Passive Income is Not a Thing | Why You Can Never Stop Tending Your Business Garden

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On today’s show, Dr. Z and Clay break down why you can’t make money passively while discussing the industries of real estate, optometry, mobile entertainment, and every other industry under the sun.

Do you have any commercial real estate?

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  1. Is Commercial Real Estate passive income?
    1. You have to collect rent
    2. You have to take care of structural issues
    3. You have to make sure the tenants get along
    4. You have to pay taxes on time
  2. Google has broken down into a company called Alphabet
  3. Are Stocks passive?
    1. No, You have to:
      1. Make the money to invest
      2. Find the stock
      3. Research the sock
      4. Check with your CPA First
      5. Buy the stock low
      6. Let the stock grow
      7. Donate $20,000 of the profit from the stocks to an organization as a tax write off.
  4. Why can’t you stop doing the Dream 100?
    1. Your competition is not going to stop
    2. Everyone out there is fighting for their life
    3. Your competition is not sleeping
      1. They snipe your:
        1. Employees
        2. Accounts
        3. Systems
    4. If you stop, you will begin to drift and end up in a place where you don’t want to be.
  5. You can get close to passive income but you can never get there. Here is how you get close:
    1. You have to hire a manager that has the same beliefs as you
    2. You have to pay that manager well
    3. You have to follow up with them
    4. It is all about training
    5. You have to find an A+ player and recreate you in them
    6. You can give your employees Golden Handcuffs so they benefit and you benefit.
  6. Forbes says that 67% of people want to start a business. 
    1. If you franchise, you have a team, you have less competition, you have a system, you have a proven path and they are more likely to survive than a start up business.

Action Items: If there is something in your business that you have been ignoring, you have to hire someone to take care of it.


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Xe. Welcome back to another edition of the thrive time show. Well, it’s great to be back to another edition of the thrive time show play and I’d like to welcome you to yet another edition of the thrive time show. If I may. Thank you for welcoming me after I welcomed you and I just want to welcome all the listeners out there who now hopefully feel welcomed. Do we, do we need a welcome each one individually because that may take a while or could or should we just do a universal welcome universal. Hello, welcome. Okay. Good evening to you. I think on today’s show we’re talking about how to create passive income and how it is not a thing. Is this like pass when you’re passive aggressive towards me? Here we go. Mark the two man too.

How to create passive income is not a thing!

So I would like to, uh, tee up the problem and I’d like for you to, uh, provide examples that would demonstrate to the listeners that we are in fact, right. Um, okay. To wait a sec. Wait a sec. Wait a second. Yeah. How do you define passive income? First of all, because he hit closer to home than you. Then you may realize money that cometh to come move yes with by doing nothing. No thing, no thing. No action. No action. Wow. As an example. Okay. Um, do you own any commercial real estate, sir? Yes. Okay. Let’s focus on just one building. Okay. Let’s go with, uh, the Nice for stories. Five stories or four stories. Four stories. Four stories. Uh, how many square feet? 50,000 square feet. 50,000. Leaseable square feet. It’s about 52,000 total square feet, majestic buildings. I try to run out the hallways, but people just don’t want to run out of hallway.

No, no. Why not for sale, but at the end of the day, z. Um, and what’s the address of somebody out there wanting to make a nice offer today at 30 to 30 did south Harvard 30 tabs. Harvard Avenue. We’ll, we’ll put a link to in the show notes and that building. I’m with tenants. You have great tenants. Now I’m sure you’ve never had bad tenants in a building, a no comment. But you’ve also bought a building next to your optometry clinic, right? Didn’t you just buy another building or no, or that’s the building I’m talking about. Oh No. Well, I mean I have two optometry clinics and I own buildings next to both of them. Oh, I’m sorry. The one next to the mall with the hills. Mind you, didn’t you just buy another building a couple of years ago, three years ago now. So that building is commercial real estate and you have tenants and there are, and you’ve never had a bad tenant.

No comment. Yes, but your rock. I have. You had all just great ones. Oh, all great ones. I love them all. Hypothetically, if you have a bad tenant, don’t you have to collect rent from these people? In theory, yes. And here’s all the answers that I’ve come up with that I’ve heard people tell me as to why they haven’t paid on time. They say it’s in the mail. Oh yes. If the check is in the mail, well that mail, it will gum it up every now and I thought about why, why don’t we just do ACH direct deposit and go, well, hey, you get out my personal information, you know, and you’re like, okay, how about a credit card? Nah, I got pack back in 1997 have you ever recovered? God Hat got hat. Ah, okay. How about y’all? I’ll just come by right now. Amina, a good friend of mine named Guido.

We’ll come by and we’ll just get the pain right now. And I said, Oh, I’m at a town. Okay, I’m on vacation. I’m not, it’s been tough financially, but I’m on vacation. And then they’ll go see, Ya know. So you would never have tenants. And then if they do pay on time, do you ever have a light bulb go out or something break? Yes, you would have a toilet get clogged. You ever have a slip and fall? Somebody tries to pretend they got injured in your parking lot on occasion. Do you ever had a, a woman in a female customer? Hypothetically, in my, in my case, I’d get rid of commercial real estate. You had to convince me why I had a female a years ago who actually pulled up to our 16th and, uh, uh, 60 than Boston office. Okay. And pulled up her car to where the traffic bumper is.

Yes. And then she got excited or got distracted or whatever, and somehow shocking. Got Her bumper wedged somehow. The, the, the, the, the concrete structure got wedged under her car and when she pulled away, it ripped off the front of her Mercedes. And that was apparently my fault. She said, yes, I can. I could definitely see that. That would be your fault. I had done this exact same thing happened. You know those little, uh, concrete blocks where you, where you pull into a parking lot? Yeah, the parking spot. And they stopped and he didn’t have this middle, they have two middle poles and that’s what happened to her. And they weren’t all the way down. One of them kind of sticking up in the pool, just ripped for the end of the recovery. It damaged. It didn’t, it didn’t rip off the, but anyway, this one was kind of funny when it happened to me, they took it into the shop and guess what?

It needed a new battery because of that. Yeah. The transmission was, there’s a lot of problems, a lot of problems and so and so in any event that the tenants pay on time. Yes. In the event that there’s no structural problems to the building, then the tenants have to get along. I remember leasing space years ago, it was just far enough in the past. I can mention the details. Okay. To a florist and she hated her neighbor who was like a, a different, I think the neighbor was a wedding planner and she was a florist or something. And I don’t think either one of them live in Tulsa and gotten along, but they would just fight. Oh my God. Hey, hey girl, how come you’re not referring me? Hey girl, I did it. You would call your leads. Hey, how come you refer to another caterer here?

Hey, I thought I was exclusive to you. Why is there another florist in our building site? Oh, hiring each of those employees. Literally one of them hired the other one’s employee. I mean, just endless. Just so again, in the event they pay on time. Yes. In any event, the building doesn’t have maintenance problems. Okay. The tenants have to get, and then in the event that those things happen, you have to pay taxes on time. On time. The tyranny. Oh my goodness. It’s, it’s, it’s a wonder any of us, there’s word just not on food stamps in under under bridges. So people want passive income. They do an all areas. They want people’s time and conferences are built upon this promising passive income. But if you own commercial real estate, even if you have a multilevel marketing organization, you’re a part of, you still got to convince people to keep auto ship in that crap.

That card has to go through every month baby. They got auto ship. I hear that in also too. Now there are some investments that you do buy stock that gives dividends, but you still got to go through the effort of getting the cash. Yup. Buying the stock cane. If there was no research involved, they would fund it themselves. Correct. So even though it’s a great stock, there’s ups or Yank, it’s a great stock. I mean, apple was doing great, but when Steven jobs died, people thought maybe Tim can’t do it. May turns out Tim’s been a good CEO though. It turns out, uh, Google the wealthiest company in the world or something. More casts in one thing, like a half the countries in the world or something. Think about this. Think about this. This is a crazy idea. Google recently broke the company into a bunch of parts called alphabet, and they’re in the process of buying TV and that crazy.

When you see, when you say buying TV, what do you like? I mean that’s kind of a broad statement. Pull up Google TV and Youtube TV and show doctor Z. These are all the stations now they can air live streaming on youtube. It’s, he’s got it pulled up on the screen behind you. Look at this. See right behind you all the Google, Google TV, youtube, they’re buying. Google owns youtube. Yeah. Now Youtube is its own TV stuff. Yeah. And they’re replacing their replaced that thought to what you said. I thought they were doing something other than the youtube. Well here’s what’s happening though. Check it. I’ll go look at that price. 50 bucks for six accounts. That means you today could buy an account and give Bo in Bridgette and yourself and your ranch and your optometry clinic and your home. The gift of TV for the price of 50 bucks instead of five separate cable accounts pro.

So what you’re saying is it’s connected Jelly, the month club. It’s the gift that keeps giving to it. It says, I mean it t is everything, live it, DVR is everything just keeps giving. See, think about this. This is, this is like, this is not as good as the Jelly of the month club, but it’s close. Here’s what we should do. We should get a lot of subscriptions to that and then we should rebrand it. Thrive tube and just charge an extra light. And when you’re the you thrive and we just upsell it to like a, so you can subscribe to thrive tube for 85 a month and we included the jelly of the month and Youtube will send you a jelly of the month. It gives the kids given year round. This is a hot deal and you get TV and up to six subscribers. Very scary coming back from the pack.

That’s what you do. Why reinvent the wheel where you can just rebrand it, steal it, you know, grab it. So here’s the deal. You do it. You Google broke. You mean thrive tube? Can we go with thrive tube now? Okay. So Google as broken up the company now to different parts. They call the company called, it’s called alphabet now. Alright. So they asked the CEO and the chairman of the board, Eric Schmidt, to step down as the CEO of Google and a chairman to now be the head of a different part of the company. And now they have this thing called alphabet in alphabet. There’s Google x, there’s youtube, there’s all the different Google products. Well what’s happening is Google doesn’t care right now about wowing shareholders with big profits. They’re going out there and buying the rights to all TV and movies. You can watch movies on youtube now instead of going on Amazon, you can log into youtube right now and rent any movie just like you can on Amazon.

But there’s more selection. So right now if you bought some stock in Google, you’d be a smart person. Cause you know what? They’re not as profitable as they’re going to be because this just in a lot of people watch TV in this. Justin, a lot of you listening right now have cable and satellite and a lot of you right now just had the idea, clay you saying right now, but by listening to today’s show, if I were to cancel my cable, I could save $100 a month. Yes. Everyone listening right now as the kip thrive thrive to hook up thrive to get the 2 million a month, 99 and you’re saving 30 bucks. He think about that though. So that right there, Cox might’ve been a great stock to have a couple of years back. [inaudible] could have been a great stock. You know we’re in the drought, we’re on the street.

Is that, and I hate to give up company’s secrets. I don’t think it is when they’re publicly traded or independent or whatever, but you know, word gets out there, you can tell. It’s funny that now they’re talking about you. The federal government’s really come down on individual companies. How many TV stations or radio stations they can own in a city or in a Derma d geographic marketing, Rhea d to m DMA and it’s designated market area. Yes, it is. There it is. Okay. Yep. Okay. And so they allow them just so many, they can do like four FM’s 3:00 AM some TV station, but now they’re getting ready. They’re talking about unleashing that and letting you go back to the good old days were made. You can gather up there for a while. I mean they’ve kind of gone back and forth historically over, you can’t have that many.

You can have this, we need Bubba Bubba. But now there’s word on the street and then there all shows one on the street that Cox has talked about. Getting out of all of those big conglomerates have so many other things going on that uh, you know, there’s a lot of up in the air. We want to battle. Do we want to get an in battle? I, Amazon and Google, do we want to or get out cash out? That’s what I’m saying. Let him buy us and get out. Or do we do we battle it out? This is what I’m saying to you though, right? He’s at the crossroads or let’s not, if people are looking at, if you buy commercial real estate, it’s not passive. And if you buy stock anything, if you buy stocks, let me tell you what’s not passive stocks. You go out there and buy a stock and as soon as Google went public, that stock just oof, took off.

Huge, almost unrealistic. Leigh. Huge. I get not sustainably huge, right? The stock was just going, Ooh, bitcoin. A few months ago, people, oh Bitcoin, I gotta get Bitcoin, I got bitcoin and now people are going, I don’t know about bitcoin. Well, those loan my money and I didn’t, I didn’t lose him as I sell it. I’m just saying, if you’re out there today, stocks aren’t passing either. Do you want to buy low and just hold that thing and then once it gets to a level where it’s you made a certain returns and you got to know when to cook that pig, what does that mean? Z? You’ve got to know when to cook that big and celebrate when to sell. I tell you what little, here’s a little life hack. You went online, you want in life hack. I want to know the life hack, baby. Here’s a line. Here’s the life hack folks. Here we go. You buy your stock.

Nope. Check with your CPA. Check with your CPA first. Give me, can I get little echo? Check with your CPA. First steps out of bird flight buddy was, that’s as good as a unique echo for a CPA. Oh, CPAs echo different course. Yes, of course it is to Judy’s. You buy that stock. Say You invest $10,000 into a stock portfolio and you sit on that for a year to two years and you look at your little online and I was saying that stock is worth $30,000 from the miracle of stock growth. Here’s a life hack. You could take that stock and now what you can do is you can donate it to an f to a five oh one c three of your choice, your church or an organization that you highly think about. And the good news is is that $20,000 profit that the stock has ground. You don’t have to pay the taxes on it, but you get the benefit of the rider. Can I get an amen? Amen. And that’s one of the things that I did is I bought some stock, let it grow. Whoa. And then I gave it and I got all the benefit of the benefit of giving. But since I didn’t sell it, I didn’t have to pay taxes on what it grew. Does that make sense? Check with your CPA, your accountants, your, you know,

ever do that on your own. Advice from your aunt Matilda. I don’t know. Just because he’s an optometrist doesn’t mean you can go out there and operate on your own. I mean, I mean, we might talk about ophthalmology on the show. We might but weren’t, but you can’t go operate on your own. I just challenging, I mean, technically you can put down that Fort Carl, you can’t do your own surgery. Put a fork on. So again, real estate’s not passive. Stocks aren’t passing. No. Z, uh, owning a business is owning your uptown. She couldn’t pass it. I know a guy who bought windows, shaved ice, snow cone trailers. He pulls mine his truck is that passive. Not that just pulling her behind is turns out he’s got a avoid, you know, getting it stolen. Yeah, he’s got a staph it. Huh? Z. A lot of employers.

I said, I hear them say, you know, click the reason why I can’t grow my business or I can’t get chief time freedom. It’s because I can’t find good people. And I said, okay, let’s start the group interview baby. Start that thing. Let’s start that thing. Two months later they call me clay. It’s working. I’ve got time freedom. My team is awesome. Awesome. Two months later I see him. It’s four months later. Hey, what’s going on? Oh the business is falling apart. What happened? Just lost my good people. Yeah. Did you stop the group interview? Yeah, cause they had all, cause I had all my good people and teeth aren’t passive. You gotta brush those things. Really floss relationship really. Is flossing really a thing? I have a question for you or is that just a made up like they want to sell something? You, you your, I would call you a beautiful man.

Tick. You’re a beautiful man. Well, let me see your prescription. You’re obviously Ed, you’re making look inside now. Put it on. Get it turned on the show. Now I’ve got to get claimed for an eye exam here soon. It doesn’t show why. Show notes. There’s a lot of wise people in the world. There’s, you know, Yoda is a fictitious character. Very ugly though. Easy built. Bellacheck is looking great. You don’t want, you’re not going to be drawing at the ears or is it or is it his skin tone that makes him ugly? Pull up on the screen, Bill Belichick and the emperor side by side and Google and compare the images such as he can see it is the same person. Do you do? No. Have you ever seen them in the same room? I asked you that question. Give me the answer. No, there’s a reason why it’s unbelievable the sound person.

But all I’m saying is there’s a lot of people that are very wise that Kinda have a, you know, they, they kinda, they kinda start to look up the emperor over time. Um, you are a beautiful man and I think you grow your strength through your calves to like where we’re Sampson’s hair is the key to his is a Sampson. God said don’t, don’t cut your hair, you’re going to lose your strength. Yeah, it’s a big deal. God didn’t say this to you and I don’t want to be sacrilegious, I’m just saying some have suggested I wouldn’t, but someone suggested somehow that the Lord or some higher being or deity is ordained for you not to stop increasing the size of your calves and as long as they keep getting bigger, your power is in those counts. Well if, if that, if that holds true then I guess for you it would have to be the size of your cranium. Well I mean the Lord told me, he said here’s the deal, not the Lord. Like, like, like the Lord, like the Lord God. This is probably how it, well ord or his name cause I just, you know, every now and then I hack into your, to your camera and your inside recording systems that you have. And this is actually one that I came across the other day, a human, it was something like this close.

This was God. I’ve given you so much. Your probation breaker breaker, since I’ve given you much information, I’ll have to give you a very large had.

The other day I hit my head and I lost like a half of an encyclopedia collection of business knowledge. Was it a to J or J to z? J to Z. Jay z get it. Oh Wow. Wow. That’s a dream within a dream right there. Okay, so that’s not passive. To have an MLM. It’s not passive to have real estate. It’s not passive. Have an optometry clinic. See what kind of problems happen every freaking month and then we’ll never stop it. Eventually you came to the conclusion that they would never stop at the optometry clinic. They will never stop. It’s the same thing over and over. We know that, but by the deeper question that thrive in the GMR question, the deeper question, deepest question ever. If nothing’s passive, why does everybody want passive? Oh, if nothing’s passive, why does everyone want passive? Why? Why? Why does every Hollywood movie in with an happily ever after?

Why don’t they shoot a movie about the messy middle about the person who’s been married for two months and they irritated their wife. They used her toothbrush again. Why don’t they ever show about that? Because no one wants to see it. They want to see him live heavily. Happily ever after. People want to leave the business conference and say, and now I have time freedom and now you don’t. You have the, you have more time freedom. Yes. You have more money. Yes, but you don’t have unlimited time freedom. No, but what you do is as you increased with your time freedom and your money freedom, it allows you to hire yes. Hire more people to take care of those things that you always thought were going to be passive and then you pay them to have bad days because now no get to manage people.

Oh good. Now he’s give me some fun, like just casual, like we had been like beach music. We can pull up music through something. The ability to play songs through like a Hammock, Tom, the way you want it to happen and way I want it to happen currently cannot happen, but it’s gonna happen soon. Don’t do this. Since the flood, we’ve had to make some changes, but it’s coming back, so be happy. Andrew, will you write that down? So what he wants to do can be possible. That would require having a separate laptop here, Andrew, and we’ll come out of that output on it into the board and then we’ll hit play on channel 14 and work just fine. It makes sense. All right, so z. So we can’t have passive income, but we could have more passive income. Now I want to speak specifically to people out there that own franchises right now who say, I’m tired of the dream 100 wait a second.

You just sent them. We can’t have it, but yet we want more of it. You can give you more time freedom. Oh, you’re not all of it. Okay, I got you. But I want to help get your franchise owners here. We go out there or the business owners out there who spoons or who are specifically running business to business marketing. So it’s like you’re running around doing a dream 100 which means you’ve made a list of a hundred businesses that you want to refer you business that you want. Let’s think about your auto auction. Okay Sir. There’s a lot of great used car dealers in Tulsa. Yes. And it turns out they can vote with their dollars to go wherever they want. Absolutely. So every week the ZS 66 crew competes to beat the competition in the game of auto auctions. We tried to crush them [inaudible] of the women step on the neck until they stop breathing.

And so it doesn’t, that’s really good. It. And so it doesn’t matter. What if we like you more or like you less or if you’re a good guy or not a good guy. At the end of the day, the used car dealers will only buy from you if they like you, trust you, and they get a great deal. Yeah. Why can’t you ever stop the dream 100 why can’t you never stop it if the auto auction ever, because here’s the deal, because the, your competition ain’t sleeping. Come on now they’re out there bringing their dogs. They, they find your moves, they find your moves. They know your mood, they steal the moves, they steal your mood. We can still move work. We stole the moves. Now they still are moves. You can’t steal them. They still are stolen. Move from a stolen, moved from a stolen move. And so everybody out there, they’re fighting for their life. Right? I don’t know how many times I’ve gone into a dealership, they’re like, well, I said, hey, why did you send those couple of cars over to my competition? Well,

that Billy used to work for me and he told me he’s gonna lose his job if I didn’t help him out a little bit. So I sent him a couple of cars, you know, it’s okay. He just, a couple of low, we handled cheap cars and just posts. Of course they, my competition gets those two little cheap cars and they put a big, you know, put a big, big emphasis on going to sit on So-and-so as returning back to our auction. They wrote the red cars. They give them a hot deal one week. That’s, I tell Ya, I’m not tell you their back. Kim Fuss and we’re not going to tell you that. Tell him he sent us to cheap cars. We’re not going to say that. What are we’re going to emphasize? We’re going to put our emphasis in on a lot of Grundy. I started the decision to come back because now come back to the right way. Let’s come back to the good way. They have found the error of their ways.

Takes a come home. It’s like a reunion. Come on. Just like a family. You say, come on now we’ve got the butter biscuits and the hammer dress and ready for you. Come on now they’ll pack. We’re back in business. People back on track and then you show up. You think, wow, wow, this. They’ve got it going on. You show up at, they have two cheap cars. You’re like, no, that’s what just happened. But it happens to, your competition isn’t sleeping right. Just when you think they are true. Just when you think they’ve had enough, they come roaring back, they snipe off a couple of your employees off a couple of your account. That’s what they do. And sometimes in my beans you’re throwing money at where of your employees who has a relationship with those accounts with that’s what they target. Oh but they’re out there targeting.

I value it. I found out the other day, I hide from talking about the auto auction. I hired a lady from one of our competitors and she was happy to come on board and she was like, oh my goodness you guys got going on. Cause you know we used to have weekly meetings about you guys. Where I’m like, what? She goes, we’ve been had a whole meeting about you. We’d have an hour long meeting and the whole meeting would be strategizing. Yep. Specifically on how to combat, how to compete, how to get, I mean you your business. And I’m like, wow, that’s Kinda, that’s quite the cool, I guess kind of cuddle. I said, well, what’d you come up with? She goes, every idea we came up and gave to our general manager in the meeting because it was like, okay, someone gave me an idea and so they would just throw out ideas that we were doing right.

They would just tell the general manager what you were doing, right? Well, they would say, hey, why don’t we do a free lunch? What’s a free breakfast? Let’s do exactly what he’s doing. Let’s do everything he’s doing right. Let’s and, and everything. They’d go ahead and list. Here’s the answer would be according to Allie, who now works for you, Allie out, we call her alley cat. She’s awesome. Great American. Just welcome aboard Allie, if you’re listening, love this country, because people came every time she would, they would say something that general manager would go, uh, corporate won’t let us do that. Nah, corporate won’t let us do that. I ran it up the ladder again from last week and the week before and the week before when she checked her phone. Oh crap. An attorney and in Boston, our head attorney or Atlanta or some very important city. Let us do it as said, dad, you know, I’ll send you a lobster but I can’t prove that, you know, I’m going to stop.

All right. I can’t do it with watch, watch with the Facebook today. Well I don’t have time to implement a funeral that could open us up to some legal maneuvering and we don’t want that. Or you’re saying, I was on Instagram when you were talking about, that’s the great thing about competing. If you can get the chance to compete against corporate America and some of those attorneys that have, you know, the uh, the, the sleeves with their initials on it cause they [inaudible] shirts who I guess they take their shirts off a lot and those big law firms, I don’t know that a cut their hide their high end cufflinks in there and the other, you know, their start stuff like hair cut their hair looks like they just cut out of a GQ. You know, they got the photo head going, you know, and the teeth are very white like yours.

Very wide. Carl, did you have Botero? No, no. My face has never has never moved. It’s, I don’t, this is purposeful. I have full control of my face. Can you move it? I try. I choose not to. I choose not to. I choose not to. I choose not to go. So those guys are up there going, you know what, this could, this could maybe lead possibly to something that we don’t want to see, so therefore shut it down. And so whenever you get a chance to compete against corporate America, I love it because those attorneys and corporate American headquarters that they’re the business of saying no,

they’re there. They are slow to everything except for saying no. I love to say no, but they’re slow days. No till we think about it. Now I’m there and we’re gonna still side on the No side, let’s say no until we think about it. Why don’t we table that Carl? What’s up? It’s a great idea. I’ll bring that up next. I having an attorney on their staff named Carl. Always. There’s all, Carl was a Carl, a Thomas, a Carl, a car mark, never a Skyler. And in fairness to all attorneys out there, um, they always have their full name. So it’s not just a Carl, it’s B period. Carl Ferguson, you know what I mean? My name is clay Tiberias clerk. Oh, it saw the full name. If you can’t get the full name, you got to get that initial in there that we always get in trouble with your mom because you’re like, your mom is like Robert.

Robert, what’s your middle name? Z. A bear. It’s like Robert AALJ. Robert a bear. Zellner you know, mom said Robert, a bear moment when mom said it’s slow and serious. Luke say about mom. Crazy too. Okay, here we go. Dan. Sidebar. This is sidebar. This is great. This is good. This is good parenting for all the kids out there. Okay, sure. I’m with your dad. Typical Dad. I’m very stereotypical here, but typical dad, there are certain things you do, what you’re going to irritate your debt. Like you might sit in your dad’s chair, you might lose his wallet, you might touch his crap. You might put an abomination in the garage. You might leave the lights on and your dad will go shut the freaking door. Something like that. Usually Dad or dad would go shut the door. Dad will give you that instant correction.

Yes, mom, she’ll think about it for about seven years. So you’re like seven years old. You’ve offended mom somehow. Eight, nine these did. The offenses continue for seven years and all of a sudden out of nowhere, nowhere. Moms like mom doesn’t even warn about, I might pull over. Mom’s just like, it’s a tornado without the sirens going off. Yeah, and mom just holds over. We’re going 65 miles an hour. Mom hits the brakes, pulls over. How’d you go into the woods? Find a stick and you just, you picked yourself that stick cause I’m going to beat you. You don’t cut back. You just go. You go in there and you’re like, what in the world? Moms in the woods beaten with a stick, and all of a sudden rumors of the allegations of the root, rumors of the violence start to spread amongst the people, people, other kids, other kids, and then the kids never witnessed the crazy mom again.

That’s what happens, mom. Mom, crazy is a different kind of crazy. I’m just saying out there, if you’re out there and messing with your mom right now, I don’t care if you’re 30 you’re 40 you’re 50 you’ve got your what? Basically you said you’re gonna end up in the woods with the switch beating yourself if that show it at best for 20 years. But when she does go off, it’s like a volcano. It’s not. It is. It’s mom, crazy mom. Crazy Malt. Kaino this is called her mom. Mom. Kaino yeah, so Keto. So queuing, but this is the way most business owners run their business. They act like a mom. Kaino what they do is they say, I’m not going to do the dream a hundred today because I want to create passive income. And now that I’m at the top, I’m going to be lazy. Yes. Now that I’m out of bullets, I’m not going to get any more. Right. And then all of a sudden when they run out of money or they disappear from Google, now they get intense. You know, the problem is it’s kind of like turning a big boat, turning a big boat. You’re on the titanic. Probably not the best example they’ll pick up free now USS. Uh, no, not that good. Not all these are disastrous about. Uh, how about the, uh, I know you go look on the cake of the wall.


Ooh, sorry. Saline. I’d like to just have your personal policy to Celine Dion. If in fact you ever do happen to listen to this show. It’s a heartfelt from me about roles. Can I draw you on so beautifully? I might add rose, can I draw you naked real quick? No, not back at yet. The picking on reenacting the whole movie real fast, real fast. I did odd the cupcakes. So you’re on a boat to write about and to think about. You’re hitting the right director, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo Doo to do, to do. All of a sudden you get off of couple of degrees, you don’t realize that you’re still here. We’re hitting in the general direction or both of you go, I’ll try kids. The general direction, every mile you go, you get further and further into the target further. Pretty soon all of a sudden you realize, oh, are these the Galapagos islands?

Cause I see, ah, I’m not, I wasn’t battle lizard. I didn’t know you could actually get to the Atlantic Ocean from Michigan. But I guess the bay, all the lakes do collect connect. That doesn’t look that, that doesn’t look like Hawaii. This is a Panama, Florida. What is that? What in the world? You get out, you get lost at sea, then you’re the energy. Get back. Well, the thing about it is, it’s so funny how a small correction early on early on, baby can make such a big impact down the road. And that’s why you’ve gotta be, you gotta have your little finger tips on the pulse of the business. I’m gonna, I’m gonna celebrate a moment with you real quick. Please. Do you want to end on my game? You know, you know what, I’m a ta here. Here’s what this is. This is what happens.

We get a flood instead of Andrew bringing me my, my beverage of choice, which is, uh, one of those dark red cherry ice drinks. Yep. I get a cup of, this is probably water right out of the Arkansas River on w I don’t even know where it came from. There’s no verifying this at all. It’s just a glass of water that’s old school right there. That’s old Andrew. I want you to do is I want you to call Devin real quick to see if he’s gonna be on today’s show. But I gotta tell you what I’m gonna do here and see if you want to know my game. Tell him you want to. And on my end of my game, I want to always [inaudible]. I, uh, sold DJ connection about 10 years ago. Oh, I know. He hit a lick and my noncompete just expired today. Today it’s done. I mean, I got approval from my wife this morning to do what I’ve always wanted to do, which is to destroy that which I built.

This is, oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my son. My son is like dad. We call it d and D and z. P and t, durable medical and BJ service. So anyways, so the rule is right now is you’re only allowed one event per week are going to DJ one event per week. And I was doing some Google searching because you know, whenever you um, you know what passive income, it doesn’t really happen. And I was looking Z and I pulled it up here and you might have to come here to look at this, but look how easy it’s going to be to win in Google. I mean, I only need this many reviews to win. So I have, I have Aubrey booked now for parties where he’s agreed to DJ for parties in exchange for reviews. So you can book him and he’s now better at beat matching than I ever was.

Seriously, he’s better now at to beat match. You say that. Are you sure? Because you’ve been working at your, at your moment there was a, there was a golden moment. It’s more intuitive right now for him. He’s got all the new effects and the new gear mixed with the same ear. It’s sick. Wow. So He’s, he’s got this tornado skills or, yeah and I’ve been working as announcements. His announcements are about 80% where they need to be, but he’s going to be deejaying for events out there. So if you’re listening right now and you want my son to DJ for you, here’s the here, here’s the pitch. Every show is opening night with DJ ops, DJ op. It’s a dollar to book him a dollar to booking and then you don’t pay the remaining balance unless you’re happy, unless you’re just love it. But it’s on a scale of one to 10 so if we quote you $500 and you give him a nine then you only pay four 50 right?

If you give him an eight it’s 400 you give him a five it’s two 50 you give him a warrant, it’s 50 bucks. I think that’s fair. That’s the move. And he’s going to get really good real quick cause our great listeners are going to be booking that guy and listeners out there. We only need to get 200 objective reviews to be top in our region and 2000 to be top in the world. And then I’m going to book the Little Man on Ellen. That’s my plan. Perfect. Eight down. Um, just to recapture, you may have said it, but what’s the name of it going to be your business? He’s just going to call DJ obs to start and it’s just going to be him DJ one show a week and it’s kind of his little command center and we’ll book appointments for him and he has to do the sales call himself cause he’s 12 but he can DJ the heck out of parties.

And so he’s got about six and six paid gigs under his belt right now, but we’re going to try to build them up there and we got a bind together. Thrive nation, you’ve got to watch him DJ yet. I actually see him DJ and we’re going to get the guy to 2000 reviews. We’re going to DJ big events. The hub. Jim has already agreed to hire him every month, every month. The hub. Jim’s going to have him on there. We’ve got a lot of big events coming up here and it’s a dollar to book him. You don’t have to pay the remaining balance unless you’re happy and we’re going to get them out there and z we are going to get, we’re going to be top rated when you type in the word DJ in the world. We’ll be top, may I give my 2 cents that you didn’t ask for it?

Yo Go for it. Yeah, I wouldn’t name it DJ obs. He wants to so much. I know. But here’s the reason why here y’all yet what happens is is how many people are going to be disappointed in five years or three years? She’s like two years. Yup. When they don’t get obs himself. Well, I don’t know. With the DJ business it used to be called DJ clays and then over time I went through that phase where I had to make it DJ Clay’s DJ connection. Right. And right now, I think his ambition and you and I know things will change over time, but right now his aim and his mission is he wants to be like kind of like a standup comedy where he wants to be a celebrity DJ, like a, you know, like a lot of the big djs like David Goleta, he wants to be a celebrity DJ.

Okay. More so than a DJ company. If that makes sense. Okay, well then they’re looking to be a personality. Okay, well then that way I’d leave at DJ opposite, but I think over time that may change. Yeah, we’ll see. I mean, you obviously know how to track it down years and maybe he has a break off company and a, just like Google’s doing with the alphabet, maybe he has DJ alphabet. So he’s gonna get in the game here. So starting in just, we’re building the website right now. Very excited. Well, I’ve got an event for him, so, well, okay, Aubrey, hopefully if you’re listening right now, Aubrey gift, a doctor z a call a, we’ll make that connection. But if you’re out there today and you want passive income, you have to, no, it’s not possible. It’s not going to happen. You could have more of a more of a passive income, but it will never be passive.

So you want to simplify, simplify and simplify. Build a checklist for everything and then hire a manager that is pro you pro business pro. They care about you and hold people accountable and then you can get some time freedom, but you’ve got to pay those managers well inZ , I think it’s time, but you still have to inspect what you expect. I mean you don’t get a pass on that just because you have someone in place because are they going to have the same enthusiasm and the same love of what you’re doing that you have? No, never pass it. It’s so you have to always be on top of it, but you can take a little, we call it little timeouts, little baby breaks, a little vape, late little vague ks. Those Day ks. It looks like our guests might be tied up on the phone here. So z. What I’m going to do now is I’m going to prove to the listeners something about passive income that you must understand. Okay. They almost understand eventually something that you care about may get to the end.

Okay, thanks. So your business model may end as well. I mean, Uber,

the taxi business. Yes. I think we need to say we get a little power. Maybe here’s some, uh, here’s some thunder. Like, let me do a quick timeout and it’ll feel like it’s been one second, but it could be minutes. Who knows? We’ll be right back. That’s the power of editing right here.

Oh, see, we’re back. Wow. That seemed like just a second,

second or two. But the funder lingers in the background. The thunder does. How about that? Funder? How about our Oklahoma City Thunder. Oh, how about the Oklahoma City Thunder? Where are we going to go from here? I don’t know. I mean, Kelly, we were so close a few years ago from winning it all and now it seems like we’re slipping further and further away every year. I don’t get it. Come on. We’ll fund them. All. Fun. Factoid for you before I get back into this up point here. The owner of the Houston Rockets has reached out to be on the show. Really true. Wow. He owns Landry’s. Uh, uh, Oklahoma Joe’s know you owns a Joe’s Joe Joe’s crab shack. Just gap shots. Gonna say Oklahoma. Joe’s. Joseph Joe. We know Joe. He now owns Joe’s crab shack on the fun or the, uh, the Houston Rockets and Landry’s and something else. Wow. Cool. And so I thought of it, I was like, well, I don’t know if you qualify to be on the show.

I don’t really know. So I started now I thought I’d ask you, can we have Monterey? Are you okay with that? Well, that’d be our first billionaire we have on the show. We had a couple on the gentlemen we had on the show. We had one gentleman, a show who I can’t, um, I can’t say he sold his business for over a hundred million dollars and he took that money and invested in another, uh, he took that money and invested in the company that bought him. Yes. And now I think he’s worth a little over a billion, but he won’t disclose anything he likes to. But if you look at how much stock he got, I’m pretty sure he’s worth a billion. And we’ve had another guy, very similar situation. So we’ve had, I think we have two that very well could be billionaires, but this will be the first bonafide Forbes list.

Four point $4 billion guy. Wow. That’s cool. Yeah. So cool. He’s going to do a show. It’s going to, he’s going to be teaching you how to become a billionaire and you don’t want to miss that one. It’s going to be a great show. Absolutely. He’s going to say, are you tired of making millions and millions? Will you be when you should be making hundreds of millions? It’s a very, uh, the show is going gonna relate to a lot of people. Mainly you, but it’s gonna go, we’re going to start off the show. Are you out there listening today and are you tired of making millions? Are you tired of the beard not showing up for playoffs? Are you tired? You’re tired of barely. I’d be on the next level. Are you tired of barely being able to afford first class airlines? You could afford first class, but you can’t afford your own private jet.

Are you tired of flying like higher than your neighbor having top much bigger jet than you do? Are you tired of them? Are you willing? Today’s show, we’re going to teach millionaires how to become billionaires. They’re you. Alright? But anyway, that’ll be a fun show that that’s a real thing. But want to go back to this, um, passive income thing one more time. So I think somebody needs to have this result in their mind. Okay. If you stopped doing the dream 100 at the auto auction, what would happen eventually? Um, my competition would just slowly eat away at us. If you are the head coach of the Patriots and you stopped recruiting players all season, you see how that waiver wire works? See all season that roster changes. It’s crazy. If Bill Bellacheck quit, quit obsessing about recruiting, what would happen? Well, Vince, they might become average.

I don’t know. I mean the Patriots are, you’ve seen it happen and I know it’s crazy. You’re on top of it. They, they are on top of it. I don’t even understand how they reload like this this year. I thought for this year I, I, I’ve never doubted Billy. I just thought how’s it going to do it? Now you’re on a first name bay or you can call him Billy now. Is that how you being you guys are be money when you guys are doing your camping trips and whatnot and you guys, you didn’t, you show belly show doctor z little trick I just did this week. If you type in bill Bellacheck number one fan, I now come up top and Google. No Way. Oh my God. I got top in Google in the whole world. Now we have our team working on it’s high level stuff. Well, this is, I did an entire show about my obsession with bill Belichick and because they have more content than anyone else, I’m now topping the world. Oh, of course. And I did it for bill Belichick’s personal assistant. This is like his right hand Guy Burj Najarian. Oh have you Google Burj we come up top for that too. Nice. Silky. If bill googles his own name, we come up.


And I’ve already earned one cease and desist letter from the Patriots. Just one. Oh, that’s because we were doing all that other stuff for their right. Well I was, I was trying to tweak, um, a logo to make a logo of a, of a honeybadger look kind of like a patriot. And they said look too similar. So I had to cease and desist. I didn’t know it was fair as a fair argument, you know, I said, okay, I’ll, I’ll stop. I mean, I didn’t have to because I mean we’re not, we’re not a football team. I know, but you changed it enough. You don’t, the NBA, there’s a certain amount that you change the logo in Logo One oh one. If you change the Lego enough, it may still look like a little bit. Yeah. But it’s changed enough that it’s legal. So then it’s kind of like, well, we changed it in that we have a one.

So how much you want to fight, right? We have one, a wonderful listener out there. Wonderful lady by the name of Nicole. We have one who has it. We have one listener. Oh, that’d be you. She is based in San Francisco and she has a business that requires her to do the dream 100 it’s a very business to business, just like your auto auction is business to business marketing. Give her the encouragement that she needs right now to never stop that dream 100 because she’s a very diligent lady. Hard worker. Give her that advice, that mentorship that only you, the Zohan, the man who’s a millionaire. Struggling to become a billionaire. A give. Give that kind of advice and feedback. The doctors he gave me, give me a little, give me a little preach of music. Okay, let me, what’s your name? What’s your first name? Nicole. Nicole. She’s kind of a big deal. Well, this is the opposite of preaching. This would be like meditation music, right? They’re like, no, no. We went out and got weird. Let’s, we’ll switch it up here. Sorry about that. Then we’ll switch it up. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Let me do it.

Moko on the west coast. The right country. Whoa. That was hot. Come on now. Come on. West Coast in the right country. That was not believable. How did he go? Nicole? What I’m telling you is this, we want to keep the door open. We’re going to keep the door open. We wanted to keep the door open. We want to keep it open. We don’t want to shut that door and shut that door. We don’t want to have to go across the bay. That’s Bernard Day in Alcatraz way. How does he arrive the to know what I’m saying again? How does he come on to come listen to me. Now I’m getting to catch your competition’s out. Resting. They’re not sleeping. They’re not sleeping. They see you at the top of the ladder and they hate you and they see you’re the top of the hill. They see you and they say, we want to beat you shutting the ride.

We want wanting to toll house Shunda moderately to that. Tried to put down the at your sketch, get on a pixel. I could come out chick girl, Shit. I know that just because you’re running straight, you’re running straight on. They’re chasing you, chasing you. You can’t slow down your kids slow down. They’re going to eat you because if they get you, yes, it’s not going to be good. It won’t be good, and then pretty soon you’ll be living in a van down by our river flood ever. You don’t want to live by our river. I tell you what, folks that think about it is it’s so fun. It’s so exhilarating. It’s kind of like when you’re doing your Google updates and you, you figure out some of the Google Games. Yeah, the games of Google and all of a sudden you’re like, we’re on page five and then all of a sudden you get to your team and say, we’re on page three.

Wow. We’re on page two. We’re at the bottom of page one and then all of a sudden you go, or the top of page one, your on page Champaign, you’re a page one. Come on now you pop the champagne. You dance around, you do a little Jig, little jig. You know what a Jig is, don’t, don’t dance. It’s yes and you do that and you celebrate and go, okay guys, well done. Now go battle. Now everybody go home and eat pizza and have a nice life. Woo Checkout and then what happens? You to the bottom of Google. Yeah, go to the bottom of page one and I’ll tell you go, oh, oh, oh bottom of page two. What if she has to do a dream 100 system and currently she’s the only one who can do it? How could she make her business more passive while still doing the dream 100 system?

If she currently is the only one who can do it, how could she, how have you been able to make your dream 100 system more duplicatable? Well, what you do is this, is that you have to, it’s all about training. It’s all about finding people that are as close to your passion for your business as you can find yet your DNA in them. Encourage them. When you really find a superstar and a plus plus plus player, you might even give them some golden handcuffs. Shanda. And that’s not weird. What golden handcuffs refers to is some kind of tied your company that keeps them longterm, encourages them to be there long term because sometimes those superstars can get stolen and number one hired away, hired away if you will, or they want to go do their own thing and that’s okay. But you can never stop recruiting people and never stop training people, so therefore you won’t be held hostage. So sometimes when you find that superstar, you say, listen, you know, having a little piece of my deal. Yeah, little stuff and being partners with me, it’s working out pretty good. Yeah, it’s a good deal. And if you go start your own thing, you won’t have me in all the resources that me brings. That’s probably not grammatically correct. These great kind of just float.

I’ll tell you what on the river now, I’ll tell you what, no call home when Nicola, one thing we do is we, we sorta does what we do.

Hey Andrew, hold my beer. Going to show you. Show me to do on occasion here. I’ll grab hold Kenco I want no professional speaking. When we decided to each take a shower this month, two, you’re ready for today’s show. I’m going to tell you what, I’ll tell you what. No, but seriously, you have to be intentional about, you have to, and if you have a superstar, you might bring them in. Give them a little piece of the action. You might, you know, hey, you can get some sweat equity. You know it, it takes five years for to, to vest before you have it, but you’re going to get so much each year and after five of vests. So you could try to keep good employees. But my point is, the point is you’ve got to keep charging forward. You’ve got to stay, you got to keep climbing.

You’ve got to stay on top of just because you get to the top, just cause you the, it doesn’t mean you get to stay on the top. So let me tell you about what happens if you take your eye off the prize. Pretty soon you become silver spoons. Oh, the movie that the show. See, do you remember silver spoons? The show with Rick, Rick Schroeder. Let me see something in the back of my mind. Andrew Google it so we can see on the screen real quick. Rick Schroeder, this show was called silver spoon. How, what’s the beat of the song that starts off with you? We Ah, face to face a couple of super spoons you’ll hear in a minute now that show for a while, Rick Schroeder, that was a hot show. There was like saved by the bell member. My family tides nine oh two one oh silver spoons.

Silver Spoon. But silver spoons. How many people are watching the silver spoons? Now is it it even a thing? No, it’s done. And here’s the thing is sometimes when you take your eye off the prize or whip, see when your business models no longer relevant. Yeah. You have to embrace that. It’s time to move on. And so I want to encourage you today if you’re mad at me that I’m doing an entire show. Somebody out there. If you’re mad at me that I just told you that your dreams of passive income can’t possibly happen, you’re mad at me being mad at me that I just said passive income is impossible. Doesn’t mean I’m wrong. As an example, I talked to somebody today, they’re asking me about prenups, prenuptial agreements. Yes. And I said, well, uh, you know, your age getting remarried. I have a thought.

I just, you know, according to psychology today, it’s 71% of men, uh, admit to a Washington Post, 71% of men admit to cheating on their spouse. And 78% of men, according to psychology today, admit not liking their partner. So it is a statistical probability that it will not work. Therefore, I think you should have an agreement given your age and your income level. I just think that’s a, and it was like, there you go, being negative, you’re just negative. Why don’t you just snag him? I’m not giving you facts. I’m giving you facts. So the facts are that silver spoons is not a relevant show and most of you don’t know what it is. And most of you can’t relate to this analogy. Most of you want me to stop talking about silver spoons. Most of you said Clay, you saying silver spoon to us three times in the last four weeks.

You have to stop. Please stop. However, uh, Andrew Field grabbed my phone real quick here. I want you to, to look at my phone out there. I got a, I got a text message from, from a Colton Dixon who is the pop music star who I work with. Yes. Who’s signed to Atlantic records and a, he sent me a text message. I’m gonna show you the text message here. Okay. He was in town for a concert here. He signed up, he signed to Atlantic records and he sent me a text message that I thought you had to CZ cause here he is in Tulsa, Oklahoma and he knows that our shows live. So He’s driving around. Hit play on that video. Hit play on that video here. This is Colton Dixon, the pop music star sending me a text or a video recording of him singing along to silver spoons in the car. You can hear, oh wait, here we go. Put that on that microphone.


so he’s in the car, a pop music star. He’s got long hair working. Then he’s singing along with his dad now. Okay. A silver spoons and apparently he loves him now. He didn’t say that in that text. He just sent me the text. He didn’t say apparently though he loves apparently. So I think we should play it again. This time we’re going to dedicate it to Colton Dixon and any of our other listeners who didn’t request for us to play the song again and just because I want this song to be popular and to go viral. And why is that? I don’t know. For the same reason people want passive income. We all want what we can’t have and I want slower spoons, right? Isn’t that true? Well, to some degree yet, and I want silver spoons to come back and me wanting it to come back doesn’t mean it’s going to come back and pick this.

Not going to come back, but I want it to come back. Got You. My income. I can’t put my income based upon this. I can’t say z. Our business model is based upon this song has to be environment. Right. I can’t put my income on this, right? No, but you can to make it their strategy though. They want, they want a strategy that can’t work to work. Look at that. See that’s what I’m talking about. So I’m going to carry it through. Andrew goes out and gets me my grape raspberry ice tray. He went up to him after I drink this cup of river water. Ah. Which I mean is, I mean I may not, I may be down for the count. I don’t know. So I’m gonna now queue up silver spoons Z and you, I printed up the lyrics so you can sing along with me.

Okay. Get ready. We’re going to do it twice. So the first time you can just hear it get act. I’m, I’m a participation now see the song only works if you sing the song as though you’re very, um, we’ll call it fabulous. Okay. You want to sound like you’re fantastic. Like, like your friends would describe you as being fabulous. Okay. If a male describes another males being fabulous, there is a certain, there’s a certain lightheartedness. I’m saying, okay, you want to sound like you’re kind of light tuck. You’re like, you’re really into the arts like, uh, you were going, we, what do you want? That’s how you want to sing it. Otherwise it won’t catch on people. People need that. Gee, okay, well, yeah. The first time around I may need some inspiration from you. I’m because I’m not sure I’m tracking with that, but I think I, trust me. You’ll get that. I get it. Let me get it here again.

Just jump in

here we are face to face a couple of them.

Main Gate is fine with two other kinds. Making it go, making it grow. Chick, Canda. Holy Crap. We’re going to find doorway. Come on, Jane Africa. We’re, we’re, we go right. Devo. Come on Andrew. Taking the time mute today, Andrew, or we can hear you back there. Buck, come on now. Some granola bow. Those stings. How high he goes. He takes us to a hydrocephalus. Oh, here he goes to, he’s going to take it high.


We lose that. Oh, probably 10 truck. Stop throwing up outside the car right now. Well, I’m going to have to do it again. Oh No. Oh Gosh. Has to happen one more time. This must get stuck in your head and you help me fix this. Okay. All right. I think we’ve got it back. Here we go.

Okay. Yes. Take two. As we say in the business,

face to face, a couple of the super food we’re hoping to find with two of a kind. Making it go, Megan. Hit grow. Yeah. Well we’re gonna find a way. Oh yeah. Holy Crap. Here we go. To Gab. Yes. Bow Dose Skin. Try to keep up here. Try this one soon. He’s going to do some crazy [inaudible]. Why does that happen every time? Sweet Mother of perpetual. Oh, here’s, listen. He goes, DR Z

hot. Oh goodness. Gosh, that was, do you have a favorite TV? Shingled as a kid? Do you have a favorite TV show? Favorite jingles. A kid. You don’t have several. There was some. That was a pretty cool [inaudible]. Remember the old or where you had the, um, the, the bird on his shoulder? No, I don’t. I remember as a kid though, the ones that I probably enjoyed the most are the one that I sang the most. Yeah. I may not be the most enjoyable, but a gimme gimme one. They did you like cheers. He’s like cheers as a kid. I wasn’t really a big cheers fan. I cut it on occasion, but the one I really liked is this one. It goes something like this. Um, uh, let’s see. Ah, here we go. Here we go. And do a good flow. Let’s see. How does it start?

There we go here. Just jingle for a channel and here we go. Just it’s a, I’m going to try to get, I’m trying to get my head wrapped around his cousin. Epic moment. It’s coming back. It’s maybe [inaudible]. Okay. Ready? Here we go. Here again. I’m feeling that feeling back comes back now. I’m not quiet. Okay, fine. Here’s want me to

a three hour tour. Oh, the Gilligan’s a struck ground on the shore of this sun charted dead with Gil and the skip boat too fast.

[inaudible] that is why that’s a billionaire in his wife though. The movies dog professor Rad Maryanne

hair on gala again. You know what I’ve got here?

Jonathan’s sitting right here at Lebanese culture trip that started from [inaudible] ship mate was wasn’t buying sale and man’s, if both Messenger said sale that day on the three hour to everybody at three hours. No. Whoa, whoa. They’re started. Kidding. You shipped plus cost, you know. Holy Crap. Holy Crap. This shit started desert. I’ll skip boats. [inaudible] everybody. Oh my God. Here. This is the [inaudible]. Any one large listener. What message? I want you just to free. They come on one more time. One more. Here we go guys. Just get ready. Hold months. Jen, tell you this thing. Home I’ve been sent, Caruso has printed to me. We would have missed that part. Scared our dude who had been just shoot and said and standing cast.

Oh Gosh. See there’s just one more song. Then we’ll wrap up today show. Some of the listeners are saying, please stop, please. No, no, we’re not going to do that and we’re going to stop. No, no. This is our show. And I’m gonna tell what if we’re gonna have an entire show about the not fun subject that passive income did, that that dream has to die. We’ve just killed somebody’s dream out there of passive real estate, passive MLM, passive dream 100 we’ve got to, we got to in on a high note, I’m gonna pump it up. We’ve got to work to make money. Is that what you said? How you’re blowing. This thing was reading this book called Genesis and it said that God gave Adam the gardens so that he should work it. That is just horrible. He just sat around his weight for the trees.

So, and seeds, you got to sew seeds to reap a harvest causing that seems like a lot of work now. So this is, this is the love boat now. Now. If you Google Search Tom Hanks love boat, you’ll see a blonde woman massaging lotion onto his body that on his body, that photo features my mother-in-law, my mother-in-law rubbed lotion onto the chest area. Google search it, Andrew, pull it up. Oh my God. Tom Hanks and he’s everywhere. You gotta Google it. You know, I don’t want you to Google this because when you see this image, you’ll realize this happened. This is not, this is not, it’s not bs. Look at it. Here we go. Cue It up there, Andrew. Cute, cute up. Don’t Andrew. Oh my goodness. There’s one other, there’s a lot of people who are on audio only show and they can’t see what you’re doing.

So for those of you that don’t, it’s Andy. It’s your wife’s mother. There she is, and my wife’s mother-in-law. That’s my wife’s mom or there to the right of Tom Hanks. Oh my goodness. That’s her. She is. Oh my goodness. Now, now, if you Google Search Andrew, go to youtube and look up the top gun movie bar scene, top gun bar scene, and you’re going to see my mother-in-law here as well. Now. This one is a, it’s a feature film, so she’s on the film and not just a daytime TV show, which is a bow, a big deal to be on a daytime TV show, but now it’ll be on the top gun with the top movies of the 80s top gun bar, senior dangers and to don’t act like you’re not looking at stuff all the time. Okay? You already got the keystrokes saved. I know what you’re doing. You got to put marked over there. Hit Play A. Okay. It’s nice to know what hit the opening scene. It’s an establishing shot. It’s a bar. The people are walking into the bar. There it is. There she is. That’s it. That is hurting the red dress. There she is. Oh my gosh. That is her. That is her. So now we must cute.

What am I with? You know what? This is exciting. It’s, it’s new. We’ve never done this. Yes. Oh, here we go. The boat. I love this because everyone can sing along. It’s a good range. It is. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Author lie. Now. Here we go. Exciting and new. Yes. Here we go. Home on board. Everybody. Oh yeah. Here we go. We’re wearing [inaudible] four letter word. Oh yeah. Yes. You want more? Cowbells Rodney. Rodney’s. Your mom. Cowbell let it flow. Here we go. Here. Drew. Andrew, you have to do a ton of editing on this show, so get yourself psychologically ready. Holy Crap. Holy Crap. [inaudible] okay. Okay. We’re going to go one the words. Yeah. We don’t know the words. We’ve been as the probably the most commonly same song that you don’t need. Deciding and noon. Come on. Boom. We’re expecting you, and that’s two. We’ll be making another stone

on thrive nation. If you’re out there today, I’ll make you a commitment. I will not play silver spoons again till tomorrow. I won’t do it. I’m not gonna Force that song on you again until maybe tomorrow because I want everybody in the thrive nation to grow financially. Z and what time? Freedom. Financial Freedom. I want people to understand that passive income isn’t a thing, and I want people to know freaking song silver spoons because I want, I want the same reason. You don’t want to accept the passive income is impossible. I can’t let it go. I can’t let it go. Silver spoons, I want it to come back. Yeah. It’s not possible in the sense that you have to do something. You have to be diligent Jessie on top of it. You have to stay on top of these things. You have to, you have to inspect what you expect. But I’d like to today with

a little silver lining, a little hope cloud, horoscopes bubble, silver spoon a little, a little, a little. Uh, how’s your father? A little mission or encouragement of some something positivity. A little, you know, sanctimonious. Now that you’re finished in the truck, stop from throwing up from hearing silver spoons over and over again, and you’ve kind of got yourself back together. You’re back on the highway, you’re driving now back again. And I want to just give you, give you a little something, something, you know, something, something. And that is for those of you out there, forb says it’s 67% they say it not I, and that’s our business bible. Forbes says, this is not our opinion. Forbes says it’s 67% of you out there listening, right? This very moment we’re actually thinking about might be higher because of our show, but at least 67% are thinking about doing your own thing and I want to tell you, I hope we didn’t bust your bubble today thinking I could open up something and walk away from and leave it forever and it’s just going to just be checking the mail that comes every, every month won’t happen.

It won’t happen, but I will tell you something. You can increase the likelihood of it being less time out of your busy life, dramatically less if you go the franchise route. Oh franchise, because a lot of the hard work has done a lot of the crowned work. A lot of the, the marketing, sometimes you do shared business ideas. In other words, there’s one call center that you can now buy a piece. Every you own a piece or that you use for your business. They, they do that with fresh call center is so detailed, so systematic. I mean, they have it. They’ve thought about every, for example. Right? And so what they do is they said, listen, we got your call center handle and you’re like, what done? They’re like, yeah, well you don’t have to worry about answering the phones. We’ve got people to do that in this call and they already know the scripts already know what to say.

The staff that we recruited, we maintain it, we record it, we coach it, we have the photos of all the systems. It’s just done. It’s done, done. We know and we’re not sure about your market, but we’ve got a pretty good idea of the things you should try marketing wise in your market and here’s the template of what to do, right. Here’s what we have found in a, in a market that similar to yours that works. Yep. Right. I know every market’s different, but most of them are more similar than different. And so you can actually, you can say to yourself, cause we’ve had people come to our conferences all the time, all the time. I’m looking for a business. I can just start it and just let it rock and roll and just, I get money off of it. I want a lot of doctors, dentists and lawyers in that boat, they are used to exchanging time for money and a lot of money, right?

A lot of time, right? And they get to a place where they realize I can only see so many patients or so many clients. A lot of dentists, their back starts hurting right now. A lot of them turn to Franchisee because it’s a great way to escape the rat race. It’s a great way. And you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. The wheel’s already done. You’ve already done you all you have to do to say, I want that wheel. I want that wheel. I want that wheel and a Tan. And it’s fun because he has a great thing about franchising. This is something that you, we never talk about on the show, never talk about this and that is petition. Oh, we’re not going to sail or they’re not going to sale another competing franchise right on top of you, right on top of you. They want you to win because they make percentage of what you make.

The team that when you have a team behind you, you’re not alone anymore. You have a team to quote the great, the late great poet, Michael Jackson. You are not alone. You are not alone. He was a loan. I am here with you. Franchises are great though. It’s a way now. Now they’re not passive now passive, but they are more passive, more passive than starting up a fresh Greensky greenfield idea on you walked through this, he said this empty pasture like, oh, this should be a, you know, every year. Every year I watch it happen. Cracks me up every year. It seems like every year there’s rumblings about a new league to compete with the NFL franchises. Yes. By the way, the NFL is a franchise just so we’re clear. Each, the Patriots, the Dallas cowboys, those are franchises. They all have to stick within the same rules, the same models.

They all are underneath the shield, NFL logo. Those are all franchises, all franchises and they all have to follow the system and z. Some of these, some of the failures have been almost comical. It’s not funny if you’re the owner of the team who lost all his money, but some of them are comical. They started the XFL years ago. I remember that and instead of a coin toss, they would throw the ball out and the guy said to fight for the ball and then instead of having a name on their jersey, they got to write their favorite phrase, but it had to fit on the back. This name or or sub kind of their, their best player on his jersey. It said he hate me. He, that was his name was he hate me till the announcers are like, he hate me on the tackle. I’m curious. So every year, but they fail because the NFL is already figured it out and it took forever to build it.

It’s huge. Didn’t take forever buildings and you forgot we had deal USFL didn’t work at a team here in Tulsa. It did well until it didn’t the Oklahoma outlaws, if you remember when we went down to, I think Phoenix, when Trump tastic decided to come to convince all the owners to compete with the NFL instead of operating during the different time of the year, they got killed. I got killed because no one wants to watch that amateur football stuff. No one’s to watch the backup team. You know I found a gallon town that has a tee shot. It has a t shirt business and she’s done some retro Oklahoma outlaw tee shirts. You know, I got one, but I would love to have an original Oklahoma outlaw shirts. If anybody listening out there in the wide wide world of listening. If you have and you want to sell it, you email us at info at thrive, thrive time, right now the the size, size, the condition, the condition, the price you want to be made.

Maybe send a photo of it. I mean if you step out there, I mean, you know, I guess that’s pretty easy technology these days and so a, yeah, send that to info at thrive time. the Oklahoma outlaws I think were, they were here in town one year, one year, baby. You won’t you? Here’s the little trivia. Guess where a quarterback was. You remember, you don’t even remember. I don’t remember. He is. He’s the first African American man. He has quarterback to win the Superbowl. Warren Moon. Nope. Cutting him. Do he went in with the Washington Redskins? I’m a no, I’m home. I don’t know much other than the Patriots, so I I, my mind is Indiana. No, Doug Williams. Doug Williams and my face. I would’ve never guessed that. I was at the t stadium Skelly’s table and I was watching a game and it was between our Oklahoma outlaws and the Houston gamblers and Jim Kelly was the quarterback.

Jim Kelly, who goes on to be hall of fame quarterback. He said, look, great person, great person. By the way, put it in the show notes. I want to invite him on the show. Make sure you email that to founder real quick. Doug Williamson, great guns. Get Doug Williams on the show. Say listen to your [inaudible] routes you’ve got, you’re getting pulled back to Tulsa living on Tulsa time. So make sure Andrea, you email that to founder, the names of those guys. Doug Williams and Jim Kelly, Jim Kelly. Now Jim Kelly, um, has had severe throat cancer and that guy just keeps fighting it and fighting it for like a decade I think. And he has nothing but kind things to say about his life and everybody else. He’s just the neatest. He’s a great guy. And you’ll pull up and put this on the show notes to the game between the Oklahoma outlaws outlaw Houston gamblers.

Yeah. And it came down to a hail Mary Hail Mary. Jim Kelly throws his hell. Mary and I believe, if I’m not mistaken, the gamblers went on like the last second play. It was like last second play that won it and I think they beat us, which was, but it’s like 45 to 42 great gain. It looked like a big trip. It looked like a big 12 game, you know, I would love to do what little did I find the old footage of that [inaudible] and since it’s out of the mean in the stand? Yeah, like the only one didn’t actually air it on our podcast and comment on it as the petard going. Did you go? Did you Google that? Can you Google that Andrew? He’s, he’s, you had to Google. Okay. He’s Google. You find it. Is there proof that it did in fact happen? Okay. I don’t know if he’s found it.

I think he’s found. No, no, it’s Oklahoma outlaws versus the Oklahoma outlaws versus Houston cameras. Here we go. 19 what was it? 1984 it looks like a hole that is fan. That’s hot. It’s the whole game up. There it is. Go to the very end of it. Oh my gosh. The whole is up there. Okay, so there’s Doug. There’s a, that’s the gamblers. That’s Jim Kelly. Yeah. Look, Kinda dude. We’d already seven seconds. 36 [inaudible] call the game. Call the Houston cameras were on the own. 20 yard line. 32nd slept. Oh wait. It could be just a already got the lead and just now, yeah, there’s come the ball. Go back a little bit more. Go back somewhere. Okay, we’ll go back here. This is, this is (981) 198-0480 four so you’re ready to call a game? I’m going to call a gate and call you for week 13.

Where does he need to go now? Um, let’s see. I don’t know if we go back. Just hit, hit play. You’re playing every drill. Thrive nation deserves a better deal than this. Andrew w does he know where to go for generic butit and we’ll find it. That last drive, there’s Doug Williams right there. Look to number 12 so he first African American wins. Super has certainly earned back. He used to go earlier or later. That’s the very end of the game. So you need to go, I need to go back a little bit. Yeah, there we go. So when people are still actually running play ball, let’s go back and kind of catch a score. So, because there we go. Now Oklahoma every go, go. There we go. Okay. Okay. Oh there we go. Just let it play for a second and then uh Oh did you fumble?

Are you going to comment on this? Are you going to call it? You going to call it for the list when he gets into the right spot? I will, but the point, his point is the point. What was the point I was trying to make? I think the point was that you want that league to come back another point we were made the point which all the different ones. Yeah, so there was USFL, XFL got a new one. They just had new XFL and in fact the Dallas thing called Bob stoops is their quarter as their coach and then they got rid of it. So I’m just saying the chances of not failing in a business are very small. And in a Franchisee it’s like nine out of 10 franchises don’t fail. It’s a great deal. And it’s the exact opposite for Nan fry and for non franchise.

Yeah. No Daddy Fred. No for non franchise. It’s incredible. It’s like eight out of 10 failed. Nine out of 10 fails that were in between that number. You can Google it and say 10 non franchises fail. Right, and the nine and a 10 startups fail, right? I mean that’s nine and a 10 franchises don’t fail. And you might say why? It’s because there’s so much regulation, there’s so much requirement. There’s so much diligence you have to put into it just to build a franchise. Well, the other thing too is, is that there’s a lot of competition. There’s not very many sectors of the world that you can say, hey, you know what? I’m going to make this dough thing. It’s kind of round. I’m going to put spaghetti sauce on it, like red sauce, and then I want to put different vegetables and meat and bake it, cook it in the oven.

I’m going to call it up. I’m going to call it a pizza. Oh, that’s a new idea there, Carl. Yeah. Wow. And I’m going to start my own little pizza shop. Z’s May a better mouse trap. So homework for you out there day. I’ve got some homework for you. Okay. Homework item number one. If you’re out there today and you are, if there’s some area of your business, see some part of your business garden that you’re not tending just because you are bored with doing it or you don’t like the monotony of it. Hire someone else to do it. Yes. Or sometimes we just got to shut up and do it like me. It was silver spoons. I got to let it go. You got to let it go. You got to let that go to come back. No brick Schroeder but don’t factor in American history.

No. Why did Ricky Schroder get Kiana? Reaches is the best. Come on now. Stop. That is true. I think it’s time to end the show. Unless you want to make a call on this video. You want to call this? I don’t know. Andrew [inaudible]. Is he attempting to come to know he’s got it as, hey, he’s got it cause he, okay. Call it play. Okay, so now we’re on, I’ll call Matt while they’re on their own. 40 Doug Williams going back to past is a big bomb. He throws a big bog t number. Oh wait, we’ve got a flag on the play. We got something. No, oh, we got, he’s up. Sievers irate. He’s upset 87 with 87 I don’t know, 10 words. His name is, is that a, just give me a shrug. Who was that? What year was this? 1984 1984 is that Herschel Walker? No, no. He played for the generals. Is that Walter Payton? USFL. He kind of gave him a little shove and didn’t get it. Okay. Well, so now we are, I’m not sure what down it is and distance. I’m obviously throwing that bomb on the 40 are they playing on a baseball field? Are they playing the game on the Houston like baseball’s his could be. You know what? This is. Andrew, you pulled the wrong. This is as

playing down in Houston, I believe. This is the Astro stadium. The one in total. We’re calling the wrong game. We’re calling the wrong gang. Sorry. Tribe is completely responsible for that. All right, we’re going to wrap up today’s show with a three two and a one here. Here. You Ready? Let’s do it. Here we go. Whoa. Whoa.


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