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Do you struggle with rejection during sales? Learn the mindset of getting 1,000 no’s as soon as possible from the best business coach Thrivetime Show hosts Clay Clark and Dr Z as they breakdown what should go on in a sales person’s mind as they concur rejection.

STEP 7 – Try to Get 1,000 No’s As Soon As Possible

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Authors by the hundreds can tell you stories by the thousands of those rejection slips before they found a publisher who was willing to ‘gamble’ on an unknown.” – Zig Ziglar (The best-selling author and legendary motivational speaker)
  2. STORY – DJConnection.com – Cold calling our way to the biggest accounts in the marketplace (Boeing, UPS, Pepsi, Warren Caterpillar, QuikTrip, etc.)
    1. Cold-Calling Exclusively
    2. Attended Chamber of Commerce Events
    3. Bought a Yellow Page Advertisement
  3. STORY – Ryan Tedder Story – Cold calling is way to his first internship with the Dreamworks Nashville Office (The 3 minute to 4 minute mark of the video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kbeJ8GBDd0)


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Do you need help growing your business? Take the challenge. That’s right time. The best business coach program will be any marketing firms prices by 50% schedule. Your free consultation today at drivetime show.Com welcome back to the conversation clark and the former ussba entrepreneur of the year, and we thank you so much for showing your support to this path. Workshop, do you realize this path? Workshop are capacity for a workshops. Luke owen’s is here with the hub fitness in in broken arrow, by the way, if you’ve never been to the hub fitness. If you live in broken arrow and wanted to get in the best shape of your life, you got to go check out the hub fitness in downtown broken arrow and look. How much is the first month over there at the hub gym is only a dollar. The first month is only a dollar that you attended. A workshop when was last work day was workshop that you attended last workshop at the time the foreplay could accommodate. If you can imagine for 8 people, this workshop, we just had had a hundred and sixty two people. That’s four times, as many people I know what’s happening, is the thrive nation is realizing hate. There’s no upsell, hey my buddies, been using this program for 3 years. Hey. If you read the reviews, hey it’s effective. It’s two days:it’s interactive it but I want to have you got to explain to the thrive nation what the experience of the workshop was like from your experience from your best business coach workshops. We didn’t have a band, yet we have a band. We didn’t have all the ice sculptures rowland we didn’t have the exotic cars out front now have cut like a little car show out there a lot of things we have now that we didn’t have. But when you came to the business workshops, what was it? What was it like in explaining the transformation that occurs or how it might have helped you right?

So so, when I came to the the first business workshops, it was sort of like with the idea. This is going to be like any other best business coach thing that you would you see? How do you spell know it’s all about what the add-ons are. I could have any value to like eight secret to success and you have to sign up okay, yeah right and it with with ride. That was totally opposite from the very beginning. You you get tangible advice. You start writing down, step, 1, step, 2 and so on, and so by leaving by the time you’re leaving the best business coach conference. You have some ammo in your belt for sure now, I think about the hub in this time last year, I think about to be actionable stuff. It was past and I could be wrong, but I think you generated about 66 leads. Is that right, 64 leads or something to 760 number i. Think 63 was the number of lead you got last week and pretty much I want to tell the drivers how we’re doing it. Luke has thousands of customers he provided service for over the years, and we really just needed to improve the online repeat haitian, which we teach of the workshop. We need to create. A no-brainer can explain to the to the tribe nation what that no-brainer is for you guys, cuz. It’s really sensational offered that everybody can learn more about right, so it is literally your first month is $1 and what’s the catch, there’s no bs, no catch I do like it, and I want to sign up for the hoverboards that cost that it is only $29 a month. He already had a value proposition. That makes sense. He already had been. How long have you been been in the fitness business almost 13 years now? So what were some of the things that you’re doing now, then you were doing before I eat a year ago right. So it’s all about systems. You cannot inspect something that you know expect something you don’t inspect. You can’t inspect something that you can’t inspect you can’t.

You can’t expect that you can’t expect someone on your team to do some that you’re not going to inspect that’s right. I said it was a very reactive atmosphere. Before now it’s very proactive. You can look at the tracking forms that we have and know exactly where we’re at or where we’re not, and then how to respond to that. So, what’s your biggest limiting factor right now, cuz everybody. Listening to this show and I everybody everybody’s up, a business owner, you need to know your biggest limiting factor. Being self-aware is probably the biggest thing we all need to work on. I mean i, freaking nervous when I’m speaking event, I think to myself. I, don’t know how to do this after 40 people and they’re all out, then to the time you’re all my employees so kind of nervous. When you view your own meeting as a speaking of it, but I got two more employees than me. You know, there’s 40 of them in one of me and I used to get nervous before my own team meeting so I’m, like oh no they’re, going to be here and they’re going to argue with me even though I am the best business coach. What do I do, but what’s your biggest limiting factor the business? It would be similar to that where you know what we’re getting used to these weekly interviews, weekly team meeting, the matter of consistency, I would say is the is the thing that I’m learning is so valuable. It doesn’t matter if one person or no people show up your their present every week as a matter of consistent well just to build a faith or five nation are we had last week over 70 people send an email to confirm that would be at the interview for one of our clients: 70, that’s the seven in the zero 71 more than 69, and guess how many showed up less than 10 and that’s normal, because that’s america, which america to lot of people and i, don’t i, i, wrote, I love our country and respected, prefer a lot of americans right now.

They know trans am not. Are. They translate the word america to me jackass right now, but other people do right now that the best business coach podcast seventh step I want to teach tall, the thrivers or email the question:what are the seven steps that I could use this year to improve myself by 700% to 7 step? If you want to try to get a thousand nose as possible, like you’re, a rhinoplasty specialist? What does that mean? You help fix somebody just somebody’s nose. You want to get a nose job. That guy is trying to get a thousand knows as soon as possible, and you have to get $1,000 as soon as possible. Zig ziglar, the best-selling author and the legendary motivational speaker. He wants said authors by the hundreds, can tell you stories by the thousands of those rejection slips before they found a publisher who’s willing to gamble on an unknown. What he’s talking about is it most. People have had massive massive rejection to just going to build your faith in that idea. I think about a stephen king stephen king. His book is first book. Carrie was rejected by everybody. You know the dyson vacuum. It took him 15 years to get his first big deal. You know the blendtec blender or that soap opera, another forever to take off I mean think about nike. Look up that store! You guys struggle for over a decade. You think about any big company spn to go over a decade to make a profit. Amazon took over 9 years to make a profit. Tesla took 10 years to make a profit the other day landed. Rockets.

Did you see those rockets land? Did you see that loop? You just rockets usable rockets what the crap that’s a rocket that takes off and comes back in his reusable I mean you talk about failure if you’re not willing to get a thousand knows you’re not going to be successful, so I can victoria secret. They relentlessly mail my best business coach wife every month, I’m glad they do i, actually am glad that it’s roy secret males my life, where I’m at email, my wife, every single month to catalog. How often that we go in there, i, don’t know I probably go in there for christmas for christmas and for such that’s two times, I guess so. Christmas and her birthday I tried to go in twice. Cuz I want to get myself a gift to so usually three times a year, I go into victoria’s secret email me i, want to say like 12 times a year, but you don’t see the victoria’s secret, mailing, department, crying and weeping and like tearing their robes like some biblical character, is upset. Betrayed by by advertisers are consistent. These guys aren’t aren’t worried about like the end times because they got $1,000. I got to get a thousand nose. In fact, only looking like a 3%, yes rate, would you got to get to 1000 knows as soon as possible when we come back I’m, not sure if you my story of how I built dj connection.Com by getting a thousand knows as soon as possible. 321 broadcasting live from the center of the universe, presenting the world’s only business school without the bs, with optometrist can’t entrepreneur, dr. Robert zoellner, and he ussba entrepreneur of the year clay clark get ready to enter the thrive time show on talk, radio 1170. We do go back to the conversation. My name is clay clark on the former ussv a entrepreneur of the year and were talking today about the seven steps to help. You increase your sales by 700% this year, if you’re just out tuning in, and you want to look at the steps and I’ll look at the facts and the notable quotables and all the show dad, all the show. Doubts just go to thrive time, show.Com and then click on the podcasts button and every one of the show’s archive there we’re going to get back to step number, 7 or final step in this step, as you have to get to 1000 knows as soon as possible.

There’s no way to avoid this so I’m, going to give you specific examples from my life of how I got a thousand knows as soon as possible. That way, you guys can, as listeners can ask yourself is applicable for you. The first thing I did was dj connection is I bought a yellow page as soon as possible. I bought a yellow page advertisement as soon as possible, but that was a different time with yellow pages were super bowl of it, but I didn’t buy it soon enough. Some of those first three years, I did cold-calling exclusively so I did cold-calling exclusively now. I did have some warm calls, because I did attend chamber events, i, attended, chamber of commerce events and the problem with doing that, for me was that very few people who attended the chamber of commerce event we’re going to get married until I did run into some best business coach corporate accounts there. But I would go to the chamber event. They would serve some kind of cheese, cubes or some kind of a quiche or something you know when there’s some guy in a suit getting up there, talking the importance of networking or the importance of passing vision 20/25 or something like that and then I’m thinking to myself the entire time they’re. Talking like how the crap am I going to pay the bills like how the crap am I going to I mean that it’s it’s friday and I’m at this meeting in this chamber, guys talking about networking and the importance of vision, 20/25 and I’m picking i, don’t know if I have $20.25 in my account you know so:i decided after awhile. You know I’m a networking with every, but I was passing out cards I did book. Some things we decided to do is go ahead and get out the chamber of commerce book the actual book they publish that has names of all of the businesses, and this was my cold calling script, I’m I’m going to add, live, but I’m going to just give you what I did and I committed to making a hundred calls a day into.

My call went like this boo, boo, boo boo. Thank you for calling quiktrip and I’d say:hi I’m actually call a machine with the chamber I’m a chamber member I wanted to see who handles your entertainment for the company and it’s all that’s you know kevin just called regarding we’re actually offering a deal. Where are we with you guys actually one week to do a drawing and your company one the, dj entertainment for a dollar? So you guys get to have entertainment for your company party for a dollar and they said really we wanted out. Yeah I will look into it, so I get on the phone with the decision-makers. You have these companies and it say what did we win now and I’d say you won your dj service for any event, you want $4 just to sit out and they said what what’s the catch is. There’s no catch. They said I said all the chamber. Members are android into a competition and there’s a random drawing, and you guys were one of the winners. I didn’t tell him that every business one, but they were one of the winners and then they would say well so what’s the catch? Is it when you know I got you i, probably wouldn’t use a new dj company i, like my big event, i, probably wouldn’t use the new dj come around for couple years. I wouldn’t use a new dj company on a big company. Has a big big deal, I mean ups and a quick trip, I mean so what you want to set up a time to meet with you to go over the best day, I recommend a retirement party or maybe small office gathering, and obviously, if we are good job, I’d love it. If you consider us for your big event, bellator start small I mean you know, maybe we swim or terrible. We meet show up on time, dress to impress newly shine. Shoes got pants that fit a suit that works. You know got tie on a briefcase there, an end to that I pitch as the best business coach. Why did like the tell him that what we do and I deserve a pitch? It’s more like a needs assessment, i, say so the ship that the part of your thinking about what date? Okay, great, how interactive you want to dj to be on a scale of 1 to 10.

You know if a dj like a super by the way, all personal trainer should do that by the way all personal trainer should do that. How much you want me to push you on a scale of 1 to 10, you know, i, give a 10 is like in a woman is like very calm. Very ted talk see very mystical, very philosophical, very buddha breeze in spin. Do you have to ask the customer they said on scale 1 to 10? We won’t have my car party, like a 10, really I said now. What are you do? What time is the party starting at 7? Okay? Well, our best business coach standard is always get there. Two and a half hours before the boys have one hour before so. Can we get there at 4:30 and you can okay great, so we got there at 4:30 the price of background music. Do you want to play when? The guests are getting that you want to set the right ambience the right atmosphere. They tell us a pretty soon we’re having a conversation which is the beginning of persuasion. By the way, the conversation is the beginning of persuasion, so then I said so now. As far as the packages go there. What is the dollar amount recommend the middle package to call the true romance package but. It includes the jbl. Speakers includes the lights to crack out of a fun rhythm therapy atmosphere for the caucasians in the group. It probably can’t clap on beat very well and we dj it’s it’s unlimited time. So if you want to dj till 2 in the morning, we can probably do that. But how long do you think you’ll be dj myself till midnight, so they’re big event comes up and my first big one to take the bike to take the bait. To take to say yes was the bank of america and bank of america said yes, the holiday inn select at i-44 and yale. The event coordinator in her name was nanette nanette. She court or organized the whole thing. I just rocked that party people showed up and they’re used to boring parties are of. It wasn’t boring, though, because we had name that tune to that approve with the name that tune the name that tune game. We can have a version of family feud. We had a dance contest. We had a karaoke contest, we always fun events that they had previously approved I pitch them like a hundred ideas. They said you two or three of them and is every hour we had two or three new big events that were happening, so they went from ordinary to best business coach extraordinary what the end of the event cuz they’re, not a bunch of jerks. Are there bank of america that incredible bank? It was founded by ap giannini and it was purchased for almost nothing by warren buffett, the incredible institution ap giannini, the high school dropout, who started bank of america, the guy, who didn’t have a college degree who started bank of america. Just a little thought. The biggest bank in america was there by guy, doesn’t have the great, but that probably doesn’t matter. The point is so then I added the part that came up in the event I sent. You know what we really like that today, cuz you got the sauce that they said. You have the hots for our next event and I said well, yeah indian! So that’s how it starts.

So you got to start going to somewhere. So my thing was cold. Calling the chamber of commerce I just went through the membership. Catalog and I call every single business in the chamber and say hey. You know, i, guess what I want to call you guys I said what. Will what why are you coming cuz? You guys were one of the winners for a dollar. We don’t want to use you just for a dollar and I’d, say well, i, wouldn’t use me either for a dollar I wouldn’t use a dj just cuz. You want it for a dollar, but what about a birthday party or wedding or some kind of event? In almost every time they go? Well, my cut my husband turned 40. Can you do that? You know what you go in there and you show up with your gear looking solid and you have a plan and you eat you. Do a good job. People come back, they come back and bring friends. That’s what happened so the doctor see how many times throughout your best business coach career has somebody come in for the $99 offer and then they came back a second time and a third time. I’m, assuming you know you got to have that no-brainer. You got to have that thing that they just can’t stand. It I got a call. They got to come in there curious. Sometimes, yes, sometimes you just leave enough out there that they just got a guy.

Is it what what does he mean by that? Surely he can’t mean that people just do the $99 deal and then never come back. Just do 99. That’s it! That’s all the last time I checked at 10% of the patients that came in the calf pain patients would do you know yeah absolutely come on in, but people want to get the you know the extra pair in a backup pair and I got back up here. Cuz. If answer was 40 pair, maybe absolutely studious perry, no cuz you’re, a woman. You want to switch it up. You know you look smarter, sometimes I mean party pair of shoes. Do you wear with the suit? Yet I can go run a minute. It’s like a transformer of shoes and changes up there now so get people in the door. The learning moment the actual moment and she kind of just get to 1000, knows as soon as possible. Is on tomorrow, show we’re doing and ask us anything from clay to z and z. We got people wanting to know how to execute the dream 100 how to find affordable, rent, okay, this thrive nation. If you want to find all the answers to all your business questions all the time you got to go to thrivetimeshow.com cuz, we have four ways to help me:we got the podcast in person. Business Workshops in the podcast is very reasonably priced. It says:$0 gets free premium best business coach online school with thousands of videos. The first month is always just a dollar and then $19 every month, thereafter check it out. It’s the drive time show, and it’s always when in the show with the boom. So here we go free to watch apple


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