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The Brand Developer for Oxi Fresh shares the specific action steps that you need to take on a daily basis to grow your small business including: Over-delivering, showing up on time, never stop recruiting, not stop advertising and gathering reviews.

Revenue Producing Activities
Show up on-time
Showing up on time is a huge part of how you run your franchise
Showing up late and not giving any warning or communicating at all is not an option. If you have to be a little late because a previous client buys more add ons you just need to communicate and most people will be okay with it.

Never stop recruiting technicians
You will have employees that will take advantage of your time. If you have an employee who is always late, your business will slowly die.
If you are constantly recruiting, you will always have the resources and people who you can hire. If you are not ready to hire, you can always call the person who applies when you are ready to hire to see if they are still looking.
You’re never going to know what is going to happen. You may have an employee that has to leave for a legitimate reason. No matter what the reason, it will happen and you need to be ready.

Show up before you are supposed to be there
Set up expectations
You want to do 3 wows on a job
They are not expecting overdelivery, they are just expecting a good clean. You should do both.
If you blend in with everyone else, the only thing that differentiates you from competitors is price. You have to bring value.

Get reviews
This is the first step and the biggest step in your first impression.
You have to have potential customers be able to see an overwhelming amount of positive reviews. You have to have much more than your competitor or they will pick just based on price. You have to bring value.
The review gets then in your front door.

Never stop advertising
Minimum 10% of your revenue should go to advertising.
You have to live below your means and delay gratification.

Franchisee win of the week
Marsha in Connecticut
She is following the books and bring things to the company that are useful
Lary in California
He has implemented the system since the beginning and is growing
He is following the systems and having great success in many different states.

How do you hold your franchisees accountable?
I ask them “You wanted xyz in the beginning. Now you are saying you don’t through your actions.”
If someone has million dollar dreams but $5 effort, you will never get there. Most people want to be successful but no one wants to put in the effort.

67% of people want to own a business. Why should they call you?
Our conversation will help you get to the point of understanding whether or not you can run a business.
If you can look yourself in the mirror and see that effort wasn’t really an issue, you should probably own a business. If you look into that mirror and see that you were just continually late, you should not own a business.

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Audio Transcription

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On today’s show we have a pro. We have a man who he and his team last week helped to award, I believe Matt. Matt was it, was it doubled two digit new franchisees that you helped award last week? New Oxi fresh list or was it nine? Was an eight. How many new Oxi fresh franchisees? Uh, world war to territory’s last week.

Yup. So we had three new franchisee.


Like units. But then we had other franchisees that are in Aussie fresh currently expand to secondary territory.


And expanding a new franchisees coming on board. So always a good week when we have, um, you know, the process is long to get to that. So when they can come out and go through the training and become a franchise, that’s, that’s where the rubber meets the road. When we get to start going to work.

So you have to get back. When I think of classes, set of pictures that are on another level of cleanliness, I’m going to do the rest of the show with a megaphone. I don’t know why you wouldn’t. Nothing for classic and a megaphone.

Nothing is more classy than nothing. I was not aware you’re doing that

like a guys. I think something’s going on in the department.

Yes. Problem. Z. You remember the last time where you and I went out to dinner? It was a double date. It was. It was you, you, you and your lady friend and my wife and I, we went out and it was a nice, it was a polo grill. And you said, clay, do you want, what do you want to get you what? What do you want to get the Blue Line, Jay guys coming out. What do you, what kind of hors d’oeuvres do you want to get? What do you want to get? Nice said.

I think I’ll take the brief set up.

You remember that? Oh yeah, I see. Move. All right. You know what, what you said, what you think about when you think about Matt Klein? I think about clean carpets. Well, I mean I think about excellence and carpet cleaning, green carpet cleaning, and a franchise. That is, if there were any openings available in Oklahoma. I mean they’re all gone. But there were any available in Oklahoma. Yeah, you’d be a fool not to do. How many? I’d be a fool not to do it. Now Matt, talk to us about this. We’re talking about taking the right actions, producing the right traction, taking the right actions, producers, traction. So if you own an Oxi fresh today. Okay, so Josh over there, there’s living water. Yes. How are you doing there, sir? Awesome. Okay. Let’s say that you bought an Oxi fresh. Okay. And then Andrew over there. I enjoy you Mike Duffy.

You wouldn’t, you’d be up. You’ve been in the studio for like three seconds. So you miked up yet. Ah, yes I am. Okay. You bought if you bought an Oxi fresh, let’s imagine you bought an Oxi fresh and Florida. Okay? Josh has and a Florida Z. You’ve got one in Florida. I’ve got one in Florida. The four of us has hockey or oxi fresh. That’d be fine. We’re out there now. We’re in Florida. Hey everybody, we’re in Florida tanning, so we’re up there in Florida and we know every week we have to do these five things and Josh gets all of them done. So he gets all of these actions done. Z, you get all of them done, Andrew, that’s all of them done. Get her done kind of guy. And I do none of them. Or some of them you do. All of them.

Is it? Is it? Is it arguable that I might get different results? Z If I don’t do the action that I need to take? I mean, he said, well, that’s what’s so funny. I think some people, you tell them what to do and then they don’t do it in wonder why they didn’t have success and that crazy. It’s crazy. It’s crazy. It’s so bizarre. So here’s the first action item you have to do. Matt, tell me if I’m wrong. If you, if you buy an Oxi fresh franchising and a, you’re opened up in Florida and the phone rings, someone finds your advertisements or find you in Google, they’ll call the Oxi fresh franchise call center answers the phone on behalf of the Franchisee. Nice. And then they book and appointment. Does that part correct Matt? They book an appointment for the Franchisee.


So I show up, I have a calendar. The calendar says, clay, be there at 9:00 AM for your first carpet cleaning. Here’s the address, be here. And I know Z, it’s probably a 30 minute drive, but I choose not to leave at eight 15 or eight 30 I choose to leave at eight 50 you leave on time, you leave on time. Josh, you leave on time. Andrew, you guys all eat on time. Matt, if I get, if, if I show up late to a job, does that affect the overall customer experience from your experience as a franchise brand developer?

Certainly. I mean you could think about most aspects of your life beyond meeting your friends for dinner. You know, those do have an effect. I mean tardiness is a reflection of how you run your life, right? So you get down to that, to that customer and you, I even, it’s to a point where you can be tardy. Like let’s just say your next job, your earlier job rolled over because you added things to it. Yup. That’s okay. But showing up late and not getting any, um, for warning are really calling ahead prior to when the actual job was scheduled in the first place. I mean that that customer probably shouldn’t even let you in their home or in their office building because they certainly probably don’t want to continue that relationship if that’s what they can expect. However something happened, let’s just talk on the side of that side of the fence where you know anything could be, you did an upsell on the last job, which is a great thing that you want to do to, to make that customer happy and it puts your job 30 minutes. Now if you call the customer said, Hey, we have very good experience, we had some, some add ons to this job. I’m going to be about 30 minutes late. I just wanted to give you a heads up 30 minutes before your appointment and will that be okay for you? And most people will say yes, right? I mean that’s a better experience and showing up and was like, Hey, I’m here. No, I had an been kind of mess in that person’s day up.

No, I had a non franchise, I called the other day z cause the man cave, this was two weeks ago. This is when you’re on your rating on vacation three weeks ago. And I came downstairs I think two 30 in the morning, three in the morning to start editing some chefs come down here is, it’s a beautiful day, nice and dark kind of Batman time. And I noticed that 30 in the morning. Yes I would. And I noticed that the toilet was overflowing and you know, so luckily no one had used the restroom for a while, but it overflowed about halfway into this room here. Okay. Oh No. And so I called a local plumber, and by the way, I had a great experience with Mullin plumbing. By the way, Morlan plumbing. Great experience. Had a great experience with a Williams plumbing in the past too.

Yeah, but this other company, not those two, I called Boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, and they have an emergency 24 seven thing. Matt Mats, this is the Douglas is emergency, 24 seven service. A very professional person answered the phone. They said, thank you for calling such and such plumbing. How can help you? I said, yeah, I’ve got a leak here. And they said, okay, what’s your address? We go through that whole song and dance and they said, now if you want to pay to have someone set up a right away, it’s 150 extra dollars. I said, been, isn’t it worth it would be your man cave is flooding. Yeah, you got to do it. What’s sad is with funny, he had paid a lot more. I paid the one, I paid the one 50 well, of course you did like three in the morning and Jason was with me.

He can, he can vet. He can not vouch for this. He was there with me and uh, it’s like we’re still recording. It’s six 30 now. As I turned the water off over there at six 30, uh, you know, it’s kind of starting to dry up over there cause I put towels down and stuff. No Guy, no way. Yeah, no, I had my phone on the whole talk 50. Oh sure. Yeah. Over the phone. So I called and I said, boop, boop, boop, boop. They call and I said, what’s your name? What’s your last phone? What’s the last four digits of your phone number? I’m talking to a different representative. They said, oh, your guy’s on his way. Let me give you his number. So I talked to the guy and this is, how would he says mad? He goes, Oh yeah, um, I’ll try to get there around nine, uh, just, just catching a little nap here.

True Story. Trish. Shore the tech. And I said, so if I pay an extra hundred and $50, you come in. How, what kind of a response time do we want? When do you think you’ll for sure be here? Oh, I’ll be there. I’ll be, I’ll be, I’ll be there by nine now. This is a guy who I call it three in the morning, right? So we get back and we were recording some more editing. We’re putting stuff together. We’ll see. I look up, it’s like nine oh five we’re going to record until 10 and I’m going, this guy is still not here, right? So I call, boom. I get ahold of the person. They said he’s on his way. I talked to the guy, he said they transfer him. He says, I am so sorry. I guess I overslept seven hours. I said, I said forget it.

I’m out. I’m not going to personal leaves a bad Google review cause I own companies. But I just want you to know, cause he’s calls are being recorded. This is a disaster. Boom. So let them keep my hundred and 50 I don’t care. I move on. I call Williams. I called, they said we’re going to send a guy over within 30 minutes. Homeboys sends me a text. I think John, you might’ve seen that email that came through and the text, it has a picture of a tech’s face. He says, this guy is going to be calling you right now, and this is who’s going to be showing up now as he watched us. So my wife says today, my wife says I’m an incredible woman. Incredible woman of 18 years of marriage. She can I get that plumber’s number? You see that? Can I get the plumbers?

So she sends me a text and so z, you know what I did? I, I sent her the number of my plumber right there that it showed up on time. Who showed up early? His name is Josh. So if you’re out there and you live in rural American and you’re looking for an awesome plumber, you call this Guy Josh with Williams plumbing. Let me give you his cell phone number. Call Him all the time he leaves. He loves late night calls. It’s 918-NINE-TWO-4824 491-EIGHT-NINE-2482, four, four. Now if you’re in Tulsa, you know you’ve had a bad plumbing experience. You’ve had to have had one. You’ve had to put this number in your phone right now. Say Click Larmer emergency (918) 924-8244 C. I’ve already referred this guy. Two jobs that I know of, one to my wife. Why do you think I re I referred this guy z because he, oh my gosh, really you? I got to break this mass flow. Matt, why am I reporting to him on time? He was nice. He got the job done. Why can’t every other plumber figure it out, man, why am I referring? That guy helped me out here.

Yeah, because it wasn’t important enough for that other guy to wake up and get you taken care of. Even though on his website it said they can’t.

Oh, he’s so lucky. I’ll mention his name on the show. He’s so lucky because it was so, he was so the entire conversation, not only did he not apologize, he kept saying, well, I just was trying to get some sleep, man. I’ll try. Apologies. I’m a little bit late, but he never said like, I am sorry, I’m owning the fact that six hours later, six hours I had a meeting set at 10 o’clock for Ba lawn and garden to drop off a mower. I almost missed that thing. I had to drive like I was, I got the a team z to get the freaking do you always drive like you’re talking about you’re the worst being chased by bees. Oh my gosh. It was like a taxi. It an improvement over the way you normally drive. So Matt, step one we’ve got to show up on time. Step two, we’ve got to never stop recruiting technicians. Why can’t we ever stop recruiting technicians man.

Yeah. For that last story, you just, if you own a business guy worked for you. That’s why you need to have people that you can lean on because that guy, that guy shouldn’t be part of a service based team or own a company with a service based team. Cause clearly he’s taking advantage of the market that he then and very extreme situations like restoration where they need something right away. Right. So he, you know, the perfect example of why you need to, to really keep a nice Rolodex of people that could potentially work for you and be a good fit is for that guy. Right? Or for situations where you need to grow. You don’t have to start from scratch every time. You can actually look at people you’ve already spoken to that may be a good fit, that now is a better situation for you to hire them. And you can replace the guy that shows up six hours later and they can actually have a career that they’re going to get up out of bed for instead of the other gentlemen that can’t get out of bed.

Hey Matt, have you ever deejayed

I have not really DJ like with the, with your, you know,

but you like it

Vegas or like DJ on the micro.

Well, if you’re a Dj who John Barnett has this big white parties downstairs in the, if you ever got behind the wheels of steel and thrown down. Okay.


really. Okay. So deejaying, you see, you know this, you got to teach. If you’re gonna be a disc jockey, it’d be good at it. Announcement. She gotta be good at playing the songs. You got to um, no sound and lights and it takes a while to train a good guy up. Sure. Let me tell you about not, not what was it about not um, recruiting consistent. Well, let me talk about what happens when you don’t recruit. Consistent. Tell me what happened. Matt. You remember your prom? Where did you, where was your, I remember when it was overall. I mean the year on how, what, what, what, what high school did you go to?

Random high school.

Okay, I’m going to get ready. Random. Either way. Yeah. How many people went to that high school your senior year? I mean seniors.

Oh, senior class. Right.

Okay. So is he picture this? Okay. I get called by from Capell High School and Daddy Dallas. It’s a bit nice school. Really, really great year, Dude. That deserves some kelp. I had no idea. I feel closer to you. I’ve got a great story about it too. Whenever you can with yours. I’ve got a great Capell story. So this is what happens. Matt, I’m, I’m down there deejaying a wedding at the embassy suites and Capell near the new, uh, that bass pro shop at the time. Just going up. And this lady pulls me aside and Emory and she says, I love the show. Could you DJ at the Prom night? I had a company in Tulsa. We Dj it in Dallas from time to time. We hadn’t fully expanded there yet. And I said, sure, what day she tells me the date we book it. It’s an all night, 24 hour prom lockin kind of thing.

It’s on a Friday. So I’m going, I got this book that I booked that thing. Well then another lady called who had seen me Dj and Tulsa, whose daughter went to school in Minnesota, founds out that she found it. I’m from Minnesota. She’s like, I don’t know if you would do this, but we’re going to send a cruise boat down the Mississippi River to Dj for Prom on Saturday this day. So the prom and Kapow, the prom is all night is Capell is on a Friday, Saturdays and Minnesota. So I said, I, yeah, I, I, I’d love to do it. She says, okay. I said, but I’m not personally available, but I’d like to, I’d love to refer you to my top guy. And at the time I had top guy and so they, both of them that booked at six months out. Now, Matt, how big of a deal is prom and your mind would go back to high school senior year. Was it a big deal for you? Prom was it, was it awesome? Do you have big plans?

It was not something I was really preparing for it. Plus I was, you know, an 18 year old boy who couldn’t think about much else not going to school, you know? So

yeah. Dancer, did you dance any songs? He’s a dancer. I can tell he’s a dancer. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Did you, uh, you’re running man? I mean, what, what was your, what was your go to move to move Roger Rabbit? What was it? Awkward. Awkward. Oh yeah, move your body. Yeah,

the most awkward.

So here’s the deal. I go down there and I DJ the heck out of that shows the, I gave my all stolen items out. Your soul on that. At the end of that, at the end of the event, the kids were so moved. First time ever said, ever. They did a standing ovation and the kids were like, oh, thank you DJ. So I’m spent though. It’s like three, four in the morning. We’re wrapping up. I am out of gas bid, dude, dude, dude, dude. One of my Djs, Oh yeah, your top guy. I got to feeling what’s going on, man. He’s like, Hey, I’m about ready to leave for Minnesota. I have, I think I have like a tummy ache. I got, it’s just stomach issue. I don’t know what it is. It’s like, it’s like, uh, I don’t know. I might’ve been some my age.

You know how that is, you know when someone’s not sick, what kind of things do they typically describe it? I think, I think I’m coming down with it. I think I, I think I’m on the verge of coming down. I could be, I need to get checked out. And I’m like, so you’re not leaving immediately? And he’s like, no. And I’m like, well if you leave now, because it’s four o’clock now, if you drive 12 hours, it’s four o’clock. We’re supposed to set up like at 7:00 PM or whatever for this all night prompting. If you don’t leave now, I leave now and I drive straight with no sleep.

That’s the only way we can do it. And he goes, sorry to pill bro. Your top guy, this your top guy, the top guy, top no backups. I got nothing. Cause I probably, I used to believe p maverick and man, I used to believe people, they said I’ll, I’ll, I’ll for sure do it. You can count on me. I used to believe him. So I called Vanessa and I said, Vanessa, I gotta do this thing. She goes, how are you gonna do? I said, I don’t know. So I’m frantically calling while I’m driving. I get ahold of a guy named rich. One of our Djs, enrich is not the kind of guy who should done prom. He’s a nice guy. And rich goes, dude, when we go drive through Tulsa, stop at this cutie at whatever. I’ll hop in the car. I’ll drive while you get some shuteye that will your functional, we’ll do it.

Perfect. There you so word breaking every speed record possible. It’s a legit 13 hours from Tulsa and we had to go to Tulsa and then as soon as like 17 hours and to do it in like 13 and dude, I mean you want to do what they say can’t be done. I mean word for word. This is us driving through Joplin. We were driving up here to Kansas City through through a two boy. And this is your normal driving shop. Why don’t we try it fast that I just try beat. I’m on the phone but this is your normal drive. Bad but not normally fast. Fast path to, I’d have a slow bad, it says, you know, okay wait, wait, you’re shmedium I dropped it and glacier. But the point is so we’d all get up there, Matt and I’ve got a DJ, a part Emily slept for maybe like an hour. I DJ the crap out of that thing, came back the river boat on Sunday, sounding like Joan Rivers thought I was gonna die and Z. I only had to do about three or four more things like that before I realized I need to never stop recruiting. Never stops. He’ll somebody out there that says, why do I need to recruit? I don’t even have any positions available, Matt, why can’t you never stop, preach it?

Yeah. You’ll never get to know what’s going to happen, right? You might have someone that needs to move across the country. You might have your best employee, you know, have a situation they need to take a leave of absence for a while for whatever reason, right? I mean, your situation could be perfect today and disastrous tomorrow. Your ability to prepare for that disaster, even if it’s not, you know, you’re not expecting it. If you prepare for it when it does happen or if it does happen, you’ll be so much further ahead of the game. Every day goes by that you’re starting to recruit when the disaster happened and the day loss where if you already have that already set up, you can just put some in a place, get them ready to go out the door, it will have an impact on your paycheck, uh, for not only that person needs that job, but also you know your numbers and when you look back at a day so you know a day loss and never get back.

So I’m down there living in Capella and I had a fairly fairly nice vehicle that I was driving around at the time. And unbeknownst to me, Capell was the home of several, if not many Dallas Cowboy football players. Really? Yes, I did not know that. And my car seemed to be a relatively common car amongst professional football player. What were you driving? It was a 500 sl Mercedes convertible. Black Mercedes converted. You were balling. Yes, you’re correct. I went, okay. So I’m driving down the road and my rear view mirror, there’s a carload of what appeared to be teenage boys, right? Yes. And they were pointing and waving and frantically and they came roaring. I mean roaring that to me and they came up to me and I’ve never seen a car load of teenage boys. So disappointed in my life to see. Really? Oh yeah.

Because then we’re coming up on somebody of note that come up there. I’ll just like sit dot. You were somebody of note, well that, that that was a Dallas cowboy. Yeah. Cause that was though they a you are a cowboy. Yes. That’s what I’m saying. A lot of them lived in Capels around them on the road, you know, and then I misunderstood. I thought the player, I thought the, the young boys, you might’ve thought those were players. No, no, no, no. The layers maybe thought that you were like, hell no. Come sell it. Oh my gosh. My Dad bad. A storyteller. No, I did. I got to get that. Tell me someone got that. Okay. Thank God. What happened? I blacked out there driving to Minnesota. I think Matt, the final three actions you have to take to, to get traction in your business, does you got to over deliver? Can you explain what it means to over deliver at oxi fresh? When it comes down to cleaning the carpets?

It does, it starts with that initial, what we had a conversation about earlier is showing up on time and maybe a little bit before, but even before that, he was setting the expectations. Hey, I’m on my way. You know, if you need something, let me know. I’ll be getting, uh, you know, I’ll be getting gas going to get you a coffee or a newspaper, right? That’s over delivering on something that nobody else does, right? So before you’ve ever gotten in the home, you’re already giving them something that doesn’t cost. It’s not costing them any money. Right? Breaks down on the wall of maybe some of you don’t know, get some concert with you. Um, you know, you want to show up and do at least three wiles on a job. It doesn’t matter what it is, but that’s going above and beyond. So they’re expecting a carpet cleaning or maybe a tile and grout cleaning or an upholstery cleaning, but they’re not expecting someone to come to their home and, and change the atmosphere in a positive way beyond the carpet.

So if you do that, you know, pick up some of this stuff in the yard, put it on, put it on the porch or ask them how their day or make them laugh. But you also overdeliver on the process itself and leave them with a much better home or office. And when you got there, you’re going to wait and you’re going to get that customer back. And the implications of you doing that may go a lot further than you ever expect. You know, I have a friend that owns a 200 unit apartment complex, right? I have a friend. That’s where the biggest realtors, you know, in this area, you should talk to him because you, you were so good at your job that I feel it necessary to tell my friends, right? If you don’t do those things, you’ll never know. And if you blend in, good luck because when you blended in with everybody else, it’s just a matter of price. At that point you don’t blend in, you stand apart, then you can set your own mark.

Okay. Check this out. Yeah. There’s a notable quotable, I say quite a bit during our sales portion of the workshops, but in the absence of value, price is the only consideration. Say that all the time and the absence of value prices, the only consideration. And Z, I want to share with you a story about landscaping. Jackass three please do. Years ago we had a house at 89th and Lynn Lane, uh, Matt, if you can picture it or you Google, it’s 8,900 South Lynn Lane. It’s about five to seven. It was like seven acres, but five acres. You kind of lived on West. It was a creek and trees and stuff and it was landscaping company does z. They knocked on my door. Not sure though. The earn your business. We have no, you have a large lawn will mo zero turn rate, you know, mower. We get the thing done in two hours, whatever. And these guys, there you go. There it is. Yeah. And so it’s got the two buildings connected. When was the DG office? When was the house? Beautiful place. Red Barn in the back.

Google on Google. Someone drove through your front yard and good marks.

I’m sure. I’m sure that happened. Now here’s the house by about 40 feet. Now this is what happened, this true story. This guy shows up to mow, mow the lawn and we had a patio in the back. You can see a, there’s kind like escape staircase in the back where you can go out the back of the deck there and there’s like a patio in the back and see the patio is like two feet off of the grass. So it’s like a step down. You know patty like like a, like a step. He decides to move that thing with a zero turn radius and Mo’s over. It just breaks his blades and chops off the corner of this concrete slab like you know, and he knocks on my door. This is while I’m running the DJ business. It’s like a deer in the middle of the day on a work day.

He goes, hey, um, you’re a patio. Destroyed my lawnmower out there and I just want you to know I’m gonna have to wait till their blades, but I’m gonna have to add them on the bill for him for maintenance. You know, cause it just totally screwed it up. You guys should’ve let me know about that. And I’m like, it’s like biff from back to the future where biff mirror biff borrows Marty McFly. His car wrecks it. Yes. And then Marty is like Biff, I’m sorry I didn’t know about the blind spot. And he’s like, McFly, I spilled my beer all over my shirt when I hit, ran into that other car. That kind of thing. So there’s, under delivering is so common. I mean, here’s a landscaping service that broke my patio and then once to bait me to pay for the blades, I’m going to see they’re not going to pay for the blades, couldn’t mess it up my patio. He didn’t tell him that you had a cement patio back there, that you were high. What does he like mowing my lawn blind does he wearing like a Darth Vader helmet now, now after you do that, the final two things you have to do and for sake of time we’ll go fast. But you have to do this once you’ve over delivered Matt, you’ve got to get reviews and you can never stop advertising. Talk to me about why we have to get those reviews and never stop advertising.

Given the current climate of things, this is a very big step because the customer only can look in the first part of their investigation where they want to use. This is the biggest factor. So you know, it’s Kinda like if you’re going on a date, you want to leave a good first impression, right? But this is like 2019 you’re on Tinder, right? Your first impression is that picture for whatever it is. Same thing with this. You have to have the reviews, you have to have other people in the same situation as the person looking for your business. You have to have them be able to look at the, okay, out of a hundred reviews, 98 of them are positive, two of them are not. I can go down the list and read 20 positive reviews until I’m blue in the face on how good this company is.

Right. And if you do that at a point where you’re so much further above the competition, we have so many more better reviews or your rating is higher and you piggyback off of that. Being able to have a very useful website with the technology, just help support that that client and whatever they’re trying to do, whether it’s just get a quote or book a job, maybe they’re not comfortable on the phone, give him access to view, you know, book a job online. So it starts with their view, getting them excited enough to basically pick you. They pick you. Then you got to over deliver on the customer engagement process, whether it’s a phone call or an online, you know, scheduling or an online quote, whatever it is. So the review gets them in your front door to say, hey, I want to have a conversation. If they’re not in your front door and there was somebody else’s and you lock that customer use are are important, important for and you have to get them.

You talked about having three well moments. What are the three well moments that you have with every customer interaction that right does he, does he see that it’s hot. Hot Sauce. Hot Sauce. That’s cage. That’s, that’s seared my brain. I need to take a drink of water. I’ll tell you what. We’re just going to take a pause here and just drink cold water for a minute here. I’ll tell you what. I put them on the board in the sauna. Now we’re in the sauna with Matt. This is weird. It’s better. I know. Now the final, the final step. You can never stop advertising. You can. If you listened to this show, come on regularity at all. You can ever stop advertising and see what’s the absolute minimum percentage of your gross revenue that you believe you should be spending on advertising? Minimum. Well,

I started off at 10 and I scaled it back down now to where I’m one to 2% but when you’re starting something, when I was 10% when I stopped pursuing, I was David’s heavy. It’s heavy. That’s heavy. That’s like gravy. I mean that’s like oof. Oof, oof, oof, oof. But here’s the deal. If you live below your means, if you delay gratification, if you don’t run out and buy the new big car, the new big house come to all the latest, greatest stuff. You know, you’ve got what I’ve got, dish direct cable and streaming videos. Plus I have a wide collection of DVDs and Hulu and I just got a big laser disk because they’re massive and I like massive discs. Yes. And I put a down payment for a hundred inch screen, you know, laser projection TV. And I’m also working on right now put selling a home theater when I get back from vacation.

I mean, I don’t have any leads though. I’m bout ready to get all the surround sound I can get. You know, I find to myself to the hilt and when I get back from vacation, I want to kick her to attach to me. I’m actually super glued to speakers, to my shoulders. I upgrades. I’m that serious about it pertained to the nexus that I got to help me with my real estate business. I just had my Lexus to drive you to my Mercedes. You, you, how many people do and that. I’m not asking you because I know that you don’t know these people, but z I’m sure you do. How do people, do you know who get the real estate license? Get Glamour shots. Go ahead and get the A, they look out and lease the luxury car and then sell nothing. Uh, quite a few hits.

Pick a glamour shots should you and height. Let’s go do a like a, like a team like thrive. The thrive time show glamour shot you and I just Kinda Kinda buddy buddy it up and go. What I can do is I could stand way forward in front of you so that my head would be about the same size as your head. So when look weird, you know, we could do that and come an optical lens because if I have somebody next to you, let me do this. It was about me. Song goes out to you, Matt [inaudible]. Matt, what was the last time you went to [inaudible]? I want you to think about this Matt and your home growing up. Did you have, did you have photos of your mommy’s glamor shots somewhere on the house?

Oh, I, I’ll do you like better? Oh yeah. We took a family photo at JC penny’s and um, Beta side of that. Put that up in our local JP Penney’s. Read every single time with school. Like, Hey, I saw you and JC Penney, the like, Hey, I don’t know.

Well, this song here, Crystal Gayle and Eddie Rabbit, crystal Gail’s

hair. I want to show this to you because the guys in the studio, her hair literally touched the floor and this video, she grew out, that mops, he wouldn’t stop.

Let’s get, let’s get to the chorus. Here we go. Just at, damn though he’s got, he’s got full on party in the back going on right there man. If you had a mullet. Oh yeah. Ooh, maybe. Yeah, maybe when I was playing tether ball like five years old that that hair alone is impressive. You were taking the course. Here you go. See and smile. Oh Man, I wish I knew the word special. Get matching blue team jackets could take some shots. Okay, Matt, if somebody out there,

I don’t have time to do these revenue producing activities because I’m watching crystal Gayle and Eddie Rabbitt videos. What’s going to happen to their business no matter what kind of franchise they buy?

Yeah, little. Eventually you’ll probably just get to a point where it’s just stable and then you’ll, you’ll not do enough things to get overtaken by your competition and then you know, you’ll have to either make a decision whether you’re going to put the effort in or are you getting to close your business. Pretty simple man. I mean there are people out there doing it. It just depends on how many and how hard. And if you’re not doing it faster and harder and trying, you’re done. You’re going to fail.

Well, here are my final two questions for you here, Josh, with living water. Irrigation has a question for you. I’ve got a question for him. I fought my course. I’ll go first. He my question. Here we go. Tell us about a franchisee out there. It’s doing these five things and Oxi fresh Franchisee, somebody in the Oxi fresh system and the team of Oxi fresh, who’s showing up on time, they never stopped recruiting. They over deliver. They’re getting reviews. They are making, they’re making the money. Who’s somebody who’s never stopping advertising, who give us an Oxi fresh franchise. He preached the good news and courage. That’s my friend. Encourage us.

So just one or like 50 of them.

You can, well, you just fire them off. You got 400 of them. I mean, I just give me a couple,

I talked about her before. She’s always very impressive to me. Marsha Cole, sir. Um, she’s in Connecticut. She is a very by the book type of person. Efforts, not an issue for her. She’s doing all the things correctly. And I would say she’s bringing things to the Oxi fresh team, uh, across the country that you know, that other people can utilize as well. Um, you know, Larry Kilian in Long Beach, California, uh, he’s a very hardworking franchise from day one. He is, um, been been driving his business, one of our fastest growers. Uh, we have a gentlemen, Lance Stubblefield, who basically at this point he’ll become our largest franchise in terms of territory numbers. Um, when he, he basically has run his business, works for the government for years, all in Virginia. Now he owns areas and in Illinois, you know, areas in Orange County, he’s potentially looking at their own areas, um, in, uh, New York. So I mean, he is, you can’t go and expand that that way unless you’re really organized and doing all those things. And everywhere he goes, his customers loved him. So, you know, all those are, are very different individuals, but all with the same amount of success. So those are some good, good franchisees that we all look towards to follow the lead.

Z. I tell you what, I’m excited about this question from Josh. Josh Typically Paints Matt into a corner each week. Ask some questions that are inappropriate, very politically divisive, typically religious, political and the undertones. So we’ll see what happens. Just what’s your question for Mr Matt Klein? Oh, I was going to have them explain to us his prom night, but I think that might get a little out of hand. So he went there, he went there. I knew he would start there. So Matt, obviously y’all don’t have any of these at a Oxi fresh cause you’ve got 400 awesome, awesome franchisee. So, um, I have noticed, uh, with a acquaintances or other people, other small business owners as we’ve implemented systems and processes and stuff, I get a lot of a blow back from people who call me and ask me my opinion on something and then go, oh, I just don’t have time for that. Oh that’s just silly. Oh well you do this. Oh you do that? So the, uh, out of those five things, Matt, looking at that and you know, other people, cause you’re a Franchisee, franchisees are killing it. What do you view out of those five things? When you get somebody and you say, Hey, if you’ll just do this, I promise if you won’t be lazy, you’ll be successful. How do you push that, Matt? How do you push it?

Yeah, well we pushed it and just say, hey, these guys are doing, you know, you told me when we first started talking about franchise, you want to be successful, but now that you’re in the franchise, you don’t want to be successful because your actions don’t dictate, you know, be doing that.

Oh, you can tell them whatever we want. Right. It’s a lot like why is somebody more successful at one thing than another? It has nothing more to do than effort. Unless you’re like a rocket scientist or you know, you’re seven foot tall and you can’t play basketball, but you’re still in the NBA. Right, right. So in these types of scenarios, it’s very much, I mean, the reason that they’re gonna want to do it is because they wanted you to give them the same answer they’re leaning on, right? It’s too hard. Well, someone else is doing it. It’s not too hard. You’re just too lazy. So you know, I think just when you have a conversation, so if you need to be as open and as honest as possible, and the luxury we have at this point with hockey fresh, we have a lot of people, not all of our franchisees are successful, so I’m try way harder than others. Some have different expectations, some people success or other people’s failures. So you have to understand the individual when you’re talking about success and drive. But if someone has a goal of being a millionaire, but they treat it as a, you know, they’re having dollars days in terms of effort, we’re never going to get there.

Hey Man, I’m a little bit into your question, but it’s all effort. It did. Can I steal the, it’s not too hard. You’re too lazy. Can I put that on a billboard and just say, Matt Klein, and then just let let people know that it’s not too hard. You’re just too lazy. Oof. Yeah,

and we’ve all done it, right? Everyone’s looked in the mirror at one point other and said, you know what? It’s me. It’s it. This is a me issue. This is not anything else beyond me not doing what I’m supposed to be doing. Right. It’s only important enough if you’re going to do it right. Money is only there if you want to do it, and most people want to be successful. Do people actually put the effort in to be successful?

Perfect. That’s you’re absolutely correct. Forbes magazine, which is kind of our Business Bible, they say they have a crazy number that’s 67% of the people out there in the United States of Merck. It could be the world. I know it’s mark. At least would like to have their own business. Why? And they’re listening right now. Why would you say to them it’s a good idea. I have to call you and talk to you about an Oxi fresh franchise. Why?

Yeah. For multiple reasons. One is we may get to a point where, yeah, this is a good option for you. Or maybe even if Aki pressures and get off, hopefully my conversation, we’ll get you to a point where you say, I can do a business rocky, fresh or other. Now I have the confidence of having a conversation and seeing what my daily duties need to be. You know, most people out of job of putting effort in some direction, right? It’s where you target that effort in your own life and it can be a helpful thing in business. So one of two things going to happen. You’re going to get to a point of knowing you want to be a Franchisee, you just got to figure out which one, right? And if no is a good answer, that’s fine. That’s okay. But it will also tell people to look themselves in the mirror.

And I have this conversation, a lot of people, if you can look at yourself in the mirror and you’ve realized the last 10 years of your life effort really wasn’t an issue, right? Maybe you had some bad times, or maybe, you know, you have a startup company that really didn’t get to the point of, you know, going public and you’re making millions of dollars, but you still were able to grow that business with that company. And the results maybe didn’t show up, right? But if you look at yourself in the mirror and you say, you know what, I have, I’ve been laid off five times, all for the same reason. I can’t show up on time, you know, I’m combative, then you probably shouldn’t own a business.

Right? Right. So the car,

Laura, Tory to you as a person and your ability to do this and the effort in which you’re going to put into it because everyone is capable, but not everybody should do this.

Typically, the number one topic that I get into is not pulverization say pulverization

pulverization specifically, I don’t recall the last time I’ve talked about testicular pulverization. Yes, yes. I don’t want to get into polarization. Polarization is a, is the act of grinding something down into a powder or a dust. And there was a young man, oh, I thought we were talking about my prime is on my prom again. Hello. Hey, now trust me. Z. Do you remember in the past, I can’t remember where they were supposed to cut it up. Anyway, here, here, here’s, we have, this is a true story. I am, um, a friend of mine says, clay, can I come to the party you guys were having to doctor z’s house. It’s a party where we’re going to have her vehicle in the employee appreciation party. Can I come to the party as Kinda your plus one? You’re you and your wife, but I can I come with you?

And I said, sure. If friends come over third wheel third with you. And he’s a friend of mine who owns a business in town. Okay. And Dark Jersey had had, I wouldn’t say probably one sip of one glass of wine previous to this conversation and this guy had probably had one beer or, or seven. He walks up to doctor z and he says, DoctorZ , I’m having a really hard time holding my team accountable. You know, it’s like they just, they won’t get reviews, they won’t show up on time and they’re just not reading my patients on time and he goes, see, it’s come on out here. So he opens up the screen doors that you walk by the aquarium, the big wall sized aquarium. You walked passed into the man kept up caves. He can you explain what the man cave was? What the man cave is all about. The Lord of the Med kit. The man cave is a sacred place and just hallowed, hallowed place that to even speak about this as a violation of man code more than 2.7 yeah, I need to, I didn’t have a little

man cave is a place of peace and harmony. Outdoor fireplace. I walk in, I just feel edified. No bugs. It’s Gloria’s. Once I do have a fireplace and the other side you have an aquarium and flat screen TV in lights to change to the colors of the teams playing in the game. Yes. True Story. You look out, you look out over the pond and the serenity in the backyard with a pool. There’s a bridge. I believe has a bridge. There’s a bridge, there’s a troll that lives in and eat the bridge. Looks a lot like me, but he’s a troll nonetheless. Cool House passing. Nice, beautiful, beautiful, majestic pool. Shrove we’ll keep, the man says, you might not remember this, but he says, he says, I dip employee. I just cannot get them to get reviews. My front desk person is just, they won’t show up on time too, but they’re not answering the phone.

I answer the phone. They won’t greet people and the systems you guys talk about on the show, just don’t worry. Just don’t work. And you said, sir, you need to fire the person. Oh that’s still replaced them with someone else. And he says, but my son, I can’t do it. I’ve known this person for a long time. And you said certain di Di di, do you have a hammer at your home? And the man says, why? Why Dee? Do you want to continue the rest of the story? I said to him, I said, listen, well here’s, here’s what I’d like for you to do. I’d like you to take out that hammer and take it out and swing as hard as you can and hit yourself. Get yourself right between your legs, right in the crotch region, right in the cross. Multiple Times. Approximal regions begin the process.

Yes, polarization, polarization, and continue because smacking that just, just go. Just, just until you decide what you want to do more, continue that act. Just like a lead. I filed that person as it’s yours. Do this side and I’m telling you could keep that person at your front desk. You could do that and continue to ruin your business and have ice packs delivered to you daily because of the continued differs. Ah, ah. I said it’s your choice. And you know what? Here in the man cave, we all have choice. We let people have choices. We all have. And

Guy walked off like he will have you talked to. He walks off and he’s like, God, he’s like mean. So I mean, it’s not mean holding people accountable. I love Oxi fresh. There’s accountability. There’s a plan. That makes sense. Matt, we love you, man. You, you represent accountability on America. You are, what’s right with America met. If somebody wants to buy a franchise, how do they get ahold of you?

Put your information in there. It’ll come to us. Uh, we’ll be able to, you know, reach out, have a conversation. Um, you can always go to our website. Just make sure you let us know where it came from. It’s very important. Just like we talked about reporting, we need to know where everyone comes from on all fronts. So let us know if you’re interested in, let’s have a conversation. Let’s dive into some of your goals and talk about oxi fresh. We’ll look at them territory, see what’s available. Um, and it, you know, it doesn’t cost me anything but some time to look at it and it might change your future.

Thrive time, show.com, forward slash oxi fresh, that’s thrive time show.com, forward slash oxi fresh, little different than you might think. Ah, I like me, I as I, and here’s the deal. If you want to make it easy to track, do that. If you want to make it uneasy to track and just go to oxiifresh.com either way, we’ll figure it out. We’ll figure it out. When we knowZ , let’s say, let’s do, let’s end the show with a boom. Are you, are you ready? Matt? Are you ready to, to end the show with that with a delayed his Skype phone call? Boom. Am. Here we go. Great.



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