The Power of Owning or Creating a Repeatable and Turnkey Business Model

Show Notes

If you are looking to create both time and financial freedom in your life you must either build or buy a business system that has proven time-saving and efficiency creating systems, processes and checklists. During this show, Clay Clark explains the value of the Oxi Fresh systems and how The Thrivetime Show has helped Luke Owens to both grow his gym and the amount of time freedom that he is able to enjoy.

Matt Kline – Brand Developer at Oxi Fresh

  • Focusing on buying a repeatable and turnkey business:

The value of having a proven turnkey business model:

  1. I do not have to wake up every morning and face new challenges that I have never seen before.
  2. Hiring systems
  3. Training systems
  4. Product development systems

How much does it cost to start a business:

  1. $37,900 – Upfront investment
  2. $25,000 – Operating capital

Learn more about Luke Owens and his story at

The 7 areas that make Oxi Fresh a great business model:

Turn-key Marketing

    1. Website
    2. Yelp
    3. Google My Business
    4. Search Engine Optimization
    5. Thumbtack Optimization
    6. Automatic Post Card Scheduling
  • Turn-Key Sales System
    1. Trained salespeople in a call center taking all of your inbound and outbound phone calls.
  • Scheduling System
    1. The team is trained on how to handle customers through the entire process.
    2. Tracking and measuring of Key Performance Indicators
  • Service (World’s Greenest Carpet Cleaner)
    1. The most powerful
    2. The least water
    3. The greenest carpet cleaning technology on the planet
  • Hiring Systems
    1. Indeed optimized job postings
    2. Pre-written job descriptions
    3. Training resources for after hiring
  • Accounting
    1. Unit economics
    2. Verified financials in the Franchise Disclosure Document
  • Public Relations
    1. Fox Business –
    2. Entrepreneur –
  • The Matt Factor
    1. The Mind
    2. The Knowledge
      1. Matt actually owns a franchise in Oxi Fresh and has been through the fires of running the business.
      2. He is tied in with corporate and has his pulse on what is happening on that level.
    3. The High School Basketball Scoring Ability
      1. 29 points per page during 2003
      2. Favorite moves – The “Bowling Ball” Approach

BOOK – The Most Successful Small Business in The World: The Ten Principles

    1. 10,00 times! Just think. What would you do if you honestly believed you were going to create 10,000 stores, 10,000 offices, 10,000 shops, or 10,000 orchards. Or 10,000 of whatever it is you have set out to do?
    2. 10,000 times! My goodness. Where in the world would you begin? Let’s take a look at it.
    3. Everything has a beginning. That’s where we are. We are going to invent an enterprise that has the ability to grow 10,000 times. We are going to do that, because if we fail to do that our enterprise won’t be an enterprise: it will be incapable of growth. Don’t believe me, look at the business next door.
    4. The business next door is easier to look at than your own. The business next door was started by Joseph, the auto mechanic. Or by Mary, the cook. Or by Frederick, the chiropractor.
    5. But, let’s for the moment stick with Joseph
    6. He comes to work every morning, looking pretty much the same way he looked yesterday morning, and the morning before that.
    7. Joseph is more than likely dressed in his coveralls. They are well-worn coveralls. Probably still have the grease from yesterday’s or earlier days’ jobs.
    8. On the back of his coveralls, it might say something like”Joseph’s Auto Repair”. What else would it say?
Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

Two men, 13 multimillion dollar businesses, eight kids, one business coach radio show. It’s the thrive time business coach radio show. Get ready to enter the thrive time show.

All right. Thrive nation. Welcome back to the business coach conversation, chuck, on today’s Oxi fresh updates of the week. I am fired up to be talking to Matt Klein. Oh my gosh. So man, who’s the franchise developer for oxy fresh, where he and Mike, the team, m and M, they talk to potential franchisees out there like you to help you own your own business. Chubb, are you? Are you? Are you excited to talk? Are you excited to talk to the, to the legend from Denver? I cannot explain how excited I am. Clay, team m and m that. Mm, that sounds good. All right, now man, I’ve got some tough questions for you today and we’re going to focus on a repeatable and turn key business. That’s what we’re gonna focus on today. I’m Michael Gerber, wrote a book here called the most successful small business in the world. He’s also the one who famously wrote the book called The e Myth, and in that book he writes, he says 10,000 times, just think, what would you do if you honestly believe that you were going to create 10,000 stores, 10,000 offices, 10,000 shops or 10,000 orchards or 10,000, whatever it is that you have set out to do 10,000 times, my goodness, when in the world would you begin and how?

Let’s take a look at it and he goes on to explain how this is really the value of a turnkey business model where a franchise. Can you explain the value to the listeners out there who are not aware of what it feels like to own a franchise? Because although you do help sell franchises to potential franchisees and introduced them to the world of franchising, you own your own franchise is you own your own oxi fresh locations. Can you explain the value of having a turnkey business model?

Yes, absolutely. I think I’m more than anything. For me personally, this is what allows me to do it, so if I have to wake up every single morning and face new challenges that I’d never seen before, that gets pretty difficult. It’s not to say that sometimes the you’re going to, you know, there’s gonna be things that come up that you need to adjust. That’s just business ownership, but by having systems in place, those things get minimized to a point where maybe it’s once a month or once a quarter and those are very manageable situation. Then you can use those as teaching platforms for your employees when it’s every single day and it’s your list and you’re trying to figure out the ebb and flow of business. You know, and you don’t have any systems in place. You’re fighting a losing battle every day, and I know this because a lot of our competition do this.

They call me and they say, you know what? I’ve owned a company in the cleaning industry and every single day I can’t hire anyone because it’s always going up and down, right? I can’t. I can’t train anyone to do something because I don’t have the systems in place. Right. So then they have a conversation with us. They realize that they don’t have to hire admin staff and they don’t have to recreate the wheel when it comes to new products because we already have all that done for them. Right. They can just focus on getting business, getting people out there to do the jobs and being able to use the resources available then to see how they’re doing at the end of the day with a bank account looks like and why it looks like that you’re these are the number one driver for us.

Start to see there are seven areas. There’s so many areas of, of a successful company, but there are seven areas that I think make oxi fresh uniquely, um, turnkey for people. And I’m going to go through them one by one. Is there. We’re going to do it here. It was all this. Talk about oxy fresh. Want to get some franchise. What’s the nearest ones that Tulsa that are available? There are any around here. I mean, I

down in Texas, I believe we’re in Texas, Dallas area almost, so that actually we had somebody from the thrive show who I am now talking to. That is a very good business person. They came from watching your guys’ show and they may be very close to potentially opening a franchise in Dallas through and said.

Go ahead. Yeah, I was going to say, is it true that the Oxi fresh franchises are bigger in Texas? Like everything in Texas, everything’s bigger down there.

I believe maybe the House that we service maybe a little bit bigger that you got to get up to the front door, but nope. Population will all be the same. And in fact, wichita, Kansas will be the closest one to you.

I’ve got some people I do business with them from Wichita, Kansas, so maybe I’ll do a very good friend out there.

How many franchises would be available in Wichita, Kansas? Is that just a one? One shot deal. One pop deal. Which tall?

That gentleman owns two territories in Wichita. Um, I’d say the Greater Wichita area, it goes from the border of Texas all the way up to like, um, Hutchinson Macpherson Mary, and so it goes a little bit nor so there’s actually two full territories there in the Wichita area. Uh, he’s been in our business coach franchise for at least 10 years or so, so he’s been a good franchise grown ever since he started.

Now there are seven areas of the turnkey, Oxi fresh experience that I think make the Oxi fresh brand unique and uh, there’s obviously many more, but I want to focus on these seven. So Z. I’m gonna. Read them off to you. Alright, let’s do it. And we go over just kind of a big overview here, Matt, and they’re going to go one by one and as it I’m up, Matt, you can talk about them and z. You can interrogate mad about the details of these seven areas in my mind. Make the Oxi fresh turnkey franchise system different from anybody else. One is there’s turnkey marketing to.

There’s a turnkey sales system, Aka somebody answers the phone who’s not you. Three, the scheduling system. That is just powerful. The scheduling, uh, the fact that you’re an owner, you don’t have to handle your own schedule for the service. The actual thing that makes you different. The world’s greenest carpet cleaner. I mean, that’s unbelievable how different. I mean, it really is the world’s greenest carpet cleaning service. Five, the hiring. You guys have the job posting, the now hiring and that whole thing figured out accounting, you know, the unit economics. You could say Dr Z, if you buy one in Wichita, it’s going to cost about this and you’re going to make about this many dollars of profit if you run it this way. And then public relations, I mean you guys are, you guys had been on Fox business, you guys have been featured in Entrepreneur magazine. You guys have a big reputation that’s growing over time. So let’s dive at z. z. you, there’s an eight-factor completely left optimally. Oh Cho, Cho Cho.

Yes. The most, probably the most powerful thing that you left off is the matt factor. Okay. Find the old show the mat we’ll put down as the eight. I did not prepare for that though. So Matt Klein, it kind of goes without saying, I mean the fight, the fact that you, you’ve decided to auto wrap all of your vehicles with oxy fresh Denver with your face and body on it. That was, I thought the subtle hint that he was the core differentiator there, but okay, here we go. So marketing, Matt, talk to me. If I buy an Oxi fresh franchise, what do I have to do to market my business and how have you guys made it turnkey for mate before CSI interrogate you?

Certainly there is a very, very turnkey aspect of marketing and that is residentially for us because not only are we building your website and your facebook pages in your google pages and your yellow pages and that may seem like a very small piece of the puzzle, but it’s how they’re built and how they integrate with our with our back end and how that actually works. When someone’s on their couch and they put carpet cleaning and there you need to show up, right? We know exactly how to do that. We know how to set those up. We know what you need to do on your end, which is very easily. It’s all effort driven to be in the top of that search, but we’ve also done a lot in the last 10 years and building relationships with other marketing programs that allows you to spread that marketing net as wide as possible.

So having those relationships, having companies like thumbtack integrated into our call center so it doesn’t cost you any more time to leverage that marketing campaign is very powerful for us. Right? And then when you actually are able to use that with the time that you have, make sure that you’re servicing your customers correctly so they give you reviews so that even more powerfully charges your online marketing presence. All those things will help you in the long run grow. And the last piece of that and very, very important is you never want to have your current customers looking for other services. And the way you do that is by always being front and center to them having resources to where when they’re looking, they can just look at a refrigerator magnet or they know what our postcard scheduling that you will always be taken care of because automatically every nine, 10, 11 months they’re going to get another reminder to get their carpets cleaned. Again, going back to the systems, all of those things are put in place for you, very time consuming. If you don’t have the infrastructure, I haven’t worked for you, but since we do it, just an add on service that you can keep growing and keep leaning on your, um, your existing customers to keep coming back for more.

So the marketing aspects. So many business owners will come to us for coaching and they’ll say, I need help with my marketing. That’s a huge issue. But Z, with oxy fresh, it’s already taken care of for the Franchisee.

You, it’s crazy. All in money for Oxy, fresh is what? 30 some odd thousand or 50,000. What do you, what do you recommend? All in money you’re going to want about $60,000, 37,000, 900 of that upfront investment. That’s what goes through us providing the equipment and the product and the training and the territory. The reason I say 60 because once you get that and you’ve paid for that and you get your license, you want to have about 20 to 25 for operating capital, things like that, You know you’re going to want to have a marketing budget there as well that we can lead on. Right? If you’re not doing the jobs, you want to have some funds available to pay that technician.

Right? Very good point by point I’m trying to make is for everybody listening out there right now, I personally know businesses that have spent more than $37,900 on just our website. Yes. I decided these ridiculous contracts that are locked in for a year for years or years or three years and two, three, four, $5,000 a month, and that’s just for the website development. Custom coders. Oh my gosh. Don’t get me started right now. I just think it’s bad. So that’s awesome. So step one is, is, is awesome.

I mean you’re top in Google writer. Well you type in youtube in carpet cleaning quotes, perhaps the come on one searched term for carpet cleaning. Oxi fresh comes up top right now in every market match with the. You guys have 139,000 Google reviews today.

That’s all. Oh Man. Oh Man. Now. Okay. Anyway. Okay. So the market, the business coach marketing piece, that’s the hot enteric interrogation I did. Is that, do you know you probably do companies that have spent more than just a site up money for the website and you provide the website and you and you keep the website. How often do you go back and touch those websites and keep them fresh? Is that a, is that an ongoing service or is that an extra extra feet down the road?

Nope, it’s ongoing because it’s something that’s always included because we want you guys to focus on the main thing and that’s growth. Not Technology is ever changing. I mean we have, we have very good resources, very good people on our staff that are versed in this and understand what’s coming down the road. So like when we update our consumer site, the technology, the platform is built on, we can click one and update everyone’s across the country, so it’s not like most of our competitors where that isn’t a huge mountain to climb, right? When Google changes their algorithm or when we need to make sure that you know, someone expand to another area, that website needs to deal with to show the service areas that, that they, that they don’t. Right? So no matter what it is, no matter what the change needs to be, it’s automatic, it’s happening. Sometimes it’s happening without even knowing it because it’s something that just we need to do on the back end to be even more drive business. That it just happens because technology is changing quarterly for sure. Sometimes monthly.

Let me just give listeners an example right now. If you go to oxy in front of the domain, you’re going to see h, t, t, t, s, and you might say, what is the http and https is the hypertext transfer protocol sequence, and it is a new piece of code you have to add to your site to make sure that it is encrypted and secure. Oxi fresh does that for you so that they rank higher when you talk about getting to the top of search engines, Jonathan Barnett and the team have stayed on that for years. Staying at the front, uh, at the, at the cutting edge of technology, making sure they apply it. So all of the franchise owners, nephew never have to think about it. Now in terms of turn key sales, so many people now. Now Chop Chop. I’m going to give you. I’m going to give you the floor here, man. You can feel free. Feel free to get spiritual here. How many times have we worked with a client to really generate them? A lot of leads, but yet nobody in their office will consistently call the leads and slash or answer the phone, let alone record the call, quality assurance, or train the team or hire the team

better yet, I got it. I got this piece of technology. It’s going to file my leads. It’s going to contact them for me. It’s going to categorize them within my stub customer relationship management software, and then that whole technology is broken and you’ve missed out on

Oxi. Fresh said to you, if I said to you, listen, if you sign up for an Oxi fresh, if you buy one, we’re going to answer your phone for you. Huge. We’re going to schedule things for you. We’re going to extra record the calls for quality assurance. Oh, by the way, we’re going to hire everybody. We’re going to train everybody. How big of a value is that to you as a business?

Well, here’s the real cool thing and we talk about it on the thrive time show all the time, and that time is your most valuable asset. Time is the thing that you can’t replace, but with oxy fresh, you can literally buy time. This is one of the only circumstances in the world where you can buy two or three years, maybe four or five years of your life that you don’t have to spend because somebody has to build those scripts. Somebody has to design and create the advertisement. Somebody has to train the team who is. Somebody has to do all of the hierarchy. Somebody has to do all of this stuff and it can take two, three, four, five months to build it from scratch.

Why’d it Franchisees love the call center so much?

Yeah. You know, I will get the occasional person that I want to answer all of our phones and I said, that’s fine. This is not the right option for you because if you want to be in the call center

phone, then you should work in a call center and I believe that. Amen.

For us, it being business owners, owners, you know, you may be really good at answering the phones, but that’s not gonna. Move the needle for you. What’s gonna? Move the needle for you is putting more people in trucks, putting more trucks in the field, servicing more, more clients every single day, and that’s not gonna happen by you guys answering the phones. It will already be answered the at a better percentage than if you did it right. These guys do this every single day. They’re trained from day one. They’re speaking the business coach language of carpet clean. I know that didn’t seem good or important maybe, but the first day, the first week, you know you have someone at your at your back to say, this is who we are, this is how we do it. This is the differentiators in our process and this is why we’re going to be able to get you taken care of next Wednesday, next Friday, and that doesn’t change. Your process doesn’t change between having one tech and five texts right now. You’re just dealing with more people, but the systems in itself don’t change for you. That’s why you get time back.

I could say this real quick. I manage a call center and I have crazy respect for what you do because it is the staffing, the recruiting, the WTO, the unemployment, the org charts, the promotion that. I mean there’s so much that it goes into it. There’s just so much that goes into running a call center.

Hey Matt, can we do this? It’d be kind of fun for us to fly up to Denver getting your call center and clay and I have a telethon, a thought. I would love that. We have a Colophon we see who books more. Can we record it? We fought. That was fun. Can we do this for the podcast? That would really be awesome. I could do a call. Thought I did go back and forth ticket cause I want to be the referee. Yeah, there you go. I want in on this because you know, I get a little feisty.

We had to segment a certain franchise. When I first started five years ago, I actually sat in that call center for like four days and they are very good at it. I got yelled at.

I guess I wasn’t answering the phone correctly.

I think I have quite the makeup to be as soft and and, and good with customers. Sometimes you know, when people

have unexpected, okay

patients and then there’s kind of this world, they handle it right. For me, I’d have lost that customer, but instead of turning something that’s maybe negative into a more negative situation

and I’m so grateful

because I could have fun with you guys right now in my franchise. Still booking jobs.

There you go. Uh, on page number seven, Michael Gerber’s book, the most successful small business in the world. The best selling author of e myth. He writes, he says, you know, you maybe don’t want to look at your own business. So let’s look at the business next door. The business next door is easier to look at than your own. The business next door was started by Joseph the auto mechanic, or marry the cook or Frederick the chiropractor. Bullets for the, for a moment. Stick with Joseph. He comes to work everyday looking pretty much the same way he looked yesterday morning and the morning before that. Joseph. Joseph is more than likely dressed in the overalls. They are well worn coveralls, probably they still had the grease from yesterday on or earlier, earlier days, jobs on the back of his coveralls. It might say something like Joseph’s auto repair.

What else would it say? So that that’s the technician problem. When you’re personally answering your phone, you’re personally repairing the automobiles. You’re personally cleaned the carpet. Oxi fresh gives you an opportunity to create time freedom because one, they had the turnkey marketing to. They had the turnkey sales. Three, you have the turn key scheduling system for. Let’s go for sake of time, let’s focus on the service. Oxi fresh is objective Lee, the world’s greenest carpet cleaner explained to us the technology. I’m not expecting. I’m not expecting you to become a physicist and get into the biomechanics of how this works, but explain to us how Oxi fresh uses a like a 10th of the water of the average carpet cleaning company.

Yeah, absolutely. And it’s very important probably for our franchisees specifically in the beginning. Having a trust in what you’re actually doing makes everything else so easy. So for us it is very different. Most people, when they typically think about carpet cleaning, it’s a pretty invasive process where you have two guys showing up in a big band, you’re gonna drag a bunch of hoses, you’re sending your kids to neighbors or friends or taking him to the park for, you know, five, six hours, right? I mean, you’re scheduling this in and you’re, you’re planning. We can advance. And, and so when we come on the scene, we’re going to show up in a small fuel efficient vehicle. We have no hoses whatsoever, one person per vehicle, so it’s not so invasive to the actual customer. You don’t have multiple people in your home. Um, but yes, we’re going to use one to two gallons per water

per hole, right? So just by the water usage alone in saving 95 percent per home, you’re gonna have a lot less dry time. And the reason that is it because in the very beginning of 2006, we really took a very deep dive into how carpets are actually made up and how they get dirty and why they get dirty and how the film that when you get brand new carpet, why shine right? Because as a film on it and that still gets worn down, not because it’s dirty, it’s because it’s got a film on, it’s worn down. So we did all this research and we really found out that there are products out there that can actually deep clean much better than what was being used. So we did a whole bunch of reverse engineering with our products, but they make it very simple. Our products that can only be used at oxy fresh, our there, most part, they are the most powerful. They are the greenest and they are the safest, right? So while our competitors are relying on on equipment to pull as much out and damaging carpet, our products themselves are what’s really releasing the dirt, grime and grease and allowing our very easy plug in any outlet machine in any home. Tapes it up, get out of there one hour. Very, very simple, very dry. You don’t have to worry about any lingering effects or getting rid of water on the job.

Going into any of the chemistry. Very simple.

Have you ever been to Minnesota? Matt? Have you ever talked to him? Have you ever been to been to Minnesota or maybe more than maybe just a few hours?

Uh, I have been to Minnesota for one one day.

Why were you in Minnesota?


I was in Minnesota because I was with some family just driving through and we, I think we’re at like mall of America or something.

Well, on behalf of all the minnesotans out there, if one I’m offended to two. This is the thing, Minnesota, we have a different name for everything. That’s where I’m from in Minnesota and Matt, there’s no reason you should go up there unless you want to get bit by a mosquito or I want to get very cold but still don’t, you know, but you go up there and I would say like in Minnesota, if you knew, if you knew a guy in Denver named Mike in Minnesota the equivalently. Oh Bjorn, bjorn, bjorn. I’m in Denver. If a guy’s a real jerk, something you could say on the podcast, something that’s friendly. If the guy’s a real jerk, what would you call them? In Denver? Would you call him a jerk? Well, what? What’s the, what’s the word that you could say? If the guy’s a very difficult, mean, aggressive person, would you just call him a jerk? And Denver is that, does that kind of the, the, the, the term?

Sure. Bonehead.

Okay. Well, in Minnesota you would call them, get to creative. Well, in Minnesota you would say, oh, your net guys a hoser holser Hawser is a holster. So he brought over a hot dish and it was cold. So if you’re out there and can you want to be a carpet holes or you can buy an Oxi fresh bjorn, you can’t. You can’t be a carpet holzer Oh, you can’t use the hall as you can read the values, the water hose stand. Okay, so let me move on. He ties it all together. So now hiring systems.

Many times I wonder. I’m going to now hiring systems. This is the next part here. Oh, by the way, in Minnesota, we don’t make cookies. We serve bars if you want to know. And we serve rhubarb, which is a weird tasting food that none of us like if we pretend that we do, because it is tradition. So hiring business coach systems z, it can be very hard for people to hire people, find good people. What should the job posts say? Where should I post? I hear that. I hear that all the time. It, it’s impossible to find good candidate. It’s impossible. Moved up north. I get a bunch of holes. Or is every time I have a job application out functional, don’t you know? Okay. So I want to ask you that they’re mad. I mean, how does Oxi fresh take care of the hiring system in a turn key way? Don’t you know?

Sure. Well we mentioned one, right? So hiring and having the staff there in the call center that can’t be overlooked, right? So that’s not something you’d never have to do, but the actual franchise you themselves, they will need to actually sit down and have a conversation with who they’re going to hire, but it’s how you get the right people in front of you and then the resources they have once you’ve hired them to make them confident in the field. Right. So having good relationships with companies like indeed allowing them to really utilize their platform to bring the best, most qualified people. And I guarantee if you go look out in, in some different platforms out there and look at, you know, different jobs for our competitors, they’ll say $15 an hour. Need a guy right now. Right. But people don’t know what that means. What am I doing? What is the job actually entail? What are my job, what company I work in for?

You have, you know, what’s that? I’m sorry. We just, whenever you say I need a guy that is, we have a lot of the folks in Boston and they know what that means when you say you eat a guy with a shovel when I need a guy over and they really could do anything. He just needs to bring a lead pipe, old shovel and like a buick concrete poles down to the size of the truck. I mean that’s really what it boils down to. So it could be, it could be something else other than the Buick Skylark if you know what I’m saying. You, you, you have more than just, I know a guy. You guys have actual job description,

job descriptions, you know somebody wants to have. When someone puts a new job, if they’re, they want to know what it is. They want to be able to dumb this down, put it on facebook and be proud of it. Right. And we do that because you know, when you describe something to its entirety so that they’re going in and they have a really good idea of what they’re actually applying for, that’s, that’s, that’s a lot better. And a real job somewhere to go research the job that they’re going to and the company they’re going to be working with. Right? So bringing someone to the table that’s qualified that we’ll be able to work with you is the first piece. Now the franchisees themselves are certainly gonna have to call them and say, hey, you know, this is matt with oxy fresh. I appreciate you filling out the, um, the lead.

I’d love to have a conversation with you about the job. Um, and just about yourself, right? So that’s one. But once you hire that person, he said, yeah, this is the right fit for me. Having the resources to train them for you guys aren’t just on your own. You’re going to have an entire Oxi fresh university that they have to pass that a 90 percent score and they can’t cheat changes every single time goes through a cleaning system. It goes through employee interaction with the actual customer, right? These are very advanced programs that we have available. So that person that day, they step into someone’s home on their own. They are confident and not only the cleaning system is going to work, but they can leave that job feeling very good, so all those things are are are the whole hiring process in itself.

Our final three, our final three systems in my mind that make oxi fresh different from any other franchise opportunity and a true proven turnkey business model, but it has the capacity to create both time and financial freedom for our listeners. The next one is accounting. You guys have it dialed in in terms of the unit economics and you have verified financials that you can find in the franchise disclosure document because it’s illegal to even sell somebody a franchise unless they have the franchise disclosure document in their possession for 13 days. Can you talk to us about the dilemma of detail you guys have put in to the economics, the unit economics, the numbers, the financial aspects of the business?

Yeah, absolutely. It’s very important. I mean some people, you know, how long are you going to be successful and I go, that’s a very hard question. Successful to you is not the same as successful somebody else or vice versa. Right? So learning what that means, that person understanding how we can get to the numbers that they need by looking at our past history of our numbers and say, if you want to get to this number, we’ve got to start here, or if you have this much to spend and invest, you know, this is the amount of territory that we want. So there’s not one situation that’s the same, but absolutely we need to look at the numbers. We look at the investment. Some people might have a $5,000 budget for several territories on their marketing. Some people might have a thousand foreign territory. That’s okay. We can work with anything and make it drive business the way it needs to, as long as we have the numbers historically to look at it.

Um, our systems, our scheduling platform managed everything for you. So in terms of knowing your specific numbers or specific numbers of franchisees around the country, we can look at those sort of things, you know, and make sure that your business and you are comfortable with our growth pattern, right? If you’re going to invest $50,000, you need to make 500,000 by the end of the year, you probably need to find something else because that’s not realistic, right? So we can look at all sorts of different, different things with numbers, um, and that, that ftd is very important if a public document. So that’s not something that you need to go through. Anything I can send it to anybody that needs it.

Now, the next day, the final two variables, Z. I want to get your wisdom on this before I turn it back up to matt here. The public relations, if you live in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area and you go out to dinner with Dr Silver when you go out to dinner at the time when the payment, when it’s time to pay, Dr z is a very generous man and he’ll say, let me take care of it. I got this, I got this, you know, and you’ll say, oh, come on and he’ll go back and forth. But if he, if he pays when he hands them a card, it could be a southwest airlines miles cards that your favorite car right now, sir, as the southwest airlines card. Is that your favorite one? Yes it is. Okay, so you pay with. It’s a black card. Am I correct? When you on there it says Zelner and when you hand it to somebody in Tulsa there matt, everyone will go, oh Dr Z, hey man, I’ve got my glasses. There are. Hey Dude, I saw your, I saw your ads or heard your business coach radio commercial or I saw the billboard or I went to the mall yesterday and drove by or my cousin used to work there. That pr is outstanding. Z. Why is it so important to when you buy a business to buys it? W, W, what can it be? Invaluable. If you buy in a company like oxy fresh that has such tremendous name recognition. Not to say you can’t start a business from scratch, but why is that such a things

that you don’t get mats take on that? Well, it’s like running a race. You can get a headstart, you know? It’s like a. you’re going to run a 40 yard dash and you only. You get to chapter nine. We’re going to go outside and race right now. I mean I’d blow them away. I’ve seen those calves, but if you, if you give me like a 10 yard headstart and then shoot off the gun, we’d take off. You know, odds are going to employ him. I’m beat him even more odd. Sorry. Oh Doc, maybe not. I might trip and fall, trip and fall. Throw rocks. But my point is is that pr is that intangible thing that just gives you goodwill. Pr is one of the things that help drive your business. That’s that thing that people are like, you know, Oh, I’ve heard about that. I know about that. I say, I know a guy with a shovel didn’t lead pipe and a buick and what it does use oxy fresh instead. What it does is that it gives people the confidence per gives people the confidence to use your business that gives them, it gives them the [inaudible] fear drives a lot of stuff and loves what we want. When you’ve got pr, love out there. There it is known as the carpet industry. Man. I want to get your take on this pr and in the world of carpet there is a.

I know what gang. I’ll sit in them over there. His name is Lou. He could be there between 10 and four just to make sure you hold it.

Lady. It’s either going to be Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, so you know, and then there’s Oxi fresh where it sounds like this will think you’ve gone oxi fresh. How can we help you? And then it’s just, it’s like a level of professionalism where they’re calling the competition

times. It’s. Hello? Uh, this is louis carpet cleaning. Ah, what up and you’re going. Yeah. Look, I’d like to schedule someone to clean my carpet. Absolutely will be there between 10 and four. A will tell you when we get there, you’ll know what to me because I’ll knock on the door and I’ll say I’m Lou.

Or you have a certain level of professionalism with oxy. I mean, a lot of times seriously it, it can be scarier in inviting somebody into your home. It can be invasive. You don’t know who’s coming into your home. It’s a little bit scary. Oxi fresh is the opposite of that. Talk to me about the power of pr for your franchisees.

We know the call center and taking calls. I mean we get many, many calls every single day from people say, you know what, I’ve heard of this before. I, I, I see this before. Um, and even though we have nothing to do with oxy clean whatsoever, our products are oxidated cleaning products, right? So, so, you know, they’re in the retail brands and they sell that online or in the carpet cleaning space. We do that. So we don’t compete with each other, but it has helped a lot. And just brand awareness and understanding that you are just by looking at it, knowing you’re going with a green eco friendly company. We get a lot of business just from that, but as you grow in an area, as you do things professionally, as your vans are driving through and their logo that you pull up to someone’s house that might be skeptical, skeptical of somebody coming in their home and when they see a professional vehicle show up, it puts them at ease. Right? If you show up in a unmarked vehicle, that can be.

I would like say on behalf of all

of the carpet people out there that don’t have auto vehicles. I do have a pat on the back of the vehicle. They’re all buicks by the way. I get up there and I wave at you when I say, listen, that’s me. That’s me. I’m in the van. I’m new book. What am I here to do? Carpets are digging a hole today. I forget. I do work orders. I got to be switched up. Sorry. Matt works through the whole first. Sorry man. We’re entrepreneurial.

I don’t. I think that’s great for rocky fresh franchisees because that allows us to set ourselves apart even more. Um, you know, being with a logo tee shirt, always in a nice looking hat and just, you know, taking the respect to realize you’re going into someone’s home, right? Not Smoking cigarettes in someone’s home or your vehicle. Right? People are aware more now of anytime, prior, what they’re using, what they’re eating, what they’re drinking and what they’re using in their homes.

Be Aware of that and take advantage of it. Do you mind if I smoke in your house? See, do you mind if I smoke in your house? Is this Katie distress? Oxi fresh was booked out. But here’s the deal. If you’ll let me smoke, I swear I’ll give you half off. I noticed you had some guacamole in the fridge trying to quit. Okay, so matt, final, final differentiator. Then I know you got to get back to being awesome here. This is the old show and this is really the core differentiator to be super humble, man. So let’s just embrace what it is. Be Truthful. This is the matt factor, the mind, the knowledge in high school basketball scoring ability. The mind if somebody goes to the thrive time forward slash oxi fresh and schedules a, they fill out the form. You know what’s gonna happen if they reach out to you? What’s gonna Happen? What’s gonna? What’s gonna? Go on.

Yep. So you’re going to get some initial information from us just to review. I’m going to put in the system and we’re going to have a profile for you. You can put some information on there and we’re going to reach out. You’re going to get contacted via text and via email initially and then a phone call back in. That conversation can happen right there if the time’s right or we can schedule something to where you can have 10, 15, 20 minutes just to kind of get to know each other, right? I thing I’m going to ask you, you know, tell me about yourself. What’s got you looking into franchising? And that can be nothing or it could be everything doesn’t make any difference, but if we start there, I can understand what you’re looking to achieve, what you’re looking to do, and then we can start rolling in Oxi fresh and see if there’s a good fit there. It doesn’t cost you anything. Uh, you may look at me and say, you know what? I don’t want to do this at all. That’s okay, but we won’t know until we have those conversations.

No. The knowledge, knowledge. Do you bring as a, as a person who owns franchises as well as a person who helps to sell franchises? How is that a for our listeners?

Yeah. I think I’ve gone through personally. I mean, I don’t think I know I’ve gone through personally what other other franchise will write some of the pains of owning a franchise or any business. Right? When, you know, I have a customer that calls and cancels the moment I get there, right? That’s a maybe to me the most mind numbing thing. But then you realize you that you know now instead of, you know, if someone asks me a question, how you deal with cancellations, I know that I call three days ahead if the requirement for my technicians to call three days ahead, right? And that’s their job. That’s how they make money. But I couldn’t answer that question if I’d never gone through it. Right? Or hiring people or understanding how you do a pay scale in the very beginning of a franchise. We’re not completely full yet.

What’s appropriate, what’s not setting the standard for your business. How do you actually go out and quotes other customers? Right? There’s just going to come up a whole bunch of things about being a business owner and believe me, I can answer those. We have an entire staff of people that are versed in specific aspects of oxy fresh, whether it’s the cleaning system, the equipment, whether it’s marketing or online marketing, because those are two very different things. So I’m just a helpful hand. I will be able to get you where you need to be. Um, and I still have many, many conversations with all sorts of franchisees inside Oxford every single week, so I very much have the thumb on the pulse of what’s going on with oxy fresh across the country.

Aren’t they allowed to come to Denver and hang out with you?

It happens a lot actually.

Yeah. We’ll stop by the office on Friday. That’s kind of the final step before somebody decides to buy or not is do a discovery day. You can see the call center, meet the Mat. You can high five the mat. You can hang around the mat. You can, you repeat one with the mat. You can ask all the questions and decided whether it’s a good fit for you. You can actually shadow with folks. We’re cleaning carpets or in the system. I mean the whole tickets. Very transparent. That’s factor. It didn’t. Are you more of a fist bumper or a handshaker dude, if I walked up to you.

So you pick your nose. I am definitely bumping.

Well that’s true. That’s good. You didn’t see that? Oh yeah. What would you be? What would your be your

aggressive handshakes? Definitely.

Now, I mean this, this is a huge thing because a lot of one of our listeners are thinking about going to thrive time, forward slash oxi fresh to learn more about oxy fresh and people want to know, can I trust this guy? So Matt, I want it. I want you to talk about, I want you to be honest with the business coach listeners here. Don’t, don’t be that false humble. Talk to us about your, your high school basketball career. And what year did you score the most points per game? Was it your junior year, your senior year? What was the year? Sophomore year. Was the year where you put it in the most points in Colorado where we were. What year were you really on fire?

It was a good year for us. We did well. I did not a lot. So there’s gotta be a caveat there. Um, and I think it was like 29 points a game or something.


there is a gentleman that was in Colorado, his name is Nick [inaudible] and he, um, they won the state championship that year and that guy was very, very good. This five a basketball player of the year. So you gotta give him props too. So.

No real quick. So what were your moves? I want to know your moves unless there’s one layer moves. This is for the listeners. This is for me. This is listening. This is about buying a franchise. Shoot it. You just, you come up screens and just shoot. Would you shoot man? We use spray and pray.

Oh, sometimes. Not even. Just just run across half court and just shoot it. He serious? No.

Did you have any other moves? Do you have another 100?

No, I went to college. Played. We didn’t want to

come on. Somebody wants to know your moves. This is important to fill out this form unless we know some things about you.

That’s fair. I was um, I think I was more of like the bowling ball approach. I’m just going to go in one direction as fast as possible and if he got in the way, if you’re bigger than me, you went. If you were smarter than me, you wouldn’t.

Okay. My final and then my final question about basketball, then we will go ahead and wrap up today’s show. When you played basketball, did you ever go up and dunk that ball because you’re. How tall are you, man? How tall are you?


five. 10. Did you ever. Do you ever take that and then just go and just God, do you ever just. Do you ever never win a game


Did you ever try again?

Oh No, no, no. Again, I told you I could shoot really well.

Okay, that’s fine. You gotTa pick your poison. Now here’s the deal.

Uh, I don’t think I was gifted with the Lebron James. Gee.

Now thrive nation. Here’s the deal. Okay? I know we’re now in the top three on itunes right now. Of all the podcasts in the world, Dr d dot number three, and how many are 530,000 podcasts. A lot of people are screwing up making poor life choices. And so here’s the thing, Matt, uh, we want our listeners to keep this little oxi fresh secret. A secret between you, me, z shop, maybe a couple of friends because there’s only a limited number of territories and once they’re gone, they’re gone. So talk to us about the final bonus question here. Talk to me about territory. If I go to thrive time fresh, and I do agree to reserve a territory with you. There’s 400 of them I think right now. How many territories are left? Do you have two left? 400 left. How many zones or regions open?

Very, very rural parts of the country where, you know, if you look at them, they’re just way too far spread out to really sustain one. You know, beyond those, there’s a lot of territories. And one thing we’ve learned in the last five years is that, you know, being in a rural area isn’t bad anymore where it used to be because marketing has changed. We can get into anyone’s home with marketing that we didn’t used to be able to just with, you know, the Internet and the way it works now. So there’s not 400 units out there. Um, I just urge you to look, um, you know, and just let us know. He put in the business coach territory, you can see where you’re at. We’ll do a territory check, look at the map, see what available areas are there. We can even drill down to specific zip codes, um, and really kind of find out, and I can help you with that too. Uh, myself and Mike, we can look at income levels, we can look at population counts, all those things in a given area to build the right territory for you. Where you want to be servicing,

you know, Matt, say what we’re gonna do is we’re going to have to hang up. Is that what you don’t have to hang up on us because he wanted to see. We don’t want him to hang up on us again, so we’re going to have to go want that. But before we do hang up, let’s kind of end this show with a boom here. And Matt, I’m looking for a big boom from Denver. Okay? So here we go. Three, two, one. Oh Matt, have a great day. Dude.


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