Optimizing Your Health with the Doctor of Physical Therapy Jen Esquer Based in Santa Monica, California

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Have you been looking to optimize your health? Are you looking to sustainably increase your overall level of health and wellness? The Doctor of Physical Therapy, Jen Esquer hops on the show to teach you practical steps that you can begin taking today.

Website: https://www.docjenfit.com/
Thrive Nation welcome back to another exciting edition of The Thrivetime Show on your radio and podcast download. Today, I have the pleasure of interviewing Jen Esquer, who is a Doctor of Physical Therapy. After graduating with a B.S. in Kinesiology, she was accepted into Loma Linda University where she received my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. She quickly accepted a job at VERT Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation in beautiful Santa Monica, CA.

Jen, welcome to the show, how are you?

Jen, we teach our listeners to focus on their “F6” Goals which means faith, family, fun, finances, friends, and fitness so on today’s show my goal is to be able to ask you the right questions that will provide both the inspiration and the education needed for the hundreds of thousands of listeners who listen to this show to take their health to the next level. Jen, why are you so passionate about helping people to optimize their health?

Jen, my understanding that is that you competed in gymnastics until the age of 16 and then you decided to focus on track and field and dance. Where did you interest in physical therapy come from?

Jen, on your website you wrote that you created an optimal body as a way to help improve and maintain optimal function through releasing restrictions, learning and understanding about what true core stability means…Jen, what do you mean by this?

Jen, according to Forbes, 90% of startups fail, what made you want to go for it and to become self-employed and to own your own business?

Jen, I read that your mission is to heal the world and the best way I can do that, is through empowering you to learn how to heal yourself! How can our listeners heal themselves?

Jen, you write about how true core stability and having a functional HIIT workout can reverse aging, boost energy and burn fat. What do you mean by this?

How important is what you eat and put into your body on a daily basis?

Jen, right now according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 39.8% of Americans are obese. Jen, on a practical level how can you help our listeners around the world? – https://www.cdc.gov/obesity/data/adult.html – FACT – According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 39.8% of Americans are obese.

Jen, you once wrote that as a physical therapist, you want to keep people out of your office and healthy. Where does this motivation come from?

Jen, I’ve seen where you’ve written about your passion for helping people to become mobile again, what do you mean by this?
Jen, our listeners and I are always curious about the habits and routines of ultra-successful people like yourself. What do the first four hours of your day typically look like?
Roll out of bed between 6:30-7:00
Working out
Coffee time
Getting into what is the intention for the day
Asking myself what I am grateful for

Jen, I know that you are a very educated woman, for all of our listeners out there that are looking for the next great book to read, what book would you recommend for all of our listeners?
BOOK – Touch: The Science of the Hand, Heart, and Mind

BOOK – You Are a Badass®: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life

Jen, thank you for being on the business coach show today and for imparting your hard-earned wisdom with the folks listening all over the world. For the listeners out there who have become big fans of yours during today’s show, what is the best way to get in contact with you or to learn more about what you do?

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988) – Do You Feel This? Scene
Learn more about your body with the mobility https://www.docjenfit.com/mobility

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Audio Transcription

Men, 13 multimillion dollar businesses, eight kids. Get ready to enter the thrive time show.

All right. Thrive nation. On today’s business coach show, we are interviewing the fitness extra, a lady who has devoted her career to helping busy entrepreneurs like you to get into the best shape of their lives, and if she picks up the phone or today’s guest, her name is Jen.

Alright, we got one ring. Nothing to worry about here. Just one ring. Here goes.

No pressure. Marshall, you’ve got up to 25 seconds to make an outline about fitness tips there. Put that outlines working out for you.

Hello? Hello. Is this the Super Jen?

All right. Thrive nation. Welcome back to another exciting edition of the thrive time show on your business coach radio and podcasts downloaded. On today’s interview, we’re interviewing Jen. Eric, chop by the last name. Can you pronounce it for us? A scare. Okay. She is a doctor of physical therapy and after graduating with a bs and chuck, can you pronounce it? It’s a. it’s a big word. It’s a big word. Big Word. Kinesiology. Oh, nice. She was accepted into the chip. Could you pronounce that part for me? Loma Linda University, where she received a a doctorate in physical therapy area, and so she has been sort of working in this physical therapy world in the area of Santa Monica, California for a long time and my understanding is jen, that after working in this area you decided you know what, instead of being reactive, let’s find a way to work with people to help them become proactive about their health. Jen, welcome onto the show. How are you?

Thank you for having me. I’m great. How are you?

Better? If you had less fancy degrees degree like jen graduated and like one syllable words, it’d be easier for me, but no, no, no. Jen, we the listeners who are listening to our show each and every week. We have hundreds of thousands of listeners. They know. We always talk about our f six goals. That means your goals for your fitness, your faith, your family, your fun, your finances in France, and you seem to be passionate about having success in all areas of all areas of your life, but it seems like you really have a deep passion for helping people to optimize their health. Why are you so passionate about helping people to optimize their health?

You know, because I think it all starts from the health. It really, once we get clear on being able to take care of our bodies, acknowledging our bodies, have compassion sticking to our word about our bodies, it’s going to spill out in every other area of life.

Well, my understanding is that you actually competed in gymnastics until the age of 16 and then you, you, you actually decided to focus on track and field and dance were. When did you decide that gymnastics wasn’t really the right sport for you?

Oh Gosh, uh, take me back to the days when I retired. You know, it just felt like I was doing it more because my mom really wanted me to continue so that I could get a scholarship or my coaches really wanted me to continue, so we felt like I came to a point where I was like, I’m not doing this for myself anymore. I’m trying to do it for everyone else, but it’s not making me happy.

Got It, got it. So you, you then just develop this big interest in physical therapy. When did that come about? You know, how old were you when you decided to have this deep, intense focus on physical therapy?

I would say I was in, I was in my undergraduate degree for kinesiology and I just knew I wanted to go into kinesiology because it was the study of human movement. So that fascinated me, but I really didn’t know where I was going to go after it until I started to learn more about the different medical type fields and once I started interning at a physical therapy clinic and I would. I loved watching how a physical therapist would observe movement, would feel movement, and I just thought it was so awesome to be able to take someone who has no idea what’s happening in their business coach body and get them to actually move their body in a more efficient way or get out of pain or whatever it may be, so it was my constant search for why things were breaking down that I wanted to help people.

So on your website, I saw where you wrote that you created optimal body as a way to help people improve and maintain optimal function from releasing restrictions, learning and understanding about the true core stability. While you’re learning what that means. True and core stability. What? What do you mean by this? When you’re talking about releasing restrictions, learning about and understanding about what true stability means.

You know, when it comes to releasing restrictions, it’s really about being able to move into your restrictions. At the same of like life, if we’re going to move into the uncomfortable, we actually have to get a little uncomfortable, so it’s the same. We’re thinking that we have restrictions and tightnesses in the body. They don’t just get to be rubbed out, but you actually get to move into them and that’s where the true belief starts to happen. So teaching people what release and relaxation in the body truly means and core stability. A talk about it because, and the reason I say true core stability is because typically we look at the body and we say, oh, a six pack. That means they have really good core stability when really they might not. So

Jen, I mean you, I’ve heard that you know, 90 percent according to Forbes, 90 percent of startups fail. They don’t, they don’t make it, you know. And so you decided to become self employed about something you’re passionate about. You kinda merged your, your, your passion and your profits together. What made you crazy enough to believe that you know, hey, I’m passionate about this idea, but I also want to make it the source of my profit. When, when, when, when, when did you decide or where were you when you decided to open up your own business?

It started when I was working at my job and the more that I started to post it was actually social media helped me crazy enough to be able to step away from my job and think that I was a crazy and app to be able to have clients may out when I worked at the physical therapy clinic, there was so much that you could do. There’s only so much you’re limited by the amount of time that you have to spend with the patient. Patients are going to come in because they got in a car accident and they want to extend their case or the other or they want to get out of work, workers comp, so sometimes you’re working with people who don’t even want to be there, don’t care to be there. Maybe their doctor told them they had to or they’re trying to increase a case.

I’m so sorry to interrupt you real quick because this what you just said is profound and we have so many business owners that listen to this. I mean, I’m not. I’m not exaggerating. We have hundreds of thousands of business owners that listen. Can you explain what you meant, Jim, when you said some people are trying to get out of a case or to extend the case or what does that mean?

Yeah, so for a lot of that, you know, in terms of car accidents or different law cases that they’re dealing with, a lot of people will go into physical therapy and they want to win their case and prove that they’re hurt. So they go into physical therapy and we’re working with a physical therapist saying that they still have neck pain three years after having a car accident. Probably not the case.

So you saw that over and over. I mean I gotta ask you this just because you are in the trenches, you, you’ve lived this life and Jen, for anybody out there who hasn’t been a physical therapist before, let’s say you had 100 people that have been in a car accident that you had to offer physical therapy too. How many of them don’t want to be there and it’s just like a, a court case thing. They’re just trying to win a settlement amount of 100 people. Is it 10 percent gen? Is it five percent? What’s the number?

Oh man, you know, unfortunately it’s probably pretty high for some, I would say maybe 85 percent of cases are true cases.

80 five. And the reason I asked that is because I own multiple companies on my partner and I, we built 13 multimillion dollar companies and we actually had a chiropractor call me one day and he says this is Dr. Such and such and I’ve got somebody here has not hurt at all, but to music claiming they’ve been hurting. It’s been about two years since the slip and fall, you know, they’re trying to sell you and happened to me quite a bit as a business owner. And you’ve been on the other side of it where you’re like, Mr Smith are you looked fine to me? Yep. I’m, no, no, I still got paid. I mean, how do you handle that? How did you handle that during those moments of your career?

You know, when I was in the clinic, that’s really nothing I can do. If they’re, if the clinic is still going to be willing to take them, then I have to treat them. So unfortunately I would pass those people more to the aids. Okay. You can have an ultrasound, you can feel good for a moment and you might be able to do some exercises, but I’m not going to put all my energy into someone who’s not going to put energy back into their body and who I feel is lying his based on tests based on anything else I could be doing. There shouldn’t be this much pain,

you know? Uh, Jen, it’s probably before your time, but do you. Did you ever see the movie dirty, rotten scoundrels storing Steve Martin?

I did.

Okay. You know how the guy is pretending to be paralyzed, but he’s not. Yeah, that’s what it reminds me on there. My Dad was a massive Steve Martin Fan. For the listeners out there who aren’t familiar, Steve Martin’s character is pretending to be paralyzed, to play off some ridiculous lie. He’s got himself caught in and so they’re a guy. Keeps whipping him on the legs to see if he has any feeling at all and he denies having any feeling and it’s sort of a funny scene there. We’ll put a link to it on the show notes there. Chuck put link to dirty, rotten scoundrels on the show now. Now, now, now you own your own business. I know your. Your mission is to heal the world the best way that you can do it, and that’s by empowering people to learn how to heal themselves. Can you share with our listeners out there what you mean when you say heal themselves?

Yes. We have all the tools they needed within our own body. It’s not a perfect adjustment. It’s not a massage. It’s not a perfect foam roller that’s going to get your body better. It’s what you do within yourself. Just the same as you would do with anything else in life. If you want to create a business, if you want to create anything, it takes action steps just like it does in your own body. And the first step that I say is listening, because most of the time what I see as the biggest issue out there is that we’re masking. So we listened to everyone else, everyone else in the world, and we pay more attention to that and say other people are worth listening to. But the one place we’re not saying we’re worth listening to is our own body, which is so sad to me.

So you, your person, if you look up your name online, it’s j, e n n e s q, u e r. A lot of our listeners are probably wondering, does Jenna ever eat food? Does she just water and ice diving? Because certainly with the immediate question is when you see somebody who’s in shape or does she ever eat it all? I’m concerned. Um, I gotta I gotta ask you this, what is your daily diet look like? And for the listeners out there, the goal, I’m an entrepreneur and I’m one, I want to do whatever you’re doing, I want to do that. What, what, what are you eating on a daily basis?

Oh Man. So what I eat, it’s probably going to be different from what other people eat and I am definitely not the person who is starving herself. Oh my goodness. I love food, but I’m also listening to my body so I know things in particular for my own personal body when I eat more dairy, sugar, gluten and grains and even like beans and lagoons, it doesn’t respond well to my body. So when I more of a quote whole 30 lifestyle, which is going to be proteins and vegetables, fruits and that’s my body feels like it can thrive. I actually have fuel, I have energy, I’m sleeping while I’m working out. Amazing. So I tried to stick to that on a general day to day basis, but I love my wine with my girlfriends. I have ice cream from time to time. I pizza from time to time. I’ve definitely, I’m not perfect, but when I do eat those foods, I enjoy them and I’m not beating myself up for eating them.

No. Just to make this actionable for all of our listeners out there, I want to make sure Janet, but if I’m getting something wrong, you correct me because you’re the guru. You’re the person. If you google you, you go, well done. If you Google me, you go, oh yeah. I’m more of a shake instead of a shape. Exactly. So I would like for you to make sure I’m getting this right. If I avoid wheat, sweets and alcohol, that’s a good thing. If I wanted to write. No, no wheat, no sweet new alcohol. Is that a good thing?

You’re moving in the right direction. There will be people who fight me on the wheat and that’s okay, but in general I’m going to say dairy has been proved to increase inflammation, so she’s trying to stay away from cheese and milk. I W I would personally say is better and sugar for sure we know is inflammatory and most gluten foods meaning processed, packaged snacks and all that stuff.

So I’m just going to recapping. I know I’m not trying to take what you’re saying out of context, but if you want to look like Jabba the Hutt, eat a ton of wheat, have a ton of sweets, and drink a ton of alcohol. If you want to look like Jabba the hut, that’s not what she’s saying. That’s what I’m taking out of this interview. Now, the next thing I want to make sure I’m getting this now, if you want to get in shape, you want to eat lean meats, vegetables, and not drink your calories. Am I missing something that lean meat the vegetables and don’t drink your calories. So Am I. Am I off there? Am I wrong?

No, no. You’re pretty on point there.

Okay, so for the listeners out there that go, okay, Jen, I’ve googled your name. It’sj , e n e s Q, u e r. You know all the ladies, all the lady listeners are doing it. They’re all going, okay, I’m not going to listen unless she’s in shape. They’ve googled you now and we now know according to the Center for Disease Control and prevention chip 39 point eight percent of business coach Americans are obese. So we have to now recognize she’s not obese. I am obese. What? Maybe what she’s saying it makes sense. Uh, maybe. Maybe make sense. So Jennifer, throughout there, and they were saying jen helped me right now. I want to go to my fridge, throw away all the bad stuff and just start eating all the good stuff. What is all this stuff I should throw away today, jen? If we’re just hardcore what jen says, rules. What should I throw away right now? If I’m listening right now, you have a lot of actionable listeners. Tell me I’m going to the fridge. Here we go. Throw it away. Tell us.

All right, let’s throw away all the package. Fred’s got it. Got All the snacks. Chips, cereal. Okay, got it. Done. It’s done. Milk, cheese. What am I getting my cookies with? Am I sweet? For sure I can. We’re still throwing it out. We’re ready. We’re going. You can keep some dark chocolate in there for America. Okay. So by and large,

again, no wheat, no wheat, no sweets, and no alcohol if possible. Now you still go up with first in line with the ladies. I get it, but I’m saying just throw it out so it’s not rid of it. It’s not readily available. No wheat,

no, I don’t have in the house. You didn’t want to know what’s going to wake up at four in the morning going, wow, I’m looking for a gallon of ice cream. If they can’t find a job, no one’s good at. Go at four in the morning over to the store to get. No you’re not. If it’s not in the house, you won’t eat it. Chop. Now Jen, I want to ask you about all these juices that people are drinking. What about all these juices? Are those good or are they not good? Where we fall on the. I’m going to bet they’re not good. Chip, I’m on a juice cleanse or a Dietitian, but I will say that they’re not. Nothing is is bad. Everything in moderation. So especially these things that we say all of a sudden they come out on the market and it’s like, this is good for you, this is the super food. If we have anything in excess, it can become bad for you. So everything in moderation, even the super foods, even the juices. So have one to do juices a day, but don’t be on a juice diet. So just a little bit of juice with a little bit of vodka and then we’re all good. No, no, no, no.

Quick. When you were recommending specifically what to eat and naughty to this is we, we, we don’t normally do this. Every show we do like every other show, we put a microphone, we inserted it into chips, skull and his cranium. And this is what he heard when we were talking. He heard,

I am your.

She’s telling us we want to avoid the wheat. It’s the. No kidding me. Oh, could you show up? It’s not good. No wheat, no. Sweet. Okay. I’ll call dairy. Reduced the inflammation chap. Let it go. Let it flow. Now we’re talking about true core stability and having a functional hit workout can reverse aging, boost energy and burn fat. It’s h I t, am I pronouncing that right? Yes. Okay, so talk to us about how a true, how true core stability and having a functional hit workout can reverse aging, boost energy

and burn fat. Well, there’s been studies that show that by inducing or putting into your workout routine, high intensity workouts, which is these bursts of really high intensity, whether that’s Ios, whether that sprinting or doing something that’s going to involve like more like a plyometric jumping type exercise or running can you do and you do it in intervals. Got It. So an interval, yes. So that actually can be shown to clear out your damaged Mitochondria and, and produce healthy new mitochondria. So in a sense it’s just, it’s a way of making new, young, healthy Mitochondria and reversing your aging cycle, which is pretty cool. So it’s a way to be able to live longer and healthier and healthy aging

portability. Looking you up on Google right now. Type it in Chin. He s Q, u, e r. do you pronounce that again real quick? How do you pronounce that chip?

Jump scare scare because I care about you

because she was scared because she kept looking. I mean, you, you, you appear to stayed in great shape. Or are you 87 or [inaudible]? Seventy four. Uh, how, how old are you at last count?

You know, you know, more like 97.

Nice. Okay. So again, look her up. This lady knows her stuff she lives in. I’m curious because a lot of people say, you know, you should do this, but by the way, I’m not going to do this myself. You know, you should do this, but I’m not going to. And I know you’re passionate. We have listeners all over the world in multiple countries, so listen to the show and there’s some people that say, I would love to go to Santa Barbara. Beautiful area. By the way, I’d love to go up there. I’d love to. I’d love to go to Santa Monica. I’d love to go somewhere in California, find you. I’d love to work out with you, but I can’t because I live in Ohio. I live in Minnesota, don’t you know what is one way that everybody out there could benefit from what you’ve, what you’re providing for the earth here, for all the listeners out there, without actually being in Santa Monica?

Yes, so that’s where I have two separate programs. One is the mobility method and it’s a way to self assess yourself without having to go see a physical therapist, which is kind of awesome. So you get to see where your body’s not moving. Wow. Were your restrictions are where your range of motion is not quote unquote normal and what are the tools that you can use to start to open that up and release your body for your body. And then the other one we talked about which was the optimal business coach body in of getting those hit workouts, reversing aging, getting mobility and core stability is within the optimal body and you get workouts every single month provided for you that you can do in your home. So it’s kind of the easiest way that I could provide everything for everyone without having to be in their home.

What website do we need to go to to find these tools? Doc Gen fit.com. Doc Gen.com. Yup. Dot Jen fit.com. Go there or be square. Go there. I’d say what? Thrive nation. If you have a soul and you don’t have carpal tunnel syndrome syndrome, you should go there now. No, go there because she cares. Now I have. I have four rapid fire questions and then I. Steve Currington the mortgage expert, not a fitness expert. I give you a chance to ask a question. Clay stares. Like if you’d answer, ask a question, and Eric Chop. We’re going to go fast. So here we go. Sign up for questions from me. Jen, you’re passionate about helping people to become mobile again. What does this mean?


that means that you’re able to live life the way that you fundamentally should be getting down on the ground, getting back up because it is actually a risk factor that if you can’t get down on the ground and get back up without using your hands and knees, you’re more likely to pass away within the next six and a half years.

No, next question, talk to me about your, your habits, your habits. I think habits are a big thing for a lot of people is you know what, what are habits you have on a daily basis that allow you to be successful? What are the first four hours of your day typically look like?

It looks like rolling out of bed because I’m not a morning person, but I forced myself up at least about between 6:30 and seven. Getting my workout in and that means listening to my body, whatever it is my body feels like doing that morning and getting coffee because I love my coffee and I won’t give that up. Not yet at least and and really sitting back into what is my intention for the day and what am I grateful for.

Got It. You got that job, working out coffee, asking yourself what you’re grateful for and then what are you wanting to get done today? What are you wanting to be intentional about? Do you write this on the to do list? Jen?


My intentions. I write down my gratitude. I just say out loud.

Got It. Now you’re an educated woman, you’ve, you, you obviously are well read on. Is there one book that you’d recommend for all of our listeners out there, we have a lot of listeners who love reading books. Is there a specific book or a publication of some kind that you’d recommend for all the listeners out there?

I really like. You are a bad ass bad Jensen Stereo and there’s another good one. Touch by David Lyndon.

You repeat those one more time. Our show observers taking notes. We’re putting on the show notes right now. Can you repeat that one more time?

Yes. You are a Badass by Jen sincero and touch by David Lyndon. Got It.

Okay. Now, final, final question I have for you. Then I’ll pass it over to Steve Currington, the mortgage guru. Then clay stares. Former school teacher turned millionaire entrepreneur and Eric Chop ’em. For anybody out there who says, Jen, I’m so far out of shape. I cannot possibly get in shape. Now,

what do you say to them? I say, that’s just you’re gonna. Continue to stay in the path. Whatever you tell yourself, you tell yourself that you can be, you can look good and you can feel good and you can move your body. You will be. If you tell yourself you won’t be, you won’t be.

Got It. Steve Currington, what is your appropriate question? Nothing. No. Nothing out of bounds like you normally do. It was religious. What do you got stuck? Okay, so

speaking about physical therapy, I’m a guy who is not a big fan of working out, working out clothes on right now. I’ve worked workout clothes because I am going to workout after this because I have doing some personal training, but I have two part question. One, what is a, an exercise or something that you can do that will help you on a daily basis with posture because I would think that’s something that you might have some expertise in and then are there exercises that you do that are like more one on one that you think are good for, you know in the morning when you don’t have a lot of time or maybe when you’re at work, things that you can do to help your body. When you talk about listening to your body,

yes, I think the number one thing that everyone should do, and it helps posture is effective breathing, so that means are you placing your hands on your rib cage and your belly and being able to breathe into your hands, meaning that it’s not going to get into the chest they’re teaching your body how to actually breathe through the diaphragm, decreases stress, decreases cortisol, decreases pain, increases the oxygen efficiency into your brain and your body, and it’s going to help everything. Overall. It improves the rib cage posture. It improves the pelvis posture so it helps you already start to align your body just by thinking of where you’re breathing into. So huge game changer there. And the other thing is rotation of the upper spine. So sometimes in bed I like to just lay on my side. I grabbed one of my knee, my knee, so it keeps my body on the side and then I just reached my arm over across my body and I reached back and forth and that opens up the upper spine. So you’re getting rotation of that upper thoracic spine. And it actually helps to decrease shoulder pain, decreased business coach neck tension. So that’s a great one that anyone can do. First thing out of bed

guys. I think she knows what she’s talking about. Bonus. The bonus tip for, for me, a little bonus tip here. You don’t want to smoke in bed either onto your next question, virgin as scare because she cares exactly a scare because you care. I do have a question about this, uh, this package that you were

talking about just a little bit ago, the mobility method and uh, you’re talking about this whole thing, uh, the, the hip mobility videos, the hip mobility exercises, that’s probably an area for me that is just consistently where I don’t feel pain, but just feel a very, very tight in those areas. What Jen, because she cares like, come on. So, so hip exercises just yet. What can I do there?

Getting down on the ground, that would be one of the easiest exercises that you can start to do because it’s probably not going to be comfortable if your hips are tight, but spending more time on the ground everyone should do. And probably the only people who are doing it right now are Yogis and pilates instructors and we think, oh, that’s weird that they have such great hip, hip mobility. But the reality is they’ve getting down on the ground all throughout the day. So if we could spend more time on the ground, it’s 100 percent going to start to increase that hip mobility it has to because your body’s going to start to adapt. And the more time that you spend on the ground, the more time that you put your legs in these awkward positions. Like, how do I get comfortable if I’m not comfortable sitting on the ground? Yeah.

Your body will start to learn. Yeah. Yeah. I’m good. Okay. Now you have the final. You have a final question or final 30 seconds. Chop. Okay. Jen, what is the best thing a business owner can do in the workplace to make sure that their employees are optimizing our operating optimally with their bodies?

So you know, the best thing that you can do is encourage people to get up and author desk every once in a while, even that’s if that’s going from sitting to stand, that’s at least better than just sitting all day or standing all day, walking around having little tasks. I always promote that people should be that particular person in the workplace that people are like, who’s that and what are they doing where they’re stretching behind their chair or they’re doing some wall exercises, some doorway exercises to open up their chest. I always encourage people, be that person in the office. Awesome.

No, Jen, for the listeners out there who have a loved getting a chance to hear you and are going to google you and check you out there. Uh, what is, uh, how can people learn more about you and what is, you know, what’s the best way for them to take advantage of the programs that you’re now offering?

Doc Gen fit.com is where you’ll find all my programs and all my information about where you can kind of find out about me more. But if you want to just start to get an idea of what I have to offer doc gen fit on, instagram is where you’re going to have a whole mess of a lot of things. Have all these exercises, all these stretches, so you can start to kind of discover what I’m talking about and how I move into my own body.

Now, duck, we looked at it. We like to end every single show with a three to one and a boom. Now, boom, here stands for big, overwhelming, optimistic momentum. So are you willing to participate in our business coach own R and R or kind of pre show ending? Boom. Hi, I’m in. Okay. So those. We’ll do a three to one and a boom. Clay stairs. Are you ready man? I’m you Eddie. Eric Chop. Were you in thrive nation? Are you in here? We go three. Wha


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