Overdeliver and Soon You Shall Be Overpaid – A Knowledge Bomb

Show Notes

“By performing more service and better service than that for which you are paid, you not only exercise your service-rendering qualities, and thereby develop skill and ability of an extraordinary sort, but you build reputation that is valuable. If you form the habit of rendering such service you will become so adept in your work that you can command greater remuneration that those who do not perform such service.” – Napoleon Hill

Your goal should be to always do 20% more than you are supposed to do .


  1. Ask Yourself the Following Question – In what area of your business are you not going over and above?
  2. Create a checklist with all of the WOW factors that your customer will experience
  3. Understand the Following Concept:
    1. People will not refer NOW unless they say WOW.
      1. Make this into a habit and you will find financial success overtime.

It is not good enough to over deliver one time. You must bake the over delivery into your business cake.

  1. You must systemize your WOW experiences and put them on a checklist so that people besides you can over deliver every single time.

NOTE: The most selfish thing you could ever do is to over deliver to your clients.

How to create an environment that over delivers for your people:

  1. Be intentional about the following:
    1. Sights
    2. Sounds
    3. Smells
  2. Act with Stoicism – you set the emotional tone in your office
  3. Leadership / Organizational Chart
  4. Set weekly schedule and stick to it
  5. Build your office in a part of town where people want to be

ACTION STEP – Ask Yourself the following 3 questions:

  1. In what areas of my life am I not over delivering to my family?
  2. In what areas of my life am I not over delivering to my business?
  3. In what areas of my life am I not over delivering in my personal work ethic?
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Audio Transcription

On today’s show, we break down why overdelivering for your boss and your customers is the most selfish thing you could ever possibly do,

grabbed the duck tape and mentally prepare yourself for yet another mind-expanding knowledge bomb from America’s number one business podcast & business coach, Clay Clark.

All right, thrive nation. Welcome back to another exciting edition of the thrive time show business podcast and the knowledge bomb edition of the thrive time show. Now, on today’s business coach show, we’re talking about this concept that Napoleon hill once wrote, so I pulled out quote Napoleon Hill. This quote, I think so much of that I haven’t painted on the wall at the office. Napoleon hill once said, he went throughout, overdeliver, and soon you shall be overpaid, overdeliver, and soon you shall be overpaid. So on today’s show, I want to give the listeners out there want to give you three examples of what it means to overdeliver, and I would like to ask you three questions that we’re going to change your life if you get this idea. Okay? So example, number one, I did not know about overdelivering until a book was introduced to me that was written by Napoleon hill called think and grow rich.

My boss at the time, Jeremy Thorn, gave the book to me, Jeremy Thorn gave the book to be the book changed my life. Uh, so much that I named my son after the author think it grow rich, the author of think and grow rich, the number one self help book of all time outside of the chicken soup for the soul series. This book has sold over $60 million copies. The book is called think and grow rich. It documents the proven path to success. My boss says to me, you have to read this book. I said, German, I don’t want to read the book. And he says, if you don’t read the book, you’re fired. I’m like, okay, I’ll read the books. Read the book, and the book explains so many keys to success, but one of the things that explains is your goal should be to always do 20 percent more than you’re paid to do.

Your goal should always be to do 20 percent more than you’re paid to do 20, 20, 20 percent. So it feel. Say I did my best effort, I did my past, but we’re talking about giving 120 percent more than what your quota is. So as an example, I read the book and listen to the business podcast and I’m going, well, my career’s going nowhere. My Dj business isn’t really taking off the way I wanted it to. I’m in year three, I’ve done probably $30,000 of profit, you know, last year I’m year three of the business now I, I’d made a lot of gross rent when I, when I personally deejayed I always made a lot of money. But getting the business going. When I hired people it seemed like the, the, the second employee I hired, the first employee I hired eight, all my profit. It’s what happens. Step backwards a little bit.

And I, and I hired the next guy and we got worse and it seemed like the quality was just dipping and it just seemed like every time if I didn’t Dj to show myself, it wasn’t very good. And so what I wanted to do is I want, I want to have an audio clip of me, I think actually deejaying from back in the day. I’m going to cue it up so you could hear what, what a Dj show sounded like. When I personally deejayed a bride would ask for a song like a, the bride and groom would make a playlist of songs they wanted and they weren’t good at Dj and they were a bride and groom. But my job was to sell every single song to every single audience and get people excited about songs I didn’t even like. And so meatloaf wrote a song called I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that.

And to this day he’s never explained what that is. But the thing is, he wrote this song and I’m going like, okay, if I, if I have to play this song at a wedding, I got to get everybody on the dance floor. That’s a hard thing to do because the songs really not danceable. And I would just sell that song. I was singing that song. Like George Foreman sold you a grill. I would just sell on that thing. I was selling that thing like it was late night at a used car lot on a Saturday night. You got one hour left and you’re just trying to close the deal. I was selling that thing like I worked at Mathis brothers furniture store. If you don’t know what mathis brothers is, it’s like a time share tour. I Bet I’m so. I’m still in that thing like I’m going an Mlm. I’m selling that thing like I’m selling timeshares. I’m selling that on every single show. I personally would just sell the sell the song to the audience

and I realized that the reason why brides would tip me massive money is because my goal when I deejayed was to wow the bride just wow. The break I was into, I was passionate about Dj, right? So I would get out there and just try to wow the bride and then the brides would tell their friends about me and I personally always got tipped, but I wasn’t passionate about training my people. So instead of training my people and doing 20 percent more than my business coach employees expected my trainings, we’re 80 percent as good as they should’ve been. So when a guy would come to apply for a job at DJ connection, back in the day, I would hire the guy and trump, I would try to delegate the training by give you, haven’t stupid low energy videos for them to watch, handing the manuals, handing them an operations manual instead of training them, handing them an operations manual.

So even though I was personally good at deejaying and I personally could, wow every bride, I was a terrible trainer. It’s kind of like trying to delegate, raising your kids, right? Like this is something that you built and you’re caring about and you’re helping it grow. And then all of a sudden you take your eye off the ball and it’s going to get terrible. So I want to do. I want to ask all the listeners this question. I’m gonna ask you in what area of your business are you not going over and above because again, overdeliver and soon you shall be overpaid. And what area of your business right now, if you’re, if you’re a business owner and what area are you not over delivering, or if you are an employee for somebody and what area are you not over delivering in? When I realized that, just kind of a self analysis of self awareness that wow, I am over delivering personally as a Dj.

But as it relates to training my team, I’m not. Gosh, that’s what my dj suck. Once it occurred to me that I am the problem, I am the issue. I am the one causing my dysfunction. I am the one peeing in my own gas tank. I am the one keying my own car. I am the one with the fly down giving the speech. I am the one, not overdelivering it was fixable, but shut up until that point. I was just mad at the way my life worked. I bought into that narrative. I can’t find good people. They’re just not out there. It millennials weren’t even a thing yet where they know, like I was blaming the economy. Okay, so again, concept number one, ask yourself in what area are you not overdelivering as an employee or as an as a boss. Now, second concept I want to teach here, it is not good enough to just over deliver.

One time you need to bake the overdelivery into your actual business cake. You have to bake the overdelivery into your business cake. You have to bake it. You have to put it into the recipe. As an example, at chick filet Andrew, you worked at chick filet. Yes sir. And there are many, many things that chick filet does that are far and above. They exceed the. They exceed. They dramatically exceed the expectations of the average consumer. So let’s go through some things that you did at chick filet on a daily basis. I’ll kind of tee up what I see as a customer and you can tell me the system behind it. Yeah. Every time that I’ve gone into a chick fil a bathroom and I say every time the bathrooms are very clean. Also, you have drive through people that not only do a good job taking your order in the drive through line, but they actually come out to your car.

If the land gets signed and gets back. Let’s go to the bathroom first. What are the bathroom’s always, how do they guarantee that with all of their stores, thousands of stores, they’re always clean. How do they put it into the system to keep the bathrooms far cleaner than I probably keep my own bathroom, so multiple times throughout the day, someone actually goes back there to where the bathrooms are and there’s a cabinet and when you open the cabinet door, there’s something on the door and it’s a checklist. It’s a checklist of literally every single part of the bathroom that has to be clean at a certain time throughout the day and someone goes back there multiple times throughout the day, open the cabinet door and looked at the checklist, puts on the gloves and gets in there and cleans the bathroom. So the question again is how can you systemically make it where every single time is part of your process that every customer’s wowed?

Every single time, well, I’m going to tell you how to do it. Okay. Will you do as you make a checklist. So after the weddings, I made a checklist on that checklist. The Dj had to send the bride a handwritten thank you. So right there when you would unload your gear, we would immediately begin to write the thank you note and we’d sign it with a blue pen and we mailed it right then, right? Then all the Djs had to sign the card right in as part of the system. Step two, all the Djs, I would open up their case of cds and make sure they were all organized alphabetically. Every business podcast show guys would get their cds disorganized and every single show I’d make them open their case, put it back where it was. Step three, I had a checklist for unloading their equipment every single time, making sure no gear got left right.

Then we had a competition for whoever got the most tips or whoever could do the most dips. I would give them a bonus, so dips like physical tricep extensions. I would compete with the Djs to see who could beat me and nobody. Nobody really could ever beat me because I did them every night with the guys. I’ll tell night and so I was just. I’m serious. I was doing dips or whoever. We got a bigger tip. If you’ve got a big tip, I would always high five. You basically double your money. There it was. It was a goal. Then the system was after the wedding, I personally would call or one of the managers would call every bride and say, how happy were you with your dj on a scale of one to 10, 10 being the highest, one being the least, and if they’ve rated the dj a nine or above, the Dj’s got a bonus. If they rated them below a nine, they didn’t. Yeah, so these are all systems that I created that baked into the business cake, the overdelivery Chubb, and

so when he’s talking about creating these systems, literally make a list of all of these wow moments. Okay. Walk through your workflow walkthrough. If you were your own customer and point and notice where you have these wow moments, clay, one thing that really resonated with when I very first started working with you, uh, with epic photography was that I was managing the gear for all the photographers. Check it in, check it out. Just like you were saying with the Djs. And I noticed on the checklist, I don’t know if you remember this, but I noticed on the checklist there was a spot for a sewing kit. Yes. And I had not seen a sewing kit of any of the kits at all. And so we talked about it and you explain to me, no, that’s one of the wows that has to go back into the kid and it has to start going because kids will quit doing that. Quit doing it. And it’s. What I want to get across to the listeners is those little things. Putting

a sewing kit and the gear bag for the photographers. If a bride or a bridesmaid or somebody has a tear and address or whatever, and the photographer stands up and says, Hey, let me fix that for you. I can’t say how much a well moment, I can’t tell you how many weddings we booked as a result of referrals from that. Exactly right, so people are just blown away. So you have to actually create the list of these wow factors to make sure that your team members, as clay was saying, when you delegate, don’t skip over these things. Also, there was on the checklist for the photographer, there’s dropoff gourmet chocolate and give it to the event planner. Yes, and people every time I didn’t know we’re still doing. We’re still doing now and know our shell dude. Come on man. So what happens is people by default always will do the least amount of effort that is expected.

So you’ve got to make it part of your business podcast process. Part of your minimum expectation should be to wow people. Talk to me about the drive through line at Chick filet Andrew. You worked there. Why does the why do the drive through? People actually come outside of the business coach store and come out to your car so that they actually come out to your car because it’s a lot more personal and you get a better interaction as opposed to talking to a robotic speaker box. Um, and so that way, uh, orders or understood a lot better when it’s face to face, less miscommunication, just like in texting and emailing you go. It’s so much. It’s so much quicker. It’s so much more personal and it’s so much more accurate when you actually have a person. You’re talking to them. So step one again, ask yourself, how can I overdeliver from either my boss or, you know, how am I not over delivering?

Just ask yourself, this is the first concept is, you know, what area of my life in business and my not overdelivering it. Okay. This next concept is how can I systemically put it into my checklist? Checklists. Yes. Put it into your checklist. A check. Oh, here’s a checklist. What? Check one. Check to put it on the checklist. Uh, Houston, uh, all systems go check Houston. Do we have any bacon on board? The space shuttle Discovery, there’s a check list check list. Yes. You have planes used checklists. Why are you not using a checklist? Make a checklist for the to put it in the over delivery. Third, people will not refer now until they say, wow, concept three. People will not refer now until they say, wow, I don’t care how many times you ask people for referrals, you and your clever referral schemes and your moves.

We ask people for referrals and, Hey, could you recommend me to find people? They won’t do it, and that’s why our our our December conference, there are so many people coming. That is why so many people have attended our workshops multiple times. That is why we have over 909, I think 20 now a online video reviews people on video talking about how they loved the experience. That’s what we have. Over 512. Five star Google reviews. That’s how we have a over a thousand itunes reviews because when you wow, people want to give, they will reciprocate. It’s. It’s this thing called the law of reciprocity. Exactly, and it works with your wife and it works with your business and it works with your husband and it works for your business and it works with your kids and it works with your business. It’s do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

So when you tell somebody when they’re expecting you as a disc jockey to show up at 5:00 to set up and to start at seven and the contract states, I’ll dj until 11 and then you get there at 4:00, one hour before they expect you, and then you walk up to the bride on the day of her wedding at 10:30. Say, amber, how’s it going? Crazy. She’s having a great time. She’s in her dress. People were dancing and a good time. You say, amber, Hey, just you know, tonight it’s going to be unlimited time and there’s no. I know you’re having a great time. There is no, um, you don’t have to pay anything extra. I can’t tell how many times they would say, oh wow. Thank you. Thank you guys are awesome. Like they literally say, wow. They knew literally and they say, God, what can we.

What can we do to thank you? Don’t always say, hey, if you’re happy, just tell your friends. All I want to do as well, you and I can’t say how many people will refer their friends. It’s unbelievable, but you, if you don’t do this, the most selfish thing that you could do for you, this is the most selfish thing you could ever do. The most selfish thing you can ever do is to not work with me on this. This is the most selfish thing. The most selfish thing would be to say, I’m not just going to deliver. I’m going to overdeliver. The most selfish thing that you can do is to overdeliver. The most selfish habit you can develop is to always do 20 percent more than it than it is expected. The most selfish thing you can do for your own business coach self is to be the first one to work.

The most selfish thing you could ever do for your career is to never ask, is that my job? The most selfish thing you could ever, ever, ever do is to beat your boss to work. The most selfish thing you could do is to call your wife none of her birthday, but on a Monday. And tell her you love her. Send her a text and tell her you love her. It show up with flowers on a Tuesday. You guys have been in the office long enough. You’ve seen this. Andrew, why did we, why do we get. Can you tell, tell the audience, tell the listeners out there about the Mariachi band. Yeah. So, um, one day you just walked up to me and said, hey, I need you to get a marriott. You banned here by 2:00 and for your wife and you just, uh, we had a Mariachi band just show up and we celebrated your wife for a accomplishing something, but it wasn’t on any specific day.

Was Valentine’s Day? Uh, no. Was it a birthday a? No. Was it Christmas? Uh, I don’t think so. Interesting. He was like a Tuesday. I think it was my wife on a. I mean this though. She’s a great lady. Everybody who meets her always goes, have you ever seen your husband? Why can’t. I mean, I’m like, you know, like Yoda, you know, and, and she’s like a beauty queen. My wife is great, but you know what? The only reason I’m, I’m 100 percent convinced to this because she’s told me the only reason she wanted to marry me is because I constantly overdelivered for her and for my clients. Yeah, that was a big thing. But with a business it was so hard to scale it because I didn’t have any checklists for overdelivering. So I made a checklist for training my djs and my checklist was to teach these guys how to become confident presenters and good djs.

And before I was just trying to teach them how to hit buttons and hit play, but to teach somebody how to become a confident business podcast presenter. So many of the former Djs have gone on to become pastors now and gone on to become leaders and they, they’ll text me and call me and say, dude, what I learned while working for working for you change my life. But it might have had overdeliver. So again, this third, this third concept is you just want to be, you want to develop this habit of over delivering, you want to just develop this habit force. But that’s what you do. Chuck, you’ve had this concept since your first day working with us. It’s a concept I’ve seen you do on a daily basis. Can you explain your mindset as it comes down to overdelivering as an employee? Yeah. And, and when you were a business owner.

So when the way I look at that, let’s just say like compensation, uh, you know, I don’t view it as I’m going to come here and get paid for an hour. I go, I’m going to come, I’m going to shuffle them and get paid, but I don’t really care about that. I just want to do whatever needs to get done. And that’s kind of a, you know, I feel lucky that I grew up in that environment because yeah, I knew I was going to get paid working for my parents, but it didn’t, it didn’t matter how long it took, you still have to get the job done. Therefore, you got to get it done as fast as possible and when you’re working for somebody, if you have that mindset and they’re a good mentor and a good manager, then it’s a great fit and you can learn a lot and you guys can both go places very quickly.

What, um, what is going on in your head when you just want to. What aspects of working at thrive are you most grateful for? Or are you most appreciated? Like what aspects do you say, Gosh, I really am appreciative of this aspect of the job.

One major thing would be just the consistency, knowing that like we all have things to do and that we can count on you for one to be the leader of everything. Um, that that’s a really helpful thing. Consistency builds confidence. Um, and then the second one,

things that matters to you. Knowing that I’m going to show up.

Well, there you’re going to show up or whatever. You know, if we set a plan in motion, it’s gonna follow through until we communicate and change it. It’s not just a let’s go do this and then you don’t ever hear about it again. That happens with losses all the time. Right. And then the, another huge thing for me, we’ve talked about this on the show a lot, but I’ve got two business degrees. I ran a company for seven or eight years and I learn so much every day through experiences, through systems, through read, through whatever. I just, you can learn so much working at the thrive time, time

show, Andrew, what do you appreciate most about working at the thrive time show? So when I actually first started working at thrive, um, I was in, uh, in, in school, in college and I was paying, you were wearing a lot of money in order to get this education that I would more than likely never use. And I started working at thrive and it felt weird because I wasn’t paying anything for the education I was getting. I was actually getting paid for it. It made a the other day. What did she say? She’s learned more here in the past six months than she has in the past six years anywhere else. And I just want to make sure you’re getting this. This was not what I used to do. This was not, I didn’t do this, uh, you know, 15 years ago, 15 years ago, I, I’m not kidding you guys, I would show up to work as was always the first guy there and I would tell you what to do and I would personally be a great dj and I would tell you how to Dj, but I never mentored my employees. I never prepared for the meetings. Every morning. You guys know on Monday morning or Monday morning meeting. Yep. I’m always going to have a prepared teaching thing.

It’s right at the bottom of the agenda that we know it’s the same agenda same time, right? And then there’s clay section at the bottom.

It’s every. And it’s. My whole goal is to make sure that I teach somebody something on this business podcast they did not know every single morning, every single morning, every single morning I do it also. I want to make sure we have a really cool place to work. Right. So we have the coffee bar set up there. Oh yeah. I want to make sure that the people like working there. We’ve got a big walk in freezer. Uh, we’re located in a nice office building. We’re in a nice part of town. This just, it would be significantly more profitable if we weren’t in a nice area of town, but even when we moved to our new office here about 18 months, that too will be in a nice place uptown. I could save money by officing in a bunker somewhere, but you wouldn’t use a boss want to overdeliver. I want to offer a better office environment as a cooler office. I’ve worked in so many office buildings that are just soul sucking. Yeah. And Chuck, can you explain the decor of the office or the look that just, just the atmosphere of the actual thrive time show us.

Yeah, a Patina swag. That might be something you would say. There’s just stuff everywhere. A very intentional. There’s positive quotes and success stories all over the walls in poster form and chalk form. Uh, there’s always, it’s an office area, but there’s no walls. It’s a gigantic room with all of the team. And we meet our clients right there. We have our conference right there. There’s always overhead music going. There’s always energy. There’s always people celebrating wins whenever they look at dealer and an appointment. And so it’s just very intentional.

So here you go. These are the mechanisms. These are the systems. This is the checklist. This is a checklist for making an office environment. People will like, okay, one business coach site’s got to make sure visually, the places enticing and encouraging sites. Don’t tell me that your vanilla painted wall with a picture of a duck from 1980. Inspiring I’m talking about it has to be inspiring, found. They must be uplifting, upbeat, uplifting, and upbeat. Sounds, smells. Smell has to be positive. There’s no, there’s no such thing as smell neutral. That’s what we had burned pinion board in the office and right now. Yep. Sights, sounds, smells. Okay. You as the boss dictate the emotional state of the team. If you look fearful, your team will be scared. If you’re confident, you have a confident team. If you say nice things, they’ll say nice things. If you’re funny, there’ll be funny.

Stoicism, you set the tone. If you’re STOIC, you’re an emotional battleship. You can handle things than you are going to have a stoic team, but again, it comes down to you. Sights, sounds, smells, leadership. You have to have an organizational chart. People have to know where they stand and how they move up. People have to know where they stand and how they move up. They have to know the organizational chart, right? The next thing you have to have is a set weekly schedule. People want to know when they can count on you. People want to know. People want to know they want to win. Can they count on you? People want to know these things. Right? Next, we want to be a part of town that people actually want to be in. You don’t want to office and a bombed out shelter in Beirut because people don’t want to work there, so you have to be in a nice place.

That’s why when I went to Puerto Rico to check it out, that’s why I realized right away I go, I can’t, I couldn’t bring a team here. It’s not safe enough that that’s what killed that idea. Um, the taxation was a great deal of the views are awesome that the beach is incredible, but it’s just the location wouldn’t have worked for the vast majority of people. It didn’t, it didn’t feel safe. So as we wrap up today’s show about overdelivering, again, Napoleon hill once wrote, overdeliver, and soon you shall be overpaid. I want you, Mr, listener, to write down these three questions. Question number one, and what area of my life am I not overdelivering to my family?

In what areas of my life am I not overdelivering to my family? I want you to think about that. Write it down. Second, in what area of my business am I not over delivering to my business and what areas of my business am I not over delivering? Three. In what areas of my personal work ethic am I not over delivering? And I want to tell you, you have the power to change. You can change right now, but write down these things and we’d be aware of it, and now here’s what you do. You put it on your calendar, you put it under counter schedule, onto your calendar. When you’re going to overdeliver, bake it into the cake. Make that checklist check. That’s what you gotta do what she gotTa do it. That’s how it works.

I want to chime in real quick. You said something a minute ago and I really want to hammer this point home cameras about being over delivering with your business coach employees. A lot of people can kind of skim over this and again, it goes back to just over delivering to your clients. It’s the most selfish thing you can do, clay, if you don’t over deliver to people, how do you get people like Marshall and John Kelly to stay around for as long as they have? People won’t do it. If you. If you overdeliver with your people, your team will stick by your side and they’ll help you with your vision.

It also repels people when you hold people accountable, yes, them over to living and people want a piece out. Exactly. I’m just telling you, you got to do it. If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t want to show up everyday, you won’t like working with them and it’s under delivery right there. That’s right. And it’s always like to end the show with him.

Boom, boom.

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