The Nestvy Case Study | How to Grow a Business Systematically

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Nicole with Nestvy shares what specific steps she has used to grow her business and see an increase in her time and financial freedom.

She also shares how the Thrivetime Show business coaching experience has improved her life and grown her business.

Although 9 out of 10 businesses fail, today’s guest is thriving.

Hello, can you hear me well?

Okay. Okay. What is your name, and what is the name of your company?

My name is Nicole Shih. My company is Nestvy Senior Living and Care Solutions.

And how did you first hear about Thrive?

I heard about Thrive on an article on

What was your first experience with Thrive?

My first experience with Thrive was through Abbey. She called me promptly after I submitted an inquiry through email, and she was extremely energetic, friendly, and very informative, so I was immediately very intrigued by this program.

And then, this kind of goes into what you were just saying, but how would you describe your first phone call with Thrive?

I just noticed that Abbey was a very thorough, and there’s a really good system behind this program. That was what I was looking for, a process, a system to help me grow my business.

Awesome. And then, did you read reviews or watch any reviews before calling us?

Yes. So after I saw Thrive on, and I went on Thrive’s website, and I watched a couple of different video, and I was like people are very excited. I saw their business growing, so I want to be one of them.

And then how has Thrive helped you to become a more proactive person?

I think because we have weekly phone call meetings, so it really helps me stay on track, and I kind of get a clear idea that’s where I’m going. So definitely I feel like every week I have homework. I’m just focusing on getting my Google reviews, and podcasts, and implementing different awesome strategies. So I’ve definitely become more proactive. Every day I’m doing something, moving towards where I want to go.

And then how would you describe your weekly coaching calls?

It’s amazing. It’s just I feel like it’s keeping my accountable. And Abbey’s so amazing. She always kind of gives me really valuable tips and recommendations for me, so just it’s hard to describe. This is just one of the most amazing things I’ve experienced.

And then what has your favorite part of the Thrive coaching experience been?

I think, overall, I’m just so happy with Thrive. I think they are a very smart organization. Not pretentious, just everything is very practical. From the meeting we had a conference. I went in April. Clay was just amazing. He just thought out everything. And I have a business degree, and I read tons of business books, and he’s able to summarize all the most important parts together and is able to create an action plan. And also working with my coach at the is just phenomenal. So just every week, every day, we are moving towards the goal. So it’s everything’s amazing to me.

And then what is the most difficult aspect to execute of the Thrive coaching program?

I think it’s weekly getting people to write reviews. It’s kind of hard because you’re running out of people to ask. But I think for me it’s not difficult, but I can imagine for someone. If you don’t want it, it’s hard enough, maybe that would be difficult for them to go out every day to ask for reviews. I think you have to really want it. This has to be the business where you’ve got to have vision. Say, “This is what I want.” I think if someone doesn’t have that, that would be difficult for them.

If you are out there today, and you want to take your life and your business to the next level, but you feel stuck, know that you are not alone. According to Forbes, 9 out of 10 small businesses fail. What? Yeah. According to Forbes, 9 out of 10 small businesses fail, which means the overwhelming majority of business owners fail. But if you feel stuck today, and you’re saying, “I don’t want to be stuck. I want to be a success story.” And like Nicole here with her company Nestvy, just take a moment, take a minute, and be intentional about what you’re doing with your life.
I encourage you just for a second stop Facebook, and stop Instagram, and stop YouTube, and stop the emailing, and stop all the distractions around you, and just ask yourself right now, is your business growing? And if you feel like your business is stuck, I would encourage you to go to the, that’s, and book your attendance at our next in-person Thrive Time Show workshop. Again, book your tickets to attend our next in-person Thrive Time Show workshop, and I guarantee you it’s going to change your life.

And if you’re in a spot right now where where you say, “Clay, I can’t afford the $250 needed to attend the two-day in-person business conferences.” Well, just leave us an objective review on iTunes, or leave us an objective review on Google, and send us a screenshot. Hit command-shift-four if you’re on an Apple computer, and take a screen shot of what your computer sees after you leave the review. And send it to us, to [email protected]. And then your ticket won’t be $250. It won’t be $200. It won’t be $100. It’ll just be $37. That covers the cost of the food for both days. That covers the cost of the print materials. And we would love to meet you, to shake your hand, and to help you make your business grow.

Although I am super excited about the success of Nicole, I am even more excited about the potential success of you and your business. I know you can do it. All you have to do is go to and schedule your one-on-one consultation, or book your tickets to our next in-person Thrive Time Show workshop.
And now, without any further ado, three, two, one, boom.

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