How to Manage People Effectively | Break down 11 Rings by Phil Jackson Story

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How to Manage People Effectively | Break Down 11 Rings by Phil Jackson Story

On this Thrivetime Show Podcast episode, Clay Clark is teaching you how to be an effective manager by deep diving into the life of 13 time NBA champion player and coach, Phil Jackson, and his book 11 Rings.

Things to role play during training:

  1. Role play what happens when someone yells at you.
  2. Role play objections
  3. Role play actually closing a deal

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The time will never be just right. You must act now.” Napoleon Hill

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “”Perfectionism is often an excuse for procrastination” – Paul Graham

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 New International Version (NIV)

3 There is a time for everything,

   and a season for every activity under the heavens:

2     a time to be born and a time to die,

   a time to plant and a time to uproot,

3     a time to kill and a time to heal,

   a time to tear down and a time to build,

4     a time to weep and a time to laugh,

   a time to mourn and a time to dance,

5     a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,

   a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,

6     a time to search and a time to give up,

   a time to keep and a time to throw away,

7     a time to tear and a time to mend,

   a time to be silent and a time to speak,

8     a time to love and a time to hate,

   a time for war and a time for peace.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Complexity fails and simplicity scales”

3 P’s of a successful business:

  1. Product
  2. People
  3. Profit

Tex Winter Bio –  

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – People around you, constantly under the pull of their emotions, change their ideas by the day or by the hour, depending on their mood. You must never assume that what people say or do in a particular moment is a statement of their permanent desires.” – Robert Greene – Mastery

FUN FACT – The vesica pisces (piscis) is a symbol made from two circles of the same radius, intersecting in such a way that the center of each circle lies on the circumference of the other. The name literally means the bladder of the fish in Latin. In the Christian tradition, it is a reference to Christ, as in ichthys.


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  1. DEFINITION MAGICIAN – “Pubic Hair” – The hair that grows above the genitals.
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Audio Transcription

Broadcasting live from the center of the business coach universe. It’s business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur entrepreneur of the year clay clark. It is the pop time show that you’re super kourtney pregnant with the focus function like san, quentinis, hot and I still see the sea and the sea that was teaching mrs. Fields. Yes, yes and yes, we’ll go back to the thrive time, show on your radio and podcast download. Now on today show, we are breaking down phil jackson’s book, 11 rings. This is part 2 of our phil jackson breakdown, who’s, phil, jackson, chapel of your life. You saying who is phil jackson nba, head coach for michael jordan and for kobe bryant he’s one of the total of 11 nba championships 6 with the chicago bulls v with the los angeles lakers. But the question I have for you:joe is how many championships did michael jordan win during the years he played when phil jackson was not coach, again I’m going to say a big goose egg right. How many years, how many years did kobe bryant play? Nba, basketball, i! Don’t know why? Don’t you look that up to how many years did kobe bryant play nba basketball, kobe bryant, we’re the guys doing for playing a long time in the national basketball association, but he only the only time he won a championship was when phil jackson was his business coach and let’s see if we can look that up and give the the thrivers the answer that they’re looking started in 1996 yep looks like basically was a very good player who didn’t win championships when phil jackson was in his coach, true nation, if you have a successful company on paper, you have a really good team of individuals. If you cannot get them to work together as a cohesive unit, you will lose over breaking down phil jackson’s book, 11 rings.

Really what I want you to think about is how good are you at managing your team on a scale of 1 to 10? If 10 is you are the most effective manager ever, he probably should too now you probably just what are on a scale of 1 to 10, if you’re, maybe like at 5 or 7 or ro water, you find yourself. I could definitely improve here then you’re going to have a lot to learn with incredible a breakdown of phil jackson’s book 11 rings from page 21 of phil jackson’s book and I’d like for you to break this down and see. If you can kind of explain what this means to the thrive nation was divided, the players into two lopsided teams for a scrimmage did not call any fouls on the weaker of the two I’d like to see how the players on the stronger team would respond with all the players were going against them, and their opponents were running up. 30 point leads:this scheme used to drive michael jordan nuts, because he couldn’t stand business coach losing, even though he knew that the game was rigged. Why is it so important if you own a business that you make the office environment much more difficult when your trainings and it would be when dealing with actual customers? Why is it so important role play with our our call center representative? Why is it so important are role playing should be harder than it is dealing with actual customers that are calling in to our various business ventures? It goes back to that idea of your high water mark right. So you’ve got this high water mark in. If you are new and you’ve never been through kind of a weird scenario, you’ve got an outline of your sales pitch, but nobody’s ever thrown a weird question that you, you don’t want that to happen in the middle of a big bitch. You want that kind of stuff to happen.

While your role playing while you’re training and a big problem I see, is that a lot of people don’t have any time to role play or train or c what their their team members are saying to potential clients during sales and things like that on the show notes here. Okay, I want to break this down to the show notes of a few things you want to role play with your team. If your role playing-let’s say the calls you want to roleplay what happens when somebody yells at you, what happens because it’s going to happen in a call center I mean for the elephant in the room, men’s, grooming, lounge, i, can’t think of a day that goes by where we don’t deal with one irate. Individual and I’ll just give an example of a call we played this week. That was, it was fabulous. We had a guy who came in for his haircut and our haircuts for a 30-minute haircut. You tell me if this is reasonable right. If your 20 minutes late, we can’t get you in with the business coach grooming professional that you booked be caught booked with, because he or she needs to cut someone else’s hair. You in your decision to be late or whatever happened, to cause you to be late means. We can’t get you in with the person requested. However, we can still get you in nepali and it we had a person on I’m on the phone. Only reason I’m really really are going off about the edd craziness of our example. We had a member of our team that talk to someone on the phone that was running a little bit late and i, don’t feel like member of our team handled it exactly right. Why is it important to both scenarios that I actually record the calls? Why do you think the big companies check american express southwest airlines, all the big companies record their calls and use it for training purposes. You can’t make a measurement manage what you can’t measure right, so why is it helpful for our team to play the call linda meeting in front of their first of all? It’s a group learning lesson right.

You can learn off of those mistakes, and so everybody’s I have to make them at this at different times. So it’s a group session and then it’s it’s a team-building exercise. It shows everybody how you were on the same page here. We all make mistakes, but let’s learn from them and move forward. I also find it makes it super awkward, hey while I’m on the phone monday through thursday. We know friday morning or whenever that we’re going to be listening to those calls I better. Be at work, somebody has everyone’s calls in the meeting right once someone has their business caoch calls played once. Were they really doing a poor job? It seems like that nips it in the bud for that sort of mediocrity right now, all of a sudden become better and roll jackson family practice, while coaching the bulls. He wanted to make scenarios and practice that were frustrating to imagine what it would be like to be michael jordan playing in a scrimmage in losing to the backups when he’s just loves winning by 30 points, when the other team cannot possibly have a foul called on them, and so that’s why he did it. He did that because he wanted to create a tough situation. Now I’m wondering is career. This is crazy. Phil jackson played for the new york knicks when he played in the national basketball association. He talked about. He said the red auerbach who’s, the general manager of the celtics at the time used to do stuff. That was that was pretty crazy, so one of his trade, this is from page 55 of the book eleven rings. He says one of read:our box trademark ploys was to light a cigar when he thought his team had won the game which infuriated his opponents, especially when the score was still close, but our backup outdid himself in the 1973 playoffs and ultimately backfired on him.

We met the celtics in the eastern conference finals after beating baltimore 421 in the first round, boston at the home court advantage in the series and auerbach took full advantage of it. Whenever we played where the new york knicks played in boston, our pact made our lives miserable. He put us in locker rooms. Were the keys, didn’t work, the towels were missing, the heat was set it over 100 degrees and we could not open the window today. For this series he put us in a different locker room for every game and the last one for game 7. We were cramped literally inside a janitor’s closet with no lockers, and the ceiling was so low that most of us had to stoop down to get dressed. Then I guess rather than demoralize us, as our back no doubt expected the locker. The locker room gambit made us. So angry at galvanized us even more and he goes on to explain that when they celebrate their victory, he said they celebrated in the boston’s janitorial closet back, that’s hilarious, but the thing is he look like it in the nba, the other team pulls that crap and so i, just I’m just encouraging right now it happens when you get in the game situation. People do anything to screw with your teeth. They not i, do have to replicate the situation. That’s why you got a raise that high water mark artificially in training so that they’re used to being in a weird situation. Do you want to hear all phil jackson decided to become a coach that sounds like a great 9 of the book he’s actually playing for the new york knicks to coach, pulled him aside and says it’s okay to 59 east I thought the 1977-78 season would be my last, but in the off-season the knicks made a deal to send me to the new jersey nets I was reluctant at first but I agree to come on board when coach, kevin, loughery called and told me that he needed my help to work with younger players.

Ville I know you’re at the end of your career, reset coming to new jersey to be a great bridge between playing and coaching i. Wasn’t that interested in becoming a coach, but I was intrigued by lowery’s maverick style of leadership after training camp larry said he wanted to move me over to the assistant coach job. But before that could happen forward, bob elliott got injured, I was activated as a player. Never the last I got a chance to work with the big. Ben is part of the assistant coach and take over for kevin. As the head coach, when he was thrown out of games by the refs, which happened 14 times that season and a coach during the last season of his nba career coach, how do I have this code still like to argue with the wraps and he got thrown out of the game? 14 *, 82 game season, so phil got his chance to coach and realize how you know. I kind of like this go to god and i. Think there’s a lot of business coach people out there waiting for that perfect time to start a business, they’re saying a perfect time to be a time when everything lines up just right and everything is going perfect for me and I put the time when they were just write. The quote to pull in here. I want to put this on. The show notes. Are the time will never be just right? You must act now. You must act now. A member of our team of jonathan kelly is example. Do you know that he emailed rashad jennings agent for the jacksonville jaguars? He went on to play with the giants and oakland raiders and hit a very successful career. He was on dancing with, the stars he’s done great and so john just decides them. It’s a very busy day to schedule an interview with one of the better buy nfl running backs of his era and sure enough.

He scheduled appointment is in lexington doing with the we have rashad jennings on the show here. I believe next week on the drive time show it because we have a culture in our office where we must act now. It reminds me of like you know, procrastination is often of perfectionism is often a mask for procrastination program. That’s right who started airbnb and read it in dropbox. He talks about this idea of perfectionism is really a best. The best excuse people can come up with two masks, not ready procrastinate. If you’re, not there, you’re going gosh, maybe I want to start my own business. There has never been a time than right now and it one bridge one way to learn a lot about how to grow a business. How to start a business is my booking. Your tickets, today. Yep, we only have my understanding-is 9 spots left for our june drive time show conference i, don’t know what are the dates of the drive time show come in 22nd and 23rd, friday and saturday to book your tickets. You want to learn more about it. Go to drivetime show.Com today, also, if your bathroom is just not as clean as it should be if you’ve been procrastinating on that thing of business coach maintaining your porcelain, palace and you might be saying to yourself-i want my bathroom to no longer feel like the inside of a circle k rest. Yes, i! Don’t want to feel like the inside of a third world country become a true porcelain, palace chapel. The, guys at classic clean that we hired to clean the drive time show radio bathroom in studio. You deserve to sit on that thrown in your own porcelain, tile. That’s you!

You got to reach out to classic janitorial v, classic queen.Com v classic clean.Com they’re, going to give you free high-traffic floor buffing and cleaning areas typically cost an extra $1,000 they’re going to include it for new customers. Give him a call 918-671-2046 again:918-671-2046 v classic queen.Com. You are now entering the dojo mojo and the thrive time show kick it. Yes, you can can I kick it? Yes, you can can I kick it? Yes, you can can i. Guess you can. This is click clock on the mic and can my optical castano pinochet and I’m focused on the mission beach the skills and get to the plans broadcasted from advance to the bathtub., portland, and I’ll be to see her? Yes, that would stick it like that man, damn I’m show on your radio. My name is the host of this top 10 itunes podcast in this is host of the radio show is my mission. Vocation means you’re, calling my vocation my calling to spend an inordinate amount of time, a deep diving into the wives of super successful people and deconstructing breaking down the specific tactics, the moves and techniques to systems they’ve used to grow in their given professional business coach skills that are applicable to you, the listener and in one thing, we’ve discovered over the years as a business coach. Coaching businesses for the last 12 years I discovered that a lot of people will reach out and say clay, clark I really like it. If you could help me grow my business now, I can say this. Every client I’ve ever worked with it applies. The system has had massive growth, we’re talkin, you know, phone doctors, look him up, oxyfresh! Look him up! Look them up! Will package media? Look him up elephant in the room. Look it up! Dj connection.Com! Look that up epic photos.Com! Look that up tomorrow in li and kitterman dentistry.

Look that up I’ll kirkpatrick & lai! Look that up innovations dentistry I go on and on and on, and what happened is when people start having growth article to courtney t, the late great of philosopher, the, notorious, big, mo, money, mo, problems, so true, and so we’ll see what happens. Is there that’s a great modern, modern business coach philosophy. You start to realize. There’s more people from me to we. It’s not just me and him. We’ve grown to a level where there’s multiple people out there, I’m managing and now I’m managing the emotions of the people and i. Tell you what, if you could just manage the x’s and o’s and you can just banned the execution of a strategy that be great. If you could peel just would do what they’re supposed to do that be great. That’s not how it works at all you’re managing a lot of different personalities, many of which are antagonistic to do your own success. Yet they work for you and so I went to read here from page 63 I’ll phil jackson’s book 11, rings phil jackson, the nba coach, who led the chicago bulls to 6 championships in los, angeles, los, angeles lakers to five business coach championships. He says here:the bulls chief rival rivals were the detroit pistons, a rough physical team that probably refer to themselves as the bad boys, bad bad, bad bad boys led by point guard isaiah thomas. The pistons were always spoiling for a fight and they had a team for bruisers, including bill laimbeer rick mahorn, dennis, rodman john salley early in my first season. A fight broke out between the horn and the bulls charles oakley, and interrupted to a melee doug collins rushed on the court to calm things down was hurled over the scores table. Johnny bach also sprained his wrist trying to be a peacemaker thomas, boasted later that the pistons were the last of the gladiator teams. The pistons were a shrewd veteran team. Skilled exploding opponents weakness with the bulls that meant using physical intimidation and cheap, cheap shots to get the younger, less experienced players to lose it emotionally. But that tactic didn’t work with jordan who wasn’t easily intimidated to contain him. Coach daily, devise a strategy called the jordan rules, the jordan rules designed to wear michael down by slamming him with multiple bodies.

Whenever he had the ball. Michael was an incredibly resilient player, who it often makes shots with two or three players hanging on him, but the piston strategy was effective initially anyway, because the polls didn’t have many other options on offense. My job was to travel around the country as the bulls assistant scout to scout the team, the bull to be facing in the coming weeks. So, let’s think about this for a second look at you. Look at you. Look at your your company. Are you competing with yourself? Yes, but you’re also competing with your competition for the customers dollars with you about the elf, in the room so far, located at 65th and lynn lane is elephant in the men’s grooming lounge right behind the louie’s restaurant on those signs that said $1 for two signs of the next day in the science coditos. What the signs up in the signs signs signs go out in the signs disappear. The signs and business coach designs go out in the sun disappear, but then we caught the dude there’s. No, we caught the dude, and so member of my team I don’t advise this, but he parked in front of his truck. So the guy couldn’t move his car, nice and i. Almost a physical mail, a ups, so I have to sort of you know, look the other way. Let it happen whatever boo boo boo itself out and I worked it out. All I’m saying is:these are 40 year old men who own account competitive, men’s, grooming, lounge, stealing our signs like children right.

So why did you still there years ago a candidate mine was running for election and I was in the neighborhood? Is a gated community in a candidate? I was going for his running for office and everyday I put the signs up for my guy and they take my signs down and I put them out. They take it so check. If I did I got the brown van that I took down all of the signs for the other guy in all of the neighborhoods I could everywhere for 5 a.M. So. My wife is like baby. She gets up. Where are all the sides before church took 6 morning and I’m like what signs and she’s like the sign that worked out for the other guy speaking the signs that you speak of I don’t know about it, but if I were to look, I would check and fill area I’m, so it just. But there is competition. That’s her hand, phil jackson was identifying that the chicago bulls were trying to play basketball in a way that didn’t involve physicality, and you can’t sometimes just turn the other cheek and be destroyed by your competition. Sometimes you have to fight back right by the time in business when you were running your ear, construction company, your concrete company, where you had to fight back river screwed over like a competition 00 all the time, a lot of times. That kind of stuff would happen on bids. You go in and you be working on a bid for weeks and then somebody would try to business coach weasel their way and with the company, try and get your number and they would just put like $100 cheaper relationship fighting breed from ecclesiastes from the bible 3 verses 1 through 8.

Can you put on the show not too busy as two chapter 3 verses 1 through 8? He said a season there’s a time to every purpose under heaven, a time to be born a time to die a time to plant in the time to pluck that which is playing the time to kill in the time to heal and breakdown of the time to build out. What time do we put a time to laugh a time to mourn a time to dance at time to cast, away stones and a time to gather stones together time to embrace it a time to refrain from embracing my time to get in a time to lose. It also a time to call hood cpa that so, if you’re looking for a hood, cpas, can call hood cpas. Com we get back up about phil jackson and how you began to engineering offense would allow the bowls to win the physical nba attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review senior tickets by emailing, his fruit that you didn’t, and your contact information to cancel at drivetime show.Com. Alright, tribe, nation. Welcome back to the front time show on your radio into they were breaking down:the life and times of one of the most effective managers of a multi-million-dollar business. Ever that’s phil jackson, the coach of the nba chicago bulls, the national basketball association los, angeles lakers. The man has won 11 championships as a business coach and 2 as a player. That’s 13 rings book 11 drinks at the lottery, and this guy is winning every year just is it a dominant versus a coach, very successful, much more successful than other coaches, and he was such a good coach that michael jordan ever won an nba championship, as despite of grady was without phil jackson and kobe bryant ever won a championship without him either and his he was known for being able to keep the teams emotional state together. If you’re a business you’ve got to get good at managing a team. So we just tear up the scenario. Imagine that you’re, the coach you’re, the manager jump of 12 men 12 guys now you’re 12, guys are performing right and front of 15,000 of your customers are competing for the customer dollars and they’re competing head-to-head versus the competition. In an arena where everybody’s cheering brewing half of the guys on your team are famous 2 battle zone in every single one of your players makes more than you do and you’re supposed to be their manager.

That is the scenario of being an nba coach. That sounds like a lot of fun to hear from page number, 64 of phil jackson’s book free talks about how he developed the offense that use throughout his entire career. As a head coach, he says to contain michael jordan chuck daly, the head coach of the detroit pistons devise a strategy called the rules designed to wear a michael down by slamming a down to the ground with multiple bodies. Whenever he had the ball. Michael was an incredibly brazilian player, who would often make shots with two or three players hang on him, but the piston strategy was affected initial anyway, because the polls didn’t have many other options and offense my job at the, scouting coach was a travel around the country into scout the teams the bulls be facing in the coming weeks. This gave me a chance to see firsthand how dramatically the rivalry of magic, johnson’s, lakers and larry bird celtics head, transform the nba only a few years earlier that he had been in serious trouble way down by drug abuse and out-of-control egos. But now it was soaring again with these charismatic young stars in two of the league’s, most storied franchises playing an exciting new brand of team orientated basketball that was fun to watch for everyone even more important. This job was a chance for me to go to graduate school and basketball with two of the best mines in the game. Johnny, bach and text winner I had just spent the past 5 years. Is the head coach of the albany patroons and experimented with all different kinds of business coach ideas on how to make the game more equitable and collaborative what he did is as he’s watching film at his vcr, he starts to discoveries as I was I was once once. I was sitting in my vcr trying to decipher what kind of defense the milwaukee bucks running, I called johnny, overlooking the tape he said. He took a one glance and said:oh, that’s, the garland pin holsters pinwheel offense the pinwheel office, and then he proceeded to explain that the ben holsters pinwheel offense was one of the nation’s most innovative offenses, ever developed by a coach who is well known to a master record of 180 and 6 to 6868 wins and 68 losses using the continuous motion offense. He invented before losing his interest in basketball and going into the grocery business and state politics.

This system is called the triangle. Offense and phil. Jackson explained I’ve, always felt there’s a very strong connection between music and basketball. The game is inherently rhythmic, hits it in nature and requires the same kind of selfishness, nonverbal communication that you can find in the best john I jazz combos. Once when john coltrane was playing in miles davis band, he went off on the mediately long solo that made miles furious and myles shouted. What the f was, that code replied my axe, just wouldn’t stop brother. It just kept on going well, then went straight to explain. Society of the nba. These play does not explain. Nba players are going to improvise and shoot. Go one-on-one not follow up line. Not follow us to me how to find a way to beat these very physical business coach teams in awhile, michael, jordan and all of the players to get involved in the offensive. Give you a little look into how violent the nba was at this time, I’m going to go ahead and keep an audio clip from the chicago bulls versus the pistons game, in which michael jordan goes up for a shot and he gets tackled by one of the pistons players and all out. Fisticuff ensues back outside sparrow jack black, winding down its at 7 or sellers gets it right. Corner buyers help rebound georgia jordan schroeder still at coming down. This way we can get in this thing for search up before phil jackson became the head coach of the chicago bulls he’s putting in his work, and he discovered that the players were super confused when their head coach, doug collins, would call play.

He said the duck calls with call play and when he did no one had any idea what the play was. They couldn’t remember the play. They were confused. It was a deal where he just couldn’t player seems like they were unaware of how to do what you was too complex right and if you’re out there trying to grow a business and try to manage a team complexity fails know. It was on the show notes, because complexity fail in simplicity scales. Awesome! So good. Can you repeat that again beat the complexity fails, but simplicity scales trump? Why do you see that all the time in the world of small business, big business to clients who coach where they make a system? It’s too complex:why does it always fail? It’s you can’t you can’t stay lit like you actually literally can’t scale, something that is complex because you how to rely on too many people and nobody is going to think the same way. You are they’re not going to have the same experiences and wisdom as you are as the owner or the manager of the business creating the system. So what happens? Is phil jackson just sitting back he’s going to I’m the scatman i. Tell you what, if I remember, head business coach I’m going to implement this offense and that’s the often to use the entire time that michael, jordan and kobe bryant play basketball. He he called the same play. The train, I can’t believe you’re such a fan. It sounds like nothing, not a psycho, not a sucker, but I’ll try and go. What’s super impressive with him just hearing this short beginning of the story is how much of a true manager he is all he’s doing, is measuring he’s measuring.

How are they trying to stop michael jordan he’s measuring what are the key performance indicators we need to go after? How can I make this system more simple, like that’s all he’s doing the whole time you said, he’s very meta. There are so many teaching moments in this book eleven rings by phil jackson. You got to go, buy it today. It’s done it’s incredible book. Breaking this down next to three shows here, get into the depth of how to manage people at such an art, and it is jackson, is all about simplicity and effectiveness efficiency and eliminate some time out of my schedule. I want to save some money. I want to save some time and I want to save some money tonight to call onyx imaging shop. Why would business shop supplies printer, supplies, printer service, loaner, printers printer maintenance, lifetime warranty, 918-627-6611, onyx, imaging.Com, 918-627-6611 or onyx imaging.Com, imaging.Com and now back to the drivetime show on top radio 1170 alright trap, nation welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio. My name is chloe clark on the former ussba entrepreneur of the year sit here to help you get into a great business coach situation financially, don’t want to really do a deep dive this week in the managing people. I think I think the dark side of business, it’s a heart. It’s the hard part right. I want to listen to hers. To tell me how to solve this problem. Right by you tell me what this is my friday friday. We have our team meeting all right beside elephant in the room, this is us. We have a guy right now on facebook, slamming us going off about how we hate veterans and how we’re really not a pro customer company, which makes no sense by the way, because he’s also I want you to know. I definitely believe we need to fire this person, because they’re openly defiant and they’re not showing up to work on time or even close to on time and there creating a lot of problems. No sooner does that manager coming, but probably like an hour later, I’m right on our the pipe five point, five minutes later, which one the one that was in that same hour. Okay, did the manager comes in this before the meeting starts in to take.

We really got to find this person right now, because this person is openly openly defy the defiant and what they’re doing man is there, taking breaks all the time of the day like disappearing and going out back and vaping there, their they’re not like doing their job. You know another person come to this is the third man. I need a new person right now. Would you let this person go because they’re doing xyz123 people are all passionate advocates that immediately we need to fire spring it down the hammer. We need to fire somebody, and we got somebody on facebook freaking out right and I also hate by the way, a friend of mine’s coming in from sand springs and she’s looking for a job and she would be perfect. This is also somebody who suggested we should hire somebody and it’s 8:15 in the morning. This is before the elephant in the room, week least after 7:45 getting interest somebody who’s, trying to get their friend a job who’s advocating. We should hire somebody else, somebody who really wants to do well and gets paid based upon the results of the company. You think all these different dynamics, all these business coach relationships were trying to please the customer we’re trying to please the boss, we’re trying to please to make a profit return, great product, that people love or try to make a profit since repeat, jumping a product. The people like have great people, you love working with and make a profit. Now imagine that scenario multiply the intensity of that times like 10,000. Your job is to be a coach in the national basketball association.

We are coaching 12 min, all of which you make significantly more money than you do, and they’re all competing chapter thinking about wanting to play for a different team next year and all the players could be traded in anytime. I know what time they open on homes. They have kids in school. They can be traded anytime and anything there. Any mistake they make personally or professionally on the or home gets reported in the media. Sportscenter not top 10 plays all that are in there. There’s competition on the floor, I mean it’s unbelievable. There’s 15,000 people yelling their feedback and their advice will phil. Jackson is book. 11 rings I’ve got to go to the los angeles lakers and the chicago bulls to 11 championships. He points out that he needed to create an offense that was really easy for everyone to use it. So we talked about this guy. He hired name text winter and he says I’m paid 60 of the book. He says when text was 29 years old. He landed the top coaching job at division, 1 marquette and became the youngest division 1 head coach ever in college men’s program at kansas, state implemented the same offense and transform the wildcats in ncaa tournament, regular during that. Jerry krause than a scout befriended text and spent a lot of time in manhattan, kansas learning, basketball strategy from him. I want jerry, told text that he’s ever that he ever became a general business coach or manager of an nba franchise tax would be the first higher he would do or he would be, would make text didn’t like anything of it at the time. Vineyard didn’t think anything of it at the time, then, years later, when he was walking his coaching at lsu, he saw a new store on espn that jerry krause had just been named. The general manager of the chicago bulls and said his wife nancy that the next phone call would be jerry.

He was right now text winner is the inventor of the triangle offense. Now, why do you think that phil jackson, the best nba coach ever had one play that he ran his entire career when every other coach would be yelling out 50 different place? Why is it that my schedule, anybody in the nation who decides to shadow me if you email me info at drivetime show.Com? We got kind of a backlog right now, but if you want to shadow me for a day people say dude, you were the same thing everyday everyday. You follow the same system. Everyday I can’t believe you organize your schedule the same every day. Why is it that steve jobs were the same thing everyday? Why is it that mark zuckerberg where’s the same thing everyday? Why is barack obama president bible, where the same thing of it? Why is it that when you look at super successful people, they all do the same thing over and over and over? Why is the doctors elders been having the same special for 26 years, $99 for your first exam and a pair of glasses? Why is it that people are loyal to a system that simple to follow? Why is it not possible to have an idea of the week and new constantly changing things? Why is it the execution of the same simple idea over and over that bruises victory, and why are you as a business coach, not shocked at all? Phil jackson ran the same play over and over and over to win the championship. A couple things. First of all, it’s the concept of kiss right. Keep it simple stupid like if you’re going to have impala chevrolet yeah right, you would do the same thing in the world of business coach and life and anything consistency is king right. So if you want to scale something, if you want to get really really good at something, you need to make it as simple as possible.

You need to do it over and over and over again simple, not exactly sure we was on the next play guys, let’s run the triangle. Offense the corner corner corner right, oh behind by 2. Let’s run a triangle corner corner corner:we’re going to do something crazy, this time guys the triangle. Since we don’t, we do triangle play against los angeles, lakers, magic, johnson, very good. Let’s run the corner corner corner right since we play tonight against san antonio, spurs, david robinson, the kona kona kona triangle, the miami heat alonzo, mourning, pat riley the corner corner corner. He says the system on page 71. He said this system gave players the clear purpose as a group and an established a high standard of performance for everyone, even more important to turn players in 2 liters at the begin teaching one another how to master the triangle system. That happened. The group would bond together in ways that moments of individual glory, no matter how thrilling could never foster chop. You got to keep it simple related to like somebody trying to have a band right. You would never get good and cohesive as a band if you’re playing different things, all of the time and you’re changing things all of the time you got to find what works and then do it over and over until you can not fail at it. He says 72 of this book, 11 rings, phil jackson, says it also turned everybody except michael, jordan into a supporting  business coach actor, because many of the plays are designed to kappa wise on his scoring genius. Too often, the offense consisted of four players creating room for mj to work his magic than watching him. Do it before the triangle, the press it already started, referring to the bulls sarcastic is jordan in the jordan are so he is watching jordan in the jordanaires as it as a scout, saying as soon as I take over as the head coach of the bulls I’m putting in the triangle offense, because too many people are standing around watching michael jordan play they’re, not participating in an office job.

You got to get everybody involved, you have to that’s the only way to get everybody has to be rolling in the same director meetings. How do you say? Well we it’s it’s interactive meetings. First of all, and the second thing is our coaching meetings. We have a place on the agenda. We can all ask questions about us at all. I can say is a teaching moment and then say:sean afrin right, I’ll go on you’ll. See me do that long, because I’m trying to engage people and I’ve learned that from reading books about great leaders and phil jackson is one of the best I’ve learned throughout my career is, if you want to avoid these these pesky. These kind of ongoing problems were there just either disliked there an irritant. So I get a mosquito in your business. I want to get rid of the past the stupid free occurring problems. You can do one of two wheeler and one of two ways, one you can learn from a mentor just follow proven system or second, you can learn from mistakes. Deck I want to join. My pool I would enjoy my time freedom. My financial freedom I will enjoy my backyard without being annoyed by that the bees, the bug, the mosquitoes that the snake by the like you got a car good friends at the platinum past and launch platinum pest & lawn is awesome. I hide the day before they come out. They send you a photo of the man. That’s got it where the woman is going to be coming to your house. So you know who to expect great great service. They’re, doing free termite inspections in $2 off, come on 918-376-0857, 918-376-0857 or platinum. Dash pest control.Com call him now.

918-376-0857 attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t and your contact information to info at drivetime show.Com. The conversation is the front time show on your radio in this show is specifically focused on how to manage people effectively. I’m just telling you this, because I care I’m telling you this because I see it every day. I’m telling you this because I don’t think entrepreneurs realize how hard it is the hardest part for me about running a company and by the way this part is easy now, but the hardest part running a company by the way. This is so doable the hardest part for me about running a company you can do. It is managing people and I’ll. Tell you why? Because people constantly are changing their emotions, people are constantly saying one thing and then doing another people are constantly saying so now that is very true now that is very not true soon. So if you think about this for a second, the robert greene has another record launch app to put on the show notes here. This is robert greene, the best-selling author of the book mastery. He writes people around you constantly under the pull of their emotions, change their ideas by the day or by the hour, depending upon their moods. You must never assume that what most people do or say in a particular moment is a statement of their permanent desires. Think about that. So true I see all the titles at clay.

It’s so cool man. You guys are in the top 10 of itunes. If you check today, but of all the pop all the podcast in the world. Right now is 530,000 podcast in the world right now, according to the wall street journal in the business category, I know right now we’re in the top 10 or 6 number 6 head of right now, who’s underneath thoughts in the top play top 20 on itunes for business or business. Let’s see it looks like he’s underneath us, we’ve got on corner stories of inspiration. That’s one garyvee audio experience:vaynerchuk tim, tim ferriss show the author, the 4-hour workweek, the town hall, the jocko podcast jocko podcast, was introduced to america from tim ferriss I’ll by tim ferriss. That’s, a great podcast, very intense, by the way, former marine teaching you how to special supply in a podcast the mfceo project. Let’s see short story long, but people always say don’t, say:hey tony, robbins, so exciting. For you, you guys must feel excited. I decided that I was going to start doing this business coach podcast 3 years ago, and I decided I’m not going to stop until we’re top that’s right. So I could be doing this on 37 now started it when I was, you know, start doing the outlines for around 3031, so I’m 6 years ago. That means you’re, calling green means you’re, calling location doesn’t mean, but your job it means you’re calling I’m called to do this I know that’s what I’m supposed to do I’m here to help you but managing people. It can just absolutely wear you out. She got there. You want to start a podcast, so this is what’s fun. Do you have any producers I’ve had to fire since you been doing the front of time? Show 4 people have help to produce the show that I’ve had to fire. Let me just list off in front nation humidifier what I’ve had to fire them for not showing up on time one business coach guy, be monitoring the audio levels and continue to text and call the entire time so whenever we would play the audio the morning after the show, I’d listen to the audio going to put up on the podcast player and I would hear this distort it’s cuz. His phone was on the entire the whole time you kept asking me every week if I thought this was his highest and best use in wanted to know how many downloads we have do.

I tell the guy. We had seven 7 miles per hour at 7, download music who downloaded it I go i, don’t know a client james, my friend my mom i, don’t know. Is this my highest and best used? Are you saying this is my highest and best use every single time? I would ask him to do so. I’ll! Do it? If you feel like it’s my highest and best use for me, wasting my time on something that doesn’t matter because that’s what the boss wants to hear when they ask you to do something:smart, smart now that are podcast is in the top 10. We have people coming to us all. The time saying:hey I’d like to work for free, hey, i, like to help produce it. Hey I’d like to help you guys do this or that it’s just so funny how it happens. Every single time to phil jackson is explaining his book 11 rings. He had to get dennis rodman, michael, jordan, scottie, pippen, other players to play together and we’re going to be here from page 72 of his book, as explains how he won 11 nba business coach championships, what coaching michael, jordan and kobe bryant, neither one would you ever won a single nba championship during the years that phil jackson did not coach the insane he says hear it also turned out everybody except michael. He said about the offenses use previously to the triangle. He said to put it off and still allowed michael jordan work as a team. He said it also turned out that the other offenses were they were being used, turned everybody, except for michael. Jordan was supporting actor because of the plot many plays were assigned to capitalize on his scoring genius to off the bulls offense consisted of four players:creating room for mj to work his magic and then watching him.

Do it the press, it already started referring to him. Sarcastically is jordan and the jordanaires was jordan is like known as he scored. 37 points a game they’re, making commercials audubon they’re doing commercials about. If I could be that much sometimes I dream that he is me sometimes I dream, that’s how I need to be sometimes I move like my freaking 8. If I could be like mike commercial, she pulls michael aside to talk to him, hoping that michael’s not going to freak out-and he says I’m paid 73 is what I learned was it. Michael is much more coachable than other stars because it a deep respect for his college coach, the great dean smith from north carolina in interest in doing whatever it took to win his first nba championship, noticing michael jordan walker room is what michael do in the locker room on page 74 of 11 rings. He write during the off-season jerry krause, the general manager traded, one of our star forwards, charles oakley to the knicks for our center bill cartwright, a move that infuriated michael jordan because he considered charles oakley to be his protector on the floor. In his friend jordan made fun of cartwright in practices and games, calling him butterfingers. He dumped him medical bill because of his ongoing foot problems and despite his small shoulders and narrow frame bill is a smart rock call defender who could shut down patrick, ewing and other big men. You can go on eagles on, explain the michael, jordan italy was attacking the other players on the team, so who’s watching the teammates. He noticed he says what impressed me most about scottie pippen, who, by the way, was a walk-on in college. Not a single college team recruited, scottie pippen, he was a walk-on in college. He walked onto the team, would impress me most about scotty. Whoever was his development over time as a leader not by mimicking michael, but my teaching his teammates had a play with in the triangle business coach offense that we designed always offering a compassionate ear when they ran into trouble, because michael wasn’t very accessible and many of the players were intimidated by just his physical presence. Scotty was someone they could talk to and someone who they could keep an eye on. Who could keep an eye out for them on the court, as steve kerr says, scotty was to nurture. Michael was the enforcer that’s right. This is a. This is an idea that I think a lot of people need to look at your office. Right now is probably great at sales, but there’s somebody who’s, also, probably not very coachable. True on your team was hooey baby, don’t need to fire them, but maybe you don’t need to promote your best sales person to a manager position. Maybe maybe your best sales guy just needs to sell that michael was not really quick equipped to be a very good manager. At this point in his career, is it michael himself was coachable, which is something to really it. That’s that’s what got my attention from that part of the story or telling clay? Is that how it doesn’t matter? How talented you are as a business coach, as noted by you know, michael and kobe didn’t win rings without phil you can be super talented and if you’re not coachable, you don’t have time to learn all of those things or make all of the mistakes in order to be as great as you want to be so, you’ve got to be coachable. It so important that I was so good, I just need. The company still exist today go check it out. Dj connection.,, a great company dj connection, i, was so good at selling.

I was so going to dj little wedding to get two or three referrals. I would go dj at a casino and get referrals for days. People were calling me to dj major corporation southwest, airlines, ups, hewlett-packard, big companies and then come back to my office and I’d, see somebody show up for late. I showed up for work late. They be late at work and you’re like what’s going on, I didn’t, say those words I would I would I would let me paraphrase, and I was going to be beep, beep, right and so I couldn’t keep any talented people very long at all. It was because I didn’t know how to become a good manager to know how to run run a business, and so what happens is the coach of the lakers at the time doug collins was trying to coach the game this way. So he was trying to coach the team members play-by-play telling them what to do every single play and nobody could figure out what to do and doug collins with paste the sidelines. Yelling. Every single specific play, michael, hey clear. The way for michael run this play run that play hit fit over 50 plays he one of the players to memorize. He’s yelling it out them in front of 15,000 people he’s yelling to play. Two players can’t even hear what he saying:half the time, pretty high-paced out there to realize that okay, he’s probably not going to last long so jerry krause, the general manager of the bulls called him and on page 77 of the book eleven rings phil jackson describe krauss, told me later that midway through the series he told owner jerry reinsdorf that the team needed replace collins with someone who could actually win a business coach championship as phil jackson, and he tells them hey you’re, going to be the next head coach of the chicago bulls think about this. He could finally become the head coach of the chicago bulls 81 of his book. He said:i had to devise a multi-faceted program that included the triangle. Offense the clinic on a call. Not, the song called the kana kana kana, so I had to devise a multi-faceted program included the triangle offense, but also incorporate of the lessons I’ve learned over the years about bonding people together and awakening the spirit my first step was to talk to michael.

I knew michael. Wasn’t a fan of the triangle offense, he referred to it. Sarcastically is the equal opportunity office and was designed for a generation of players who didn’t have his creative one-on-one skills, but the same time I knew that michael long to be part of a team that was more integrated in multi-dimensional than the current incarnation of the bulls. This is not going to be an easy conversation, because basically, I was playing to ask michael put one is third scoring title in a row to previous season, with an average of 32.5 points, a game to reduce the number of shots that he took during the game. Michaels reaction was surprisingly pragmatic. His main concern was that he didn’t have much confidence in his teammates, especially cartwright, who had significant difficulty holding on the passes and horace, who wasn’t that skilled at thinking on his feet. We come back on to talk about how michael jordan had to go from me to we to win a championship. He had to embrace a team offense. No, don’t you go. We go that’s the whole thing in the world to embrace a team concept. If you’re out there listening right now, you say no I want to align my teeth. I also want to align my spine. You going to call my good friend, dr. John, said, with dr john sibley. Com tulsa chiropractor in the chiropractor of choice for wayne gretzky, dr. Johnson lee.Com one for now entering the dojo or business coach mojo and the thrive time show have time show on the top of the charts in the category of business business topics. Dentist winter ship, like you, are an apprentice cast that you might get motion sickness patch of the bad.

Let’s get some fruit like some forward 3 2, 1, hello. They were talking about how to manage people effectively. My name is clay clark on the former us sba entrepreneur of the year, the father of five kids and in touch up i, think my wife is, is working on a secret move and I wasn’t aware, can see what’s happening and my wife was taking my son to boy scouts, so I come home and I’m hanging out with my daughter and we’re talking about colton dixon, the rising music star his business coach career and how excited we are to be working with him and we’re playing some of colton dixon songs and it’s fun to have great clients and fun people you’re working with and it just it just puts it really fun. For my daughter to hear him my daughters in the music. We were talking about colton dixon by see a brochure know about a pool cho installing pools, pool table, swimming swimming swimming pool, swimming pool and then I come home and there’s a truck leaving my house in my wife’s, not there and it’s got a little logo on it. That says, such-and-such pools and I think you’re going to be pong table. So I thought about that idea. You know and I was thinking about. You know what what is the right thing to do, what what’s the way, cuz you’re, just as happy wife, happy life I subscribe to that rule about marriage management, I’m all about saying, happy, wife, happy life champion until I got the right thing to say to my wife, hey babe, I would put in the pool really hitting the pool, should I do that or what’s the best way to approach it, and if you’re out there listening and you’re you’re married, you can relate to that.

You know some of your wife will say this is look good, you’re thinking to yourself, i, don’t know absolutely absolutely like it right that you just said that cuz, you said every time and if you say no you’re in the doghouse, if you say so, what do you think I mean I gotta shoot. You know what I think you’re onto something there. It’s not so much that women get a solution. They just want to feel hurt true if you’re listening right out there and you’re just you know what I’m talking about it’s fine by mary for 17 years. I’ll tell you it’s because I know:happy wife, happy life, jackson, the coach of the los angeles lakers, the coach of the chicago bulls. He recognized in order to win nba championships, he’s going to have to say happy, michael, happy life, true, because michael jordan was the best basketball player in the world and he had to get michael jordan to play with in a team offense. So he says he’s talking to michael jordan sitting down with michael, because michael we got to run this new wife, it’s okay, I’m the head coach. Now, when I run this off into the most popular play in the war player in the world, even own shoe line to the first player to have your own shoe line, you’ve got your own gatorade commercial I get it, but he says you’re on page 82 of his book. Michael’s reaction was surprisingly business coach pragmatic when I pointed out we’d be running the business coach triangle. His main concern was that he didn’t have much confidence in his teammates, especially cartwright, who had difficulty holding onto passes and horace grant. He wasn’t that skilled at thinking on his feet. Michael agreed to get my plan a try shortly after our conversation, I later learned, he told a reporter named sam smith I’ll give it to games when he saw that I wasn’t going to back down michael dedicated himself to learning the system and figuring out ways to use it to his advantage, which is exactly what I’d hoped he would do. It was fun watching text in michael argue about the system text was the assistant coach text admired jordan skill, but it was a purist about the triangle and he wasn’t shy about giving michael a piece of his mind when he went off script.

Meanwhile, michael wasn’t shy about creating variations on texas beautiful machine. The system was at best a 3/4 offense after the team meeting to improvise. After that, he thought the tv to improvise and use it stink power to win games. It was a clash of visions text believed it was full of hardy for a team to rely so heavily on one person in there. How talented he was michael argue argue that his creativity was opening up, exciting new possibilities for the game. There’s no I in the word. For team text would say, but then michael would say, but there is in the word, went I heard it mike a lot of powerful presence on the floor, but he had a different style of leadership and larry bird remind or magic johnson who could galvanized a team with your magnetic personalities as los angeles, times columnist, michael hate haesler, put it jordan, wasn’t a natural leader. He was a natural do or do I want to break it down real quick is, it michael jordan was a a man, a massive personality, but not a good natural leader in phil jackson had to find a way to make michael want to work with his teammates. So you’re listening right now and you have somebody in your office who is absolutely pigheaded, but crazy, talented, talented, absolutely domineering, but dominating somebody is absolutely just unbelievably intense, but their sales pay the rent. If you have somebody on your team right now, there’s an absolute sales machine, but they’re mean you got to ask yourself. Just like i. Ask myself all the time in business what’s best for the business, so you can’t go out there just firing. Somebody who’s not immediately compliant your system when he introduced the system to michael jordan shop. He knew michael would push back changing the system, that’s right and then the one thing to think about is:if you do have this rock star salesperson or whoever is it will? Sometimes you can achieve a certain alignment with those people if you find out what their actual gold and then you tie those goals to the goals of the company so and feels case, he kind of knew that hate, michael jordan, wants to win a championship right and that they’re not on the current business coach paradigm were not winning champion we’re not going to win right. It’s called the vesica pisces and showed it to vesica pisces, it’s the intersection of two tacos, so he was the triangle offense to intersect.

The two circles work with text winter to design an offense call the triangle:offense text winters the inventor of the triangle offense, and they use a triangle offense to connect the two soccer goals to win a championship turns out the championship trophy for the nba in the shape. If you are finding right now that you just don’t know how to manage people effectively, I would encourage you to book your tickets for a next in person. Drive time show workshop and I only have 9 tickets left. Do you need to come and a lot of people going to know how do I get one for free for good deal? How does somebody get a free ticket or thrive time show workshop if you would like to get a free ticket? All you got to do is look us up on itunes ok google. The word thrive time show and itunes hit that top link itunes.Com link and you going to want to open itunes open the show in itunes and leave us a rating in a review hit the stars filled out. Let us know what we can do better. What you like about the show and then screenshot it and email proof simple to info at the right time. Show.Com we’re going to get you a free ticket. I want to talk about real, quick who this guy is in perfect alignment between his customers needs and the products and services they provide. That’s will.I.Am contracting. These guys are going to get you a realistic budget within 3 days. In a copy of my book. Thrive so I got to do is go to quiltville.Com, adding on to your commercial real estate in northeastern, state, university, carefirst, pharmacy, morgan, county judicial authority, that’s that’s! Khan.Com!

That’s will.I.Am presents williams. We were at willow williams contract back to a show, that’s cooler than the other side of the pillow. Yes, that’s right. I’m business coach show provided the fuel to make. You want to go with him to start up a big-time called of what each should the system to increase. Ship. Does optimize cells multiply self. It’s a truth out of people. My name is talk but I hate, gay people. Next, to me, it’s easy on staples and you can too, if you unplug the cable all right driving back to the show on your radio in in in before the break chop, I took the show sponsor and shop weekly practice a lot reading. These is the reeds and the show sponsor is:is williams contracting and I I struggle with saying it’s like I got nervous business coach tickets, charles barkley swing a golf club for certain things very literally, never and reading the website. I always am i, so it turns out in den., travis, nice, nice guy show sponsor he emails and he says guys he is not. I am contracting, my name is not travis will. I am. Actually speaking out there in south carolina before you made the stick there from the heath brothers there to stanford case study things that get stuck in your head. But the point is:if you’re out on your building, you should definitely call williams contractor, but also I got hired to speak in south carolina charleston south carolina I’m hard to speak with a chamber of commerce township. Have you ever been to a chamber of commerce speaking event to know what the chamber of commerce speaking events will happen? Is a sponsor will pay for the speaker or multiple spots right right.

All the chamber. Members can attend the event for free and usually they’ll have they’ll get up there. We’ll do the pledge of allegiance still think people that build will talk about. What’s going on, will recognize someone with an award I got a service they’ll serve lunch, some kind of event I’m at this event and the dvd sponsor of the workshop, the one who sponsored the entire thing, the main sponsor the guy who paid the bills is a grocery store called publix. Publix is very well-known on the east coast there in florida you’re, going to do in south, carolina and they’re kind of like a reasor’s of the east right and so I get on the mic and I add another event. Planner says hey these guys right here. Our sponsor she gives me a brochure. Please make sure you encourage all of our people to go across the street and to visit them to shop with them. Cuz they’re they’re, paying the bill. So thank them for hiring you so I can catch up in this is what I do this time I’m not kidding this way, then I said what is the gentleman with? Thank you guys so much for a man here, the south carolina chamber of commerce. This is a place where napoleon hill lived my favorite author, the author of think and grow rich i. Just such a rich history here and and I encourage you guys when you leave today’s workshop you’re, going to leave i, probably go get a beverage, maybe need to go, buy some deodorant a toothbrush. You buy something I just want to. Thank everybody. I would encourage you to to to go and visit our show sponsor to sponsor me without our sponsor. We could absolutely not put on this business coach event, so we don’t need for you to put your hands around with loss to the good folks at publix grocery list. My entire talk, i, keep saying like now. Folks, you want to over deliver septa prisoner when you went over delivered you want to exceed the expectations of your of your customers will soon be over pay. You want at you and over-deliver, just a good friends at shoe books and I’m talking about masterminds hunters of the great people, great people, great people, shop at great places. Great people aren’t going to spend their dollars. You know with with nefarious stupid, great companies.

That’s why you guys I know great blue honda dealer by round of applause, spend their money at publix, and people are like, like laughing in my wife’s. Look at me like now, I’m, like i, don’t know. What’s going on, but I’m like I tell you what I just sent there’s like an energy here, cuz energy here it seems like the back shop at publix every week and I’m just like work in the pubic straight. If you were laughing so I’m like a little kid so bad out of context. Oh my my son. The other day he walks into the business coach bathroom and hear steve currington, always making crazy jokes to steve. Currington are frequent guest and the mortgage guy whenever he walks into the restroom any standing next to another man of the urinal steve always Says:i’ll send you 8 and he doesn’t know why. But he says it to somebody. I know very well, and he says:hey nice watch make a list as likes hey. Your son needs to be stopped. What the reaction of people laughing at him, of course, so he’s. Does it all the time now? So what I’m saying is i, like 11 i, can 11 year old kid joking about hey nice watch when I’m sitting next to a man in the porcelain palace at the urinal i, keep saying puke looks like a dog, that’s receiving a tree to know her and I’m. Just do it and it’s it’s not going to stop, and my wife. Eventually at the end of talk, is just red. I mean it’s like breaking out in hives almost because she wants me to stop and she’s a honey.

It’s called publix pubics. What is the definition of of pubic, sportbike pubic hair? The definition according to online here is the hair that grows above the genitals I’m, not where you buy a control or deodorant or spend your money that is different sort of nightlife. There’s a saturday night live skit with a fraction that can save you half off of retail cost of normal hair plugs because they pulled her hair from the pubic area, call the hair from down from the top wow back in the morning. The management principles of edible phil jackson from his book 11 ranks talk about. He says with his team, are the most popular team in the nba every single time that the chicago bulls go out there to practice. Everybody wants to see the new one take photos of them all. The players went to bring their friends. The media wants to show up and see what he had to do was. He says:i need to create a sanctuary where the players felt safe, pieces by prohibited players from bring family and friends to our training facility, except on special occasions, I also restricted the media from our practices. I want the players to feel that they could act now, naturally, during business coach practice, without having to worry about doing or saying something that might show up in the papers. The next day that you make your people in your office feel like they can confide in you in that won’t get out to everybody else. Well, it’s it’s going to. Let them know that you’re, an honest person right that you’re not out there gossiping and also could you do a really good job of this at the thrive headquarters? Is we do have a dojo of mojo or a garden of zen? You make sure that we get weeds out of that garden immediately.

So it’s not you. It’s not the same sanctuary that phil jackson talk about, but your office needs to be that place to where your people can come and show up and get work done. If you want to get your ford automotive automobile repair near fort automobile repair, did you want to go to a sanctuary where they’re going to do a good job? And you can put your confidence in knowing they’re going to treat your vehicle? What are used guys rc auto specialists, a over 80 years of combined experience visit them today at rc, auto specialists., comets, rc auto specialists. Com attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t and your contact information to info at drivetime show.Com drive me to go back to the drive time to show on your radio or break it down, the, life and times of the nba hall of fame basketball, coach, phil jackson, let his los angeles lakers in chicago, bulls, 211, total championship wins, never won an nba championship without phil jackson kobe bryant never won an nba championship without phil jackson and so easily. As we get into the book on page 85 and beyond, he starts talking to us about running the daily aspects of being a coach of of keeping the rhythm of success of keeping that chip. Why is why is it so important office that we have a daily coaches meeting? Why is it so important I’m consistent and how does that consistency create the culture that we want to see? How does the business coach consistency create the culture to be want to see talk about cuz people? Don’t get a chance to see me everyday and action with our own companies. Talk to me. It took a listener’s about how that consistency.

I set the tone for the company will couple things:consistency breeds confidence right and so people when you, when we have a chance as coaches, were working with all these different businesses, and we know that daily we’re going to get feedback and coaching. It makes it easier to go out and do your job because you’re comfortable with, if certain situations, arise & hammer, take that to the team to get clay’s opinion, get doctors on his opinion and we’re going to find out what the best thing for you is. Why do we do a business coach meeting every single deck and it you’ll know really fast if somebody’s going to be a good fit because to show up at you know before 5:45, everyday everyday everyday of every week you got to be pretty consistent person you’re most likely going to be in a player or on your way to being one with consistency. But why are business owners, i, hate consistency, so much doing the same thing over and over it’s hard to stay focused on the same thing. Over and over nose really is hartford for a lot of people know I mean I know. It’s just I think there’s something about it. People get complacent, you get bored with it and you want to excite your mind and you think that by the new shiny thing, the new distraction, whatever that the new idea of the new invention, the new anything, is going to be better than doing the same thing over and over, but the problem is:we’ve been sold a like lay in society. That insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result, but no insanity is is, is ruby a couple at mcdonald’s or starbucks or chipotle changing their business model every week, every single week or the price of people love consistency of phil jackson’s book here, 11 rings. He right at the season, progressed I slowly started to introduce the team to some of the tribal customs of the lakota he’s obsessed by the way. Yes, with zen meditation buddhism. This is phil jackson needs. Some of these things were quite subtle.

At the beginning of every practice, we had the core team players, coaches and training staff convene and a circle at the center court to discuss our objectives for the day and the practice. The same way, lakota warriors always gathered in circular formations because the circle, the circle was a symbol of the fundamental harmony of the universe. As the black l, the fame lakota wiseman explained he was obsessed. Phil jackson was obsessed with creating this consistency. Zip code of practice, I adopted, was beating a drum when I want the players to congregate in the tribal room from eating the tribal room. Aka, the video room was decorated, with several indian totems I’ve been given over the years of bear, claw necklace for power and wisdom, the middle feather of an owl for balance and harmony, a painting illustrating the story of crazy horses journey and photos of a newborn, white, buffalo calf, a symbol of prosperity and good fortune. Sometimes the team lost the game. I’d like a sage, smudge, stick lakota tradition and play sleepwave it through the air to purify the locker room, the first time I did it the players. Ribs me. What kind of weed you smoke in their fill when I visit, but what I’ve learned over the years is that the most effective approaches to delegate authority as much as possible to nurture everyone’s business coach leadership skills as well, when I’m hiring coaches, my strategies dramatist around myself in the strongest most knowledgeable people i, can find and to give them a lot of room to express themselves. Think about that for a second, he says it’s so important that you surround yourself with people that are really really great. Now:phil jackson, always bang the business coach drum and I’m trying to go watch the video he always started off the practices in a circle and suckle all the players.

Meeting at half court ended the practice. All the players and all the coaches are the key people talking about to start the practice in this world that talk about today is today the end of practice, and this is what we did did we get it done boom boom chop? Why do our coaches meetings create that tribal culture? Why does it work? Man I’m tell you:why does it work, but one thing is:not everybody can hack it. You know I’m saying like not, everybody can actually be. We consider ourselves the business ninjas, the special ops. If you will have the business world, we do some wild things and works and wild hours and we need to and so that consistent meeting at bills that try we’re all there for each other. We’re going to be there on time. We’re not going to miss no days off is a mantra and it’s the teen cultures are warrior spirit encourage you out there. If you have a business and you say cash, my business coach is drifting, we’re not really having success. What you want to do is you want to do the things that rc auto specialists does no but i. Consider roy to be a very good friend, i. Consider roy to be a very good coaching, client, very good, sponsor roy owns this company rc auto specialists, where they’ve been actually business, have a combined 80 years of experience than what these guys do. Is they specialize in maintaining and in fixing repairing ford, automobiles? Okay? So if you have a ford that that needs repairs, suspension alignment, heat and air system, transmission lighting and wiper blades fleet service battery issues, what you do is you want to give these guys a call because they built a business coach reputation. So what happened? What’s google rc auto specialists tulsa of rc auto specialists? You guys have a hundred and eighty-eight google reviews of 5 stars, the obsessed with daily diligence consistent daily excellent. If you either yelp reviews, they’ve got a five-star and yelping. These guys are great and the reason why they’re great is because they do the same things over and over that have been proven to work. Absolutely important that you did you do that. If you don’t do it, it’s going to create a weird vibe.

What not to do on page 89 of the book hear phil jackson’s book 11 ranks explains that, after a big loss, the general manager of the chicago bulls, who would buy those hated by most of the players, because the guy was just a radic jerry krause. He showed up in the locker room, launched into a tirade which was unusual and michael was so angry. Michael jordan was so angry. He burst into tears and the back of the team bus I made up my mind right then, and there it would never happen again. He said later my reaction was more subdued. Yes, it was a difficult loss. One of the worst games I’ve ever had to coach, but once the noise die down, I noticed that the pain of a humiliating defeat galvanized the business coach team in a way I never seen before the bull. The bowls did the chicago bulls or beginning to morph into a tribe, and that’s what you want to do. You want to build a team of people. That’s right. One thing:i want to jump in the ass we talked about this a second ago. You’ve got to have confidence in hiring those key people around you that are better than you at certain things. I’ve seen it i. One of my parents ran the concrete company or clients. There’s this fear mentality of hiring smart people to surround yourself with, because you’re scared of getting screwed over. But that’s all you’ve got a higher for character. Train for skill find those smart and never stop recruiting, see, don’t get stuck exactly cuz. Otherwise, you will be held hostage by somebody at some point, so never stop recruiting higher high character and people train skill. If you’re listening right now-and you said that’s my business-it just it just feel stuck yeah I got to learn management, but I also need to learn. Sales also need to learn how to do great quality. Video I got to learn social media marketing, accounting and bookkeeping.

I’m hella hard I got to learn how to train motivate my staff at a train. People I got to learn. I got to learn the workflow I don’t have to work. I would encourage you to book your tickets. Today we have 9 tickets left to our next in person. Drive time, show workshop till june, 22nd and 23rd friday and saturday, and you can book your ticket by simply going to thrive time. Show.Com or you could click on the conference’s button to buy ticket, or you can look on the podcast button to get the business coach podcast. You can book one on one business, coaching or you can have access to a video library of thousands of videos top from world-class mentor to learn from mentors or mistakes go thrive time should I come and check it out make sure you subscribe to the podcast. We always went in the show with the three and a two and a 103. What happened when should we all went to be able to chain up again without self discipline yourself again live with yourself in which would be what jobs apply


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