Knowing Your Why, K.P.I.s & R.O.I.s with Oxi Fresh Franchise Brand Developer Matt Kline

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The franchise brand developer for the 396 unit franchise company, Oxi Fresh (Matt Kline) breaks down the importance of knowing your why, your key performance indicators and your return on investment.

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  1. Franchisees who are killing it?
    1. Leo Johns –
      1. Young guy, extremely driven and has more reviews than anyone else.
      2. When he gets reviews, he doesn’t take no for an answer and he does a good job.
        1. MYSTIC STATISTIC – “88% of consumers trust online reviews.”
    2. Marsha –
      1. She is 2 years in and has multiple territories
      2. She has a group of other franchisees who are growing from watching her
    3. Sean R. –
      1. He was previously in the Navy
      2. In five months he has expanded into 5 territories
      3. He got over 100 reviews in 2 months
      4. He even bought his neighbor out
  2. Matt, why is it important that every Oxi Fresh franchise and entrepreneur knows their why?
    1. This is one of the first things we talk about with new franchise applicants.
    2. Is it family, unlimited income or time freedom?
    3. You have to determine it and be able to look back at it.
    4. You have to have something to push you down the road and be better tomorrow than you are today.
    5. Z’s Why:
      1. I enjoy growing things, it’s fun and there are still things in the works I want to create.
      2. The more I make, the more I can give. I love to make the world a better place.
      3. I want to leave a good inheritance for my children and grandchildren.
    6. Clay’s Why:
      1. Hire my dad and become a millionaire before I was 30
      2. I’m on a mission to mentor millions
  3. Matt, why is it so important for all entrepreneurs to know their key performance indicators?
    1. What are the Key Performance Indicators?
      1. Customer satisfaction is #1
        1. We use a company called Listen360
        2. It tells us how our individual technician is performing in a percentage format
      2. Prompt service
        1. We respond to leads quickly
          1. If you don’t answer the phone when a customer calls, you will lose that lead.
        2. Our Oxi Fresh technicians are always on time and are appointment based.
  4. Matt, why is it important for all franchisees to know the return on investment that they are getting from all of their activities and marketing dollars?
    1. Knowing your numbers is extremely important for us.
    2. It’s not enough to just look at your bank account.
    3. You need to know what the short term and long term return on investments are.
    4. Getting down to a detailed level with your return on investments really helps you make a bigger impact with your investments.
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Hello America and welcome to another week off the Oxi fresh update with your host quite truck, Menendez, Jason Beasley and quiet type Nereus Clark and on today’s show may discuss knowing your why, your eyes and your art. Oh Osh. And because it’s always ecstasy when he’s next to me. We do feature the very, very fine Mister Matt Clark with oxi fresh if it’s possible on today’s show, I want him to touch the physical body of Matthew. Climb back to Jason Beasley and Click Clark in the studio. Jason w why would every business owner, I want to know their why, their why, why, but every business owner out there what? Want to know specifically why they’re in business. Because you have to know where you’re going. I mean you’re y provides what the business is going to consist of. I have a little simple tip for your what your why is the only reason you should be possible.

I would love to touch Matthew Clark. Thank you for educating us about the importance of knowing your why you cannot touch Matt Kline. Jason, what a KPI, what does, what does, what does KPI stand for? KPI is a key performance indicator. Oh, Jason are down there trying to clarify here at part time shout, we don’t hate using acronyms. We don’t do stem usually. But to make it perfect in the private area of the podcast player would have to abbreviate KPI’s and Roi and all these things. Is there any way I can touch a man’s body? I don’t know if that’s Google reviews. Google reviews. So yeah. What about, what’s one more key performance indicator that we talked about all the time? Every Friday membership sales and what’s maybe just one more just for fun product sales. Oh, but we, so we, we measure what we treasure exactly.

And on today’s show, Matt, Matt Kline, the franchise brand developer with oxi fresh explains to us why we have to know those KPIs and the final area we must know to be successful in the world of business. The final area we must move, you must measure and stay focused on is our Roi. And Jason, what does a Roy stand for? Return on investment. Hey, Patrick goes off there and I got to having a blast. Your flash down there. Baton. Hi, I’m not working so hard for many years to put together this show and I don’t recall the Dar anybody has made it possible for me to interact with Matt Clark. Show just a little tip, one of the questions before we wrap up today’s show with cause anyway that I could talk to that client. That would be quite top two. Got It. I got to readjust. Who were your trash? I’ve been waiting years to touch my client. Make it happen.

Yes, yes, yes and yes Welcome to the Thrivetime Show we are interviewing so soap, fine. Matt Kline with

Oxi fresh. How excited are you my friend? I bet he’s going to blow my mind. Oh look at you. You see you rhyme all the time. It’s like you’re not even trying. It just happens. It’s a flow thing. It’s a flow. It’s a flow thing. You’re in your flow state. This is what you do. And we, I get behind a microphone, I get get the energy off of you and just to, it just overwhelms me. Well Matt, we have five things I want to talk about today, all of which are so exciting, but my, but before we get to the big five, how are you sir?

I am good. I was glad I wasn’t replaced by someone better than myself and I could still get on the show, so I appreciate it.

Okay. So let’s, let’s talk about this since we’ve talked to you last. You guys had an Oxi fresh conference, a really nice conference hosted in downtown Denver, Colorado. Talk to us about the conference and what kind of a, what were the highlights of the business conferences?

Yeah, so the conference is pretty important for us because it’s most high level in terms of its importance. One is, you know, every year we bring a new group of, of new franchisees or the system that have not been to a conference before. So then being able to spend the time with other franchisees that are, I’ve been doing it a little bit longer and can learn some, some tricks to running the business that were specifically, and that’s pretty important. Um, meeting people that maybe aren’t just their direct neighbors but people in the same state or at least the same region or just people that get along well that can actually work together for the common goal. I think that’s a pretty important thing that you can’t really quantify, but there’s certainly importance behind it. But in terms of oxi fresh, you know, we get to release new things in terms of like, we released our new website, our new consumer website, which is very important. Um, it’s up to date, you know, as we continue to go down the road, we keep adding. So that was a big win for us.

Matt, real quick, if it’s okay, I’d like to hit every time we have a, because you have so many wins because I hit my positive when mega points sound effect. Is that okay?


Okay, so you’ve wanted to new consumer website one mega point. Okay. Matt continue is this is hot.

Yep. And so then we also, um, released several different programs within Oxi fresh. Oh, we have an automated postcard program with a company called [inaudible] that takes all the, the what used to be manual labor on postcards. So it’s already automated for our franchisees. That’s a big win for repeat business, you know, from that perspective, you know, we tried to eliminate as many time consuming tasks. That’s a big one. We used to have to do bulk mailing. This is just automated every nine, 10 months, it’s uh, they’ve used us before it gets served out. So that’s a big win for us as well.

Now, my understanding is at this year’s conference, as with every conference, there are certain franchisees that are killed Z, they’re killing it. They’re killing it. And I don’t know. And it’s, it’s not, not like we’re not killing animals don’t scare anybody out there. These people are dominated. They are growing their market. There are certain Franchisees, certain outliers that are just on fire. Everybody’s grown and everything’s going. These are the things are going well, but there are certain people that are outliers that are really taking their business to the next level. Could you share with us about maybe one or two franchisees that come to your mind? Maybe you could explain to Dr z what makes them so good.


Yeah, so the, the two that stick out to me, um, some of our newcomers are, are our rookie of the year. I’m out of Lubbock, Texas. Great young man. He’s actually our youngest franchisee in the system. Um, his name is Leo John. I’ve talked about them before, but I’m young guy, extremely driven, understands in college. He’s gotten more reviews and his time and Oxford than anybody else. We actually had them up on a panel on his best ways of getting reviews in the home and it was pretty simple. He just doesn’t take no for an answer and does a good job,

does a good job. See Dad is so hot, but so simple is all about it really is know. People think well they’ll just go on organically or whatever. It’s doesn’t have, you can make gas. You’ve got to make the ask. Tell us about one more, one more. Just huge Franchisee when you say this guy, this gal, this lady, it’s probably a lady with, it’s probably a woman who’s just out there dominating who. Tell us about somebody in the Oxi fresh system who’s just getting it done.

Yeah, so Marcia Coulter a up in Connecticut. She’s awesome. She’s a multi territory owner. She’s actually about two years and now she is a, a huge driver in our business in terms of women ownership. I’m glad you mentioned that. Um, she is, one of the people are, she’s got a group of other franchisees around her. They had a really learning from her, came from a completely different background. She’s drawing with a multiple territories and in six months, that’s a big win for us. I believe she’ll be on a panel next year because of her efforts. But there is one more I think that needs a very

Jacksonville, Florida, Sean Rotolo, um, previous service members or he’s in the military or in the navy, sorry, the navy. And he started with one territory and within three or four months, he’s expanded to five periods,

come on,

pretty much dominated on his ability to get those reviews the same way. Basically we put something in front of him, said, here’s your goal. Um, because of the competitors in his market. He said, no, he got over a hundred reviews in two months.

Oh guys, stick guys. That’s, we’ve never, we’ve never seen that happen.

Confidence to expand into other areas. Any bought his neighbor out too. So he is, uh, essentially I’m going to be the dominant figure in our industry in the Jacksonville.

I’m going to give this guy a mega points and a bomb and holy cow,


German festival. But this is like David David Hasselhoff birthday in Germany. This is like Baywatch and we run to Germany. There’s never been something more important. This is like knight rider in Germany. This is the biggest thing. This is like Volkswagen in Germany this fall.

Sorry, we got excited about it. We just, we love, we love celebrating victories. We do now, Matt, while we’re talking today about knowing your why, KPIs and Rois. Wow. A lot of eyes in there. Hey, anybody have tried to talk about these calves and ties? I don’t know if we have time for that, where we may run out of time rather than out of, maybe not. We’ll see. All right. So Matt, uh, knowing your why, why is it so important for everybody to know what their big goal is both for buying a franchise? Why does everybody out there want to know what their goal is before, before reaching out in buying an Oxi fresh franchise or any kind of business? Why do they need to know their why?

Yeah, I think this is tremendously important and this is one of the first things I talk about before we started, started talking about hockey fresh. So we’re start talking about anything. I want to know what people’s goals are and I want to know what their why is. Right? And I asked you to, why are we on the phone today, right? Cause if you can’t answer that question, going to be pretty hard to get to the next step. Right? And whether it’s it’s family, whether it’s, um, unlimited income potential, whether it’s being able to spend time with your kids, right? I get that one a lot. I have a job, I liked my job, but I literally just travel and I hate it. Hmm. Right. So whatever that why is, you should be able to look back at that as you evolve in your, your new business and say, this is why I’m doing this and this gives me the, the, um, the strength and the effort to keep going. If you don’t have a why, it’s pretty easy to just play video games all day,

right? So you have to have somebody that’s pushing you down the road

to be better tomorrow than you are today.

So you’re winding down.

Why is, is whatever it is, it’s very important.

You’re Y Z. I want to talk to you about your why. Can we talk about your why or I her, my ex or my z? Does that do, why I think this is not the kind of, why would it talking about your rednecks. We can talk about your Z. Okay. Okay. Uh, so let’s talk about your Z or your why. Why are you, why do you continue to do what you do? Why are you not just in a hammock somewhere on the beach looking out over that UDL full Caribbean of water? Why are you not just at a perpetual Youtube concert? Why have you not shipped yourself Bruno Mars tickets? Why do you even show up anymore? You’re doing so well. Why not just say drop the morgue? Well, cause I’m not ready to drop the Mike. You know, I feel like there’s a lot of other ideas.

I’ve got several other businesses in queue. I’m that I’m, that I’m going to start that. I’m planning on starting that I’m doing the groundwork on doing and I, one I enjoy it. Number one, I enjoy it, but my why is, is that I, I love growing. Uh, I’m not yet to the point where I say I’m there financially. I want, um, there’s a few things that I want and you want to buy a team and that would be really cool. Would you buy one with me when you want to buy a team? Oh, that’d be, that’d be a dream. But I mean, I got, that’s realistic. I didn’t know if you want to play with, we might buy like we’re a little like a little league softball team when a pilot with the league softball team or we were to start somewhere. Right? I say unlimited ice cream bars.

Yes. You guys want to join our team? Come on now. Come on. We can pay for their primary school when they switch to a different district or some. Sure. Absolutely. I think that’s, I think that’s so you have certain goals. Yeah. You’re happy with what you’re doing. I’m happy with what I’m doing. I enjoy what I’m doing, but I have certain goals. And then also, you know, the more I make, the more I can give away too. And I have a big philanthropic heart and I love finding, listening to the, and feeling like I know who I’m supposed to give to and when and how much. And that’s, that’s, uh, I enjoy doing that and the only way I can do that is to continue to make money. Throughout your career, sir. What’s been one of your favorite, not necessarily favorite, seems kind of like a, not a reverent term.

What’s been the, the biggest give back that you’ve been able to do or the biggest thing you’ve been able to be a part of or the cause where you said yourself that feels good. And I would like to steal a little bit of your thunder first before you answer that question. Uh, you do give at the Christmas party, a ton of you shower the employees with bonuses and gifts. I mean, unbelievable amount of price. I don’t remember the actual retail value of the prizes, but people are winning a lot of, you’re very generous with the bonuses, paying people far more than the national average. You do those kinds of things on a daily, so that’s a big thing. Right. But is there another thing you’ve given back outside of work where you thought that really touched you the most? Yeah, it’s a, this is pumped a lot of stuff.

I do. I don’t like to talk. I know there’s public information. I’m just asking you, you know, it’s already public information. I, um, built a home in the Philippines through an organization and they were able to rescue eight, uh, eight girls out of the slave trade. Uh, and I still have yet to go and I want to travel over there and I want to find out what their ages are right now and then take over an appropriate gift for them and, and, and meet all eight of the girls. You see, they’ll, they’ll let the authorities come in and take them, but they have to, they have to show that they can take them to, to a place to, police will go and get them, but they have to, you have to prove the CIB a safe place that’s been certified by the government, that you can take these girls in.

I think one of the girls was like five, and when they went in there, she was actually, they’d had her almost in like a cage thing. Breaks your heart, breaks your heart. So that’s what keeps you going. Yeah, I mean that’s one of the things I love to do. I mean, I, I love to make the world a better place. And, you know, there’s only so much you could do physically. You know, I’ve gone on mission trip before we helped build something or do something. But you know, money is a, is an avenue or a vehicle that you can get a lot of stuff done around the world. Um, and that’s, that’s a good thing. So that’s one of the reasons, one of the things that drives me and motivates me. And then also too, I want to make sure I leave a good inheritance to my children.

My grandchildren. Yeah. Like, well, you don’t make $8 50, eight 50. Okay, nice. So we talked about the why we now have talked about the why. Yes. Now let’s get into the Kpis, the key performance indicators. What you did. No, no, no. Just don’t know what it’s your turn. Big Guy. Come on. We’re all, uh, you know, just opening up. My Name’s clay, I’m new to the group. I, ah, this is, this is why I just, um, right now I’ve got it, you know, I just, this is something I visualize whenever I do our show. Um, I’m 38 and when my dad was 37, you know, my dad worked night shifts. He always worked during the night shifts. I never saw him during the day cause he’s working the night shift to provide for our family. And I respect that he had a college degree from Oral Roberts University, graduated near the top of his class, that top two to 3% of his class, uh, checked all the boxes and mad.

I’m sure you’ve met people like this that have a college degree that graduate the top of their class, but don’t have any money, you know, that are just looking for that opportunity. And I, I made a decision that I wanted to hire my dad before I was 30 and to be a millionaire before I was 30. That was my goal. And so I was 30. I, you know, I hit my income goal and I’m like, check 27 years old, 27, 27 I called my dad up, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, dad. Hey, how’s it going? And who he was. He lived in Minnesota at the time with my mom. I said, dead. Um, I, I’d like to hire you. And I remember him saying to do what I said, anything, anything like, seriously anything, just please. And so whenever we record our shows, what I do is I keep this in my right, right here in my peripheral.

This is what my dad and I keep it right there. So every time that we do a show, I got a picture of my dad and I picture the 37 year old version of my dad. That’s why I’m talking to a man who’s trying his best to provide and just wants to be shown the proven path. And so I’m on a mission to mentor millions and that’s what I do. That’s my thing, that’s my goal. It’s my shtick. And I’d say so far I’ve helped mentor thousands, thousands falling a little bit shorter. My goal, thousands, not millions but thousands, but it’s fun to meet people. I met somebody the other day who I haven’t seen in a year and they said, what you told you heard about this morning, Andrew, you heard this morning, Andrea, you heard about this? Or somebody who said that they’re not a client. There’s some of that we, we’ve, I’ve talked to a year ago and they said the talk that you had with me helped me to say my business and my marriage.

You might correct this morning. Yes, it was a, it was a great story hearing the fact that one conversation completely changed this guy’s life a year ago and that’s what I do. So that’s like a little a gift I got a year later. So that’s what I’m all about. And, and I like, uh, you know, verbally interact with Matt client on a weekly basis that, that good. Why? Okay. That is a good one. That’s a breadboard deep went honest answer. Now Matt, talk to me about these, these key performance indicators. What are KPIs? What are some key performance indicators that every oxi fresh franchise owner needs to think about on a daily basis? If they own a franchise, what kind of Kpis do they need to focus on on a daily basis?

Yeah, these are very important. If you, if you’ve never heard the KPI term, um, it’s a really good, um, you know, they’re basically performance indicators that will light to understand what’s going on in your business positively or negatively. So, you know, when you hear the service based industry, there’s some very easy ones, right? Customer satisfaction for us is number one. So if you don’t have a pulse on what’s going on with your customer engagement, customer interaction and their opinion about your business, one you’re feeling short of understanding. And two, you got to have real numbers. So one of the things that we have done is we’ve, we’ve done this on behalf of our franchisees visa company called listen three 60. And the reason I’m saying this because this is an example, every single night we proactively send out a review to our customers. We get a huge amount of return responses on this.

And what it does, it tells you how your actual individual technicians in your business are performing on a percentage scale. So it’s not just a one off customer to, it had giving you a detailed explanation of individual accounts, but also a percentage of how that that technician is performing and you can set the timeframe so you can see if they’re lacking in some certain element of their day, whether it’s time, right, they’re always late, but they do a great job. We had a time management issue that says that’s an easy thing to fix, but without manageable Kpis, I’m not going to know that. I’m just going to get right to putting it out there so that my customers can actually see what’s happening and give me that feedback so that I can actually use that as managerial tools. That’s one KPI that we find extremely important, so

you keep track of customer satisfaction. You want to know that as a percentage. You don’t want make it. 99% of my customers happy. 95 99 what? What’s the, what’s the percentage? I know you place a big emphasis on making sure that you guys have prompt service, which I know is is not you. It is possible to have a complaint that you don’t know about, right where someone shows up late but you don’t know about it. But internally at oxi fresh, you guys are fastidious about being on time and calling leads back fast in the call center when someone calls in, you guys are wanting to be on it. Fast Service on the phone, you respond to leads quickly. Also, you want to be there on time, which to me, Zee, when you hire somebody to clean your carpet and they say, oh, I’ll be there between 7:00 AM and to. That’s frustrating. Very frustrating. But you guys had oxi fresh. You said times, you said appointments. Talk to me about the importance of being on time as well as responding to leads quickly at Oxi fresh.

Yes. This is imperative because we live in a very, I need it now type of culture. I don’t know what the term for that is, but I guarantee you if your customer calls you whatever business you are in and you do not answer the phone or call them back immediately, you are not going to get that customer. They’re not waiting for you to call them back unless they are absolutely in love with your company. For one reason or another. The majority of people are going to move to the next person on that list and you lost that customer potentially maybe forever. So being able to answer the phone when somebody needs you is extremely important. We have KPIs behind her individual call center reps as we call them, scheduling center reps on their time of answering the phones. They’re closing percentage, the time on the phone, their ability to upsell or down sell, which is a negative on that front and they get graded by that. So it’s not only just answering the phones, it’s happening, consistent training and the Kpis to report on who is a very, very good rep who needs more training and who maybe this isn’t the right fit for them.


All that you know, we’re basically an outsource call center, but because we had to do it all in house, we know exactly what’s going on. Who’s good, who’s not, who needs more training.

Doctor Robert Zoellner and associates, that’s a very customer facing walk in friendly business. You start by the mall, right. You know what people will walk in to your locations over there or the Harvard location I’ve thrown, I’ve threatened to burn the appointment books. How, how I’m often, or how quickly do you expect your customers to, or your employees to respond to your customers? How quickly are you looking for your, you know, your employees to respond to the walk in traffic immediately? I mean, if anything, if they’re busy with the task and they can’t, you know, talk to them right away, they should at least make eye contact. And at least given that universal, you know, finger up, I’ll be right with you, kind of look that you get a, I mean it’s so frustrating to walk into a business and stand there and the person just had their head down and they’re just, I mean they’re doing something, you know, something very important like Facebook, the book of face to face at a book or something that I’m in or something else that’s very important.

Um, and you’re just, it’s frustrating because Caroline just at least acknowledge I’m here cause this is getting now it’s almost awkward. So, I mean that’s something that immediately and if and if they don’t, I hear about it. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. So that’s it. So internally you have a golden respond almost immediately. Is any business perfect. No elephant in the room. Are we perfect? No. Doctor Robert Zoellner are you perfect? Probably. But, uh, Oxi fresh are you perfect? Probably, but I wouldn’t say that we strive to be perfect, but we measure what we treasure so we know if we’re hitting the mark or not. And if not, if we’re, if we’re not, we just re calibrate. We readjust. Right? Exactly. Now I want to talk to you about Roi. Return on investment. When somebody invests money in Oxi fresh. I know you guys take that very seriously. People are buying carpet cleaning. They are buying the equipment, they’re buying access to the brand, they’re paying for their territory, they’re getting their own phone number, et Cetera to getting a van. Autorap there’s so many things that are getting, um, talk to me about why you are so fastidious about return on investment and uh, just, just how that matters. If you are a franchise owner.

Yeah. And knowing your numbers is extremely important for us. And, and this is one of the things I really hit on in the stages of investigating a business. It’s not enough to look at your bank account and just say, well, I’ve got money in there I’m doing pretty good at. Or you know, I don’t have money in there. I don’t know what to do. Right? You got to know down to the individual investment points, what’s going on, right? So if you invest in a certain marketing program, right? You need to know what the short term, our lives, what the longterm Rli is, have the patients to really understand it and go through that process. But again, you need to have the, the ability to see that in a form that you can do something about, right? So for instance, I’ll take you a little through about how we do it here.

Just in terms of Roi. We knew a long time ago if we left, our franchisees have their own devices, majority of them would never know there are alive. We just know that whether it’s however you want to say, we just know that same reason. We know if we do, we implement a new program and we find a way that we can do it for our franchisees because majority of people just don’t do things. So with the Roi piece, we wanted to know exactly what you spent on a marketing program, a period of time in which you wanted to investigate that program. Just pulling a report, how many customers you’ve got through that time period from that marketing program, what the average cost of that job is, the average ticket price of that job is, and the average upsell for that job. So when you look at it, you have a lot of different things to look at.

You can even see on a map where that specific campaign has the best Roi. So if you, if you’re doing a five zip code area and only two of them are producing, you probably should adjust that cause you’re spending money on the other three zip codes that aren’t producing. So maybe consolidate, spend more in those two zip codes. So getting down to a granular, granular level of our lives will allow you to understand where your money’s going and where you need to actually take bad marketing programs and shift that cost. It’s not that you know, we’re working for you or go to the vendor and say, listen, this is not working at why. What can we do to change it? Without those details, you’re just spinning your wheels.

Matt, here’s the deal. I don’t want, I don’t want to spend your wheels. I hate when Matt feels the pressure to hang up on us. I want to hang up on him. He’s looked at the time. He says, I’m invested in a good half hour of power here. He’s got to talk to somebody right now. Who’s looking to buy a franchise in a matter of somebody out is listening right now. They want to buy a franchise and you’re getting leads in every day. Dozens of people calling you from all over the country looking to buy a franchise. What action step to somebody need to take today if they’re looking into buying an oxi fresh franchise.

Yep. Go to thrive time show and go to the tab where you can actually fill out a form. Yup. Oh, we’d like you to do it this way so we can just like tracking KPIs in our call center. We want to track where our actual franchise leads come from. True. And that’s the way, the most efficient way to do it. So go there, do that so we can understand the effectiveness of the radio show and the ability to branch out there and understand that we have a lot of office. Go there, fill it out. I will call you. We’ll have a conversation. Just like I said on this podcast here. We’ll discuss what your why is. You know, what you need for Roi and how our Kpis may be able to get you there.

I tell you what, Z, it sounds like a good move. It sounds like it moved with you’re out there and you say, I want a great create time, freedom and financial freedom. I’m not really passionate about a certain business, but I’m passionate about my life and I want to buy a business vehicle to help me achieve the time freedom and financial freedom I’ve been seeking. Maybe it’s the right time to look into an Oxi fresh franchise and Matt, as always like to end with a boom. Z. Are you ready? Absolute. Matt, are you ready? Are you psychologically ready? Psychologically ready? Okay, here we go. Any further? I do.


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