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Finding yourself knocking on heaven’s door and on the verge of success? Start by knowing your numbers. Not tracking your numbers is a wealth repelling strategy that unfortunately many struggling entrepreneurs subscribe to by default.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Knowing your numbers’ is a fundamental precept of business.” – Bill Gates (The co-founder of Microsoft)

Finger foods:

Buffalo wings

French fries

Hot dogs

The Numbers to Look At:

  1. Actual money that went into your bank account
  2. Actual money that left your bank account
  3. Payroll percentage
  4. Inquiry source (so how did you hear about us?)

You must measure what you treasure.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “One overriding factor determines whether any business is destined to ride to the next level or struggle endlessly: your numbers. This is something I emphasize not only in my own businesses–  as I like to say, ask me anything about my businesses, and I’ll be able to answer you– but to entrepreneurs of all sorts. You need to know your numbers, and you need to know them cold. If you ask me why I’ve been successful, I usually break it down into four reasons:

  1. I know my numbers.
  2. I understand operations. 
  3. I know the developmental side (i.e., how to grow your business). 
  4. I change, change, change with the times. 

Of those four, knowing your numbers is by far the most important piece of all. The reasons are simple yet powerful. The numbers drive everything that happens in your business– what you have coming in, what you have going out, and the critical interaction between the two. And if you don’t know your numbers– and by “know”, I mean right down to the specific decimal points– you’re likely headed for trouble. Just as important, a failure to know your numbers can needlessly handicap your business’s growth. Without sufficient cash on hand, you may find yourself passing up opportunities that you might have otherwise pursued. Or you might make financial decisions and commitments that you later regret. I don’t care how great a product or service you have. If you don’t know your numbers, you’ll go out of business. Don’t let that happen.” — Tilman Fertitta (The owner of the Houston Rockets, Bubba Gump Shrimp, Rainforest Cafe, the Saltgrass Steak House and other incredible brands Tilman Fertitta shares HARD BUSINESS TRUTHS that will help YOU to succeed.)

DEFINITION – Shalacking – A warning for a beat down. Like that House of Pain song: Boom -shalack – lack – boom.

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Not tracking is like smacking and it will cause your business to get a shellacking. You must know your numbers,

grabbed the duct tape and mentally prepare yourself for yet another mind expanding knowledge bomb from America’s number one business coach. Clay Clark.

No, your numbers not tracking is like smacking and it will cause you to get a shellacking. What is a shellacking? Jason, if you had to define a shellacking cause we all know what a beat down is. We all know what it’s like to get hit. We all know what it’s like to get, you know, punched in the arm by that buddy in middle school who thought it was hilarious to punch in the arm dead arm, but a show lacking a show. How would you divide it? I think a shellacking is something that only a mother can give you. Would you describe what a shellacking looks like her, in your opinion? I’m trying to picture it. The only sheer lack that I know is like when you get a manicure. Mm, well you’re off. You’re off your game. Dr. Brock, have you ever as a kid got a shellacking from your mom and dad or your mom specifically?

I was a really, I was pretty good kid. So no, not, not really, but I’ve seen what I believe to be a shellac. Let me tell you what a shellacking down with the, well, let me, let me tell you what a shellacking looks like here. This is my, uh, my wife, great, great lady, wonderful lady. Uh, my son, he, he, he likes to push her to a level, uh, called the, the, he pushes her into the no-go zone. Right? You know, it’s like on a scale of one to 10, 10 is where mom gets mad. He goes to like 14, and he’s like tonight and he like gets in the end zone. He’s now PA, he’s past the 10. He in his mind is scored cause he wanted to irritate her and now he has irritated her and now he’s kind of doing an end zone dance.

Like, woo. Yeah, look at me. I’m crazy. I’m making you crazy. I’m up in your mind causing you to get upset. You know, he’d just, but then here comes a shellacking. I’ve only seen it a couple of times, but we can’t speak of what happens on the radio show. I got to say is that pain is inflicted upon man. He goes from being a the man harassing my wife to the man, afraid of my wife, right? And that fear has stayed with him now and he cannot escape the fear. Now, this is what happens when business owners don’t look at their numbers, is what they do is they’re running around, they’ve got a credit card. And dr Brooke, you can tell me if I’m off on my game on this, but the business owner is busy. You know, in your case, you’re a chiropractor, so you’re busy.

Let’s say seeing patients. So let’s say you train dogs. You’re, you’re, you’re busy training dogs. Let’s say you’re, uh, uh, your, you’re somebody who you do haircuts. You’re busy cutting hair, managing the people that cut the hair. Uh, you’re ma, you’re busy opening the door, shutting the door, locking the door, cleaning the bathrooms, advertising, and then you don’t look at your numbers for a year or six months or something and then something doesn’t go right. Maybe you have a slow month. Yeah. A sudden surprise. Have you ever had a slow month all of a sudden with your chiropractic business back in the day? Did ever have a July or, sure. What times of the year are typically the slowest for most chiropractors? Do you have a December, December, slow month? Why people, if they’re coming in with any kind of discretionary spending as this is an idea, um, you know, it’s definitely necessary and should be utilized by, by everyone.

But some people have it more in their discretionary income area and they shift that spinning towards presence and gift giving and holiday parties and they just get busy. Jason with the elephant in the room, our men’s grooming lounge, uh, with 4,000, some odd members. Uh, what’s the slowest time of the year that you’ve, you’ve managed all three stores for him for a couple of years. You’ve worked in the stores, what’s the slowest time in the men’s grooming industry do you think? So right after spring break starts. So it’s pretty dead right after spring break. Why? Uh, well one, all of the, like the, the later high school or college kids are all gone for that week and then guys typically will either go on vacation with their family or they’ll use that time. So you know, get other stuff done. So what happens is, is there a certain cyclical times of a business where you get slow and if you’re a new entrepreneur and you’re not aware of those times of the year, right?

And you’re red lining, meaning you’re spending as much as you’re bringing in because you’re trying to do fast growth, right? Eventually what’s going to happen, dr Breck, if you don’t know your numbers, if you don’t look at your credit card statements, if you don’t look at the income actually coming in, if you don’t look at how much is coming in after credit card fees, if you don’t know what your actual expenses are for your lease after utilities, after utilities, if you don’t, because remember when you, when you rent the space, you’re thinking, Oh, it’s 1700 a month, right? Oh, it’s 2,500 a month. Oh, okay. Okay, great. But then there’s fees, right? I mean your, your phone bill. Uh, brick. Uh, what, what phone carrier do you use? Uh, we’re a Cox. Okay. Cox, what about for your, for your cell phone, your smart phone?

Uh, AT&T. Okay. My wife’s with at T and T and a, I don’t want to throw 1880 and T under the bus. I’m just going to give an example. I think at T and T has a deal where it’s like 99 bucks for the line, right? I think it’s 99 bucks. This is the deal. Do you remember that deal? It’s like 99 bucks or something. Sure. Unlimited. Jason, have you heard about that deal? Do you have T-Mobile or who do you have? I have two mobile. Yeah, it isn’t it like 99 bucks or something? Supposed to be, yeah. Yeah. Flat flat rate quotations for one specifically for unlimited data phone, wherever. And then what happens is you look at your bill and how much does it actually, after all the, all the fees, there’s like a usage fee. These aren’t fees from T-Mobile. They’re like taxes now.

They’re like a usage fee. Right? There is a, I dunno, set up the a, a phone. I don’t know. There’s different fees. And how much does the phone bill actually for UJ. So what’s your phone bill right now? I think you’re one 50 and one 51 41 30 sure. Yeah, I’d say closer to one 60 and one 60 rec. What are you at one? I’ve got a couple lines added in there. But yeah, I mean it’s at least one 50 so I feel like mine’s like one 51 60 but if you don’t look at your numbers, you’re thinking, Oh, it’s $99 it’s amazing. That means you’re going out to dinner and you’re doing rough math. You know, and you don’t look at your bank statement and you’re like, well, you know, a $99 is when it costs. So I’ve got 150 in the bank right there.

And it’s like, you know, 51 bucks, let’s go buy something. They don’t realize the fees. There’s fees, there’s extra fees. Your lease, you think your lease is 2000 a month, but really, really, I mean the, the, you know, your lease is actually after utilities, air conditioning, heat, air, water. It’s more, Oh yeah, definitely. Oh, and you and you think we always ever kind of optimists in our mind, are we right? I know very few entrepreneurs that are skeptical about their numbers. Typically, I’m only this, only the successful ones thinks like this. I will to learn the thing that unfortunately some people have to get a shellacking to experience. Now, let me, you guys ever been out to eat with somebody who’s, I’m new to going out to eat and they’re, and they’re there or they’re a fan of the, the old smacking move. Yes. You’re going out for like a stage and you’re like, gosh, I’m not trying to throw a Darryl under the bus there, but you’re like, Hey Daryl, could you, uh, could you pass the salt?

You’re at like Outback let’s say. And Darryl’s like, yeah, ha ha. And then he’s a guy who uses his fingers for non finger foods. So Darryl’s over there like kinda kinda handsy with the steak and there are certain foods that way your mind, dr Breck, what are foods that are finger foods? Finger foods would be, um, uh, like Buffalo wings. I mean, yeah, there’s no fried chicken and there’s no classy would eat a Buffalo wing. There’s really not no fork and knife with the Buffalo wing just doesn’t work. Okay, so I’m going to make a list of these real quick. I’m going to, this is very important stuff. So the finger foods we got, we make sure we’re getting this. We would say Buffalo wings are a kind of finger food. Okay. And a Buffalo wings by the way, come from Buffalo, New York. That’s where they were started.

So that’s not a part of the actual like bison. [inaudible] this is getting deep now. It’s okay. So we’ve got the finger foods, we’ve got the hot wings. Uh, what else do you got there, Jason? What else is a bonafide V you can eat French fries or a finger food. I was gonna say French fries. Tater tots. French fries. Okay. Tater tots. What else? Just got it. What else does a finger food? Hot dogs hot. Uh Oh, cause you, you, you hold the hot dog in your stool. I mean, now what if it’s now? What if it’s a a no button? Is it all finger food? Then I’m going, I’m going with a fork. I’ll go with, okay. Yeah, so we’ve got certain foods that are sorta like a, we know that these things are our finger foods. Some are not, right? Green beans are not finger food.

Now, this is what I’ve tried to put in the minds of the people out there. Somebody out there not tracking their numbers. I feel the way about a, you not tracking your numbers. How I feel about people that are finger having finger foods that aren’t finger foods, right? Like I, I’ve seen people eat like eggs with their fingers. That’s okay. And I’m going, no, you’re out to eat with your buddy Darryl and his wife and you’re like, uh, Daryl, could you pass the salt block? Absolute like he’s like eating soup with his hand or something. You know? I mean, he’s eating like a step serious. It’s like crazy stuff. There are people that do this stuff right and we all socially go hatched. Terrible. Right? I can’t believe that, you know? Um, uh, Jason, can you, uh, let’s keep up the big screen. The big screen just went out.

I wanna make sure I get a good visual in that. So the, there’s are some people though, there are some people that again, they, they mistake certain foods for being finger foods and certain foods to not be finger foods. And the way that we all feel when somebody’s smacking or when somebody is just doing weird stuff, we’ve all been out to dinner with the guy who crosses the line with every statement, right? So we all go out to dinner and we’re having dinner with other families and we’re having a nice say, we can say protect our family out to a olive garden. We’re an all garden and all of a sudden you hear in the background somewhere like, and so they had sex and you’re like, what? But you can immediately, your mind picks up on that phrase and everyone looks around like, who said that?

Right, right. It’s just like if you guys ever been out to dinner with someone like that. Oh yeah, absolutely. And so again, it’s kind of a repulsive thing. You look back at them and you go, come on man, it’s this elephant in the room. We, you’re like, I cannot believe you think that’s a finger food. And why aren’t you talking about that? You have the feeling that is what it’s like to not track your numbers except nobody can see you not tracking your numbers and you won’t feel the pain of not tracking your numbers until something bad happens. Right. And dr Breck, what are some of the bad things that have happened in the history of dr as it relates to maybe, you know, maybe you had like a flood, maybe you had a problem. We had to shut down for a week because of some natural disaster.

Maybe. Can you think of anything where it was just an unexpected expense that was terrible? Well, yeah. Um, I don’t remember what year it was, but a few years back, I would say at least six or seven, there was a February that, uh, we got a ton of snow and ice here in Tulsa with lock suns. We get ice, which is a lot worse than snow. Terrible. But, uh, like the first week of February, the clinic was completely shut down. You saw nobody for at least a week. That is not a move that that did not help our numbers. And that takes one 52nd of your income away. Right? You know, so it’s one 50th of your income approximately. Now here’s what’s crazy. A lot of people don’t come in the next week to get to adjustments to get caught up. It doesn’t, well, it may not missed you last week. Can I get a shellacking?

Can I get some crack and twice? No. A lot of people, they don’t come up going twice, right? So this, this, you say, well, okay, what can I do with this? How should I do deal with this? What do I need to do? That’s a great question. Well, one is you really, really, really have to know your numbers. You have to measure what you treasure. All right. Now I felt like, um, we needed to give you a notable quotable from somebody who is a, an authority and somebody who you’d re who you would respect and somebody who would, the thrive nation can meat or at least a listen to. And that would be Tilman Fertitta Tilman Fertitta owns the Houston rockets, Bubba Gump shrimp. The rainforest cafe, the Saltgrass steak house, and other incredible brands. And he reached out to us. His team reached out to us to have, uh, to, to be on the show.

So Tilman Fertitta, the owner of the Houston rockets who’s worth and reported four point $4 billion. He’s doing art and runs casinos and runs restaurants and runs the rockets. He knows his numbers. And in the book he sent out to us a Jay’s. What’s the title of the new book he sent to us here? It’s a great title. It’s called shut up and listen. Hard business truths that will help you succeed. All right, so if you’re out there today and you haven’t got a shellacking financially, you haven’t like been overdrawn yet, or you’ve been out there financially red lining, if you’re out there spending as much as possible and you’re just barely surviving, I hope that this will be the financial shellacking that you need because it will be less painful for us to read this to you than it would be to get a beat down.

So, Jason, can you please read the notable quotable from Tilman? Fertitta and I want to make sure that we give the listeners out there what they deserve. And I think we’d have to have a certain kind of music when you’re going to, uh, get a financial shellacking. So let me, let me get you, so let me get some, uh, Jason, meantime, uh, tell us about your weekend as I, as I type this up, tell us about your weekend. Tell us about how your Saturday was as I type up and find that the perfect music for the financial shellacking that we all deserve. So my Saturday was pretty good after we recorded yesterday. Um, I went to our broken arrow location to drop off some coffees and some energy drinks and wish Anna, who is going to Idaho to pursue her career in physical therapy. This is the best of luck.

Told her she did an amazing job. Um, after that I did a buttload of laundry so I could make sure that I had nothing else to do. When you think about a buttload, how big is a buttload? Ah, I mean, you’ve got to know your numbers, man. It’s at least a crap ton. Okay. Now I’m going to go ahead and cue up the music here. Now I need you to read this. Read this aggressively. Let me get the levels right though. Okay. I’m hitting player. Okay. It’s kind of a Wu Tang style beat. Let me say, get, get into some. Ooh, that’s awesome. Here we go here. So he’s kind of like an ODB kind of thing. Okay. I don’t, I don’t know if it’s aggressive enough though. Is it like aggressive and I’m like, let me find something else. I need something. It’s more aggressive than that. That wasn’t what I wanted. That didn’t help me out at all. Let me try another one. Let me try this one. Let me see if this is going to work for us.

I need more aggressive music. But Jason, you go ahead and read. As I find more aggressive music, I just, I just want to do like the uh, the method man intro from the slumps a shell. Lin, I need more aggressive music. But do you continue? You continue? Yeah. I’m not getting aggressive music. It’s frustrating. That’s all right. Okay. One overriding factor determines whether any business is destined to rise to the next level or struggle endlessly. Your numbers, this is something I emphasize not only in my businesses as I like to say, ask me anything about my business and I’ll be able to answer you, but to entrepreneurs of all sorts, you need to know your numbers. You need to know them cold. If you asked me why I’ve been successful, I’ll usually break it down into four reasons. One, I know my numbers. Two, I understand operations.

Three, I know the developmental side. Oh, there you go. I. E. how to grow your business. Four, I change change with the times of those four. Knowing your numbers is by far the most important piece of all. The reasons are simple or the reasons are simple yet powerful. The numbers drive everything that happens in your business, what you have coming in, what you have going out and the critical interaction between the two and if you don’t know your numbers and by no I mean right down to the specific decimal points, you’re likely headed for trouble. Read it again. Now that we have to get the great music. Now read it again because so many people out there, we can’t see it, so give it to it. Slow and aggressive and whenever I’m serious, give it, give a gift. Cut up. Read it like you’re like, you’re pissed.

Like I’m pissed. Yeah. Brita like your preliminary with the music now and then and read it like you’re pissed. Here we go. All right. I’ll do my best. Oh yeah. Okay. One overriding factor determines whether any business is destined to rise to the next level or struggle in this league. Your numbers. This is something I emphasize not only in my own businesses as I like to say, ask me anything about my business and I’ll be able to answer you, but the entrepreneur of all sorts, you need to know your numbers and you need to know them cold. If you ask me why I’ve been successful, I’ll usually break it down into four reasons. One, I know my numbers. Two, I understand operations. Three, I know the developmental side, I. E. how to grow your business. Four I change, change, change with the times of those four.

Knowing your numbers is by far the most important piece. Give me that book. Give me that book. Let me, let me try it. I gotta pick up, somebody needs a financial show lacking here. Let me find it. Okay. Where are we? Okay. Cause this is big. Dr Breck, this is big as a, not very few entrepreneurs are going out to a networking event talking about, Hey, do you know your numbers? Right? Hey, do you know Brett? Do you know your numbers? I mean everyone talks about marketing, right? Vision, accounting, no. Culture. Culture. They love the culture. Yeah. Vision, marketing, branding. I love big vision. I’ve got it. Dr brick, what’s your vision for your business? That’s a great conversation. You know people, if you have a conference talking about vision and branding and motivation and inspiration and people going, I want to get to that now, if you have a financial, let me tell you what it sounds like. If you have a financial workshop talking about knowing your numbers. This, this is live audio of a workshop where they talk about your financial numbers.

That’s it. Nothing. No one’s going to go to that thing. No. Paul Hood has tried to put these things on. I’m just telling you, only only the serious entrepreneurs want to know how to get their numbers right. Only the only the top entrepreneurs, the bottom feeders, the bottom, the people who are perpetually at the bottom, they don’t want to know their numbers. Nope. What I’m trying to do is if you’re at the bottom, I’m trying to help you get to the top. So here we go. Alright, so one overriding factor determines whether any business is determined to rise to the next level or struggle endlessly. Your numbers, this is something I emphasize not only in my own businesses as I like to say, ask me anything about my businesses and I’ll be able to answer you. But to entrepreneurs of all sorts, you need to know your numbers and you need know them cold.

You need to know your numbers and you need to know them cold. If you ask me why I’ve been successful, I usually break it down into four reasons. One, I know my numbers. One, I know my numbers. What I know my freaking numbers. I know my numbers. I understand operations. I know the developmental side. I change, change, change with the times. All of those four parts is by far the most important piece of all. Nobody wants to talk about your numbers. Nope. Thank you. Tilman Fertitta nobody wants to talk about the numbers. Why? Why? Jason? What is the deal? Well, they either haven’t been tracking, so they’re scared to see what the final product is going to be. And then also for some odd reason, I don’t know why people go into business, but if they go into business with the same fear that most people do, which is talking about money, then they’re just never going to look at it.

So they never bring it up and then they don’t know where they are. And then you’re going to get a shellacking true, right? Right. You’re going to get a shellacking. Are you not dr Breck, why do you think people don’t look at their numbers? What’s going on? I think Jason hit on it. Uh, clearly I think a lot of it’s fear. Um, there may be some ignorance involved as well. Um, and then yeah, there is a social stigma. You don’t talk about numbers, but, uh, even if you don’t talk about it, you need to know him. I mean, you know, I don’t, I’m not so concerned if you talk about it, but you need to know him regardless. So let’s talk about the specific numbers that everyone needs to know. Yup. All right. First off, you need to know your total income, not what should come in, but what actually came in dr Breck.

Well, how, is there a difference when you’re in the industry, like a medical, like yours where you have to actually collect from insurance companies? Why is it important to know how much money actually went into the account? Well, oftentimes there’s a discrepancy in the timing of when we’re getting paid. And so we do a service and then we don’t get paid for three or four weeks. Um, on certain cases we may not get paid for a couple of years. And so, you know, depending on how your accounting set up, if you don’t, if you don’t know the difference, uh, you think that there’s money in the bank and there’s, you know, it’s not there for a couple of months. So one, you have to know the actual money that went into your bank account, right? Uh, maybe this is educational for somebody out there. Hopefully it is. Um, a lot of times if a customer pays you via credit card, right?

3% of that money is gone. It didn’t go in, it goes to the credit card company. And people don’t know that though. That’s terrifying, right? People don’t know that you got it. So you’ve got to make sure that you understand how much money actually went in your bank account. And I would look at this weekly, see the actual numbers a lot of times, like, ah, this is terrible. I hate this. I says, this is a lie. I don’t like it. Let’s get some hot wings. No, you can’t do that. You gotta look at your numbers. There’s also so many things that are automated. And so there’s things that are coming in and going out all the time. Right. And so yeah, I mean I would say even weekly might be a two to infrequent. I would encourage you at at the minimum, I have a specific place every week.

That’s a time to look at what came into your bank account every week, the same time and the same place every week. Look at what came into your account. Now the second thing you want to know is how much money came out of your account. Yup. Why is that important to know what actually came out dr Breck? Well, if the amount that came out is more than the amount that came in, you’re having a bad week. And you know, this week I found out that I made purchases several things that I ended up purchase. Yes. So I called the credit card company and stopped the activity. Right. Cause there was two purchases that I made it somebody made using my card, that wasn’t me. Right. And how often does that happen? A lot with all the different businesses. It seems like once a month. Something that I didn’t agree to purchase was purchased and it could be something small or it can be something big, right?

But at the end of the day, you want to know your numbers, right? This is how I discovered that I bought an oversized truck that I did not buy. Sorry about that. I meant to mention that I’m being serious. That’s a real example. At one point I found out that I bought an oversized truck that I did not authorize the purchase of and somebody bought an oversized truck using the account. That’s not a move and I knew it wasn’t a move because I knew it was. I knew the money was taken out because I looked at the numbers. You gotta know the actual money that’s going in to your account. Any actual money that left your bank account. Now the third thing, you got to know the percentage of your income you’re spending on payroll, payroll percentage. Why dr Breck, do you want to know as an example, let’s say you own a franchise of some kind.

Let’s say you bought like a Domino’s today or you bought a little Caesar’s or some sort of pizza thing, you know, Papa John’s, right? They’re going to tell you at the franchise coaching business conferences and on the phone calls that your, your payroll should be a certain percentage of the income and not above that. Right? Why do you have to look at that dr Breck and why do you want to know the purpose spread the percentage of your income that’s being spent on payroll? Well, one, they may not match up. They may say it’s 25% and you’re actually spending 35%, which is a huge difference. Huge. Um, and uh, you know, those things can also change. You also can know if you have room to grow in your staffing, if you need to cut things. Um, and it may make that decision to let somebody move on and, and go on their Merry way a lot easier when you realize just how much is actually kinda being spent on.

And there’s other things attached to that. Payroll, uh, like FICA and PICA and you know, all the other payroll. I’m just throwing it out here for you. If you hire somebody today for $10 an hour, it’s not $10 an hour. No, you’re going to pay payroll tax. You’re going to have to pay social security, you’re going to have to pay insurance to have the person there at least work workers comp and worker’s comp is huge. And then you got to have you, your, your, your, your utilities to have them. They’re a phone line for them. A work station. There are a lot of hidden expenses when you bring on people. Someone has to manage these people and I don’t want to overcomplicate it, but I’m saying if every week you look at what money’s coming in your account and what’s going out, now you know where you’re at.

But you’ve got to do that. And then after that, look at your payroll percentage and then you can start to get into other numbers and stuff. But you just, you gotta look at them every week. Now another thing you have to track is where your leads came from. How did you hear about us? Is the question your team should be asking, how did you hear about us, Jason, why am I maniacal and fanatical and obsessive about asking every single person at elephant in the room where they heard about us? Why, why on the call center script, why do we record the calls? Why did we ask every single person that calls? Thank you for calling Ellen in the room. How can I help you? Oh yeah, I’m looking to schedule my haircut. Okay. Let me ask you, how did you first hear about us? Why do we track it every single call and why do we record the calls?

Jason, why we’ll, I’ll start with, we record the calls for quality assurance and training also just to make sure that people are doing their fricking job. But the reason why we ask is it’s important because we’re running ads, we’re advertising all the time, all over the place. So if we’re on Facebook, if we’re on Google, if we’re doing ad words, if we’re doing mailers, if people are referring us just like word of mouth. Those things are important because then that helps you optimize like so let’s say in the interest of like budgeting, if everybody who came in and said, Oh yeah, Hey, we found you on Google, you have the most reviews, that’s awesome. Then we could say, okay, well maybe we should try to get more reviews and stay up there and maybe turn the ad words on. Or maybe we don’t even need ad words because our Google presence is so strong.

But if nobody is saying that they found us on Yelp, maybe we should stop paying Yelp and save that money. What’s interesting is last year, uh, we had a person we were working with, I won’t, I won’t put them on blast on the show here, but this is a example. It was a professional sports team. I’ll just say [inaudible] and they were like, if you guys want to, you know, during the game you guys want to advertise, we will be willing to take the blimp and it flies around. Remember the blimp at the games, the blimp is player in the stadium. And so the state people were having a great time. At the game. And then it’s just like it flies around. It’s like, you know what, this is an exciting time and people having a great time and they said, roll, drop your free haircut cards from, cause when you come to elephant room, your first haircut’s a dollar, right?

So since they said we’re going to drop that card, your $1 haircut card, drop $1 haircut for first time members, we’re going to drop it during the game. And I’m going, okay, you know, that’s, that’s cool. I don’t really want to do that. Um, and they said, well why? And I said, cause I, the past, we’ve, we’ve tried pretty much everything, everything when we were, when we first started. And I just, I don’t have a desire to do it again cause I already know what works and what doesn’t. Right. No, no, no. You, you should try it. You know, and I’m going, okay, okay.

Again, there’s energy now, you know, it’s kind of exciting because you know, there’s all these people at the game and your name of your company’s on the jumbotron in the room, you know, and it’s like today’s a [inaudible]

Bonnie, you know, experience provided to you by

it, the foot in the room, and you feel good about it because it’s put in the room and they give your staff tickets to go to the games. Here they can,

Oh my gosh, the name of our company’s on the jumbo Tron.

Ladies and gentlemen, please stand as we do the national Anthem sponsored and your go.

Yeah. And then internally you’re going, this is the coolest moment of my life. And then it’s like ladies,

the third period is sponsored by the food in the new room. Oh yes. And you’re beating on the boards and you’re like, wait, do you want to see a fight, fight, fight. And you’re done.

Fired up. Right. And your staff’s like, it’s so cool. We’re on the jumbo Tron. You know, and then you’re looking around at your staff. Many of them have had too many beers at this point.

They’re like, this is so cool. The room, the room, you’re trying to start a chant. No one’s Chen the root and you’re just, you’re building

what you want it to be awesome. Right? Emotionally cause you spent money on it. Sure you want that to be awesome. You feel you, you go, you go to the urinals,

you’re going to the urinals and you’re like, huh, what’s going on Daryl? And he’s like, Hey, what’s going on? And you’re facing front forward. I got looking at Daryl cause you’re, you’re, you’re, you’re urinal and you’re there to get, you’re not, you’re not, you know, look at it. Daryl, you’re on a sick freak, but you’re, you’re doing your business. He’s doing his business here. You’re, you’re urinating and you’re conversating. You dare all what’s going on. Cause now it’s third period. Everyone’s had a bunch of beers now the social standards of not talking to a third party, you barely know are gone. Nick, Darryl, what’s up man? He’s an odd dude. I saw your elephant in the room, man. It’s awesome. Woo. Yeah, that’s data I’m tracking. And then you

get back to your office two weeks later and you go, Oh, okay. Now how many people came in from the, uh, the dropping of the cards in the game? You know, the, the blimp, right? And, uh, you look at Daisy, you know, the flower, the phones, who works with this? He said, Daisy, how many? She goes, ah, I could have been somebody in some. But cause that’s what you get a lot, right? No one wants to hurt your feelings. [inaudible] numbers aren’t mean by the way. They just go. No. Ah, could’ve been, could’ve been. Now again, for this particular situation, I did trade out, so I gave free haircuts to somebody’s staff in exchange for them to drop, you know, cards in a professional game. Um, and nobody came in. Nope. Or if they even did come in, they didn’t remember. Like, I’ve had so many people who give us the free cut card.

I’m like, Oh, how’d you hear about it? Isn’t it, I don’t know. Somebody gave me this. Right. That doesn’t help me. So I’m just saying is like, that was an Epic waste of time. But it felt good. Your Dr. Brock, have you ever had a thing where you’ve sponsored like a a dinner or sponsored like a booklet, like a chamber of commerce, chamber of commerce, chamber of commerce pamphlet or a breakfast, a networking breakfast or a a church directory or a baseball little league baseball where they put your name of your business on the right field wall at some baseball field. We’re only 30 parents are there or have you ever put your logo on the side of a bus and nobody called you or just what are some things you’ve invested on that? A few, excuse me, share some of the ones that didn’t work, so I advertised on the radio that was nothing but crickets, crickets.

I mean while the, and the first time the ad aired there was a call, the phone rang during the ads still, it was still actually playing and a mom called and a nice that I was like, Oh, this is going to be awesome. I mean the response is immediate. We’re going to go up from here. That was the last call. And I can say this and last, let me, let me, let me talk about radio real quick. Radio. Uh, dr Zellner, my partner dominates radio. Let me tell you how he does it. That dude advertises a ton and he advertises to soccer moms who listened to a K hits and Tulsa, right? But if you guys realized how much money he was spending on those ads, the only way radio works for anybody, and this is not, by the way, if you’re out there trying to buy ads for this show, we are currently sold out.

So this is not, um, me trying to get you to buy ads. I’m saying you’ve got to spend a ton because the frequencies gotta be consistently high. But then you’ve got to also ask every person, how’d you hear about us? And if you’re in the boat of dr Breck and you spend a ton of money and you’re not getting the response, you got to move on, right? You got to meet no matter how cool it feels. Right? Well, and I was also the a team doctor for a semi-pro soccer team here in Tulsa. Oh no. The same kind of experience you just described. Yeah, but you know this, this game sponsored by dr Breck and I see Tulsa’s Rinaldo and Palae and you see these guys and you’re like, this is, this is cool. Yeah. He’s, it feels it was the highest level of soccer we had at the time.

It feels good. Yeah. It felt good to treat these guys right. I mean, that’s cool. And they’re great guys. Great guys, athletes. It’s a lot of fun. We’re talking about soccer and then how did it go there? Palae how was it Rinaldo that was a great game, man. That feels good. Advertising in the game feels good, right? Gross revenue feels good. It doesn’t gross revenue feel good. It does. People, conferences, people in your life. People when business owners get together, let me tell you what they talk about. They go, how much sales are you doing? Right? Not at 27,000 last week. Oh really? I did 34 eh? Oh, I had an orgasm. What was that number? I did 34 the next guy sits down, well I’m doing 8,000 and you’re like, well that guy’s, that guy’s a moron. Hate down cause I’m doing, I’m doing 34,000 a week.

And you go, wow, God, that guy, you know, how’s it possible he’s going now I do. I do 34,000 a week dog. You’re like, wow, that’s cool. So you know how much a week? Three to 4,000 a week dog. I see a lot of fitness people that talk like this. I do, I see a lot. I’m serious. I’ve worked with a lot of fitness companies and they’ll go, I’m doing three to 4,000 a week dog. That’s awesome. Are you on steroids? No. So, but anyway, so, and then you’ve got a guy named Daryl who sits down, he’s also in the fitness industry, kind of skinny, but he owns a fitness gym. I did $8,000 last week and they’re going, everyone’s going, that’s week. Oh, I know. How much can you bench? You know, ah, 130 pounds. Oh my God, this guy’s week. I could do all the way.

It’s possible. I could do, I could do 350 and you’re like, Oh, that’s awesome. But what you don’t see is that the roid head is killing his internal organs and the roid head. Is it profitable? He just does more gross revenue. Right. Meanwhile, the nerd, Darrell, who knows his numbers, he’s operating in a 50% profit margin, so Darrell stacking cash, he’s making four grand every week. Meanwhile, the guy who’s just doing a ton of gross revenue is not making any money at all. Right. How often have you seen that kind of thing where I’ve seen it several times. I see him all the time. Jason, when you, cause you’ve coached clients. Yep. What percentage of people want to talk about how much profit they’re actually making? Then they want to, they want people that want to, how many want to talk about the actual profitability? They want to actually discuss that.

Not your current clients will say business coach clients in the path. Yeah, so of of past clients. I had one guy who was very serious. He tracked his profit. He wanted to know that number because that was going to be what helped him grow. But everybody else wanted to be braggadocious about that. Gross. But, Oh man. Well look at, look at all the money coming in. Yeah, you’re checking what’s coming out. Why would you say that? Why would you say that? Why would you say that? Why would you, why would you joy thief? You’re a joy fade. I’m just, I told you gross people love to talk about the gross reps. sir. This is a thing when you get fitness guys together, they always talk about how much could you bitch. That’s, they love that question. How much can you bench? And they live. They love to talk about.

So how much gross revenue you doing and you’re going well, so it’s a, it’s a ridiculous competition. Now let me tell you what pastors talk about when they get together, they typically talk about, so, uh, how many people are you running, right? How many people are attending your church, their buddy [inaudible]. And there are two ways that pastors account for the number of people attending their church. I’ve talked to us on previous episodes, but we should know this because there are a few pastors that listen to this show. I want to let pastors to know this. The one particular pastor that I work with, he’s very smart guy, sharp guy. Uh, I’ve worked with him in the past and he was great. He would talk about the specific number of people, [inaudible] unique people that attended any game any given Sunday. So he’s like, last week we had 750 right before we had 1200 lots.

It was Easter week. The next week we had seven 50 the next week we had eight 50. Next week we had 900 so I’m going to average that over those 4.3 weeks in a month. Some Sunday at some months have five Sundays and you divide it up and he’s like, so our average number of people attending is like eight 70 whatever. Right? You’re like, okay, cool. But there other pastors that will literally add the number of people from this Sunday to next Sunday to next Sunday. They add up all five weekends and they go, well, I’m having 5,000 people. That’s amazing. And we need Joel Olsteen. I’m serious though. There’s a lot of, and everybody wants to talk about the biggest number possible. Sure. Why? Why dr Breck, why do we want to do like to stroke your own ego? It’s hot. Oh, it’s hot. It’s a hot thing. But apparently apparently Tilman Fertitta uh, soon to be a thrive time show guests.

Oh yeah. Who has a net worth of over $4 billion. He says, of those four, knowing your numbers is by far the most important piece of all. He says again, one overriding factor determines whether any business is destined to ride to the next level or struggle endlessly. Your numbers, this is something I emphasize not only in my own business as I like to say, ask me anything about my businesses and I’ll be able to answer you. But to entrepreneurs of all sorts, you need to know your numbers. You need to know them cold. And if you ask why I’ve been successful, I usually break it down into four reasons. Well, what are those four reasons? Tilman Fertitta one, I know my numbers. Two, I understand operations. Three, I know the developmental side. How to grow your business in four, I change, change and change with the times of those four, knowing your numbers is by far the most important piece of all.

Jason, as we’re reading this, I mean, you’re kind of like a Jacques Cousteau here. You know, you’re, you’re a smart guy. It appears as though one variable is the most important thing. And I, I, I struggled with the short term and longterm memory. What do you think it is? What does Neelum and Trent, what does, uh, uh, Tilman Fertitta trying to say here? Well, if I, Jacques Cousteau this or Sherlock Holmes, use my power of deduction. Batman, if you will. Um, Jason, tell us what it is. What’s the secret getting, getting all of these items together? I would think knowing your numbers is the most important. Okay. So now, now that we know that we need to track every week the actual money going in, the actual money coming out, our payroll percentage and our inquiry source, the question is when will we do it? Well you can’t wait until you feel like it cause you’ll never feel like it cause it’s not fun.

So you got to block out a set time. So I’m going to tell you when I look at my numbers and how I look at my numbers and then I’ll ask you mr listener, Mrs. Wilson to choose a specific time that you will look at your numbers. My wife looks at the numbers every single Friday. She comes in here and looks at the numbers and I’m pretty positive that all she cares about is the numbers. When it comes down to like the vision, I think she taps out. We talk about the branding. I don’t think she cares. Whenever I have a new print piece, I don’t think she cares. I make a new marketing video. I don’t think she cares either. But the one thing she cares about are those numbers. Should I just get down to brass tax? You’ve got to do it. And so in business there’s often defense and special teams.

Office is the marketing and the sales and the branding defense is the accounting and the, and then in the middle special teams, that’s the service that you provide right? Often Steven special teams, and I’m asking you now, who in your organization is playing defense and Breck? If you don’t have somebody playing defense for you, what’s going to happen? You’re going to get run all over. You’re going to and speaking to the rockets, you’re going to look like harden out there who does not play defense, right? He scores 37 and gives up 32 right? That’s his plan. So it’s, it’s, I just think it’s so important. If you’re out there today and you feel stuck in any way right now financially, it’s very important that we take time out this week to look at the actual money that went into your bank account, the actual money that left your account, the payroll percentage, and where every deal came from.

Now you might say, well clay, I don’t know where the deals are coming from. That’s what you’ve got to install. Call recording and I recommend clarity, voice, C, L a, R I, T, Y, clarity voice, C, L a, R I, T. Y. Clarity, voice. Put clarity, voice on your phone system. Put it on there today. Call clarity, voice. Set it up. Get the phone system, get it going. Cause Jason, when we record those calls, how, how does that impact our business? Recording those calls. Oh, it impacts it immensely. I remember when I first started working here and they’re like, Hey, these calls were recorded. I had come from a customer service job beforehand so I was used to that. But starting in that entry level position, knowing what might call quality was severely helped because at my old job and with the new job I’ve had, you show me my calls, I’ve had my previous manager show me calls and every single time I realize, Oh, this is what I’m doing wrong.

I’m not hitting the script here, which is causing that lead or that service job to go to crap. Also customers sometimes will claim that the customer service was terrible and then you can hear whether it was terrible or not. Right. Sometimes customers won’t complain at all, but they’re not happy. They just go somewhere else and you can listen to the calls and determine why. So there’s a certain, um, knowing your numbers, you have to get to the truth. And so sometimes that’s call recording. Sometimes if you have a business that’s more of like transactional or people walk in more walk in retail, having those cameras installed is huge. Right. And I would recommend the nest cameras for that. And let me tell you the power of that. You can see if your front desk ladies being nice or not. Yup. [inaudible] I went to a lady a place, uh, yesterday, uh, with my kids and I feel like the staff was nice but there was no overhead music and it was weird.

Yeah. I’m just sitting there waiting. And it was, it was just like a tension you could feel between the other customers because there was no overhead music. And once the woman, uh, the front desk guy in the front desk lady, once they had greeted you, they didn’t talk to you again and you just waited and you’re almost afraid to breathe in that kind of environment, you’re like, how are you, it’s like being in an elevator with a third party and you get in there, you’re having a blast. He blast five or six. You guys are talking, and then you’d go in the elevator and the third party enters and all of a sudden you’re like, Ooh, they’re right out. It’s weird. It’s a bizarre, it’s serious. It’s weird. You start to hear your, your, your human body. You start to hear yourself going, I actually sound like, Oh my God, what’s wrong with me?

And you start to hear your take your heartbeat and your ear will boom, boom, boom. You’re going to do, I act in a heartbeat that loud normally. And then you start to go, Oh my gosh, the lady next to me look at it to her, she looks so she’s looking at me. Oh, why is she looking at me? Why am I looking at her? Oh no, they just look ahead. You know what I’m saying though, right? And then you’re like, well, let me look at this whole magazine. You look at it and it’s like, Oh, it’s like highlights. This is princess Diana died. Oh my gosh. Oh wait, this is dated back in the, I mean it gets weird. So again, when you have the video cameras installed, you can see what’s actually happening. So again, getting to the numbers, knowing your numbers, the theme of today’s show is knowing your numbers, but you have to know the truth to know your numbers.

You got know the truth well, and I like a patterns and a trends. And so if you don’t know your numbers, you don’t see those patterns and transforming. Um, and when you do see those, then you can make changes as a tone set as well. Um, that’s powerful. You can see the trends over time. I mean, you can see if you’re headed in the right direction in the wrong direction. If you’re a need to turn right or left, that is good. And so you know when he talks about change, change, change, you’ve got to know the numbers to see those trends so that you’re ready to change. So again, if you’re out there and you don’t know your numbers, it’s, it’s kind of like having somebody out to dinner with you who’s smacking they’re eating with your mouth full the entire time there is eaten with your mouthful shooting pieces of food at you while they’re talking like projectile is just killing rapport.

Oh, this a rapport over there. Let me shoot some of this food at you. Kill the killer. Pour soup. Just laser beams of rapport killing soap to Oh, you were thinking about promoting me. Yeah. Not after you watch me eat. Just killing rapport, killing rapport. The your father in law now hates you, Greg. So tell me how you met my daughter. Oh yeah, I met your daughter and it just kills rapport. That’s how I feel about not knowing your numbers. That’s what it’s like. And it’s going to cause you to eventually, when you get out, when you’re done eating, the person who invited you out to eat eventually is going to give you a shellacking when the meal is over. Sure. It’s the meals over now and your mom’s going to pull you aside and go, what was that? Eating with your mouth full the whole time.

Or someone’s going to tell you and when they tell you it’s not a positive thing. Nope, not a positive thing. So I’m trying to help you right now. I’m asking you rhetorically right now, mr or mrs. listener, do you know your numbers? Do you know I, there’s very few podcasts about does this was why I’m obsessing about this. I mean, you go listen to Tony Robbins today. You go listen to Gary V. you want to listen to him? That’s cool. I want to listen to a, a lot of shows, a lot of great shows out there. Uh, Tim Ferris, great show. Want to listen to Joe Rogan. Great show. A lot of great shows. Very few shows are going to talk about the numbers, right? Because nobody wants to talk about the numbers. They just want to talk about that gross revenue. And if all you look at is the gross revenue, your bottom line, the income you’re going to have to be able to spend on the goods and services that you want, that’s going to look gross.

That’s going to be gross. I mean, that’s all you focus on is the gross, right? It’s gonna be gross like sick. Oh my gosh. Look, look how little money I have. It’s nasty. It’s sick. So if you’re out there today, clevis, what should I do? Just choose a specific time and place to look at your numbers every single week. Then sit down and focus. Focus. Focus, focus. Focus. You have to focus what? Squirrel. No focus. Focus. What? This is. No, no. Focus. Don’t, Oh, I think I did. I think I just got a text. No, turn your phone off. Turn your social media off. Turn off whatever you turn off your mind. Quiet your mind and look at your numbers. That’s a big thing though. Breck is actually looking at your numbers when you’re not on Facebook, right? Why can’t you look at your numbers while we’ll watch an ESPN, but at that that why can’t you look at your numbers while going on ESPN while watching TV?

Why, why, why can’t you do that? This is important. You need to know your numbers. You need to pay attention and you need to actually focus and internalize what’s going on. This is big. I mean, it’s like you wouldn’t do your taxes that way. I mean this, there’s something, but I mean, you know, when it’s important, you need to focus. You do. You need to, um, you know, kind of block out those distractions and actually pay attention to what you’re doing. Now, when I sit down to edit a book, a lot of people ask me, well, clay, how do you edit a book? I get that question a lot. How do you write a book? How do you, your PO, your PO, pumping out books. But how do you do it? Uh, okay, that’s a great question. This is what I listened to right now. Let me find the one. It’s like, okay, this is, this is it all pop? This is

right now. You got this on here listening to this, you know, I crank it up. My speaker system specifically, if you’re on YouTube, you type in thunderstorm sounds for sleep and relaxation. We get some kind of thunder and I just listened to this [inaudible]

or I listen to this. Now, this thing I listened to right now, let me tell you this. This is awful. I listen to this when I’m doing some, I don’t want to do like I know what’s coming here and here’s, let me queue it up.

Yeah. And I’ll listen to this for no exaggeration, no hyperbole. I will listen to this wretched music for hours. Now, this right here, if you type in new one hour bagpipe music and drumming, it’s one minute. It’s one hour and eight minutes, one hour and eight minutes of terrible mind numbing music. Look for something. Something about this allows me to edit books. Oh yeah. And my daughter’s come down and asked me, dad, is this good bagpiper? Bad bagpipe. It’s bagpipe. Seriously. Havana’s asked me, dad, how do you know if it’s good or bad? I’m like, you know, maybe go on and we’ll look. And I just,

I dunno, dr Brecken when you need to sit down and look at your numbers, what are you listening to or where do you go? How do you do it? Well, I do have a specific on Fridays. Um, I like to know going into the weekend, you know, where we stand for the week and then also just everything starts over on Monday. Um, but, uh, actually I’m at my office and so it’s the same overhead music. Um, so I don’t actually have a, a particular soundtrack that goes with my numbers time. Imagine that you are on the threshold of heaven. [inaudible] so you get up there, you’ve had a, you’ve lived a great life, you’ve honored, uh, let’s say you’ve honored your commitments, but say that you’re a Christian now out there listening and you, you have accepted Christ in your heart to that kind of thing. Let’s say that you’re a Buddhist.

I don’t know what your religion is. What just say that you now are right there looking at the pearly Gates or looking into, uh, maybe your religion, your, you’re on the vert, you’re on the verge of, of being transformed into a cow, whatever used to be a cow. This is awesome. Anyway, whatever your religion is, you’re, you’re, you’re on the verge of going into the euphoric Narnia, the heaven. Okay. You’re on the verge of going up there, right, right. And you get up there to the pearly Gates and you know, you’re knocking on that door. Yes. Ah, I was wanting to see if I can get into heaven, just wanting to see, and then the maker says, ah, Oh, let me get the door opens the door.

Tell me about that. Tuesday, four weeks ago. Uh, well, what had happened was you thi I with no, so let’s say you’re, you’re right on the verge of getting accepted into the heaven club. You’re knocking on the door knocking on heaven’s door. That’s what it’s like to have a success, to be having great marketing and great branding and great customer service and a great product. And then not knowing the numbers. It’s like you’re knocking on the door. You’re right there. I mean, you’re just right there and you’re looking right at the man and you’re running. You’re just on the threshold of, of getting to heaven and God, he wants to look at your numbers. He’s going, okay, so tell me about what you did there, what happened on that Tuesday and you’re, and you’re going, what happened was, but the problem is he, God knows the numbers.

He sees the numbers. He’s going, I am going to hold you accountable. Sounds like accounting. I’m going to hold you accountable for what you did or did not do. Let’s have that conversation. And you’re like, Oh no. What happened was, because we had gotten notes, whenever you’d revert into what had happened, once you start to go see what had happened, you could be a guy who’s very articulate during the day, but somehow when we’re in trouble is Clayton, Thomas Clark, you will now be held accountable for your actions. Tell me about last Tuesday. What had happened was that was basically, I would think all of a sudden like a list up here. That was it. It was crazy. And all of a sudden you’re getting, you get into a lot of details when you’re justifying, well, God, what had happened was he was, he was saying something to me and I think something he, but I cut him off in traffic and I was like, no, no you didn’t.

And he’s like, stop it. I have the video tape. I’m God. Oh, okay. Okay. Okay. God, you have video tape. You know that that’s kinda, you don’t want your meeting with your accountant if you like that. No, but I’m just telling you, you’re not super far away from success if you’re not tracking your numbers. If everything else is going well. But it is the key. It’s the golden key. Once you know your numbers and God says, well, tell me what happened last Tuesday when you say, well, let me pull up my calendar and this is what I did. And you give it to it’s, you’re accountable. You’re counting. It’s uh, it’s, I’m not saying it’s morally reprehensible to not be tracking. I’m just saying that it’s, it doesn’t allow your business to have integrity. Not like you’re trying to screw customers. I’m just saying it doesn’t give you the integrity cause you don’t know.

It’s, it’s like you think one thing and it actually is something else which didn’t cause you to see in truth and transparency. All that’s available because you know the numbers there it is, but if not, you’re going to have kind of a cognitive dissonance because you’re running around town and you know you’re applying for loans and they say, how much money do you make? And you’re listing that gross revenue number. Or they’re asking you how big is your business and your listing, that gross number, you’re looking to buy a building and it says, what’s your gross revenue? And you’re, you’re talking about that. And then the listing agent who’s going to say the building or are trying to give you the house, they go, no, no. I need to know how much profit do you make? And you’re like, well normally I don’t do this.

But what had happened was it’s, so I’m just telling you again, you’re knocking on heaven’s door, you’re very, very close to where you want to get to. If you have all the other aspects of your business together, you just have to track those numbers, know your numbers because not tracking is like smacking and it will cause you to get a shellacking that’s going to be painful. And I’d rather happen today on this show then when you get overdrawn, right? Cause once you get overdrawn and your credit cards are maxed out, that’s a different show. But you don’t want to get to the cash register and they’re like, sorry, decline decline. You know, you pick up the phone and it’s a [inaudible].

That’s not a move. The lights to get turned out. Customers are about to walk in and you got no lights on. That’s not a terrible, not a look. Now again, you can do it if you get stuck at all, get yourself to one of our in-person thrive time show workshops. Get yourself out to run those workshops, book your tickets, get out there. If you want to attend a and all you gotta do is leave us a review on iTunes or on Google and leave us a review on our Google maps thrive time show, jinx or on iTunes. Either way, leave us a review, take a screenshot of that review and send it to us via email to info at thrive time. and your tickets are just $37 or if you say, I ain’t got time for that, I’m going to go, uh, just pay full price.

It’s fun. $250 we’ll get you a ticket. Either way, we want to help you want to get to know you wanna to help you grow your business and it shouldn’t be ashamed of being in a tough spot financially. We’ve got to help get you out of that tough spot. And only way to do it is to know your numbers and to know know those numbers well because that is the single most important limiting factor. For 95 or 95 maybe 96 maybe 97 maybe all of the entrepreneurs that I’ve helped to grow their company, it seemed like we didn’t, we didn’t have a breakthrough until we were on the verge of the breakdown and that breakdown was caused by not knowing our numbers, but once they knew their numbers and they started to track, Jason, you’ve seen me in my business coaching meetings. Oh absolutely. What do I do every single with every single business coaching client, every single week, all, all the business owners that I coach who have helped to grow dramatically.

What do I start the meeting with? Every time you go straight into your tracking sheet, you pull up the numbers you see total that they spent on ads. There it is, how the ads were affected every time. Then the next section, the whole section is about how’d you hear about us? Call them a through Z. I refuse to engage with my business coach clients about anything else until, until we have those numbers yet, and you’ll say you’ll do like sometimes a whole meeting on that. Luke was up here for how many hours that day? Just going through his numbers. Yeah. We had a client, the great guy, and he was up here for hours and hours and hours and I’m like, Hey, we cannot, we’re, we’re not going to get out of this room. We’re not allowing ourselves to get out of this room. You cannot leave my building and until you know your numbers.

But he saved so much money for so much money. He ended up figuring out, I think we found almost $4,000 a month of waste. Wow. Justin, an act like maybe five hour meeting. It was, it was like watching Titanic almost twice. It was a rough meeting. When we got through it, we found out the numbers and I just wanted to give you an encouragement out there today. If you’re feeling in a bad spot financially, get yourself to one of our in person, thrive time, show workshops and we will help you and your business. And we’d like to in each and every show with a boom. And so now with any further ed do three, two, one, boom. Typically, I do not sing a lot of guns and roses covers on the thrive time show, but I want to dedicate this song to all the entrepreneurs, all those who are self employed, who are kind of annoyed at looking at your numbers there, that you don’t want to look at your numbers and therefore you’re just knocking on heaven’s door and you’re so close. I just wanna encourage you to look at those numbers.

Wow. [inaudible] [inaudible] yeah. [inaudible] Hey, take this badge from me. [inaudible] okay. I got to have more coffee. It’s good to see. [inaudible] I got, I have more Calvin [inaudible]

babies before we’re done here. Y’all be wearing gold petty diapers. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.


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