The Garden Deva Story with Kari Hackbarth | How This Entrepreneur is Growing Her Metal Art Business with Systems, Search Optimization, Email Marketing and More

Show Notes

The metal art entrepreneur, Kari Hackbarth of The Garden Deva shares how creating checklists, intentional customer experiences, and creating a search engine optimized website has changed her business.


  1. By March 2019 they had to take out a loan and invest personal money of the amount of 65K to just keep the business alive, haven’t had to put money into the business since November 2019 and are able to pay themselves!
  2. Got 100 reviews in a week! Has over 260 now
  3. Tripled their sales goal for their last event
  4. Booked out all their art classes for February and March
  5. When they started with us it was a last stitch effort, they were about to close doors, and for the first time they have a business plan and a path that is showing growth


  1. Create an experience – They do live music, monthly events, and have a kickass space – 
  2. Upselling – Have utilized one sheets to book out art classes and up ticket prices
  3. Systems – Are operating with half the amount of staff and producing the same amount with less mistakes
  4. Dream 100 – Have already booked two schools for fundraising events through the dream 100
  5. Managing Artistic People – Are the queens of having a business that is creative and artistic but do not let that stop them from implementing systems. 


  1. What would be the best forms for promoting our Art Classes? 
  2. How to hold your team accountable to new systems? 
  3. Best management style to manage millennial artists?
  4. Tips for working with co-owners or business partners?
    1. It’s Kari and her parents who own the company
  5. How to hire artists, people who need to have training and talent before we hire them? We don’t want to be held hostage by one talented person who knows how to do that one skill but there isn’t enough people out there who know how to do that skill that would allow us to do a group interview for it every week?
  6. How do we excite and motivate our team where they are invested and passionate about the company?
    1. We want an A team that stays for years

Weekly Proactive Growth Activities:

  1. Schedule a 15 Minute Daily Huddle with Your People
    1. Wins
    2. Follow-up on checklist
    3. Wins
      1. Inspiration Talk
    4. Private Correction ONLY
  2. Weekly Team Training Meeting (Same time every week) – 1 Hour Per Week
    1. Standards
    2. Checklists
    3. Roleplay
    4. Give awards 
      1. Reading testimonials
      2. Giving a weekly trophy
  3. Weekly Group Interview (Same time every week) – 1 Hour Per Week
  4. Weekly Accounting / Finance Meeting (Same time every week) – 1 Hour Per Week
  5. Morning “Meta” / Planning Time – 1 Hour Per Day
  6. Weekly Business Coaching Call – 1 Hour Per Week

Implementing the 3-Legged Marketing Stool:

  1. Leg #1 – Email Marketing to Current Customers
  2. Leg #2 – Facebook Video Marketing
  3. Leg #3 – Door to Door | Door Hangers
  4. Leg #4 – Retargeting Advertisements
  5. Leg #5 – Youtube Video Advertisement
  6. Leg #6 – Dream 100 to Private School PTA
    1. When you buy from The Garden Deva, we will donate $ ______ to the PTA.
      1. Cascia Hall
      2. Monte Cassino
      3. Metro Christian
      4. Holland Hall
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