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According to Forbes, 90% of businesses fail and out-of-bounds sex, drugs, stealing, habitual lateness, mean bosses and making everything religious is 90% of the reason. Listen in as Clay Clark attempts to vaccinate you against the wealth-destroying jackassery that has destroyed so many American businesses and families.

Diary Entry #1 – Cheating on your spouse and living a double life will destroy your business and your life.

FUN FACT – “Past statistics have shown that in the U.S. 50% percent of first marriages, 67% of second, and 73% of third marriages end in divorce.” –

FUN FACT – “78 percent of the men interviewed had cheated on their current partner.” – 5 Myths About Cheating

FUN FACT – “17 percent of couples are content in their partner.” –

STORY: The tension, the affair and the team.

Diary Entry #2 – It’s hard to keep your employees from stealing when you are robbing your customers habitually.

FUN FACT – “75% of employees steal from the workplace and most do so repeatedly.” –

STORY: The take their money and run contractor.

Recommended camera system –

Recommended audio recording –

Diary Entry #3 – It’s hard to lead a team when you are on drugs.

FUN FACT – “9.4 percent of the population—had used an illicit drug in the past month.” –

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “In the future, the great division will be between those who have trained themselves to handle these complexities and those who are overwhelmed by them — those who can acquire skills and discipline their minds and those who are irrevocably distracted by all the media around them and can never focus enough to learn.” – Robert Greene, Mastery

STORY – A 35-year-old who never remembered anything that happened during their meetings.

Diary Entry #4 – Money magnifies both good and bad character traits.

STORY – It’s hard to respect your boss when they sincerely choose to be a mean person to everyone.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents.” – Andrew Carnegie

Diary Entry #5 – Habitual lateness is typically a symptom of hiding bad habits

FACT – “4 to 6 million people, would be considered problem gamblers, people whose gambling affects their everyday lives.” –

STORY – It’s hard to pay your team when you max out your credit cards gambling.

WIN OF THE WEEK – Luke at the Hub Gym – He is consistently breaking his monthly revenue goal of $30,000. He has diligently been working towards this for over a year nad has done while creating more time freedom.

Diary Entry #6 – Being drunk before lunch makes it hard to be successful.

FACT – “One in eight American adults is an alcoholic.” –

Diary Entry #7 – It’s hard to be successful when you entirely focus on non-provable spiritual forces as being the reason that you didn’t call your leads.

FACT – The average American watches 5 hours of TV per day. –

Bonus Thoughts – It’s hard to take proactive action if you live in a world of chronic distraction

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth.” – Proverbs 10:4

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.” – Proverbs 14:23

FACT – “ The average American spends will spend more than five years of your life on social media.”

FACT – “Facebook has 50 minutes of your time each day.” –



New research found that our memory capacity, ability to process data, and general intelligence improves significantly when our smartphone is completely out of sight — in a bag or another room altogether. Think that turning it on silent, face down, will remedy the problem? Nope. The mere sight of the phone diminishes your cognitive resources.  

Here’s another disturbing stat: This tally seems to increase daily, but by one study’s count, the typical smartphone user interacts with their phone around 85 times per day. And this often includes middle-of-the-night checks for work emails and new “likes.” –

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – ““I don’t think modern science has good answers here. I think that modern world is actually really bad. The modern world is full of distractions. Things like Twitter and Facebook are not making you happy. They are making you unhappy. You are essentially playing a game that’s created by the creators of those systems, and yes, it can be a useful game once in a blue moon. You are engaging in the dispute, and resentment, comparison, jealousy, anger about things that frankly just don’t matter.” – Naval Ravikant (Naval Ravikant is the CEO and a co-founder of AngelList. He previously co-founded Epinions (which went public as part of and He is an active Angel investor, and have invested in dozens of companies, including Twitter, Uber, Yammer, Stack Overflow and Wanelo.)

STORY – Coaching a monkey brain.

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Oh, thrive nation. Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio and podcast download today. I’m joined with three now to business coach Mr Robert Redmond. Hello Robert. Today we’re going to do a light hearted topic. Today’s topic. We’re very light and fluffy and boy, let me get some music queued up here just to kind of create that life light and fluffy mood. We’re going for alright folks, thrive nation step right up today. We’re gonna be talking about sex, drugs scale in the business. Coach Dyer was.

Today we’re talking about sex, drugs and scams, business coach diaries. Why are we talking about this? Well, because I’ve been business coaching for about 12 years, almost 13 now, and it wasn’t something I actually wanted to do just so we’re clear. I never thought, oh, I want to coach businesses. I never have had that thought. Um, what happened was, is that I was growing dj connection very well and the person reached out to me and said, hey, my bridal store, I, so wedding gowns, it is not doing well, could you help me? So I taught this person in the systems and then they said, hey, could you help me with my website? I need my website to work like yours. And then their friend said, could you help me with my business? And then an insurance agent said, could you help me? And then a mortgage guy, next thing you know, I’m in helping people grow their business.

But I realized it’s beyond the strategy. Robert, just telling people, hey, here are the principles you need to apply that doesn’t help people. They said, do you have what clay, what web developer would you recommend? And I would say, well, I have a full time employee. I have a full time web guy who works for me. And they’d say, well, can I use him? And I’m like, no. He worked for me, you know, he got, he’s doing projects for me. And so I would, I would just say, hey, this is what you need to do. And they’re like, seven months later they’d come back and say that their Web guy, you know, charge them 12 grand and it’s still not done. And I thought, okay, well you could use my guy, but you have to meet with them face to face the way I do because I have to lead the meeting frick, I’ll just do it.

And then they would say, hey, I need to get a video made to execute that strategy taught me. And then I refer it, just go find a video guy. And they’d find a local company in Tulsa, good vendor, a black steel house or, or, uh, uh, maybe video workers. There’s a lot of great companies in Tulsa, but they would also get like a three to $5,000 bill. And over time, more and more people just kept saying, can I use your team? Could your team helped me? And uh, my wife pointed out eventually we should probably charge for this. Uh, then I found out business coaching was a thing. Um, however business a typically is a field that is inhabited, a that is run by dominated by people that have never run a business before and those are the ones usually starting business coaching program, so usually people that a know a little bit about business but have never actually run one are typically the people who start business coaching businesses and because I actually have started and continued to run my own companies, it provided a little more credibility and I guess some.

It was more effective. And so as I started coaching companies, what I found was that there are really a. there’s sorta eight, seven to eight killers. We’ll go with seven killers, seven things that will just destroy a business that has nothing to do with business coaching. So Robert and our coaching meetings, when you meet with a client and you go over to the client’s biggest limiting factor, that’s right, you helped them identify a problem, right? You help them solve the problem and then when they solve the problem and have they built a system to systematically fix the problem, right? Then they have repeatable results. You open to build systems and processes and help them execute. Can you give an example for the listeners out there, maybe one client that you’ve helped recently where you go, God, that’s the guy we’ve worked with for maybe you know, three or four months where you, you helped him identify his limitless biggest limiting factors. We made a customized business, a plan for him. We, if we do a 13 point evaluation with a client, we then help them make a customized path. Uh, we give them a customized podcast to coach them down the path. You meet them once a week and give us an example of a client you’ve helped recently. It’s having some big wins as a result. Have you shown them the way? Yeah.

For example, I think of is, um, of course the physical therapy practice out of Tucson, Arizona, a body central physical therapy. We’ve been working with a Jim Allen, the founder of that practice now for almost a year and a half. Clay and she initially heard about us by becoming a Beta user. She was one of the first users of the thrive 15 online video platform. And then a last March, march of 2017, she signed up for our coaching program and working with her since then she’s been doing a great job, a very diligent doers. But, but like you’re saying, clay, each meeting is very focused on saying, hey, what’s the biggest limiting factor? And then we talk about it, we work it out, but we don’t just talk about it and work it out and say, hey, why don’t you try this, why don’t you try that? We actually implement specific action items to overcome that problem. And so one of the things that we recently came up with is a, her physical therapist and these different locations, which by the way, she’s now opening her ninth location location location, which will be opened in January of 2019. So she has eight other locations. And in these locations, the physical therapists weren’t hitting the target that they should hit a per patient. They have to get a certain amount of units, which is unit as a measure of time per patient. And so what we did is we implemented an accountability system with her managers of these different locations and say, hey, kind of like how we have our coaching meetings once a week, you have to have meetings with your managers once a week where you guys go over these key performance indicators and you’re holding your manager’s responsible for these key performance indicators for these different therapists. And so, uh, the great thing about jen is that she, you know, just takes one or, or addressing the problem than takes a solution and just implements that. And ever since she implemented that, her profits have increased and her different locations have been a lot more successful. So let’s, let’s repeat the process. So Jen came in, she had a business, she was looking for help. She needed to grow her company. That’s what we did. A one on one evaluation, a 13 point assessment. We found out her biggest limiting factors. We made a customized path for her. You’ve taught her the path and she’s executing the path and she’s having success as a result of implementing the proven system.


where’s the sex? Drugs and scams come in, well, not for gin, but for other people, and I mean this, I mean this, I’ve coached clients for over a decade, I’m telling you, there are seven reasons why most of the clients don’t implement the systems and they’re not good reasons. So there’s just seven of them and it’s the same seven all the time. So a dear diary entry number one, I, I actually wrote this down years ago because it was blowing my mind. According to the Washington Post, 78 percent of the men surveyed have admitted to having an affair against their current partner. A 78 percent according to the Washington Post, have thousands of men surveyed. Seventy eight percent. Now you might say that’s a negative stat, okay? You find you want to find a better percentage? Let’s just say half. Okay? Maybe you don’t like that. Maybe you say a quarter, I don’t care.

All I have found his diary entry number one or, or a business destruction, uh, uh, cause number one reason why people don’t execute things. Number one is cheating on your spouse and living a double life will destroy your business. And your life, and I’m not exaggerating, I have coached clients and it’s like you’ll talk to the client and you’ll go, hey, did you get that action item? Do you know? Did you, did you get your Google reviews? Or Hey, did you make that a script? Did you make the sales script? Or Hey, did you, um, did you make the calls? Did you write your text for your webpage? Did you. And one out of seven of the excuses that I ended up discovering is that somebody is going through a divorce caused by them cheating on their spouse. I am not exaggerating. This is for sure at least one seventh of the reason why people do not execute their action items.

And I know this because as a coach, my job is to help the client identify their biggest limiting factor. So I’ll never forget this, I’m sitting with a client, this is years ago. And I said, Hey, I have a question. Uh, why? Why didn’t you get the content written for your website? And he goes, well, gosh, I just got a lot going on. And I said, what’s going on? He says, well, I’ve got A. I’m going through a divorce, and I said, I’m sorry to hear that man. What’s going on? It’s like, ah, now it’s just, you know, things don’t work out. You find out he’s having an affair. He had an affair and I, the first time I saw it happen, I thought, man, that was terrible. God, I feel bad. The first time I heard the first time I heard that one of my, I’ve discovered, one of my clients was having an affair because it ends up on facebook, you know, where are they?

They’re, they’re posting a photo like three weeks after their divorce with a young woman who’s now their new girlfriend and now like, and they have kids, a lot of kids, and all of a sudden it’s like this person’s on dates with this young girl, you know, 10 years, uh, younger than he is out there posting photos. I’m going, gosh, that’s terrible. It’s not good. Well, the first time it happened I thought, that’s pretty bad. Second time I thought to myself, that’s really not not good. Third, third time I thought, Jeez, that’s like a pattern. And this is all within like the First Year of coaching and I am not exaggerating, I’ve been coaching for probably 12 years and I don’t know the number of sentences and make a tally of it, but I bet you I’ve seen 50 of my clients, 55 zero. It’s not 100, but it’s definitely closer to 50 than that.

It is. 15 of the clients have affairs against their spouse and it’s not any better with women either. By the way, women, a quarter of the Washington Post, 70 percent of women have affairs. Seventy percent of women. So again, I mean it’s not good statistics here folks. So all I would say is that one key for being successful. If you’re out there listening right now in your car, this isn’t for you. This is probably for a friend of a friend of yours who’s being tempted with it. Where does temptation come from? Well, those of us, many of you out there say, well, it’s a chemical reaction in the brain. The brain actually causes. Some of you are into like crystals and you go, well, it’s the power of the crystals. Some of you might be saying,

we think it’s because I find myself going to a lot of spas and process. That’s where the temptation is.

Okay. I don’t know. I don’t know. That’s it. Some of you say it’s the music I listened to. I don’t know what it is. I find myself getting in the car with single women driving around, listening to. Let’s get it on. Some of you might find that you’re just. It’s too much. Kenny g, you know something about you. You Love Kenny g, you find yourself talking to the coworkers. Synergies. My deal. I just wanted to know is it okay if you drive home together today? Because I don’t know. I don’t know how the. I don’t know how this happens. I don’t understand it, but I’m telling you over 50 now, Robertson’s human coaching clients. I certainly. I don’t want you to share any specifics. We want to keep it very vague. When you want to divulge the privacy for someone out there, we can even change the state or the scenario, but have you ever.

Have you seen this happen yet? Have you seen somebody who can’t get their action items done as a result of relationship problems? Maybe not even a fair, but relationship problems at home? Yeah. And you know, I was raised in an environment. Um, it was, it was a really good environment. You know, my parents have almost been married for 30 years. I went to private Christian schools my whole life. You know, drake wrote a song called, started from the bottom. Your, your story. Start from the top. Now you’re here. Yeah. She had to go down. Yeah. My, my, my story is I started from the upper middle, upper middle, middle, upper middle Melbourne here. Yeah. And so, uh, but no, I was raised in a Christian environment and I was not actually exposed to this a whole lot. I mean I heard of, I had family members and heard of people out there, but I wasn’t that exposed to it.

And I remember before I started coaching, I’d shadow you and you’d really worked with me on, on learning the technical side, but you’d really emphasize that emotional side and all the other areas, kind of like what we’re getting into in the show that, uh, things you have to be aware of, things that you’ll have to look out for reasons why businesses don’t work. And so I’ve unfortunately walked through this with a number of clients. It’s unfortunate when you’re trying to help a client update the text on their website and it’s like the third meeting in a row and you realize like, okay, my clients not mildly retarded, the action item is going to take about four hours. How is it possible that they haven’t been able to find four hours to knock out an action item? The tolton the whole train up here. And it’s always ended in a extremely bad consequences. It’s always ended in terrible consequences. And I have an audio listener call in who decided to go ahead and have an affair and his spouse. And this is what he had to say as a word of encouragement for all. We have the audio

are you kids are probably saying to yourselves, Hey, I’m going to go out and I’m going to get the world by the tail and wrap it around and down and put it in my pocket. Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re probably gonna. Find out as you go out there that you’re not going to amount to Jack Squat.

Don’t have affairs or you will amount to Jack Squat.

Make sure you never miss a broadcast by signing up for the thrive time show podcast, and back to a show that’s cooler than the other side of the pillow. It’s the thrive time business coach show he’s doing welcome to thrive, Dr They

live nation. Welcome back to the conversation. We’re having a lighthearted talk today about sex, drugs and scams, business coach diaries. What are you talking about? The reason why we’re talking about that,

the subject and thrivers, we’re going to keep this between you and me in the hundreds of thousands of people that download this and I want you to promise you will not share this with more than three people, but I’ve been coaching businesses now for 12 years and I have determined there are seven reasons why businesses fail. Whites, seven reason. Remember the statistics show that 90 percent of businesses fail according to Forbes. Ninety percent, but let me let you in on a secret here. This is why 90 percent of them fail. This is the deal. It’s because of these seven reasons and they’re not about linear workflows or systems or processes because every single time that we teach somebody who has a real product or service what to do, their business grows dramatically and if you go to thrive time and you click on that, all the testimonials, you can see real people like you. But here Arthur, we sense like people are failing. Reason number one, we just talked about it is clients are having affairs and what happens is when you do the math, I know I got to keep it down, but when you do the math, you’re going to lose half of your money.

That’s just math. Now, the second, the second reason why most businesses fail, and I want to enter this, I’m reading my diary entries here.

It’s hard to keep your from stealing, robbing your customers habitually.

So I see the statistics and CBS News. It shows that 75 percent of American employees steal from the workplace and most do so repeatedly. Now remember this, if you’re in a room of 10 people, that means that seven of the people in that room steel at work. That means if your in an auditorium somewhere with 100 people, 70 percent of them are stealing from work, and I want to make sure we’re we’re getting this. I am citing everything that I’m saying, so I made a pretty tough accusation where I said on the earlier segment that cheating on your spouse is one seventh of the problem that I’ve seen of what causes businesses to fail. Well, according to the Washington Post, I put the stat on their 78 percent of the men interviewed had cheated on their current partner. I put an article there, I’ll link to it on the show notes.

Seventeen percent according to have couples have 70 percent of all couples surveyed according to psychology today are content with their partner. So diary entry number two. Reason fulfilling. Number two is I’ve seen this Robert, and maybe you’ve seen this before too. I see it a lot, so let me give you an example. There was one particular client I worked with years ago that was the first time I saw. This is probably a decade ago. The first time I saw it and this guy was in the home remodeling business and I’ll keep it vague. Let’s say he was in Texas. It was home remodeling and I started noticing in our meetings, you know, because it’s part of our meeting, we want to make sure we’re always helping our clients rank higher in Google and you know, every business is gonna get a bad review from time to time, but this guy had a review and it said don’t use such and such.

He’s a scam. That guy owes me $30,000. He took my money on this date at this time and I’ve never heard from him since then. And uh, please have him call me and he puts his phone number out. There you be. If you’re somebody who puts your name, your full name and your phone number and you list the address of where the project was supposed to be done and you post a picture of the invoice and then you show a picture of the kitchen that was demolished but never finished. I mean, I’m a guy, took the money, demolished a guy’s kitchen and never came back. That seems pretty convincing. So I talked to the client and said, here’s the deal. Our didn’t keep what, what happened? Here are you, are you aware of those? Ah, yeah. Just, it’s, it’s a thing I’m working through right now.

I’m having a cash deal and I’m serious and then I, I get a very prominent guy in Tulsa that reaches out to me and he says, Hey, this guy, do you know this guy? Because this guy and were this clients in Dallas. And he says this guy, I guess a friend of mine was working with him and somehow he said You guys were coaching him and got him to the top of Google down in Dallas and that’s tell you, found it. That’s how we found out about him and circle back. We’re looking on facebook to see who knows the guy and linkedin and we see that you’re connected to the guy. Can you get ahold of him? He was supposed to remodel. We have a lake house and he was supposed to replace all the windows and my friend paid him and uh, it was like $80,000.

Robert a massive job and he literally took out the windows. So the guys got nothing but a tarp separating him. His house from the elements and then he’s got the wall obviously, but he’s got these open windows where he never put new windows in. He puts up the tarps and he just disappears and I’m going, what the crap. So I asked the guy, the second week, I asked the guy, the third week, Marshall or Robert, he never did come back. He never came back. And I was telling Marshall this and he said he does. All of a sudden he ghostship for our coaching meeting. He doesn’t, he doesn’t answer the phone. I’m talking to Maurice. And I’m like, dude, this guy’s like ghosted me and this happens a lot, a lot. And Robert, have you ever seen this kind of scenario where you’re working with a client and you realize that he in fact or she in fact are scamming the customers? So if it’s, if it’s not with the customer, what I’ve seen a lot

of is a lot of employees stealing from the workplace and a lot of our clients thinking, uh, you know, the best in people and kind of being blind to this statistic that you just gave of 75 percent of employees do steal from the workplace. So three issues

that has happened to me in the past couple of weeks is she never won. An employee was telling one of my clients that they worked 70 hours a week, 70 when they are working 30, you know, issue number two. How do they find out that there was a lie, by the way, how’d they figured that out? Um, during, uh, the, the, the employee would turn in the hours. Yep. And, uh, the guy, the owner was there without the employee knowing it during the hours that they said that they were working and the employee was not there. Okay. And, uh, so, so that’s how we found it. And we’re installing security cameras now. Oh Man, uh, issue number two, by the way, if you’re running around without having, if you were looking for action items today, if you do not have cameras installed in your office and recorded calls, you’re nuts.

I mean, that’s like running a prison without a barbwire and guns. I mean, that’s like, um, that’d be. No, I’m serious. That would be like a, it’d be like I’m playing basketball with a blindfold on. I mean, you’ve got to know what’s going on. You’ve got to put those cameras up back to you, Robert. So issue number two, I work at the plumber in his ear and he buys these, uh, like what ends up being $40,000 vehicles about 30,000 for the vehicle and $10,000 worth of equipment. Uh, the plumber who was driving the truck disappeared, just left, just disappeared, gone, gone. Just gone to California or something like, really? Issue number three is I had a, a client with an employee who visited Home Depot 12 times to quote unquote pickup supplies in two days, 12 times, two days. He loves it there. He’s got a rewards card. So this is happening everywhere though, so again, it’s really, really hard to run a successful business if your employees are stealing or if you’re stealing from your customers. So if that’s you up or if you feel like that just doesn’t add up, put in those recorded calls. Put in low security. We’re doing gps monitoring now in vehicles. You got to put GP. If you have employees that use employee vehicles, you’ve got to put gps on the vehicles. Stay tuned. It’s the thrive time show on your radio, the light and fuzzy addition.

You are now entering the Dojo of Mojo and the thrive time show thrive nation. Welcome back to the conversation. It’s the thrive time show on your radio and podcast download. I humbly believe that this is the most practical business school without the bs you’re going to find on the planet earth. Now, if you go to other planets, I cannot vouch that our show will compete. I’ve heard that other planets, other planets, other galaxies, other universes, other parallel universal systems out there that did surrounding our vast galaxy, they have better podcasts, but it’s as for this podcast, it’s such as far as for this planet and this universe. This’ll probably be the most practical and sometimes painfully practical business training you’re going to find, and on today’s show we’re talking about sex, drugs and scams, business coach diaries, because my job is business coach is to teach people how to grow their company, but here’s the problem.

Money is a magnifier. I don’t think people grasp that idea or they think about it, but money is a magnifier. What do you mean by that? What happens is is that if you’re a really good person and you come and do a lot of money as a result of working hard, then you actually just have more opportunities to give more help, more aid, more encouraged, more. But if you’re a person that’s struggling with drugs, let’s say, and now you come into and a lot of money, a lot of reasons why people don’t do drugs more. A lot of times they can’t afford it. I see a lot of people that dabble in drugs and they just can’t afford to do more drugs and if they make a little bit more money they can do trucks and since we’re identifying the seven observation to my business coach diaries that I’ve seen over the past 12 years as to why businesses fail, my first observation I’ve discovered is that 78 percent of the men surveyed by Washington Post are having an affair.

Seventy percent of women are having an affair and I have discovered with with with my clients, I’m not exaggerating, one third of the clients I’ve coached have had an affair or have had a business co implode as result of them having a terrible relationship at home. That’s what happens. Okay? Then we move into entry number two, direction. Number two, I would say this is true for at least half of my clients. It’s hard to keep your employees from stealing when you’re robbing your customers or it’s hard to make a profit when your employees are stealing from you. So observation number two that will kill a business is theft. In Your Business, according to the US Chamber, 75 percent of employees now steal from the workplace and most do so repeatedly. All these stats are on the show notes. By the way, you can go to thrive time Click on the show notes.

You’ll find them there. Click on the podcast button. You’ll find the show notes so that, that’s, that’s terrible. That’s why you got to put up recorded cameras. You’ve got to put in the, uh, you got to put the cameras. You have to put it in the recorded audio. Um, I recommend clarity. Voice is the audio program. I recommend clarity, voice, and it’s the Arlo. Is it the Arlo cameras? Uh, I think it’s real link. Rio, Rio. Is He? Oh, I believe l I N K, let me put this on the show notes here. It’s uh, um, it’s Rio Link r e o link are the cameras that we recommend for our clients. I obviously, I don’t do camera installation for our clients. We have some people in our office that actually do that. If you need help with that so we can help you, but I’ll put a link to the recommended a camera system and that’s again, reo link and then the recommended audio recording system.

Or did you guys do the Redmond growth? Do you guys use clarity voice, or who do you guys use? We use slutty or we use eight by eight. However you like it. Um, I’m not starting to like it that very much. Okay. Um, it was before we got on it, before we really found out about clarity, voice in clarity, voice just for the listeners know that’s what Oxi fresh uses for their call recording and we, every couple years we have to reevaluate, do we have a great system? And for the longest time we did use eight by eight and we’ve discovered that clarity voices works really well, but a body, it is a great company as well. So we’re just giving you some practical options. Now, this third reason why I see most businesses failing is it’s hard to lead a team when you’re on drugs. And I want to give you a statistic that blew my mind from drug this is the government. All right? They did a study here. Uh, Robert and you tell me if this, if this number seems kind of high to you here, but nine point four percent of adults are now on drugs. Nine point four percent of adults are on drugs. So as I was writing this down in my journal, I’m writing this down going

and their Java moved their job from left to right, left, right and awkward way and they’re scratching it and they just parked her car diagonally in a way their car’s not parallel with the parking, you know, did they paint the parking spots? So those are kind of a guideline of how you should park and they’re not working where their car fits or anywhere close to the extra part completely diagonally. That’s taking three parking spots. That isn’t, that’s the president.

Have you yet to work with a client that’s on drugs? Have you seen it or heard firsthand or am I. am I have too new to the coaching world to have seen the drug use? No, I don’t. I don’t want to go too far into the details, but I have seen this. You have it. It’s in. I’m telling you when you see it, it’s crazy. It’s crazy. Yeah. And, and when you find out about it, it makes things like kind of awkward, funniest fund. You’re trying to help them grow their business, but they had this huge distraction, funniest drug use story I have for you. There was one client who used to always say, oh my gosh, yeah, I want to grow my business. I’m gonna grow my business. I ain’t going to grow my business. I will. I will tell you this. I will.

I am receiving my blessings. I’m going to grow my business. She would come in like that where she would come in like with businesses turn to booth and so one day we’re sitting there in the meeting and she has a white powder under her nose that’s a remnant there baby powder. It’s obviously there, but she had gone to the restroom and I’m not kidding, like she comes back in, so I am, let’s do this, we’re going to do this. I am excited. We’re going to grow this business and I’m thinking to myself, this is what I’m thinking to myself internally. Uh, this is, I guess this is kind of like I had this weird ability to Mike to put a microphone into the heads of people and to record what they’re thinking and this is what I heard her saying to herself in a man’s voice for some reason,

like I picked the wrong week, quit smoking, quit drinking. Like I picked the wrong week. When I’m fed image.

I mean, it’s not a laughing matter. We have to laugh or we have to cry. But the reality is I can’t coach a client if they’re high. And I’m not exaggerating. Nine point four percent of the American population is on drugs. Seventy five percent of people steal from work. Seventy plus percent of the population is having an affair. Is it new? Is it mean is it, isn’t another Marva, a modern marvel that people have any success at all? I mean, it’s really hard to help somebody if they’re on drugs, if they’re stealing, if you’re having an affair. I mean it, it, it can be tough. Would you say that if you do a good job? Yeah. Not even a great job. If you do a good job with whatever service you provide, a product that you sell and you’re able to avoid these things that we’re going over today.

If you have to stay drug free of fair, free, stealing free. If you don’t break the Ten Commandments, right? Don’t break the 10 commandments and then execute the proven path. You will for sure be successful. Yes. I remember we had a guy who attended the conference from California and this guy comes up to me in between one of the breaks and he says, Bro, I’m not getting a lot out of this conference, Bruh. I was just like, it’s just like so fast and it’s like I’m not getting what he smelled like. It smelled like pot, but it was laced it with something in this dude is high as a kite. I don’t remember the guy he was saying it’s a good deal. Remember the guy, I have the guy, but he was sleeping and they randomly, he would wake up and then have like crazy observations that had nothing to do with what we were talking about.

They were based upon his drug induced dreams. I’m not kidding. He would just get up and come up to me and say crazy things and so we had to send them home, but again, these are the reasons why a lot of businesses fail. We come back. We’re going to talk about diary entry number four. Why are businesses failing? Why are they feeling? What can you do about it? Well, one thing you gotta do is you’ve got to stay off the drugs. Stay to get ready to enter the thrive time. Show on Talk Radio, 1170. All right, thrive nation. Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio and podcast download. My name is Clay Clark. I’m the former SBA entrepreneur of the year and the father of five incredible humans and it is my passion professionally speaking, to help you achieve massive success. However, one of the issues that I have as a business coach is on the podcast on the radio broadcast.

You and I have sort of a kind of a unique relationship and that you email in your questions to info at thrive time,, and we answer those questions in it and you’re able to kind of know me at an arms length and I know you had an arm’s length. A lot of you are customers. For some of our businesses, you might go into the optometry clinic or you might go into get your hair cut at one of our companies. You might have hired our marketing firm in the past and so we were familiar with each other. Right? But when you do one on one coaching with somebody, if I’m going to help you grow are there was just a guy on Saturday I was talking to in this guy, do this guy has it together. I went to go see his business. I went to observe his company, his name is Levi and his company’s called tumble smart.

And this guy, if you’re in the Tulsa area, by the way, do you want to teach your kids how to, how to do flips and gymnastics and different tumbling moves and you know, for cheer or gymnastics, this guy’s the best. I mean, he is phenomenal. You talk about skill and diligence and he asked my wife if he could pray with the kids before their lessons and he’s just, he’s on, he’s got a lesson plan. I mean, wow, great gut will for, for, for Eli or for anybody or for Levi or if anybody else out there, um, your money’s just a magnifier, you know, so his company tumbles smart. It just, it’s just a magnify who he is and he’s a good person. So my prediction is, is that he was just magnify him and give him an opportunity to be more of a blessing into the lives of other people.

But if you’re coaching a client, uh, Robert, and they have personal issues, man, when you grow a business, it just magnifies those things. And so here are the seven reasons that I’m going through it on today’s show. Today’s show is called sex drugs and scams, like inside the light and fluffy light and fluffy edition. They look inside the business coach diaries and entry number one for reasons why a lot of clients are unable to execute. The proven path is they’re having a lot of trouble at home, you know, and according to the Washington Post, 78 percent of men are cheating and only 17 percent of people are happy with their partner. So that makes it Kinda hard to execute your, your path when your wife is burning your clothes on the front lawn. I mean it makes a second a, an observation as we take a look inside my business coaching diaries is it’s really hard to be profitable if everyone’s stealing.

If you’re stealing from the customers or your employees are stealing from you, it makes it tough. Diary entry number three, observation. It makes it really hard to lead your team when you’re on drugs. I mean, when people know you’re on drugs, it makes it hard for them to respect you. And I remember being in a meeting with a person who was 35 years old and they never would remember anything that ever happened in the meeting, but they would always leave excited, they would always leave excited and they would show up excited all the time, like euphoric. And I’m like, hey, hey dude, how’s it going off? Killing it man. I’m slaying it. I’m making tons of money. But then there would never be anything left at the end of the month, ever, ever. So what happens is they say, can you help me with my accounting?

I say, sure. That is a true story. So I get in there. I started looking at the numbers. We’re going, we’re listing all the expenses and all the income on the spreadsheet and we find out that this business, now this, this business, just so you get an idea, was in the software industry and they did a lot of it support. Okay. So they’re taking a lot of cash because some of their, I guess some of their clients wanted to pay him. Cash doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, but I guess it was like a membership kind of service and they were taking a lot of cash. Long story short, we find out that the dude has a ton of cash coming in, but he can’t account for it. I also noticed he parks his car crazy. I also noticed he’s always extremely excited about everything. I noticed that he has a bunch of jitters and comes out years later, you know, he’s on drugs obviously. So again, if you want help growing your business, please don’t reach out to us if you’re on drugs because it’s so awkward. I mean, Robert, I mean, have you ever had to bring up a conversation with a client like, Hey, are you high right now? Or have you ever had to say like,

so are you having an abortion

bear right now? Maybe ever had to have that conversation. One of the things that you teach us, uh, and it’s one of the things that, uh, one of our thrive mentors, Lee Cockerel, uh, has taught too, which is if you’re going to be honest with someone, you have to be funny. If he got out like a box fan and you looked at the box fan. Yeah.

Are you happy? I wish I would have used that move. I wish I would have used. That move

becomes so awkward. Well, what do you say is like, how do you be funny with hey buddy, are you, are you buying and using drugs? It’s awkward. What are you going to say? When do you know that? That sounds good.

Biggest limiting factor too.

Surely. You can’t be serious. I am serious and don’t call me surely.

Okay, so diarrhea number for observation. Number four. As to why I’ve seen business owners be unable to execute the proven path is

money magnifies. Good and bad. It’s hard to respect your boss if your boss is mean to everybody. SORTA hard to. When I’m working with a client, just verbally abusive to his secretary, to his monetary, to all the employees, he yells at everybody and he always looks like he’s. It’s like he’s constantly on fire. Like his hair was on fire. Like, Hey, like I need to bring a fire extinguisher to the meeting because he’s always on fire. These urgent. It’s always on fire and he’s always yelling at everybody. It’s hard to help somebody grow who because they were always running late and distracted before, but now they’re really running late and they’ll really distracted in all their entire team. Our whole team is late and distracted.

I’m telling you, if you’re somebody who’s late all the time, you can’t be successful. You can’t be successful if you’re late all the time.

You just throw nation. You be successful if your late all the time. And I think people want it to be different. I think, uh, I’m sure not you the listener, but somebody else. I’m sure someone you know once to be in a world where it’s more complicated than that put. It’s really not. So we, so people go to a motivational events, oh, you’re getting me going, you’re getting me fired up here. Thrive nation. If you go out to a motivational event, motivation is an external thing. That’s where somebody outside of you has to motivate you. That’s an external thing. But inspiration, inspiration is actually is absolutely something that you have to create yourself. You have to. Inspiration is an internal thing. So if you meet somebody who’s who has the ability to inspire themselves themselves, somebody who can inspire themselves, they will be successful, but somebody who has to look to an external source to motivate themselves.

That motivation is a feeling. And yes, to quote Zig Ziglar motivation, just like taking a shower is something you have to do every day. I agree with that, but I’m saying you have to do it. You can’t. You can’t go to a motivational seminar every day. I mean, I’m sure Robert, you’ve seen this before where somebody is kind of an eat or they’re kind of a low energy person. You and as they try to grow their business, nobody wants to work for them because the money in the business just magnifies their personality to, becomes a really weird and toxic culture. Can you share what that’s like to try to coach somebody who is just negative all the time?

Yeah. So, uh, I’ve worked with business owners who, you know, I think at, at their, uh, in their heart, they’re trying to, you know, get people to perform at their best, but they do it in a way that’s a combative and mean where they will constantly criticized their staff and we’ll never praise him for the things that they do well. And what ends up happening is their staff builds resentment and disrespect. And I’ve even seen cases where I’m not saying that this is right, but where the staff has actually gone out of their way to make things more difficult for the business owner as a way to get back at them. But clay, I do have a question because I really want to help people who may be struggling with this. Um, if you have a high intolerance for mediocrity, which I do, if you have a high intolerance for mediocrity and a high demand for excellence, which you do as well. Yep. How do you manage without being mean acting? I’m an actor. That’s what I do. It’s like, that’s what I do. Can you, can you go into that a little?

I mean, I’ll just give example. We had a team meeting on Friday with elephant in the room and I was very, very happy. The team that did a great job this week, things are going great. We’re opening the Oklahoma City location. It was very exciting. Good, good. People. I sincerely wanted to be there, but there was two people at the meeting that uh, I didn’t want to be there. Uh, one of which I fired as soon as the meeting was over, but I didn’t bring my emotional negativity to the meeting. The meeting started at 8:00 AM and this person for the third consecutive week shows up at like 8:40 for an 8:00 AM meeting looking like they just woke up. So rather than address the elephant in the room and make the whole thing awkward, uh, I lead a very positive meeting and then as soon as the meeting we NSA guys, we’re gonna break the stylists up into. And we’re going to have a one on one stylist training over here. And then group stylist trading over here. We’re going to do sales training over here and a window is going to lead the sales training and Cynthia is going to lead the grooming professional, the stylist training and John is going to go, uh, talk with a few people about some housekeeping notes and then we fired the person. But we

did. We never brought the emotional state down state to attend the world’s best business workshop, led by America’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing is proof that you did it and your contact information to [email protected]. All right, thrive nation. Welcome back to another one

citing edition of the thrive time show on your radio and podcast. Download a today show is probably the lightest fluffiest show we’re ever going to do.

We’re talking about sex, drugs and scam.

A look inside my business coach diaries. Well, why? Well, the reason why is because I have worked with businesses for so long. I mean I’ve worked with businesses for 12 years. I’m coaching them, you know, I’ve been self employed for 21 years, 21 years, so I’ve pretty much seen it all. I’ve been there, I’ve done that, I’ve watched. And what I, what I’m doing today is I’m distilling the seven reasons why a client cannot execute the proven path. So before I, I’ll just give example. We have some clients that are having massive, massive winds and so we’d like to take time out on each show to, to brag about the clients that are diligently executing the proven path because if we can sit there and teach people the path all day, but it’s the diligent, diligent execution of the path that creates success. So I’m going to give you, um, an example. Uh, there’s one of the clients we work with. Well, I tell you what I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you what, this Robert, what we have to do is every time that we celebrate the winds you chop Marshall and I, we really need to always tee up our new intro music. So now without any further ado, it is time for.

It’s not like a winner.

Yeah. Hot Streak for your business and you didn’t have your faith built up. This is how we’re going to do it here. Here we go. Luke with the hub Jim and broke. Yes. He has been consistently breaking his monthly revenue goals every month. And so we’re up, I believe they said the last meeting, 60 percent year over a year of sales with the hub gym. So the gym itself has grown by 60 percent more than last year as a result of him diligently executing the proven path. And I think that’s a massive, a massive, uh, uh, exciting event for all the business coaches. We here with clients. This is what gets us pumped up. And unfortunately, um, I would say if 10 people are out there and they’re looking for business coaching, 10 people, the reaching out for us for business coaching, if there’s 10 out there, um, we’d probably have, we do, you know, 13 point assessment with, with 10 of you guys, and I’d say six of you would be a good fit and I’ll tell you why for, have you wouldn’t be, um, it’s because of these seven diary entries, these seven patterns I’ve noticed over the years.

Um, one, if you’re cheating on your spouse, don’t reach out to us please because it gets weird and we can’t help you. What being serious so far, I have had to explain to the other spouse north of 25 times that their partner is having an affair. I’ve had to be, the person had to do that, nick crazy over 2000 times. Let me tell you what happens. Um, I’m in a meeting and the client has multiple. This happens all the time. It’s crazy how much this has happened to me. I just want to not happen. I want to do is go to businesses. So anyway, let’s talk about linear workflows and systems and so I’m in a meeting, I’m not kidding. And the guy calls, Hey, is my wife there, she’s supposed to be the coaching meeting today. You know, she’s, she’s the point person for the company, right?

And I said, no. And he says, where is she? I said, I don’t know. I mean, she has missed this week and then about three weeks ago she missed two. And he’s like, so she misses every other meeting. And I said, well, well, yeah, I mean that’s, that’s, uh, yeah. And he goes, why didn’t you tell me? I’m like, well, I’m a, I’m a coach. I mean, I don’t, I don’t know where she is. She said she couldn’t make it this week and here your business is growing. And so, you know, I wasn’t too super stressed. I know. Things come up and he’s like, are you kidding me? I know. He goes, she told me she was with you. It’s a coaching meeting. Will we have cameras in our office? So if she was, you would know this happens again. And then he just storms in one day and is like, why is she here at this time?

Was she here at this time? No, no, no. I found out she’s having an affair and this has happened multiple times. It’s crazy. Uh, one client installed call recording and their office and they were playing through the calls and they found that their wife was having a call, having a, a, a conversation with her lover from the office phone line. It was having an affair and it’s all recorded. That’s awkward. Um, we’ve had one client was helping. I was helping them with their accounting and we noticed that there was a lot of purchases at the skirvin hotel in Oklahoma City and there was a lot of purchases at Victoria’s secret on the guy’s credit card. And we knew that his, he wasn’t buying it for his wife and she wasn’t going to the skirvin hotel. Bam. Busted yet another affair. This happens so much. A diary entry to observation.

Number two is employees stealing every single time I’ve worked with a client, when we install cameras and audio recording, it’s amazing how much employees are stealing. One young lady, just the other day, this is a lady based in Colorado, she installed call recording and she installed cameras in her office. She left the office to go on a business trip to New York. She looked at her cameras for the first time. She never looked at her cameras before. She just had the cameras. You just install it and the cameras are clear for everyone to see. In a though the says for quality assurance and for safety purposes, you know, we have cameras that just says, smile. You’re on camera, you know this, they know the site and they have at target. That’s very obvious. Everyone knew they were on camera. As soon as she left the office to go to the airport, the employees are going, well, what time?

What do you guys want to go get? Wow, where do you guys want to go eat? And they all left to go eat the, to never return for the entire two days that she was coming. True Story. So, so again, uh, uh, stealing a diary entry three observation. It’s really hard to lead a team if you’re on drugs. Nine point four percent of the American population today is now using an illicit drug. Now what does it elicit drug, how do we. I’m putting it on the show notes, but that way we can make sure we’re on. We’re on the same page because I want to make sure we will at times you will say a word and then we don’t know what the word means and so we just say it a lot, but it means for bidded, a illicit means forbidden. So nine point four percent of the American population right now, according to drug abuse dot Gov is taking an illegal drug right now.

Alright? So what I’ve found is that people get overwhelmed and they’re looking for a coping mechanism and the coping mechanism they often turn to a is an elicit drug. Alright, diary entry number four. Wow. This is positive. Reason number four, that a lot of people just don’t have any success. They can’t implement a proven path that can’t show up on time is because they have bad character traits and then money just magnifies them. They, they’re, they’re, they’re, they’re kind of person who hits the Snooze everyday and always sleeps through their alarm everyday and they always steal things. That’s all they do. They’re an oversleep or in a, in a, in a steeler. They like to steal things and they liked to oversleep and so now they have a business and they oversleep and they missed their meetings and they steal things and all of a sudden they create a culture of that kind of thing. Diary entry number five. Number five. This is. This is one that really started to blow my mind. It took me about a year and a half to notice this pattern.

Habitual lateness is typically a symptom hiding bad habits because the people that are always late typically have it scheduled habit. They have to tend to, which causes them to be late because they don’t typically put in the calendar, pulled over on the side of the road and inject heroin into my veins. Don’t put it in a calendar. Sniff cocaine. Do that at noon. They don’t put in the office calendar, pulled over to the Ramada Hotel and have a sexual buffet. With my secretary, they typically don’t put that in the, in the calendar,

discovered this, this is, this is crazy, this is crazy. But according to all the gambling addictions statistics that I could find right now in our country, um, it looks like about four to six percent of our population is considered a, a problem gambler. So what do I mean by that? It means that it’s somebody who can’t stop gambling, they just can’t and they have an addiction and they don’t know how to stop it. And, um, again, I mean, you can find all sorts of stats out there, but I’ve noticed it’s, we’re, we’re by the casino there, the thrive time show office’s word by the riverwalk. And if you’ve never been to Tulsa, I mean, we’re on the other side of the river. We’re on the west side of the Arkansas River, the casinos on the east side of the river and I am not exaggerating this, Robert, this has happened.

Um, when do you remember? We used to be at 16th in Boston. Okay. So we move from 16th in Boston to the riverwalk. Sometimes I’d have to drive back to 16th in Boston to pick up a few things as we were finishing up the move and I noticed that multiple of our clients had their work trucks parked in the casino parking lot. The Ato wrapped vehicle is parked there at the casino and I would know you, you’re, you’re driving by the river. You’re driving on riverside north to the 16th in Boston office. And then I drive back and on the right side of the, uh, to my right as I’m driving towards the riverwalk offices, I see multiple of clients. Their work trucks parked there during the day. Yeah. And these are the same clients that are always late. And so one of my clients said this true story.

He says, Hey, I gotta run to the restroom real quick. I’ll be right back. I said, no problem. He puts his keys down and he puts his keys down and he puts down all these lottery tickets where have had in his pocket and there’s a lottery tickets. There’s keys. And he’s a problem gambler. Well, it came out, you know, mean because it’s weird. As a coach, I don’t want to get into gambling or your sex life or whatever, we don’t want to get it into it. And so his wife called and was like, Hey, my husband, like, we never have the money in the bank and I don’t know where it’s going. And, and you know, we deal with a lot of cash. Could you talk to him to see if the guys are are, you know, using our, you know, maybe using some cash without us knowing or we gotta we gotta get to the bottom of this.

I said, yeah, sure. Well I talked to the guy and I said, hey, I’m your wife wanted to us to deal with it today. I guess there’s a lot of cash that’s missing from the business. And, and uh, she wanted to see what was going, going on. And he immediately got defensive and he’s like, look man, you don’t want, I don’t want you to get into my personal life. And I’m like, no, I’m not trying to. Your wife called me and said, well, what? What’s her? What’s her deal? Okay, I’m listen, I don’t go to the casino as much as she says I do. Okay. And I never even brought up the casino and we find out, you know, our goal as a coach is to help people, right? We find out he’s totally addicted to gambling and he cannot stop. So I mean, again, gosh, I mean habitual lateness.

Does it not typically mask a bad habit? Have you noticed that Robert, people that are always late, do they not typically have something crazy going on in the background? You share this with me the other day and I actually remember, I just remembered um, when I, when I was first being trained by you. Yup. Um, uh, you had spent some time train me in sales and you wanted me to meet with another employee at a 7:30 in the morning to prepare, uh, this person, uh, on a sales script. You going to walk into a new role, they’re going to walk into sales. I had been in this role before you asked me to train this person. Okay. So 7:30 rolls around. Person doesn’t show up. Seven 35, seven, 45, 8:00, 8:30. The person never shows. Right? And I got with you and you kind of told me, hey, the reason why this person didn’t show is probably because they were out doing something the night before and overslept.

Well, come to find out that’s exactly what happened, right? Is this person was out going out, getting drunk all the design before and overslept. Oh my gosh. I’m so sorry. In a show where we’re dealing with so many real terrible things, we’re dealing with sex, drugs and scams and business coach diaries. Let’s floods. Lightened it up and let’s talk about some really positive things. Okay. Thrive nation. Do you want to save time and money? Yeah, I do. Do you want to save both time and money on your office supplies with your, with your printer supplies? Yes, I do. Do you want to receive a free, a free printer? Yes, I do. Are you saying I can save time and money and going to receive a free printer or copier simply by reaching out to a company? There’s no contract. There’s no monthly fee, no service fee, unlimited printing. Yes. It’s onyx Onyx Save Time and money on your office and printer supplies with onyx today.


We’re now entering the Dojo of Mojo and the thrive time show.

All right. Thrive nation. Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio and podcast download. This show is designed to help you vaccinate yourself from the wealth destroying habits, poor strategies, a dysfunctional systems mindsets. And in the case of today’s show, it’s just personal disfunction. There’s a book called out winning the devil. I was just thinking of that book in my mind. Well, you know, why telepathic way, do you know why? You know, how the show came about this, this idea to do this, show sex, drugs, scams, and look inside the business coach diaries. Do you know they didn’t know what to do where the idea for the show came about? I’m gonna guess out winning the devil. Uh, well, we’re interviewing Sharon Lechter on upcoming show and Sharon Lechter is. Most people know that, but she’s the coauthor of the rich dad. Poor Dad book, they actually sold the first 1 million copies of the book out of her house.

Really? Yes. And she actually was the CEO of the company and she’s the one who created the entire brand and she was the CEO. It may created 14 books. So Robert Kiyosaki was the face and she was essentially the writer and the visionary behind the whole thing. After she wrote this, after she wrote the Rich Dad poor dad book, and then it came up with the 14 subsequent books and built the brand. They sold 23 million copies of the book and she decided to exit. They had some creative, you know, he had a different vision. She had different vision. So they went on and she was asked by the Napoleon Hill Foundation to freshen up the books to modernize them. So there thinking grow rich three feet from gold, which she did. Uh, she also did think and grow rich for women. The book was written in to a time where there’s just men entrepreneurs and then she did it and uh, for, for women.

And then she also took Napoleon Hill’s manuscript called outwitting the devil, which was written in the 19 thirties and his wife, the Napoleon Hill’s wife, did not want Napoleon Hill to release the book. Napoleon hill at the time would be like, if you could imagine Tony Robbins Times too. So in terms of like celebrity Tony robins times two, or if you could imagine like td jakes times to Napoleon Hill has sold more copies of that book than anybody else in the history of self help books. He’s the father of self help. He was the business coach for Oral Roberts, the founder of Oral Roberts University. He was the speech writer for Franklin Delano Roosevelt during the peak of the depression or the bottom of the depression, the bar. He said, I did right there at the bottom of the depression. That’s very low during the bottom of the depression. We were in the APP when we were cratering as a country.

Uh, Franklin Delano Roosevelt hired Napoleon hill to write for him. And he wrote the famous phrase, we have nothing to fear but fear itself, wasn’t he mentored by Andrew Carnegie as well as personally mentored by Andrew Carnegie, who I believe in Nineteen, oh, eight asked Napoleon Hill. He commissioned him. He said, hey, I would like the point, he’ll be. What happened was Napoleon Hill reached out to Andrew Carnegie and said, sir, you’re the world’s wealthiest man. I would like to know how you did it so I could teach it to other people. I want to know your philosophies, and Carnegie said, I’ll teach you, but only if you will commit the next 20 years of your life to shadowing me into writing down the observations you have. And I’m gonna introduce you to Henry Ford and firestone and Thomas Edison. I want you to do to distill their processes and systems into one book.

If you’re willing to do that, then I’ll give you an all access vip pass to my life. It’d be like getting to shadow a steve jobs at the peak, that kind of thing. And so long story short, he wrote the number one self help book of all time thinking grow rich, which took off massive success, but he also wrote a book called outwitting the devil. And that book basically explains that most Americans have a, were given matches, and we, most people set themselves on fire with those matches. Um, you know, uh, a match could be used to start a fire to heat your home or to cook food or it can be used to set yourself on fire and ruin your life. And so we talked about like your sex drive as an example that can be used for chivalry. That could be your reasoning for opening the door for a young lady that you want to get married to, or the lady you are married to.

Um, your passion to get things done could be used to start a business or it can be used to fight somebody. Your desire to earn money and to be successful could motivate you to start the business and to get up early or it could cause you to steal. And so he talks about this, this concept is that you have to actually outwit the devil because the devil is trying to convince you to do bad things. And so as I was prepping to interview Sharon electrical, if we’re going to have her on the show for a few hours, I’m very excited about this. Um, she’s arguably the top, you know, self help, author of our generation. I mean, she’s, she’s phenomenal. And uh, um, as I’m prepping to interview her, I couldn’t help but go through and reread my notes from outwitting the devil. And, uh, I discovered that, gosh, the things in that book are the observations, the, the bad habits in the drifting in the, the, the regrettable action steps that worked, that didn’t employ hill wrote about net book and the thirties are still plaguing the clients that I’ve tried to help now. And I can tell you that’s why as a business coach, um, I say no to, um, at least half of the people that want business coaching. Now it’s more of a math problem. We can only work with 160 clients at a time. But I just, I, I, it’s, it forces you to say no because a lot of people just do crazy stuff. And so diary entry number six. This is my sixth observation, I’ve noticed from my years, my 12 years of business coaching of what makes certain entrepreneurs unsuccessful is this

being drunk before launch makes it hard to be successful today. I discovered a client showing up to the night am meeting and they were drunk as a skunk previous to the wow. I would find it hard for them to hey, it’s remarkable they drove here without hurting themselves or somebody else. But how are they going to execute anything they can’t remember what’s going on? That’s probably not. How are you going to lead a team meeting drug,

right? So this is what I discovered in the Washington Post, did some research on this in preparation for the show. One in eight Americans right now is currently an alcoholic. So if you look at the stats, 70 person, obviously there’s some overlap there, but 75 percent of people steal. According to the US Chamber and CBS News, 70 percent of men have affairs. One at eight people are an alcoholic, four to six percent of people have a gambling. Addiction. Really is a Robert hard to be successful if you’re fighting a a, a, you know really bad habits. I mean it isn’t it is it not hard to coach a client who’s having. I mean if you’ve seen that before, Robert, we were trying to help a client and they’ve got a personal issue after personal issue all the time. They just can’t move past their own personal drama. The way our program works is this.

People come to us wanting to do something different. They say, Hey, I’m wanting to grow. I’m wanting to get to a spot I haven’t gotten to before. I want to achieve my goals and we help them do that. The way that we help them do that is by assigning weekly action items. We know the proven system. You make the proven path. Then we assign the action items for our team and for the client to implement so that we can take the path step by step, and if you are constantly distracted by some of these things, it’s going to be really hard to get google reviews. If you’re drunk, right? It’s, it’s gonna. Be Hard to mentor and develop and train your team on a weekly basis. If you’re on drugs and if you are drunk or on drugs, michiel sober up, then you realize you know what? There’s two things that are definitely gonna happen in my life, death and taxes. I got to pay my taxes. If you’re out there and you’re super sober all the time, you’re a great American. You still gotta pay her taxes. Everyone has to pay their taxes. Go to hood and CPAS Dotcom Day. That’s good. and let them help you with your tax preparation.

And now back to the business coach radio show that has a diary. Call the Guinness Book of World Records.

Started from the bottom. Now get the top teacher systems to cook the books. I’ve written the books, we get some wisdom and the Bob. Good to see my wife and kids. It’s the seat and see accord your right now. Oh, live

nation. Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio and podcast. Download our intro there. Our intro for the show started from the bottom was recorded by Colton Dixon, the top 40 Christian recording a star based in Nashville, Tennessee who is currently working on another album right now, and just a little teaser for you, a little overview if you like. Imagine dragons. Imagine dragons originally from Las Vegas, Nevada. Their music is very anthemic, very positive. If you like a one republic or you like imagine dragons, you will absolutely love Colton Dixon’s newest album set to be released at the beginning of 2019. And he’s a, he’s a great client and a great friend. And uh, I encourage you to check out his website, Colton And I hate to be. I hate to be aggressive, Robert, with my endorsements of things. Hate to, I hate to attack people, but I could say this.

If you don’t want to screw up your life, you got to go to Colton I mean, I swear if you want to, not after we throw your life into the gutter, you gotta go to Colton Dixon, that comp, because his directs are smooth like butter. You know what I mean? So if you don’t want to screw up your life, go to Colton And if you don’t like the Patriots, you probably are making a series of bad life choices and a lot stat. No, but seriously, I encourage you to lab staff. I gotTa pee. I gotta find my car. Oh my God. Find the car. Let’s drive to the but drive to the bat. Nobody. I don’t want to attack you, but I do want you to know you should check out Colton Now we are talking today about sex, drugs and scams and look deep into the business coach diaries.

Why? Because there’s so many people who want to grow a successful business, but you can’t grow a successful business if you can’t keep your personal life together. And so I have identified over the last 12 years of business coaching seven patterns, seven things that are plaguing clients and keeping them from having success. Because if you go to thrive time and you click on testimonials, you’ll see a company like platinum pass. True story platinum pest, uh, has grown by over 400 percent this year. Platinum pass, check them out. Platinum pest, they’ve grown by over 400 percent this year. But we also worked with a pest company, uh, about three years ago. True Story. And I taught them the exact same system into, do you know why Robert, that the other client didn’t have any success? I had to call them up and just say, hey, it’s not a good fit.

I don’t want to work with you anymore. Do you know why they didn’t have success? I’m going to go with, they were susceptible to one of these distractions for 500 points, right? This person in particular was addicted to pharmaceutical drugs, which I could, from what I could tell, I mean his actions indicated that any definitely had an affair and it came out. He did so pretty hard to coach somebody to have success. I mean if your wife’s in the front lawn, burning your clothes and throwing bricks through your windshield and you’re talking to to Guido. So. Hey Guido, here’s the deal. I’m going to meet you behind a downtown within the Blue Dome district deadline by the dumpster. Now what I want you to do is I’m gonna be driving in a car and I’ll be coming back from the bar and the code will be lobster. So when I walked by, I walk by the, the, the trash dumpster. I want you to. You say like for example, if you said like Tom Brady, I would say nothing because that’s not the code would. Right? Let’s recap. The code word is lab that lapsed. So you go out there and mean if you’re trying to arrange a drug heist while living a double life and try not to get caught, you know you’re on your phone.

What time you picking me up out the. I tell you how you do. What do you wish for? What time you go into what? Oh, I’m sorry. Let me switch over to the other.

Got It. I got a call coming in. Hey Babe. Yeah. What time you want me to pick up the kids? Oh yeah. I’ll be there at four.

So anyway, back to you. So you was telling me that I was. Well, I don’t know if I should tell you that over the phone with this phone call may be recorded, but I just, I mean, it’s hard. It’s hard

to live a double life. That’s right. Don’t do it. Yeah. And ultimately it’s, it’s pretty simple. The reason why we’re wanting people to avoid these things is because these things will get you into a spiral doom loop of distraction that will prevent you from ever applying the necessary focus towards growing your business, which is why if you listen to pop music, you’re gonna have a hard time. Um, because, um, if you listen to pop music, if you listen to music and listen to pop culture and you let it defined a defined your normal’s, like there’s a song called a cold water by Justin beaver as an example. And he says everybody gets high sometimes. You know, what else can we do when we’re feeling low, so take a deep breath and let it go. You shouldn’t be drowning on your own and if you’re feel you’re sinking, I will jump right over right over into cold, cold water for you and all they talk all the time may take us into different places.

I will still be patient with you and I hope you know what? If you’re listening to Justin Bieber and you’re going, everybody gets hot sometimes. You know, like all of a sudden you’re like, everybody does. I mean, so I probably should too. And all of a sudden you’re making poor life decisions. You’ve got to hold yourself to a higher standard. I suggest the 10 commandments if you saw, but I recommend that you would check out the 10 commandments. What? What? Why do you just listen to this show for your religious? What not? I don’t know. I don’t want to hear that religious who law. I listened to this show for proactive business tips and I don’t want to hear about your religion out of wood. Hero girl told me I can’t drink during the day. I don’t want you to tell me. That’s not good to gamble. I don’t want you talking to me about a fierce. I would have listened to Justin Bieber, well my friend, if that’s. If that’s the mindset that you have, you are absolutely going to lose. You’ve got to hold yourself to a higher

dander. Freedom equals what? How do you create freedom? Discipline equals freedom. Discipline equals freedom. That’s what creates the freedom. It might be a shocker for some people. It might be a shocking idea, but this just didn’t baby alive, okay? Some people like it raw. They want to get down to the point.

It is. If you’re out there doing stupid things and consistently violating the 10 commandments, you’re going to lose and you deserve to lose because you’re a freaking idiot. You’re a moron. You’re a freaking jackass. You’re serious. You are an absolute idiot if you’re having an affair. If you’re drunk before lunch, if you’re out there doing drugs all the time, if you’re gambling all the time, you’re an idiot. You’re not a victim either. You’re not a freaking monkey. That’s the difference between you and monkeys. Monkeys do not have the ability to make decisions, the whole thing. The whole thing is instinctual, but we got men out there acting like freaking monkeys. It’s ridiculous. I went to the imagine dragons concert the other day and ran into a person who is a former client who’s humping on somebody who’s not his wife, literally just making out with the chickens, not his wife is a freaking monkey noises surgeon.

Come on, man, you’re a surgeon. You the discipline to take tests, but you can’t stop grinding on a 20 year old behind. Pull your head out of your darrier if you’re losing right now because of these reasons. It’s because you’re a jackass, so stop being a jackass. It’s not that complicated, but you have to make the decision to stop. You can’t say, well, the reason why I do trucks and [inaudible] my daddy, he abandoned me. Shut the crap up. Just literally shut up and stop doing drugs, but I need a therapist to go get a therapist, but come to a business coaching meeting and try to have us sort through all that crap for you. That’s not what our programs are about. Our program is about helping you execute a proven path. If you need a psychologist, go see a psychologist.

I am not a therapist. Say to dominate the news. I don’t take your talk about me. I can take my show. Beat the back. I wasn’t going. All right. Thrive nation. Welcome back to another exciting edition of the thrive time show on your radio and podcast

download. We’re talking about sex, drugs and scams, a look inside the business coach, diaries of your yours. Truly my friends. I have been a business coach long enough to have worked with a pastor who let me know that he no longer believe in Christ. That was interesting. Um, I’ve worked with a pastor who let me know that he was involved in some crazy stuff that would probably get you fired from every job in the world. Get you fired as a college football coach. Definitely gets you fired as a husband and get fired. As a pastor, I’ve dealt with a basketball coaches that aren’t ethical. Awesome. Like coach Calvert, score basketball, great people. I’ve dealt with hugely successful people. I’ve worked with the founder of Skyy Vodka, Maurice Kanbar, uh, I work, I’ve worked with our teams, worked with Williams contracting and this is a great company. It was an example of what a great company looks like.

Williams contracting, um, they have clients that reach out to them who say, you know, I want to build on, I want to add onto my commercial building, you know, and they want to get a realistic budget within like three days. Right. So they say a. So someone will go to dash [inaudible] dot com, we’ll dash conduct come, they’ll fill out the form and they’re wanting to like add onto their office building right there. One add onto the restaurant you want to add onto their school, they want to find out like, you know, what’s it going to cost? And so William’s contracting, Travis will get you a quote that’s accurate, crazy enough, this just in Williams contract, you will actually get your project done on time and on budget. And so, um, they get a lot of big deals, a lot of big clients they work with, they build shopping centers and schools.

I mean, these guys have done very well for themselves. I mean, northeastern State University, carefirst pharmacy, uh, the Hilldale a public schools first baptist in muskogee recently, they added onto the Okmulgee jail, which I’m sure that was probably, it was a seven, seven point $5 billion dollar jail project, which, uh, yeah, the, the tourism, the near the Mogi jail actually in the old Mogi jail is really increasing. There’s, I’ve heard more people that are traveling to the Okmulgee jail in, are choosing to stay for years over any other jail. They just love that area. So, uh, travis and his team at Williams contracting have helped him. And so if you’re out there and you’re saying, I want to add onto my building without reservation, I would recommend these guys will dash conduct calm. That’s Williams contracting. Williams contracting. And they, they do a great job, right? So the reason why they do a great job and why they have success is because they’re not bringing crazy to the table.

They’re coming to us for business coaching and for marketing. And we show them the proven path and they do it and therefore they have a lot of success. They’re not allowing sex, drugs and scams to prevent them from getting things done. I mean, they’re not cheating on their spouses. They’re not stealing from their customers. They’re not on elicit drugs. They’re not making huge, crazy personal issue, personal bad decisions. They’re not habitually late to everything. They’re not drunk before lunch. These are all things are not doing one thing. They’re also not doing. This is diary observation number seven. As we take a look into my business coach diaries I’ve found in Oklahoma, it’s a huge thing, but I found it on our clients we work with on the coasts. It’s, it’s, it’s a big thing, but in a different way in Oklahoma, a lot of people don’t get anything done because they claim that they’re waiting for God to give them, um, affirmation than the right decision. So I, this is the observation from my diary.

It’s hard to be successful, entirely focused on non provable spiritual forces as being the reasons that you don’t call your leads. We’re pay your bills. I have dealt with this club.

I had a client that literally did not pay their bills. They did not pay their employees for payroll, they did not pay their employees and they would not call their leads. That leads. Leads are like someone goes to your website, fills out a form, they’re interested in buying from your service, and I asked the person, can I ask you why you’re not calling your leads and slash or paying your bills? And they said, well, clay, I’m waiting for. I’m just waiting right now for God. I feel like it’s not the right season. I don’t know what to do with that [inaudible] guy. I don’t talk direct to God. I mean, I don’t know. I mean maybe I can refer them to pastor Brian Gibson. Maybe he could, you know, connect to God and then come back and say, this is what God said. I don’t know. I mean, yeah.

What can you say in that situation? No. God did not tell you that. Absolutely. Sure. Yes. I mean, what do you do if you. You said you’ve dealt with this before. Yeah, I was working with one business and we, and we never divulged the industry or the client’s name, keep it bare this or teaching specific examples, but we’re keeping it very vague, right. And, uh, we were trying to implement a system and uh, we were dealing with the same issue, calling, calling the leads and the business owner week by week, you know, what, hold his team accountable but didn’t do what needed to be done. And uh, I remember when he told us that he couldn’t continue coaching, um, he told me, he’s like, you know what? And I just kind of prayed about it and maybe God’s just going to shut the door of my business.

Maybe this is just his plan and God’s gonna shut the door because no one’s coming in your company. No one’s going to business ways are higher than my ways. And, and you know, I know I’m Robert, I’m sorry, can I get this stuff done? But maybe it’s just God’s plan to shut the doors of my business. And it’s true story. No, I know, I know. I see this all the time. I mean, there was a lady I worked with years ago in Minnesota, and I remember this because whenever you’re talking to a Minnesota and you get kind of a bonus Minnesota and they’ll usually say, oh, dawn should know ms dot Burton says, so we have not been able to call them leads, but we soon might be able to move forward, but we were waiting for the Lord to give us the confirmation that this is the right strategy.

What do you mean the right strategy? That’s like running a starbucks. Someone walks up to you and says, yeah, I’d like to order a, a, a Koran Day. Let’s go with a grand a Frappaccino, hold the little bit of cinnamon there, and then the Barista would say, you know, I’m like waiting on the Lord to give me confirmation. Maybe if I don’t take your order, maybe it’s the Lord showed me that he’s closing this door. It doesn’t make any sense. It’s crazy. So again, not the kind of people we like to help. In fact, we don’t want to help people. Like we can’t help people. Like nobody can help you, which is why proverbs ten four states it, for those of you out there who are looking for a happy, Happy Bible verse proverbs 10, four says, lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth.

It’s not that complicated. You’re being punished directly by God as a result of not doing something. I know it seems harsh, but that is the reality. You are. It’s a biblical principle. Do you understand that? If you jump off a building today with no parachute and you die, it’s not sad. It’s actually cause in effect, there’s a. there’s a universal principle. Robert, are you aware of the principal called gravity? Yes. I am aware of this. So if you. So you shouldn’t be shocked if you jump off a building and you die. You didn’t have a parachute. It’s a dumb idea. I mean it just, but I think a lot of people want to make it deeper than that. I think they want to make it like a Robert. Why do people want to make it a deeper thing? I think a lot of people have a hard time being honest with themselves.

Of knowing that there have to do anything that caused them to be poor. That’s exactly right. They’re not willing. They would rather be a victim, therefore not having to take on the responsibility of saying, Hey, ultimately no one cares about my success except for me. Ultimately, if I don’t do what needs to be done, I will not have the success I’m looking for A. I think that’s a hard message for some people to accept. They want to be able to blame it on external circumstances so they don’t have to hold themselves accountable and other people can’t hold them accountable. You know, I have another fun, notable quotable this just in from proverbs 14, 23, this justin, this just in this newly newly written in proverbs 14, 23, the newest edition of your Bible, new international version. It reads all hard work, brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.

It’s not that complicated. You know that the average American right now spending five years of their life on social media, according to Entrepreneur magazine, the average American is spending 50 minutes a day on facebook alone. You know, the average American is watching tv right now on average of five hours a day. The average American is being distracted fifth, 85 times per day. According to psychology today, the average American is being interrupted 85 times per day on their smartphone. So you can’t be successful. You can’t write a hit song, you can’t start a successful company. You can’t manage a team if you’re constantly having your smart phone go off or your spiritualizing things that aren’t spiritual or you’re drunk or you’re a non drugs or you’re having an affair. Just follow the Ten Commandments. Tribe nation, follow the 10 commandments and I’ll tell you one business owner, the business owner out there that’s having success as a result of implementing the proven systems and following the 10 commandments as much as possible is our see auto specialists. If you’re out there driving a Ford Automobile and the vehicle starting to kind of have some issues, I encourage you to take it into our see auto specialists. They’re based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They’re a phenomenal company. They’re going to take care of you. They have over 80 years of combined experience fixing and maintaining Ford automobiles. That’s RC auto And now that any further ado, here we go, Robert, three, two, one, boom.


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