So You Want to Buy a Franchise? Who Should and Should Not Buy a Franchise with OXI Fresh’s Matt Kline

Show Notes

  1. How involved is Oxi Fresh in the day to day of the franchisee?
    1. We are a fully supportive franchise and will have complete support for your whole trip. We will provide all of the training for you and your techs.
    2. We will help with your vender relationships.
    3. We automatically have connections with customers.
    4. We give you the support to grow your business as large or as small as you want
  2. You provide:
    1. A call center
    2. Vender relationships
  3. I do:
    1. Get you the training and the knowledge.
    2. Train you on how to train your employees
    3. Implement ongoing training.
    4. You have to be able to book a job
    5. You have to develop your online presence
    6. You will utilize your knowledge base and use our knowledge base
  4. Who is a good fit?
    1. Someone who is coachable
    2. Someone who has goals
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Audio Transcription

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Speaker 1: Today we interview the franchise brand developer for Oxi fresh mr Matt [inaudible] and we ask him, who is truly the right fit to buy an Oxi fresh franchise? People say they want to buy a franchise, but at the end of the day, who should buy a franchise and who should not buy a franchise? You might think you’re a good fit, but are you really a good fit to buy a franchise?

Speaker 2: Some shows don’t need a celebrity in the writer to introduce the show, but this show does to may eight kids co-created by two different women. 13 Moke time, million dollar businesses. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the thrive.

Speaker 1: I’m Sean

Speaker 3: [Inaudible].

Speaker 1: Yes, yes, gas and yes, thrive nation. On today’s show we have a very special guest Sosa fine. Matt Klein, a man who it’s not an insult. He has not yet started a Colt but he could using just as good looks. Matt Klein, welcome under the thrive time show. How are you sir?

Speaker 4: I’m doing wonderful. We’re getting a nice little snow storm here in Colorado.

Speaker 1: Oh, beautiful.

Speaker 4: Freaking out. Trying to figure out how to get home.

Speaker 1: Is it, are you looking out the window right now? Do you see snow?

Speaker 4: Oh yeah. Yeah. It’s been snowing for like 48 hours straight. So,

Speaker 1: And am I on your cell phone right now? Am I in your cell phone?

Speaker 4: You are.

Speaker 1: Can you do me a favor when we get off? Will you email me a picture or text me a picture of what you see? I’ll put it on the show notes. People want to see it. It’s beautiful. Beautiful.

Speaker 4: Yeah.

Speaker 1: Okay. I certainly can. Well today we’re talking about your role as a franchise brand developer. And a lot of people don’t know what that means. They don’t understand what it means to be a franchisor as Oxi fresh franchise is. So let’s start off with what’s the difference between a franchisor and a franchise E?

Speaker 4: Yup. That’s a very common kind of back and forth that people don’t really realize. So a franchisor is the is the, the overseeing company. So they’re the corporate headquarters. So like every franchise, like a McDonald’s or a Jimmy John’s, they have a headquarters where they basically have all their support people and their platforms. Everything that allows their franchisees to operate and have the systems in place where if you go to each one of the locations, they’re the same. So like the franchisor, I’m in the office in Denver, Colorado. That’s where ownership is. That’s where our scheduling center is. That’s where our it department is. That’s where we do our training and development. So everything is right here in our home office. The franchisor supports the individual and them running their businesses.

Speaker 1: How involved should a franchisor be in terms of like, I guess that’s a better but poor question. How involved is Oxi fresh with the franchisees? Cause I know every, every, there’s some brands that run it like a military operation where they are on you daily harassing you, making sure you get all, it’s very micro manage, very intense. Very, Hey now buddy, how you doing? It’s Monday, it’s nine o’clock. How are you doing? And some of them are more at an arms length, some of them provide no coaching at all. Some are, I mean what’s, how does Oxi fresh franchise do it?

Speaker 4: Yeah. So we’re a fully supportive, fully functioning franchise. So from the very initial stages all the way to where you’re five years in we’ll have complete support. So there are certain things we can’t do, right? So we’re not going to go in your local market and knock on doors, but we’re going to provide a huge amount of marketing support in your local area. We’re going to provide all the training aspects of the business, not only for you as a franchisee but also down to your individual technician. We’re going to help with things like vendor relationships. So instead of you trying to go out and figure out who the best vendors are to work with, we would have already negotiated with them

Speaker 1: Quick

Speaker 4: Deal to be able to run the business.

Speaker 1: Quick question or sorry, quick question here. I just want you to sell some listeners out and are very, very concerned. Andrew, the show, have you noticed for a moment it seems as though Matt kind of taken the show to a weird place I to make sure. Did you say bender relationships like bender, like bender, barely newer or bender, like an alcoholic or bender? What, what are you saying?

Speaker 4: Nope. So like our vendors,

Speaker 1: Oh, Tinder with a V. Oh, that clears it up. Had so many questions. So many, sorry about that. Alright, so here we go. So you, I’m like credit card processing. You’ve already negotiated that relationship. Maybe mass eat mass emailing. You already have a relationship in place for that.

Speaker 4: Yeah. So we have the ability to, you know, automatically have connections in, in interactions with existing customers. Certainly we have the ability to reach customers that are not our customers yet that we will. So, you know, there are, like you mentioned, there are franchise companies out there where you just buy the equipment and then you’re on your own. Yeah. There’s franchise out there where you can buy the franchise. And it’s more like a license. So they give you customers, but then they take a huge percentage of each one of those jobs you do. Right. So we’re of the thought and and eh, of the franchise where we want to give you the support platforms and the resources and the support and the cleaning methods to grow your business to whatever degree that you want. Okay. So there’s no limitations. The only one there is your effort.

Speaker 1: So

Speaker 4: Different in that from these, the other ones that I just mentioned.

Speaker 1: So let’s make sure I’m

Speaker 4: Getting this right. I call you cause I’m thinking about being, becoming a franchisee. I want to, I want to buy my own business own one. Essentially at call you and you are going to provide for me and an Andrew will put notes on the show notes. I’ll make sure I’m getting this. You’re going to provide a call center to answer my phones. You’re going to provide all the vendor relationships, you’re going to already know the best company I need to use to buy polo shirts, to buy business cards, to cleaning materials, all that stuff. But you’ve already thought through all that. So what do I have to do then if I own, if I own, I mean Josh isn’t that a fair question? I mean if I’m, if I, if you bought an Oxi fresh franchise today, wouldn’t you want to know? What do you have to do?

Speaker 4: Absolutely. So what would you have to do if you, if you sold Josh cause you know, John in her office has reached out to you about buying an Oxi fresh franchise now in the Dallas area and I feel safe in saying that cause this show is going to come out here well after he owns one, but I can’t say it yet, but he’s excited about it. He’s ready to go. I think I’m going to partner up with him and D and do one with him there. But you know, if John buys one, he secures his territory. What does he have to do? Sure. And we’ve got to start from ground level. So we need to get John the training and support knowledge to be comfortable in what he’s doing, being able to speak the language of carpet cleaning, being able to understand how to train his then employees.

Speaker 4: So the first thing we had to do is develop the individual franchisee with the knowledge and skill set to be able to run the business locally. And then when we get to a point where that is, you know, when we’ve gone through the the not only initial training, but also the ongoing training, like all the way down to being able to book a job all the way down to being able to actually run the scheduling software. Even though we have the scheduling center booking jobs, we still want the franchisee to be able to basically run that thing as if they were booking jobs, right? So we’re going to give them all that adequate training and then they’re going to want to use those tools to be able to do them, develop their business, right? We’re going to develop the online presence right there. John’s going to want to get those Google reviews in that local market to grow.

Speaker 4: He’s going to want to basically hire people. He’s going to utilize two things. He’s going to utilize his knowledge base and he’s going to be able to utilize our, our online training support, which is Oxford university, to be able to get that employee to a point where they can constantly go into people’s home and do jobs. Right? If Joe and John are not able to actually do that, then they can send that that person to Denver and we’ll train that person for free. So we don’t, we don’t have a one size fits all. We take each individual franchisee, we take what their skills are already, and then we try to fill in the holes or fill in the [inaudible].

Speaker 1: No ma’am, we have three.

Speaker 4: I might have an excellent source of sales, but maybe not market.

Speaker 1: So you, you’re filling the gaps. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna, I’m gonna try to fill in the gaps. We’ve got three minutes, three hot questions. I’ll go first. Josh goes second. Andrew third. Here we go. These are rude questions. Tough questions. This is what kind of wacko, what kind of sicko, what kind of psychotic? Just weird nutjob of an individual should not buy a franchise because you know, you’re saying so you’ll see you want to buy a franchise. Okay, let’s see if you’re a good fit. Who should not call you?

Speaker 4: Yeah. People that know it all. That’s a tough one because the environment is going to be changing all the time. If you’ve already known everything there is to know about this industry and how to grow, then you should start your own business. Cause I can tell you it’s a franchise with a lot of resources. We’re still learning every day and growing and changing on the fly, right? So be willing to change. Be willing to know what’s going to happen. You know, that’s a big one for us.

Speaker 1: Are you going to bring the British guy with you to the conference in December?

Speaker 4: I came.

Speaker 1: You should. Here’s the deal. You took my best friend yet. You guys hired away. My best friend, J B founder of Oxi fresh. He calls me and says, we’re thinking about hiring. You know your best friend Andy math or who you spend the most time with the man with five kids. You have five kids. I mean, I’m not gonna live long enough to find another guy who’s the same age as me with five kids. That’s, that’s a dead set. That’s a British. He’s British. I mean, beautiful guy. Just eye candy. Great guy. You take him away, you pay him. Well, he doesn’t want to leave. It’s a fun office environment. A lot of former division one athletes up there working together. The whole thing is Jack ass. I’m tired of it. So can you bring him back? Can you bring them down here for the conference in December? Will you bring him?

Speaker 4: Yeah. Could bring Andy. I mean we can have like a whole, if he’s talking about starting Nicole, you can have Jonathan, he’s got five kids. You have five kids and got five good rehab. Mike and our development office has five kids. I think that might be the number.

Speaker 1: Bring it, bring it down, bring the fabulous five times five. We’ll have a big tribe. Josh, what’s your rude question for Matt Klein?

Speaker 5: So my, my question would be who would, who is a good fit that since clay asked who wouldn’t fit? So you said the Noel doesn’t fit. So who is a good fit for an Oxi fresh franchise? Oxi fresh franchise. Say that three times. Oh man.

Speaker 4: Well I say occupies franchise of the day so I can do that.

Speaker 1: Nice man. Nice.

Speaker 4: But, but yeah, you want to look at someone that’s basically the opposite. Someone that is open to learning, right? Because we are not going to be the same company in two years that we are today. We’re going to continue to evolve and develop new strategies and you got to be as a franchisee willing to get on that train with us so we can take advantage of those things and not use it as a roadblock. Yeah, you gotta be effort, right? If you know that your competitors are hitting a certain benchmark, whether it’s weekly or monthly or yearly, you better put in the effort to either meet those benchmarks or exceed those benchmarks. Because if they’re able to do it, there’s no reason that you can’t do it. Right. Cause we have a better cleaning system, we have more support, we have all the things here for you. But if you’re not using those to your advantage, then it’s going to be tough to really kind of grow your business beyond just the normal kind of mom and pop shop.

Speaker 5: Awesome. And then the, I guess the other side. So I was a good benchwarmer on freshman basketball. Do I have to have played division one basketball?

Speaker 6: Just wanted to clear that up real quick.

Speaker 4: You absolutely do not have two people here that have not. We just, we just happen to have many people that have as well.

Speaker 1: Oh, okay. Now Andrew, we got 30 seconds left. Rude question for Matt Klein. Ask anything you want to ask but make it offensive.

Speaker 6: Oh yeah. Okay. So clay asked the the, the, the who’s the worst fit, who can’t have an Oxi fresh franchise and Josh asks, who’s the best fit now? What about where’s the best fit? Where’s the best? If you have a guy, maybe he was like, okay, that’s not me to Clay’s question. And then you have a guy with Josh’s questions like, Oh, that’s me. But what about location geographically? Where do you have to be located or do you have to be located in an available location?

Speaker 4: You do not. That’s a good question. You do not have to be located in a territory that is open. We have like myself, I live in downtown Denver. My territory is our Boulder and Fort Collins, so we have to run them kind of off site. We don’t need a business, but there are a few key places that like, it’s shocking to me that we don’t have a franchise yet in Sacramento. Like Sacramento is an awesome area, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t own a business. In Nevada you can’t. It’s all sorts of territories. About 300 territories left in the United.

Speaker 1: There’s 400 locations that are up and running right now. 400 locations. There’s 300 left. More are not available than are available. And so if you’re interested, just go to Oxi fresh right now. Fill out the form, go up there and give them a call. Matt’s going to SAP to send you a franchise disclosure document, which is regulated by the federal trade commission. So you can look at this. I mean, I’m just saying there’s no smoke and mirrors. There’s no jackass or there’s total financial disclosure after they do a call with you if it seems like if it seems like it’s a good fit for both parties, they’re going to discover they’re going to, they’re going to schedule a discovery day so that you can discover the ins and outs of the business and decide whether you want to buy it or not. Ask all the rude questions, see numbers. He systems, meet the staff, meet the team in Lakewood, Colorado, just outside of Denver, very near the red rocks amphitheater. It’s just awesome. And if you’re out there, I’m just telling you, if you’re out there thinking about buying a franchise and and you, you’re, you’re willing to submit yourself to implementing systems and exchange to in exchange for freeing yourself of financial limitations, Oxi fresh may just be a great fit for you and Matt Klein. How much are the franchises today? How much does it cost?

Speaker 4: The franchise would be the upfront investment at 38,900 to include your equipment, product, territory and training. And then best practices to have somewhere between 20 to 25,000 for available accessible funds for operating. Yeah, he’s like insurance and local marketing vehicle employees. So you want to have around 60 to 65 again, 38, nine upfront.

Speaker 1: Oh Matt, you’re, you’re beautiful. I I hate to wrap up today’s show. But seriously when we get off, well you texted me a picture of what you see outside cause I wanna put on the show notes. So listeners are going to go to thrive time show. They’re going to click on this show and they want to see the show notes.

Speaker 1: Yeah, I’ll do it right now. Beautiful man. I’ll tell you one more, one more final thing. You know, Kanye released his new album, Kanye West, his new album. Jesus is King and I just wanted to share this with you. You look a lot like Kanye West. I heard that. It’s remarkable. It’s shocking at times. You won’t even know it’s outstanding. Really. I just, it’s the listeners out there need to Google search. Matt Klein right now, Matt Klein, Oxi fresh franchise, and then Google Kanye West and just do a side by side comparison. I’m talking about, you’re looking in a mirror right there. Matt Klein. You’re looking at that Kanye West. I mean, he looks like the same person. It’s just beautiful. There’s a lot of similarities there and you’ll see that. All right. You take care of my friend. Have a great day. And now without any further ed too.


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