The Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin (Part 2) – Hour 2

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In this segment, Clay Clark, business coach and U.S. S.B.A. Entrepreneur of the Year, wraps up the Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin series.

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Want to be able to make sure that your business is waning, when I say we I’m referring to the former United States. SBA entrepreneur of the year Clay Clark but not only is he that he is the owner of a plethora of chickens and also the business coach Austin really wants to listen to when they tune into the Thrive Time Show on their radios Monday through Friday you can do the exact same thing as you listen to both Clay and Doctor Robert Zoellner who is a very successful optometrist here in Tulsa Oklahoma turn tycoon and the owner of several different businesses of his time as well.

But anyways he does bring you the option of your very own to work with the business coach Austin through the Thrive Time Show’s inspection program which teach you everything that you personally be able to do through the starting in the growth of their 13 different very successful multimillion dollar businesses, in fact it is going to be a very affordable thing as well as it is actually going to be less expensive than would be for you to take an employee and begin paying them $8.25 an hour.

When he began working with the business coach Austin though help you to understand of course and to have met some very specific things including the approval processes and systems used in those businesses but of course things like accounting sales trainings graphic designs customer service searches optimization online marketing management training and a host of other things that are really going to be very important.

But we also have some other poor things alongside of the threat of show business coaching program that are really going to be able to help you to achieve a new level success throughout your business, if your dreams have financial freedom time freedom or any other type of freedom to be able to find that within the walls of this incredible business coaching program and all the other incredible tools that we have to offer this current time as well.

One of which is going to be the opportunity for you to come and meet us in person, check out the Thrive Time Show on your radio show whenever you have a chance to do so it is really going to be an amazing thing you’ll be able to come and listen to us and you will really be able to give yourself the opportunity as well to truly just solely focus on your business and not even have to worry about what is going on within your business, you want to make sure that if you’re finding yourself in the self-employment shop they are able to get out of that as soon as you possibly can and if you do find yourself in the trap then just let us know will be able to get you out teach exactly what the steps are the need to take to ensure that you never find yourself falling within a trap ever again, get to get to this conference that I mentioned earlier are here by visiting a website which is not to be right away.


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