How to Stay Organized in a World of Ever-Growing Complexity (with David Robinson)

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NBA Hall of Fame basketball player, David Robinson breaks down how to stay organized in a fast-paced and ever changing world with business coach Clay Clark.

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Welcome back to the thrive time business coach show on your podcast download I’m. So many of you have taken the time to email us and asked us to question you’ve asked we have literally thousands of people. Ask us:how do you stay organized in an ever-growing the growing complexity? How do you? How do you stay organized in a world? That’s fast-paced, where a lot of stuff is going on where there’s never ending data points? How do you stay organized and so I called up my friend my partner and I might might might show me the mentor david robinson nba hall of fame basketball player, david robinson I asked him. How do you stay organized in a world of ever-growing complexity and any further ado here we got was david robinson breaking down how you can stay on top of the game and stay proactive in a world where it’s easy to become overwhelmed? You use add a timer in a to-do list, for how do you keep your ideas organize day? For me, I was in a little bit of a different situation. I had an assistant to really help me. I did so I know where my weaknesses are I’m, not the most organized person. So I got an assistant. It could be your wife, it could be if you know someone that’s much more business coach organized than you to put all of this stuff together and and keep your agenda going. Realty I aren’t made to keep all of this stuff in our heads. We don’t remember, we don’t keep things prioritize. We don’t remember that next week we have to have such and such done. Oh, my taxes need to be done by january 08. We don’t remember those things, so it’s critical that we have some way to keep track of all of the items that needed to be taken. Care of you said the brain is not designed to organize all this I know:you’re helping somebody out here.

Cuz I see a lot of entrepreneurs dave, who they feel like there’s something wrong with them that they can’t remember that your taxes are due on 12 through the 15th I have to file this document. Here and have this meeting in in there actually is a cousin was to send almost ate almost a level of mental illness. When you see an entrepreneur, who’s got so many ideas in your head, but nothing’s written down or nothing is organized. To think of your mind, you know the ram in a computer right, so everything that you have it’s designed the kind of shuffle things through to make it quick, writes on your mind. That’s how your mind works. You have you have this short-term memory, that’s wonderful! But it’s not designed to keep everything in their design. Hey, that’s! What’s most efficient, what do I need to remember right now, but then, when it gets overloaded things just kind of slipped out of the vacuum is not enough room. We don’t have the capacity to remember everything. So you know when we write things down. It increases our long-term business coach memory dramatically and as long as you have this you’re going to remember it so I think that’s a critical part.

We’re superman, if you go to any great business, i, go to business meetings all the time now, with all of these high profile, private equity firms, every single meeting, every single person that comes in that room, i, don’t care who it is comes in that room with a pad and a pimp pimp in every single time and they’re. Taking notes on the meeting-and these are some of the smartest people that I know they’re taking meetings there taking notes, study, i, read I cannot remember where I read it so I’m just going to have to make some general statement here, but it was talking about the retention of knowledge of executives versus everybody else, and it was talking about exactly know that they have to retain information. So they are the best note takers and the average person doesn’t take notes right, I’ll, just kind of okay, and then you ask him after the conference the seminar, the church, whatever it was right, I’m eating, would you get out of it and I’ll say some things. Executives are the best and I love that you just said every one of these meetings you go to somebody’s writing stuff down. There absolutely have to write things down, think about us, normal people. We really need to write things down. We really need to keep track of what’s going on, we forget what business coach people just told us we forget we were supposed to call so, and so that was supposed to follow up on this or that we forgot what that guy said in the meeting really critical, that we cannot let slip through the cracks, especially if you’re starting a business


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