Nitty Gritty Search Engine Nerdery 101 – Ask Clay Anything

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Clay and the team answer search engine questions about Headers, metadata, readability score, backlink, and siloing.

  1. Headers and Metadata. How to know what information to fill out.
    1. EXAMPLE – 
    2. EXAMPLE – 
    3. Metadata – To view the metadata of any web page, right click on the page and click “view page source”  
  2. Readability score
    1. Getting your content up onto your page is step number one
    2. A score based on a computer saying how easy or difficult your page is to read. 
    3. Don’t get hung up on the score unless its rating really bad 
      1. Example: Poorly written content 
  3. Backlinks – Are they Important?
    1. How to get a backlink
      1. Get other websites that are related to your industry to link back to you
      2. Make sure the backlink includes the Anchor Text: Tulsa Home Security 
      3. Important areas to include in link
        1. Business Name: Witness Security LLC
        2. Business Address: 3132 S 108th E Ave Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146
        3. Business PHone Number: 918-289-0880
  4. What is Siloing? 
    1. Siloing a website means grouping related pages together, either structurally or through linking, to establish the site’s keyword-based themes
    2. 1,000 index pages

Chapter 2: Search Engine Optimization Checklist 

Other Approved reading for Search Engine Optimization: 

  1. Search Engine Optimization For Dummies
  2. Get Rich Click 
  3. How Google Works
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Audio Transcription


You have questions. America’s number one business coach has answers. It’s your brought up from Minnesota. Here’s another edition of ask clay. Anything on the thrive time business coach radio show

yes, yes, yes and yes. We record today’s show at four 40 in the morning and the question comes to us from a listener asking about headers and ma metadata and how to know what information to fill out and readability scores and backlinks and siloing and all this. It’s just, it’s, it’s a lot of a, a nitty-gritty nerd. Nerdery search engine nerdery and I think a lot of people who are listening to this are going, what are you even talking about? So let’s do this real quick. Let’s, let’s, let’s do this for the listeners. Let’s go off the assumption that everybody’s going to go to the best SEO Everybody just work your way over there. Here we go. We got to move the thumbs. Move the fingers. Type man. I got carpal tunnel. I don’t know if I can make it. Come on. You go on without me.

You know, come on. I didn’t know. Just go to the de best SEO I’ve got carpal title. Just go on without me. Leave me here. I can’t leave you here. Go to the best SEO it’s got get. You’re going to trick me. It’s no, it’s free. It’s free. It’s free. You get to download the book for free. Jon. When we say we can download the ebook for free, what do we mean by that? Um, so you can go to the best SEO and then download the ebook for free. But what’s the catch? There is no catch. That’s a mega point for you. So you can download the book for free. You open up y’all, you download the book, you go to page or go to chapter two, chapter two and in chapter two of the book we go through an exhaustive checklist of all the things that you need to know for your website to grow.

And it’s rank in order to rank higher on the Google search engine results. Now we have red search engine for dummies by Bruce Clay, which is a fine book search engine for dummies by Bruce Clay. In that book is Jonathan Kelly. How many pages is that book? Like 780 something pages. It’s a beautiful read. It’s like reading a manual to like a Ford Taurus. It’s a B. He ever read the newer [inaudible] the manual to afford tourists all the time. You read the manual to your Explorer. Do you have a manual in your Explorer right now it’s somewhere. Do you have it in the glove compartment? I doubt it. Seriously. Have you ever be read one of those before? No. Yes I have because I had to change the fuses on at once and I had no idea what I was did. Did you read the whole thing or did you just flip to the section that you need? I flipped until I found the section I needed. Yeah. Okay. Well I’ll tell you, this slipper only in exceptional reader would, would take the time needed to read the manual to the vehicle. Not only that, it’s somebody who has a lot of time too, and TD Jakes has something to say about about this. Your your decision not to read the mailable report Explorer.

Fuck, fuck, fuck Jesus. Who is exceptional is having a conversation with ordinary and exceptional and ordinary always have a conflict. Anytime exceptional people dwell in the midst of ordinary thinking people, there’s always going to be conflicts.

Conflict here, you need to get out and read that manual cover to cover because only an exceptional person would know every detail about the fine automobile they are driving around. Right? That, but that’s why I would take it to Roy because he specializes in forwards and he knows that. Mm, no, no. Yeah, to easy money. And then when you finish reading that, you get out that manual to your microwave and you read that thing and then when you’re done with that, you go and change the all the clocks in America that are currently reading 12 because someone look, figure it out. You change all those to the right time. It’s going to be an expensive Sunday. No seriously search engines, you could spend forever learning about them. Also, there’s a great book called get rich click by Mark [inaudible] and Jason, I want to put a link to all these on the show notes and the, the show is dated as 1110 nitty gritty search engine nerdery.

So again, we’ve got search engine for dummies by Bruce Clegg, a fine book. You should definitely own that book. I’d recommend you have that book. Um, then there is get rich click by Mark Ostrofsky. Then there is how Google works by Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google. That’s like the, the Holy grail. You want to have those three search engine books and I’ve read all these books and they’re not fun to read, but they’re ha, they’re kinda like, you need to know or you could read our book search engine domination, which is how many pages Jonathan Kelly, roughly. I mean it’s a, it’s a hard calendar. 300 103 hundred pages and it’s like a lot of pictures to Devin. Have you seen this book? Oh yeah, a lot of pictures. A lot of examples. It’s loaded with, I think over 50 examples are business coaching client case studies. I mean it’s, it’s like screenshots. It’s very easy. It’s written for people like me where I’m reading the book and I’m going,

there’s not any pictures in this bug. What’s going on? Jason, can you help man? And then Jason is what Jason says. Jason.

No I can’t. I’m, I’m reading [inaudible] sorry. There. You know, so it’s easier to read than the manual to a 2002 Ford Explorer.

Jason, I’m trying to let them know pictures in the bunk. So

our book is like the Berenstain bears, uh, of, of search engines. It’s like a, it’s like a dr Seuss of search engine books. It’s very easy to read and you open it up to chapter two. There’s a checklist there and I want to get into the specific questions our listener has. Let’s talk about headers and meta data. Jonathan Kelly, in our book we have all the rules all laid out there, but where do most people get it wrong as it relates to metadata and headers and what is he talking about? What is metadata and what are headers? So header is a just like, it’s the title. So think of it as a school paper, you know, you have to organize it. So it’s whatever’s the most important thing first. So your header would be like whatever the article or that page is aboutK then their content would be there.

And then the metadata where most people get it wrong is they just don’t fill it out. And so metadata is what Google sees and it’s like essentially a synopsis if you will, of that page. So it tells Google and it tells people that are Googling. If you ever see, like if you Google Tulsa men’s haircuts and you see, uh, the title up there and then there’s like one to two sentences that talk about that page. It’s what you can expect to find when you click into the page. Uh, Berge Najarian is the personal assistant and the kind of the DTD chief of staff for bill Belichick and the new England Patriots. He’s also the man who lets us know that bill Belicheck is unavailable for an interview. Uh, Jonathan Kelly, does he not tell us when he’s not available? He’s rejected us three times. Yes, we love Birch. We love [inaudible].

He’s our guy and we talked about him so much in fact, and we optimized for him so much that now if you Google search Berge Najarian right now, Birch Berge if you’re out there verse, we love ya. Bursch if you’re out there right now and you Google your own name, let’s do it. It’s a bit romantic moment. Google search, eBay, Google search, Berge B, E R, G, J, [inaudible] in a J a R I N and you will find me as number one or two in the world underneath the Boston globe as the number one source for all things related to Berge. Najarian. I bet you on our website, I’ve said in the GRE and I’ve mentioned version of jarring. I talked about birds. I bet you I’ve mentioned Berge over a thousand times and then maybe on the show I mention version of jargon a thousand times. Maybe I’ll say burden to dry.

Maybe I’ll use burstow Zarina’s way to in sentences. Maybe you’ll say, so Jason, how’s it going? Person jarring. It’s a question. Maybe I’ll use [inaudible] Yarin as a way to start sentences. I’ll say like, Devin, how’s it going person Sharon, you see what I’m doing right there and weaving it in. We had one Hershey, but you’re betting every Google search version of, and you’ll see an example of a properly optimized page. Another example would be let’s Google search a bill Bella checks. Number one, fan bill Bella checks. Number one pen. You gotta use the number sign. So the number number one fan bill, bill number one fan. And there I come up at the top of the search engine results. And Jonathan Kelly, why did we come up top? I mean why, why us? Why do we come up as bill Belichick’s number one fan. I mean obviously we are bill Belichick’s number one fan.

But why did we come up top? Well we have the most uh, relevant content about that particular subject. So think this particular page that’s pulling up there is you just professing your love for bill Belicheck and why all of the things he does are so great. And so Google views it as a source of wisdom on that particular topic. Or keyword America’s number one or a is bill Belichick’s number one fan and a this, this reminds me, you know, they say Persian Sharian, you know, they say Persian gene, you know, they say are in, that’s what they say Devin. That’s what they say. Okay. Now where do people get this wrong though? Because our car, our car, this, this client’s wanting to know about headers and meta data. Jason, do you have any other clarifications? Cause we have a client asking this question. I’ll make sure that we’re answering everything there is to know about this.

You’d want me any other questions about this? Well, so um, his initial question was just, he was blown away by the knowledge guys and Bruce Clay had on that interview you did with them. And there were just certain areas, these are basically words that he was unaware of but he realized were really important. So he’s kind of wanting to have a better understanding of. So I want everybody to go to the best SEO download the book. I can’t do what I have carpal tunnel. I’m driving, pull over your car, download the book. But a chapter two. There’s a checklist right there. And in there we have all the rules. Now Metta, it comes from the Greek word meaning above. It’s above and beyond what the average user sees. Devin, why, why in, why is it called metadata in your opinion? And then where can we find it?

I mean, how do, what do we need to click? If I want to see my metadata right now in any website page, so to, to view the metadata of any a website, you’re gonna right click on it. You know, I, I had a dream a few years ago that at four 49 in the morning, you and I would rendezvous and you’d be telling me about metadata. And now that dream has come to pass. That’s great. Okay, so we gotta go, we’re gonna. We’re going to go to the, on the page that we’re trying to, to view the metadata. We’re going to, let’s go to, let’s type in, ah, everybody do it with me now. Google search, Tulsa men’s haircuts, Tulsa men’s haircuts. All right, so we all go. Tulsa men’s haircuts, everybody. Google, everybody now Google. Okay, everybody now Google it. Now we’re all Googling. We’ve all Googled now, Tulsa men’s haircuts.

And it’s worth to getting into this nitty gritty. Nerdery Devin. Now we found the page. Now what do I need to do? So we’re going to EITR Katie gritting her. Oh man. Then we’re going to right click on the page and select view page source. Nice. Okay. And then what happens then it pulls up a whole bunch of, and what are the main meta pieces of metadata? What are the, what are the main is we get the title tag, right? You got the description? Yep. And your keywords. Okay. And we have all the rules and chapter two of the search engine domination book. You can download it right now. Just go to the best SEO Now the readability score. Um, Jonathan Kelly, what is a readability score and why do we even need to know about a readability readability score? Well, it’s a, something that the plugin that we use Yoast to help optimize each page, uh, puts on there.

And so it’s a score based on a computer saying how easy or difficult it is to read. Um, so what writing level you’re writing at. Um, and so the, the kicker here is if you wrote like a really big high thought paper, you would still score low because it’s not what the average person can read at. Um, and so you just fill out your putting your, you want the content on there. That’s step one. You have to have your content on there. And I wouldn’t get hung up on what the readability score says unless it says it’s very bad. Okay, let’s repeat that again. Repeat that again one more time. Make something up. There’s wrestling with this idea right now. They want to understand they don’t get it. Yeah. It’s just a score that Yost, the plugin puts on the page on saying how easy is this particular page for the average person to read? Uh, Jason, I would like you to look up the lyrics to follow God by Kanye West. I want you to read the lyrics to us, please. Okay. I’m going to keep just a little sample everybody. By the way, if you have not yet bought the Kanye West album, Jesus is King. You’re really missing out. I mean, you owe, you owe it to your family and you owe it to Kanye, his wallet, pay the Kanye tax and by his newest album, Jesus has [inaudible].


this video is awesome.

Love life. Like this is what your life like trying to live the life ready book with the no,

Jason, can you read it please? Yep. So it says lifelike. This is what your life like. Try to live your life, right? People really know you push your buttons like typewrite. Hmm. This is like a movie, but it’s really very lifelike every single night. Right? Every single fight. Right. I was looking at the Graham and I don’t even like, or I don’t even like likes. I was screaming at my dad. He told me, I ain’t Christ’s like, Oh, it didn’t cross like, whoops. I was screaming at the referee. Just like Mike looking for a bright light. A sigil what your life like. Keep reading. Oh, this is fascinating. Keep reading, writing on a white bike, feeling like excite bike, pressing on the gas supernova for a nightlight, screaming at my dad again. And he told me it ain’t Christ light. But nobody never tell you when you’re being a Christ like or when you’re being like Christ only ever see in me only when they needed me.

A like if Tyler Perry made a movie for B E T searching for a deity, um, now you want to see it free. Now you want to see if we, let’s just see the lyrics to his song though. So if Kanye were to take the lyrics of his own song and put them on a webpage, Jonathan Kelly, would it have a high readability score or a low readability score? That would be a low readability score, but he shouldn’t change his lyrics to increase the readability score. So, and it’s done, right? Right. So, but people get all hung up on this. So I’m just trying to say, if you’re out there today and you are, don’t get hung up on this. All you want to do is avoid the V very, very bad. Right, right. Yeah. If you’re, if you’re putting content, just put content and it makes no coherent sense at all, then that’s worthless.

And so that’s the only time you would be concerned about readability score is if it’s like, Hey, this was written as a drunk third grader. Now let me say this. So then I’m not going to argue with you on the show, but I will say this, you’re also who you’re competing with. So as an example, years ago I worked with an AutoRap company and I think you remember this one, but he, his competition had no content at all. Like no content. No, no, not a single one of his competitors had any content, right? So he had no, they had no content at all. So I tell this person, I tell this a woman, I say, Hey, I said her. I said, Hey, you need to write a thousand words of content per page on your website. And Jonathan Kelly, you remember this? She would not write the content.

She says, I’m going to. But she didn’t. So she’s not writing any at all. So what happens if so, so she says, can you write it for us? Right, right. So we had a member of our team who knows nothing about auto wraps, right content on their website. And even though the stuff that we wrote for them didn’t make a lot of sense because the person who we, who we hired to write the content knew nothing about auto wraps. They still ranked top for their search term. How could they possibly rank top Jonathan Kelly if their content isn’t that good? Well, it’s better than anybody else’s. It’s better than nothing. It’s more relevant. It’s better than nothing. For sure. And I believe I won’t, I won’t mention the search term, but I believe this company still ranks up top, but this, this particular client I, we had this conversation, I want to say Jonathan Kelly for like months and I’m saying, Hey, you need to write content on your website.

And every week it’s like, yeah, yeah, I’m going to. But they didn’t. Why is it so hard to be able to write content? Jonathan Kelly? What’s the, what’s the issue? I think w one requires just a certain level of get her done, you know, so it just, it’s, it sucks writing sucks, you know, it takes a lot of time. It takes brainpower, which nobody wants to think anymore. And so they just want to kind of float through life and not turn their brains on. And so when you’re sitting down you have to like be engaged and you actually have to be thinking about what you’re trying to say. So you got to think again, you got to think. And if you don’t want to think someone else has to think for you, but somebody has to write that content. So again, readability score, just watch out for the very, very, very bad readability score.

Now step number three, backlinks for question number three. What are backlinks and are they important? Okay, first off, um, if you’re out there listening today and you say, clay, I want to get a backlink. That is a lot like telling me that you want to run a marathon, in my opinion. And I think it’s great that you want to run a marathon. I’m excited for you that you are saying right now that you want to run a marathon, but how many people do you know that have actually run a marathon? Think, think about that person. What’s funny is the person who asked this question, Randy triathalon last month and placed first, but w our listeners are exceptional people. That’s true.

The average person though is talking into a lox fan on their Saturdays. I am eating gummy bears.

Well, talking about wanting to run the marathon,

eating gummy bears, talking into a box fan going off, look at this. This is awesome. I want to run a marathon. Narrow though.

Okay, so wanting to and doing it are different things, but backlinks are tough for the average person to get. And so Jonathan Kelly, I’m going to tee up how to get the back link and then you tell me why it’s hard to do and what I need to do if I really, really want to get it back link. All right, so backlink strategy number one, get other websites that are related to your industry to link back to you. Get other websites that are related to your industry to Lake back to you. Why is that so hard, Jonathan Kelly? Well, you have to note, nobody wants to do anything out of the goodness of their heart, right? So it’s all what have you done for me lately? And so when you’re reaching out to these people saying, Hey, will you link to me? You have to be giving them something in return, something that they value because they’re not going to just do it just because you asked AKA money, money, PR content that they want to share, which then they can turn into money.

You have to like fill a need that they have. So then they will fill a need that you have. But almost nobody ever backlinks to anybody ever. I’ve seen clients who’ve had very, very good friends who’ve said to them, the clients of mine have gone to their friends and said, Hey friend, I would like to get a backlink. You own a business. Could you backlink to me? And I’ve never, I say never. I’ve never seen it happen. I’ve known Jonathan Kelly, I’ve seen people telling me, Oh, my friend’s going to backlink to me. My friend is an attorney, and he told me that he’s going to link back to me and I’ve never seen it happen. Nope. Have you seen it happen? No. Devin, have you seen it happen? No, I think we are. I think we are the only people that have ever linked back to someone out of the goodness of our hearts.

That is true. Then we have listeners that have asked us, Hey, could you put a backlink to me? And I go, well, let me look at your stuff. Let me look at your stuff. Anyway, very few people will do a backlink. Now if you do a backlink, you have to do it properly. So you got to put the anchor texts on there. Jonathan Kelly, what is the anchor text? Yeah, so you want whatever keyword that you’re trying to go for. A say it was Tulsa men’s haircuts. Let’s do Tulsa home. Secure Tulsa home security. Okay. So you would want whoever is linking back to you to on Tulsa home security hyperlink or, or link your website on those specific words. So I need to type out the words Tulsa home security, right? And then select all right. And then hit command K on a Mac. Yes, on a Mac.

And that will put a hyperlink prompt up there. Then that way if you ever see the words that are blue and you click it and it takes you somewhere else, that’s what that is. That’s an anchor text. And so you would want to make sure that they link Tulsa home security. The key word back to your site, back to witness one of our clients, right? So if you’re out there today and you want to be a good person, and I know you do put it back like on your website first I write something about Tulsa home security that’s relevant. Go and read a thousand words about it to right. And then put a link on your website back to witness and then you want to put if if possible you want to put the name of the company, the phone number in the address.

Jonathan Kelly, why would you want to put the name of the company, the phone number, the address, and why should that match what Google has on file for you with your Google my business account? Well, it just, Google looks for consistency over all things, so they look for consistency in how consistent you are about writing content or uploading content, how consistent you are in your reviews, how consistent you are in all of the directories that you are in. They just want everything to be the same into match. Now, before we really, really get nerdery before we wrote, before we really get into that deep, dark, nerdy nerdery, uh, I want to cue up this audio clip again here.

That’s impossible even for a computer, but it’s not impossible. I used to bullseye want Branson my T 16 back home. They’re not much bigger than the team meets.

Again, we’re going to be teaching you later on today. Show if you stick around long enough, we’re gonna teach you how to bulls-eye womp rats using your T 16

well even for a computer, but it’s not impossible. I used to bullseye womp Branson, my T 16 back home. Yeah.

[inaudible] in his [inaudible] so he was in a T 60 weeks. Get up again. I want to [inaudible]

that’s impossible even for a computer, but it’s not impossible. I used to bullseye womp rats in my [inaudible] back.

So he’s in a [inaudible] very valuable skill to learn. He will stick around two meters. What is a T 16 [inaudible] calculator I used to the high school vehicle of some sort. He was in a T 16 while bull zine long brands. So he was driving at a rapid speed, I guess that’d be like, like, like a riding a horse and shooting something with a rifle. You think it’s a vehicle? I thought it was like a like a shit. Like a spaceship type thing. Yeah. Okay. So now it is a five Oh one in the morning. So we’re just now waking up here folks. So here we go. Siloing a siloing. Jonathan Kelly, does it matter? What is siloing? What does it, what does it mean? It’s just, uh, a way to organize your site map. So when you have a ton of content about one specific thing or multiple specific things, it’s way to organize to tell Google, okay, here are all of the pages that I have about this.

Uh, using the example earlier, Tulsa home security. So you would click that and then it would load all of the pages. And then if you had another keyword and you had a ton of, uh, content for home security, Tulsa, you would click that and it will load all of those pages. It’s just a fancy way to organize your site map once you have a ton of content. Um, let me give you the, uh, the official definition here. Siloing is the act of dividing a website’s content into different categories and subcategories. Groupings known as silos. Oh, thank you. It also, it also allows for optimizing onsite content around a wider array of keyword groups. This is my experience. We’re having worked with thousands of clients. I would not worry about siloing until you have a thousand pages of content. This is my take on this. I don’t think it matters.

I haven’t seen it matter. But then once you have a thousand pages of content, then it might make sense to organize them at that point. Jonathan Kelly, would you agree or you say maybe 500 articles or what would, what do you think a thousand is great. Um, it’s just like I said, it’s a great way to organize your sitemap but also helps speed up your site, uh, which you know is becoming increasingly a bigger and bigger thing. But yeah, I would, I would not worry about it until you have at least a thousand index pages. Now, if you’re out there listening today and you say, clay, I want to really fix my website. Now what do I do? Well, what you’d want to do is you want to go to the best SEO, the best SEO and download chapter two of the book and go through that checklist. Or you can email us to info at thrive time,

That’s info at thrive time, and we will audit your website for you for free and tell you what you need to do to fix the website. And Jonathan Kelly, we’ve had thousands of people that have done this and uh, have we ever had somebody who’s emailed us that, uh, had it all right? No, never. Never. So again, I wonder, I wonder why you have hundreds of thousands of listeners. I wonder why we haven’t had hundreds of thousands of people fill out that form. I don’t know. I wonder why we haven’t had a hundreds of thousands of people. Um, email us to info at thrive time, I’m giving myself points for wondering. I’m wondering why we haven’t had hundreds of thousands of fill out the form or email us at info at thrive time, three make appointment points before 5:04 AM here’s the thing. Here’s the, I think that a lot of people think that success exists for other people. I think success is like a distant thing. It’s like, Oh, for them, I want success for this show’s about other people, but it couldn’t be about me. So what I want to do is I want to share some wins with some clients and then we’ll wrap up today’s show. Let’s think about, um, let’s think about, one of our business coaching clients. We were recording the show and then I mixed that with Leslie Nielsen from a naked gun, a urinating,

the audio medley there. But if you do a search right now for Tuscaloosa

homology, he comes up top and Google and Jonathan Kelly has his business grown. Yes, we have a show where he talks about growing by 15% in like 90 days. Unbelievable success. Um, Cola fitness. If I do a Google search for Joplin gyms, Joplin gyms, G, G, Y, M, S, Jonathan Kelly co-op fitness. Have they grown? Yes. Okay. Okay. A massive growth by the way. Then Shaw homes, Shaw These guys show have grown from $40 million to $80 million of revenue.

You know, they say see abroad to get at Boody actually lay it down or smack on. Yeah.

Whenever you hit $80 million in sales, what you do is you gather some of your closest associates as associates and then you say,

you know, they say see abroad to get that booty act leg down or smack them back on them.

That’s what you do when you had $80 million of sales. You’d gather your closest mastermind team in a board room with the finest decor. You have nice chairs, rich mahogany. People say, well, what do you do when you sell $80 million of stuff? Well, we might do the, the shot. This is the show homes. This was their last meeting. Uh, Glen and Aaron and all the people were there. The leadership team at Shaw homes, and this was a, this is what was said at their meetings.

You know, they say see abroad to get that booty act of leg down or smack on the back of them.

Jason, $80 million of sales, they’ve doubled in size. They have, give us a ton. Share with me one of your clients that has grown as a result of dominating the search engine results. Um, multi clean has like Sevenly special K. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh, I believe that’s also a drug reference. So you might want to hold off on that. We’re not Rogan’s to cereal isn’t okay. Wrong with you. Oh, all right, fine. Uh, but yeah, I know a multi clean is doing awesome. They are ranking super high, which has resulted in tons of leads. They’re getting

the most business that they’ve received in a long time. I reviewed your drug references. I dedicate this. A special case. Yeah. Just want to let the special K are you being I’m

serious right now about special K. yeah. I think as a culture we’ve taken anything that is good and make it happen. We’ve made it have some political reference. It’s like, of course, you know, so this weekend I was out, uh, you, I was off the, just saw this beautiful rainbow and people go, what do you mean by that? I saw a rainbow. Oh yeah, but what do you mean by that? You watch your mouth. I’m talking about special K and you’re talking about drugs. You have a filthy mind in Paris. Because of that, we’re going to have to end this show no harsh, harsh way. Now let me further, I do three, two, one, stop what you’re doing and think about this for a second. What would happen if your company was suddenly able to generate exponentially more quality sales leads? That would be incredible.

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This is your year to success. You will today is your lazy hands make for poverty but diligent hands bring wealth. Proverbs 10 fold. I’m here to tell you you can do it. If you can just motivate yourself, talk. The masses had to cut off of you. So on the day you would, I could day misshape a tree that I had to pull. I had to make cuts to be here daily at noon. The way of a knowledge monsoon, I conveyed the no probates dose of doubt. And you are you the next room for the next Dr. King who changed the rules and walls in your way with you one by one. Back to one. It’s up to you. I remember my days, the template to do well with the jobs that tried to consume hook for the future that I could pursue. What from the mountain. Now I can do clue that you have what it takes up to your youth to thrive. Success today is your day and now it’s your year to today and now this moment is profound because your rope might’ve been rough with what you’ve got now is now we’ll even show you how but you gotta be discussed with the old plow started from the bottom of what? My way I was been prayed up. [inaudible] as a top dog, you got to get it. Don’t quit till you see your YouTube success. You just say it’s your day and now it’s your year to thrive.

Today is your day and now they should be all went to kid but we cannot get without self-discipline to fall on your face. Get yourself up the piano. Teachers up to close dot pale with the friends when the storm’s getting up to the scout. And the only thing that with yourself, we believe in you but not as much as God. Cause if you’re going through hell, he’s got nothing off. Apply what you learned. Increased switch, barter gun money to increase what you burn it into. Tom, you got money to increase what you burn in into tangent. Got money to sing it. Sing. Increase what you burn in due time. You got money to make money. I’d look to shout down the tower. Silver beads that be killing your dream. Flowers empower you to devour all the obstacles that make you sweet. Dreams sour. As for me, I used to [inaudible] but now up on the microphone. Smooth like butter if I can do it, I know you can too, but you bust stick to it like postings too. And while Bergen’s on the call risks what? He’s seeing a shoot truth today. Okay? And now sing it saying it says you will find hot day is your day day and now it’s your turn. It’s your time today and now we do a time sing at Barton today. [inaudible]

at the time I realized I can’t sing like that but I can’t talk and

play the woodblock. Okay. If you guys need me, I’ll just be over here.


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