Importance of Surrounding Yourself with 5 Positive People

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Have you ever struggled with believing in yourself? Clay Clark teaches why it’s important to believe in yourself and to surround yourself with 5 positive people (and nobody else).

It is not so much about making others believe in you as it is making your subconscious a believer.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Winners never quit, and quitters never win.” – Vince Lombardi (The football player, coach, and executive in the National Football League (NFL). He is best known as the head coach of the Green Bay Packers during the 1960s, where he led the team to three straight and five total NFL Championships in seven years, in addition to winning the first two Super Bowls at the conclusion of the 1966 and 1967 NFL seasons.)

The Power of Self-Talk –

You are the average of the 5 people that you spend the most time with.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You are the average of the five people you associate with.” – Tim Ferriss (The New York Times best-selling author of The Four Hour Work Week)

Tim Ferriss with Mike Maples, Jr.


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Welcome back to the thrive time show have a business question. Email is today and info at drivetime, show.Com and claim doctors. He will answer your business conferences Questions live on the air. All right right person will come back to the conversation. Is the drivetime show on your radio were talking about how to become the elephant in any room on the 57 words of wisdom and mindsets, you need to become a successful person. I grew up the family, were we struggle financially from time to time my dad worked hard mom worked hard and where my dad was 37, I’m 37, now i. Never one time I found out.

He was delivering pizza to make ends meet and is a kid I thought the kids like them hurt your dad delivers pizza and it make fun of me because of it and I started all the time too. So steve people used to make fun of me because my dad delivered to buy used to make up stories i. Take no. My dad does not deliver pizza to business conferences. My dad actually works in a job for the government and it’s classified what he does yeah. It looks like he’s a pizza delivery driver, but I mean seriously. I would make these things up, because people make fun of me now. Is it as a man, my dad dad died about 15 16 months ago we got a 95, als, lou, gehrig’s, disease and now I think that’s the most incredible thing you could do to realize that you can’t make ends meet and to deliver pizzas to go on welfare and you’re going to deliver pizzas. Yes, some people won’t that’s why they’ll just talk about how they’re broke and they don’t have a job and they can’t answer pretty cool thing yeah, so tom clark, listen to the show, dad I appreciate you delivering pizzas. Now I would say perspective. Hindsight is it someone said to me today:cuz your dad deliver pizzas to make ends meet I’d say you are freaking right. My dad doesn’t deal with the humiliation. He puts a little domino’s thing up on his car. He drives around. He doesn’t with a smile because he gives a crap about his kids and he’s not a slacker and he’s not the kind of guys can take. Government handouts he’s going to work his butt off to provide for his family because my dad gives a crap. Now. Are you on government assistance? Are you refusing to get a job you? My friend have a problem. My dad doesn’t have a problem. You think aubrey’s, like kids like his daddy jay. If he’s like. No, no, no, no! No he’s a business coach.

A lot of people i! Think it’s a deal of like you know. You is a kid! You no lie to me. Kids are so mean to each other, and so is it kid you might? You might realize right now? This is something big. You might be 37 right now and you might be still strugglin steve or something that you dealt with when you were 12 that you might seriously an event happened to you when your like 10 and now, you’re, 40 and you’re, still dealing with yeah I mean so I put the psychology today link to the article, so you guys can read it. It’s called the power of positive self-talk. You can see clinical psychologist that are breaking down the science of it, the medical research of it. You can see it but I’m just telling you this move number 15. If you want to become the elephant in any room, the most successful person in any room, it’s not so much about making others believe in you as it is making your subconscious a believer, so vince lombardi the football coach for the executive in the nfl national football league, he’s best business conferences in the head coach of the green bay packers during the 1960’s, where he led the team to three straight and five total nfl championships in seven years. In addition to winning in the first two super bowls at the conclusion of the 1966 and 1967 season, he says:winners. Never quit and quitters never win nail steve snap. This is where I want to turn the mic to you and let you pontificating up for those who don’t know steve currington if, you are thinking about buying a house. The mortgage rates are only going up. I would encourage you to go to steve currington. Com today, steve currington. Com, today or google search tulsa mortgages. You can find a and you can just get pre-qualified for a loan before the mortgage rates go up if they are going to go up a lot. Cuz trump, donald trump, president donald trump is making sure that inflation doesn’t go crazy, so he’s going to be raising the rates over time and if you want to buy a house in, like I’m, really sure of the political ramifications, nor do I care.

I just want to buy a house before the rates go up, go to steve courant.Com and get pre-qualified today, but steve. What’s the most number of loans you closed in a month just to give listeners a technical business conferences perspective them both a lot of mortgage professionals that I am friends with I have met for happy to close one or two a month who’s going to previous and commission. When you close alone, a lot of eyeball do I know if they close to long’s a month. That’s like $6,000 a month excited yeah buddy loans. Do you guys close as a company like an idiot, we added up that we did set the what I say:71 unit or 71 units of loans which I stand alone so steve, or somebody out there who’s struggling to embrace this idea, but it’s not about making others believe in you as much as it is you believe in you talk to them this person.

Will you know you talked about the cell. Talking about I always tell people you have to protect your mind. You have to protect what gets in and that’s exactly why I’m very very focused on what my schedule is and who I give my time to and in the book that you just wrote, the art of getting things done, that you can just drop her off. So the number to thing that is in there so learn to say no to more stuff. You got to figure out how to say no and so I would just tell you that if you’re trying to protect your mind and you’re trying to be that person who believes, has your subconscious believing you have to protect what comes into your head because that’s what happens! This is also clear. The reason why I know both of us, we don’t watch the news right. That’s the reason why I had a guy that really nice guy that has a super pac. You started when I meet with me and he was a nice guy and actually the reason I met this guy because he was cold. Calling voters and I was like your stud I’ll meet with you, but when I told him it’s like i, don’t really get involved in politics, because it’s negative and I know i, don’t have time to like deal with that. You are very guarded about how you guard your mind wander around, but I want to ask if this is a question that I think a lot of people have. What do you buy? Put yourself out there a little bit? What is the business conferences self doubt that you you’ve you’ve ever struggled with her? Have you ever struggled with that? We are definitely you know:i shared on a previous segment about you know getting fired from a debt collector job, you know and then get in the mortgage business. Well, it wasn’t that long ago you know december, december, 15th and I got fired from a job where I was running a three-state division for mortgage company had 12 or 13 people working for me until said, I’m managed about 40 people and I made really good money and I got fired 12 days before christmas, so the self-doubt I have is. Is everyone against me?

Can I trust anyone, because I literally like had a coup in my office where everybody was smiling in my face on friday like everything’s great and then the big boss flies in on saturday and fires. Me so mean i. Think everybody deals with that, but you have to find the things that you can put into your mind. So I listen to a lot of books. I do like this. So far I mean i, know it’s kind of a heavy-handed question, but have you been reading the art of getting things done is ever you getting some ideas? Yeah, you know what I like about that book. Is it’s just very specific and it’s it’s not like a used to people just ramble on and on and on and on and on about a subject about, whatever needs to happen, but you got practical stuff in there, even like checklist that you can fill out and so there’s a lot of books about time, management and and and all that stuff there’s. Actually a really good book have listened to several times called getting things done, I mean that’s the business conferences book. It’s I’ve got it on audible, but but yeah, it’s just very direct and very to the point. And if you eat it, if you were to grab that book and just flip through what the chapters are and what the the the items that are in there, you could hit three of them and be happy if you want to get that book go to amazon.Com today and search for the art of getting things done by clay source of wisdom.

Do you need help growing your business? Take the challenge, but drivetime business coach program will be any marketing firms prices by 50% schedule. Your free consultation today at thrive time show.Com need a marketing firm power. Business coach program offers better and faster results for half the cost of any other marketing firm, learn more at thrive time. Show.Com. Welcome back to the conversation, it is the drive time show on your radio anybody listening today from guam hello, what are craziest things that are most recent:a conference I like to have a little fun with folks and I’m like a how many folks do we have here who are not from tulsa? Of course, the majority of hands are up there yet mean you got people from florida people from california, new york. You got it into the thing about. This is a biblical concept. Mustang, if you ever heard about the prophet can’t be i, was thinking this in the this. I was just thinking that when you were saying that, because when. Green, who was the dean of school business and are you in my pastor, bixby community church I was he was my business coach for a long time and I already bad thing about him, because dr. Greenwood do these training that, like it cedar ridge, country club in you, know anywhere from 12 to 40 people at shop and I’m. Just thinking and he’s like you know, if I travel all over the country all over the world and I speak like 500 people, we are 10,000. You like on the stage mary’s son, luke, 4:24, reads:truly I tell you, no profit is accepted in his own town. This is from the bible, the bibliotech, the good bible verse, 24 states, truly I tell you he continued. No business conferences profit is accepted in his hometown. Don’t don’t know no great teacher I want it. I want to give this to you. I want to give you the final move, we’re going to cover today or in the coming days we’re going to be teaching you.

The 57 super moves that you can use to become a source of wisdom to become an elephant in any room. That was my prayer for years as I want to become a source of wisdom and not just the guy who was like a beverly hillbilly who made a ton of money as a disc jockey. I would like to say that actually has happened. Now you have become a source of wisdom to a lot of people. Cutting me and I think I know a few things. You know what I mean I had some business conferences or business coaching and it’s one of the things I appreciate about being a thrive client being your friend is i. Think you feel like dr. Z is a great source of wisdom and you get a lot from him, but there’s a lot of people that get alot of wisdom from you to me and I’ll try to keep it together here, but he is like when you’re we have a dad father in your life, any of your biological dad. When your dad passed away, my dad died of als when my dad died, there is no way I could ever say to somebody. Is it possible, like you said you? Would it be? Okay, if you could be my dad cuz, you can’t ask that you can’t like what does that even mean I mean to care about me in my time of need to check in on me to be a dad. Perfect moose perfect. He called me and said:hey son. Do you fill that gap for you that was like, like that was that was? It was one of those things where I almost my dad I’m in my dad left me a voicemail before he died and I kept it. So I can hear it and I listen to it. The mornings. A lot and like my dad before he died, the coolest thing my dad did. Is he actually secretly hired one of my video ographer stop meowing and he recorded for me telling me what’s going to happen and he’s like this is what’s going to happen, and this is why I want you to know, and it’s I watch it probably a hundred times, but that’s crazy, I watch out that and it’s it’s a thing where, like that, the power of that have the mentorship you get from a source of wisdom is incredible and I know.

There’s somebody listen to show, and every time we was show me, we did shows on how to optimize website to how to do sales and do every show for everybody. I do every show for one person and if that one person, if it helps you, then it’s worth the show so there’s no more people that listen with more people, listen to our show them who go to a chicago cubs game on average. But it’s the end of the day. It’s not for everybody, it’s for you! So here’s the message for you. This is the final mines are going to cover today, mines over 16 yep. You are the business conferences average of the five people that you spend the most time with, which is exactly why I try to spend time with clay and with other people that are successful. That can bring me up. That is exactly why tim ferriss the best selling author of the 4-hour work week and one of the earliest stage investors of a company called facebook uber. He says you are the axis. You are the average of the five people you associate with sounds kind of familiar. You get this idea. Steve said this was crazy about tim ferriss. Other people realize this tim ferriss attended college like so many people, and he thought you know what I’m going to do to have like a really awesome life, and so he actually took this idea to the extreme. Are you familiar with the mic? Maplestory tim ferriss I want to put the a mic if you google search mike, mabel, mike, maples, jr and then tim ferriss interview, you can find it and I’ll put on the show notes. If you to thrive time show.Com, you can find it there and I’m going to put a link to the youtube video. So you can find it there, because it’s pretty incredible the interview, but long story short. He says to mike maples, you know mike maples jr, just so you guys get. This was one of the early stage. Investors in twitter he’s one of the leading venture capitalists of our time. Guru he’s not warren buffett, but it’s closed mike, maples jr, someone says well mike, maples, jr, i, think he’s a bunch of crap I mean that don’t even know I heard the name. I, don’t even know what I mean, who is mike maple. Second eminem mike, maples yeah I mean okay he’s listed right now on forbes and forbes magazine will list the net worth of people. They believe right now that he is a group is predicted in this is just so I don’t have an active, accurate. It is but they’re saying that mike maples is sort of one of the people you want to watch because his fund is worth billions of dollars, selling for the b or billions michael maples jr. He says this. He says tim I’m, going to buy these stocks and tim says if it’s cool I’d like to buy the same stocks that you buy. You know so, if you’re going to buy if your company, if your bond is going to do like a $1000000 investment in twitter I could do like $1,000. Is that cool? If I just follow you, but proportionately all invest dollar-for-dollar proportionately, you know, I mean i, don’t have billions to invest millions, but if you invested million allan best I can thousand. If you did this to me on just to tell you I just kidding best and exactly what you invest in every stock.

Is that cool and mike maples jr says yeah, that’s cool, because no one’s ever asked me that question before so. You’re just want to copy exactly what I do is say:yeah okay cool, so it wouldn’t work whenever I invest in something I’ll, just kind of cc. You on the email like i, just bought 2 million dollars of this of this stock, and you can just do like 2,000 tim ferriss. During this this, with wide-ranging interview, you can hear I put the link on the show notes. I’ll be in this. Is tim ferriss the author of the 4-hour workweek into tim, it’s tim ferriss with mike maples jr. If you haven’t, if you haven’t entered it, listen to this! It’s it’s incredible, but I’m interested! You would love this year, but it’s like it! It’s okay, but he copies exactly what he does. He makes exactly the same return that mike maples jr taizo. So here’s a college student who wrote one best-selling book who just follows his mentor with investments and he makes the same return rocket. He asked mike and mike might maples jr. He said mike maples. How would you market a book-and he says you want to do? Is you want to run ads on google adwords and you want to test to see which title gets the most clicks it? Whichever one gets the most clicks? That’s the book title yeah he’s going what you want to test it a be tested its. We actually does it that some people are like normal, my book to be called so I’m, just telling you. If you are around really successful people by osmosis, you will become more successful and some people say what’s the word osmosis mean it’s basically, where you unconsciously subconsciously. You start to gradually assimilate the ideas and the knowledge of other people just by being around them. So if you’re around really really bad people over time, you’ll start to talk like them. If you move to minnesota long enough, you’ll start to talk like you’re from minnesota I was from minnesota overtime, but I was born in oklahoma moved to minnesota, and this is what happens is over time. You start to say:don’t you know? What did you just say, people oklahoma who knew you back in the day? Did you say you’re going up north or you might? My friend leave and I am going up north and you’ll realize I become a minnesotan, the people that you’re around. So the idea is think about the people that your surrounding yourself with it be intentional about it. My name is clay clark, you listen to the business conferences thrive time, showing tomorrow show more about becoming a source of wisdom and out any further than we thought it was a boom 321 boo


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