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READ TODAY’S SHOW NOTES and you will discover the facts that show most people are wrong about most things most of the time.

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FUN FACT – “Past statistics have shown that in the U.S. 50% percent of first marriages, 67% of second, and 73% of third marriages end in divorce.” –

FUN FACT – “78 percent of the men interviewed had cheated on their current partner.” – 5 Myths About Cheating

FUN FACT – “75% of employees steal from the workplace and most do so repeatedly.”

FUN FACT – “9 out of 10 businesses fail.” 

FACT: “American adults spend over 11 hours per day interacting with media.” – 

Discover the Truth – Watch TD Jakes preach his powerful sermon, “Grasping the Moment” – 


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We could have a spirited debate about whether something sounds better on original recorded vinyl or whether it sounds better with digital production and playback. However, in many areas of life, there is simply a right or a wrong, there’s a left or a right, there’s a black or there’s a white. And in the game of life when you know you’re right and most people are wrong, there is a time that you have to put up a fight. And if you are an entrepreneur, and that’s called every day, think about these statistics for a second and choose to believe that I am not, um, truthful that they choose to believe that I am not stating facts. I want you to Google these things and see if I am in fact making these statistics up. Think about this for a second. According to the U S chamber of commerce and CBS news, 75% of employees now steal from the workplace.

And most do so repeatedly take about this for a second. According to inc magazine, over 85% to get 85% of candidates are now lying on their resumes. Yes. According to the Washington post survey, they found that 78% of men have cheated on their spouse. We’re talking about 78% of men. Think about this for a second. According to Forbes, nine out of 10 start up, businesses fail. Nine out of 10 startup businesses fail. So if nine out of 10 startup businesses fail, most people probably don’t know a lot about how to build a successful business, right? If 78% of men are cheating on their spouse, probably 78% of men are probably not the kind of guys you want to get marital advice from. If 85% of people are lying on their resumes, we probably don’t want to get advice from 85% of employees, and if 75% of people are stealing from the workplace, we probably don’t want to get advice from the 75% of the people who are stealing from the workplace.

As a general rule, I try not to ask the criminal mind for help as to how to grow my company. So what happens is when guys like dr Zellner and I choose to start a successful multimillion dollar business, uh, so doctors, he started his optometry clinic, right? And then I started DJ so he started dr and I started DJ well, when DJ did well, I decided I decided to start another company, right? So I started make your life our big marketing and one on one coaching business. I’m in a doctor’s Eleanor started another business. What? Yeah, he started an auto auction, another successful company and we’ve together between he and I, we’ve actually started now 15 multimillion dollar companies. We’ve started 15 almost. We’re on the verge right now of number 1615 multi million dollar companies. And so once make your life, was successful.

I started elephant in their E I T R and then dr zoner, he started, he started to invest with a group of men into buying what was known as the bank of no Wata and they took the bank of no water and turned it into what is now known as Regent bank. So you think about these things you think about how in the world is it possible that dr Zellner and clay Clark had been able to have so much success in numerous businesses over and over and over. When you think about the success of these companies and then you think about how most people are failing most of the time with their businesses, one would have to conclude that we must know something. We must know how to do it well. In fact, one might conclude that one should download a free copy of our book right now.

A start here, which you can find for free at thrive time, you can download the ebook for free right [email protected] or you can download the free ebook version of the boom book. Right now [email protected] but when you download those books and you read the systems and you see the success stories where if you go on Amazon right now and you download the free Kindle version of, of a search engine domination, over time, you’re going to discover that most people are wrong about most things and we are right about most things as it relates to business. Most people are wrong about most things as it relates to business because again, most people AKA nine out of 10 startups do what? Do they succeed? No, they fail. Nine out of 10 startups fail and ours keep winning. They keep winning. So if we keep winning and most people keep losing by default, it would probably make sense to attend one of our business conferences and maybe take notes when you listen to a show like this.

Because Thomas Edison said that knowledge without application is meaningless. He also went on to say that vision without execution is a hallucination. Vision without execution is hallucination. So if vision without execution is hallucination and knowledge without application is meaningless. Napoleon Hill, the bestselling self-help author of all time wrote, he said that action is the real measure of intelligence. Action is the real measure of intelligence. So you might ask yourself, well, why, why do I do this podcast? I do this podcast because I hope that I can be the one who imparts to you words of wisdom to the vast majority of you, to millions of you. It’s, it’s for free. Only 160 of you are one on one coaching clients. And I have no plans of ever-growing our program beyond the 160, uh, coaching clients. Okay. The business conferences, we’d like to accommodate 2000 people per year, and we do that very well.

Um, we like to have 2000 people a year, 2000 people a year attended the business conferences. We’d like to have 161 on one clients, but the vast majority of you are people that listen to this podcast all around the world. We have listeners in Canada and Australia and in South Korea. People I’ve talked to on the phone from Guam, from Canada, from Australia, from all over this great country who implement these systems and we were doing this because I believe that this is what the Lord wants me to do. I believe that I have been called to do this. The word vocation, it’s original meaning meant your calling. I believe I am called to teach you the specific steps that you need to take. However, when I teach you the specific proven steps that work, that will cause you to ask yourself the question, is everybody else wrong?

If I teach you the proven steps needed to get to the top of the Google search engine results and I teach you the steps that work, that would mean that the other moves are wrong. Yeah. It can be a thing where I’m sort of right and they’re sort of right. No, it’s, I’m right and they’re wrong. When I teach you our approach to time management, that means that our system that we’re teaching you is right and the other systems are wrong. If you listen to the podcast enough and you listened to us interview millionaires and billionaires and super successful people, you’re going to discover that all of them, all of them wake up early, all of them up early, all of them wake up early. Yes. Well, why doesn’t dr Zellner wake up early? Because he’s already paid the cost to be the boss. He’s already done it.

He’s coasting. He’s, he has a team in place right now that can execute the proven systems. But if you’re out there today and you’re looking for a reset, you’re looking for a catalyst, something to encourage you to go to the next level. I hope that this show will be exactly the medicine that you have been looking for. You see, every morning, every morning, every morning, every morning I wake up and I listened to TD Jakes. Well, why do I listen to TD Jakes and who is TD Jakes? Well, TD Jakes, Bishop TD Jakes is a, a minister, a pastor of a church, and he did a talk recently called grasping the moment grasping the moment by Bishop TD Jakes. It was an, it was launched on September 1st of 2019 and as a way to, uh, share with you the value that TD Jakes provides me on a daily basis, I decided to put together a kind of a mashup of, of his sermon.

I took his sermon and I just put it together and I sinked it. I syncopated it to music. So it’s almost like TD Jakes wraps his sermon because it is such a powerful sermon as he talks about the importance of grasping the moment, the importance of deciding to be the one instead of fighting yourself, always waiting on the one. And again, if you are out there and you feel called to start a company and you begin to feel called to act with a sense of urgency and you feel called to grasp the moment, just to understand that the vast majority of people are not gonna understand you, the man, the vast majority of people are not going to agree with you. The vast majority of people are going to say that you are raw and it doesn’t mean that you’re wrong because the vast majority of people are saying that you’re wrong.

It doesn’t mean that you’re wrong just because the committee says you’re wrong. Just because the surveys say you’re wrong, just because your staff says you’re wrong, just because your family says you’re wrong. Again, most people are not successful and you say, well, clay, how can you define that? How can you say that? How can you say that most people are wrong? Well, think about this for a second. Again, Gallup, the research group shows that 70% 70% seven zero 70% of employees hate their jobs. Look up the statistics. 70% of employees hate their jobs. Now it’s 70% of people hate their jobs. In my opinion, that would mean that 70% of people are wrong because I love my job because I’ve chosen to create a job. I lied, right? But if you hate your job and you have the courage to complain, but not the courage to quit and start your own thing, that’s probably weird, right?

If 78% of men, according to the Washington post are cheating on their spouse, that’s probably a sign that 78% of men are wrong, and if 85% of people are lying on their resumes according to inc magazine, that would be an indication that 85% of people are wrong, and if 75% of people are stealing from the workplace that we know about, that would also indicate that the vast majority of people are wrong. Think about these statistics for a second. Look this up. According to Nielsen right now, Nielsen, Nielsen, that’s the research group. The average American is how it’s consuming, how much media per day is the average person is interacting with their phone? How much per day, how much time do you think the average person is spending on their phone today living a life of perpetual distraction? The answer is 11.3 hours per day. The average person is spending 11.3 hours per day.

So again, every day I listened to TD Jakes to reset because I know that I have been called to be the one person in your life that will teach you the truth. When I teach you the truth from this sound booth, I run into a lot of people that get upset because when you teach somebody w, w, w, w what they’re, what they’ve always believed in, the traditions they have and the way they’ve been acting in their habits that they live are wrong. It irritates people. It really does irritate people and who does it irritate? It irritates most people because most people are wrong about everything, all the time

of one power of one. So I want you to understand that whenever God gets ready to do anything, he does it with power, does it with power. I want to talk about the power of the Lord because you are one and everything starts not with the board, not with the committee, not with the votes. Everything starts with once. The power of change began with Warren, whether it is one Nelson Mandela or whether it is one woman who decides to sit down on a bus or whether it is one person that decides we should be able to fly or whether it is one person that offends a telephone. It starts with one. You have to decide first of all this morning if you’re going to be the ones or are you going to beat the person who’s always waiting the old some one. Whenever the enemy knows that the one is coming, he always sets traps to stop them from succeeding because they’re the one.

Whenever the enemy is, all of a sudden the one is coming. He always sets traps to stop them from succeeding because they’re the ones always on the hit list because they’re the ones I want to talk to. Some people that have been up on the crazy attack attack, the blind side attack that came out of nowhere. I tack on another level that doesn’t even line up with your situation. I want you to understand what the enemy understands about you is that you are the one I’m trying to hammer home much is given, much is required and so the tech starts out talking about Abraham because Abraham is the one and Abraham had to move out from his country and away from his tidbit because he was the one, so he was a misfit because he was the one, so he had to live in isolation and separation because he was the one, so he probably was lonely because he was the one and it took a long time for it to materialize his significance because of it.

It was the one and so he was traveling nomadically as a misfit from place to place, never fitting in with any crew. No group would take it because he was the one that saw, I’m talking to some people who have always been a little isolated, never been accepted, never been a part of the crowd is always happens because you are, I’m the one you probably not gonna like me cause I’m the one I been little strength jobs. The one I don’t fit in, I don’t say yes. What I mean though, I don’t fall over without a fight cause I am the one. I understand that I am the one willing to be controversial because I am the one, I don’t know. I’ll go without a fight. So you’ll start begging for people to come into agreement with polls and census and tried to get everybody to come into consensus with your vision and you won’t be the same man with your preach. Come if you already know, Hey man, you already know God. Have him said, Hey man, I know what it is to work 40 hours a week and put my check in the church to keep a goal. I know what it is to have my lights and my water off my gas. And I thought to myself, if you flip all your utility, if you ever get where you can go to the grocery store without that, you ain’t got a pocket full of coupons.

Well, let me tell you because you just called a fight and fuck this level to fighting on that level. The fight continued big church, little church. They puff strip is the [inaudible]. Resistance is resistance. Stop about what it’s called. Read back. So I do some strip from the struggle. It’s a struggle right now. That’s why the bounce said fuck me was afflicted. That’s why the devil can’t chase me out of town. You just got to make up your mind. Let me tell you how always little I’m about to have a moment whenever I’m about to have a moment. I always have a struggle in my life trying to get a witness. Can I get a witness? Change what your pay. You have to change, which means you’ve got to have something that we are not good at to lay flat or for tasting. You ain’t going back. Hunger is temporary discomfort. We are wrestling between temporary discomfort and long term benefit. Never make a permanent decision over a temporary condition. Reason to specify this person right on the customer something and your values are going to make a difference because your values are level. Determine your choices, and if you value the right thing, you will suffer for it. You will wait for it. You will endure for it. You will sacrifice for it. You will know that the longterm benefit outweighs the immediate gratification.


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