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During this business podcasts series, business coach Clay Clark is going over the 6 steps to success that you need to implement in your business. This come from the best-selling author Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich.

I know many people were just now tuning into might be saying to yourself. This business coach show will this show is business school without the BS, it’s business school without the BS or somebody you go to college and you study with the with the most sincere of of goals and sincere of intentions. You want to study business, you know so. You study business management because you want to learn how to manage people. That was me what happened to the school you used to go to school by the Oklahoma State University success today. Yes, these six-step success 4 minutes at six steps to success formula that Napoleon Hill writes about in his classic book. Think and Grow Rich on page 42. Explain what you learned about business in all sincerity, what you learned about business while attending Oklahoma State University’s? Let’S go with your number one you’re number one! What kind of business coach things that you learn their Oklahoma State on your first year as a freshman campus at OSU? In Stillwater water – and I think I had like comp 1 some type of math class – I took intro to Racquetball and Tennis, so basically in multiple Dragon, Ball, Z, level, Racquetball and Tennis. So literally my first year, nothing probably just a setup, it’s probably couldn’t meet or we could make those relationships anywhere else.

So you probably at the time. That’s definitely what you think. You probably need your life long relationships, because you know now in the workforce you never meet new people and ever and ever funny thing is met a lot of people in college. In the only friends I still have are the ones I grew up with, and I’m so friendly with people from college does not like. We keep in touch so you’re telling me you didn’t, beat the you needn’t, have the time of your life and meet the people that you’ll never did. You have the Fondest Memories on people, but I already was dating my wife back then so I moved back home afterwards and yeah. So are you saying you have to be single and promiscuous to enjoy the exactly? What I want me to spoil. I take a sip of DayQuil or sophomore year of Oklahoma State University. What did you learn about business and so actually sophomore year? I clay, don’t chug the whole bottle, my goodness no sophomore year, I’d actually change schools. I got asked to come play soccer to Junior College, and so I went up there and it was the same thing there was no. I think I had an business coach or accounting class software. If I remember right, that was maybe that wasn’t the only business-related class was it like. A counting intro to accounting, or something like that, so you really got serious. You have to take one class in two years that were the relates to business, third-year, Oklahoma, State and back to you, went back to Stillwater yep kind of a nomad, so went back to Stillwater. That’s when I started getting into. I have a double major in marketing and management Junior and Senior year. Third and fourth year.

That’s when I started getting into the actual quote about business coach classes, marketing management, racquetball State University – to study – I don’t remember exactly the classes I took junior year, but I do know that none of it was practical like it was. All theory was SWOT analysis. Was this? Just kind of intro to a typical business stuff and the interesting thing was so like I said I was a nomad. So between Junior and Senior year I moved back to tulsa finished at OSU Tulsa and I had a great time. I grew a lot as a person like my college. Experience was awesome. I just didn’t, learn any real practical knowledge that would help me grow or run a business, and I think I’ll share the story with you before so not to call anybody out. But I had some senior-level management classes and the teacher pulled me aside one day after class, because I can asking questions cuz, my parents are in a business, my whole life. My grandfather had a restaurant, my aunt and uncle had a cleaning service, and so, like everybody around me, was running businesses and I’m asking her about. You know: how do you make payroll if your clients don’t pay on time and you got a big payroll Bill? Do you know on business coach Friday, and just things like that, and then she told me after class like why are you calling me out in front of everybody and I’m like? What do you mean you’re, the professor, all the question answer like I don’t understand and she was really upset and I said well what have you done? What like what issues 25, maybe 26 years old, turns out. She had never had a job outside of being a teacher on a college campus. She grew up going to this High School didn’t work there. I should never had a job and she’s teaching people about entrepreneurship management, all the stuff for them or she’s, not, but no one who choose in her Fellowship bro she’s, getting her syllabus from has either right. What happens is that business coach college doesn’t teach you how to run a business it doesn’t it all it like these steps were going through, and how easy would that event to have a class over these six steps right there actual that things you can actually do. That will better your life. Well, I want to give you an Albert Einstein, quote on what you feel better and all the listeners feel better. I need to feel better after one has forgotten everything he learned in school.

So what the point is, I forgotten everything is taught in school as relate to relate to business coach, is typically just a racket right. It’s typically not something that or racquetball in your case. Racquetball does not something that helps you at all advance in your business career, Hill’s, six-step system, to achieve success. He says the number one fixing your mind, exact amount of money, you desire. That’S so important! You do that. Okay, you have to know the annual gold. You want to make of Revenue wise in their weekly goal, no step to you wanted term exactly what you intend to give in return for the money you desire, so everybody at College. If I could have my own College course and break it down, I would say you all now have to have a skill. You’Ll have to have something that you can do a problem that you can solve for the world in exchange for the money you see, I don’t care, what do you sell refrigerators or you make refrigerators? I don’t care whether you sell welding or you are a welder. I don’t care: where do you sell baseball lessons or you play baseball? I don’t care whether you are a dentist where’s, the person who works at the dentist selling the services. I don’t care what it is that you do. I just need you to do something. I don’t need you to graduate from college with a general understanding about how business works. I need every single person in this class to have a skill I’m going to provide in her next class a list of skills and everybody. Henceforth, we cannot talk about business and tell you have a skill right, so you undo coating Plumbing, photography, videoography haircuts.

I don’t care, but I auto auctions. Mechanic said how to be a banker, but everybody at our next class tomorrow’s class. We must choose a skill and then, if you guys don’t choose a skill, we will not have any more classes so class one. We wanted to go to make class 2. Now I’m riding down the road to make it fair for you guys in my college course. I’M riding down next to the skill, how much money you can make per skip that write it down next to be a doctor. This is how much you can make going to be. A dentist is how much money you can make it out Tom a tryst. This is how much money you can make you want to be a welder. This is how much money you can make. You want to be and I’ll come out, and then I would say that would be the end of our classes tomorrow. You guys can choose your skill cuz, you can’t pay the bills. If you don’t have any skills, you can’t pay the bills. If you don’t have any skills, you have to know what you can pay the bills with some skills, then you can start to delay. Gratification. Save money and build a business which scale of Lee offers those skills to the universe. Can we break down what you just said? Real, quick? You can’t pay the bills, you don’t have any skills me to show me. People have to have a general understanding of business coach, but they can’t do anything. That’s true and I was meaning, like the delay gratification. I think there’s some people out there that need to hear this, because one thing that I’ve really learned. I was fortunate. My parents were pretty good at this running a business bootstrapping, a commercial construction business.

We talked about this all the time. That’S a tough industry to bootstrap a business and because you have gravity boots crazy payment terms, but if you cannot understand the concept of don’t buy this yet okay, yes, I want whatever this is, but don’t buy it yet you’re going to be in trouble if you’re Trying to grow a business because at some point you have to have a war chest. You have to have a pile of money. That’S going to get you through a tough time! If you don’t delay those got. What I see all the time with people that get into money a little bit their business start to be a little successful they’re, getting some big checks in for their first time. It is super exciting. It’S awesome! You got a big check in the bank if you want to go out and buy something. Contractors is where I see at the most. I need a new truck. I need a new all this stuff and no you don’t you don’t you got this job done without all that get a few more jobs done and save that money contractors all time, because the contractor will receive a large amount of payment for one particular job, but That money wasn’t profit for you to spend that money was used, for it was supposed to be used for supplies right needed to be able to do the job for materials needed to be to did to do the job, and so I see a lot of business coach people or clients that come into a little bit of money as a contractor and they’re not good at knowing what jobs still owe them, what jobs have paid in full and they end up taking their cash on hand and spending it which we call Cash Flow management, will have some Future shows on that way that you learn to delay gratification now mood ever for of Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich on page 42. His success formula. He States you want to create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once whether you are ready or not to put this plan into action, and I just think a lot of people don’t have a plan. It’s it’s. They they have a big girl which it’s so important.

You have a goal number one that you determine how much money you desire and it’s important move number to the you determine exactly what you intend to give in exchange for the money and third, it’s important. You determine a date, but for if you got to have a definite plan, that’s really what we do for business up right, I mean that’s what we do. So we have a business owner trucks. You can explain, have a 13-point assessment at work said yesterday you had a group of people who want me to their industry, but they came in from Oklahoma City and you sat down with him and do a 13-point assessment. Yes, we did, and then I went over their goals and he got explain with a 13-point assessment covers kind of generally speaking Yeah and then what what the next steps are in the whole point of the assessment is to. Let us know, as business coach is where you are in these areas in your business in the cool thing, is almost everyone I do with a prospective client. They kind of sit back and go there’s a few of these areas. I never really thought about it. Kind of opens up some new doors for ideas for them, but basically what we do is we sit down and we immediately start going over. Where are you for this one year Revenue go. What’S your current Revenue? Let’S see how many deals do you need to break even what’s your average price per deal, we just break the stuff out real soon and then you’ll get into it. You know they would the reason, let’s, let’s focus on your Big Y. What goal? Why do you want to do this? Why do you want to go through the heck that can be starting and growing a business?

You know what I mean, and then we get into it. You know rating their existing marketing and branding and their sales conversion systems and they’re hiring and their management skills, and so we really just kind of put it all to paper. We get all of the things that they have going on their business, put it on paper. So we can really evaluate where they’re at and create a plan to get them to where they want to go and see what happens after you do the assessment, then that gets to me right and I may make a business plan for each and every Thrive. Client, a specific, detailed, step-by-step. This is what we need to do. This is the path. Does The Proven path that you need to take to move from where you are to where you want to be in a girl stuck, I would encourage you to go to thrive time, show. Com today, let’s Thrive time, show. Com today, not encourage you to book your Tickets for our next in person today Workshop it’s 2 days. Long, it’s 15 hours of power will teach you everything that you need to know to start and grow a successful business. Get the tickets today at Thrive time, show. not ready to enter the Thrive time show. Is the kids show on the radio? Yes, it is all about you that we bring the play broadcast of the box of the welcome back to the radio up on DayQuil today, and we are super excited to be talking to you about the six-step success formula outlined in Napoleon, Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich and I’m with Eric Chubb one of our business coach today and Eric I want to break down step, for which is create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once with that you are ready or not to put this plan into action.

Oh yes, I want you to think about the good Folks at Keystone, Harbor yeah, and we only work with one of each industry in each City. So it’s where I can be working with, like 17 Harbors in the same city, of the same way to make right, because what we do is our clients tend to dominate their Network. But no one else has like a secret ingredient. It would be like having being at the star running back on two teams. It just doesn’t work, that’s weird, so you want to make sure that you understand that that’s our business coach program works in any extended. There are exceptions where clients we work with say. Listen. I’M capped out. I really can’t do any more business than what I’m already doing, and so I don’t mind if you work with a competitor to my natural hair. Certain need own. It’S right where the client is so Broad in the services. They offer that really you couldn’t lock down a whole industry like that. We do everything so yeah for Keystone way to break down. What have we done for the Keystone Hardware? Guys, we’ve, you think of you. Just got to go a linear from from left to right through my first of The Branding and marketing, and then the sale going to walk us through some of the things you be able to work with those guys on cuz, they’re, diligent doers rate, guys. It’S been a pleasure and honor to serve those guys, their listeners, their members of the Thrive nation, and I think it be awesome for all the folks at home. Just to know you know what we’ve been able to help those guys accomplish as we’re teaching Napoleon Hill’s six-step success. Formula Tech, when they first came in the main problem they had was that they had built this basically brand-new Marina on Keystone Lake yeah and two things they had a. They had open slips that they needed to appeal that people Park their boats in and they’ve, got Boat, Lifts and them and stuff that they needed to fill up, and they had a rental boat and jet-ski Fleet that they had not.

They just got him didn’t know how to Market, and they didn’t know how to cover the money they can make a bit. I can acquire writing so I can talk about the steps here step one. They determine how much money they wanted to make. I’M sure they have their that they. That was a good thing about working with them. There, an established business they’ve already created the same business coach model on another Lake and sold it, so they were working off of a plan day. They knew what they needed to give Step2. They knew exactly what they needed to give into to make this happen right. They were going to give in exchange for the money they wanted. You they were going to give away, they knew they were going to rent out jet skis and boats lips, and they knew the value they were going to add exchange the money they wanted, never have to pay money to build the marina in the first place. So I need to they had to have that investment then step 3. They have goals and dates for when you know they just hit a goal. Last year and now they’re expanding the marina they also they hit it now they’re going to add more slips out there and then I’ll wait. I help them create their plan, because the problem was hey. We got all this new stuff. We got this awesome new facility. We’Ve got all these new boats to rent out, but there is a bad taste in the mouth of people for Keystone Lake people. Think it’s like a dirty Lake people think it’s not very good, because half of the lake is fed by some really muddy rivers. So it’s all brown, but the other have the lake is actually really pretty you’ve been out there if it’s a really nice Lake, and so we needed to come up with new branding when they had a nice logo.

They had a good look, though we had to get the message out there of what the places. So, if you go to Keystone, you look and see on there and Anna. Are you sure that a going to look it up and it says new, clean clothes like that’s just that right across the header of the of the website, so we help them come up with that cuz. We just wanted us extinct, just easy to remember type tagline for people to know about so we went through and read their website followed all of Googles, canonical rules made sure that everything was built so that now they’re top four terms like Oklahoma, marinas, Fort just different Stuff like that, and then the main thing we did after wrapping up all the Brandon was over as we had to get him the top of Google right. So we got him there. Ok, Google Map as well The business coach Branding type make it was sure it looks really sharp exactly come with the tab taglines in The Branding, and then we had to shoot a video on their website right. So you could see what their site you know you could see. You could experience the like first-hand photography. We did The Branding we did. I think we helped him with someone sheets, I mean so there’s a lot of branding that have a lot of branding that happened. Okay and then we had to expand that branding into now advertise.

We had to create an advertising campaign, and so we came up with three really good deals for there. Any of one for the jet skis one for their new boats at the pontoon boats. They had one for they have a slide boat. It’S a big party type both has two slides off the back for kids parties. It’S just a super fun thing. Nobody around really has that so that’s kind of their purple calla have this event boat, that people can run out and get 20 people on and go and have fun. So we had to create some deals to get out in front of people and advertise with to let people know hey we’re here, we’re here and wants the people came out. They got the golden look, they wow them, because the place really is clean and new and beautiful people love to come back. I want to. I want to brag on those guys. I don’t want to brag on the time in which we live because we’re in a time right now where digital advertising is now a thing. It’S not a theory. I mean you can actually advertise on Facebook where you can go after and reach your ideal unlikely buyers. So specifically, example with with Keystone, how many leads could we generate per week roughly for those guys that might have gotten peak season? I want to correctly. It was like around 8 a week. 80 leads a week. How much money did it cost there spending like 40 or 50 bucks a week and you can generate 50 L? I acted that was for 3 campaign, so it was like a hundred, maybe around a hundred thirty. It was for about 50 J connection. I mean you had to buy a yellow page ad, which was like several thousand dollars and you by the way you couldn’t just pause it one week, if you were., Azan 3D printed, the phone book printing for you get rid of all the phone books. Did the cost of printing them to be exorbitant? The ,000 note on Facebook are only shown to the people, who are the ideal unlikely wires. You can make sure that the people going to Lucy the ads in Google are the people who are searching for boat rentals. In Oklahoma, it sounds like a pretty ideal unlikely buyer if somebody is on Google searching for a boat rental in Oklahoma, they’re, probably looking to rent and when things are things that we can help.

You turn business coach turnkey solution for digital marketing. Right here, on the drive time show today in person Thrive time show Workshop today, bicycle going to thrive time, show. Com and purchasing two tickets, they’re just a piece and we’re on Pace to be sold out. So I can courage you to book your tickets. Today, stages of DriveTime show 1170. Yes, it is all about you did we bring the weed? Let me show you what the alright, how many people listen to the Shell right now you have experience that cold weather shake up when the weather gets cold. All of a sudden you wake up going you’re shaking my core temperature in your shake. Your core temperature is down. I mean have you doing today when you were driving to work and you have been driving to work all the bite. Last week I mean, if you have any days in the last week or you thought my core temperature is down every morning of last week. Really last week was freezing after court and it was down. I was down running mid 80s, I mean, did you ask? Do you get where your core temperature gets down yeah I have it. I have a puffy coat that I wear that keeps me pretty where you feel you can’t get it up. Sometimes how do you get it up that big puffy coat works? I take a soak in the hot tub. Do the soap move to soak in the hot tub? I love that are the stevia, the sauna you overdose on. All I want to do something. I went over the Hub gym. There’S all this new science at Luke over there to help Jim he can. You can really Priest River Appliance in like 40, something calories in like a half hour, and that thing and it’s infrared infrared. I think you can cook meat that way to on an infrared grill, so just be careful, but. Nobody’s been cooked in there so far. First off the gym is real. He does real nobody for red grills. Is that a real thing yeah? They, like the Apparently cooking, like seven hundred degrees. You can really see her that top layer and keep them. You know the raw in the middle. Are you being serious, I’m so serious? I know nothing about this, so I feel like right now. What you’re doing is you’re business coach leading me, I’m a girl. I would never. I would never impugn the art of grilling by joking around play, I’m a I’m. A Grill Master II used to work at the grill steaks at Molly’s Lane. When I was 13 years old. I doubt it move number 5 you’re talking about the six-step success formula. Apparently Jeff Biggs move number 5 is to buy an infrared grill, but I xl I’ve never seen this before I’ve never seen a man die, I don’t go outside every site. I mean they’re real man and the thing is they: they don’t have like.

You can’t see the Flames. There’S like a tray underneath everything that spread the heat in my thought is like that’s going to be tough to clean. So that’s why I never bought one. If you open it up, it’s like a laser beam of your body and a half of a Skywalker comes out best move of the six-step success formula, write a clear, concise statement of the amount of money you intend to acquire name, the time limit for its acquisition State what you intend to give in return for the money and describe clearly the plan through which you intend to accumulated I’m right again right at a clear, concise statement of the amount of money you intend to acquire name, the time limit for its acquisition State. What you intend to give in return to the money and describe clearly the plan through which you intend to accumulated? Why is it so important in chop for somebody to ride out of clear, concise statement of the money they want to acquire and then to name the time to put a time limit on it and then to State what they intend to give in exchange for this And it clearly put all their play with it moved out of one piece of paper. Why is it so important to put it all on one sheet of paper? It’S important, so then you can review that thing all the time and it will keep you from drifting. There’S something about writing something down clearly and concisely, like he says here in the book that I really solidify something in your mind, it’s like this is a real thing now and you have something to tangible to look at and read to keep you from drifting. You know hey, this is what I’m doing this is when I’m doing in this is why I’m doing it, you don’t get that down clearly and concisely.

It’S just more of an abstract idea, so you got to go through all these steps before this and then go to take all that information that you’ve gathered and put it into one clear and concise statement to encourage the survivors. To think about this profound thought with me for just a second, I think this is something that a lot of people miss, and I want to make sure that you get it and take her to your buddy got to take the Gap in real, quick and write. This down, this is big in the digital world that we live in. Many people are losing their memories and their dreams. So it’s happening. Is you take a photo of your kid, but you never sync it to your cloud or your computer and you you can’t find the photos anymore. You took the photo, but you can’t find it. We don’t know where they are and it to me and you say, casual wear that photo go.

You want to find it and you could kind of looked for it, but you just you just say I don’t know where it is, and I see a lot of business owners that have these business ideas they got you want me to do. Is I’m going to on a daily basis, do step one two and three and you thought about it intensely I mean you actually have taken the time to think about your plan and you, if you really really put the effort into it. I maybe you attended a workshop on some kind or you read a self-help book this year and you really thought about this year. I’M going to do step 1-2-3 everyday. If I just do Step 1. 2.


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