The First 5 Steps to Riches | Budgeting Basics

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Clay breaks down 5 practical steps that you must take to become wealthy while breaking down budgeting 101. “A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.” – Dave Ramsey

Budgeting Basics

FUN FACT – “40% of Americans can’t cover a $400 emergency expense.” –

STEP 1 – Automate Your Savings

    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you cannot save money, then the seeds of greatness are not in you.” – Brian Tracy
    2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “In fact, what determines your wealth is not how much you make but how much you keep of what you make.” – David Bach

STEP 2 – Know how much you actually make after taxes.

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “We have a system that increasingly taxes work and subsidizes nonwork.” – Milton Friedman
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I don’t blame or complain about things like the economy, the government, taxes, employees, gas prices, or any of the external things that I don’t have control over. The only thing I have control over is my response to these things.” – Jack Canfield

STEP 3 – Don’t spend more than you make.

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.” – Dave Ramsey
  2. Even though you deliver a service, you have to have the cashflow to complete more jobs.

STEP 4 – Don’t buy things you don’t need to impress people you don’t know.

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.” – Dave Ramsey
  2. Know thyself. People who know who they are and know what they want are the successful ones.

STEP 5 – You have to look at it every week

    1. Schedule a specific time
    2. Schedule a specific place
    3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “What gets scheduled gets done.” – Lee Cockerell (The former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Resorts who once managed 40,000 + employees and 1,000,000 guests per week)
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On today’s show, we teach the first five steps you must take to earn riches. So is this like a get rich quick scheme? No. In fact, on today’s show or teach it the first five steps that you need to take to earn riches, slow spoon,

Yes, yes, yes. And doctors say one final test. We can’t focus on today’s show. We’re talking about the five steps to Rich’s. Oh, I would sure you’re going with that. Just for my people in my, I thought we were doing maybe a short 12 step process or something. I wasn’t sure. Very, very, very, very, very specific steps to riches. It’s budgeting basics, budgeting basics cause he, half of wealth, uh, uh, acquiring is how much you earn. The other half is how much you keep. Wow. Oh, Whoa, whoa. Are you going to use math on today’s show? I’m going to do is I’m going to say how to become rich and never make more than $50,000 per year as of today’s income adjusted for inflation. Okay? Wow. Let’s do it. That’s the, that’s the quest. All right. That’s the quest. This is going to be fun. Jeff. Number one, automate your savings at the rate of 10% off the top.

I’ll never stop it. You’d never miss it because you never see it to Andrew over here, listen to one of our Business coach shows. We’re doing a show and then with Paul Hood and you and some guys, and I don’t remember what show it was, but Andrew over here got the wild ideas that he goes, you know what? I’m a PR. I’m up and produce a show. I work up there at thrive. I know that they talk about automating their savings. Maybe I should automate my savior. I should do it because they’re talking about automated their savings. I actually not just be a hearer of the word, I shall be a doer of the word, and I looked over an inch. I realized he wasn’t in the room. I was talking to myself, I said my saying Andrew walked in and he said, that’s some good stuff right there.

I’m going to automate my savings. But Andrew, when did you decide to automate your savings? Uh, I believe it was like 12, 11 or 12 months ago. It, what percentage did you start off with? Cause he put your foot in the water so he puts him on one particular, took a step foot faith. Oh yeah, I uh, I started out at 10%. He started off 10% now. So see if you guys started off, uh, to know dude, he lead the way. Is He at just 10? Rich said now he put his toe in the water. Now see, can you explain a z? Do you know a lot about Niagara Falls and you’ve been dying to Niagara Falls? Um, which I was sure I was getting maybe explain toes or water. I knew, I wasn’t sure where are you going to end up? But now dagger falls. I’ve not been to that iconic you haven’t place, but I’ve seen pictures of it and videos either quite a few times.

Let me just give the thrive nation a visual to look at on an audio only program. I remember when I was at camp to deal to go over it in a barrel, you know when I was a kid, remembers like someone, this gesture and a bag went over the Niagara falls in a barrel that survived. I mean it was like, it was like to move. Well, okay, let me, let me share this with you. Okay, here we go. So Niagara Ah, is in New York state. Yes. And it’s located there in the Niagara Falls State Park, oddly enough. And uh, what happens is the Niagara River flows over and Z. I got some audio for you that’s going to blow your mind and some video to go with it here guys. This is Niagara Falls. Got Its name.

Now first off, I’ll just let you know this. I wouldn’t put my toes anywhere near the water near Niagara.

No, no, freak me out. No, I, let me tell you what Andrew did. He got right up here near the edge of the water right here and this little little stone cliff thing. But he’s like 10% 10% why don’t I go down in a barrel? So he hopped inside this barrel of automating and savings that he put his toe in the water after he put his body in a barrel body. The bow. Here it goes. We have audio of going at Niagara Falls going over the falls and this is going over the falls. Oh Wow. This is it right here. Uh, caught on video. A man falls in, we print on from show that, oh, well, I don’t know. Woman’s swept over Niagara Falls and Canada. We probably want to show that either all these aren’t really positive that go over the falls. Ooh. That would have been probably when we should watch birthday’s on march 26 actors, Sterling Hayden, and on the cat be a railroad.

His guys 127 feet to the bottom of the falls and amazingly survived without a scratch the drop. I don’t know what that’s him. I don’t know if that’s a move that you want to do. The point is, it’s actually a video of me that’s the video of Andrew automating historic Kayak. Going to come over a 20 foot fall. How much, what percentage of your, of your income now off the top are you saving a, it’s 35% now. That’s crazy. I’m sure you got a rise. A buffet. You get a harness and the good energy. How do you do it? Does out bad the bring this energy. Feel the flow happy. Somebody out there is good. Why do I do it? You, you walk us through the steps that you took to automate your savings. Oh Man. Uh, so first, the very first step is you have to make the choice to automate your savings. Oh, automating your savings is automatic, but you have to make the first, you have to take the next step. Dot. A lot of people out there go and see. I don’t believe he’s doesn’t have enough enthusiasm. You know what I mean? It’s easy. It’s a lot of times people in our world, Z, they, if you don’t bring passion, they think you don’t care. Right?

So I’m going to cue it up. Good. Go. What’d you do? What was your first step? You have to make the decision to autumn on now, preach desk preset, Andrew, you have to make the decision to automated second step. Amen. As you have to get whatever sort of paperwork or whatever sort of direct deposit or web or whatever, however you get, come on, come on. And you’d have to separate it to a certain percentage and it’s always best to do a percentage because your income’s going to grow. I said separation, so you have to do it in a percentage. So pick percent that you can live with, live without, and put it in savings. There we go. That’s that’s, that’s it. And the rest is automated beauty. Oh, Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Can I get it? I get it. That’s it. That’s it. I have some of your savings now here. I like it in cash. Spot on. Mark. Built this small and, okay, z. Why would you want it?

Small unmarked bills. My attorneys won’t let me answer that. So notable quote a little bit. Automating your savings is if you cannot save money, then the seeds of greatness are not within you. Brian Tracy says, the best selling author or David Bach, the bestselling author of the automatic millionaire who’s been on our show, says in fact, what determines your wealth is not how much you make, but how much you see. Keep safe. Keep the same thing, right? You’re in the followup on that. Would I love, but Andrew’s doing is he’s now, but taking that money that he’s saving, getting little nest egg. We call it a nest. A nest egg. And he’s going to go and now he’s buying assets with that. Why? Andrew? What’d you buy with all that money? Bought a house. Paid off my car. How old are you? Andrew is headed like, you’re 85 years old.

How old? Um, I’m 20 years old. How married are you? A one year where I’ll tell you what, he’s from a different mirror. No, I’m gonna tell you this. Your wife saving money or is she other and all that money on shoes is a savings days and evenings it. So I have no, or you’re going to get more rent houses. What are you going to, what are you gonna do with all that money? You’re saying, what’s your plan? What’s your, what are you going to talk to us? I mean we have some goals but right now we are just saving it and then you know, it’s does it, we don’t have any specific, we’re looking at rent houses. We’re looking at, you know, different opportunities. Uh, but we’re saving it. So no matter what happens, we have that war chest that we can use to buy an opportunity. I’ll tell you what, are you going to war? Going to war. What that should mean? I don’t know. Remember how old are you going to go and rush the battlefield? 20. I don’t know how many rent house we’ll do. Hover just one for now or how many wives? I’ll also just one and forever. So he only got one wife, right? You’re an automate. You’re putting a lid on your growth. Like you don’t even really want to automate them. Requiring of the wives and the assets run active here. Yeah.

Redneck, redneck savings. Temporary. You can go noodle and with me on business coach Thursday if you want. What would you say that good. Well, there’s room enough for four and the boat was the fourth person rather. Wow. Step three, know how much you actually make after taxes. Nosy. I just talked to the team about this this week. Milton Friedman, the economist wrote, we have a system that increase. Let me try that. Do you know what I, you cleared the throat. I should have. I should have known what to do. You shouldn’t have. Oh, here we go. Check again. Milton Friedman writes, we have a system that increasingly take taxes, workers and subsidizes nod work. We’re going to be, we have a system that increasingly taxes work and subsidizes the nod work it’s eat. The point is there’s a system out there where let’s just let the deal, let’s, let’s follow $100 okay, here we go.

The path of $100 let’s do it. I worked for doctor Robert Zoellner and associates and I made $100 today for doing a good job. So I looked down at my chick and I only have like $70 but I thought I was getting paid $100 but apparently the government took about 30% Z is, that seemed crazy. The government would take between 22 and 30% and it’s gone up and down in the course of our lifetime. Right? I mean it’s been and, and yeah, I mean it’s, it’s when those things where, uh, people think taxes are a wonderful thing until they get a job, right? They’re like, oh yeah, this is awesome. [inaudible] 1%. Let’s test him more bridges. I mean, cause you know this thing, we got below park, tell them and then they get their first paycheck. They’re like, Yo, more parks. Why hate parks? Shut down the park pothole here.

There is not a bad thing. So, okay, we have $70 left after the first hundred roughly after taxes. Okay. On average. Then we go to a whole foods and I’m going to buy, you know, cause even to buy let’s say $50 of goods and services, but after I buy those goods and services, I had to pay taxes. You buy at whole foods by the way? Oh they do? They deliver the food to eat or something. Oh, lot of people go into the little kiosk. Nice. That’s all. That’s what serves. You can get there. Right. Okay. I guess I don’t really slice your meat. Is that a service? I mean the deal pay for it. Right. I’m here to him. Mommy’s, I, I didn’t buy it here, but we, boy, sheriff find meets, stop saying is you’ve got probably 50 hours spent on the tangible service.

Right. There’d be a tangible good. Um, but then because it’s, it’s a groceries, right? So you don’t tech services, but you text the, the actual item. Correct. There’s no, we don’t have a food tax, do we not? And I think we do. I think we do sales tax and sales tax. Yeah. So it’s like 8.8 0.6 to 5.6 well in Tulsa. So I’m just saying that’s close to 9% so let’s just say this now. So if I spent $50 I’m now 54. So see, I’ve already spent 30 on my income taxes and there were four on my, uh, you know, taxes on my, uh, items I purchased here. It’s now I’m up to like $34. Wow. Now let’s just say hypothetically that I owned a house CD. You have to pay income or property tax every month on the house or do you just kind of go, most people do it monthly, but you have to be, you have to pay it every year.

You have it. Well, I mean, hypothetically, if you paid off a big property, could you ever not pay taxes once a year? Just for giggles. Yeah. See how that works out for you. Was Sheriff folks show up at your door at the little, a piece of paper that says, we’re getting ready to auction this off. What about card and you get tags? Are those Texas or is it more of a fee? Do you call, did you classify that as a female? I would, I would classify that as a, it’s a tax, I mean our cell phone. If you ever thought about not paying the tax portion of your cell phone bill or you’re just like, you know what? I know my phone itself was like 100 bucks a month. Cause remember how we set up those programs? Z, I don’t know what system you’re on, but I’m on t-mobile.

Yeah, and I remember it said $99 that was my plan. $99 $99 it’s amazing deal. But I know I spend one 50 but see there’s this thing called a cell phone tax. It usage tax. There’s a transfer fee. There’s all these little fees, you know? Oh yeah, they get you and see if you ever bought a beer. I know I bought a beer. Yeah. Seems like there’s a tax on beer. Is there a tax on beer? Yes, there’s a big tax. What does it like? How much does that mean? He’s like for a dollar. If you buy a dollar worth of beer, how much tax do you pay? Is it, I’m not sure. Angela, look that up. I’m on it. What about this? Gasoline,Z , Yo, the embedded tax on gasoline because they tax it when they’re getting out of the earth, they tax it.

When they refine it, they texted, when they ship it, they text the truckers who move it. They tax see a lot of blood. People estimate that the cost of gas is almost half tax now. He probably is. Maybe even more. Yeah. So Z, could it be said that we spend a little more than half of our total income on taxes? Absolutely. So if you’re out there today and your budgeting basics and see what if you get, what if you look at your job when you say make 100,000 a year, but you budget on that, what happens? Well then you’re, you’re not being realistic because you’re not going to be able to spend $100,000, right? And then the are going to get behind some of your bills and you’re going to go, where’d the money go? And so you need to know what your net net is. I have had so many smart people coming to me and say, dude, I’m making really good money.

I have no idea where it all went. I said, well, you went and bought that car. They approved you based on what? Z, your annual income. Correct. You bought that house, they approved you based on what? Z, your annual income and how many people do you notice he didn’t get approved for 400,000 and he say, no, I’ll get to 50 nobody, right? They go buy it for 25 right? That’s just the human nature. It’s just, it’s just the way we be careful. Be careful. Now, step two again, step number one, automate your savings step to know how much taxes you actually pay. Now, Jack Canfield, the author of chicken soup for the soul, Zhi, he writes this, he says, I don’t blame her. Complain about things like the economy, the government taxes, employees, gas prices or any of the external things I don’t have control over.

The only thing I have control over is my response to these things and I think that’s how you live. I don’t think you’re a big fan of excessive taxation, but you don’t talk about it a lot. No, you just vote [inaudible]. You vote the way you vote. It’s absolutely. Why don’t you implement about it? I’ll and he’s been with more. You’re doing this. You can’t do anything about it. Come on. I can’t. Why? Because I can’t. It’s the rules of life that I get to play. What’s for 10 at Glenn Beck was here. I’m okay. Okay. Now I’ve listened to a lot of Glenn Beck show, so I do find him to be informative. I do find to be entertaining. I do believe that he is a sincere person. However, I also know that there’s many shows I’ve listened to on Glenn Beck’s where he has made me feel as a younger man, as of the end times were tomorrow morning and I was on the upstairs.

I’m going to bed. I’m like his smart cause once you earn a little bit of money, had a little more time. So listen to Glenn Beck. A lot of times when I’m driving around and I’m like, Babe, we might all be a pillar of fire. The, the Communists may enslave us tomorrow morning. I mean, it’s a real deal. And I, and see how many, have you ever got yourself in the political doom loop where you’ve really dove in in that deep where you’ve thought, are you communist, Craig, Craig, Craig, are you tapping my phone? I mean, have you ever got that? No. I’ve had family members that have turned about half survivalist on me. Y Two k was it kind of a funny, tell me the funniest episode or situation you can think of as it relates to somebody getting way too obsessed about government taxes, political overthrows, geopolitical crisis.

We won’t mention the family member’s name or the friend, but give me the craziest where you’re like, wow, I’ll tell you this Steve jobs story. Okay. I don’t think the man ever bought a tag for his car. This is true. This is actually a historical fact. And He, Walter Isaacson book, he thought that it was unethical and stupid to buy a car tag. So what he would do, this is the one of the world’s wealthiest people I know. That’s what makes it so great. He would lease cars and then have a renewal like every three months, every three months or whatever it was. We never had to get a tag or he would get those paper tags, copied them. He will take a marker and change the date. Change the date because you had one of those are only 30 days. So I’ve, I’ve, this is what I have read though.

I’ve read two different accounts. One where he’s like, no, no. I mean I just would get a car. I just renew it at least. So I never had to get them. And that’s what he was talking about. But you and I know how that works. You’ve got 30 days. Oh yeah. I think he was using some sharpie technology. Oh, I think it was too, but he never bought a tag. I mean that’s kind of crazy when the wealthiest guys around grows his business the way he does. I mean apple, I think we’ve heard of that. I think I’ve heard of him and he is so, I mean it’s just kind of crazy to think that that dude’s like, I mean, and that’s such a small, it’s such a Dickie. I was like you obsessing over a penny that you dropped, you know, or tower to Steve Power, Steve Z. Step number three.

This is huge. Now getting, this is where this is predicated, assuming that you’re saving first, automating your savings first step one. Step two is predicated based on you knowing what you actually make after taxes. Now step three here comes. Don’t spend more than you actually make. No. Well, that’s just crazy. Now budgeting basics Dave Ramsey says it. Dave Ramsey says, a budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it z, why is that a problem? Why is it a problem with you spend money. You don’t know where it went. Oh, it’s just, it’s horrible. It’s a bad feeling. I tell you what, when you think you’re really rocking along and you need, you’ve got a good salary and things are good and I mean things are happening, then all of a sudden you get a little letter or a call from the bank.

Uh, your check just bounced. I mean that’s back. We had checks. You remember, remember the good old days we actually had a cheque. Andrew, you’re probably just going to go back to those days. I was like, we got a checkbook with me to like just sprouts and all buy one item that just fill out that chair and say, surely you would have pain Carter chair. I think. All right. I know I don’t do that. I have seen people do this. Yeah, I love the nostalgia. Oh, I do too. I really do. I also had the, usually I want to follow up with, can I leave it on my tab? Yeah, exactly. For sure. To check stock gun it. But what happens is, and then all of a sudden your check bounces and you’re like, oh my gosh, I thought I was bawling. I thought I had some woolen male and man shock collar.

No, Z Holla. Let’s take about this. I’m going to ask him for the specifics, but there’s this thing called cashflow. Hmm. Money coming in. Money coming out. You’ve got to time things, right? Um, I’m not asking about the specific numbers, but I just want to give an example to the listeners out there at the auto auction. How many cars will you sell on a Friday? The actual, you know, roughly like a thousand ish on, well, two weeks ago or the first Friday of April, I should say. We had our anniversary sale celebrating six years. Six years. I know. 2013 Uno dos, tres, quatro, Cho space. It’s yet to is it was a space, what he called to say celebration or was it that right? I think so. Okay. I know. I don’t know. I’m kidding. Let me know. We’ll talk to a pill to tell. All of our listeners know, Latin America give have a lot of people that don’t speak English for some reason as a way to go to sleep.

Yes, exactly. It’s like, just like the feeling of listening to remain on average, let’s say 500 a week. Okay. I mean we’ve done, we’ve done 900 and some odd glitch. Let’s say that you sold 500 cars this week. All right? There’s a certain amount of cash flow that you don’t have to have. Correct. And I’m not asking for the number, I just want to get an listeners an idea. What does it mean to have cashflow? Just kind of explain the numbers, but you know, just kind of what, what cashflow means for someone who’s not familiar with this concept. Well, what things you got to understand, there’s a lot of people out there that have businesses that do the deal and then they don’t get the money right then. And that’s not fun. No, it’s not fun. I mean, you, I know contractors come out and they’ll paint your house and they want half down and they have to, and then they bill you with the 30 day invoice. You know, this is due in 30 days. It’s due and duty doing 30 days, 30 days. But they shouldn’t, they should want payment immediately. The quicker you get payment, the better it helps your cash flow.

I like to get paid slower now because it’s funny for me. I tell people I closed the deal and then I’m excited because I’m like close $20,000. Right? I have the excitement at endorphin and adrenaline, the whole thing, and then I also liked that sense of like,

uh, I work with, they’re going to pay me, well Z, you know, like it’s what is the adrenaline, you know, rash. We’re going, I don’t know how much money I’ll have. Maybe no money. I also pump gas while smoking. Thank you. I run with scissors, but centers, what happens is it then it goes into accounts receivable and that accounts receivable really doesn’t do you much good because you still have bills coming in and a lot of accountants are into this accrual accounting system where they took her, they’d go see your numbers are looking good. Yeah. Receivable. Yeah. You’ve got over here, you’ve got $20,000 that’s owed you. This is great. It’s great. Does it? A lot of, a lot of accounting firms. We got to set up our tax structure so that you can, you know, you can account for that $20,000 coming in, right?

So, but what happens is all of a sudden you’ve got to the next job, right? Next week he’s got to go buy the paint. You got to hire the guys and they will pay the rollers and the blue tape, you got that, you got that one going and all of a sudden you’ve got money coming out of your pocket to get that going, right? Cause you’ve got to buy them. You go to the paint store that you don’t, you don’t get to say, put that on my account, the paint store. He says I’m not wearing pants out to my car.

So what happens is you have to cognizant of that. You have to understand that even though you do a job, you do a service and you’re going to get paid until that money comes in. So a lot of people get into a cashflow problem where all of a sudden they’ve got so much and quick growing business can get that way. All of a sudden you get all this money going out to do the jobs right, cause you got to pay them, you got to pay the help, you’ve got to buy, you gotta buy the goods, you’ve got to buy the paint, the wood, the nails, the whatever it is. You got to buy all those things and then you have, yeah, like Clark Nail Spa. I would not recommend going to it, by the way, unless you’d like to gays and see how big a head this character is not me.

Oh, I’m sorry. My microphone. Somebody, somebody’s beeping. Someone’s got, yeah. Frick and we’ve got a cross pollination for awhile. Just so sorry. You got to keep the dream alive. It’s like a puppet show. Oh yes, that’s true. Oh, that’s right. You just what you are. You’re the dad who there’s a great puppet show going, hey everybody, welcome to our party. And you’re the kid who comes up and goes, this isn’t real. This isn’t a real bunny. He’s got his head up and then you just rip off the glove and all the kids cry. I will admit, I will admit that if I could go back and do things different and my daughter was the first one in her class to find out that Santa Claus is not real traumatized. Traumatized her, rented for listening to the show right now. I’m still sorry I should’ve given you another year or two of her senior year of optometry school. Never was the same since then. Yeah. And after I told her that she looked at me and she goes, I guess next you’re gonna tell me there’s no Easter bunny too, right? I mean it was just, it was a cat was a domino effect. Cascade affect total rabbit trail. But what’s the farthest you’ve ever taken the the Easter bunny out? Cause I

went pretty far one year. I had a man who worked for me, he was a tall man and not, not tell them that we know, but a very tall man who was a former Dj and I had him in the backyard securing around and then like hop over the fence wearing like, I mean I had, I’m like, who you couldn’t see a bunny suit? We use. Just hear this banging around. This commotion. There’s eggs everywhere and the kids thought for sure though. Easter bunny was here. Oh, of course I did that. I’ve had Santa’s actually be in the middle of the night, come down in the living room and be like, he’s running out the door but like loud enough where the kids could see him running out the door. I’ve done all the moves are our move mine. I did. I’m a sick person,

Martin by mom. My mom was so, so clever. What we would do is for Christmas we did I have it at the house. Yeah. We would have a friend of a friend dress up. We had his costume and it was the wise man costume because they’re the ones that brought gifts.

I thought you’re going to send it just to like boy George. Yeah.

It wasn’t a board. The board can be and that come get me and they would come in and they’d make the kids sit around and they’d tell him like the kids tell the Christmas story and then they would give out the gifts and the wives man. Then would would, would leave and so the night before Christmas, but they do get, like I said, my kids knew it at a young age, so it’s all

so see if I’m out there though, I and I’m, I’m struggling with this cashflow game. I’m just, I don’t, I don’t get it and pay the money up front. Get the money now, what kind of terms do they have to pay it? The auto auction. He said one day when week, month to month. The longest we’ll let them goes one week, one week and that’s her. That’s a really big account because I can’t, I couldn’t do, I was with you one time that somebody actually physically with you at the time that somebody, somebody let it get through the system for more than a week or something. Epic fail. I thought that I was scared for my life because he doesn’t show a lot of emotion on the face when bad things happen and he’s like, Hey, you want to get yourself a reason over there buddy? I think I need a lack of a woman.

And I’m like, okay, and that’s like you screaming. I’m like, Oh man, he just offered me like it, you know, 3:00 PM a Riesling and z. A Riesling is what keeps playing. Why you would, why you would recommend a reasoning for me in a lag of Uhland for you because you’re, you, you’re kind of like a little girl when you, so you like this little little news. Right? But he’s like, do we kind of shoot me off? Like, hey, why don’t you guys go get yourself a Riesling? And it was, we weren’t Jabari. You’d probably ordered an Appletini or something. That’d be cool. Yeah, that’d be now the tennis yoga linear time I’ve ever other senior like a, the only other time I’ve seen you upset was a, or where I was worried was when the big tornado was coming for the auto auction. No. Yeah. And you were like, Hey, can you get yourself a reasoning real quick and I’m going to call money and real quick. And again, that’s like z going, oh yeah. Hey man, seriously, that’s the equivalent of you like freaking out. How do you keep it together? Man?

Can’t freak out. People are watching you. And if you freak out, they freak out. Even worse,

you tear off your robes and run naked through the pond. Well, I’ve done that.

Nobody’s watching him. He doesn’t do that on a case. Right? Let’s go straight to save the auction. Here’s the thing about it. All that energy spent on getting upset, all that energy’s pin on getting mad, all that energy spent on getting angry. I think it’s better channeled in becoming focused, calm and focused and realizing what you need to do to solve the problem and then putting them action steps together and then going to those digital why rail and punched a wall. I mean, all you got to do now is fix a dent in the wall. You know? I mean, as a young kid, I, yes, if I kicked a wall before, I’ll tell you this. The not do the punching walls.

No, they just punch the wall and I put punches. I got a hole in that ball and kind of a wall. You don’t know that I have the whole in. And then that way sometimes when you walk it back and Thea and just the beautiful thing picture of her, somebody else,

the boob is you don’t fix it. Take a little picture over it. You know it’s an odd place to have a picture of your grandmother. Yeah, well she was near and dear. That was your favorite spot in the house. So I just put it there now

that’s a phone. That’s a bonus. Non Tip. Now step number four for budgeting basics. Don’t buy things you don’t need to impress people. You don’t know.

Oh my goodness. How that writes much money is spent on goods and services for things you don’t need because you want to keep up with the time

criticizing. Anyone that I know or anyone you’ve ever met, I’m just saying this, I’m calm. I’m criticizing the cliff. Good folks in North Korea right now, North Korea is, he’s at fair. Does that safe from there? We’ve criticized them. If we have anybody out there who’s in North Korea. Do we have over there? Over there? No, no, we’re good. No, no. I mean, give John Young’s, I have met some people that are Baroque rockin business coach. I’ve seen some people who you say, do you have any money? And they say, oh no, I don’t have any money. Can I borrow $5 go into Quik trip every meal? Oh yeah. I know people that have no bucks but go to Starbucks Z. I know people who can’t pay the rent, but who are on vacation right now in the Caribbean location. Uh, I mean a North Korean location.

It’s really kind of sad when you see people, well, you know, it all goes back to that know thyself and people that know who they are know where they fit in life right now. The other, they may have bigger dreams and bigger goals that may want to do bigger things, but were they, I love being around people that are comfortable in their own skin and they’re, they’re okay with it. They don’t have to lie. They have to make up an excuse. They don’t have to put on this show. I think social media has done, it’s a big disservice because you get on there, you don’t nobody post the bad picture without the filter. Let me, let me tell you that nobody posts the horrible,

let me tell you a social media. This is why this, and I’m sorry out there if this, if this, I’m not sorry, I’m just, I’m sorry that it would upset you. I’m not sure what I’m saying. Um, years ago I was, he was probably eight, nine years ago. Um, there’s a person that was a, a pretty close to me who made a post on social media and someone who I know very well commented something like, uh, hey, where’d you get your hair cut? The 80 store. Oh. But it was too like a female that, you know, my wife and I knew pretty well. And the guy who made the comment, just a mean spirited guy that we knew from college. Oh yeah. And I only knew about it because someone goes, do you, can you believe he wrote this? Wow. But he would do that kind of stuff though.

So like there’s one of my buddies who posted something on social media and he was like, Hey, where can I get the weight gainer? Like just never ending. Now this guy was physically fit, miserable, physically fit, single guy, very, very, very jacked, very single, always miserable. Not that those things are related. I’m just saying this guy was like the guy who was lampoons everybody. But really it was, I mean honestly we just rip on any bevs doses thing. It was just thing. And I met the people who were telling me about I unsolicited. I didn’t say, hey, if someone been trolling on social media, but people that I knew, it’s a kin to me today, can you believe this guy wrote this about me? And I’m like, well what’s going on? And it just really made me feel horrible. I don’t even post on there anymore.

So now they’re like, and it did people, you got to stop that. Like just if somebody out there is, you know, writing bad things about you on social media, d friend and baby. I know. But my point is, we’re going to say people get so jealous because they look at that go, oh my gosh, yeah. Oh my gosh. Because they put themselves out there as this Disney life. You’re in this magical kingdom that they live in your everything’s, you know, smells like roses and, and tastes like butter, you know, and it’s like she did the opposite. We should like post photos ourselves, brushing our teeth and stuff. Oh yeah, yeah. I can look what you did that roll out of bed in the morning. I mean, it’s reality. That’s what we all lived through. But we live to the social media. This is one else doesn’t have this life that doesn’t exist that you, people want you to make, you think exist as my point.

And so, you know, they, they, they go to the Porsche dealership test, drive a car and then take a picture in front of it. They’re like, hey, we should seriously, that should be our move. We should be like reverse glamour on social media. So you and I always like, I was like test driving like an 89 Ford escort. Yeah, that’d be pushing you behind the wheel. Yeah, you’re right. We should like or like we should like post pictures of a card saying declined when were trying to charge a dollar 32 for a candy bar. Yeah. Or brand new sneakers we got through. We just stepped in the mud. We can put a picture of the, I’d go, yeah, great day. Andrew could get that all day just by filling me. I almost killed myself three times in the first two or three weeks. Andrew spent a lot of time with me.

This is true. I tried. My wife’s says just that, just that was trying to put an outlet cover on the wall there. They like a laser show comes out of the wall smoking and sparking and then I’m like talking to Andrew about something and all of a sudden I’m like, Andrew, where are the fire extinguishers? And I’ve come out to the front. I was the front lawn at this time in my whole front lawn. It’s a place cause I ran over a leaves apparently too low. I said a fire. Oh is that happened? And then I was over at Steve Currington. I tried walking out of his front door and his mortgage place. Oh yeah. And I almost slipped backwards and hit my head on a freaking like icing. There’s one more fire incident. Yeah, there’s been, oh yeah, the one where you had a fire over here and it was a fire in the and right next against the garage door to get out there.

Blazoned with the fire extinguishers. It’s a very important, if you’re out there listening and you want to out with me, wear a helmet. What helmet? Yeah. Okay. And a life vest. Now see the final step, the final step is you have to look at it every week. You’ve got to look at the numbers every week cause he, why do you have to look at the number? Why? Why can’t you not? Why do you have to schedule a specific time and specific place to look at your specific financial numbers every week? And why could you just not do it? Well, it becomes a habit and it’s a very good habit. And what’ll happen is is that it will enforce the decisions you’re making during the week. It will let you know that you are on the right path, right? Or it will let you know quickly the trough the right path and that’s why you want to do it weekly at first and you want to really get your head wrapped around and get a flow of it and then then you can maybe go to a little bit less often.

But what happens is is that it’s like shooting a bow and arrow. If you could correct it shortly after the shot, but if you wait until it gets you the target and you, you were off, the farther it goes farther from the targeted gets. He’s just one degree off. So here, so if I’m, if I’m, if I could change it here, then I can get it back on much quick. Worst example I can think of in the last decade for me was Zeke, can you explain roughly what batching is? I’m not trying to paint you into a corner, but like if you have credit cards process, at the end of the day, what you do is whenever the I swipe it actually goes into your account and then what you do is you batch it so then you deposit it into your account. So it doesn’t actually go to the bank until you batch it.

So at the end of the day, let’s say you’ve had 10 transactions with the credit card throughout the day, um, in your company, then what you do is you finish that up, we’ll put poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, do your process. And then all that money then goes, Ooh. So what happened is the machine that we had would charge people yup. [inaudible] into the machine that used to make noise. But then at the end of the day it would go and it batched set to batch at midnight or whatever. Right. This wishing, and we do manual at the end of the day, that was for one, the checklist. Something happened to this particular machine where it wouldn’t actually batch. Right. And I remember it was something weird, but I was looking at my account balance and it was like hundreds of thousands off and I’m like, like 190 almost 200. I’m like wow. Because it was all the AMX.

So my master discover and uh, what visa they were all batching cause that was all through one thing. But I guess AMX is a different flow. Yeah. And so my wife caught it, you know, by looking at it. But at the time we had an individual looking at it and they weren’t looking at either a job is to look at it. Right. And that’s what mistake I made early on in my career. And if I could just say, call myself out and said that’s the one thing I had to tighten up and get better at was when you delegate to somebody, you can’t just say I trust you’re looking at the numbers every week. Sure. You do have to have a time to like get in the business with them. You do. Right, right. Cause I didn’t, I didn’t get in the business for, you know, three, six months or so.

I was like every, he gave me a report, but I never like looked at what you’re saying is you’ve got to inspect what you expect. Come on Kevin on NASA hot sauce cause you know why? Ah, I’m going to do a preaching really well. You know what? Let me, let me get the bridge and he’s doing it right here. Okay? I wouldn’t let me tell you why. Come on now. Okay. Can I get an amen? Amen. You want to know the truth? I’m going to tell you the hard truth. Tell me the hot term right now. Listen Up. Open your ears. How’s your math? Here we go. Unless I say Amen. So much going on and says what? Because nobody, nobody, I mean nobody. Coke to quote key sweat. Nobody cares about your business. Okay? Kay. Your money as much as that, you don’t see that.

And so that’s true. Nobody cares about your money. But by the way, people actually want to spend your money easily, quickly, fast. It’s people enjoy spending my money a lot more than they enjoyed. Can you give an employee a credit card? You say go to Panera bread to get us breakfast. Oh yeah. It’s $180 blast the blast. If you go to Panera bread with your credit card, you’re like, can we split it? Can we get $12 right? Yeah. Seriously. It’s a, it’s a, it’s a phenomenon that has never ceased to blow my mind. I get a free muffin when you just dropped on the floor. Oh, that cool. 12 hours. 12 Day rule, right? Yeah. 12 that’s only for coffee. It’s coffee is really on day. Every old coffee get ready to throw out because that’s where I’d like to get my coffee. Hey, by the way, we’re very close to maybe having the founder of Panera bread on the show.

Really very close to him and that was interesting. Rounder. He did a little shout out, guys, send us the list of the people we made. Tony Shay, maybe, maybe whole foods. Nice. Very close to him. Some big names, very excited. Z and we’d like to end every show with the boom and I would just ask you this, are you ready to do it? Yes sir. I’ve got a five step process for a uh, during the boom here. Andrew. Ready? Oh yeah. Step one. Prepare yourself mentally step to prepare yourself physically. Okay. Step three, unprepared self physically, but we prepare yourself spiritually poor. Metaphysically. Picture this. Step five. Here we go.



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