Revenue Creating Activities versus Time Wasting Activities

Show Notes

Dr. Zoellner and OXI Fresh franchise brand developer Matt Kline share about the BIGGEST revenue creating and time-sucking activities.

Examples of Revenue Creating Activities:

  1. Advertising
  2. Vehicle inspections
  3. Verify employee metrics
  4. Gather Google reviews
  5. Make sure that your people are operating at their highest and best use

Examples of Time Sucking Activities:

  1. Smartphone distractions
  2. Not confirming appointments
  3. FUN FACT – How Much Screen Time Is Too Much? – According to the market-research group Nielsen, adults are spending over 11 hours per day interacting with media. That’s up from 9 hours and 32 minutes from four years ago. Of that 11 hours, 4 hours and 46 minutes are spent watching TV. According to an oft-cited 2016 report by Common Sense Media, teens spend an average of 9 hours per day interacting with media, not including time spent for school or homework. For kids ages 8-12, the same Common Sense media survey report found they were spending 6 hours per day interacting with media. Kids ages 2-5 spend around 32 hours per week in front of a screen (e.g., watching TV, videos, gaming). 
    1. Pedestrians Killed
  4. Life coaching idiots
  5. Procrastinating
  6. Focusing on feelings and emotions rather than following a proven path
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Audio Transcription

OXI Fresh Upsdate Revenue Creating Activities VersusTime WastingActivities Thrivetime Show

On today’s show, my good friend and partner, Dr Robert Zellner joins us and Matt Klein, Matt Klein, the franchise brand developer with oxi fresh to explain what revenue creating activities look like and how those contrast to time-wasting activities. What activities should you be focusing your time on as an entrepreneur and what activities should you stop doing because they’re an epic waste of your time. All this and more on today’s edition of the thrive time show

Some shows don’t need a celebrity in a writer to introduce the show. This show down to man, eight kids co created by two different women, 13 moat time, million dollar businesses. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome

To the thrive time Sean

[Inaudible]. Got It from the bottom down. Yes, yes, yes. And yes. Dr Z is

To me and I just got back from a trip on the seat.

Yes, I am so excited that you are still alive by the way, because I gave it 50 50 you know the way you travel and it’s always a story. Oh yeah. Travel far. Yes. And so I, you know, when I came back and I was walking the studio today and I thought it’s going to be, I gave it 50 50 Matt, have you been on a cruise before?

I have not been on a cruise, but I will say my dad might be the most innovative, scary person on the planet. You know that Carnival cruise went down? Yeah, like a while ago. He was like the first part, he booked like four carnival cruises the day that they’re shipping crashed and he got like five carnival cruises for like 88 bucks. Oh, you’re just doing carnival rides. That’s the moon. Do Your Dad’s the Warren Buffet of cruise investments. He is believable. He called me and he was super pumped. He’s like, man, I got the best deal. You guys. I want to go on a cruise

Soon. Dan. I done all you can eat now before we get into today’s show, which is revenue creating activities versus time sucking activities. I want to ask you, Matt, have you ever been to a family reunion? A Big One?

Yeah. Yeah, definitely.

I see. Have you ever done this before? A big family reunion.

Yeah. Every thanksgiving. Seems like it’s a big family reunion.

And how many people, how many people were at your family reunion?

Jersey? Well, thanksgiving, well, let’s say the same thanksgiving. We’ll have 75 people there.

And Matt, how many are your, how many of the people are at your family reunions for you when you guys get together? The Klein family,

Ours are much smaller. Probably would have a 35.

Well, I was on a cruise ship. I won’t mention the family’s name because of the, a, the show at Z. I don’t want the word to get out about this particular family’s name. I can just say as we get on the cruise and there’s a bunch of people wearing a shirt that the way it’s spelled Matt you could say that the name of pronounced incorrectly would be a curse word, right? And these people have decided to congregate on the ship. And I can just sayZ , if you can picture in your mind the biggest rednecks in the whole world, Cam picturing the biggest rednecks in the world. And you could just say if all of them were on a cruise boat together. Hold on, let me, let me get care. Care. Hi. Hi. Cry. Hold my beer. Watch this. Hi. Why don’t we go up, down, up there, upstairs there for them, but for the [inaudible] I just gotta find my pants.

Cletus where am I paying me? He’s just a lot of that kind of stuff. So man, I was on a cruise where I was out there at sea with hundreds of people. I knew they were all the same film because they all had the same shirts on and these people hadn’t probably seen water. They were probably afraid of water. They would, they would talk Matt during the movie night, they brought boom boxes. They would played her in the movie night. None of them had ever been ice skating before, but they all decided to try at the same time. Most of them were not fond of bathing the, the hot tubs that said adult only hot tub, please keep volume down to a minimum minimum or maximum of 15 people per hot tip. No alcohol. Remember Dad, there’s like it says no alcohol, maximum of 15 people per hot tub.

Please, you know, keep volume in a certain, you keep your conversations at a certain volume and a respect of our guests. These people are high five and these people are spilling beer in there. These people are 40 of them in there right in the thing. And these are people that should never be nude ever even at their own home and their own bathroom and they’re all out there together. Man, it was a beautiful thing and I just want you to know that I am now dumber for having experienced it was, it was quite a thing. So I’m back now and Matt, I want to talk to you about this here. Revenue creating activities versus time sucking activities. So I were to go out there and buy an oxi fresh carpet cleaning franchise for a roughly was it $57,000 meant $57,000

Need additional investments, 38,900 okay. Equipment, product training and territory is all included in there. Wow. And then you probably, you know, depending on how you run the business, whether it’s semi absentee or full on owner operator or a manager right away with a a, with an employee, you want to have somewhere between around 20 to 25,000. In addition to that for operating capital to cover things like insurance and local marketing and vehicle employee costs, you want to get to a cash flow positive state essentially. That’ll get you there.

Now W so let me get, let me ask you what are some activities that I’m going to ask? I’m gonna get z’s take on this too, here. So Z as an optometrist, I guess I’ll start with you. I’m running your optometry clinic. What is a example of a revenue creating activity? Something that your team should be doing or you should be doing that creates revenue that makes the phone ring, that brings in new patients? What’s an example of something that you should be doing as an optometrist? Advertising. Okay, so advertising nosy. If you had to just pick a number, what percentage of a optometrist right there met Mr that boat as we’re on this cruise theme edition of the show, what percentage of the optometrist just don’t advertise? Ooh, that’s a very good question. Now you know, advertising has been dummied down over the years and you know, some people may think that there’s pending a, since they have a Facebook page, they’re advertising for their business.

I mean so, but I mean true advertising. I would say that very little. I think maybe 5% of the optometrists in Tulsa advertise you may be right. I mean that to me I could be, that might even be a high cause numbers. I’ve met a lot of optometrists that have reached out to me in Tulsa for help and I’m like, I work with z. He can’t do it. Not going to do it. You know, I’ll do the whole, hey meet you at the conference, 13 point assessment, but I won’t do it. You know, all of these guys are saying, well I fundamentally don’t believe in advertising. It’s amazing. I mean, when I was going through school quite a few years ago we had practice management, right. And the practice management professor gave us the three keys, three keys to optometry, six series keys to the optometry success and they were one you wanted to join the biggest church in town and pass the bucket.

Okay. Step one, the obvious on the oxi fresh onboarding plan, right? Not the end, the big two that no it’s not, but it might be in the future and you want to have your business card have as much white, his little black ink on it. Oh, okay. Yeah. Okay. Cause that shows class classiness yes. And everybody wants to get their eyes examined by a doctor that exudes class. Oh, this is all making sense now. And then the Trifecta, the Trifecta of marketing, propulsion tribe, the holy Trifecta is here. The father, the son. Now for the holy, Holy Ghost. You got the white card, you go to church and you think, yes, yes. No, you want to make sure your sign, your sign on your door on the door is small. Oh now that is hot. It’s hot stuff, Matt, I don’t know if you can beat that, but what kind of revenue, revenue producing activities are gonna move the needle for an oxi fresh owner.

But you can go in a lot different directions. The DRD tackled the marketing [inaudible] that was the obviously the number one. You do a lot of things that create revenue just by paying attention. But I want to concentrate a little bit more on efficiency, right? Anything that you can do to your business to create more efficiency, we’ll give you not only more time back, but the ability to make more money. So we talked about activities for instance, like with just your employees, right? Inspections, vehicle inspections, things like making sure you’re checking your reporting for actually looking at your employees individually. Or you might have an employee that’s doing a really, really good job, but if you’re not paying attention to the customer satisfaction scores and seeing how they’re operating, they may get a lot of great reviews, but they’re always late. Now I see that example cause it’s very easy, right?

You’re already doing everything that you need to be doing for your job to be a good, except you’re just five, five minutes late. Come on, it’s late. Right? So instead of just letting us sit, you as the owner should recognize that, have a conversation, start creating some avenues for your employee so they can feel comfortable discussing what their day is. Right? Why are you late? Well, I’m late because I stopped at the cornerstore between every single job and I get myself a monster energy drink. All right, well, if you really need that monster energy drink, let’s maybe cut back a little bit, but how about we just load up before the first for your first job?

Oh, right. So you don’t have to stop everything that right.

Simple type of situation. It could be locking and you could be walked through. It could be the way they’re actually putting water on their tanks. So it could be a training issue. But knowing what is going on in Your Business Day to day by looking at the reports that you already have with Oxi fresh will allow you to be able to make managerial decisions that are not, you’re not just guessing, right. That’s a big one for us. And then when you also look at terms like revenue generating activities, we talk about reviews almost impossible here. But if you just make sure your, your basic operating checklists are being completed by your employees and you are going to be able to do a good job, you’re going to be able to actually check the items off to make sure that they’re doing everything. And one of those is reviews. The more reviews that you get by the customers you already have, the more money you’re going to get because more customers are going to see those reviews.

So you’re saying very easy,

Which generally generated off of that.

So you’re saying gathering reviews, is it that that’s a good use of someone’s time is to together those reviews you’re talking about verifying that the employees are actually doing their job, looking for the efficiencies, xe, what you, you have a hot take care?

Well there’s some deeper dive in. In my profession, this might stimulate someone’s kind of thinking a little bit, but what I always wanted to do is figure out who the key employees were and what they were doing. In other words, ones that were really generating the money, really generating the goods. And so when I look at like optometry for example, the doctor, the optometrist is licensed and he’s the only one or she’s the only one that can do a certain components, certain step of the appointment. So you come in, you’re greeted the doctors that need to greet you, you’re pre-tested and loaded in the exam room. And then when you’re finished, you know you’re either dispense contact lenses or you’re helped in the frame department or we go to optical. So in other words, the doctor does one, one step of that process. They do the exam portion of it, right? And so everything that I could do to help help that and help him get in and out of the room efficiently help the bottom line. So when I would hire a doctor, I would say, listen, I know in optometry school you were taught that being an optometrist was gathering data, then that’s important. But we can hire someone to gather data. You’re here to interpret the data. So therefore you’re like, when you go to the doctor, the doctor’s not measuring your height. They’re not,

Well, here’s what’s interesting though, is I’ve worked with a lot of doctors in the past. I mean, when I say a lot almost 10, I am maybe seven or eight or so doctors who do that kind of stuff. When I first worked with them and I’m going, no, you, you cannot be, you can’t take your time to weigh a patient and to get their height and that kind of thing. When you have a waiting list, it’s two weeks long. You’ve got to have somebody else on your team do these things, right? You’re not required by law to, and they go, well, but I kind of want to do it myself cause I’m really good at it. And I’m like, I don’t know. You’re good. But I didn’t do it right so much. Oh, so it’s so it’s so important out there. You ask yourself today, what could you be doing to make your employees more efficient?

Is the vehicle inspections, does it verify the employee metrics? Is it making sure your your teammates are getting those? Google reviews is it makes you making sure that your people are operating at their highest and best use. Now I want to ask you here of examples of a complete time sucking activity. I’m gonna Start with you, Dr Z. Okay. Examples of a time sucking activity where you go, okay, this right here is an epic waste of time. I see this situation unfold countless times. You, I’m sure you have family members, neighbors, cousins, peers who reach out to UC and say, Hey, I’m trying to be more efficient. And you see them wasting huge amounts of time doing this right here. What is an example? Z of epic time wasting activities. Well, I’ll tell you what, with all these apps on your phone, I mean if you just sat back and let everything Kinda just pushed through on your phone, I mean, you just spend all day long, you know, getting rid little red dots and, and looking at this and looking at that and updates here and updates there. I think right now this new generation really battles with time-wasting with these, these little mini computers we carry around colors our smartphones. I had a Clyde there. They would put an app on his phone that tells you how much time you’re wasting on your phone and a matter of, you’ve seen this thing before, this app that measures what you’re doing on your phone app has a new one out now to that they’ll, they’ll do for you.

It just goes right on your iPhone. I’ll tell you exactly what you’re doing.

Well, some guy, one of my clients was like, I’m spinning like six hours a day on social media and I don’t get any business from it. I’m like, really? He’s, yeah, I mean, he, he did it on his own. He came and he’s like, dude, you’re so young. You got a show about how much I didn’t think we had a show that was showing that the average American right now is spending 11.3 hours per day on screen time every day and five of that’s TV. And he was like, I didn’t believe you guys. And so I went in and put the app on my phone and I was up at six just on social media, not at the other apps that don’t. And that’s a, that’s a huge waste of time. And that, what’s another epic waste of time if you buy an oxi fresh franchise, what’s something you should not be spending your time doing?

Well, the thing that I really try to concentrate in, and I know a lot of our franchisees because people have the behavior, right? I mean you want to have an absolutely full schedule. So one of the most, to me, frustrating things when people have same day cancellations, right? And so day cancellations are created by the inability of the Franchisee or their employees to do call ahead. This a very simple task that if you can reduce cancellations because they will happen. But if you have 10 cancellations a month and let’s just say you’re doing 200 jobs right, that’s too many because what you can do is you can actually go ahead of it and call it a few days in advance. You do two things. One, you either verify that that actual job is going to be done. You can actually call through. It’s a nice thing just to verify either way, but also if it’s not going to be done in something changes, you have a few days to book something else in that time slot.

There’s nothing worse than having an employee sitting there with nothing to do, right? So that that it’s a task that you’re doing and in in the, you know, before the job you’re done so that you don’t have a task, which is literally nothing. Cause I can guarantee you if you have a job that cancel the same day your technicians was sitting in their car looking at those things, you guys just discussed social media, right, where they’re not doing anything right. You can, you can put some things in there like handing out flyers and all that, but what you do to be proactive with your schedule will really dictate how many more jobs you can do in a month, in a year. I mean you, you break those numbers out. I mean you’re talking files and then thousands and thousands of dollars of jobs.

Now think about this a bit proactive on that specific task. If you’re out there today, I want you to look this fact up here. We will put it on the show notes. I’ve got it on the show notes. Andrew, I’ve got ya. This is what, this is what it says here. It says, according to psychology today, Z, it says, how much screen time is too much according to market research, the march market research group, Nielson adults are now spending over 11 hours per day, per day, interacting with media up to nine hours and 32 minutes. It’s up from nine hours and 32 minutes. Just four years ago. [inaudible] Of that 11 hours, four hours and 46 minutes is spent watching TV. Oh, he went down a little bit there. Oh, accord is over five. Last time we looked according to an offsite at 2016 report by common sense, media teens spend an average of nine hours per day with media, not including time spent on their devices for schoolwork, z. That’s a lot of time. They’re just glued to them. I mean, I mean, you go anywhere you go anymore. I mean, you look at some more. It’s like, how do they get around? It’s like, do you know where you’re walking? I’d be like, oh dude. Hey, just crazy people driving with, am I going to rand? I don’t know. I don’t want a rant to beat the pedestrian fatalities from texting has gone up. You heard about this man, if you heard about this.

I have not.

And this is a true story that pedestrian fatalities. I was reading an article in what was it? I think I want to say it’s New York Times Andrews. If you can look that up real quick of pedestrian fatalities has gone up due to smart phones. But people in New York are literally walking right into a car. Sure. Cause they’re on their phone texting. Well yeah, they’re walking into whatever while building a man. Hold one of my fire. I know love. Unbelievable. So I would just encourage you out there. Again, we’re talking about what are good revenue producing activities. One, advertise you’ve got to be advertising. If you’re not advertising today, start it. Figure it out. Go make a no brainer. [inaudible] Two vehicle inspections. Come on man. You gotta make sure that your employees aren’t destroying those vehicles. Put a gps on that vehicle. Make sure they’re actually getting to the job site.

Three, verify the employee metrics. Matt, just because an employee says they got a Google review doesn’t mean they actually got a Google review. Oh, inspect what you expect. Then Matt said you gather Google reviews. That’s true that the revenue prison activity, five z said, make sure that people are operating at their highest and best use. Now here’s a time wasting activity as soul sucking activity, a time sucking activity, smartphone distractions. Two is not confirming appointments, but three is life coaching idiots. So let me give an example. I’m going to cue up this audio clip. I’m Matt. This was apparently an interview that you you’ve been very busy with. Your, with your location met. [inaudible] You have two locations now, right? I do, yeah. And I believe, yeah. Have you, are you, so how many technicians do you have on your team right now? Is it two or three years?

Four one going. I have three. I probably need to get to my fourth pretty quick here, but I have three now. And,

Well, my understanding is that you got busy last week and you might or might not have had a young lady named Pam z that Matt brought in to interview people because Matt’s too busy to be interviewing idiots. So yeah, sure. What’s happening now is, is a Pam for a week was filling in for Matt and this might or might not have happenedZ , but I miked up Matt’s office, no big deal. Didn’t ask him, but Mike them up. And so this is the interview that Pam has with some candidates here recently and this is fairly heavy. You know, he went to [inaudible] about a minute long here. Sure, man, I’m going to queue it up and then a odd but prefer if you would hold your commentary on your negativity and your rebuking of this audio clip to the enemy if you’re going to come out and say that didn’t happen. I mean, let’s wait until he, let’s let the sound clip at least, you know, play itself out. Okay, let’s let, so here we go. Queued up here. And this is mats, a PM interviewing candidates here for recent position. Let’s see here. Kind of quiet to start here. Let me queue it up here.

Yeah. Oh No, it’s actually, here we go. Spark plug and a human resources lady. Okay. Oh No, it’s actually, it’s Pam. Sorry. Well, pan. No, my name is Pam. You Pan. We’re Pam. I’m saying Pam. I’m sorry. Who is this gentleman sitting behind you? Hello, Ms Lady. I’m deal. I’m Brennan Stepbrother and I think I might be able to help with the Pan Pam dilemma. Yeah, that’d be great. Hey, Pam, handy with an eddy on the end. There’s no d. It’s Pam. It’s like calm here. A P a n m and m two m. And that was the, no, there’s just one m I. L. I think we’ve had enough stuff for one second. [inaudible] Shut your mind needed. Someone should show you. Check your mouth. I’m sorry. What did you just coming off? Stupid. I’m coming off as you’re wearing Tuxedos to a job that requires you to clean bathrooms. Please leave this office. We’re Donald dissenter. Did we get any sort of souvenir get out of my office?


Pam in your office, we’re just tired of these. She’s in these people that don’t have what it takes, man. Was that, was that your Pam interviewing those candidates or was that, was that ta too hot pan? We hired both of them actually. Nice. But you, you pointed this out to me and it was so offensive when you pointed out to me z, you said Clay Clark, unless you are a life coach, quit life coaching your employees. And I remember thinking that was so heavy. [inaudible] I wanted to do, man, I would find somebody who was an idiot who couldn’t handle life and I would spend time coach. I remember coaching some of the Djs and you’re like, well, what are your tips for being on time? And I’m like, set your alarm at least an hour before you have to come to work. And they’re like, oh, that’s good. That’s good. That’s good.

What are your tips for not being late to work though? Like you’ll need to leave at least a half hour before. Oh, that’s good. What’s what wrapped what route? You’re like, well, you’d want to go the closest route. Well, what app do you recommend to get there? Yeah. Oh yeah. How do you and I, I remember I got a call one time from one of the guys, true story. He says, oh clay, I can’t make it in my vehicles on fire. And I’m like, your vehicle is on fire. What do you mean? He goes, no, it’s unfired dangerous. Luckily I got some of the equipment out though before it burned some of the equipment and I’m going, what? What? What happened? He said, I don’t know that this, this has happened to me before that. I said, have you ever changed the oil? And he’s done true story. And he says, oh my gosh, dude, how do you remember all this stuff?

That kind of person is the kind of person you don’t want working. Right, righty, right. Easy.

Zabel not the persons named no, nothing. It’s far enough in the past where we can’t guess who it is obviously. But can you think of an example from early on in your optometry career where maybe you life coach somebody a little too far where you should have cut ties but you’re like, nope, I’m going to teach them how to brush their teeth. I’m going to teach them how to just drive that car and you just, you try to put a perm on that frog. You try to put a bandaid on that. The person completely lacerated their arm, their alarm has been severed off their body and you tried to tape it on there like a Monty python empathy.

I, I had this dude that Huh. He wasn’t w w an optometrist who a doctor and you’re there. They’re not just on every corner. So you know, sometimes you’ve got a push through the pain, you know, you’ve gotta kind of life coach them a little bit because you know, they’re not just, you know, you just don’t go to Walmart yet. Owl three is full of optometrists, [inaudible] lights, partial and optometrists. But I did grow up in their yard pretzel with your every optometrist, your box a good deal. So every now and then you get when you think, when I got to kind of make it work. And so this dude was not doing, he wasn’t spending much time in the exam room, he wasn’t giving a very thorough exam until it was coming back, you know, with the PR, improper prescription until the other doctors were having to see these patients.

So patients are coming in and he’s like, hey, so good to see Andrew, how are you doing? Okay, great. 20 to 2070 for you. See you me see I’ll run. Can you see A, B, c, D or e? Okay. Yeah, great, good. And I literally tried to coach Him and coaching and coaching would coach him. And then one day I said, listen, I won’t say his name, but I said, listen, you’re getting ready to go into the exam room here in a minute. He goes, yeah. I said, I am physically going to be standing right here outside the exam room. So yeah, I’m right here. Okay. There’s the door. I’m right here. And he’s like, am I going okay? Okay. And I said, I said, just just, just to show that you can do it. I want you to go in that exam room. Just go in there and I don’t care what you do in there actually.

But if you walk out that door, don’t walk out that door before five minutes is up, I’m going to fire you. There you go. I mean, I had to break it down to that. What do you mean you can’t make this stuff up? He’s like, okay, I got this, grabbed the chart and this back when we were here, we still had paper charts. You know this, there’s been a little while. He’s bang on the door trying to say, you let me out. So he goes to the exam room and I’m not kinda like Kinda hunkered down for the five minutes. I look at my clock, you know how you do, and you go, okay, wait God. And about that time he kept walking out. I’m like, you’ve got to be kidding me. Go. You did not. Oh. I was like, okay, that’s it. I can’t, you know?

And then the other time waste is when you let somebody go, how to do that. And we’ve coached several times on the show, but once again, you keep it simple. And if you don’t want to spend an hour trying to live coach him at this moment, you just say, Hey, I’m sorry, but things just aren’t working out. You’re fired. Do you need to leave? Right. And you don’t get into the trap of, well hey, help me my next job. Tell me what I did wrong. When did, when did I lose the job? Why didn’t you tell me what the, I didn’t know if you know. And then now you had a whole argument started and Carla was late too. And I just, you know, I knew you never liked me, you know, and you get all the posters stuff. You talked to my attorney, I just, this is going, I mean, I may not do something that I may have.

I just bought a house. I know, you know what I mean? And you feel bad, but you know, you don’t feel bad cause it’s your business. It should always go to the filter of what’s best for the business. And if that person isn’t helping you row the boat down the river and you know, help you get done what you need to get done that day, then you need to say buh-bye. So vinyl, vinyl, capstone teaching moments. I want to, I want to get your take on this mat. Rapid fire and then you’re taking, see, I want to get Andrew to get your take on this. Okay. Andrew, you’re coaching with clients, xe. You run your own businesses, a mat, you coach Franchisees, you, you help them to find out if an oxi fresh is the right fit for candidates. You will help award the franchises. You run your own business. What is the number one biggest time-wasting activity that you see people doing that that should, we should stop doing the biggest time wasting activity that an oxi fresh franchisee should stop doing if they want to be profitable.

Procrastinating about growing your business. Do it today. Not Tomorrow.

Mm. Oh, okay. See, see if you can one up in there. What do you got my friend? See where is the biggest time wasting activity or you see people wasting time and you’re going to come on, stop wasting that


I got a great, I got a great one for you but I’m gonna give it to you tomorrow. I’m just not going to give it to you. I didn’t want it ready tomorrow. It’s sort of been running tomorrow. I turn it in tomorrow. What time was it kind of you massaging a little bit. I’m not number one. It’s a no, I tell it what the number to me, the number one is not pick up. I mean that’s, that’s a big one but I think it’s also just this w things that we let take our time up that we don’t have on our schedule. I challenge you out there. If you’re a business owner, the moment you’re doing something that you didn’t have scheduled to do that day, unless it’s an emergency, unless it’s a hot emergency, emergency, emergency pipe, break, electric, you know, phones are down. I mean there’s, there are emergencies that take all your attention and all your focus. But other than that, if you’re letting something grab, you got a minute or Dang on your phone and now, now that’s got your minute, you’re wasting your time.

I remember a years ago a z I the young lady who turned in a two hour notice, you know, not two weeks, like a two hour oh yeah. Turns it in and then like, no, seriously. And then probably like seven days later reaches out and says, I want my job back. You know, I was going through some stuff. I want the job back and I just want to get it back. I just want to make sure I can get it back. And so what time can I start tomorrow? Sure. I’m like, why? You just said a lot of words pretty quickly. Then I’m what we call booked out. We’ve already got enough people can’t get the job back, but I appreciate you and this person was like [inaudible] okay the lady, I have thought that app Jagger working for you for two years. Prob, you know what I mean? So I’m like, I appreciate you but you no longer work here. So boom. So see later. I like that. At that time I let it go and it didn’t bother me at all. But if I could go back time warp my first couple of years of business, if an, if an ex employee ever attacked me, I would be thinking about it for weeks like hold me

Do to get over that stuff. Was there something you did some kind of meditative electric

Impulse in your brain? One is, is visually I view firing employees as like having a great big colon cleanse. So I sexy for some reason. For some reason, like whenever I excrete you, can you play some colon cleanse music real quickly? Cause I don’t have my, since we’ve been, well for some we can add of our normal for some reason when I’m, you know, when I’m having kind of a a colon cleanse and moment, I don’t think to myself, I don’t think to myself like Gosh, I feel bad about this situation. I just want that to stay with me. I don’t feel bad about it. It’s like a, it’s not a good, it’s not a good move. I’m not just sitting there going, oh, there you go. Oh God, want to come out? Part of me don’t wait. No, let’s move on. But I think that’s how we act about employees that clearly are just waste. They’re just eating the eating the revenue of the company. You’re not getting anything done. I used to just go in there. Good. Let me just put it back together.

Which is worse, the, the employee that is sucking time and wasting money and it’s really not a very good employee or the employer

That puts up with the employer that puts up with it because you’re hurting someone because they think that they are getting better than they have time to improve. When you fire somebody, when you cleanse that colon, what’ll happen is you’re going to find that your wallets will be more swollen. Come on, man. You’ve got to cleanse that colon, purge and move it. Just a better thing when you purge and move. So again, I just picture it now is this colon cleanse. I don’t get too emotional about it. Well that’s, that’s a very good, I had to go to a very healthy you, it has to me. It’s like when it ain’t great. You gotta you know Def k, there you go. Alright, so Andrew, wow, go ahead. And where do you see, where do you see clients wasting time the most?

Yeah, so the biggest time waste I see is that when, when you’re not intentional about your time, so when you don’t plan out your day and when you’re not intentional about what you’re going to be doing, where you’re going to be, how you’re going to delegate, where you, where you are, where you put your time, where you, where you schedule yourself to be and not be, that’s the biggest time waste. Because when you’re not intentional, everyone else is going to fill that. Your time blocks is going to fill your hours, your minutes. And then the other thing is, got a minute meetings, like z said if you con, if you don’t schedule your time to have those meetings, to sit down with everybody so that you can answer their questions then you’re going to get constant. Got a minute meetings and that’s just going to suck up your entire day.

Matt, if I’m out there today and I said I want to waste the more times you, I don’t want to procrastinate, I want to begin to move into a place of time freedom. I’m going to go to thrive time,, forward slash oxi fresh thrive time,, forward slash oxi fresh. I fill out the form to escape from the norms. He, I want to escape the mediocrity. I want to learn about an oxi fresh. I fill out the form that will you promise you’ll call me in or you’ll call the listeners out there and you’ll at least do the initial call or, or will Mike do the call? Well, you do the call. Who’s going to be calling them?

It’s gotta be either me or Mike. Depending on how you get to us. Kind of round Robbins one to me, one to Mike. So we kind of split that up. But both of us own franchise, we’re both been here for several years. You’ll be taken care of. So just reach out. Let us know if we can discuss your, you know, what you’re looking to accomplish, your goals, what some of the priorities are for you and we’ll see if Oxi fresh is a good fit.

You know, clay m Forbes, which is our Business Bible says that 67% of the people listening right now want to be their own boss when they have their own business. And I think a franchise is, it’s a slam dunk. I mean he’s one with the legacy of oxi fresh and the great team behind them out are you guys there were 400 yet. Tell me we’re over 400 come on, come on now.

We will be, I think at the end of this month or next month

Job done

Related between people that are already friends,

FBA loan funded process. We have three or four branch type use advantage digital here.

Four is right now and then we have some very, very good,

Good candidates that are getting quotes too. I have

Locking everything in. So we have a very good roadmap here to, to certainly get that point here. The

Next one to three months. We’re pretty excited about that. That’s a big milestone for a franchise. I’m mad. I just want, I just want to know. I don’t know if you still have any left. Are you still doing the eight by 10 sign personalized glossies of yourself with every, with every franchise a, yeah. That’s going out the door. Is that something just, is that still something you’re doing or is that, does that no longer a no, no, we, we’ve, we’ve moved to the wallets of wallet size when you’re first I carry with them. Yeah. They can carry with them at all times.

No, we don’t do that. Matt, when you were talking about the winds of oxi fresh now close to having 400 plus franchises, you, you had, I’m trying to get used to these new buttons and one new button said purge and move toilet button. Don’t hit this button it. The other one said shirts of fire, celebration music and I got confused. I started to procrastinate Z and I got, I got overwhelmed with what it was like procrastination. It was like over over educations. It was too much information. It was too much point. You just get back to that cruise [inaudible] and I just, I thought to myself,

I don’t know what button to hit. I got overwhelmed with all the information it happened and so I hit the button is a definitely don’t hit this button and that I owe you an apology. I apologize for hitting the flush button when I should’ve been in the chair to fire victory button. Matt. Hopefully you can forgive us. We can bear with it. Okay, there we go. Alright, so if you’re out there today, you’re thinking about buying an oxi fresh franchise. Do it. Go to thrive time, forward slash oxi fresh fill out the form to escape from the norm. Time freedom and financial freedom can be yours for under $60,000 [inaudible] and z. We like to end each and every show with a boom. Are you ready? Let’s do it. Andrew, you ready? I’m so ready. Hendrickson. Holton’s back. Quit Chesney holding it back. Okay, here we go. Whoa, Whoa, whoa. You need to cleanse that colon. Adrian. Whoa. Here we go. Three, two, one. Boom.

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