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Broadcasting live from the center of the business coach universe. It’s business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert, zoellner ussba entrepreneur of the year clay clark. It is the pop time show that you’re pooping steps to make joe and sophie is hot and I still see the sea and the sea that was teaching mrs. Fields trucks like to know more all trap. Nation welcome back to drivetime, show on your radio and podcast download so much to cover today, so much goodness so much soap, so I mean goodness it’s it’s. It’s almost embarrassing. How much goodness we have other shows out there, this we have. We should try when your arms, behind your back just to make it fair i, don’t know we have a unicorn, that’s being written by a leprechaun into a black hole, chasing a rainbow brite, and then it did. This person comes into the studio and then what are the chances of a business coach unicorn being written by a leprechaun out of a black hole struck by lightning no john, pierce, so john tom is the super intern turned business owner and the entire story of the entire way that we know john tom really doesn’t make any sense. It so I think I’ll. Let him kind of start the story, but john tom psprint. First of all, yes boss. Yes, this side note could be listening out there. This is a side note I order. My dude has two names. You know he’s probably like to tease record twice that he’s got it right, wow, that’s a regal, that’s pretty cool regal I want to give you an opportunity to share with the the thrive nation.

So how did you first hear about thrive to start this? What started the end of the story? And then what are you doing now as a result of having interacted with the thrive team myself in the thrive program? I am running to chicago is a photography company over in chicago illinois me and my business coach roommate are running. The company were handling shoots every week, making sales calls doing seo and really just taken chicago by storm. That’s right, yeah and i. Also graduated college real estate. Photography, clients is top in dallas, that is in chicago, photographic, ginger, top search engines and johntown. How old are you? I am 23. Absolutely. Are you getting some phone calls? Yes, do you like business coach sauerkraut? No, really it you’re in chicago. You got it, you got it, you got it! You got it! You got it to not like that images. Pizza, pizzerias, I love to learn about myself and our thrive time show business coaching program. Just some casual internet stocking I was going through. Craigslist found a job posting for video editor position and then that’s the first time I saw it. I did not watch your youtube videos. I recognize some of the video I contacted them going to ask them about the company and then I just got a floating in my mind and one day, I was in a target parking lot where I saw your king kim jong-un suvs with thrive business coach logo on it,, and it just. It was just like a beacon calling to me the live, explain this to z I can relate to this is funny and yourself every now and then to go. It’s rare, but it happens, cd rap conversations with yourself all the time or breakfast or suggested a weird, remote location where most people don’t go to avoid potentially running into somebody that you know if your coffee shop, so that the probability of you running into somebody you know is decreased.

Yes, of course, I know that your starbucks everybody at least 10 to 20 people. I know every time I go to starbucks, it’s crazy, so I suggested going to nordaggio’s as soon as I sit down. You guys did my wedding and I have two reactions that can happen. One is going to go good incredible. What do I turn and the guy at the front desk is like I have had on this? Is boo music i, listen to your podcast everyday, since somebody outside I’ve been shot wanted to head to head to. Let go of a great guy will not coming over here. Cuz I don’t understand, it doesn’t have a lot of hair. All I’m saying is it’s I’m going to an obscure? You know coffee play some times to avoid in her i, don’t go to the main places to I want to avoid vote so I’m trying to avoid business coach humans get up at all cost of books, I’m parked in the middle of the parking lot right to tween, where I’m now they’re already used to be looking at a chick-fil-a over there, and there is a pen air I’m in the middle or nobody’s parking. It’s probably saturday, probably the mid-morning whatever, and this is what happens at my window, so I roll down the window of the business coach hummer. What kind of a car might as well be marketing right? Ladies lock, what you said how the interaction but yeah I do I was like hey. Are you with drive i? Think I said I am thrive. I gave you a copy of my business coach book is with me, I think he had the one sheet and then I thought the one should I bought the that I book on itunes and i. Read it on my phone. Okay got got that point. Why did you want to reach out to me or rt? Why did you want to do that? I, guess, i, just didn’t really understand what drive was it exactly and I was I was just compelled to find out more I wanted to to know what you going to do about explain to the drivers what drivers, if you’re, just now tuning into the podcast for the first time we will teach you a proven path to create financial freedom in time for you, if you want to do it, you will achieve time, freedom and financial freedom weird.

If you don’t want to do it, then you won’t and then once we teach you what to do, we help you do it. We hope you actually execute the backend system. Eric schmidt, who was asked in a fortune magazine interview. What’s the best advice he’s ever he sees every is it they said. If you can give it your best advice to people, what is the best advice you’ve ever given to people? What’s the advice everybody needs to hear from you you’re the ceo of google, and he says what he said he’s talking about how he got some advice from jon dore yahoo in 2001 told him. My advice to you is to have a coach and the coach he said. I should have his bill. Campbell I initially presented the advice because after all, I was the ceo I was pretty experience. Why would I need a coat come out to eric schmidt, the ceo of google talk to john. John door is a venture capitalist worth about 7 and 1/2 to 8 billion dollars and he’s behind the scenes. You don’t know his name, but he asked john door for advice. John says you need a business coach by the name of bill. Campbell am I doing something wrong. My argument was a coach. Advise me if I’m the best person in the world at this, but that’s not what coach does the coach doesn’t have to play the sport as well as you do? They have to watch you and get you to be your best in the business contact? The coach is not a repetitious business coach. A coach is somebody who looks at something with another set of eyes, described it to you and his words her words and discusses how to approach the problem come out so jeff bezos amazon for 9 years without a profit and he was giving advice. You need to hire a business coach, but nine years, no problem he hired bill campbell steve jobs get fired from his own company in his business, coach was bill campbell and eric schmidt. His coach was bill campbell. These guys sort of like he only had you know like a half-dozen client is entire life. I need the other one exactly, but I work with google.

How many nba head basketball coach? Did you take your take any of the guys on the bench beat the one on one for 15 gallon of benjamin is a younger guy bread, z31 sometime early 1937, so he’s 41, 41 41 could still get up there and maybe be a post up a point guard or something but you’re right I mean the other. Coaches could beat the players that, on their on their team at the tacoma scrubs scrubs & beyond, the only have 15 till they look pretty good. But my point is:is that they’re not be if they, if they waited for a guy, michael jordan said I’m not going to do phil jackson cuz I can beat you when I’m going to listen to you and that you can put be one-on-one broke down, business coach phil jackson’s book 11 rings, but the point is is that he wasn’t better than the basketball, but he won the championship with them to chuck continue once I realized I could trust him and that he would help me with business coach perspective. I decided. This was a great idea. When there is a business conflict, you tend to get rat hole into it bills. General advice was has been to rise, one step, higher above the person on the other side of the table and to take the long, view, you’ll, say:you’re, letting it bother you don’t so john tom you decided to reach out to us and you interned yeah. Why did you just start? Why did you decide to intern? Tell us about your business coach living. Had you already implemented some of the system in the book previous to interning? Just walk us through what made you want to intern for free after we spoke I read your book and I realize all of these systems were to sit there. A new concept, in which book I read the book and the idea of meted time and the idea of a dream. 100 was like a big light bulb for me. I wanted to go to school, to study, television right and i.

Didn’t have the money so check this out, I create a dream. 100 of all the scholarships I could possibly apply for and I applied to all of them and I mean all of them. I got four and I covered. All of my expenses use the dream 100 system and it work is that ethical, seems like an unfair advantage. The I have a lot of friends who are best selling authors and they tell that they tell me they said hey. You know. One of the things I had to embrace is when you’re a best-selling author. It doesn’t mean that people actually read the books by then read the first chapter and they got some extra book. I read it, and so that was hard for me to accept, but john tom actually applied the principles in the book and got college paid for jump. Jump top is a diligent just like our shameless show sponsor hear classic janitorial nuts. Have you been to the men’s restroom recently? You know what I was there today and I can go in there and it’s like the taj mahal. It’s like the business coach porcelain, palace trumpet so clean. It’s so nice, your class again at oil. Does the does the janitorial services for google news for new stoney up for dupont for the drive time show that how do we get ahold of these great photos of jeff? You get a hold of him by going to the classic clean.Com v classic clean.Com, where you can call him at 918-671-2046 918-671-2046 zumba fitness is it is the truth or they make that excuse I’ll, be up to the school board.

The truth into a like my yoda speaking of star wars references, e i, mean you last night that we went out to go, see the new han solo movie, star wars, by the way, I appreciate that so much the kids had a great time. The movie that I want to ask you. No, no, no, no spoilers i, know you’re. You are not the kind of man that would spoil know a movie for people to have not yet seen it, but if you had a grade the new solo movie, based on your you might respect your objective perspective, give us your grandma scale of 1 to 10 and tell us why I give it a7, 7 and there’s always a there’s, always a thing when I’m at a movie theater. If I am at anytime, look at my watch and see how much time is left it’s it’s not a t actually got to the end of braveheart and you just kept wanting it to keep going right by yourself. You want to watch the credits. You want to see all messed up for nothing. Braveheart 210, my kids walked out with my cousin i. Have none of you I mean I’m, just saying if I was very good, you have high expectations. That’s the problem. I will let you know like apollo 13 like it was going to be a movie that was going to be the the movie that would take star wars to the next level. In the guy who wrote the imperial the empire strikes back wrote the movie I’m. Taking all of these variables me empire strikes, back movie, ron howard great I was thinking like this is going to be like that next level I mean this will be the last movie that kevin costner did. It was good as robin hood I was thinking like that. This movie was was good, but i. Just I was expecting a business coach homerun I got a single yeah i.

Think about. Is you had really high expectations in mine, mine weren’t as high as you’re? So I’ll be honest with you. So that’s why I respect and maybe like the last movie to be the bar, then I would expect me baby like an 8 or 7, but I just want you just wanted to apollo 13 the best parts of the movie and music and then the memories in that you know that all the history instrument that they paid off I’ve been almost went away as soon as it kind of movie started. You know and I’ll. Let me let me take it from 7 or 5 to 10. How would you do that? Tom on the the show. John tom? Is a intern turned business owner, john tom, total listeners about the dream, 100 system that you read in my book thrive and how you’re able to apply that to get your business coach college paid for so the dream, 100 system, i, guess the guy. That idea of it is to create a huge massive net with the hope to get I get such as many as possible capture as many clients or whatever it is that you’re the variable in the dream, 100 ideal and likely 100 buyer the people you want to get this is the dream last. If you got these deals on tomorrow, show interviewing mugsy bo, that’s true., muggsy bogues, that’s game! Cheat on the return for muggsy bogues. He put them on your list. I mean the book made to stick by chip. Heath I mean that’s a great book. It’s a new, york times best-selling book i. Remember reading that book there going to be a no-show i. Did it clay, get it I put mark grace I put them on the list. You will be on the show mark grace chicago cubs in in in in in in in in in there.

We got on the list right now, but the drive time. So we want to interview him, see, make a list of a hundred people. Do you want to have you want to gather up as client, not yet home chef portable from the, ultimate, sales machine, the book work, chet holmes introduces the dream 100 system to the world. Yes, he says best buyers buy more by faster and buy more often than other buyers. These are your ideal. Clients have a special effort dedicated to just the dream clients on:let’s go with regions bank when you decided to invest in regent bank, and it happened that song, you wrote for them by the way to play. These kind of song is being moved tonight, setting so I’ll be over here soon and I’ll be able to hit these buttons nostalgia. Back to the future, the ceo, the president of the guy, with the title posit money and the bank he was currently working at i, believe it is. This is elijah. Yes. He tried to I was speaking at one of those kind of places you speaking like a christian business, men’s lunch or some kind of business was trying to get my business. That’s what you do, what you do, what you do, and you know what I’m tired of 2000 business coach dollars in this account or whatever you want to do, move over your savings, and you said:yeah, a bank that I have ownership in it. So you guys bought the bank of nowata i, believe that just ring branded region bank and then we opened a branch office in tulsa oklahoma, which of course, is coming our headquarters. Blank is not worth over 400 million dollars minor tanning lot of suckers. There ever been a lot of business coach suckers, give us a list of the people. You want to gather business owners that you want to invest in the bank to deposit money in the bank of me. Did you guys make a list or you just randomly going out there I want to do.

Is I want I want to talk about this because you guys any other business coach ventures that you’re involved in you get rejected all the time. But yet it doesn’t bother you, but a lot of people who want to be on entrepreneurs watch me quan. What would what is your name? My name? Is it rejected, like 90 times and all the sudden emotional, exactly as you do, but you get over it you get over until we come back from the break. I want for you to share with us a story about how you made a dream. 100 list rejected witlessly when, after someone I want to hear about the deal that took the longest, a big client of yours, because it your birthday party i, ran into people that were on your dream, 100 list who are now your friends and they repeatedly told you no one point right now:i want you to stop rejecting one of our shows, sponsored just don’t stop it come on, go ahead and sign up with onyx imaging business coach today to have them delivered your printing supplies and office supplies direct your office. You could save time and money by having your office supplies, bluebird direct, submit and sign up today with onyx imaging.Com at sonic’s imaging.Com office supplies and then I’ll broadcasting live from the box that rocks it’s. The drivetime business coach radio shows on the magic show bringing the heat while giving it to you straight in the world.

So I can get up on the market street the facts boom boom boom I’m so excited because today we have an incredible member of our listening audience. Who became an intern and now is a successful business owner up there in chicago the blondest hardest fought battle. He never had to fight to win dream. 100 list explain the dream:100 system is a system developed in order to get as many of your ideal in likely buyers as possible. So you would make a list of the ones who would absolutely change your life. He would get you to where you want to be, and then you call them until they cry dyer by and don’t you have those clients you get, you get the ones out of the dream, 100 and I believe on average it is one. Supercenter. You said 2 to 3% check homestead in the book, the ultimate sales machine at about 3%, either way. I’ll just say it’s a lot of rejection and I’ll. Just tell you. Some people have rejected me in the last week. There’s some good ones here. Just rejected me this week, but a member of his team said no i, think missy elliott did to missy elliott work it work it I need a glass of water. You know work, it I got rejected from I meant by missy elliott this week, I rejected twilight on our podcast, because I don’t want to interview anybody I want to interview the goat, someone who’s the greatest of all time and so sure I’ve made a few more people to rejected me. The last week that we can josh are emotionally that it goes really reject you or did one of his team members. One of his team members rejected venture. Capital firm in the world is rejected. Me i. Think about this I mean it’s kind of sad that you get rejected rejected by some pretty awesome. People on this list, I mean yeah. It does look at it today. I threw that book before I talk to her before I got rejected before the pretty intensely by just a patriots in general, their current players. You have to go through their front office. They control the message they control and so I’ve been shut down.

Pretty up your former patriots player I’m going to have it tracks in there, but I’d open current players, I mean, but you haven’t said yes, yes, yet all you think about a man. Look at this list hear chubb. Chubb are some pretty good ones. I mean mark. Grace hasn’t rejected us yet, but he hasn’t also call us back to say yes cent, the rapper no response back I took this. Is clay I missed your call? Did you call dana carvey? Did it carvey’s rejected, submit larry king rejected toni braxton r&b artist rejected me wow? Oh, no, not yet you if you knew what’s the way. We know why drake has been rejected me slick, rick, the, rapper I mean slick rick come on slick rick slick on the list is on the front of the hip hop producer for the for the wu-tang clan is rejected. Rejected me I’m having a lot of solid rejected lately, but here’s the thing is:i:don’t care, don’t care to help the listeners get into the business coach mindset of guys like you and me who just don’t care? We just we’re going to aim for the spaghetti name for the british, new moon shots, and if we miss we’re going to get some stars to get some great people on the show that have said yes, so talk to, you can hear everything you got to get my head wrapped around:okay, those that are with you or with you. We are with you and those that are ginya, forget about him. Well, well, what am I going to be on the show we celebrate. We have a great time. Awesome is the best guess, the witness and the ones that say no to you, you don’t do over. You don’t get them going to wonder. Why I wonder why I like I said I can understand that you can’t worry about. It is if it’s been kept fret and worry over and think was you know what type of coaching moment because his friend comes in, has a bad experience that writes bad reviews. I thought I find out. The both of them are friends on facebook with our number one competitor, shocking, shocking, shocking.

Your office is like lamenting, they’re upset I’ve had at least five or six people tell me. I’m just really disappointed them. People are like wondering. Are we doing a good job or we try? Should we should we go on reinvent the system, so she bought it at the worst possible time later. Grumbling the homes that the world I mean. You wondered in mortgage-backed, securities work, I mean the portfolios and everybody just cats living together. It was no. 191 gratin find investors, but as soon as you start talking and start showing them your numbers and how well you’re doing you’re not doing very well funny little feeling about yourself going really have to make sure that we’re trying to sell them is that you’re, pretty good run out. I mean that they have confidence in us, and so it took us a few years war, and that was very frustrating for i, can even really go after my dream. 100 you following me, I mean we had to get her. We had a business coach button hat your butt batten, the hatches, battened batten down the hatches batten down the hatches hatches wrong. You can’t go wrong about how do I can’t do it. That’s a problem in those things down and so then, maybe start digistruct to work, but now they had the bad history of not doing well. And so then you have to stay at work. I know you’re in there working and you’re in there working you’re in their work, work, work, work, work, work, work, work is easier, working working, working working and then you find it and now you go to him and you’ve laid the groundwork, and you said, okay, you’ve thrown out if you flee, since you said it that way until we’re doing this well or until this happens, do not get involved and guess what chicken butt that’s right and so persistence mcdonald’s on the dream. 100. But if you don’t just take one know:i love, you said john tom and that’s what we preach and practice, and that is you you you were coming till they do what three things or by there you go. That’s on your list is business coach deceased.

It’s kind of over the line to keep calling, but if there is a surviving spouse may be interested, I mean i, wouldn’t take it off the list, entirely, no credit cards. Are you saying that you’re still interested in your listing today? Do you want to get your accounting 6 going to become proactive about your accounting? I know you do and cpas. Comments hood cpa.Com become proactive about your accounting with hood, cpas., com and the thrive time show kick it? Yes, you can. Yes, you can, can I kick it? Yes, you can. Can I kick it? Yes, you can. This is click clock on the mic. A can of coke is tung. Oil finish and I’m focused on the beach. The still same plans broadcasted from balance to the left of the portland ants, and now my friends, you got to dance to see, and I’ll be to see it yes, and now it’s big like that man fam fired up for this particular segment. Did you tomorrow? Why you made a comment? Is we’re getting ready to go into the segment? You said that this is going to be ron, howard ash, good ron howard, the legendary producer of apollo 13 of the cinderella man great great great producer of the new star wars movie and I just want to say this because I think maybe the listener. Some people listen to lyrics some people. Don’t you do have two fans with chuck. You have three fans, people in the world that believe in what you’re doing, but you have three fans, but you’ve got to get a little nuts like if he can’t he can’t. You have to get a little crazy, because what happens is if you’re out there thinking it’s. Some else is going to believe in your idea.

It’s not going to happen anymore when you go out there and meet with people, and you share with them your ideas. Everybody asks this freaking stupid question all the time they say action yet how’s it going. Do you have any traction yet how’s it going thanks. Everybody wants to be a bandwagon fan. Everybody wants to join in with you once you reach what you’re winning said, what you wearing right, i, don’t sit there and make a list of it and dwell on it and think about it. But I can tell you it’s so funny. How many people have told me that mike, my idea to start dj connection.Com was stupid. Stupid I mean so many people, I went to college with said it’s a dumb idea where you going to fall back on then, when dj connections doing 4000 events a year, weddings birthday parties, that kind of thing I got a friend who was a banker because me a call he’s working at a bank, and you can hire me and i. Think to myself is because it’s funny how you remember how you remember certain events, yeah i, think to myself, like this, the same guy. That told me that this was a stupid idea. Why do you want to switch careers in the bank to hear you i, just I just feel like it’s like soul, sucking like it’s like I did the same thing:everyday I’m, analyzing risk I’m, just I’m a risk management analysis. Guy I ran I need to meet the people that I’m, rejecting or saying yes to I guess I’m. Looking at me like what you’re doing man, it’s just awesome like you, you are doing what you love to do every day, I’d love to just be in an business coach environment where I could? What would I do at least be around somebody who loves what they do because I literally hate my job and I said? Why do you do it? Just because you know I had some college debt and I went and got my major in this particular industry, so I might as well.

Do it use it, and this is what I said to this guy and I won’t get into any more detail, so I cannot reveal so I don’t reveal his identity. I said to him. If you did not have a degree in this particular industry. What would you do-and he said music and I said in what regard we got into this big old rabbit, trail and I encouraged him to quit his job and to go into music full-time and to this day he does music full time he actually lived on the couch for a while. He actually went without a lot of things that people would consider me normally live on a person’s couch for a long time, and he became like a like a pro bono roadie, but long story short. He achieved his goals and this is probably like a year-and-a-half ago. He calls me randomly goes dude I had to get nuts and I appreciate you for telling me that, because, like I was stuck this desire to conform to everybody else and I thought you were like I only listen to you, because you had business coach success but like I appreciate that and I think that if you’re listening right now and you want to start your own company or you have a company, you have desires to open up in a second city. Is he don’t? You have to be just a little bit nuts? You do because I take what you’re waiting for everybody else to cheer you on and tell you what to do and there’s a band you, should, be, me rocking this concept, you’re doing great, been go, go, go home and tell they don’t in fact people closest to you might even be jealous and I might even be jealous of you. You’re home equity. Before you put your home’s equity to guarantee a business loan, don’t most people think you’re crazy, but people say that you, you put your home up as collateral to guarantee a business loan as crazy. Absolutely easy talk to talk to the listeners out there about the importance of being the pig at breakfast.

This is something you talk about all the time. It’s one of your 10 core principles, but being the pig at breakfast I want john time to talk about the thrive conference and how your kind of how we teach that kind of mindset at the conference’s would talk to me. What what is? What is your principal? This is idea of being the pig at breakfast. What’s that all about the idea is this:is that whenever you eat breakfast, if you had breakfast lately, I know you’re on a big you’re, not a big recently I’ve been having 100 good good good sense that the job that y’all on here cuz I’m stronger than the pig, is committed because he gave his life bacon ham sausage for breakfast I said you know, maybe I’ll lay one tomorrow, maybe I will wait. You know the idea is that when we, when you meet a young person or person that is starting a business and they are fully committed, writes the odds of them being successful are much higher than 2 business coach months, but yeah I can work on saturdays I’ll just go. I went to work it for love, but I won’t do that commitment. When you get the mindset of an entrepreneur-and you said yourself, you go from I hope this works. Do this has to work and I’m going to do whatever it takes to make it work when I’m not sleeping as much yeah I’m working 7 days a week, yeah I’m working all weekend, yeah you know and think about. It is, and then you have that balance of maybe she’ll have to have another job while you’re starting a business. Maybe you have a family that is, you know like hey dad. Remember us were actually your children.

We have all these things you’re juggling, and so what happened is is those things that are time:suckers your the five hours of tv, the average american white 2 hours, so i. Okay, to call you because I want to get the recreation. Was your unwind, your member I just need like they just facebook to just come unwine those things guess what good they go on the bike show and then, whenever you get success then you can facebook book face my myspace get stuff off a snap you to twitter all day long, our workshop after you first approached me a knock knock on the window on a hummer, and you asked me to pick my brain. Then you can’t do you beat beat beat. Then you became an intern. Did you decided to attend? The business coach conference happened at the conference. Was the magic moments for the big break away idea of the concept of the conference was the systems that were taught the idea of the systems. I knew met a time and you dream 100, but I didn’t really understand the whole concept that an entrepreneur is someone who provides a service for a monetary compensation for somebody in exchange for monetary compensation. I had never understood it like that. I always imagined a business owner had to be i, don’t know if in doubt with this magic wand, but when I learned about the growth mindset when I learned about the systems and what I learned about what an entrepreneur is, I just had to understand and realize how I could have put my own skill set to become a business owner, and so I wanted to intern to learn more about business, because I didn’t learn any of that and call it. All. We come back from the break. I want you to get in-depth in 2 hours. I want to give you almost the entire segment to talk about your internship because you actually have worked in the thrive time.

Show offices are located off of the riverwalk in beautiful jinx america on the west coast of the arkansas river and you’ve worked there and I want to hear you share about the decor, the atmosphere, the beatings, the intensity timeline to I want to hear like whenever you, yes from the knock on the window to today, I like to for you to break down i, think I forgot to listen to when I can break down the timeline like how long were you here hungry there, but, but since that knock, you got a lot of stuff done. So you can write down the time line to be thinking about that during the break. Okay, brian tracy says no one lives long enough to learn everything they need to learn starting from scratch to be successful. We absolutely positively have to find business coach people have already paid the price to learn the things that we need to learn to achieve our goals. So as an business coachexample, this past week and my wife decided to hand it dig well, this is awesome story, so she goes on. Youtube learn how to do it buys all the things needed to do it. She drills down 15 to 20 feet into the earth to the sea, pines water and drilled. Well, true business coach story, but while doing that she was attacked by bees, we had to be he’s all over our property I guess it in the b starchaser play decided to not try to reinvent the wheel. I tried to send to reach out to somebody who’s already birth of my how to remove the platinum pest & lawn care, you all these guys, planning, dash pest control.Com, platinum, dash, pest, control.Com, and actually doing three termite inspections. Right now they find damage they’re going to do $200 off your termite treatment, free termite inspections, 918-376-0857 918-376-0857 attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review.

Claim your business coach tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t, and your contact information to info at drivetime, show.Com, all right. All right and I’ll write, write beach! Welcome back to this right time show on your radio. My name is clay clark and I was absolutely put on the planet. For this moment with you, I know, there’s so many people out there that say, I wish I had a mint or I wish I had somebody that can show me the proven path, and this is why doctors and I do this podcast. We will try to make sure you’re getting this if you google elephant in the room, men’s grooming lounge, if you google, oxy fresh.Com, if you google dr. Robert, zoellner and associates, if you google, z66 aaa.Com regent bank, if you google epic photos of businesses that were involved in there’s many more make your life epic. Com, if you, if you, if you google, aziz. At the disease eye doctor z’s sleep center, if you google a to z medical, there’s all sorts of reasons that we don’t need to do the show. But the reason why we do this show is because we believe in you-and we know that in this world of of up in it’s the information age, there’s so much misinformation and most of it is happening at college campus. Is there so many misguided college courses, these entrepreneurship classes that don’t help youtube videos that don’t make sense business coach books that are not actionable ted talks to just leave, you wondering what is the meaning of life, and so we get together every day for two hours of power and z. I want to ask you:why do you do this? Show what why do? Why are you so passionate about mentoring, our listeners, because someone has to be the guard rails on the ship, beautiful, wonderful thing about 3 years ago your protein said.

Listen, you know, I had meant heard your little bit tell your wife at work for me and you can’t move this great concept and it’s all about scaling. You know, thought about finding and jumping a really good at and then doing it and making good money. I didn’t know. You said yourself, you were being a business coaching, probably the world’s best business coach. I. Put you up, I would put you in a cage with any other business coat, and you guys have a business, I mean my money’s on you that you’re walking out and he’s laying there and up in the heat, cuz I’m. Sorry, your head I got this concept to scale business, coaching skill mentoring, because right, learned, I’m entering our mistakes and I’ve been now very successfully business. Coaching and I can only do one at a time right where the dentist I can only pull one tooth at a time. One time, one time, one time what we did was. We came up with a business school online right now and we went around all these great mentors, great the story of seasons of them in a fun way. I love your terms:edutainment entertainment meet education, bingo, and then we did this week. That was our building block and then, from there we had business coach radio stations contacting us wanting us to make a radio show which we’ve now been buddy going to have been wanting a podcast, and then we turn that into a podcast, and then people wanted more. What is so crazy because there’s nothing more legit than buying a piece of land? When do you buy your optometry clinic 99, the piece of land in 99 in the biggest mall in tulsa, oklahoma million twitter followers? You don’t spend your whole day doing bogusness people want to know. Is it real with a blue jay company we’re doing 4000 weddings a year, but because I’m not spending my day, writing some ridiculous blog talking about how I feel or taking diy photos of how to make some selfies all day long? Is it real and 23rd? And it hit me up on your way to deny the people who are we in denial? Tabletop could I don’t have a a team like you have i, don’t have guys too.

If I went and got web designers if I went and got seo on your graphic designer shotgun said:okay, okay enough, we get you need you need. More of us will give you the right more one-on-one coaching and to do that to do that. Cuz! You didn’t want to do all the business coaching again we raised at these great auditions coaches and he was on the show with this right now. Eric, hello, hello, hello, i, donut shop! That’s make night, it’s okay! If it’s really involved in this wonderful and now I’m being syndicated, you know we’re just going to be kept in portland portland oregon I mean things are going well and I decided to engage in a profound way, first with interning, second, with a bunch of becoming a coaching client after seeing the business coach process so I’m going over to ask you this. What was your experience like in turning at the drive time to show it was the most intense mind-blowing experience? I’ve ever had i, don’t think I’ve ever done anything as long as immersive as interning at thrive. I did my first day. I. Remember I got to shadow you, as you went through your a one-on-one coaching session to the clients then going on there. While we learn how to do seo, you talk, I learned I was told. You were shadowing me with clients every hour on the hour. I work with a different client. Yes, what did you think about that when I was in one meeting is for the fitness company next meeting is with like a dog training. Company next meeting is with the property management company. Next meetings with a dentist tell me:what do you think about going from industry to industry? What was what was your initial? If you can remember what was your initial impression of that experience, you were saying the same systems in each of the meeting, so it’s the same principles that were being displayed in each of the meetings. This company was in a different step at a different part of the process of building and growing the company.

You are guiding them through each of these processed, like it’s a path of some sort, yes sure with the listeners out there, what is the decor? What is ambiance what’s, the culture of the drive time show offices, it’s pretty overwhelming you walk in and there is quotes and portraits of successful business owners and artists covering the walls as well as books are written by great writers in in business. Don’t know why that is I believe it is because you want to surround yourself with the mindset in the ideas of those who are successful so that you can try to achieve that exist. Can I take the shirt on level to go back up to a house or am I going to darth vader on. Let’s go dark and go back up to the top of that. Okay. Do it I have found at the world as a majority overall is very negative and terrible. So if you was going to cnn.Com right now, I’m going to pull up cnn.Com those pull the big screen off check if you go to cnn or fox news or cnn, first two letters on the big screen, so we can all sit together. Cnn, it says:alberto threatens gulf coast trump just put the money in his memorial day tweet elliott city still recovering from the flood. It just goes on and on and on with negativity you go to to fox news. It says brave, yet swept, away, national, guard member missing. As maryland governor declares state of emergency in mud, mud floods, you scroll down, it just keeps continuing with starbucks to close all business coach stores for employee sensitivity. Training. Good luck with that one. So all I’m saying is:there’s an endless me come on now it’s just got to school system problem at the breakdown of the family. Probably starbucks can’t shut it down for a day and fix all the employees. Sensitivities from jackass rig, for the point is what is it to fix by the way?

Apparently they have person who is loitering and one of their stores who happened to be of color, so somebody that told me I had to leave, and now it’s become a thing. All my god and so I would say:is it lost their hands are too sensitive to the hot cups of coffee? Is super negative and so I wanted to create a place where every day I would have positivity. That’s for me. Second thing is carlton pearson, a mentor. My life told me, he says clay, you don’t spell words. Words cast a spell on you and I thought so I put those up everywhere in her office and I’m never done it’s. A constant quest in the third is I think I’m, naturally depressed make natural just naturally, my nature, like my natural state, is i. Wake up every day going it’s 5 in the it’s 9. What time it is 6 in the morning when I wake up, I look at my list when I go cash, I’ve got all the stuff to do and then I start doing it before I want to do it and then once I start doing it. It’s like inspiration is the reward I get for doing things that was said, I get motivated, I get that momentum and the people around me start to say dude. Why are you so motivated? Are you so fired up and I wanted to find a way to share that and descale that and that’s what our office is all about now, when you go into these meetings throughout the day, talk to me about the accountability that jonathan kelly and the other probably business coach managers are people you work with put on each person on the tv dvd, strict regimen and accountability yeah, it’s very simple tasks assigned and there’s deadlines / to the task with the person who specifically responsible for completing the task for the client and the same for the clients who are at the meetings.

They have to complete their tasks by the next meeting. So they can. The company can continue to grow. We do when people don’t do their action items what it what happens, you’re fired, z talk is through that it seems every show me these come to the program so well. I’m in tears, I’m so happy that some people don’t do their job. We fire them, but in most american companies, people actually don’t fire people, it just keep them for years and years, and there was this girl silly concept that they’ve got a ride him up all these times, I’ve got to put all the time they got to try to life coach him so many times that got to try to rehab them. You know it’s not their fault. We didn’t train them. Well enough, so you know, and so they put it back on them. Do your checklist for the bathroom. Did you feel like we is? A company did a good job explaining that to you or really you know, I thought I was only supposed to do. The one part gives it was very missed. Tell me about your family and all the personal things are going well. My dad used to put cigars out on my arm and that’s probably, why don’t we close down all of our store gravity training, what the business coach crap? This is crazy. That violated the rights of some events that happened, shut down, that person send them to training on frequency in and say this moron violating the rights of our customers are fired. It’s ridiculous culture we have where we shut down an entire national chain of stores to train I mean it’s it’s ridiculous. 8 months ago somebody I wanted the airlines I tried to drag somebody off of a plane by their hair because they argued with him or something and it’s like, and so the the the actual person who’s working on the plane. I got to be the stupidest. This person tries to call the person down in the video goes viral. You know, cuz, there’s, like sure, could you please calm down there? Just like a bus station in the sky, people fighting and stuff? That’s a great company. Starbucks is a great company.

You realize how hard it is to start and grow a great company. The whole company down for employee sensitivity on the employee for employee sensitivity, training, simple, how much money they can lose on that deal. Hello, hello, almost i, just makes me want to everyone around you for back training. You don’t give a, I bet, eagle a pain in the spine or shut down your entire family for sensitivity, training. What you do is you take your body to dr. John silver’s chip tell us about wayne gretzky was going for wings good enough for you. That’s get ahold of him at dr. John, sibley., cambiar, john, sibley., com calm today at 918-749-5741, going to do a free x-ray reassessment and a free adjustment on your first visit. 918 well, I lost the number to get ahold of him at 918-749-5741. 918-749-5741 zumba fitness is the true father. Make that excuse I’ll be up going to cut the scoreboard, the truth he is my mentor like my yoda thing. I wasn’t young radio today. That has the ability to be a catalyst for you to really motivate you to push you to be your best or to irritate irritate you and to allow you to realize that you do not have what it takes to be successful because you push it real good push it real good! That’s nice! I love that you know we, we show me the path and then every now and bungee jumping or going off a cliff where you have, you need a little just a little just a little help you bring it back, you wanted to do it. You signed up you climbed up the rock you you’re standing up there and made the boats watching you not take summerlake time and you’re up there. You don’t show your like you’re thinking I’d. This is a bad business coach idea. I don’t want to do this. Is it really deep enough done all these go through your mind, then I couldn’t do it? I just need just a little little push.

So this is. This is the show that hopefully, the catalyst for somebody out there, so you actually I decided to knock on the window of the hummer approach me randomly out of the blue. Talk to me next thing. You know you’re entering in her office because you asked to intern you’re you’re willing to work for free. How long ago was that have been made about a year ago today, oh yeah I think I started writing. Your whole story is a year 12 months. Okay, this is good all right about you, june till about mid august and make sure just eat that my head is so I took a problem. When did you decide that you wanted to start your own company was at the conference? Was it while shadowing when, when that moment occur, when you said I want to start my own thing, it was when I was with shadowing you. One of your meetings. I began to the it just clicked. For me, the moment I think it is. Everything came together for me to understand. This is something I need to be doing, because I saw the entrepreneurship was really the only way that I know to achieve, financial, freedom and, more importantly time, freedom I was just hoping I value. Very much remember you were in turning and you said you wanted to attend a conference. Can you talk to me about the impact of the conference made on you? The other listings you’ve never been to a business coach conference before and they’ve grown considerably. Since you went into the convert to explain what is the conference like 45 minutes print, the 15-minute break? The topics would cover just to share that your perspective of the conference’s I love the structure of these 45-minute workshop that have a specific topic that we would be studying, whether that be met a time or seo weatherbys 45 minutes within a 10 minute break that we can go drink, coffee or ask you any questions.

You know what that one, because I have a very short attention span, so that was just perfect. Can I bring this up right away after listening to this? What’s crazy? Psychology today has study on this at, as your studies on this attention span, john tom, everybody does people. What did you say? Everybody wasn’t paying attention to everybody in our culture today, not just today, but it just it just how the human brain work most people can not pay attention on a fixed subject for more than about 45 minutes. If it’s super interesting now, what happens is that will you drive to work everyday i? Think about your trip to work on your listening right now to get your last trip to work? Can you remember a single thing that happened while you drove to work the last one of the last church service you went to this is discouraging for the minister’s out there, the top ministers, the top pastors. They engage people emotionally and they’re able to get people to intellectually to mentally, engage in the entire sermon. But if you don’t emotionally engaged somebody during a service in your minister out there, people won’t remember anything. You said during the business coach service, the cognitive load of the average person’s about 15 minutes at the most amount of time the average person can pay attention seat unless they are emotionally engaged see. Why do you feel like most people can’t pay attention to something? That’s not remotely interesting for more than 15 minutes. I, don’t know if it’s changed, i, don’t know what this is an evolution of our minds because of all the things out there that are wanting or attention, and we can understand that most people are getting push notifications all day, long they’re, getting push notifications for their book, face, they’re, getting push notifications for the emails, push notification for text messages, jefferson, how many interruptions or how many, how many distractions does the average business coach person have in a course of a day play 85 to 90 the numbers, climbing 85 to 90 interruptions per day, and that number is climbing. So if you don’t insulate yourself, you got so many things, it’s kind of like your friend of mine. You know that little attention deficit ever now they have to be like looking more like squirrel squirrel squirrel and how many of us are you know what happens? Is that if you really don’t insulate, if you really don’t understand that you have two ears and one mouth and you really need to focus, and you really need to pay attention which of the which is almost to learn thing so much to learn that you did.

It’s not natural for us to do that. It wasn’t something so captivating like a cat. Video chat that you like them. That’s where that’s where workshops are kind of like jim gaffigan meets business. It’s a lot of fun. We laugh. We learn john, to explain the overall or of the workshops to decor the ambiance. Just explain the whole I think I’m going to buy a ticket, but I want to understand what it’s like when I get there you get there and you smelled opinion whether is burning through at the office. The music is blasting a through the whole office as well, and it’s filled with with comedy throughout the education very funny, because it makes it more engaging and it makes it easier for a and people will go, get a hamburger cuz. It tastes good on wow, you can get ice cream cuz, it tastes good shocking, but people actually do stuff they enjoy. Do it. Yes, you can laugh and learn. It’s called to make combination. It really is actually. Can you compare the workshops to your college experience at oklahoma, state, university? Well, first of all, you’re going to be listening to people who have actually done something in the business field and not just been teachers, practical action, steps that you can implement the next day. You can get started implementing these moves in these systems and everything that we’re going to teach you, and that is not my experience at business college whatsoever during the break. Think about all the things you learned, while interning that allowed you to produce income, revenue-producing skills learned, don’t produce revenue I want you to make a list of all the revenue-producing skills that you learned, I like you to share with lizards, while listeners like this show, because they laugh and learn have a good time.

I want to teach all the listeners revenue-producing skills in one revenue-producing skill you have to learn. Is you have to make sure that everybody in your city knows the name of your company? So if you’re looking to build a building for your business, you need to know the name williams contracting. That name is williams contract williams disease eat. Are you familiar with this company called william heard great things about them? Williams contractor? Will – khan.Com it will – khan.Com attend the world’s best business coach workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t and your contact information to info at drivetime show.Com, all right back to the right time show on your radio show. We have an opportunity to interview an actual listener who has decided to engage with the show in a way that is, is profound, it’s not normal, and it’s what we want to see more of it. Somebody who said listen, I would like to intern and i. Remember, remember telling john tom, we don’t really have a position available, a paid position, but it’s like okay I’ll work for free, so john time works for free as an intern for probably a week, I want to say maybe week and a half and that turned into a paid position, because you were doing such a good job and then that turned into you wanting to open your own company and that turned into you now having a very successful company in chicago.

What is the name of the company chicago real estate, photography company and what kind of revenue are you doing on a weekly basis right now, like what kind of gross sales revenue on a weekly basis cuz the business is. How long is the business been open? The business has been open since august, so we’re right at the 10-month, mark so 10 months into the business. How much revenue per week are you generating right now? That’s an average anywhere between 800 mm are due at the house. So it’s like a $50,000, your business, and it’s something you just you just started and I talked to me about this. Is that you’re like at the at the beginning stages of something powerful talk to me about what what are some of the revenue-producing activities that you learned, while interning at thrive that you’re now using to grow your company, the holy grail that I learned is seo search engine? Optimization? Yes, so talk to me about search engine optimization? What did you learn while interning for thrive that maybe the average person wouldn’t know how to produce content that allows my ideal likely buyers when they were searching for my specific business coach service to put in a particular keyword or phrase such as chicago real estate photos and for my website to come up first so that they can then give me a call and then I can be in business with them. So, specifically, I’m writing content. What did you learn about writing content while you work at thrive, I learned the formula to successfully write this specific content needed for google to the google god’s just google work differently than you thought it would work. Yes, it does imagine it was this all seeing mysterion alchemation. It is essential to the perception of your company to gather reviews, because we actively seek out reviews from our clients from our friends and family who can validate the service that we are doing it. You know prevent some crazy upset person to give us one bedroom unit to be the only perception of our company. So how many leads a week? Are you getting right now? I’d say on average the inbound calls me about three to five calls I’d say on average a week. Do you spend on on on advertisement right now and advertise when I say anywhere between 40 to $60 a week? Okay? So when you get a new car right now, I remember when you enter in fours I feel like you made some cold calls towards the end. I did.

Yes, are you still making cold calls today to land new clients or no? Yes, hold talks to be interesting for dr. Z to hear learning how to make cold calls talk to you about what was going through your head. When we first had you start making cold calls for company, so I first started with cold calls. I was definitely nervous. I feel like i, was breaking some rules, calling people who didn’t want to talk to me, but I just began to trust the system that was set up in to read the script and to read it in a way that it did not sound as if I was reading a script a rather having an order. Another human and I use that to successfully set appointments to make sense when you built your optometry clinic, you graduated from ns, you and your little pine state, university, fine, fine school, and he went on to become the business coach president of eyemart if I’m, correct, correct, correct, there’s a year of my life, okay, and so they almost right tonight can I say how you left. Why you got fired, though the quick and kind of cute and allergy that I used it’s going to get married again and it’s got two kids and you get along well with her and the kids. You know when she leave the room. The kids, like we hate, you, don’t touch your mom, we’re going to make your life miserable and that’s a while adjusted to get everybody there in the home office were how many stores did eyemart have. Would you were the present a ford?

We start in. We ended up on the year that I was there. We open up. Another 24 I believe that to a month, so stores for petite about 48 to 50 when I left, and so when you got fired. How did you feel I felt motivated? Did you i, felt motivated see? This is interesting, cuz! That’s how I process it too I felt motivated so when I get times in silence of powerful I just want to process this, because when I get fired or rejected or told no or whatever, that is I immediately bounce back two times more intense immediately and i, don’t know what that is, because that’s what I do so. It’s, like my wife, is joke about this, but there was a guy years ago who physically threatened me, and my wife was Joking-i’m, sorry about that for a friend of mine in a guy who started a company by stealing my customers was there so nice and he made a statement about my wife, and this is probably statute of limitations. Probably 12 years ago, okay I would be $30 business now, but I had him business coach down and I was like a kill position, the bigger than me and my wife, cuz I appreciate you for not throwing haymakers because you would have killed them and I said, but he’s bigger than me. Just that’s just saw the look in your eyes and I think you shouldn’t be an entrepreneur if that is not what you’re willing to do when you get rejected, if you’re not willing to pounce back two times harder, when you get rejected, you should not have walked out the door in a long walk by the way.

I was already formulating. My plan, I was already I was already engaged in the next I was engaged and what I was going to do still with what is wrong with us. So that makes us one fire back 2 times with with two times more aggression. When we get rejected, where did you learn that, or is that just me always had a lot of brothers? Let me that’s a combination. If you don’t have any you think about it, you can you know you can try the curl up in the fetal position and do nothing move right and and try that a few times and see what does we could try the wipe it off shake it off. What’s next free I going forward, don’t looking back what am I going to do next? What’s my next move, what are my options? Do you feel like that’s the same as big brothers cuz? You could sit there and whine about it, but it is what it is there. Your big brother, you never. What is the crap about pushing back from rejection fighting through rejection dominating their business coach competitions? Number one choice in tulsa oklahoma? If you have a ford automobile and you need to fix your batteries, your transmission, your heat and air system for suspension and alignment. Everybody is choosing rc auto specialists, rc auto specialists years of experience working for they help it’s a non-profit, supporting orphans across the globe to get ahold of these guys at 918-872-8115, again, 918-872-8115 rc, auto, specialists. Com any ford. If you guys have a suite for the forecast, lita ford, you got to get ahold of guys. Rc auto specialists. Com +91-887-281-1531 broadcasting live from the center of the universe, presenting the world’s only business school without that bs with optometrist can’t entrepreneur, dr. Robert zoellner, and he ussba entrepreneur of the year clay clark get ready to enter the thrive time show on talk.

Radio 1170, who decided to reach out to us to first become an intern at the drivetime. Show then went on to become a client of the front of time, show business coaching program and is now inside the studio. We come full circle and I were talking about becoming successful, pushing through the pain and I want to get your final take on this each other’s listening, and they have found that they become immediately discouraged with a face rejection. What is the tough love mentorship that you wanted me to give them? It’s so bad everytime I get rejected. Somebody writes a bad thing about me on social media for potential customer rejects me. I just immediately feel depressed I want to quit, but you it take you take with one of my favorite actors in the world is bill murray movies, which still happen to be the one that makes me smile, everytime, i, think about that. No stripes meatballs and you haven’t seen it you to see it’s been it’s a final 34 year old before the game against the rich kit against the kids that have it all right if it can’t that’s over the top obnoxious and bill murray in an attempt to motivate the team and took the business coach motivate the kids start to chant, chant, chant balls beachbody. This is an actual of shameless endorsement of meatballs. It is and I do know if I’m going to receive any commission checks for this, but he starts the chant and it’s go something like this:it just doesn’t matter it just doesn’t matter it just doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter. The point is when you get rejected with just doesn’t matter? Doesn’t next up next on mixed up world?

Who cares? Who cares bar widget bar widget, those that are getting you forget about him? Forget about him? Just such a profound idea, it really is any idea that you can switch gears and go forward and say:okay, that didn’t work what’s next and that’s we could look at it there’s a reason why folks listen to eyes are not in the back of your head. Do you want my wife is so hot during the front of your head, you’re, my wife, so hot cuz? She takes good care of herself good, dna and cuz she so hot. She will be mine. Oh yes, oh yes, someday did she ever reject you, I mean really full-on. Did you ever get to know ya days that look? What would happened was is that we have to think until your roommate is supposed to get you a date to my business coach roommate was already dating somebody, so he did want to participate so I reached out to my friend, jake aldridge was a soccer player, division 1 scholarship. University bring in the soccer stuff that I don’t know, but jake is jake was it was dating another person if it takes to explain to my friend clay the deals I guess he’s like really focused on his business, that guy’s going to be something like he’s going to be huge I’m just telling you he doesn’t like his roommate is like not going to ask anybody outside like i. Almost like I have like an obligation to refer yeah you would you go with my friend to me. I could ask him if he’s interested he’s so focused on business, so focus success, you could be a rockstar someday. His skin is so pale. Cuz he’s always inside work. This is gone on, like the virtual. If you ask her I think she went on to get your roommate a date date every weekend, her entire freshman year, but probably like 40 days and see what happens. Is that it basically vanessa is she said she asked. She said yes to everybody, so on our date, we’re at uno’s pizzeria over there by a 51st of january midtown to see if you like pizza, or why did you pick that place, and so we go there and all I could I know it was like she is just hot, but my conversations are going nowhere so I’m trying to ball.

So what so? What do you like to do when you’re not cheering, read books? So what does every conversation every date? She wouldn’t talk to me and that’s what made me I’m, like i, am going to crack I’m going to crack the sec it’s going to have practice for roommate after, like the 3rd or 4th date that she’s going to marry me blow, but I rejected three times. I got rejected for that first kiss it was crazy wow. She knows that men want what they can’t have today. That is why I did that. That’s. How I was very much like okay I’m just getting rejected. Who cares? Who cares? John thomas john tom is a business coach client at 4. In turn, he has some tough questions for you see he can ask any question to you that he wants there’s. No nothing bad about you. I just want to wrap up that. I bet you didn’t reject your kisses now grows and I’m wanting to begin delegating tasks to others involved in my business. How do I prioritize, which systems to develop? First, you have to make sure that the system is written down. It’s it’s tried and true that you know you can hand it off to somebody and that’s going to work because you have dennis. Thank you and you have to write it down. It has to be something legible and has to be the steps that they need to do you have any clients will want to not our client other people’s clients. Don’t want to delegate make business coach cold calls but they’re using a script. It’s never been proven to work right or they don’t even tell him what to do. The cold call yeah, he was good. This is just called just call. People got to work and I got to be done effectively and document it.bu

Then you can delegate done effectively and documented. Then you can delegate 3d baby put on documented delegated 3d next question next question:is it more important to get out of debt as quickly as possible or to continue minimum payments on the debt and use the funds? We are earning now to reinvest into the business to generate a higher volume of revenue reader better. If you were just doesn’t a country called the united states of america, you would also want to bring it back most american thing. He could do c back to you and I know it’s it’s. It’s lovely to think I’m debt-free today, I’m, not I’m, not out there charging. You know you want these other people’s money, honey. You want to charge, you want to build. You want to grow, you want to what you put into it today is going to pay much more dividends and just saying yo man hunker down not going to grow I’m just going to get down my gas. So I’m going to let the silence back to you, john. Next question, ask question my question to you business coach dr. Zoellner is and I would not have. No idea was going to ask by the way so I find myself spending a large amount of time editing.

The projects for clients are running very specific things different on their videos than what are offered in our initial packages. What kind of wanting a different so should I pull the brakes on what they’re doing to begin turn time for you or should I start to try and find a way to systemize everyone’s different little needs, so I could get as many clients as possible and the more they go off package of more expensive. It gets number one okay and number to each one of the packages has a system, so your tonight you’re no surprise, since someone could come up with something unique and guess what unique is more money more than more than more than these are the packages. These are the ones that make sense of this, takes the most works there for me to charge the most for it all right now, if you want some custom that I don’t offer, cuz I offer a through b through see-through d3e name, a cool business coach name. Don’t you like clay trying to sell wedding packages to women? Name mall after, like star wars creatures, you know after you know, minerals you know:do you want to go platinum package, man that you want to name them flowers and send the podcast of workshops, the 101 business, coaching and thousands of videos you can find they’re all at the right time should i, heavy breathing


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