Sustainable Small Business Growth | Knowing Your Numbers and the Importance of Spending a Minimum of 5% of Your Gross Revenue on Turnkey Advertising – Ask Clay Anything

Show Notes

Sustainable small business growth is possible to achieve if you will commit to investing a minimum of 5% of your gross revenue on turnkey advertising. During this podcast, Clay Clark and Doctor Zoellner teach a small business owner how to take his spray wall foam and insulation business to the next level.

Biggest Limiting Factor – Exposure and Leads

DEFINITION – Wall Foam – Spray foam insulation or spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is an alternative to traditional building insulation such as fiberglass. … “Spray foam” is also an informal term used to refer to various plastic foam materials that are used in building construction to provide thermal insulation and minimize air infiltration.

DEEP DIVE – Clay – Create Path for 918 Red Dirt Foam & Insulation – Insulation company in Tulsa Oklahoma

Jim Stovall Interview –

Ideal and Likely Buyer:



How many employees:



Tired of teaching other companies

JR – Fund Ministry Account to be able to travel more to set up and grow ministries

Provide his own employment

Want to fund own retirement

Go on Elk hunt or Deer Hunt Once Per Year

Go on more fishing trips

STEP 1 – Establishing Revenue Goals

Annual Revenue Goal: $900,000

Current Revenue: $240,000

Goal Revenue Time Frame: 12 Months

ACTION ITEM – Determine and post the number of deals that you need per day to achieve your goals on your mirror, your computer and in your truck so you see it every day.

STEP 2 – Knowing the Numbers

# of Customers Per Month To Achieve Goal: 11.53

# of Customers Per Month to Break Even: $41,000/mo

Revenue Per Deal: $6.500

ACTION ITEM – Determine and post the number of rejections that you need per day to achieve your goals on your mirror, your computer and in your struck so you see it everyday.

How You Got Involved in the Business:

Got into industry as inspector working for Oklahoma Natural Gas

STEP 3 – Number of Weekly Hours Willing To Work ON Your Business, Not IN It

5 Hours

How Intense Are You Wanting to Be Pushed: 6

ACTION ITEM – Build / buy a massive whiteboard

ACTION ITEM – Diagram your workflow on your whiteboard working from left to right so you can see your biggest limiting factor at all times

  1. Marketing
  2. Sales
  3. Service Delivery
  4. Human Resources
  5. Accounting

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Work like hell. I mean you just have to put in 80 to 100 hour weeks every week. [This] improves the odds of success. If other people are putting in 40 hour work weeks and you’re putting in 100 hour work weeks, then even if you’re doing the same thing you know that you will achieve in 4 months what it takes them a year to achieve.” – Elon Musk

STEP 4 – What is Your Unique Value Proposition (Your “Purple Cow”)?

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Boring is invisible. Remarkable people and products get talked about.” – Seth Godin

AMPLE EXAMPLE: Hobby Lobby,, Harley

Unique Selling Proposition: Customer Care and How We Treat Job Sites

ACTION ITEM – Must create a solid no-brainer and bigger differentiator (Purple Trucks, we’ll beat any competitor’s price by 10%, etc.)

STEP 5 – Improve Branding

AMPLE EXAMPLE: Logo, Website, Business Cards

“80% of customers do online research before buying.” – Adweek

SCALE OF 1 TO 10 – Rating: 8

ACTION ITEM – Improve the overall look of the website / optimize it for conversion (Study,,

STEP 6 – 3-Legged Marketing Stool


Dr. Zoellner’s Optometry

  1. Radio Ads
  2. Mailers
  3. Google Reviews

Elephant in the Room

  1. Search engine optimization
  2. Facebook Ads
  3. Valpak Mailers

Leads per week: 10 -12

Leg #1: Word of Mouth

Leg #2: Home Advisor

Leg #3:

What is Your No-Brainer: 10% Discount for Military

AMPLE EXAMPLE: Elephant in the Room $1 Haircut / Zoellner $99 1st Exam / Shaw Homes Movie Tickets

ACTION ITEM – Launch Adwords (Google) and Retargeting Advertisements (Don’t launch until you have 40 + real Google reviews)

ACTION ITEM – Create a Google Canonical Website

ACTION ITEM – Create a Mobile Compliant Website

ACTION ITEM – Create 10 Times More Content That Your Competitors

  1. ACTION ITEM – Create 1 Podcast Per Day
  2. Transcribe the content (temi)
  3. Weave in keywords (5 times per 1,000 words)
  4. Add content to the website

ACTION ITEM – Obsess about getting real objective Google Reviews from past customers (1 per day)


STEP 7 – Sales Conversion System

Southwest Airlines, American Express, Oxifresh

Scripts? No

Standardized Pricing? Yes

Recording Calls? No

Tracking Lead Source? No

One Sheet? No

Tracking Conversion Percentage? No

“75% of employees steal from the workplace” -US Chamber

ACTION ITEM – Create inbound phone script

ACTION ITEM – Install Call recording –

STEP 8 – Cost of Customer Acquisition

What Does it Cost to Acquire a New Customer: ???


What is your direct involvement?

“70% of all employees hate their jobs.” -Business Insider

ACTION ITEM – Determine how much it costs you to land a customer (in terms of marketing and advertising dollars)

STEP 9 – Repeatable Systems

Do you have a universal way all files are saved in Dropbox? No

Do you have training videos and a quiz system and sales services in place? No

Do you have documented processes and checklists for delivering all of your products?

In Field Checklist

Do you have everything backed up at all times? No

“Simplicity scales, complexity fails.” – Steve Jobs

ACTION ITEM – Make checklists for everything and every aspect of your business

STEP 10 – Management Execution

How would you rate your ability to manage your team on a scale of 1 to 10?


ACTION ITEM – Build a new weekly schedule

STEP 11 –  Sustainable Weekly Schedule

How happy are you with your current personal schedule on a scale of 1 – 10?

  1. Daily – Morning meta-time
  2. Weekly – 1-hour group interview at the same time every week
  3. Weekly – 15 minute morning huddles with the team at the same time every week
  4. Weekly – 1 hour accounting meeting with yourself to review your numbers
  5. Weekly – 1 hour management/team training meeting

STEP 12 – Human Resources

How would you rate your ability to hire, inspire, & retain quality employees on a scale of 1 – 10? 8

Do you post weekly on, craigslist, etc.? No

Do you have a scripted job post? No

Do you conduct weekly interviews? No

Do you have a scripted interview? No

  1. Daily huddles, the weekly group interview, and the weekly staff training/team meeting will proactively prevent and solve any human resource problems.

STEP 13 – How proactive is your accounting on a scale of 1 – 10?

Do you have a documented break-even number? $41,000

Do you have a process for pro-actively setting enough aside for taxes?  Yes

Do you automate your savings? No

Do you have a documented and updated report of your income and expenses? Yes  

Do you have a set time and place to review your finances every week? Monthly

  1. ACTION ITEM – Determine to save a set percentage of your income
  2. ACTION ITEM – Scheduling a weekly time to look over your numbers must happen (1 hour per week at the same time every week)



Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

Two men, 13 multimillion dollar businesses, eight kids, one business coach radio show. It’s the thrive time business coach radio show. Get ready to enter the thrive time show


thrive nation. Welcome back to the thrive time show on your daily Dojo of Mojo post show. My name is Clay Clark. I’m the former U s SBA entrepreneur of the year. That means the United States Small Business Administration entrepreneur of the year for the great state of Oklahoma in the year 2007 because I am 37 and I wasn’t born yesterday. Now here’s the thing. If you are a premium member of thrive time, that means you’re paying an outstanding and incredible $19 a month. I couldn’t afford it. Well because you have a job and you’re serious about your life. So you’ve signed up and now you have access to email us your questions to [email protected]. You also have access to attend our in person workshops and you have access to hundreds of thousands of dollars of downloadables and systems that all their drive time, So one of our thrivers out there, just like you emailed us and said, hey, how do I grow my wall foam and installation business?

And so we took the time to do what we call a 13 point evaluation with this listener to figure out what their biggest limiting factors are, where they’re stuck, and to have a thoughtful conversation to see if we can actually help you. Because Marshall, I’m sure you’ve never had this happen to Marshall Morris, the Co author of the Amazon bestselling busienss coach book, start here. I’m dream never had this happen where somebody comes in and pitches an idea and you think to yourself, this is not possible. This guy screwed right? Never happened. Truly. I’m sure it’s, Oh, you never had the thought. When you think of yourself, what you just said is not possible. Never happened.


I’ve had it happen. Somebody will pitch me an idea. This is. These are just ones. In the last four or five years, somebody called me and said, hey, I want to buy d militarized nuclear submarines and use them to desalinate water off the coast of Israel. And I said, cool. What? What’s your current job? What’s kind of your background? They said, I work at subway. I cannot make these things up. You said you work at subway? Absolutely. Like, so you’re a sandwich artist? Yeah. Um, do you have any background with nuclear technology? No. Have you ever worked in the navy? No. Do you have a lot of money? No. Do you have several billion dollars? No. Uh, just to clarify, do you have copious amounts of money and political influence? No. Okay. Your idea is not possible, so I love it when I get a question like this guys says, Hey, I’ve got a wall phone company and I want to know how to grow a wall phone company.

So Marshall, I’m going to tee up the definition of wall phone deal, then I’m going to tee up the steps and I want you and Dr. Z to breakdown the hardest part of implementing the steps. Alright, so wall is a new form of a newer form of insulation where essentially you spray the foam, the polyurethane foam into the wall, and it takes the place of traditional insulation and there’s all sorts of all sorts of research research that shows that it’s more effective and helps to reduce your heat and air costs. So it’s a real thing. It’s a real business. So step number one, if you want to grow from $240,000 a year, which you’re currently at to $900,000 a year of revenue, you have to determine the number of deals that you need on a daily basis to achieve your goals. You’ve got to know the number of deals you need on a daily basis. I’ll go with you. Why do you want a daily basis at the optometry clinic? Need to know how many deals you need per day to achieve your goals. Why can’t it be just a vague concept? Why do you have to have a specific number that is your minimal? This is your minimal acceptable allowable number.

Well, it’s a target to shoot for. You know what you’re doing, you know whether you won or lost that day and you know one day doesn’t make a business so you can lose one day and then when 32 days in a row and you won, but it’s good to know and when you’re, when you’re in an infancy of a business and $240,000 gross revenue business as well. I’m assuming 200,000, $240,000, $40,000 gross right now that, that is a younger business even though you may have had it open for a long time, that is a smaller, younger business. And so to have that target to say, okay, if I want to go to 900, it’s good that you know that number. By the way, number one, you break that down in that how much per month, how much per week? How much per day? Somebody saying, well Z, but what about is quality and quantity? I mean, you know, I mean I don’t want to. It seems like my team setting a lot of deals, but they’re not closing or they’re closing a lot of deals, but they don’t set a lot of appointments and they get all stuck in like, I don’t want to choose a number because what if we don’t hit it? Well, you know, I think that’s why Forbes, if you go to their website, you know, the Forbes is kind of our Business Bible. It’s the business. It’s our business. We’d right

for Forbes. We shamelessly attempt to end up on the cover of Forbes

and we shamelessly promote them because one of these days we want to end up on the cover. That’s all we’re asking. That’s all we want for a month. Well that and you know, maybe two macro, maybe a sack of consequential and marked hundred dollar bill. That’s all we’re looking for a job we’re looking for. But having those goals and then breaking them down and realize into bite size. It’s kind of like this. It’s, it’s if I walked an elephant into your room, oh wow. And I shot it and I said, oh, you got to eat this elephant. Within a certain amount of time, it’d be pretty overwhelming. It’s kind of sad. I got $900,000 with the business this year. That’s an overwhelming elephant. It’s a lot. It’s a lot. It’s a big. I mean, that’s four times what you’re doing right now. Four Times, four times, four times. Matt told you that one, that one time. One time, love you. Long time. One time. But the thing is is this. So you break that elephant down, you go, okay, we’re

going to get this thing done in a year. Let’s think about this. Okay? If we get this leg down and say you eat, you eat that, but you eat that elephant boot, you get in there, you’ve got a whole month for June, I don’t care, but you’re eating the Derriere Millie, I’ll tell Ya. I’ll tell you that you you, you eat, you eat the toast, but you make a plan on how to attack it. By the end of the year, you look up and go, hey, hey, mission accomplished halo. Elephant eaten, and that’s why you have the daily goals. You break it down to weekly to monthly to daily goals, and then you celebrate those victories. I understand that too. You’ve got to celebrate those victories, especially on holiday. It would be so right now my wife worked at Dr Zoellner and associates and so occasionally a Dr. he would say stuff like, Kylie, let’s have a Christmas party to celebrate.

Boom, let’s go take the team to Magoos to celebrate. Boom, and so my wife worked there. She would tell me, hey, we’re going to Magoos to celebrate a sales goal, and I’m thinking, yes please. It was a lot of fun. So Marshall, but you also have to know the number of rejections. Step two, the number of rejections you need per day, so mean, so see, when you’re running your ads on radio, you have to know I need to get in front of this many people per month, period to get this many people to come visit and I target a soccer bombs. You got to know your mass marketing, my man, and not going door to door and networking because if you. If you believe in this concept of never mass marketing Z, what happens if our listener today listens and they go, okay, I love everything you said today, but I’m not willing to invest in turnkey mass marketing like radio, TV, like Internet ads, like facebook ads, Google ads, like mailers, like something that doesn’t involve your personal effort.

What will happen if they believe that the only way to grow their businesses, their personal networking and effort? Well, you know me. You know how much I love analogies. Yes, and not mass marketing is the same. The. The analogy that I would say is it’s like buying a new car, buying a new car, going out in your driveway, got it. Starting it up, starting up and not precedent accelerator and wondering why you’re not going anywhere and then getting mad about it and then getting a box fan where your car is still running. You’re not in an accelerated, in a box fan and you talk into the box fan and you say. People say, why are you doing that? And you say, I don’t know. The car’s not moving. You call the dealership and say, this car is not getting me anywhere. It’s not kidding me, it’s not getting me where I just went $35,000 on. Is there any way you could add an air horn to my $35,000 car because of it made this sound?


I could go have to. It goes somewhere, right? That’s probably the issue and they’re like, they’re scratching their head going, oh, so that’s how we are as business coach were like the car dealership going, oh wait, you see here you, you press that accelerator and the accelerator of a business. So Nice. I hit the accelerator and calc move. I hit.

I hit the accelerator accelerator, not move forward or not so nice. It’s so nice. So Nice. Accelerate, accelerate because it’s an accelerator breaking down complicated mass marketing, advertising. This is where advertising really is. That’s what marketing really is. It’s the. It’s the gas pedal of your business and what happens is breaks my heart when people set up their business plan, that attack business, and then you say, okay, advertising, go, oh, I can’t afford it. Can’t afford it. No. That’s like saying, pay your electric bill. I can’t afford it right now. Get out there with the box. We don’t have phones currently because I had to shut them down because it can’t afford it. You got it. You got to budget that in. That’s got to be part and that’s what you build your war chest. That’s why you get money. That’s why you get venture capital. That’s where you get bank loans as BA loans, but you have to factor in the advertising dollars in your business. How much of my gross revenue should I spend on advertising? You want to be aggressive. You want to give credit, credit, credit. I want to pump it up like Tom Brady. Throw it over the fricking long ball out to the Randy Moss back in the day before he became a cancer on the team. When we first started off, when I started off, I was 10 percent. Every dollar that came in, ten cents went back real quick.

Process words. Okay? So I’m more of a, what you call a visual non-audit Yolanda soul, because I’m looking at you. That helps me. Um, when you said 10 percent of that would be like a 10 percent

yes. Oh my gosh. That’s. Oh Wow. Wow. See integer between nine slash 11 with the percent sign after it. So yeah, 10 percent. That’s aggressive. That’s impressive. Yeah. What would you say to a small business owner that spins one percent on advertising or two percent or refuses to spend even five percent? I mean, what’s the minimum threshold you should spend on advertising? If you want to create time freedom? We are, I think five is probably the minimum starting off and I, I can understand that. And now since the book face and the Gogel and the other, the other ways you can actually spend not a lot of money and get a lot of eyeballs. You’re sitting in front of it, Nice Young

female entrepreneur and you have a lot of respect for women, women, z. You respect them and perhaps nobody respects women more than you. You’re sitting here talking to a young female entrepreneur. You’re very kind. You’re talking to a young Amish entrepreneur, the kindest man you’ve ever met. Good. You’re talking to a sweet older. An older gentleman, I’ve really nice kind person. You talked to a person who previously has managed to church or a girl scout community and you’re wanting to give them the rude knowledge, but in a nice way. What would you say to someone who refuses to spend five percent or more of their gross revenue on advertising and a nice sweet way? I would be prepared to go find yourself, you know, a job.

Ah, see, that was so mean. The way you said it was the tone. It was a tone is the tone. It was just. I tried to be the positive before I said I kind of give it a pause.

Marshall of the tones of problem. The

tone I give to pause though. He was nice, but you just know it was. It was harsh. What am I get made you feel? What about the entrepreneur? The business owner that says I just can’t afford advertising at the end of the month, you know, is a tight month and I just, I just can’t afford to spend that much. I would say to them, you know, hey, on the weekends when your business is shut down, get a job, know, start mowing yards, get along. I mean maybe throw newspaper, you know, I mean I don’t know. I mean do something because guess what? We burned the boat because what were the pig and not the chicken at breakfast. This is unethical show

command. You go out there and do prostitution. We’re saying you gotta get a job that’s readily available. So Mo, cut grass. I mean, so it’s readily available. You could do it. There’s always a need for it.

Well, the thing, the point is is that you need the money and how are you going to get it? And I promise you if you, if you take it, if it was take out the five hours of watching TV that the average US citizen does too actually, and you can google that to see you take out the two point seven hours per day. The average US citizen does doing the book of the face. It’s unbelievable. People on people are on social media right now, but that’s a three day course. That’s a full forward, take that and go get a night job. Go become a, you know, you’re going back to my niche. The night job. Yes. I just want to say I am by day. I’ve run a snow cone shack, but it not. If you look, if you have a snack attack and you looking for a whole lot on man, you just come on over here and just. I’m just looking at. This is my second job over getting the hot tub with corey

is step three. This is the third step. You have to determine the number of hours our listener has to determine the number of hours per week that they’re willing to work on the business coach in addition to the reactive nature of, of obviously doing the spray foam, answering the calls, doing accounting. There’s always things you have to do, but to work on the business. When you started Trinity Employment, uh, you started it with out of your house, I believe. Yeah. Kitchen table. How did you find the time to build what is now a successful company? When you just, uh, you know, all of a sudden you’re starting to come out of your house. I mean, what was your process for finding the time for funding the time? Well, um, I quit my job and um, that, that was, that was a tough thing to do, but someone very smart told me, hey listen, if you do not go and put everything that you have into this, because I was considering trying to keep a job for part time and then trying to work the work, work the company in as, as it goes.

It took a huge risk to go do that. And I did it and it was the best thing that I, that I could have done. But at the time, how many hours a week were you working? Forty hours. Sixty hours. So man, it was 70 or 80. It did not stop. And you know, we talk about at least put in a day, you know, we, we’ve talked about that on the show will man. For us it was absolutely seven for a long time, but it slowly taper down and you know, we, we still have to do stuff occasionally, but it’s not, it’s not near like what it was and it was worth, it was worth all that effort. Uh, I’m just going to say this because I want to help somebody out there. I was at research, Zeke, we’re all my good stories happening. You’re not going to check it in and research and there’s a young whippersnapper, he’ll research story.

He’s a, he’s a part time guy. He’s and he’s, and he’s, he’s a new guy, a young buck and I’m not going to sit there and give people unsolicited coaching advice. But he saw me pull up in the Hummer. I was getting pinion wood and I was buying the uh, what do you put in your gas grill? It is probably just by the propane and uh, I’m exchanging the container and he says, let’s be nice bro. I said, what do you mean? He goes driving a hummer bro. And just by what do you do with opinion? With it’s high dollar opinion would bro? I said, I’m just going to burn it, you know, I burned it all weekend and I’m just going to grill some burgers. And he says, a brown man. I’ve been working all day, dude. I said, well, how do you get here?

He says, the guy, you’re like an eight man, this is like three in the afternoon. He said, and I got to come back to Marham and beer like a 10. I got to work from eight to seven today. And uh, I looked at him and I didn’t say anything, but I think the look of judgment is what happened. And he says, Bro, like, what do you do? And I said, I wake up every day at 3:30 and I work every day until five and I do this six days a week. You know why? He says why? I said, because I want to dominate. Right? And I did that forever and now I don’t have to, but there are certain days I choose to do that. But I, Bro, I did that for seven days a week for like a decade to get where I’m at because he knows about our podcast.

He knows we’re in the top 10 on itunes. He knows about the car. He’s always asking me questions about how’d you elephant in the room? And was it more of that vision or more of that? Like leadership. He always asks these vague, Oh yeah, you know, he’s going to college. I knew it was going to college. I’m asking amazing Bro. Like what’s more important like the community or prophets, Bro, what are you putting first man, like your team or the money, you know, like just these vague questions. And he goes, well you true story. He says you actually work like from 3:30. And I said, yeah, I think John and I both like pretty much give it 3:30 and we work until we’re done. And it’s because we have active businesses we manage and we have all these great guests that reached out to me on the show and like I just have to prep.

Okay. And so I got to start to take things out of my schedule to keep up, but he was, his mind exploded in front of me and it was like a. It was like I heard his mind talk in Marshall, this is what his head set. I put a mic in. He didn’t realize this, but as I was talking with him, I inserted using the power of the force of microphone into his mind. Oh yeah, this is what his mindset. I love the idea of a 40 hour work week does not work at all. Martial educate somebody out there. So a gentleman named Elon Musk never heard of a founder of paypal. I’ve heard of paypal, a founder of space x or to that in Tesla. I’ve heard of that. He says that you curious about the founder. I’ve just heard of this company. You’ve heard of those companies.

Never heard of Elon Musk. He’s probably, you know, probably a fledgling company here. We got it. Makes it hopefully makes it. He talks about having to put in 60 to 80 to even 100 hour work weeks even to improve your odds of success. Okay, it’s just like guaranteed, but you can’t accomplish anything in 40 hours if you want to, you know, have a job. And as Dr [inaudible] said, hey, you know, if you’re unwilling to like put yourself out there and go out on a limb and invest into advertising, then you’re probably not going to make it to the field. You got to get off the field. You probably go get a job. But if you’re willing to put in the 60, 80, 100 hour work weeks that the other entrepreneurs and the other business owners that recognize what it takes to in order to be successful, then you got a shot.

But that’s worse than seeing an Z. I’m not picking on, on all homeless people because some people do have sincere mental illness and that’s a thing. But, uh, I, this is just an example and nothing’s worse than someone who holds a sign that says I will work for food. And then when you pull us, and I’ve done this, I’m sure you’ve done this. I’ve actually pulled over before and I pulled her, uh, the most recent time was probably four or five years back. I was at a Walmart parking lot at 71st and 81st and Lewis guys has a sciences, will work for food. He was there on the side of the road with what appeared to be a young kid, you know, and so it didn’t seem like a hostile guys wearing some loose fitting shorts. I didn’t feel like I was threatened or anything.

I said, hey, I’m totally willing to pay you, you know, to work. I’m working on my wife and I just bought a home. We have a bunch of work to be done, what kind of work can you do? And he’s my age. He’s like 32, 34, he’s not 50, not 40. And he says, uh, well man, I got like a back issue. And I’m like, okay. Um, I do too. But like, how much work you willing to do? You know, I mean I’ll pay like 20 bucks an hour, I’ll pay 20 bucks an hour to come work for the day. One hundred 60 bucks for the afternoon is a cool one, hundred and 5,160. And he’s like, ah, can’t do it man. I don’t do well if the sun and I can’t get to. It was unbelievable. He had every objection out in the sun. You couldn’t do the son.

He couldn’t have the back thing. He’s very busy right now. Nothing’s worse than holding out of Sciences. I will work for food and not be being willing to work with that. Like you’ve got bait and switch. Well, I felt like it was false advertising. I feel like it’s disingenuous. Thing is worse than seeing somebody who says I want to be an entrepreneur and not being willing to get out there and do the work needed to make it happen. That sad. Oh my goodness was sad. Not Sad. What? Because everyone around you is thinking you don’t have what it takes. But here’s out. There’s. I have what it takes. But you don’t know, then you ended up going on the voice and you end up singing your audition on American idol or the voice it all of America laughs at, but you don’t see the humor like you think you were really good until America laughs at you.

So be self aware. If you’re not willing to put in the work, go get a job and job stands for just over broke. So make sure you keep that in mind. Okay. Now, step number four, vital step. I want to give you before we wrap up today’s podcast because less than the rest of the path will be available for you. Courtesy of your coach. Marshall. Talk to me about determining your, your unique value proposition as a wall phone guy. What does it mean to. Why does everyone have to create a purple cow? Seth Godin wrote, boring is invisible. Remarkable people and products get talked about. Why is the most dangerous strategy possible to be not standing out? Why is it so dangerous to be conservative? It’s so dangerous because none of the other companies in the industry are doing something aggressive enough just to get a quote or an estimate, so what you have to do is you have to put yourself out there, put yourself out there, offers something of value to the customer.

This is where I see a lot of businesses. They get it wrong. They will offer something. Come on that is not of value to the perspective buyer to active accustomed. She’s warming up over there. I can see it. He’s. He’s marinating over there and so what you have to do is you have to create a no brainer that is aggressive enough to get somebody to fill out a form on the website. Told me, I’m just. I’m just kind of warming them. I’m pulling back the rubber band here. Z once told me, he said, clay, if you don’t make an advertisement that is so aggressive that it’s so aggressive that it literally pull punches your competition in the throat and they go, can you do that? And then it doesn’t grab customers by that same throat and say, listen here buddy, this deal, you are not advertising you’re doing. If you’re branding your getting your name out there, if you don’t have a hot offer, you are wasting your time. So Dr towner

preached the good news. Listen to me, Huh? Yeah. If you’re spending your money talking to folks who don’t respond, you’re wasting your money. Go ahead. What I’m saying is this. What you say is that when you’re advertising, you’ve got to make it so compelling, so overwhelming. So wonderful. Say it again. That the people out there that again, take it again, again, again, again, just telling me to say it again. You’re the one preaching. What I’m saying is, is that when they see your ad, they have to walk over to their phone number. Come out now and say, I got. I’ve got to have a good day, man. Can I get one of those? Marsha? Do little dance. Come on. Come on. Come on. There you go. So what I’m saying is this. That’s good. Compelled compelled to compel them. Forced them. You’re saying the one they have no choice. You’re giving them no choice. They’ve got to call. Got to go out of their mind. I can’t. I’m going to call right now.

I’m at church. Where’s my cell phone phone? I don’t. No, but seriously, you have to make a no brainer. That’s hot. Why don’t people do it? Listen, I tell you what, the next time you’re watching TV, if you’re live right now, if you’re watching TV or flipping through the newspaper and you see an ad or you see an ad on tv, are you hearing that on the radio? And there’s nothing that compels you to even think about. Even be curious about. Oh No, you know what? I don’t. I don’t need a new roof right now, but man, man, I my my one to have them come out and check it out because I could. I could, I could maybe need a new roof. That’s a hot deal and we got deal. I’m going to call those guys because you have a hot deal. Hot deal.

You Got A. Well, there’s a lot of hot deals, but I’m gonna. Give you a three hot deals. One is a Dr Robert Zoellner and associates. If you’re, if you’re from Tulsa, from the northeast, Oklahoma, you know this, it’s $99 for one pair of stylish glasses and an exam. He’s been sticking to the $99 mark for 25 years that weren’t ham hanging on, but I’m hanging on inflation. Inflation’s really. I mean we got to the inflation. Starting to maybe my an extra $102, but the point is $99 for a long, long time elephant in the room. The first haircut’s a dollar. Both of them. The deal. It’s like it’s, it’s unbelievable. But here’s an example of a deal that just. Well, they don’t own. They don’t only get a haircut, it’ll fit in the room. They care about your hand. If Cindy experience hot towel treatment. Ha.

It’s unbelievable. I mean, people love the thing. It’s like a country club for hair. Do they get a beverage to. They get a beverage, they get a consultation. It’s just the whole thing. It’s, I’m telling you, it’s next level. Good eit on It’s crazy. Yeah, they’re competitors. No Columbus city. You’re not excited. We’re coming, but here we go. Okay, here we go. You can feel our footsteps. Don’t worry, but you’re screwed. Okay, so the next. Here’s the next. Here’s the next, uh, uh, the, the hot, hot no brainer. My wife and I, the year was a dateline. We’ll go with a dateline, 2003, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

My wife and I just started to make a rab money, which is money that the, a lot of money and doing well and I was on because I, it was going to Dj for Southwest Airlines Holiday Party, true story. They’d asked me to Dj and I was super excited about it and I thought I should learn about this company and because I am a deep myopic focus kind of guy, I ended up buying the case study called nuts, which is about how they built the company. I’ve loved that book and then I found out my uncle John worked there and I ended up having a meeting with him and picking his brain and I became a huge fan of southwest, but I want and they were just starting to do this deal and maybe two dozen, three dozen for where they would send you updates like these, like these great specials and I don’t remember.

I think I signed up for something. I was curious how their drip campaign worked. I don’t remember what year it was. About maybe 2005, 2006. But I would get an email that would say travel down to what’s the island? South Padre in Texas? Yup. Yeah, go to South Padre, a trip for two for $9. Ninety nine. So it’s like an $999. You go to South Padre. I didn’t want to go to south padre. I didn’t know anything about South Padre, but I thought if I could go there for $999 to people and stay at the hotel with my wife on the beach. I need to do this, so I booked a trip and I, I, I, I, I had no knowledge of the place. Had a great time, great time. It’s unbelievable. It’s a great area. Did you fly into corporate corporate? We did it properly. Yeah. We had a great time.

We did that trip. I was like, send me more, send me more. Southwest sends these discounted trips. If it isn’t. I went to quite a few of those who we had no idea about the location, but did the deal was so hot. Now here’s the deal. Southwest Airlines got me, Marshall, they got me. They got you. Because once you book your airline ticket, you’re not going to just travel there. You’re going to also get a hotel and you got to rent a car in a car and they make money. They make commissions on every step of the way. A lot of people don’t realize that southwest airlines, they’re making money. When you buy the car, they got deals worked out so you can rent the car. You get the hotel and I don’t want to go to other websites and shopper. I don’t want to know my price and bid on to save $17.

Nah, I want to bid to save 17. Now. I want to buy it all in one place and that’s the move and it’s a great hobby. Lobby is a great move it toward. Have you been to hobby lobby recently? Have you been to hobby lobby and Tulsa last week? Really? Yeah. What’d you buy or do you find some accoutrements? Because we had to get some school supplies or something like that. Nice goal for flies. When you get ready for a redneck thing, for Halloween is redneck thing. We do you know the wintergreen? I’m talking about scolds like Goolik human skull. Oh, okay. If I decomposed bodies, so we went to hobby lobby. They’re there in the back. Okay. Then we’ll do what? We went. School supplies? Yeah. Yeah. There was some school supplies and I try to stay out of school supplies because it’s just too much, but my wife and they needed to go in.

I went and looked at all at the arts and crafts and all the. Did you buy anything? You buy an impulse, buy a no impulse buys. Come on. No, no, no way. There’s not. This is where the story is. He led that. I looked at, I looked at some things that might’ve gone well in my little man cave, right? It’s 70 percent off. How would you not that. That’s what I ended up buying and and I’ll wait for, hey, they had the frames at and they always go on 50 percent off is wait till you get those who sets the normal everyday price. I remember when I met David Green and sat down and talked to him and I learned that he made crazy prophets even at like 90 percent off. I’m going, this guy’s a genius because who makes it the normal price that the owner of the company, right?

It’s a move. It’s a move. It’s a great Tom Shoes. Marshall, why is that such a hot no brainer. It’s a buy one. Give one away so there are no brainer. Makes you feel good because then they’re giving away a pair of shoes to shoes. There’s been many, many shoe factories in Africa that have shut down because of all the negative guy now going to have to show so positive. Sorry, but seriously, I want to put on it. I’m gonna. Try on these shoes real quick and see if they touch. My soul will grow. There you go. Nice. That’s amazing. Can I tell you about the opposite of Toms shoes real quick? Okay. Here’s another no brainer. The kanye west shoes. Oh my God. One of my clients just mailed me a a pair of Yeezys Z. Have you seen my yeezys? No, I haven’t. I’m going to pass these down to this.

The. Is this the reverse? No brainer. Well, this is the no brainer. I’m going to pass it down. These are shoes that one could argue. If you look at the math are near a thousand of our shoes. What? What? Yeah, and these are the yeezys and so it’s written on them. Whatever. Kanye West once right on the shot. So if you go to it, if you go to, still have the forward slash Kanye a marshall. I was looking at these shoes and I. Great Gift Tag thing on there. I just took it off. You’re welcome. Thank you brother. I’m so, let’s pull it up here real quick here. So the Yeezys, I mean it’s a forward slash yeezy forward slash us slash yeezy. These shoes that come in, all different styles. They’re, they’re. And they’re, they’re expensive. I mean you got, if you’re going to get an entry level pair of yeezys right now, you’re going to drop to 65 or $300 or um, and then there they go up to five 65, five easy.

It’s why he e z y and I guess there’s all different levels of customization, but you know, if you’d get the Adidas yeezy boost 700, that’s 5:30. And then this particular pair that I was given, pre customization, I think it’s to 65 for the shoes. And then there’s all different customizations and I run a big shoe guy but they are very comfortable and I appreciate the gift, but all I’m saying is what makes that a no brainer is it celebrities were the. That’s right. So the no brainer is that like, listen buddy, listen, other people like Justin Bieber, like Kanye west, they wear these shoes, be like beaver, be like beaver, be like, be like, you know, so again, I just want to encourage anybody out there and do you have to determine a no brainer, but see what you can’t do is you can’t price your shoes at a price that it is not an overt.

It’s not financially profitable, not unless you’re Kanye. I mean, and that’s what people do. They go, well, he’s charging 10,000. I’m going to church $2,000 for mine. They’re big. That much more exclusive, Huh? Huh? Huh. Huh? I give everybody an example of the, the uh, the, what you don’t want to do here. I’m Stephon Marbury is a man that I have a lot of respect for his idea, but it didn’t go very well. But kanye. But Stephon Marbury didn’t understand that one. Do you know who cut? Do you know who Stephon Marbury is? Sure. Corey to news Davon Marbury says, sure, come on now. Not really. He name recognition is probably like what one out of the Americans know who he is. Yeah, I would say so. Do you think that Kanye West though, but whether you know a song of his or not everybody knows the name Tanya because he’s in the media all the time.

Dragon Energy. But if you look up Stephon Marbury and his shoe, the end one shoes, he was making shoes and he had an altruistic motive was to sell show shoes. I believe back in the day. We’ll put it on the show notes. You can see it. He’s wanting to sell shoes for something like $25 a piece. Oh yeah. And then be high enough quality. He that he would wear them in an actual NBA game. So you want to make them super affordable. But the no brainer for him was he had done not done the math and that company has it scaled. It failed because it just wasn’t financially sustainable. So again, you want to make sure no brainer Z, it can be such a good deal that you go bankrupt. True that. So what percentage of people’s he come in to use to utilize the $99 deal? It’s a great deal.

But what percentage of people say, you know what, I want those. I want to take advantage of the deal and what percentage maybe come in and say, you know what? I’d prefer to have a designer pair of frames. I want to have. The last time I ran an Amazon Echo, which is a few years ago, it was 14 percent, so 14 percent is sort of like the, the Max Threshold of people that come in and want the $99 deal. Yeah. Last time I checked it was, it was hardly another no brainer. Harley. They made motorcycles that are so loud, just so loud. Rub, rub, rub, rub, rub, rub, rub, rub. They’re still out there. The reverse of the Japanese are quiet, efficient bikes. The no brainers, they’re crazy loud z. Why is it a no brainer to make a motorcycle that is so much louder than everybody else? And it’s so different. And I mean they’re not even trying to be efficient anymore. They’re just beasts.

Well, they did it because I said, this is a safety issue. Other cars out there on the street will hear you because that’s the big deal is when you’re driving a motorcycle, the cars run into you and kill you. Oh, so they don’t see you. So the Harley said, okay, they may not see you, but they’re sure as heck going to hear you, you, you know, and that, and that’s why they did that. Killed them.

I want to make sure that all the listeners get this idea. Harley, there’s a book called radical marketing where you can read more about the Harley story and there’s a lot of factors that went into the Harley, realized if we make loud motorcycles, they’re going to stand out more. It’s a safety thing. Also, we’re selling to the American consumer who we can’t out build any. We can’t out a efficient. We can. We can’t beat the Japanese and the game of efficiency. We can’t make bikes that sound like busy and they’re safe. So we need to do what we do. We need to make bikes that are rub, rub, rub, rub, rub, and they’re safer. They’re bigger, they’re iconic people get Harley tattoos. I didn’t, they didn’t try to outbeat this is Suki brand or Kawasaki or Honda. They owned their niche. So that is my final action item to you, Mr. Listener, and then your coach will walk you through the final steps of the path. Uh, we went through just the first four and altogether you have 13 steps you want to take as soon as possible to take your business coach and get it to the next level. Without any further ado, here we go. Three, two, one. Boom.


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