The Dangers of Drifting & Choosing to Be Great | Discovering the Proven Path to Financial Freedom (Part 4)

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The habit of drifting will kill your dreams by default if you do not learn how to become intentional about doing what you say you are going to do. Clay Clark breaks down how to prevent the habit of procrastination from perpetually keeping you stuck.

Choosing to Be Great (Page 36)

    1. “The difference between great people and everyone else is that great people create their lives actively, while everyone else is created by their lives, passively waiting to see where life takes them next. The difference between the two is living fully and just existing.” – Michael Gerber (Bestselling author of the E-Myth book series)
    1. F6 Goals:
      1. Faith
      2. Family
      3. Fitness
      4. Friends
      5. Finances
      6. Fun

The Danger of Drifting (Page 37)

    1. “Drifting, without aim or purpose, is the first cause of failure.” – Napoleon Hill (Bestselling author of Think and Grow Rich and Outwitting the Devil)

The Capacity Cap (Page 38)

  1. Clayton Christensen Quote
  2. What are your processes?
  3. What are your values?
    1. “An organization’s capabilities reside in two places. The first is in its processes—the methods by which people have learned to transform inputs of labor, energy, materials, information, cash, and technology into outputs of higher value. The second is in the organization’s values, which are the criteria that managers and employees in the organization use when making prioritization decisions.” -Clayton Christensen (Harvard Business Professor)
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To claim your tickets to the drivetime show to date an best business coach led business workshop for free. All you have to do is to subscribe to the drive time, show on itunes, leave it injected review and send as confirmation and input drivetime show.Com to claim your star international star registry. We can’t help you alright. Conversation is the drive time show on your radio. More talking about today. We’re covering today is discovering the proven path to financial freedom and, if you all want to follow along just go to thrive time, show.Com and download the best business coach book start a thousands of peoplefrom all over the world download the start here book and our past workshop. Somebody pulled me aside and said:i did not realize that that actually was an amazon, best-seller and I said why you probably don’t talk about enough on the show that I don’t know. I can download for free man like i, had no idea that you could download the the ebook for free that talk to a guy there. Today in las, vegas he’s an attorney and a he was at his brother’s house and his brothers reading the start here. And. He says we read about smoking cuz the cover of it is a it’s a I’m busy mocking the smoking industry. So it’s mine, i, spend on the marlboro brand. Does thing is if you start smoking, you might not be able to stop, and if you become an entreprenuer i, don’t think you ever want to go back and started making the money chase brothers.

Reading this best business coach book are you reading a book about smoking is not bring the book called start here. Itteaches you how to start and grow a successful company. Unfilteredthis is a guy, gets his partners an optometrist and he’s a former entertainer / dentistry investors, / auto auction, slash haircut carpet, cleaning i, don’t know what he owns a lot of businesses and i. Guess he lives on i, don’t know what kind of camp clark he calls it his chickens and it’s like behind a wall and it’s kind of a weird existence, but he’s like really, and so he started talking to the guy I think the guy was interested in our bentara rodness i. Think more than anything else. So we got the book he’s reading the book and he does all the business books in one place and that’s the whole point of it. So I know a lot of people. Reading is not their favorite activity, so we tried to put it all in one place and some people turn to page 36 of the start. Here book you can read along with us where we talked about choosing to become great, which leads to a notable quotable from michael gerber, the best-selling author of the e-myth book series chuck. What’s the gerber difference between great people and everyone else, is that great people create their lives actively well, everyone else is created by their lives passively waiting to see where life takes them. Next, the best business coach difference between the two is living fully and just existing my f6 life and like to get to chime in on this too. So what shall we talk about? Faith, family, finance, fitness, friendship, front, I’ll, go slower.

We talk about faith finances I talk to my wife, cuz she’s kind of like my life coach, my sounding board, my best friend my partner i, said:hey I feel called to help magnify churches. What does that mean? I, don’t i, don’t feel called to be a pastor cuz. It’s not my deal, but I really have a huge respect. I’m 37, the older I get I have a huge respect for ministers. Cuz, their jobbob is trying to lead people to relationship with christ and they don’t make any extra money if they get a best business coach conversion right. There’s no commission for me ii web selling things, because you know it’s funny. Cuz. It’s like a win-win. The customer gets what they want to get up. The problem. Solving I make money until I like that. That would win, and so we decided to team up with ministries and help them grow o and end so I’m, just I cannot be more honor to serve the victory church in amarillo the crossroads church up there in illinois to work with river city church out there in owensboro to work with churches in san diego. It’s just I enjoy that so faith, that’s a big thing.

For me, family we were proactive. We decided we wanted to have five kids didn’t happen by accident yeah. It actually was. We had a miscarriage and we know what we can give you a fever. We had five weird park in 1.5 kits and then we made the decision to not have any additional kit which require total, fitness I can’t say that I’m, a model sample of fitness but I have it in my schedule, where I do work out with a trainer and i. Do that and I’m not perfect and I hope things I just don’t want to die early as a result of being massively obese. You’ve got things worked into your life, so you’re, creating it actively said you were closer to where I want to be. But it’s just it’s like a sustainable Thing i’m, not training for a marathon I’m, not intimate best business coach friends. I just do not surround myself with anybody who’s negative cuz. My network is my net worth and I will not be around negative people. They do have a way of peeing in the pool, ruining the ambiance, and some very intentional can I tell what I would say you’re. My mantra is yes, no idiots running pretty much sums it up right. If there’s something to talk about, there’s something to talk about, let’s talk about it and then we move on up by people that are positive. It’s amazing! How, when you have a bad thing happen when youwe, just rented by wise counsel, gilt gilt bible talks about surround yourself with wise counsel.

It’s it’s big finances. My wife and I are very intentional about saving a set percentage of your best business coach income living within a budget having a pro-forma for our life and fun. We do schedule time for fun. My wife loves to have fun and love to travel must do certain things. Do we put it in the schedule? Is not my natural default so to speak. I I think my work is fun, but we do schedule time for what makes it sustainable so I want to ask you. Doctor sibley I mean what are some things about your life, whether it be your home or your your fitness, or whether it be time with family or whether it be your work schedule. What are some things where you been intentional about designing the life that you now live, that you maybe wish you woulda done maybe earlier or what are some things that you know that you’ve designed into your life, i, love, water and I love the lake, so I always wanted to like home yeah so about 10 years ago, I had enough money to do that, so I can bottle like hell, yeah and I love boating and I have a best business coach boat, so I love to go up there and both take my family. We all have a good time we’re out on the water. It’s just a little bit of heaven there. You never said that you wanted for a long time correct and you delayed gratification to get there absolutely typical lake visit, look like for you guys, the view off my balcony puts me at rest.

There you go and I have so many great friends up there. So i, just kind of like i, get my golf cart and drive around and visit all my friends and we just have a grand old time. He got the friends and the family right there at one spot and it’s fun and I want to make sure listeners are getting this. When you surround yourself with positive people, any situation and life is so much better, but I don’t care where you go in life and how much money you have how much income you have if you are surrounded by negative people, know idiots they can ruin the experience so I think that’s a powerful ids me intention with the friendships he’s been in touch with his family. That is a powerful idea and the antithesis of of being intentional is drift and we come back we’ll talk about the dangers of best business coach drifting, so I think the drifting is absolute soul, sucking thing that can happen. One thing that I’m very intentional about just making sure there no pests and rodents in the studio, no pasta, no rodents in the studio in hanoi. How do we prevent the pest in the roads are getting this to do? We get ahold of the guys over at platinum pest & lawn. You can reach out to those guys at platinum pest & lawn. Com or call him at 918-376-0857. Again, that’s platinum pest & lawn. Com get your $1 first service. If you get ahold of him today begin its 918-376-0857. Give me a call today: that’s platinum pest & lawn the world’s best business, workshop, america’s number one business and you did it and your contact information to input drivetime show.Com.

All right on your radio, we’re talking about discovering the path to financial, freedom and specifically the danger of drifting drifting is an absolutely terrible, insidious dream. Killing idea of the book called outwitting, the devil out winning the devil know. This book is a book that I think everybody should read. I, think everybody should have a copy of it. I’ve, given this book to north of a hundred people in each time that I’ve, given the book to somebody, they will still pull me aside around chapter to chapter 3 in the go. This book is so weirdand, then around chapter 4 5. They say that book absolutely changed. My life and I say what how to change your life, but I didn’t realize what I was doing to myself. I didn’t realize what I had done to my own life. I didn’t I didn’t realize that I was in fact killing my own motivation by drifting in the book was written. A time, napoleon hill wrote the book after having become a national best selling author. Remember he was the personal apprentice of andrew carnegie. He was the apprentice of andrew carnegie. He was the top selling author of his time.

He sold more copies of his book and any other self-help author. He was on fire. What happens if he starts pounding around the wrong people? He gets asked to testify in a court of law against some bootleggers of the time and when he testifies the bootleggers, let it be known that they’re putting out a hitfor him we’re coming for you and that they are going to try to kill him too. He actually goes in hiding for about two and a half years and during this time of depression, he starts to get very, very depressed, he’s, obviously just very down very negative. Very dark, very he just starts to feel awful and he starts to write down his thoughts that he’s thinking, and that is the book called outwitting the devil. And what are the best business coach observations he makes there? Is that the biggest dream killer people have is saying they’re going to do something and then not doing it. It’s make your promise to yourself and not honoring the promise I’ll just give an example. You would say to yourself selfstarting tomorrow, I’m going to get up at 6 a.M. Every single day. I might have to be at work at 9 i, listen to the show for a while I’m going to do it I’m taking the challenge of time schedule I’m going to do it. Can you do it for the first day or second day? You don’t do it because you allow laziness to take over you make that decision.

So now you experience cognitive dissonance, which is a psychological term, where you feel bad, because your values don’t align with your actions, say get to work in your friend carrie. She says to you, she says, carry you and care your friend. She says how’s that new morning program working because you’re good, you told carrie, going to start doing it right and then you go that’s good. We got a lot done this morning and now you just lied to her, but she doesn’t know, but are you feel bad and some now and pretty soon, you start? What’s the point of even setting goals any more weeks? Lateri don’t want i, don’t want that girl. So then, all of a sudden get mad at your personal trainer at your account that you get mad at to the danger of drifting, is real and so I want to get into dr. Sibley mind and mind set on. This is just a moment. Napoleon hill rights in the book, outwitting the devil, is drifting without a name or best business coach purpose is the first cause of failure to dr. Sibley. You’ve been a chiropractor in tulsa, helping tulsa to get their spine line, help a dreamcatcher getting the proper health health and wellness for over over over 30 years, 30 years correct what time you wake up, everydayall between 4:30 and 5? How do you out with the devil each morning when you wake up, you have to initially as i? Do it sometimes I wake up when I go wow this morning came early now, I’m excited once I get going once I get in my mojo I’m good, but that initial 2 seconds where you could hit the snooze i, don’t hit the snooze. You don’t hit the best business coach snooze. What’s going on your head, how do you do that? How do you get up right away? I’m excited when I get up, I really am and I have a ritual that I go through every morning. I go in and have some coffee or some tea, I read my bible and then I’m ready for the day. So you get up, have a coffee and read the bible every single day. Yes, that is the kind of morning routine, that. I’m just telling this is.

This is what I do this is a move? I will set pre-made coffeeor a pre-workout beverage right there when I get up. So when I get to my house, we have a kind of right. Now we have a it’s like a bar air. Is it like a booth, I guess like a booth in a restaurant, that we have and I’ll set it out there so when I get up as soon as I get my phone alarm is very far for my me:i try to keep it further away from my bed till like 3:10 alarm when I get up and down the coffee or the beverage in it in right away. I take a shower. I got to take a shower just like the immediate move and then I’m up and then all the sudden I’m in a good mojo i, listen to td jakes, while I take a shower and td jakes usually has more motivated than I am cuz I’m like I’m in the shower, taking a best business coach shower and all of a sudden I want the coffee kicks in or was td jakes or what it is I’m I’m, not mentally dormant and now I’m, good and i, listen to td, jakes and-and he educates me and inspires me and illuminates the bible to meand. Then I start to get into a good flow and then I get up and design my day and then, but if I don’t do that, that’s why they k. She picks me up. Cuz I can’t do that. I! Guess:i, don’t care if you were felt like that for your normal routine and it freaks you out a little bit. Yeah yeah and it’s like I’d something’s, just not right. It’s just like you’re off center you’re off I hate sleeping in vacation like it’s like. Let’s sleep in till 10, airbnb man, you just get a house instead of a hotel, you can have your cold coffee. You can crank some tunes when you get up i, don’t think I could do that.

The man kids on a different floor right, then a house they can still hear you and it’s always been that way. I’m just saying like I can’t in does airbnb i, don’t know I couldn’t do that. You’re like use. You have a good neighbor I mean realize our existence. I’m. Just saying it’s like concert loud at my man cave in the morning cuz. It’s really really loudlie to me. So much money I definitely could not have a man cave. So limiting factors were talking about, discovering the proven path to financial. Freedom is the capacity cap from page 38 triple you read us the clayton christensen business quote from clayton christensen christensen, the harvard business school professor. He says an best business coach organization’s capabilities reside in two places. The first is in its processes, the methods by which people have learned to transform inputs of labor energy materials, information, cash and technology into outputs of higher-value, and the second is the organization’s values which of the criteria that managers and employees in the organization use when making prioritization decisions. I think a lot of companies that print up these posters that no one looks at I think the values of the cab companies that live by them I think about chick-fil-a close on sunday. They always say it’s my pleasure very intense customer service they going to starbucks. They wanted to create a third place, a place where people wanted to hang out and went to create work. The third place it wouldn’t make an excellent howard schultz was obsessed with craig ambiance, where people would want to gather they have quiktrip.

The bathrooms are always ridiculously clean. They have great service, fast service, i. Think about best business coach company like that I think about companies like platinum past your check. Where have you met jennifer and jared? They are some of the most diligent awesome. People I think that I’ve ever met they are and such thing as they reached out to us for coaching and marketing, help like I do every client I did a research and I found out these guys upon further review. Are nice people same thing as dr. Sibley here when they say they’re going to be somewhere at a certain time? They actually do it so again, what is the value should have to live your own values you if you’re ever going to preach being clean and on time you better be clean on tonight right. That’s why, without reservation, I could encourage all of our listeners to visit. Platinum pest & lawn go check them out. Do a google search for platinum, pest & lawn in tulsa oklahoma.

Give him a call at 918-376-0857 somebody saying what was that phone number again, 76085 7 and there no brainer is the first service is just a dollar. The cool thing is you get to pick between three services service done for answer, spiders are mice or a lawn weed control of fertilization service, or actually you could get a first mosquito treatment for a dollar with all this rain is coming down and it’s clayton christensen talking about your organization’s capacity cap is related to the processes. Don’t take. My word for the doctor. John sibley has his processes in order to schedule a consultation eye doctor silly. Why do we get if it’s my first time schedule a consultation? What’s the fee? What’s the cost for that? First, very first:consultation to go over there to your car traffic center in and I have an assessment, nothing of my book thrive. So you just go to dr. John silly. What’s what’s the best business coach website, except? What’s the phone number dr. John sibley., comets, dr, j, o h, n s, I b, l e y.Com phone number is 918-749-5741, he’s right over there at the corner of 51st and harvard by the sushi train out there. If you want the the fabulous for you went to podcasts the in-person workshops, the 101 business, coaching and thousands of entrepreneurial videos and training videos, you get that thrive time show.Com as always:3 2, 1


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