The Life and Def of Russell Simmons (Part 1) – Hour 2

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Russell Simmons is known for his success in the music industry but how did he get there? Learn from the business coach team at

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The former US SBA entrepreneur of the year Clay Clark is who you are looking for if you’re trying to find the best business coach Austin has ever seen, in addition to him you should also be looking for the very successful optometrist turn tycoon here in Tulsa Oklahoma Doctor Robert Zoellner is his name and business growth is both of their games.

If I would send it to them they been able to grow a outstanding 13 different dollar businesses and outcomes the opportunity to learn exactly what they’ve done over the years, the is a very specific systems and processes that went into going those businesses and now through the Thrive Time Show business coaching program and your own business coach Austin you’ll be able to learn exactly how to implement those same things and your own business to ensure that it is just as successful as they have been able to be.

For less money than you would have to pay an employee, in fact just hiring one and one one single employee and paying them $8.25 an hour is going to be more expensive than it would be for you to begin working with the Thrive Time Show business coaching program and learning from a business coach Austin will help you to things like graphic design search and optimization public relations business development social media campaigns assert online marketing and branding.

Going to be able to make sure that you could set yourself apart from the competition and so we bring you some other to was a should the flip advantage of as well, one of the souls is can be on the business whether ever available will be able to learn some really phenomenal things from the use of thousands of prescription where you’ll be able to watch the interviews of Clay Clark and some really incredible mentors and other millionaires things like that.

But it’s not all that you have to offer, know that is not even the half of it they also have some incredible things that you could download absolutely for free at the start here book or even the podcast of the radio show that they have broadcasted for you to be able to continuously learn the specific systems and processes used to ensure you are able to start and grow your own successful business. They also have available it for you to get tickets on the website to attend one of the Thrive Time Show business workshops at the OT right and the Tulsa Oklahoma area at the Thrive Time Show world headquarters are located on the west coast of the Arkansas River it is a really beautiful place you know what they miss out on a single opportunity, check out what we have to offer and see what we can do for you to get it in, with us as soon as you deduce on reserve the stick it right away do so by visiting whenever you chance this morning this afternoon or even tonight.


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