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Are you wowing your customers? Does your business have a high Net Promoter Score? Are your customers referring to new clients to you? Find out how to increase your net promoter score and learn how to wow your customers over and over on this podcast edition of the Thrivetime Show featuring former United States Administration Entrepreneur of the Year and business coach, Clay Clark.

Create a WOW Experience for Your Customers

  1. Question – How do you create a “WOW” experience for your customers?
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “It took me two years of research to figure that out, research that linked survey responses with actual customer behavior—purchasing patterns and referrals—and ultimately with company growth. The results were clear yet counterintuitive. It turned out that a single survey question can, in fact, serve as a useful predictor of growth. But that question isn’t about customer satisfaction or even loyalty—at least in so many words. Rather, it’s about customers’ willingness to recommend a product or service to someone else. In fact, in most of the industries that I studied, the percentage of customers who were enthusiastic enough to refer a friend or colleague—perhaps the strongest sign of customer loyalty—correlated directly with differences in growth rates among.” – Frederick F. Reichheld – (A New York Times best-selling author and the creator of the Net Promoter Score Systems of Management) –
  3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “By substituting a single question for the complex black box of the typical customer satisfaction survey, companies can actually put consumer survey results to use and focus employees on the task of stimulating growth. Competitors.” – Frederick F. Reichheld – (A New York Times best-selling author and the creator of the Net Promoter Score Systems of Management) –

The Mechanics of Creating a Wow Experience

  1. Question – What are the specific steps to create a wow experience?
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Be your own Shakespeare. Years ago, I tried to imagine what a perfect trip to Walt Disney World would be like for a typical family of four. I then actually wrote it out in the form of a ten-page story describing a perfect weeklong visit.” – Lee Cockerell (The former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World)
  3. Be equal or better than you competition in the following areas:
    1. Product/Service
    2. Price
  4. Be the biggest go giver

Welcome back to the thrivetime show on the radio or podcast download 4 days having the world’s best business coach workshop reviews by the way it ended our conferences if you left in a 5-star review. So if you want to talk about attending a workshop, relearn branding, marketing sales, accounting customer service, all in one place all at the jenks riverwalk I’m, just telling you we’ve been all over the world that fly out to this event, and you can get your tickets right now limited time you get your tickets for free and all you got to do and what why will paul hood with hood cpas is sponsoring the tickets to get him down from 250 bucks. A ticket numbers are 500 /, premium, 254 general, but he’s guys be sponsoring the shelby actually buys commercial dinner timebring that cost down, so tickets are just $99 right now, if you want to say screw it I just want to buy I’m just going to drive time, should I come by your tickets for 99 bucks, a piece to spend it in their conferences. From 7 a.M. To 3 p.M. On a friday and saturday this friday in this saturday, the 16th of february, you can get your ticket get free tickets. All I got to do a search for the drive time, show and work itunes just do a google search for drivetime show in itunes, subscribe to the podcast and leave us an objective review unit tells how were doing and based upon you know your feedback. We obviously make improvements which one of our helping you out there and then email us your contact information to info at thrive time, show. Com we’re going to send you those two free tickets and other next question. It was emailed to us by from a driver that you know that’s the question. I said:how do you create a wow experiencefor? Your customers tomorrow show because we’re actually sitting down with lee cockrell, the guy he used to manage walt, disney, world, resorts and he’s actually going to be teaching us how they build a great experience at disney world.

You do not want to miss tomorrow, podcast and broadcast it’s a game-changer. We were talking like the guy used to manage 40,000 people breaks it down with such great detail that I’m, just telling your mind will be blown. He talks about checklists and managing your staff that comes out tomorrow. So you don’t want to miss tomorrow, show but I’m going to go ahead and break it down here for you as a business coach. Can you read the notable quotable got a long one? Okay from the harvard business review and the best-selling author in the cabeza founder of the concept called the net promoter score. Can you read the note of a coil is now this is the by substituting right? Yes, so, by substituting a single question for the complex black box of the typical customer satisfaction survey, companies can actually put consumers results to use and focus employees on the task of stimulating growth. All right now. Here’s the truth, part 2 of the notable quotable. It took me two years of research to figure that out, research, that link survey responses, actual customer behavior purchasing patterns and referrals and, ultimately, with company growth results were clear. Yet counterintuitive, oh well, it turned out pretty good girls, but that question isn’t about customer satisfaction, even loyalty, at least in so many words. Rather it’s about a customer’s willingness to recommend a product or service to someone else to hear the question to ask your customers in this. This will help you. Do it. Ask your customers after the point of purchase. Ask this one question:you emailing customer surveys:all you have the email is this question at oxi freshwe have a franchise worth 500 different, franchises out there and work with jonathan burn it for years he founded the company that helped him in a grow it all.

We ask customers how likely are you to refer to a friend or family member on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most one being the least no matter? What number you get then ask him why and then they will tell you. So as an example, you said:how happy are you on a scale of 1 to 10 how likely? Are you on a scale 1 to 10 to refer somebody to the thrive time show workshop, that’s a question that I askedif somebody said we went by the way we’ve been doing this for ever, like I’ve, been doing speaking for I’m 37 I’ve been doing this since I was 27. I really haven’t worked in the way that most people work since I was 27. So I was a business coach or entrepreneur, 927 i! Guess we just for 10 years. The first time I started out speaking for big companies, I’d ask him that question did go for ever and then I would say what how can I get better and big companies would say he would packard and maytag and ups meeting was kind of embarrassing. If they’d say you need to talk, sloweri had no idea what you were talking about for vast periods of time and you didn’t seem to have any notes and I thought. So then, the next time I spoke, I went out there and I brought notes and I talk, slower and I hired a speech coach, a speech coach to help me carlton pearson, who is actually the guy who coached up td jakes. He actually taught me speaking I invested in reading books, the dale carnegie courses for how to do public speaking and present it and then I volunteered to speak check this out. People know that 8 hours a week for free for junior achievement I spoke for free 8 hours every single week and then i.

Remember my second year I’m asking I’m asking people on a scale of 1 to 10 how likely. Are you to recommend me to a friend or family member is farquhar pulled me aside, actually made me cry when she told me she told me sanchez you’re the best speaker that broken arrow high schools ever had and i don’t think we’ll ever have anybody as good as you could you do it next year too and I said yes, then the other teachers that can you speak to our class I said sure. Then another teacher say: can you speak to our class pretty soon I’m at bruckner, high school 2 days a week, speaking for free for 6 years, I get this for 6 years. I spoke at a school for free for free, then a young girl who ran with sarah. She got a business coach scholarship and now she works for sony and she sent me a letter. She said:mr clark. Everyone told me that I didn’t have what it takes to be a movie producer, but now I work for sony and I’m a movie producer, and you changed my life i, don’t know if anybody else has told you thank you, but thank you and another man named garrett, sent me a letter and said what you know. I started that company I make a hundred grand a year when I can support my mom. Finally, it happened twice three times so then I thought you know what I should volunteer more than I talk to my wife took my life balance and my wife says:hey. You know, you’re out there, mentoring, Kidsi’m with kids and helping him teach kids how to be successful. You know you’re, like self asleep, selfless, selfless, lee ass up, listen to easy for me to say, teach kids and help them populate and educate. I’m going yeah, I thought I feel set up coming. I was thinking. Why don’t you spend like even like an hour a week with our own kids, so then I had to recalibrate, then I had to travel once a month, then that became twice a month.

Three times about my kids were traveling around the world in an airplane taking notes. How do I get it better on a scale of 1 to 10 how likely? Are you to recommend me to a friend or family or a scale of 1 to 10? It’s only question asked how likely. Are you to recommend me no matter what they give you ask him why? Why keep improving keep getting better? He will sit cash if i, if I had more music in between your session to be cool. If you have your own office would be cool cuz I’d like to see where you office, if you could like in the book, form that be cool, get more coffee than unlimited, heavy cool. There was an up selling that would be cool if there’s like a band now that would be cool if you like ice sculpture. Now that would be cool. What was notable quotable to talk about were on the wall that be cool is that 13 foot tall man you been talking about actually existed, that debit cool. If you had your own bar that be cool, if you don’t like your own 20000 square foot, building to do it, that’d be cool exotic cars like lamborghinis and all the stuff that you’re around every day. If you can have that at your office that be coolhe actually park vintage cars inside the building of that would be cool. I like to see those cars, you aren’t always talk about. It didn’t actually park a limo in the building. That would be cool if you’d, like your trophies on display, so I can verify that we can meet your staff now. That would be cool if you actually see the studio or you broadcast. That would be cool. I thought you know that would be cool, so I made it, and so now you can attend the thrive time, show wow business coach experience this friday and saturday for 99 bucks, or if you want to save some money, to get it for free that be cool. All I got to do is go to itunes and you want you to itunes. You subscribe to the drive time show you leave us an objective review. Just tell us how?

Where do it like? You know how we’re doing just tell subscribe, write a review and cuz we weren’t on a scale of 1 to 10 how likely. Are you to recommend us to a friend or family member? Anyone get better watch. How can we get better? Then you just email us your contact information to info at thrive time, show.Com and as long as you’re, not a communist or a slacker, I value. Your feedback, if you are a communist or slapan apologist for laziness and i, don’t want to hear feedback, because it’s a business have a burning desire inside you better go. If that’s that’s god calling out to you right now saying hey take action and these steps really do make practical applications workshop, but you have to be a person that actually has a desire, and everything you just said is:are things that you’ve brought into your life because of the law of attraction, because you thought that you spoke it and now all of those things it came to pass and god has freely given that to you. So if you have a lot of that, you have that desire, and you sign up come check this out. I promise you you’ll get value out of your tickets. Right now, at drivetime show.Com, we come back. I want to hear the mechanics of how charles colaw has built a wow experience at colaw. Fitness I want to get eric chupps advice as a business coach made an example of a client where you help them to design a wax.

Specifically I’m thinking about keystone harbor I want to talk about keystone, harbor and colaw fitness, and we come back to buy your tickets right now. Go back going to thrive. Time should I come go to drive. Time should I come to the lake by your tickets. This friday and saturday from 7 a.M. To 3 p.M. Don’t miss it. It’s a drivetime, workshop I can do it. I know you can too, but you must stick to it like posted two and one morgan’s on the chorus sing it. What he thinks. It’s you get ready to ever that thrive time show 321 boom. We have a less than 4 days until our in-person drivetime sure workshop. Those are you, listen to the show each and every day know that we were sold out in, like eight tickets, nine tickets left there on friday sold out talk to dr. Z talk to my wife. We decided to go to expand a little bit more to accommodate everybody, and it’s going to be just a packed house and right now we can get in before we talked in the studio at four tickets left. So if you want to get your tickets just go to thrive time, show.Com right now buy your tickets, get him get it. While you can, because it’s it’s filling up, we got a guy flying in from louisville kentucky now got to go from florida. Somebody heard me on the refresh your wealth. Podcast is flying in just talk to a fitness owner at I want to say it’s like iron fitness or something some guy. It’s amazing how many people are over saying I have been waiting to get to one of these and I’ve heard friend of mine just went to it, and so, if you go online right now, you just google thrive time show reviews you’re going to find. We have over 1200 business coach reviews right now. 1200 reviews on video from youtube. I think 500. People on video, explaining experience I mean real people are hard to fake. That I’m in the hologram technology is pretty good, but it’s hard to fake that we also google reviews, itunes reviews, and so, if you want to get your free ticket, just go to itunes find the thrive time show on itunes subscribe to the podcast to the drive time. Show podcast just leave and I’ll send us your contact information to info at thrive time show.Com soon, as your contact info to info at thrive time, show.Com will cities it to be two free tickets copy.

The business coach boom book to turn $40 value, take about 240 seconds to do that and we had a question was just emailed in from a thriver the email here, the mechanics of creating a wild experience. What are the specific steps to create a while experience start with you and specific free to share? It was in the context of keystone harbor, one of our clients. How have you worked with them or what are the things they’ve implemented to create a wow experience for first time, customers experience literally so good that people who’ve gone out to keystone for the first time say so you go out there and then you can go to keystone harbor.Com i. Did it right now by glen dr. Harbor.Com, you checking and the very top thing on the website. It says new clean and closed, which has had a reputation for being a kind of a dirty lake to somebody kind of grimy water, but there’s actually half the lake. That’s really nice. Looking at right now, what’s up I got that on there and so with their slip holders that they get out out to the route to the keystone hardware. You know they have people that rent slips and they put their boats in the butt lifting in the slips right right and they have kind of like an unspoken concierge service like they just know that anything there slip holders need to watch this drone video slip on hers and mostly what does the restaurant? They have brownie’s on the lake concierge service that, like literally the hands travis over there, they all do whatever you need. They will help you out there gas, your boat will get your eyes whatever you need done and then the other thing that really wow people just how nice the facility-it’s a nice for so we have keys, but nobody knew about him. So we help him create out there, then to be wowed by the awesome facility with colaw fitness. A lot of people talk about building a multimillion-dollar business, but he’s done it. A lot of people have dreams to open up a second location, but he’s doing it. Why do people have a dream to open a third one, but he’s done it? A lot of people have dreams of franchise, but he will do it and I’ll tell you this vision and you know how to sell something against. Everyone. Have a big vision step to get that get that brandon. Looking good right step to go, sell something and what you can sell something the key isn’t just to deliver right. The keys to over deliver the key I mean we could do our our our conference on friday and not have a band and you’ll be satisfied, but when you moving it where it say, entertainment, education, format, where you get your golfing included and we’re going to have it be on like a friday night and saturday. So I find me tonight when you’re really cool. So what is a lot of things coming down the pike, but we could just satisfy, but the most I can do for my reputation that you could do for your reputation is to wow the customer, and that requires you getting off your vision horse and getting out of the world of branding for a moment and making checklist I can send so it cool off a checklist to clean the bathroom I love it list for billing to charge customers for how to handle yep, probably maintenance schedule to prevent complaints.

All the time probably have a process. If someone hurts themselves while trying to bench press too much weight problem process. For that, that’s your number and you probably have but I mean you probably have a system for virtually everything. Now. Yes, you private number to call. If, if the neon lights go out, you probably have a number to call if the tv screens aren’t working at the phones, aren’t working for have a script and placed answer the phone, you probably have a pricing schedule or a pricing sheet, and all those things are the details that I think a lot of people who don’t have a business coach struggle to make. Can you walk me through? How did you build your business coach checklist? Senior systems in? Are you still building them now or I can always adapt them and moving them and changing them. We have a meeting every day at 2 me and the bp dan harrigan, who actually used to work for senator coburn for like 10 years, but he’s also got us what we go through all of the different checklist the manager calls and make sure that what we could do to make it more efficient and better. But the big thing is:is you want to know the wow factor with wow somebody in your life version? What makes it different you know, I want to make sure that anybody that, like, if you’re selling a product or service that you are beat meeting or beating in 3 categories. This is what I do appreciate the customer service experience. So when you come in the door, we have to be equal or better than anybody. Anybody in those direct markets, you don’t have to be equal or better than anybody in your direct market, regardless of how nice your facility for customer service and then the quality of products like what are you offering and what what product or service is it equal or better than all of the competition within that market? And again, that’s something, that’s easy to write down, but you actually, the mystery shop your competition to find out what they’re offering to one of them to go to that right.

It’s kind of jack buttery, but yes, yes, and then price is has to be equal. Better super or, like are thrive time, show our business coach program. If you look at the attraction program or email, thor, tony, robbins business coach program, most of them are around 3 to $4,000 a month and they require a contract and they don’t offer back into livable. So you learn the concepts of what to do, but you don’t have to go to help you do it until you end up having to go out there and hire a separate, kotor or separate person, and so we’re aware of that. So we’re like less than half the cost. In most cases we don’t have a contract with month-to-month. We thought about all that and we offer the back end. So we always tell people pay for less money than it would cost you to hire in one $8.25 per hour, employee. You have her coaching program and you at colaw. How much do you charge i? Can your joplin location, witcher butcher cost? Currently, as of the time of this recording for a while, okay we’ve got a membership, that’s literally the first month is only a dollar:how to start it all down, and you have a 30-day money-back guarantee hope you can get your dollar back. So you can get fitness tanning, massage free trainer instruction free nutrition instruction. You get to try the gym out for that whole 30 days. If you have, if you really want to create a wow factor, you have to be the biggest go. Giver go giver, you have to be the big. Are you just slept in a little bit lyrical, miracle capital of wisdom right there, all the pearl of dollars? You just said you have to be at the go-giver. You have to be the biggest go-giver. If you give them everything they want they’re going to give you all the business you want is powerful. Powerful I have learned. If you just over, serve everybody and not really expect anything and back his whole thing is you have an expectation, but your expectations? How you’re going to do the customer going to be burnt? But if you just always just relentlessly be a big go-giver, go give go, get go, get, go! Get your going to create all these raving fans and you’re going to have 1200 google what it was, what you, how many views and like 99.999% of them are five star? Why not that many people can’t be wrong about the 502 youtube reviews about 300 cougar reviews on a 500, itunes reviews? The point is:is when you you are showing these people hey, I’ll. Let you come to this conference. Get literally 10 years of millionaire mentors research into a 13 step process to follow. I will help talk to you about it. You always give me review all you have to do. This is not cuz. I. Remember, i! Remember going to help your listening to the show right now, you’re, a member of the chamber and you’re, constantly upset at me. I want you understand this i, don’t care so I’m going to get back to this point, so I used to go to the chamber events, and you have a guy get up here to speak years ago. It was like, after hours chamber event on how to improve your sales and a guy gets up there in a psych ward, improve your sales. What you’re going to want to do this kind of like a very like over-exaggerated, professionalism, who’s teaching, you. Rowdy’s, so what you’re going to want to do to improve yourself? As you got to understand, there’s three key components to self one.

Is you got out? You got to get out there and you got to want it I’m a while I’m writing it down. Want it step, 2. You got to win right because you can’t just want you to wind. You can’t just talk about wanting, but you have to win third concept. It has to happen all day now, walk it out going well, I know:i got to want it. I got to win, I got it all day and that’s we’re going to be there in about like the state of the state and some a lot it’s going to affect the economy and how we can you know, maybe adjuster how we can help build a low water dam or how the bok center is progressing or some park. They want to build, know the specific whittier path on how to sell something sweet, each specific, how to build rapport and we help you build a script. We give you examples, you play actual call actual calls recorded calls, so you can hear when actual great sales call sounds like and what are not so great. Yes, we have a script for building. Then we should you do the benefits. Will you support every claim with the fact solve the problem? Sport with the fact we teach you that it will show you the one sheet. We show you how to confirm the deal. I have a call to action. We teach you how to upserve mean you’re asking your customers any other way. You can serve them. We teach you that we teach you how to optimize your website as a business coach make sure you take the time to show you what a permalink is. So we’re not talking about the state of the state and a low water dam serving cheese, cubes masked by insincerity informalities were teaching you specifically how to grow business. Chapter of specifics, how to change lights, to go to chambers.

I can, like you know, like i, don’t know, answer amaryllis great. When did the chamberlain saskatchewan are terrible. That’s the one time by the chamber in like croatia that one there chambersburg terrible customer wow checklist list out all of the things that are repetitive, that your customers really love and just make that into a system that you can duplicate. One good example of this little boy is epic photography. Just one thing:i was gear manager for a while and I remember. We discovered that on the system they’re supposed to be like a little sewing kit and some things for like if a bride, if you’re taking photos and she rips or dressers what happened in those were in there, and you explain to me how that is such a wow factor, because whenever they’re, panicking and they’re dressed just ripped in the photographer goes oh oh thread and needle right here. Let’s get that taken care of they’re going to refer you all day. Oh my god, my dress was ripped. I was about to walk out in the photographer, was right there, epic ear over-serving right! You didn’t have to do that. I’m working on the checklist right now for a conference this weekend, because I’m just trying to make it even tighter, yes and it the issues I want frozen of the greeters greeting people and they get there the door but also greeters, to come on. Tell me where to sit, and we have so many people I’m trying to get the linkage down, improve it too. It’s not just like a verbal business coach communication. You can improve the checklist week after week and we got back the importance of having a work ethic and what it means to have an intense maniacal, focus


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