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Online vitamin retailer, Marcos Brandao (the founder of Supplement Planet) shares how he’s been able to implement the proven systems and processes that he learned at The Thrivetime Show 2-day interactive business conferences. Marcos shares how business coaching has improved his life and grown his business


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The entire reason I started the thrive time show business coaching program is because I wanted to mentor millions of people. And that includes you. So any time that I hear about when have somebody out there just like you who listens to this podcast, who’s maybe attended our business conferences or who’s gone through the coaching program, who is experiencing epic success, huge success disproportionately, but yet achievable success. I like to take time out to celebrate this little thing that we call [inaudible].

Oh, hey. Yeah. The boltons give them the flu. You can do it.

So my name is Marcus. We run a company that, uh, basically, uh, retailers online, um, vitamins and supplements online, mainly through our website, uh, Supplement Planet Bathmat. Uh, we’re based out of Miami, uh, and we’re painting business, uh, [inaudible] with this business. Nothing. [inaudible] wow. And you have just had some big wins. Share with us the big wins that you are having a on your website. Okay. So for, for many years, uh, from [inaudible] all the way through dependable 17, 18, last year, uh, we had the site, but the site barely sold one item a year. I actually, while we were paying, because we want to make sure that eventually we’ll get it down from somehow. You know, it was painful to see every month the money comes out of the accountant and the side not generating anything. So it thankfully, um, especially like last, last year when we went to the event, uh, and starting to apply some of the FCO, uh, nuggets that, that, uh, was presented there.

Uh, you know, there was a lot of different ones and, and I’ve jumping and executing some of the ones that I remember from the top of my head cause I asked her, we discussed, I haven’t even gone back to the book to, to rip my annotations. So, uh, I started to implement some of the, uh, the ideas, uh, and on the SEO, you know, like, uh, like the reviews and the, at the Panetta tags, the description that the keyword created, the Google merchants shopping accounts. And, uh, and all of a sudden where the site is doing, how I think we had one month at a site make $3,000, which is like amazing that considering he wasn’t family anything about in a year before that. So were Amy and everyday we, we, we, we, we put in a different thing yet. And they’re small. Usually they’re very small and I don’t think it’s gonna make a name for all.

Let me go back here and that Martech regarding a specific vitamin or something that I remember or something or some sort of a id about a search term that I think people would be looking for. And I make those changes. And every time I go in and make a little bit of a change, and this, especially this week, we added like two new item was bad. We never had a website before. Uh, and then Rumba, oh, I do the same week or the week after that we were, we ran, sold, uh, that item. I think we had like two or three items that we did that. And we are already selling those items all the way to site. Uh, even before we sell to them, Amazon and Ebay and all the other marketplaces, it’ll decide is actually competing with our other, uh, uh, ads aren’t, what are other products on the product from the other marketplace, which is amazing.

All shivering our budget compared to all these other places, people are there, right, is not their local guys. And so very successful, we feel very successful, uh, and it has generated real results. But for me, real results this everyday I get two, three sales out of the website. And I know why they’ll say as they’re coming through, I know they sent me to, it was like yesterday made a change or I enter the ward or where I did something. So it’s, it’s, it’s a really fulfilling, uh, you know, uh, to see that because we’re being, we’re been searching for that for many years.

So you, you sell products, supplements all around the world, all over the Internet. Okay. You’ve applied the systems and the processes are, are proven best practices that we have up here at the thrive time show. And you guys are seeing results. That’s $3,000 a month. You know, that you weren’t previously having on your site at all, that you weren’t selling on your own site. Is that right?

Yes, correct. Exactly. Yeah. And done that, uh, end up the only approves that even if you’re worth $10 extra or a hundred acts abolish, you know, uh, e grooves to me. I learned them, uh, on the online businesses. If you can make a dollar, I’m extra development or my making yesterday, then it’s just a matter of how many extra dollars you’re gonna make a, you know, how many National Protestants and applied that to and make that a compound result. So, uh, even if it was a butler, an x hundred dollars, it would still be valid because, uh, if I can make an extra hundred dollars one product, but if I had all of the 300 products and that’s what I’m generated. So it comes to a point that, uh, whenever I find something new that works is just like, we’re overwhelmed by the amount of work we have to do. And, oh no, we have to bring all these other products because all those other products are going to get the same results, you know? And then there’s a whole bunch of words that I have to do in order to, to, to bring other products and apply the same principle to all of them. So, but the principle is what works here. What exactly. Then

I’ve got one, one more question for you. What do you like the most about the coaching program? What do you like the most about the coaching program? Why has that been so effective for you in supplement planet?

Well, of course the results is, is the main one. Uh, you know, you’ve got to have some sort of results or results. For me as a, as a business owner is the number one. But what goes you to get the results is what caught my attention. Like you can stay, we were talking, we were right. So in many different instances where I talk to different people and stuff, like we’re saying, okay, so we need to change the email. That goes back to the customers from the website. Right? So anybody would say, okay, so change an email and they’ll let you have words. So on this case, you know, you enter the email, you open up to the scan, they may, let’s change the name. So actually tied the newly May. What it looks like, that’s different. That’s you’re actually doing the work. If it’s to somebody to say, Oh, you need to do Mercedes, anybody can say that.

But then go back and do the step by step of what it needs to do in order to generate those, say, let me know. Nobody does that. That’s very rare. And that sort of like today, I was thinking as we were going something that I was thinking of that, that you took the time to go back and actually do it. The steps that I needed to do in order to get the results that we’re looking for. They also, that’s, that’s to me is the main, the major difference. Uh, it’ll take them to results, like measuring results is the main thing. Uh, but that’s to me is that the three shoe, uh, differentiate, uh, [inaudible] from, from, from Trad 15. Any other, any other, uh, coaching experience I had before? You know,

I am Marcos. You are the man I’m pumped to pump to have connected with you. Um, we got the action items for this week, um, that we’re doing for you. Okay. And then, uh, I’ll look forward to hearing about more successes next week during our call. Okay.

Thanks Martin. Appreciate it. I really appreciate it. To a, have the opportunity to be working with, you’re very happy with it.

Yeah. One more time, that email or excuse me, the website. Give us the website one more time.

Daddy, Daddy, Daddy. Stop Supplement

by him. I’ll talk to you next week.

And that is why we do what we do. And without any further ado, we’d like to end each and every show with a boom, a today’s boom. If you’re in Miami, makes sure you’re really team up with us to bring us a huge boom here, right as we, as we celebrate Marcos and the success of his company, Supplement plans three, two, one. Boom.


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