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PMH OKC is experiencing massive growth, and on today’s show, we Interview Randy Antrikin who shares how implementing the proven process, systems and strategies taught by Clay Clark at The Thrivetime Show Business Conference.

  1. Measure What You Treasure – Install LuckyOrange Onto Your Website
  2. Implementing the Group Interview
  3. The Morning Meta Time and Grind
  4. Seek Wisdom, Implementation and Accountability
  5. Retargeting Ads / Strategic Business Coaching
  6. Gather Objective Reviews from Real Clients
  7. Scheduling / Designing Your Ideal Life
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “What gets scheduled gets done.” – Lee Cockerell (Former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Resorts who once managed 40,000 employees)


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Jason. On today’s show, we’re interviewing a man who founded a multimillion-dollar company that discovered the thrive time show business conferences as a result of a referral from a friend who’s actually grown his business, Pete M H O, K C by over 15% in just three months. It’s massive. We also decided to interview this guy before six in the morning. True. This guy gets up everyday at three in the morning. This guy who is implementing everything, is he not a unicorn? He isn’t going according. He’s got a sweet last name. If you are out there and you are struggling to get stuff done and to implement the proven system, I believe that this show is the word of encouragement that you have been looking for.

Randy Atrik and this is clay Clark. How are you sir? They’re in good. How about you?

I’m doing well. I appreciate you doing a five 37 in the morning, a interview here, but I felt like we have, you have about a half a million listeners per month through our podcast and many of them are uh, wanting to be where you are, um, experiencing a lot of success. So I thought we could interview you and I appreciate you making the time after you got back from your big, uh, Caribbean cruise through the hurricane.

Yeah, it was fun and I appreciate you having me on.

Well, okay, so let’s talk about your, your company. What’s the, what’s the name of your company and what’s your website?

Well, it’s a PMH construction. We go by PMH, O K C, uh, which our website is PMH, And that means perfect my home and we’re in Oklahoma city and we basically do outdoor living, um, all kinds of, all kinds of outdoor living. And you walk out your back patio, whatever. You see. That’s pretty much what we do.

You got pergolas a fire pits. I mean a really, really, you have the patio, the pavilions, the fence and retaining walls. You’re doing all that. And how long ago did you and I first meet or did you first connect with the thrive time show? How many months ago was that?

It was about three and a half months ago at two business conferences ago. I was brought by a friend Bronson and he and I are good friends and uh, you know, I’m, I’m, I’m a junkie when it comes to to you business improvement and things like that. And so I came and had a great time. He, um, you know, I stayed for both days and learned a lot, implemented a lot of things right off the bat and uh, realized very quickly I wanted to come back and dive into it a lot more.

How much growth have you experienced in these past three months in terms of just overall maybe growth as a percentage, maybe year over year or month over month or what, what kind of tangible growth have you seen?

Well, you know what I mean there, there’s growth on paper and there’s growth, you know, how you feel. And I would say on paper we’re about 10% up and we’re busted through plateaus on, because this time of year people kind of hold on the money. But you know, I me doing all my own cells, it’s, it’s really special to see what all these people are saying because all of these people are saying Google review. That’s why I called you. Um, you know, you’re getting more jobs from, from these people. And we’ve got a bunch of people like just right on the line about the clothes and you know, all these people are saying, um, that, you know, it’s been the Google reviews, the, the Adderall accounts, all of these things that were, these tangible items that we’re implementing are direct, uh, impact towards that.

And we’re, um, you know, we’ve been business coaching with you now for about three months and your quality’s awesome. So it makes it very easy to implement the systems. And again, if you’re out there listening and you have a company, a product or a service, nothing works. If your product is terrible. Okay. So you have to have a great product and PMH, again, that’s PMH, has great products. Just go, go to their website, check them out, check out their gallery. I mean they have great pergolas, great fire pits, great patios, pavilions. So all these things work. And we’re going to get into five specific things that you’ve implemented that maybe a lot of people on the outside looking in might, might push back on. But before we do, could you contrast attending our workshop versus like a Tony Robbins workshop? Cause there is a place in a space for the motivational workshops, but can you maybe contrast how our workshops, our workshops are different from a Tony Robbins workshop?

Yeah, absolutely. I’ve been actually, you said Tony Robbins. It’s funny, I was thinking the same thing. Tony Robbins is, I’ve been there three times to the unleash the power and it is much different. Um, I would say the biggest thing is, you know, you show up at these business conferences hoping to get some kind of tangible thing that’s take back view and really, you know, you go to those and you really, you’re just kind of discovering your why and, and busting through some mental mental blocks. But your business conference, what I really loved about it was that from right from the get go, I just couldn’t stop writing. I mean, I, I couldn’t even keep up with what you’re saying because you were giving us all kinds of SEO data and, and, and clues and, and, and items that take home with us. You’ve had several different come up to the front and testified as to what you’ve done for them. And I really thought that was cool to see it firsthand from the snake’s head of what they’ve done. And you’re learning from them as well. But just, you know, all of the things that you’ve done, I mean, my, my favorite word is favorite sentences earned the right to criticize. And I really gathered that from you from the get go. And that was what really turned me on was knowing that you are eating your own dog food.

You know what’s interesting is that I think of the business conference that you attended, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe we had Josh with living water irrigation, uh, who came up and talked about how two years ago he was a startup and now he did I think $100,000 in a week, one week in sales and 50,000 a week in sales. And um, but it’s because he was diligently implementing what he’s learning. And so I’m gonna tee up these five things that you are implementing that are awesome that I wished that the listeners out there. I hope and I pray, the only reason we do this show is to help somebody achieve financial freedom, time freedom. So you can do whatever you want, but implementation area number one, you actually installed lucky on your website, which I don’t make any commissions, although I’ve tried to get a commission, but I don’t make any commissions that people install the lucky, um, tool on the website. Could you explain what that tool has done for you, what that tool does, what maybe what it costs and how lucky has helped you make smart non-emotional decisions as it relates to your online marketing?

Yeah, I mean it’s, it’s a complete, uh, objective way of looking at the feedback on your website cause you’re sitting here thinking that, you know, I made this really cool content. People love it and you go and look and people’s not clicking on it. And you know, it’s just, it’s kind of a humbling experience to see that firsthand. But, you know, there’s heat maps on there and you know, for one thing on, one of the things that’ll make heat maps was people were clicking the about us page more than anything. And that’s probably the least amount of effort I put into the whole website. And so that’s really changed our mindset and made us think more into that. And then just knowing what people’s clicking on and how they’re getting to it. Um, like we, we, we figured out that people was using the contact us form on our webpage rather than hitting the contact us, uh, navigation bar, um, a little click. And so like those little things really help us and it’s just been key for us. It’s not that much money. I mean it’s pennies on a dollar compared to what you think it would be worth.

You know, what’s crazy is that your um, your like me, I think a lot of ways we’re thinking why would anybody look at the about us page, you know, I mean now I know it to be true because I’ve seen this over and over and over with thousands of clients. But um, you know, your about us page, um, I’ve just dealt with so many shady contractors over the year who’ve wanted to be clients who frankly, we are not, we’re not, we’re, we’re a magnifying glass up here. If the thrive time show we’re going to, you grow your company, but I’m not going to grow the businesses for idiots. I would feel horrible at night knowing that I’ve grown a business for a scammer or a con artist or somebody who doesn’t deliver on what they say. But could you maybe explain why you think people are looking at your, about us page? Cause you’ve been doing things the right way for a long time and so you have nothing to hide over there at PMH, But can you explain why you think people are looking at that? About us page?

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, you know, in any sale, the first sale you make is you sell yourself in any cell. Uh, you know, I do all my own cells and then when you really have cells in too, but I’m, you know, a key part of that. And when you go meet with these people, um, you know, they’re really kind of want you to sell yourself first. And, um, you know, there’s so many bad contractors out there and it, you hear it from co from homeowners that, Oh, I had a bad experience and they’re very hesitant to give half down. And, um, throughout the years we’ve been in business for 14 years and you know, it was lot harder back then cause we were kind of a newer company. But now it’s almost like the branding has tooken care of itself. And I think a lot of that just comes from, um, uh, a little bit of it’s time, but as a little bit, it is a, you know, also how you package it on your website and how you present yourself. And I think that’s been a really key to us not having any really pushed back on the half down much.

Now you are implementing, there’s, there’s so many things you’re implementing, but there’s five areas I wanted to ask you about. So one is lucky orange, um, that’s taken the emotion out of it. If you, if you’re out there today and you do not have lucky on your website, what’s going to happen is you’re going to make emotional decisions. You’re gonna say you’re gonna be talking to your marketing lady or your marketing guy who just spent their entire weekend writing content on a page that no one goes to right. I mean, aren’t there pages, Randy, where you’re going? Nobody’s going to that page. I mean, doesn’t that kind of suck? We’ve spent a ton of time on a page that no one goes to.

Oh, absolutely. And you know, what people got to realize is that Mar, the market never loses. The market is undefeated and it doesn’t care what you think about your content. Like it either it either is good or it’s not. And it may be good, but it may not be good enough to like warrant being like, you know, your number one clicked. The thing, you know, I mean, you, you have to really just take the feedback that the market is giving you and use that.

No. The next area that you’re implementing, which very, very few people, uh, when we first start working with them, implement it right away. And I love that you implement it right away. And I think you do that for a lot of reasons. One, you’re a diligent doer to your friend Bronson, uh, who’s a top selling insurance agent. He’s told you about the success he’s had. So I think you believe what we’re doing. I think maybe you’ve been to the business conference, you’ve done your research, but the group interview, ah, the group interview, Randy, I mean you, I bet you you could, you could probably, I bet not. I bet you this year we’ll do a followup interview, but I bet you you’re going to double your company this year. I feel like this is going to be a year. Could you see that potentially happening, doubling your company this year if you could just find the right team?

Yeah, I’d absolutely do. I, I, we’ve already, uh, you know, in the last three months we’ve done a group interview every single week. And, um, we followed it to a T of how it was taught in the business conference. And you know, honestly that was hard in the beginning cause I didn’t really like it. Um, but after a while you get to realize that not only is it bringing, it’s weeding out all the people that you would normally choose, but, um, it, it’s saving you money in the process. I mean, we’ve spent, God, I don’t even know how much money, just in turnover because the person didn’t work out and you thought they were good. I mean, we talked about one just earlier today. Um, you, you know about the, you know, the guy, you know, all fit and go, it went to life, church and all that exact kind of people that that’s like you, that kind of people. You, you know, you kind of won is, you know, the, the, the Polish, you know, clean person on the outside. But, you know, sometimes, I mean, you know, you get these people in for the group interview and you icon and you send them to the shadowing process and then you come to find out that they’re not, they’re not, they’re not worth it. And so you save a lot of money by doing that. And that’s exactly what we’ve done.

You know, this is interesting, but, uh, uh, as an example, we’ve had so many people, I have, uh, two great employees that have started here in the last 60 days who attend life church, who are great people, great people who are doing a great job, right? But just because you go to a church doesn’t mean you’re going to be a great fit. And so we’ve had another guy who said, I go to life church. That might mean he was, he’d been to one sermon, one service, he might’ve watched online for seven minutes, but he’s, you know, looks the part, talks the part. Does he implement? I know that Craig Rochelle life church is obsessed with making sure people have a life changing relationship with Christ. And I would find it hard to believe that somebody could be a diligent doer and actually, um, not do well and an environment where they’re held accountable, but the life church people that I know who live it and breathe it and do it and do what Craig talks about and implement, uh, the word, these guys have been great employees.

But again, what people say in the interview is so different from what they do and they shadows. So if you’re out there today, one, you got to measure what your trip, we measure what you treasure like Randy’s doing. He installed lucky orange and he’s looking at the data. He’s looking at the data. Lucky orange is a piece of code that goes on your website that shows where people are clicking on your website. He’s implemented that too. He’s doing the group interview so he’s not stuck with knuckleheads. Otherwise you’re stuck with knuckleheads. Third, and this is, this is powerful. Um, and you’ve, we’re doing a lot of this before we met at the business conference, but you’re now organizing your day. Can you talk to me about just the proactivity and maybe what time you wake up everyday because you are getting up? I mean, I’ve yet to interview a billionaire or a millionaire. Again, this is big. Someone should write this down. I have yet to interview a billionaire or a millionaire that does not consistently wake up before 6:00 AM. I’ve never done it. Randy, could you talk about what time you wake up every day and how you organize your day because this is something you’ve probably already been doing. Uh, I, in fact, I know you’ve already been doing it, but can you talk about that?

Yeah. I mean, I, I’ve always been a workaholic. You know, I started throwing paper out to eight years old. My father and getting up at 3:00 AM was always normal for me. So that’s exactly what time I get up. I mean, I have my medic time in the morning and, uh, you know, it goes, uh, I read my Bible, I work on my goals, I listened to an elevation church podcast, I, and then I, then I go into an hour of action items from the business. Now I do this mainly because there’s so much chaos, you know, running a $5 million business that, uh, you know, you just, you don’t have time to do that. And so in the morning time is my time and I feel so I feel so successful whenever it gets to 8:00 AM and it’s almost like lunchtime for me and all the other people are rolling into work from seven 30 and I’ve already got my day planned out and it just like you just can’t, you just can’t put an ROI on that.

But you know, you, you have to be ready prepared for work. And I would say even your day starts with organizing it the day before. But you know, one thing that you’ve really taught me is to put that on paper and or on your Google calendar is what I use and it seems with my job Nemess our CRM program and so everything I do is blocked out into 15 minute increments and it actually helps me, not even org, I’ve done this for years, but having it on a calendar as so much weight and it helps me, helps my wife, it helps everybody kind of know the schedule.

You know, it’s so interesting how this works, but like a lot of clients we work with, we do all their website, all their photography, all their video, all graphy and we literally do everything. You’re a unique dude because you already have an in house video person and in-house web guy. You already have these things. So one might say, well what the crap does clay Clark or [inaudible] does the thrive time show? What do we give you tangibly that makes it worth, you know, a paying to attend a business conference or, or paying for for business coaching. Can you, can you kind of explain, cause you’re a guy who values knowledge and I would say 0.4 I want to share as you seek wisdom and implementation, can you maybe explain the value you see there?

Yeah, I think it just comes down to having that extra person to help you. A link thing. It’s a little bit of accountability for me, you know, I mean I get, I get uh, distracted very easily. You know, I’ve, I’ve got add, I’m going to ma million miles an hour. I mean, if I’m, if I, if I’m not going a million miles an hour, I feel like I’m sitting still. And so helping me organize my day or a little bit of accountability and then also just the advice that I’m getting. It’s just, I mean, it’s just top notch. I mean, this is all coming from the whole earn the right to criticize statement. We said, why is it this is coming from someone that does it every single day. Um, if you need articles written, you know, you write articles for us, we need website help. You help us, you know, I mean, you’re there to either do it for you or assist you.

It works for both parties both ways. And so, um, I, I’m real excited to have a partner to help us grow our business and you know, just that little bit of help, you know? And then, you know, the Craig Rochelle says, when the leader gets better, the whole organization gets better. And that’s what I’m really focused on is making myself improve. And I really have, I’ve seen, I’ve seen progress, you know, I mean, I, that people have seen change in me and my wife has seen change in me and they’ve told me and I, and I love hearing that because that’s what my number one goal is to, is to, for me to get better, number one. But the business get better through me.

That is awesome. That’s awesome. And the final thing I wanted to to say is you are running those retargeting ads, which are the ads that follow people around the internet. And while you were on a cruise boat, can you explain how many leads you got while on a cruise boat with really changing nothing at all to your marketing?

Yeah, so about 10 days ago, um, my action item was to get a Adderall account, got on it right away. Um, it wasn’t hard to set up, you know, I set a budget of what we, uh, talked about and uh, uploaded my number one picture, fill in description. I mean, put the pixel on the website. It’s really, it sounds complicated, but it’s really not that hard. Same thing with lucky orange, just a little piece of code. You put it in the back end, the website Don in like five minutes. And um, I mean, we were, you know, you know, cruises, you, you don’t have wifi, you don’t really have any reception, but I mean, you get, you get these emails that come in, uh, from our website and all these people came in from the Adderall account. I mean, every single one, we got eight leads and these are all people that then pre-qualified through our website and everything. So these are not just tire kickers. And I mean, we may make $30,000 on one job. So you can imagine eight jobs. Our close ratio is 40%. So, um, you can see the potential there. I could possibly six, six, six figure profit deal just off of eight leads.

You know, if you’re out there and you live in Oklahoma, uh, I would say Tulsa, Oklahoma city, Norman Edmond, the surrounding area, OKC or Tulsa, go to PMH, and see the stuff they do. They do incredible outdoor living spaces. It’s again, if their product was terrible, uh, measuring what they treasure and lucky orange, wouldn’t Matt matter the group interview wouldn’t matter. The morning Mehta time wouldn’t matter. The seeking wisdom and accountability wouldn’t matter. The retargeting ads wouldn’t matter. And I’m going to bring Jason onto the show. Jason, you have been the super manager of a elephant in the room, one of our companies, which is, you know, a multimillion dollar company and you now business coach with clients. I do. And um, we’re dealing with a diligent doer here. We’re talking to a guy who’s implementing things. Oh, I’ve heard, I’m impressed. And you work with a lot of great clients who implement.

Yeah. But on behalf of maybe some of your clients who maybe are resistant to the group interview or resistant to lucky orange or resistant to retargeting ads are resistant to waking up early and planning your day or any of these things. What questions would you have for Randy? So my first question, um, I, I was writing down questions as I was listening to this awesome interview and um, Randy partially answered it. So you said that Randy plans his day and he wakes up at the same time every single day. Oh, Shanda. So Randy, you’re getting up at like three consistently and that’s like what, Sunday through Sunday.

Um, Sunday I woke up a little bit later as we go to church and you know, it’s kind of a the Lord’s day for us, but I still ended up working eventually, just not by choice but um, but yeah, I mean every day I wake up the exact same time. And uh, you know, there’s a small repetitive tasks is what makes a guy successful over a long period of time.

See, I love that and I’ve been trying to find a way to translate that better than, because I like to use the phrase a stupid repetitive tasks, right? Some people like to see it. So if you give them that, um, that verbiage, they’re more likely to go along with it. But your to do list, you set that up, um, either the day before or the day of and then you actually set aside time to knock out either the homework clay gives you or little things you have to do within the company. That way it comes down time to your actual work hours. You don’t have a billion burning fires to handle. Mmm. Mmm. You do that Randy. I mean that’s so, that’s so abnormal. Now I want to ask you this. You, you are getting reviews on from objective, you know, you’re getting objective reviews from real customers. There is a lot, a lot of people out there a lot. I would say 95% of people, not our listeners, but other people, the people who know our listeners who are like, I just, I don’t, I can’t get reviews. I just feel like I can’t. Uh, I know I email people, they don’t leave reviews. Can you talk about the importance of gathering objective reviews from your real customers, Randy?

Well, I mean seeing it firsthand. I mean me doing my own cells, I, I always ask, what brought you to call us today? And you know what, what stands out about our company and people will just flat out tell you, I’ve done my research and you guys were taught you like, like we like right as it sits, we have four or five star reviews come on. And I know that probably, I mean, so you know, you, you hear that and you get goosebumps, but they’ve re trust me, I’ve been there, the Google reviews at the very beginning, it sounds like an uphill battle, but once you kind of get a, a role in a system down and, and get your team on board, you don’t have to get them all yourself. Debbie, I’m up. Like I have each one of my project managers, I’d say, just get one a week.

My salesman get three a week. Come on. My receptionists get two a week. So I mean like that, that way we’re at least getting at least one a day. And eventually those small repetitive tasks and then there’s, there’s, there’s something, you know, the, I tell my every single day, I said, do something to improve your life and something to prove your life professionally and personally. Every single day and 365 days a year, 365 days later, you’ve improved 365 things in your business life and your personal life. I look at it, the same thing in Google reviews. If you can get one a day, think of a year from now, you’ll be top, you’ll be the very top you’ll be. I mean, second is first loser, right, so I mean you, that’s where you’re going to be. Businesses die on page two on Google.

Hmm. Okay.

Jason, you’re talking to a diligent doer. You can ask him anything. I’m telling you this is a unicorn guy. This is a rare individual here. This is the kind of clients that we business coach is what’d you frankly, while we only work with 160 clients? Yeah, because I do not do well with happy hopers. I don’t do well with pretenders. I don’t do well with intenders. People who say, I hope I’ll get a review. I hope I’ll wake up at four in the morning. I hope I’ll put lucky orange. Oh, try to get something done. What questions would you have for, for, for Randy here. So as far as advertising goes, cause you just mentioned how you started your ad real account and you immediately started seeing leads come in on that. We had a lot of, I personally have had some pushback as far as advertising goes, cause most people’s main concern is, well a lot of my leads are word of mouth and their referrals, but can you speak to one the process of what you did to start your ad accounts and then to the benefits almost immediately of each and every one of those?

Yeah, absolutely. My, my, uh, my background is in marketing and I would say not from like any degree just from, you know, over, you know, I was there when the social media bubble burst. I had, you know, several, you know, over a decade ago and we were kind of one of the pioneers on that and, um, you know, an outdoor living anyway in our area. And, uh, same thing with Instagram. Uh, but I would just say that, uh, you know, you have to dive in and sometime it’s just self-teaching herself. But it really just comes down to being a diligent doer. I mean, you can, if you want an excuse, trust me, you can find it. There’s a thousand of them out there and, and I hate excuses. Um, and all that really is saying that you can’t do something is an excuse. So I mean get in there, try it out.

And uh, it really, it’s not as complicated as you think. And what I would say mainly is take notes on, um, the feedback because like I said, the market will tell you what you’re looking for. You don’t need someone to tell you that your ad sucks. Just change something. AB AB test stuff, you know, I mean, I want to say something on this. Um, we did an ad on Facebook a few years ago and we were putting the kitchen first on the whole project when we changed it up and put the fireplace as the first picture. We got three times the, the, uh, the, the return on it because people love seeing the fireplace. And that only happened. I actually took the initiative to see what was going on. You have to do that. You can’t just flip a switch or take a pill or anything. Just like anything in life. You have to actually put in a time. And that’s what it really comes down to.

[inaudible] JS we have time for probably one more question for mr Randy because he’s going to go out and dominate today and he’s given, he’s lending us moments of his time to encourage somebody out there who stuck. So my, my big question, which I’m hoping I can get all of the insights from you is the weekly schedule. I’ve had so many people tell me it can’t be done as an entrepreneur, you can’t plan your week. Oh, there’s no way you can schedule out from this time to this time everything that’s going to happen, which I understand life happens, but there’s a way to schedule the things are important, are the things that are important to make sure they get done. So what’s the secret sauce that Randy uses in order to get things in that Google calendar? Okay, Randy. Here we go.

Well, I think it’s actually designating a time to do that calendar. And that was what, that’s the main thing for me because a lot of, you know, a lot of things had been in my head for years and I know my schedule, but as we’re scaling and growing, you know what’s ma, what’s put down on paper is measuring what’s measured is an improved, right? So if it’s not on your calendar, it’s not going to get done. I mean, I had to put, you know, even working out on the calendar because if I don’t, I’ll open an appointment during that time. But I mean, to answer your question, you’ve got to just sit down. You’ve got to have, you’ve got to schedule a time to schedule because if you don’t, it’ll just, you’ll pass you right by and you’ll look up and it’s middle of the week and then you just kind of feel like you’re playing catch up at that point.

Randy, I appreciate you for taking time out there, uh, uh, for, for, for being on the show and encouraging our listeners. And if you’re out there today and you’re going, I don’t believe this guy, I don’t believe him, go to PMH, and just troll around his website. Click around there and ask yourself, is he super successful because of his good looks? Oh, probably. Uh, is he super successful? Just because his name’s Randy? Probably is. He’s super successful just because his last name is [inaudible] and I’ve never met another [inaudible] in my entire life. Probably. Is he super successful because he lives in Oklahoma city and he has a great wife and a great family. Probably. No, he’s super successful because he’s a diligent doer. And Randy, I’ll give you the floor to, to end today’s show with a piece of encouragement or a word of discouragement or harassment or a word of business coaching or accountability. Anything you want to share with the half million listeners out there? You’ve got the microphone.

Well, I mean, I would say that if you, if you’re looking to improve your life and your business, you have to number one start. Um, but you have to, you can’t do it alone. You need to find some resources. I know Clay’s a great one for me, but there’s many of them out there. Um, I would start with your faith first. That’s where all starts for me. If you’re religious or not, what makes you happy find, you know, and you’ve got to put your family first because that’s what we were doing this for. And um, and that’s, that’s what gets me through in a lot of thought. A lot of times I just worked through a slump. If you’re in a slump, just start doing something. And that’s exactly what I do.

Randy, I thank you so much for lending us your early morning hours and I will talk to you next week or earlier if you shoot me a text and need something.

All right. Thank you.

Take care boss. Have a great day. And now without any further ed too.


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