Managers Should Not Share Your Struggles and Problems with the Team (with Lee Cockerell)

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Lee Cockerell (the former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World) breaks down why managers should not share their problems with the team.

  1. Keep Your Issues to Yourself
  2. You Don’t Have to Share with Others About How You Feel About Everything
  3. Introducing the World to the Disney Institute
  4. The Immaculate Ambiance of Disney World is Only Possible as a Result of Great Management
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Audio Transcription

Welcome to the thrive business coach time show on talk, radio 1170. Yes, it is I thought about you all about you all about you all about you, the opportunity to learn from a living legend as lee cockrell teaches us specifically. The super moves that they used, that we can all use to become more effective managers. Loosely cockroach, your just now, finding the podcast for the first time, lee cockrell is the former executive vice president of walt disney world resorts. What does that mean? It means he managed over 40,000 people at one time. What does that mean? It means that he meant he. He managed the serving of over a million customers a week according to forbes. He is one of the most effective business coach managers of our generation and he’s going to teach history in this specific podcast. How to keep your issues to yourself and his manager, who want to share our problems with the it was somebody else, and if you do that, then it creates more problems and it just creates a spiral effect of negativity and so educates us on the importance of why managers should not share your struggles and problems with your team. Why would you say it? Why did what you, what you, what are you trying to do? What’s the point I mean if it can improve your buzz off, you know you always have the big sports stars, the one that everybody loves. Cuz i, take the time to sign for the kids now, there’s who I think they want to make sure I stress you or is it on on thrive? You know if you were subscribing or are thrivers there, people who decided to move beyond surviving and decide they want to do something big with your life when you own a business to tend to work with. You are not your your therapy group, your employees are not here, they’re, not they’re, not who you just vent. So if you have a problem, you don’t really just share that you just kind of keep it tight to the best. Sometimes I think you need to remember.

They got big problems to everybody’s got problems. You don’t know about everybody or worries. Probz and words. I, don’t know about I told people, priscilla has words problems, i, don’t know about. Sometimes I think my pay me to share every thought. I know you’re insecure. Sometimes you do sometimes you don’t. You know. Even when priscilla was sick, I didn’t share with her how upset I was and how it bothers me. Cuz I wanted her to get you saying this means a lot that, because you’ve been pretty public about reopen about how you battled depression there for a while with her illness in in so you use, put, is the ceo or is the boss or, as the executive vice-president, remember your role as the manager of the owner and position of leadership. You just go to be very careful what you say and you didn’t I didn’t tell anybody about my depression till it was well I told him because of the lesson this go. Get treated you can be helped, it can happen to anybody can happen to children that can happen to college students. It can happen to your parents, your mother me, how are your father at going through a serious illness? They can get into depression. It happens a lot because you think I’m, hopeless and and then you might tell somebody I went through this. Here’s what you can do, that’s what I took the drug. You know to help business coach people. If you’re talking about the problem, maybe it’ll be helpful to describe what the how you guys developed the disney institute in in baby. Why lunch pretty words might consider check it out? It was fighting back in the eighties 60 minutes did a program on the world should be run like disney, the transportation system out friendly people are at annabelle’s, and after that we got all these companies calling wanting to see if they could come and do benchmarking. Can you show us and they got so many calls? It was unbelievable business, so they start disney institute. It was supposed to going to be for couples like you and your wife and come and take a computer course or wine course, while you’re on vacation or cook together. That was a disaster because that didn’t work.

So they fight all the sudden. They learn business people so be business-related for 25. People from a company could come together and have a meeting here and do things together and learn and it be an educational process. And then we can start teaching courses about disney service, about disney, hiring about disney the values and how to implement them in your business and creativity and that took off and today they’re doing it all over the world and it disney institute is no longer a place. Didn’t say it’s a business of learning, so he could. They could come to tulsa and do it with the chamber of commerce or what thrive they could come and put a course on together and you invite local swimming a couple hundred dollars for the day no place. You learned about how to run your business. Better actually have open sessions, were the people in the room were all from different ones, and some there’s somebody from a casino and a church and they’re battling a business coach military officer and somebody from costco farm insurance agent that signed up for it cuz. He wants to learn how to be better in his own business stuff. What are the things? I think that you’ve talked about it and great lengths and I saw it first-hand. We went to disney world yesterday, but you walk around in the place is immaculate, it’s so clean. It’s so I mean if you had all the stuff and all these great sets and elaborate elaborate actors in elaborate mickey mouse characters in music, but it was dirty it just it just wouldn’t work, and obviously people don’t just naturally become clean, freaks or become obsessed with killing us.

Like the hell. You guys, credit is obviously a lot of dollars in in time. It’s invest in training and I know. I was guilty of it when I started my company, but it’s just like I needed to spend all my time focused on this and this and this and the last thing I’m going to spend time on his training or last thing. I have money for his training. Alright drive nation that was lee, cockrell teaching the importance of keeping things to yourself, as relates to managing when you’re a manager, and you got a lot of problems it just I’m telling you it will make things worse for you to share the issues you’re dealing with with everybody within your shot, highly recommend, you may be a problem with your spouse may be sure. With your self journal. Maybe I’m hire a business coach. I know for me:i have always written down my issues on the inside covers of books, I’m reading at the time or journals, and it helps me take to get that out. Cuz. You know, I want to build a deal with the business coach problems. I have but the same time I don’t want to share with my team and create an exponentially terrible situation. If you ever had a desire to improve your management systems, I strongly encourage you to subscribe to this podcast, because we really do break down the specific aspects of effective management, and we have a couple borle cockerell exclusive business coach interviews that will be releasing here in the coming weeks. Where lee explains a lot of people just didn’t know how to solve problems that every manager faces explains specific kind of solvent, and so we can just go thrive time show.Com and subscribe to the podcast. That will never miss an episode of the podcast. So I would like to, in the show, with the boom answered any further due at 1 at 2:03.


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