Moving Beyond Just Surviving | How to Make More Profit Faster with Dionne Phillips

Show Notes

D’Lashes –

  1. You are known as “pioneer of eyelash extensions to Hollywood’s A-List”. Can you tell us some of the celebrities you have worked with?
    1. Brandy
    2. Alyssa Milano
    3. Christina Ricci
    4. Serena Williams
    5. Paula Abdul
    6. Toni Braxton
    7. Renee Zellweger
  2. How did you get started and where?
    1. It started with a vision. I wanted to be around beautiful people. It caught on form word of mouth and I went from one celebrity to another. I was out at events and talking to everyone everywhere I could.
    2. I started in my apartment. I didn’t really realize that I had a business. I would talk to girls at my auditions about putting lashes on them and it took off from there.
  3. What was your approach to staying locked into the business as you grew it?
    1. I stayed locked in by solving a problem. I knew the women wanted it so Ii had to challenge myself to make it better day after day. I didn’t know what I was doing but I just wanted to stay focused on solving the problem I found.
  4. What motivates you to do what you do?
    1. I would walk around NYC looking at the tall buildings and I knew something out there was bigger than me. I was focused. I stayed inspired by my client’s stories and the lives they were living.
  5. When you were transitioning from a job to a business what were some of the struggles you had and did you have a coach or mentor in the early days?
    1. I was overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do. So I had to make processes. Too many people were reaching out via phone call, text email, etc. So I knew I had to tackle one task at a time and keep the clients together while executing my process.
    2. I also, I never thought about raising funds and started with $65.
  6. You studied in New York for 5 years to perfect your technique. What kept you motivated during that time?
    1. I perfected the technique and all of the details to apply the lashes so well that I could do it in my sleep. I perfected the process before even reaching out for funding. I did my business plan after iI started my business so I was able to use actual numbers for the plan. I saved 1/2 of the money from every client.
    2. I was single and living in a studio apartment next to the Lincoln Tunnel in NYC.
  7. Who was the first big star that you landed that you couldn’t believe?
    1. Victoria Beckham
    2. Paris Hilton
  8. Can you talk to the listeners about breaking into the industry as an African American Woman?
    1. I am the pioneer in my industry. It is a challenge at times but I do not allow that to steal my focus. I try to think outside the box when it comes to dealing with the challenges of running a business as a black, female business owner.  I have to make sure that I have to do things differently so I can break through the ceiling.
  9. What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?
    1. My passion is working out and drumming.
    2. I love bass and female drummers.
    3. I take drum lessons every Sunday.
    4. I played drums for ….”missing you”
  10. What mentors do you have and what entrepreneurs do you look up to?
    1. Barbara Ann Corcoran is an American businesswoman, investor, speaker, consultant, syndicated columnist, author, and television personality. As a television personality, she is a “Shark” investor on ABC’s Shark Tank.
    2. Marcus Anthony Lemonis is a Lebanese-born American businessman, investor, television personality, philanthropist and politician.
    3. BOOK – Awaken the Giant Within : How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Destiny! – Tony Robbins
  11. What struggles did you have to overcome en route to building your success?
    1. I have been rejected by banks and people over and over again. I just hustle and saved my own money and made it happen.
    2. When people said “you need a vacation” Ii would tell them that I will take a trip when I have clients.
    3. I went to school with some well to do families and wanted to do better and be better. I wanted to be the “triple threat”.
  12. Do you have many employees?
    1. I do not. I tried but have not found any. I am in a recruiting phase.
    2. It is a challenge that everyone wants me and just me.
    3. It is a huge goal to hire and train people to do what I do so that it is not only me and I can grow beyond what I can do by myself.
  13. What does your husband do now that you have found success?
    1. He works for Callaway Golf company. But when he is in town he likes to help out where he can with the business.
  14. What fears and doubts did you battle before starting your business or now even?
    1. Not getting somewhere first was a big fear. I have to tell myself no, I will build my community on my time and eventually a buyer will find me.
  15. What exactly is your product line?
    1. It is a line of strip lashes that look like eyelash extensions without having to see me in person.
  16. What errors did you make along the path to success that slowed down your success?
    1. Yes, there is a certain person that I would have partnered with faster but I wanted to make sure that I did it on my own.
    2. Not having enough time to build a solid team because I am too busy inside the business.
  17. How many years ago did you start your business?
    1. 1998 – 20 years ago/
  18. If you could go back and sit with a younger self what would you say to yourself?
    1. Do it now. Do everything now. Do not wait to perfect the art for some long. Just get started.
    2. Don’t worry about the technique. If you have a vision this just do it. Take action now.
  19. How do you use your “gut” feeling to make business decisions?
    1. I listen to my gut constantly. I feel as though it is God speaking and guiding. If it doesn’t feel right then I will not do it.
    2. I was raised in a Baptist Christian family but wasn’t sure what I believed. But as I grew up I found my faith and can’t really explain it to other people.
    3. My favorite is Bishop Noel Jones
  20. What is the #1 book that every entrepreneur who is listening needs to read?
    1. Entrepreneur Magazine –
    2. Inc Magazine –
  21. What one thing would you do with your business if you knew you could not fail?
    1. I have an amazing product and idea that I am currently working.
  22. What is a skill, that if you had would double your business?
    1. Microblading – Little 3D hairs that are etched in the eyelashes. I am going to school to learn this technique and it will double my business.  
  23. If the Wall Street Journal or Forbes were to write a story about you, what would you want it to say?
    1. That I built a business and was the authority in the $4 billion eyelash industry.
  24. What is the best coaching and advice you could give to entrepreneurs?
    1. Number 1 – Do it right now. Whatever vision you have. Do not listen to people when they say you are crazy.
    2. Number 2 – know your numbers and your process.
Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

The center of the universe all right all right at all, right, right, nation, walking back to the thrive time to show on your radio. My name is clay clark in the former us sba entrepreneur of the year in your ear and. Today I am i, am so excited about today’s interview. We actually have an opportunity to sit down with a lady whose client list includes her business coaching client. List includes serena williams, the tennis star, paula abdul straight, up now. Tell me:do you really wanna love me forever? Please don’t say that again:oh, oh toni, braxton, un-break, my, heart and see love me again. What these are her clients and she has spent a lifetime, buildinga, successful business, and so we have her on today as a guest. It is none other than miss d on phillips and dionne phillips is she started her business out in new, york, city and now she’s traveling, all over the world, working with a-list celebrity clients helping them to do what to improve the way they look. Her entire niche and focus is helping people to improve their look. Ashy provides individual eyelash extensions that are painless. The last up to 6 to 8 weeks and I feel like no matter what to do with my eyelashes I would still be a manbearpig, but this is what she does, which just proves yet again. Anybody out there. If you are passionate about solving a problem and the business coaching world is willing to pay you to solve that problem. You can make them on. You can be successful and encourage you, maybe before the show or after the show or sometime check out her website, cindy lashes, d, lashes., comedy lashes.Com, now that he further do my exclusive interview with miss dion phillips, the eyelash extension expert for hollywood’s a list doing leon phillips now this lady, is it she’s just sort of a big deal?

Do you want to listen to the show? I know it’s kind of rude to make. You give yourself your own business coaching introduction, but explain to the listeners your elevator pitch are you are you are who you are cuz? You are kind of a big deal I like to I like that I like that I’m actually authorized I guess throughout the last industry as a pioneer, eyelash extensions, so I basically apply individual silk fibers to one hair at a time to your individual eyelash and I customize it for your look for desire. You look so I’ve been industry for a while and started from my kitchen at the model and then transition to one of the cute on myself and that’s how I built a 6-month waiting list just off a few of the client. You’ve worked with an n z, I never go outside outside I’ve, never i, don’t i, don’t need your help at 5:50 on so i, don’t know who they are and see. But if you just heard of brandy brandy, brandy, I mean i, think about I mean i, mean i, mean I mean i, don’t have it actually gone to the process at the cart before the horse. Yeah there you go serena williams on the list, I mean I mean desolate, toni, brattin, toni, braxton. Tell, you a little secret i, won’t I won’t share with anybody else, except for the hundreds of thousands of people to download the podcast. Z can speak about toni braxton like I’m in the horse, have to her actually I’m not kidding. She was my dream woman. What she really I’m not kidding album music.

She was my dream next time you see her say. There’s this crazy white guy, who is obsessed with adobe about unbreak my, heart I might sing along like crying have to do it because I’m telling you she was absolutely huge and my in my world that I might be listening to my toni braxton, it’s a unicorn event. Finally, the circle is complete, so I want to ask you for the listeners out there who are going to know I want to work with the stars I want to turn my dream into reality. You go about going from where you started where you are now because you are in orbit my friend, you are at the next level. I guess you know. I want to be around beautiful people and I wanted to be one of those beautiful people, so basically was just word of mouth one person to another business coaching person and it been caught on to the next level d. The next levity. That’s, basically how I build my clientele, I mean i, didn’t allow just to sit down and just sit there and wait for everyone to come to me. I’ve course I was out at events. I was talking to people at the grocery store in the lines and valets, and it just build up to the list that I have now just to give you right now in los angeles.

Is that correct the time or recording? But you are from new york I’m from new york. You know dr. Zoellner’s, sister, mary, ann she’s, actually easy she’s, one of the producers for the the delay show for today show out there in new, york, city manhattan, so I want to I want to ask you I mean starting a business in new york. It’s kind of just feel like you’re at i. Got small fish in a big pond. I mean talk to me. Did you start in in an apartment? Did you start at know? I sent you an apartment, I really didn’t know. I didn’t know:i had a business at first I just basically went to mail. Justin’s I had before digital was really execute. It then, and then I just went all dishes and talk to the females that were there and told him I come to my house. I can put these lashes on youtube and they’re, like the one person to another person which told brandy was told, serena was told, sweet and marissa torme like different people, and it grew, and then I was like.

Oh, my god I have I can’t fit anybody in for the day, so I have to find software some kind of way to make everyone, and it just grew from that place. I figured out I have an actual business from all the referrals. I start getting calm and I actually grew that, and we start transferring out of my dorm room in business coaching college and before I knew it. We were providing entertainment. We brought dinner table for like chuck norris and kevin garnett. When I opened up his big store in the mall of america. And, we did ups noise, big companies, I mean and I almost pissed myself. I cannot believe I’m entertainer of choice for southwestern, but it seem like I just had a head down grinding grinding, just try to wow every individual customer and then I looked up and it was like all the sudden I have this momentum. What was your approach? Show me where you were you obsessed with roosters over-delivering to each and every customer, or were you did you have like a dream board up on your meter? I mean what was your? What was your guiding force? How did you stay locked in might i, say, blocked in by solving a problem? I knew that these women wanted something that was consistent and I know they want to be cute, so I solve the problem of applying eyelashes. That was my driving force basically and I kept motivated because I’m like well I really like this.

So how can I I I want to challenge myself into making it better and I’m? Making just staying focused and making it better. That’s how my vision has transpired into this big big business. I didn’t know, I didn’t know again, I didn’t know what I was texting. You and I just didn’t want to stay on task with staying focused 25 in the problem. I, don’t think z that most people stay for i, don’t think dion if you interviewed, let’s say a hundred people in the in the subway and in new york to manhattan. If he pulled a hundred people side, you said hey what you want to do with your life I mean:do you I’m able to disagree with me, but i? Don’t think you would find me people that say I want to be. You know somebody who just has business coaching goals and doesn’t achieve. If you know what I’m going to do, I just want to state things and then not do the things I want to create cognitive dissonance in my mind by having big goals that I never put any effort into achieving I want to write big, brand visions on facebook and instagram and text to the universe that I’m going to do it, but then I don’t want to actually do my I want to just go to create a huge gap between what I want and what I doing, because that makes me feel terrible. I, don’t say that, but yeah I know I think a lot of us I know for me when I was first starting, my business I stuttered up until like the age of 13, 14 I couldn’t talk very well at all, and so when I was I want to be a dj and I was so it’s like. We heard dj red russell, simmons book life and death russell. By the way, do you know russell, street, russell, client, with clients and friends?

I am i, do have one of his books here. I have never read it, but I do have that. My only request that I have from you and I realized it did. I can’t request a demand things that you’re scheduled all I would say is if you would tell toni braxton, there’s a really paste email guy who, just as of was obsessed with her high school. That be great second request is:if you can give russell just a big old hug, I love, robert, myrick, russell’s book life and death might buy college. Professor said you have to read a business coaching book about somebody that you admire. I chose, russell, simmons life and death. I read the book I’m going on my gosh I should I could do this, so you get that big dream. What’s kept, you execute in the dream day after day when a lot of people drift help her listeners out there I would have you executed was walking around the city looking at tall buildings, knowing that there was something bigger than me, I knew I felt I knew I could feel success in my own right. That’s what kept it applies to me and that’s what kept me dressing? That’s what kept me focused I didn’t look at other other people and their business. What they’re doing at that time, because I had something that I was trying to fulfill with the current ones they had, they all want to be cute. They all wanted what I had on what? How would you get your hair done? Who does your makeup?

You know so I had to until the first official really blogger before the word, but I just kept the focus on my clients, making it better listening to them what they wanted, and that kept me inspired. You know their story that inspired as walk around so many and I’m constantly around. So many amazing women that keep me inspired. You know, bp’s of networks and lawyers of networks and and and businesses like always wanted to really keep me inspired on a day-to-day basis. Alright, thrive nation. We return from the break more with our exclusive business coaching interview with deion phillips, but before we go to the break, I encourage you to go to classic clean the visit our good business coaching friends, the show sponsor the classic clean.Com for the janitorial service of choice for google new star for DuPont to looking for the cleaning service.

The janitorial service of choice that we use at the drivetime show.Com check out the classic clean.Com get ready to drive time show books on the books for my, wife and kids. Please tell them how to see in singapore. Here we go all thrivetime business coaching nation, welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio and I can tell you what I haven’t even started from the bottom and working really hard to get here. I really really value time for them anywhere else in the world right now, but instead I choose to be here with you every single day, and you know why I’m here with you every single day, it’s because I wish somebody would have taught me the proven moves the prison, the prison system. Somebody would have taught me what I needed to do to grow a successful company and anytime. We have a show sponsor that buys into that mission and vision of helping mentor, millions I I just have to take my hat off tip my hat to these guys and I want to put my head back on heard you to check out one of our show sponsors today before we get into our exclusive interview with the eyelash extension expert phillips check out our show sponsor onyx imaging.Com.

Would you do that for me to get onyx imaging.Com? These guys save me both time and money by delivering our office supplies and printer supplies they delivered to our office for less money than cost me to go, buy it at staples or great great group. I enjoy these guys I work with these guys there any clients and encourage you to check out onyx imaging. When you get a chance, could you to hang up on the next person that calls you so you’ll find time to come check out onyx imaging.Com, but they were talking about we’re talking about how to not limit your dreams? How to move to have these limitations we put on ourselves, we say I could never achieve abc123 because of these things you don’t know my background. I, don’t I didn’t grow up wealthy i. Don’t have the connections? I, don’t have the a-list client roster. How can i, possibly ever move beyond just surviving? Will today’s today’s guest dion phillips is filled with a wealth of business coaching entrepreneurial advice, advice that she has learned throughout her career as the founder of d lash extensions for the a-list celebrities. Our clients include serena williams, paula, abdul, straight up now. Tell me:are you really going to love me forever and toni braxton un-break my heart? Please don’t sing it. Renee zellweger victoria beckham I mean she works with and I’d encourage you to check out her website, d lashes.Com and now that he further do our exclusive interview with deion phillips eyelash extensions for the a-list celebrities um. Whenever you were transitioning from a job to a business. Whenever you one day, you said yourself, it’s like a business. I’ve got all these challenges and struggles that you had early on. Whenever you were booking and whenever I know, you said you need to get some software, did you ever feel overwhelmed to do everything on my gosh? This is what do I do now? What do I do next, and did you have a business, coach or mentor as kind of secondary question to to help you in the early days?

What kept me overwhelmed? I did get overwhelmed at the beginning, because I didn’t know how the day would work out with having five clients 6 times 10 times a day. I didn’t know what to do so. I had to lock down a process for myself, basically going in train on the computer, making sure I got their credit card before of having a business. That’s what I was so overwhelmed with people calling me texting me. You know from this phone number to this phone you to email, so I had to lock down one phone number. One direction from the book build a website, so I can stay on task for each day. For me, I just tackled one task at a time with keeping all the clients together and doing the process making sure my business coaching materials are there making sure I have enough materials. The other challenge was overwhelmed with i, didn’t think about even raising funds for it. I literally start with $65 I thought it was $65. You you I’m studying what I’ve read about. Is you actually have to spend nearly 5 years in new york to perfect your technique? So talk to me about the $65 and I agree that little snowball and it kind of rolled down the hill and kept getting bigger and bigger? How did you? How did you do it to me for 5 years or 5 years for $65? It was possible because again, I didn’t know what how to start, what what to do to start a business on my own I did listen to it. A lot of different people, I perfected, the technique of learning the eyelashes making sure it sticks on natural hair, knowing the type of growth of hair, knowing what type of tweezers to use. Knowing what type of last you, what type of the shape of the face, like all the things I have to learn to apply to make sure that I can do it in my sleep, so perfect art and improving the model of my business first before ashley even file for my business, you know, for the state I had to do all that. First before i, let a business going to the bank with us. You know there was a business when I actually did my visit went after it’s not a really good thing to tell me. Watch the north I did my plan business plan after I said my business, because I prove the model of what I want to do.

The numbers were actually there. The numbers in the business plan on using projected numbers I actually had show numbers so I started, but doesn’t $65 growing it I put away every client that I had the mark-up for my margin, I just put away half of that money to build on that business for more product and computer I just saved every little earlier. Yeah sorry, I’m single, live in manhattan in a studio apartment on 41st and 10th. Next to the noisy, lincoln, tunnel and and I went to hotel clients lumi to their bachelorette party, used to do lashes. Baby showers, I gathered other girls. To help me I can a trained other growing makeup artist, not know if you wanted to be mentored by me, so I could talk a little bit of it and i. Did it that way and and crew the business that way as well presentation partners option here but to this is clay clark. Your humble host here, reminding you during the break, make sure to check out onyx imaging. These guys save me both time and money on my office and printer supplies. You tired of running an office depot to buy office supplies. Are you want to save money on your business coaching printing supplies? I know you are onyx imaging.Com, that’s onyx imaging.Com, and why? Because they’re awesome, onyx imaging.Com check them out today, onyx imaging.Com or you can give a phone call at 918-627-6611 what you can make a phone call. It’s actually still possible to make phone calls. You give a call today and request a free quote by calling them today at 918-627-6611, 918-627-6611 stadium, hello.

My name is clay clark and Say:remember:i’ll, say it slow. What’s the uss be a entrepreneur of the year sit here on a mission, great financial position and I am telling you this today with great emphasis. You want to get out of pen and a pad as we enter into the entrepreneurial lab, because we are interviewing dion phillips, who is deion deion phillips is an entrepreneur who started with $65 she starting her company out of an apartment in manhattan, and now she is the celebrity eyelash extension expert of choice. Guess that’s the thing for serena williams. What tennis tennessee has paula abdul it ain’t fiction. Just do natural fact:we go together! Cuz! It’s straight up now. Tell me paula, abdul toni, braxton, renee, zellweger victoria, backup what she started with $65 out of her apartment in manhattan, and now is the she’s, the a-list celebrity eyelash person just in. If you got her website, d their website d lashes.Com a lot of her celebrities. Business coaching people can see their face when they’re on the magazine covers. People can see your face when you’re on a magazine cover, so the stars don’t want to have their their their eyelashes messed up now, alyssa milano doesn’t want to have her eyelashes messed up now. Brandy doesn’t want to have your eyelashes messed up notes she doesn’t. That is why they all turn 2d on phillips and I I am this interview was so fun to do. She is a wealth of knowledge, a source of inspiration to do my exclusive interview with deion phillips manhattan at the time in studio apartment. What was the first client that you landed where you thought oh well, I cannot believe I’m doing the eyelashes. For this and I know you work a lot of clients going to get you in trouble or paint you into a corner and question. But if you don’t say toni braxton, you lose the game.

Who was? Who was the client that you thought man I cannot believe that you don’t mind me to know speaking her name. I don’t have her. Confidence is victoria beckham. She called me on my wedding day. I was like, please call me back, I can’t do it today, but I can actually email last you out another time, and yes, you did later so she if she called me on my wedding day, that that was a client who really took my cousin to have level and also miss paris hilton. She mention me in people magazine for an unread carpets and that took it literally to a 8 month. Waiting list time is, it was touching everything like paris i, give all credit to her like she’s amazing and she really skyrocket my business and that’s why I’m so big shout-out to paris hilton, victoria, beckham, I’m I’m, a I’m, a dude, and so what you do is it like? Do you like super glue, or is that gorilla glue I seen all these commercials for gorilla glue and now it seems like that would be a really good source. It mean you really literally take up take a lash, put glue on it and stick it on right near the medical, adhesive, state, medical, I’m, so naive, and all this area of expertise spell adhesive that he said his medical grade. Adhesive medical grade and I spent plenty of time and labs formulating, and he said that story for my brain only and yeah and lots of moolah. Trying to get it right. You don’t want to have imperfections with irritations of the eyes from client, so that seems to be a major problem in the last time she right now is. Is that so be careful with that eyelash encounters every now and then the office, and so I was wondering if it was private or even if you do have your own. So that’s answer that question might say:boo, i, don’t like you, but I don’t want to ask you cuz. This is just a real thought when I started out, djing I was i, still am a very paste email. You know, and sometime soon, as you could book me to dj for an event there, like white guys need therapy I’m just being real with you find the business coaching beats, and it’s the document thing my mom might take her to church, sometimes and she’s.

A great lady. She’s just can’t find the bay just can’t find the beat at the problem with the struggle african american, and you hear so many people talk about there’s a ceiling. You know it’s hard to get into a certain industry because abc whatever that ceiling was you’ve, obviously broken through it. I mean you’re working with some of the biggest celebrities black white latino I mean it to the list of people you’re working with his huge. Can you talk to me or talk to the listeners about as an african american woman, what it was like breaking into where you one of the pioneers for the first african american women? To do what you do or was it was it was? It was the pay you got educate us. What was the path already pay, but he would already been trail blazers into the industry. Talk to me about just the challenges of being an african american business, woman. Well, I’m. Definitely in my entry on the pioneer I definitely am a dictionary from beginning of this certain type of industry of lashes yeah. It is a challenge at times, but I don’t like that. Allow my focus I know it’s my back conscience, that is there there’s some challenges with funding. Yes, sometimes there has been other challenges as a black female entrepreneur, but I tend to look at other ways to think outside the box to get around that. If that makes any sense, I mean no one will understand unless you are a black female with those business coaching challenges. I, don’t let that be my mind-set. That’s why I’m watching some of these amazing people and allowing them to trust me with you know my hand and it’s coming to my face.

So they feel trusted i, don’t go out and do certain etiquette of things. I do definitely as a black female artist that some makeup artist and hairstylist, they don’t have the same challenges. I have so I have to make sure that I do things differently to break more barriers. Why would you say this just to let you into my life at the struggle that I deal with here? Do you and you can do as a paste emails? The I went to the beach one time and galveston and I got burned in about 6 minutes I’m. Just going to take that long as I can solar panel that the heat cooks me like bacon so anyway, so don’t ask long lashes, the blossom of a son that way to go see. My wife would probably see a lot of value inn in what you do. My wife is a beautiful day. We married 17 years and she’s she’s attractive in the xenos, isn’t as an optometrist. The only way to explain it is that she can’t see me probation if you’re out there and you want a business coaching or you want to own a business you a job. If you have any source of income coming into your account every month, you got to account for it, so it ask you, who is your cpa? Do you trust them? Are they proactive, if not check, out hood cpas., if you’re looking for a proactive account, checkout.Com and now broadcasting live from the box that rocks it’s? The drivetime business coach radio show click on the microphone right, tribe, nation, you are in for a special occasion. Today we are interviewing the eyelash extension expert of choice for hollywood’s a-list celebrities. This wonderful lady on phillips, ortiz featured guest dion phillips, has worked with paris hilton mary j blige.

You know your pic. Your toria beckham might have heard of her renee zellweger toni braxton williams I mean she is the boss when it comes to taking care of hollywood a-list celebrities having $65 in your bank account to being the a-list eyelash extension is celebrity for the foot starts and I am so excited to have her on today show honor to have her here with us here and so any further ado grab a pen and a pad take some notes. Cuz. You are going to be glad that you did because you do not want to what you want to lose thought. Lose-lose awareness of the business coaching knowledge bombs that dion phillips is about ready to drop on our craniums. Do my wife is a beautiful day we married 17 years and she’s she’s attractive in the xenos, isn’t as an optometrist. The only way to explain it is that she can’t see me. She has very poor vision, giving you the wrong prescription year after year on parking. Now, lately he’s been getting burnt. So so, really careful putting rash guard shirts.

Are they called son shirts, clap on the beach / bank investors, / auto automatic watches? I could have been some kind of answer because he has to know when you’re not working. What do you enjoy doing I mean? Is it is it did you like to do? Is it drummac? Is it dinner something like to do be on drumming or what? What’s? Your your, not working? My past, of course, is working out. I had to work out right before the podcast, so I can get hyped up and motivated and, of course, yes, drama. That’s why I little a segway into that I dreamt that I love, i, love bass and music, I love, seeing female drummers, that’s just hot and sexy to me so I want to do that. I have drum lessons. Every sunday and i. Take yeah i, have drum lessons every sunday and I just drama actually again backwards, i, actually drum and patti labelle’s, music, video and 1998-99 i. Think missing you. It’s called missing you. What are the pictures going to show notes had a female drummer for years, and so were you at? Were you part of that? Do you want me to do ever? Do I get a backup or you’re like a body double if somebody got hurt or your for the back-up plan for lenny, kravitz, woman, okay? Well, you know lenny i, don’t know.

Lenny I know someone close to honey. I was a stunt. Double I am completing guru in my industry. Come on. You got to make me your back up and let me lenny’s he’s got a backup driver. So what entrepreneurs do you look up to I mean what entrepreneurs do look up to where you say in eaton into where you go cash? This is somebody I love their other book or a leather podcast or I love. What are putting out there I just this is somebody who motivates you or business coaching or coaches. You were encourages you. Maybe if you don’t open up closer or from a heart without their mark marcus lemonis is one of them in certain situations. That I have always think like how he handles things. Certain thing:barbara, cochran, of course, how she started her career with $1,000, of course, anthony robbins that will change my life and help me execute on my turn, behaviors learn myself more to learn how to push through obstacles as well or just changed your life. Your life is is:could you do something better, yeah sure, but I mean you’re doing a lot of great things? How did it change your life? Can you can eat dive into that? That book awaken the giant within, has changed my life because of the details he explained on behaviors on on how to think how to think beyond just a normal way of thinking. They changed my life in so many ways that it comes up, often with no one’s impacted by anything unless they go to pain and when I use explain that to certain people and we don’t get it until something actually happened, but that is it’s just so many different things. I can’t really bring up one another point from the book, but I know I read the book twice, but it seems my life is actually years ago. I read book, but it’s fixing. My head, as far as anthony robbins, and when he does, you obviously have had struggles, z and i. Both grew up and homes are we didn’t have money or your money right on z got rejected by everybody?

Is every bank in tulsa that rejected you for a loan, when you want to start charging clinic you got rejected kind of I mean walked out with security would be probably more accurate. Turn isn’t going in talking to banks I didn’t want me there, like you’re a dj or at the beach walking dead with me, and so nobody wanted to invest in awesome and we both started from the bottom now we’re here. So what struggles did you have to overcome and route to building your success? I’m thinking I’ve been rejected by banks I know, people told me no I just had to prove it and literally proved it and buy thing that I literally just saved my own money. Literally I worked my butt off I hustled literally come on now and have a client so I need somewhere or have you come to a house call. That’s my vacation. I just did mine process of how to you know, get it and we’ll see my mother, my mother, inspired me to work harder family, only black family in our neighborhood, so you know we went to the went to school with lot of wealthy kids and I would do better. I would do better and be the triple threat as a black female. So that’s what really guided me throughout my years of my business coaching success, and it still does you know so i, don’t let that freak main focus but yeah i, totally unrelated to your to the triple threat. I just want to ask you this because we’re going to go back.

Toni braxton. Have you ever heard when you would put on eyelashes honey singh improv, you heard her saying we’re just like she’s just having a good time, and can she bring it because that’s that’s the part about her I was like cash voice. Just blew me away. Can you talk to me when you heard her sing up club shipping a little bit but not much I just watch what she’s doing on television make sure it’s going to be right, so I’m not listen to my voice, I’m relaxing watching her eyes. So do you have many employees, alright drive nation? We return more with our interview with celebrity eyelash extension expert for the stars dion phillips, but before we do that, have you have you checked out simply chiropractic it right! Nation come on! Now. Let’s be honest:now have you have you checked out silly chiropractic? If you are out there and you are looking for a chiropractor to help you with chronic pain, I would recommend that you would check out our our frequent show, guest friend and sponsor dr. John sibley. That’s dr, joe, j, o h, n sibley., comets, dr. John, sibley., time check out our good friend, dr. John, sibley., com, and now broadcasting live from the box that rocks it’s. The drivetime business coach radio show click on the microphone and I’m. Just asking welcome back to the front time show on your radio and on today show for a treat I’m in for a treat we’re all in for a treat, we’re interviewing, dion phillips and some of you might say I think i. Think I know that name something I can say to you. I definitely have never heard of that name. Who’s the on phillips will be on. Phillips is a person just like you and me who had a vision to start a successful business. Many people that dream into reality was $65 working out of her manhattan apartment she’s been able to land the biggest business coaching celebrity. Clients include mary, j blige. What paris hilton paris hilton and lindsay lohan naomi campbell victoria beckham, are you kidding me I mean toni braxton serena williams.

She is serena williams she’s she’s, the eyelash extension expert for hollywood zalen, the pioneer of the eyelash extension movement in hollywood and I just encourage you to check her out her website. D lashes.Com and this interview is delicious. So any further new, my exclusive interview with dionne phillips do you have many employees i? Don’t actually i? Don’t I tried right now, I feel like I’m in the business of of recruiting because I have to find the right last yet to see it. That way, because we’re in we’re the new market of new business and everyone wants to be the expert. Every wants to be the the new whatever and just you I mean, is that that’s got to be a little late to bring in revenue, but I have clients. Also it’s not you I like her I did her because it was convenient for the time, but I rather have you so a lot of clients don’t want to book with her or other people that I had in the past, because the fact that they don’t come with me because I start off day once in every patient and now I haven’t seen the patient in quite a while, and then I’ve got a doctors at work for me, but you’re transitioning from it being you to somebody else is a challenging thing. Is that something is that a goal of yours? Is that something you want to do because I can’t do everything you know. I need to have those extra business coaching people there so right now, I’m just focusing on recruiting a great team right now. I have her with me throughout the day and get to know her. That’s another tactic I’m. Using that way, they’re trusting me and trusting her friend that has work so I’ve been doing that lately now I mean to see cuz you’re, seeing your you’re constantly busy right. You have an assistant. Is your husband just you know:wake up around like 2 p.M. And go well what? If?

What? If you do, what is easy help you with the stop, my sister she’s amazing. He actually works for callaway golf, so he weekend he likes to help me like go get my alkaline water for my clients or you no pick up something for me, but in the meantime he says, I inspire him he’s recently a vegan because of my work out. So now he’s working out and training hard as we emailed coach the older age. Just like really into is this like a competitive thing for you or you wouldn’t hours a week? Are you working out I workout 6 days a week? 6 days a week do I workout and this way I work out, because I want to keep strong for my back because I’m bending over and I’m staying at at you no static motion throughout the whole day. So I want to make sure that my back is strong in my I’m, not getting a pinched nerve, like I did in the past, so I work out to keep my body strong, I’m sitting down all day inside, like you said you needed vitamin d I need hike the double up on my vitamin d, because I’m inside so much vitamin d I’m telling you what I am on pale male yeah, so I just try to keep strong throughout my business coaching workout I used to compete early because I would have sent woman and that’s how I’m going to literally fell into that. You know at one time you said as you’re getting older and I and I it’s rude for me to ask how old you are I would just say that.

Are you I mean cuz, you look at your images on on on google I mean you can look you up there. You know your lady who’s, obviously passion about your fitness. That’s a big thing for entrepreneurs is scheduling time, your doctor’s, they have you run a fever, google search doctors on the doctors on her. He is about this guy. Is he not getting more beautiful with each and every show the short sleeve shirt he’s wearing I can see these guns 25 lb of something we can edit. This photo editing, abilities, harry caray wanted to come in your calves, get r, I p, okay, okay! So what what spears dion doubts did you did? You would have did that you’re, so many people say I wanted to start my business, but I had these and I wanted to do it, but I have these doubts? What what fears and doubts it did you battle, or are you battling of help somebody out there might might be rained out at the time? Well sometimes now, even with no, the whole, you have to kind of stay away from social media is not getting their first. You know my television with myself she’s, not getting the first but I had to like stop that and think, like you know, I will build my own community I will build the believers of my product and stay with that. So my fears and doubts have been getting their first know. I was in my challenges. Right now is just perfecting my product lines. I just started and hoping that a buyer or retail was find me. So we can, you know, start the whole ulta road to success. Can you explain your product line right now? Cuz. This is a power for me, I think you’re. What you’re talking about can help a lot of our business coaching listeners. They can be something they want to check out of me. What’s your what’s your product line, my first line is a line of strip lashes emulate eyelash extension. So, if you can’t get to me, you can have a strip lash that looks like eyelash extensions. The 3d lashes that go on you can wear them up to 27 application and a beautiful thought they come in different styles and colors can I guess we do.

That is a cool in again archive this in all of us I’m going to call this guy to know. You’re probably won’t work for you because it’ll work for you for you not for nobody else. There’s a friend of mine, his name is dana freed. Have you heard of dana freed, no I have not dana fried dennis reed and he was the nasty gal, yes, ok google was the guy that teamed up with the nasty gal company when they weren’t in a great spot, and it was the interim ceo and he took the company i, also tommy, john, underwear, tommy, john, obviously underwear company in 04 for dudes. He basically introduced that in the retail world and we get off I will give you his cell phone number. Thank you and I honestly think that you just connecting with dane afraid, would probably just cuz. He looks for people that are proven and if he can get you where you want to go so I will give you that we get off here. I will make sure I give you his cell phone number. Thank you. That’s amazing, yeah I know I’m just telling you he he would if you had those and talk to people and really feel your community you’ll find those resources. Skin pigment I have in business coaching connection so I will give. You can freeze information on the path to success that you feel like slowed you down where you think about it objectively and you say gosh, you know what, if I wouldn’t have done that I probably would have got there.

Faster. Women regret, but you say you know if I wouldn’t have partnered with that person or done that deal, I probably would have got there faster I wish yeah there’s a certain person that I would have gotten there faster, definitely be partnering with, but I had my integrity and I didn’t falter with that. So I wanted to make sure that I didn’t know on my own. You know sometimes teaming up with people, don’t always mean the best thing for you so but I’m glad I did it because it shows itself, you know, approved I still, I still persevered and what I was doing. Yeah I think that’s about it. I didn’t say I’ll say:maybe not not have enough time to build a solid team because I’m too busy and I lashing out throughout the whole day, I was 12 times a day and I also have time sometime to do the other part of my business, so I’m now dedicating more time to other part of my business as well. Pandora’s is there starting off, and that is how much time to work on the business first in the business and finding that time and scheduling themselves to do that, and so you, your would you say, I know you were five years in new, york and I’m, not sure how many now on la how many years ago did you start your business? Oh my gosh I said my business back in 98 or 20 years and sit down with that 20 or younger lady that you give her business coaching advice. What would you say to her? How do I say to her ebay? Do it now do what now do it now do everything now I wouldn’t have perfected the art, so long I would have had done it then so that meaning 20 years ago, now. You looked at you now and says.

What are you talking about? Do what now specifically said you would say top two or three things to do now would just be that go faster, don’t worry about the technique, don’t I mean i, don’t know what will any oxnard who’s listening or who I would speak to now they have a vision. Do it right now, don’t ponder don’t think about it. Just do it. Nike came out with that. You know just do it I love that, because it’s so powerful and that’s an entreprenuer, that’s our battle cry just do it just do it now, if you were, if you were talking about people who talk about doing it and I think we’re afraid that we have something to lose alright tribe nation, we return the on phillips is going to be breaking it down like fractions talking about how to turn your passion into an actual, profitable business. How to get off of the status of a lunch and become an entrepreneur, but before she tells us more about her entrepreneurial career, and now you can start your own entrepreneur. Career I would encourage you to check out our good friends at will. – khan.Com will – khan.Com if you’re looking to add on to your building to build a new commercial building to expand your shopping center. You have to check out. Will dash khan.Com today get ready to enter the prime time show books on the books? You can see my wife and kids. Please tell them that it’s cnc up on your way to open now 3-2-1. Here we go all thrive nation welcome back to the flat time show on your radio and I am so excited to tell you about the man who sang the intro for our radio show the business coaching interview just heard right there. His name is colton dixon and if you’re not familiar with colton dixon he’s a contemporary christian top 40 music star. Who is now going to be putting together a new album soon, and you want to check out his music. It’s going to be phenomenal and whether you’re a christian or not I promise you’re going to love his new stuff he’s so good. So good he’s the one singing the hooks sing:the intro for us, big shout-out to colton dixon check out his website. It’s colton dixon. Com. She is the pioneer of the eyelash extension industry, hollywood a-list actors actresses in paris, hilton naomi, lindsay, lohan, renee, zellweger, victoria, beckham, ray, j, blige, toni braxton, it’s serena, williams, it’s unbelievable I mean she has the who’s who for clients to darkness sharon stone in the past.

What her name is dion phillips, but your name is:what’s your name? I want the world to know your name as result of you. Listening to this show I want i, want your business to break out of the clutter i. Want you to move beyond just surviving, but you can’t move beyond surviving. If you don’t take the first step, if you don’t take action, and so during this segment, john phillips’s break it down towards how to move beyond, be being a one chore for anywhere and becoming an actual entrepreneur. Moving from being becoming a nintendo to somebody actually is a is it is it to her? You know, moving from being a pretender and in tender, I want to actually turning your dreams into reality. I. Do my exclusive interview with deion, phillips, yeah I thought the 20 years younger. You looked at you now and says:what are you talking about? Do what now specifically tell me what to do? Cuz, your top two or three things to do now, would just be that go faster, don’t worry about the business coaching technique, don’t I mean i, don’t know what we’ll do I would speak to you now they have a vision. Do it right now, don’t ponder don’t think about it. Just do it came out with that. You know just do it i, love that, because it’s so powerful and that’s an entreprenuer, that’s our battle cry! Just do it just do it now, if you were, if you were talking about it and i, think we’re afraid that we have something to lose and I and ii would just say you know when my dad passed away of als. So many people said hey your dad was a good guy when he died.

How has it changed what you do now? You know it cuz eat my dad died about 2 years ago. The day are show went, live on, primetime, september 5th is a 2 years back on that’s the day my dad died. My dad said he would not die until our show went life that wasn’t promised him a text and I will. What time will the show go, live I said 9-5, my dad literally died the day or show in life. It was a big one. He just your prime time on radio that 12 noon to 12 to 2 spot. He just told me that I was with my dad. He literally died on 950 s and people say what would you do differently and I honestly? Nothing because, like I’ve been so intentional with my schedule here, probably the last 15 years that I don’t live with regret, but for a long time before that it was like I always thought. Maybe tomorrow would be a better day. Probably now is not the right time until I think you’re, uniquely qualified to answer this question with your business and in making business decisions you’re a lot of people say well. How do you use your gut? You know, like you know, do you listen to your gut in my case I’m a little bit like I’m, just being really I’m a little bit, eminem, like! That’s my feeling is not good, but it’s like I’m a little bit like my gut with my gut tells me, would put me in jail, so I listen to a lot of td jakes, and so, whatever my gut says, I’m like what the business coaching bible I’d better go. Listen to I want to do 24-hour I on my wife notice. If I want to do something out, I literally make myself wait. 24 hours before I take action because after I listen to td jakes on like that was terrible.

Let me ask you means your gut. Do you listen to your gut, or do you have constantly talked to me about it? I think it’s god speaking is god is guiding me so I make sure that I listen to it. If something doesn’t feel right, authentically I’m not going to do it or do it I’m a christian I’m, a I’m, a hardcore christian were you raised in a christian family I was raised, christian family baptist at the time I did growing, up I didn’t know what I believed in because it was so. You know pounds on my head. Growing up. Everybody at the family have to go to church right now. I’ve got older and had my own experiences. I knew that god was telling me give me fine and they were obvious and I really can’t explain it. Other people, but I can experience it and just you know believe it for myself to listen to td jakes. Did you listen? Listen to td jakes. Do you like to do jake’s as a pastor church of my church, bishop noel jones, which is grace jones brother i, love his word and how he delivers it in and how it feeds my soul, so I’m a little biased to anybody else, but I do listen to td jakes I love! You know his message, bishop know:i, just I love the youtube or I’ll find them online. Can you get big and big and big shout out there? Can you get ds spell his name out there for a l, jones j as injectable actor in nancy edward f jones? If you are a christian, this is one thing that the bible talks about it and I’ll go there with you, so you can you can you? Can you can repeat that one thing this is this:isn’t this is so you’re supposed to teach your kids, the bible so that they don’t depart from the word? Alright thrive nation, free money now just tuning in before we go to the break. I want to make sure you catch this plug here for a good friend of mine, a great tulsa business owner, and that is rc auto specialists.

So you driving a ford automobile. Do you need any repairs for that door? Automobile, maybe have a transmission issue and we got some heating and air systems issues. You need, like a fleet vehicle, get to maintain a battery issue, a suspension and alignment issue. Maybe you just can’t freaking get your window to roll down your window stuck up or down I’m telling you you can’t live like that. You have to. If you have to hire. You can’t live like that. You got to hire the best ford automotive repair shop in tulsa, with 80 years of combined experience with rc auto specialists. Comets rc auto specialists., for the best ford automotive repair company on the planet. You know, I would say that the rc auto specialist is very business coaching competitive. Number one ford automotive repair shop, it’s rc, auto specialists. Com check it out today and now broadcasting live from the box that rocks it’s. The drivetime business coach radio show click on the microphone joker. The show mlb always teach you how to make mom and aunt today should we have 2 on phillips, come from serena williams japanese fans welcome to the bathroom it’s time to turn your day around if you’re feeling sad, alright, tribe, nation. Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio. My name is chloe clark on the former ussv, a entrepreneur of the year since you’re on a mission to get you into a great business coaching financial position and on today’s show we have a a celebrity. We have dion phillips on the show she is the pioneer, the eyelash extension industry to hollywood’s a list of her clients include paris hilton, lindsay lohan and naomi campbell victoria beckham mary j blige renee zellweger of zellweger zellweger zellweger, serena williams. What I mean she is a big deal and she’s here on the show today telling us how she went from a $65 bank balance living in an apartment in manhattan to becoming the a-list eyelash extension expert of choice for hollywood’s experts for hollywood’s gurus for the hollywood a-list.

Whenever these guys going to be on magazine covers or be featured on something they call her to make sure that their eyelashes are looking incredible check her out at dee lashes.Com with any further to our exclusive interview with deion phillips picture of the movie credit choosing she was in he, got, game I was going to ask her about that. So please don’t eat the daisies in it that your stuntwoman did you write that movie was or were you like a time I was I was you know, in my mildly, acting supplement days, the casting director spike lee, wants to meet you and I’m. Like so I know he wants to meet you and then it was actually his gates when they’re shooting this movie and he walked down the line with all the talent and he picked out people to say certain things in the movie and I was one of them. That’s how I got chosen for my as my first sight? Actually, yes, I do about spirituality is like I love. You jesus, I love, you I love! You I love you so much jesus. Yes, that’s what a dyson! Well there. We go what an eye stye in perfect. My first movie part you were you, were you are a a a wealth of business coaching knowledge and I think you talked about it earlier earlier, but I want to make sure that did they give you an opportunity to recommend one block out there. They say aldi on phillips I’m, going to I’m going to check on a product line, I’m, probably just going to I’m, going to hire her right now. I know:she’s got a eight week waiting list, 9-week waiting list phone I’m going to just see john sold.

What’s what’s the book that you recommend right now? Is there a specific book that you recommend I mean that did the robbins book right now, i, love, austin or magazine us magazine, because there’s so much data and so much information like this current. That’s in the magazine now that you actually can ask you know, act on right now, so I love that for us to north i, always tell entrepreneurs I’m speaking to them. You no pick up that magazine. I read on the treadmill literally and i, make phone calls from treadmill from all the resources in their fight. For me, information I didn’t know about I love. Those two magazines like I keep a subscription of those two magazines. All the time, if you were a hundred percent, confident magazine, unique magazine that your business would not fail like this idea, wouldn’t feel here’s an idea. I would love to do. If I was a hundred percent, confident and wouldn’t fail. You have an idea, you kind of been simmering on, or you thought I would do that. If I tell you what, if the stars like I asked you to give him give away or your idea to listeners out there but I mean do you have some dreams and visions that have not yet been realized that you would be on your side? If you do, they wouldn’t fail. Yes, I do I have i, have amazing products and I have an amazing idea that I would do if I knew it would not fail and actually I’m executing it on on it. So I’m fired up to give you dana’s number. Also one of my former clients, her name, is lori montague and I’d courage to write that down for business coaching companies called beautiful, brands and long story short. If you’re here for you, if you were the same knee bands that there’s any bands in the slap watch, you have like a rubber band. You’d wear in the shaped like a pirate ship, yeah yeah, the lady that I created all that her name is lori.

Montague and I will also give you her number. When we get off she sold over 60 million dollars of slap, watches and zany bands. I love that somebody give you both their cell phone numbers. So you can you can? Hopefully you get a couple of good deals there. An intense I got a couple questions here for you. What is one skill that if you had that skill you’re confident you would double your business if I could, if I could sing like toni braxton? Oh, my gosh I would I’m just telling you see I’ve been able to do well with very minimum pigment, a very minimum skill, but if i, if i, if I had i, could sing like toni, braxton or or brandy a different level, but would you say if I had my business microblading microblading is extra little micro, 3d type hair that are etched in the eyebrows. I will double my business that way so right, currently I’m, actually going back to school, to learn more on my plate, and yes, so I decided to do that, which is my my weight of my business coaching, my business yeah. Well, so microblading, that’s one thing:you’re learning right now, yeah! It’s it’s a really amazing town right now that a lot of people are actually doing something for doing it. Actually wrong is a lot of instagram brows out there right now that chewing and I had to request from my client, so I listen to my clients what they want and if I had that extra skill I can double my business. You know in rollers out there if you want to learn how not to do your brows. Just google, clay, clark and you’ll see my cranium my face and then you’ll realize without the e on tell.

If that’s what could happen to you or forbes or ink or entrepreneur magazine work, to do a big feature on you and I’m, not saying this in a weird way down the road you 70 years down the road, you have moved on to be with our creator right, so you’re up there with with jesus europe hanging out with the father, the son, the holy ghost things are good, your husband’s with you you’re enjoying eternal paradise, and you are out there just you know you’re kind of joint up there we mean, while we’re stuck here on the planet, earth reading a feature piece that appeared in entrepreneur magazine, ink magazine, wall, street, journal, explaining your life and and a story about you. What would you want that story? Alright, tribe nation, as always, if you’re looking for a transcript of today show or the show notes, go to thrive time. Show.Com, it’s right, I’m, sure., com and all the transcriptions are provided by end end quote. one business coaching transcription service on the planet, 3 2, 1 boom. You are now entering the dojo of mojo and the thrive time show show on the microphone east stop in the category of business, which market motion sickness and pad to the map. 321 all right trap, nation. Welcome back to the swipe time show on your radio, your daily audio dojo of mojo photo show and on today show. We have a bona fide celebrity on today’s program. She is the the pioneer of the eyelash extension industry to hollywood a-list people. So when paris hilton is on the cover of a magazine when naomi campbell’s in the cover of a magazine when victoria beckham is on the cover of a magazine when mary j blige is on the cover of a magazine, braxton is on the cover.

Hotel do celebrities that I’ll reach out to one source, it’s d, lashes.Com dealdash.Com, and to their personal eyelash. Guru dion phillips and took any further ado our exclusive interview with deion phillips. How did she go from a $65 net worth and an apartment in manhattan to becoming the eyelash extension expert for hollywood a-list celebrities. Stay tuned is the wall street, journal or forbes, or ink or entrepreneur magazine where to do a big feature on you and I’m, not saying this in a weird way down the road you 70 years down the road, you have moved on to be with our creator right, so you’re up there with with jesus you’re, not there hanging out with the father the son, the holy ghost things are good, your husband with you you’re enjoying eternal paradise, and you are out there just you know you’re kind of joint up there we mean, while we’re stuck here on the planet, earth reading a feature piece that appeared in entrepreneur magazine, ink magazine, wall, street, journal, explaining your life and and a story about you. What would you want that story to say that I built and was authority in eyelashes in the eyelash industry of four billion dollar industry I had I was a part of that industry that I’m leaving a legacy for up-and-coming entrepreneurs in the world? I. Guess that’s a no on that. Do you have any dirty kids? Do the kids I don’t have any kids but I find are turning. My business coaching client says motherhood, kid you can come to tulsa oklahoma. Have you ever been to tulsa before never right, there’s no reason for that. One is it’s not that you were that we have the world every 2 months with people from all over the world come to an end. I would love it if you’d be, our guest one of these times and if you do come, I have five. Kids are great kids and you could you could rent a kid. You can borrow a kid you could you can hang out with the kids, we have 5 kids, you know so, but you just let you be your clients as your kids. That is that what you’re saying yes, i, do I run I run a kid.

I used the movies every monday. This is my life massage throughout the week. So I can go on to the work work week, lashing out and i. Take my clients, kids on my friends, get to the movies with me or i, rent, a kid or I hope. The baby shower and I find they’re tearing that it was difficult for me and my husband to have kids because of my health issues with white, which is why I work out so I do rent kids by the way and I’m on tv on. So my kids would love hanging out with you I’m telling you they would fit. Anybody would charge that much to rent a month. She’s probably really good deal on that. One black and one white twin melon we had twins, are last kids were twins in my wife made me get a business coaching vasectomy and I was like now i, don’t I will buy my kids and and my wife was adamant that I have a vasectomy, but if not I probably had 7 kids, 10, kids, 11 kids I mean a lot of kids having kids I know now. I didn’t want to just to have so many guests on the show and I can do you. Do a dui has great energy energy, yeah we’d love to have you on the podcast again and I’m, not just saying that I will circle back to you, because it is fun to have you on here.

You’re, great energy and grabbing me. The final word here we have hundreds of thousands of people all over the world that listen to this podcast faithfully. They take notes and they’re going okay. What do I need to do as a result of what I just learned? So if you can give your best coaching advice, advice for all the entrepreneurs out there. What is the one action step that all of our listeners should take as a result of listening to today’s interview with you it take by listening to me? I would say never one. Do it right now, whatever vision you have to do it right now, don’t listen to anyone about not doing something, or it sounds crazy. Do it anyway, they thought my eyelashes was crazy. They laughed at me. I do anyway, and I will also say know your numbers know your numbers is number one. I love people just you know, even though you’re just doing it also know the process of doing it and know your number to building your brand. That’s great advice. You could be one of our business coaches for sure for sure for sure, but yeah, there’s so much to say to all that this base is the process of people are not enjoying the business coaching process right now of a business. They just want to get to the results and I think the success is in the process. So we just have to remember that I was going to earth in the show me where we say 3-2-1 so john’s going to join with us down. Here we go try to make sure we are still here what I thought you ended it with a boob know where we’re still here, because that was an interview at record earlier and so I have a few housekeeping notes. I want to clarify for anybody out there listening. If you want to start a business, if you want to do what dion did were you start a company for $65 give $65 in your pocket and you want to grow a company from nothing from the seed of the idea into something big and powerful. You can absolutely do what dion did and that’s why I want to give you some resources and some ways we can help.

You hear want to read more about dion’s story. You can check out a d lashes.Com that’s, d lashes.Com, and if you want to book your attendance at our next in person, drive time show workshop. You can buy your tickets to drivetime show.Com, but she is kind of a capstone thought, hear ya, I wrap it up today. Show wasn’t it just a pleasure to have dion on the show is cheapest of wealth of knowledge of energy. I absolutely was, and you know you love celebrating victories in this country and i. We we love to find people like that she’s going to start 20 years ago had a vision, kind of accidentally. It’s so many entrepreneurs are like I looked up and realized I got a business business. This could be an exciting thing for somebody out there. If you are thinking to yourself, you’ve ever wanted to start a business. I promise you that you have what it takes. I was awesome and I’m just cheering for her to go that next level. You know anybody out there who would say dion. She was a great person have on the show, but she works with victoria beckham make shirts with with naomi campbell paris hilton. She works at all these big people. I don’t have what it takes. I can’t work with mary j blige and who am i? Could you record somebody out there and it cuz i, see you? Do it all the time with your mentoring, young people up their middle age, people older people who sings don’t think I have what it takes famous, it’s just a regular person famous, it’s just a regular person. You know you and you meet them. When you meet a big superstar more times, not there just regular business coaching people living regular limes. Did you just say that famous people are just people they’re, just people and I tell you what it if you bring excellence and problem solving, make and deliver something that they’re looking for you know what you can make money and making money is a hallmark of a healthy business. It’s yes, that’s what I’m saying is the thrive nation, where all about you have the little seed inside you see.

Forbes says 67% of you out there listening right now have a business inside of you. You want to birth, a business, so we are the manure and water and fertilizer to help. You grow that, when will be right back up today, show I would encourage you to check out d lashes.Com, learn about more and more about our incredible guess today:deon phillips phillips, thank you for being on the show. Great job was an honor to have you in nz, we kind of ended earlier with like a free boom boom. We really need to end with a real boom.


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