneur that works from 10 in the morning until 2 very successfully does. But he told me years ago, I just want to work from 10 to 2 right he’s built the schedule to do that. So I’m asking you today, rhetorically. If you had total autonomy over your schedule. What hours would you have now we talk? Roll, the former executive vice president has a notable quotable for us here. This is the guy who is a I thrive partner, he’s the former executive vice president of walt disney world resorts, which means he wants man, 40,000 employees, think about that, and 1 million customers are fertile week and he says you either pay now or pay later was just about every decision you make about where and how you spend your time so back to our calendar. I would encourage you to write down the following apps and check out to put those on the show notes that way. Everybody knows the f6 is located the f6 business coach categories to make a full and prosperous life. Vb6 areas of the every human experience consists of faith right, youtube goals, your faith and your family give goes for your finances. Youtube goes to your fitness goals for your friendships and you have to have goals for your fun. Now. Is this a freudian slip? I accidentally said sickness instead of fitness i think I want to schedule a time for speeding, i, just love it so much so you have faith family finances, friendship, fitness and fun fun.

You now have to schedule time into your schedule for each of the six areas, or they won’t have more won’t happen. What does that mean? Okay, so let’s go with faith. So faith means that that would be like. Maybe you should go to a church or maybe have a certain religious belief, your ear into play. You like put that on your calendar for sunday morning. Yes, for my wife and i, we tunein live to watch. We tune in to watch river city church in owensboro kentucky with pastor brian gibson he’s at a church. So we work with. We are honored to serve and if you get a chance to check it out, it’s it’s river city church. You can buy them on facebook, just google search, river, city church and its owensboro kentucky to it we put into the schedule. We actually do it way out, no more weird! Now for family for family. What we do is from 3 on friday until monday, it’s just all family and we have to or do it right so we hit. We spend time together and I’ll. Try to give examples of things we do. We went to target yesterday to get the kids coloring books went to purchase some, my chairs or the the girls for the office. They come to the office occasion. I still want to get some their own chairs when they come to visit at the office and ice. We also picked up a mere to go in the back of a door, just sort of did things together. Then we watched seinfeld episodes cuz, we love watching lee, timeless seinfeld business coach episode, jerry. We have an actual schedule that we built right. We would designed their things. We actually scheduled into our schedule and then our finances. You need to put a specific time in your schedule to up to look at your finances. Every week of my wife doesn’t ever see friday. So if friday should go to the office and between essentially 10 a.M. And 2, that’s all she’s doing is looking like the financing. Why did she do it from 10 to 2 at the office and not just a constant stream of consciousness dealing with burning fires related to finances, because he would have no time for them, otherwise she would be always thinking about or changing things or answering questions. I have noticed when she’s doing this on fridays I steer, clear cuz I have to follow up with an essay about things from time to time, but I’m like oh she’s, got the spreadsheets out. I’m, not I’m, not interrupting that right now. So we are all the former executive vice president of walt disney world resort to again manage 40,000 employees and 1 million customers, while being an incredible father and husband writes the quality of your life is directly affected by how and where you spend your time. So again, you have to get the schedule this into your schedule. To put these things these at 6 that the fate the family, the finals of the fitness of french, of the butt give me your schedule. I, want to hammer home a point that I am getting better at clay, but I see you do this literally every weekend, it’s about using your to-do list and your schedule on the weekends. It’s not just like you hit friday, and it’s like right.

It’s like! If you want to get anything done on that time off, then you literally have to block time out on saturdays on sundays. You have to keep your to-do list with you. This stuff doesn’t stop. What do you always say if you wanted to have a schedule and a to-do list on every day, you want to be a good day. You only! You only want to make a schedule for the days that you want to go well screw that resource of time in my future, I’m, probably getting younger every day, and if you want to take a freaking nap on saturday schedule yourself in that. How about that i? Do that I want to make sure that you’re doing this? Because of you, don’t do this really this thing right here this act of stages of designing your life and designing your schedule is perhaps the most important skill in the world, but yet the least tots kill outside of sales, with your most precious resource. Your time, your time, I move on to the next one friendships. You got a schedule time into your schedule. Her friendships and shut up I know you do that. I know that you guys get together. I know you guys jam out and play music. What’s the listeners out there that don’t know what you do in terms of scheduling time with their friendships or what would you do for fun with your buddies? Well, I have cut out all other relationships. Besides my family, my life, pretty much because we like i, said we do a lot here and I spend all of my time on my business coach weekends, with my family or friday nights myself and marshall and paul matheran and another buddy of mine get together every friday and play music after the families are in bed together jam out, try to call it before midnight. Cuz I got to get up early on saturday, but it’s a good time and it’s in the schedule that way it happens every week and it’s so powerful because I guarantee you what you get excited knowing that you’re. That is happening, it’s not right and i, don’t have it. It’s not like wait we’re getting together on to what it. What are we doing here is like no friday as soon as we can get. There will be there now once you scheduled into your schedule what you put on your schedule for your faith, your family, your finances, your you’re, going to have to also schedule time for fitness, and you also got to schedule time to have fun, and that seems like a lot of stuff to put in your schedule in time for your faith. * your family, to have your finances time for friendship time for fitness time for your phone.

That’s a lot of stuff! It’s only saying so now, once you once you put the six areas in your life now you have to begin to say no I got to start to say no to pretty much anything and everything. That’s not part of that f6 lifestyle that you’re intentionally designing. We come back we’ll talk about the art of saying. No welcome back to the thrive time show have a business question. Email is today and info at drivetime, show.Com and clay and doctors. He will answer your business questions live on the air, oh I tried nation. Welcome back to the conversation, my name is clay clark on the former us sba entrepreneur of the year, the father of five human kids and I get asked all the time. People ask me all the time is it? How do you find time to get it all done and I must say:i was on amazon and I’ve noticed that you’ve written a book and then another book and I’m, not there book and another couple more, but it seems like you’ve written like almost ten bucks and then you do a podcast or radio show every single day and I know that you guys are running elephant in the room and I feel like you’re. Also on the radio show a couple hours a day and I feel like also i, see you in business coach meetings and i. Don’t know how do you find time to get it all done with here’s? A secret I have a simple system that I’ve been using for almost 18 years and if you just use the system it works. So your business coach, if you want to her clients, can help you do this, but we can help you do it. If you don’t take the actions of the first action step you have to do, is you have to get out a physical calendar and you have to design the ideal lifestyle that you want to live? You see weight cockroach before executive vice president of walt disney, world resorts, who go to thrive time show on podcast, so you can hear allie teaching you how you manage to 40,000 employees, 1 million customers and a relationship with his wife and then his kids, and how he did that as he has executive vice president of walt disney world resort, but he says you either pay now or pay later with just about every decision you make about where and how you spend your time. So what you have to do what you have to go ahead and write down on your calendar, your goals for your faith, your family, your finances, your friendship, fitness in your fun and 2/4 for the sake of brevity, but also for the sake of clarity, I’m, going to briefly explain to you my schedule on monday. So you can see how my monday I have 6 fits into my monday at 3 a.M. In the morning. I wake up and that’s what I make the radio show outlines between 3 a.M. And 6 a.M. That is I’m done.

Typically proofing be out lines at 5:30 a.M. Okay, so I’m done at 5:30 and I work on them continuously throughout the week. Whenever have an idea or a listener asks a question but I prove it. I cited I vet, it I’ve been editing that from 3, so I’m sketching it throughout the week, but I’m editing it between 3 a.M. And 5:30, then hop in the shower at the crazy visual buddy hop in the shower and i. Listen to i, listen to td jakes every morning, because I need to it. Bede’s. My spirits already knocked out my goals for financial areas of my life and my faith calls previous to see in my team. At 6 a.M. I have a team meeting with jack. That sounds like a work-related thing. That’s financial goal at 6 a.M. I. Have our coaches meeting where I coach, our coaches I answered the questions that they do not know. The answers to make sense do push-ups to hit our fitness goals, make my team run crushers at 6 a.M. My first coaching meeting of the day where I could and a business owner than 8 I have another business coaching meeting the ninth and tenth and eleventh and twelfth night go and I record the radio show and when we, when we record the business coach radio show where broadcasting in portland oregon in tulsa oklahoma and so after I record the show I’m done for the day when I go home, I’m actually at home, cuz I know record from the man cave studios whenever possible, and you know I did that I did that, because I wanted to be able to spend time with my family after recording the show right. So then, what I do is I spend time with the family. They are saying nothing on here, for your fitness calls that’s right and that is on tuesday. That’s when I work out so tuesday morning have a different schedule. But the point is it’s in the schedule then tuesday then monday night. We typically will go to atwoods or hobby lobby or guitar center and see what they say. And then we have a great time with family. We like to grill meat every single night, and then we love to watch funny shows like seinfeld. We can’t get enough of seinfeld wheel of seinfeld. We love to play chess, we love to i. Just did you just say you wanted to lose it just me later, cuz we’re going to have the the tic tac toe dojo of mojo for all staff meeting and we’re going to have the paper rock scissors scissors olympics. So you again or saying I’m going to win at tic-tac-toe and paper rock scissors I believe you could win both of those. You have the key strategic mind:the gorilla nation on a client that I was working last week. Oh yeah, lanny smith out there with a rival 3d, does 3d, printing and scanning and he’s got a couple.

Their software products he’s working on. It recently had a baby, so it’s got a couple month old little baby girl, baby girl, I’m. So he’s going to drop the joys of fatherhood and learn about all that, but I talked to him. He’s got to trade, show coming up next week, so I blocked out a little time after we got done doing some radio stuff on saturday morning and I called him up at about 9:30 and I said:what’s up man how’s it going how’s, the trade show stuff go and he goes I’ve been up since 3 yep I just been grinding. He got blind, he got his paperwork is flyers and stuff that he was working on a little bit and he got his background done for his tv. These going to hang out all the stuff for the trade show up, and it just pumped me up because he wasn’t an early-morning guy when we first started working together, but he had a baby and now his priorities had to shift. So you were complaining and you guys have began to atlantis begin to say no to lots of stuff we’re getting this after you’ve designed this schedule for your faith, your family, your finances, your friendship, your fitness, in your fun, to get it all done. Lee cochran, right to the quality of your life, is directly affected by how and where you spend your business coach time jobs. You couldn’t be here today, so people think steve, jobs, steve jobs did the co-founder of apple former ceo of pixar black turtleneck guy, says people. Think focus means saying yes to the thing. You got the focus on not what it means that all it means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are, you have to pick carefully. I’m actually is proud of. The things we haven’t done is the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to a thousand things psychology. Today, though, chimes in and says, here’s where you’re losing all your time. The cognitive capacity in overall brainpower are significantly reduced when your smartphone is within glancing distance. Even if it’s turned off in face down psychology today goes on to say in june of 2016, another study reported that a typical smartphone owner typically gets interrupted with their smartphone 85 times per day. Come on to what you have to do now. This is daniel goleman. This is a psychologist to the new york times bestselling author. He says we need to recreate boundaries when you carry a digital gadget that creates a virtual link to the office and everybody else. You need to create a virtual boundary that didn’t exist before so. I would encourage you to do. Is action items is getting make a list of all the things you want to get done, and just put it in your schedule that that that that seems easy, no step to make a list of the things that you’re going to start to say no to then it’s crazy turn your smartphone off when you’re not intentionally using it to call people and it’s designed to be a tool to help you be more productive, not to make you an unproductive tool.

Don’t say no to these action items no say no to everything. I say yes to these items right here, which will help you design a sustainable schedule and we have a worksheet, which we call a downloadable that you can get right here by going to thrive time, show.Com and clicking on the podcast button. You can find on today business coach show notes. All of the specific super moves that you can use and I’ve. Also written a book called the art of getting things done, which you can get at are thrive time show bookstore. My name is mark I’m, a business coach. That’s eric, church up he’s a business coach. We want to help you. We want to serve you, but we can’t do that if we don’t get a chance to meet you so borrow tickets today, for the next in person, drive time show today interactive business workshop at thrive time, show.Com


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